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Chromebook differences

Q: Chromebook differences

What is the difference between the C720-3605 and the C720-3404, besides $50? The comparison option on acer.com does not identify any differences besides price.

Preferred Solution: Chromebook differences

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Chromebook differences


Looking at the specifications side by side they appear to be the same.

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I have created several DVD's from jpeg files for my grandson's birthday usung Muvee autoProducer. Spent several hours on the project. Plays fine on my computer. Took it to the TV/DVD in the living room and the sucker wouldn't play. Went to my son's house, stuck it his TV/DVD player and it worked fine. Same thing happened several times. Can someone explain to me what the difference is in DVD players? or is it the cheap media I bought?Or WHAT??


A:Differences in DVD players or differences in media?

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Just got new Acer Chromebook 14, but am unable to make a recovery disc. When I run Chromebook Recovery Utility it says "Invalid Model Number". Is there another way to prepare a recovery disc? Thanks

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Just got new Acer Chromebook 14, but am unable to make a recovery disc. When I run Chromebook Recovery Utility it says "Invalid Model Number". Is there another way to prepare a recovery disc? Thanks

Go to Solution.

A:Just got Chromebook 14. Unable to run Chromebook R...

Hi all,
I just received word that it's available.On the Chrome Recovery app, I'm able to see that it is there.
Can you please try to access the recovery and let me know if you're still having trouble?

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Could you please tell me if I can or will I be able to use Google Play Store and Android apps on my Acer C720 Chromebook.Also, can or will I be able to use Google Play Store and Android apps on the Acer CB5-311 Chromebook.

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Can you tell me what's the difference between those 2 Internet Explorer icons? What are the applications associated with the little house?



The House should be from the tool bar and will take you to your Home page, while the Blue E will open Internet Explorer.

Where are you seeing this House Icon?

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How do I know if I should be using a Sata, IDE or any of the others? Whats the difference in HDD's?


A:Differences in HDD

Have a looky over here pal SATA vs IDE and here Hard Disk / Optical Disc Drives

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I have a radeon 9200SE 64mb
and im planning to upgrade to a radeon 9600 128mb 8x
but some good friends tell me that if u have a 4x agp mobo
the 9600 will suck bad
is this true?
if so, whats the difference between 8x and 4x agp?
if there is any!
thanx in advance

A:Differences between 8x and 4x AGP

There isn't really much of a difference between the 2. Your 9600 will just run at agp 4x insted of 8x. The performance difference, if any, will be very small. Maybe a couple of percent.

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As a pre-afterthought, sorry about the length of this post >.<

I am in the market for a new gaming rig (woohoo) and this being my first real gaming specific build, i was wondering if anyone could help me decide on a CPU. Although i am not on a very tight budget, i would prefer to send less than more, so my question is this: what would be the visible differences between running a AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition, dual core, 3.1ghz with a 7mb cache AND a AMD Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition, triple core, 2.8ghz, 7.5mb cache (45nm construction).

I will be OC'ing and have no qualms about adding extra cooling.

Range: around 1,200$CAD, i will guess that with exchange and other fees that might be around 850$US. 900$ MAX.

Just wondering if anyone has any info on differences that may affect my ultimate purchasing decision. Thanks for taking the time to reply, and i hope to be able to help some of you in the future.


A:CPU differences (AMD)

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I am looking to buy ram for a new computer and I want to know the difference between the Gold,Titanium and the Platinum. What is better for what?

A:OCZ differences

i could be wrong, but the only difference is in performance. i.e the platinum being the best/fastest/most overclockable. you get what you pay for

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Browsing in Nvidia official site i found a card called "Nvidia GTS 450 OEM".
I have a PNY GST 450 (not OEM).

What is the difference between the OEM and the non-OEM version? which one is newer and better?

I'm unable to understand what of the 2 versions is faster... One has got more CUDA cores, but the other one has 1.5 GB 192-bit GDDR5 RAM instead of 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 RAM...

A:Differences between GTS 450 and GTS 450 OEM?

The one with more cores may be faster.
Oem would be a card made for dell or HP.

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Hello all
Would like to know which is the best.

or which is the best video card my budget is $200

A:differences between these

Since they are both overclocked 560Ti's with the same amount of memory, it probably doesn't make much difference at all.

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A lot of people seemed to be confused on why IE8 has two versions in the 64-bit version of Windows Vista/7, and which one they should be using. I'm here to make this simple for those users.

How to tell which you are running

To tell which version of IE you are running, you just need to go here and click About Internet Explorer.

The 32-bit version will say something along the lines of Version: 8.0.7xxx.xxxxx.
The 64-bit version will say something along the lines of Version: 8.0.7xxx.xxxxx 64-bit Edition.

Why two versions? We only need one!

A lot of users are confused as to why Microsoft put both a 32-bit and 64-bit copy of Internet Explorer in 64-bit Windows Vista/7.

The reason is quite simple really. While the move from 32-bit to 64-bit is speeding up, there are still addons/plugins for programs such as Internet Explorer that do not currently work in their 64-bit counterparts. A good example for a plugin that doesn't work in 64-bit Internet Explorer is Microsoft's Silverlight Plugin.

Which should I run?

This is my person opinion, if you disagree with it, that is fine and dandy. Try not to wage a war about it.

If you need to use Silverlight, or any other plugin that does not have a 64-bit compatible counterpart, I suggest using 32-bit Internet Explorer.

If you do not need Silverlight, or any other plugins that do not support 64-bit Internet Explorer, I suggest using 64-bit Internet Explorer.

A:Differences between IE 32-bit and 64-bit

I don't recommend going 64 bit IE at all, even if you don't care about 32 bit plug ins.

There are big reasons to go 64bit for the OS, mainly to open up the address space, but for applications that don't need multiple Gigabytes of RAM, it really isn't going to matter.

In theory You might benefit from a wider registers, but in reality with most computationally intensive apps being coded in using the FPU or some extension (MMX/SSE/3d Now), so computation benefits of 64 bit registers will be mitigated.

Interesting bit:
I ran Peacemaker benchmark and scored ~20% lower with the 64 bit IE than the 32 bit version(~1000 in IE 32 bit, ~800 in IE 64 bit) . This kind of surprised me. I expected them to be essentially identical. Anyone else want to give it a shot?

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I am a bit torn on which one to install?

I want to install XP Professional on my upgraded computer. But what is really the difference between Pro SP2, Pro Corporate SP2, Pro Integrated Sept 2007 SP2?

does it make a difference on how the OS is or is all about how many licenses comes with it?

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Hi, I bought a 19" wide monitor about 3 months ago. ofcourse the manufacture did not put a dvi cable in the box (which it was supposed to come with). So I've been useing the vga cable the whole time. My video card is the GeForce 7950GT. My main question is.... Would there actually be a difference If I used a DVI cable instead of a VGA, and if there was a differnce, is it worth me going out and buying a DVI cable. tahnks alot! -Nick

A:vga vs. dvi, what are the differences?

There would be a difference with using a DVI. I'm assuming your monitor is an LCD, in which case using VGA causes the originally digital signal from the video card to be converted to analog, then converted back into digital upon reaching the monitor. This results in a loss of quality.

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My DVD burner will only burn ( or so it seems) CDs in CD-RW. Do I have to use a CD burner to burn CDs, or can I use my DVD burner? Any info will be great appreciated.


A:DVD--CD differences?

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What are the differences between buying anti-virus software and free software....besides the price?
Does one work better than the other, the ones I've looked at check all incomming data (dowloads, e-mail, etc.).

A:Are there any differences?

I haven't used any free virus scanners ... but Iv heard about one ... it was in one of these threads the other day ... anyway as far as retail Iv used both Nortan and Mcafee and personally Id go with Nortan, they both use about the same space and resources but Nortans got some extra bells and whistles with it.

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Can someone explain the differences between these two OS types and why one is ten bucks cheaper?

I've been building PC's for a while now, never seen anything like that 79.99 option



A:OS differences?

Upon inspection, is the 89 one SP1 and the 79 is not? Is that the only difference? What does "full" mean?

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saw this in another thread (not the question, but a listing of P4 speeds)....

whats the difference between P4 2.4 and P4 2.4B ? i am going to guess thats the difference between williamette and northwood (socket 423 and socket 478), right?

and where do they get their names, williamette, northwood .... (and i guess prescott is next?)

A:P4 2.4 and P4 2.4B differences?

The "B" suffix denotes the new 133Mhz FSB Quad Pumped Bus

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I have just downloaded IE9 and it works fine, BUT my own website now needs to be displayed in Compatibility view. If I don't use compatibility view, the images (which use Slimbox) don't display properly. It worked fine in IE8; what is the best way to find out the differences between 8 and 9 so that I can try and track down the item that is causing the problem?

A:Differences between IE8 and IE9 ?

Its the html 5 thing i believe.

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What's the exact difference between AGP 8x slots and AGP Pro slots? Is one better than the other? What's goin on? Thanks.

A:AGP differences


has it's own slot on the motherboard, as well as, supports a certain agp ratio 4x or 8x....it's the videocard as well, that supports agp 4x or 8x.....when combined, you have agp 8x.........running your video applications.

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I'm "building" a new computer with a Vista OS and would like to know where to spend my money.
My two options are:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4400+

Is there that much difference between these two processors. That is to say, is there $40 worth of difference between the two processors?

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A long time ago I set up my Documents library on my Win 7 Home Edition desktop and have become quite used to it. I have just converted my HP Pavilion laptop to Win 7 from XP and tried to set up the same Documents library on it. However I can't seem to make the Pavilion look like my desktop. One screen shot below is from the desktop and the other is from the laptop.

The desktop one (the first) shows the Document library all nicely expanded and the laptop one looks like a direct presentation of Window Explorer. What do I need to do to make the laptop look like the desktop when I choose Start/Documents?

Thank you very much.

A:Library Differences

Quote: Originally Posted by jsquareg

A long time ago I set up my Documents library on my Win 7 Home Edition desktop and have become quite used to it. I have just converted my HP Pavilion laptop to Win 7 from XP and tried to set up the same Documents library on it. However I can't seem to make the Pavilion look like my desktop. One screen shot below is from the desktop and the other is from the laptop.

The desktop one (the first) shows the Document library all nicely expanded and the laptop one looks like a direct presentation of Window Explorer. What do I need to do to make the laptop look like the desktop when I choose Start/Documents?

Thank you very much.

Attachment 232080

Attachment 232081

Sounds like you want something like this,

Welcome to Classic Shell

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What are the differences between TS and TSE? Is the protection/signature update frequency different? Is there a firewall (it it's Glasswire, does Glasswire provide better protection than Windows Firewall?)? Finally, how does 360 compare to Eset.

Many thanks and Happy Holidays.

A:Differences Between Qihoo TS and TSE

TSE is actually all of the basics of 360 TS.

What you do get with 360 TSE:

360 a-v/behavior monitor with all engines including BitDefender and Avira
Sandbox (same as 360 TS)
I think you get the browser protection add on (this is very good in conjunction with the a-v program/includes shopping and banking mode/can be added via extensions also for Chrome, IE, or Firefox)
I think you get patch up, which is an alternate way to get Windows updates. It can be turned off too.

What you do not get with 360 TSE:
Default system cleaner
Default system speedup analyzer
Default 360 Connect (Connect PC to PC with anyone using 360 TS)
Toolbox Registry cleaner
Toolbox Instant Setup (programs like Flash)
Toolbox Game Booster
Toolbox TurboVPN (limited use for free)
Toolbox System Backup Cleaner
Toolbox Firewall-Glasswire free version. Not technically a firewall, although individual IPs can be blocked with free. Excellent monitor of resource usage and by far the best of all free apps I have ever seen for monitoring daily, weekly, monthly net usage. Can be downloaded without 360 TS.
I don't think 360 TSE shows boot times on boot. May sound stupid, but I have seen some switch over this. TS shows boot times.

Glasswire is great if you are resource conscious. One thing about that. You can download Glasswire separately too. Google "download glasswire". With Glasswire, you can see exactly which IPs have EVER contacted your PC and so on. However, no way could anyone ever spot malware a... Read more

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In a different Vista thread, the issue of registry cleaners was the topic. The more senior members advised against using them. Others (myself included) suggested cleaners to use. The dichotomy in response illustrates a plague dogging users from the dawn of the personal computer era.

For some, computer expertise underpins rationale and conclusion. For others, pragmatism and real-world considerations are the underpinning. The release of Windows Vista compounds the dichotomy and complicates some usage issues for the broad universe of users lacking depth in the computer-world.

Vista, available in multiple versions, is preloaded so buyer decision-making is exponentially complicated right off the bat with considerations of machine specifics and operating system features. (Because many buyers are unaware their decision-making has been complicated does not remove the complexity; it only increases the likelihood they will make bad decisions.) Except at the high end--where expertise could be expected to be generally available--Vista doesn't even come with a system restore disk. Again, Microsoft and computer manufacturers are conspiring (not necessarily with sinister intent) to demand users develop a level of expertise that has little or no utility beyond demands to serve malfunctioning machines.

The case of cleaners illustrates the differences in expert and novice approach. The expert knows cleaners can cause damage, some complicated, some expensive, some dangerous.

Yet, the n... Read more

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What are the main differences between MS Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server? Which of these do I need to install SQL Server 2000? Thanks!


A:Differences Win 2000

Windows 2000 Pro is what is known as a client operating system. Which means, it is used for a stand alone computers or on a computer that connects to a network/Server.

Windows 2000 Server is a operating system that client operating systems connect to or authenticate through on a network to share information.

Windows 2000 Adv Svr is the same thing as server but you have the ability to connect two computers together and make them ask as a backup for each other. This feature is called “clustering”

SQL will run on Server or Adv Svr.

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Hi All,

I was just thinking about various types of Internet services. An idea popped into my mind: Cable VS. DSL.

So, is there really a noticeable speed difference? Is it worth paying more? Which company is the best?


A:Cable VS. DSL -- Differences?

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i have Rogers high speed internet. it says its 18 mbps which sounds fast, faster than any other isp i've been able to find. i enjoy the speed but i can't deal with the 95 GB usage i practically use it all in the first half of the month.

i've found a number of isp's which provide unlimited access but they are all at speeds like 3 mbps DL. they are also signifigantly cheaper. if i was to switch to one of these would i notice a difference in speed
btw i live in toronto canada if you know of any isp's the would meet my need please let me know

A:speed differences

Woah, 18mbps? That's faster than you'll ever, ever need. Always go for the unlimited instead. It's a waste to have such a high speed if you can't even download everything you want. Even 3mbps is very fast. The average server doesn't even send information back at 1mbps, only very good ones, so you won't notice any "lagging behind" for a long time. So don't worry, you're find 3mbps.

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Hello, a couple of days ago I did some experimets in my LAN. I am using MacBook Pro 13" retina (wireless and USB-Ethernet 100Mbps adapter), small HP MicroServer G6 running Windows Server 2012 (1Gbps network adapter) and Mikrotik RB941-2nD hAP Lite 100Mbps router. The main purpose of my server is network-attached storage using SMB protocol. For some reason I'm getting very low transfer speeds for example:
- MacBook Wi-Fi -> Server in 100Mbps router port - 7,03 Mbps
- MacBook 100Mbps eth. adapter -> Server in 100Mbps router port - 17,74 Mbps
- MacBook 100Mbps eth. adapter -> Server ... both in 1Gbps switch - 28 Mbps

So at first, I don't understand why is Wi-Fi so slow, laptop is only half a meter away from router (Wi-Fi N standard), and second, how is that when both devices are in 1Gbps switch, connection is 10 Mbps faster than they are in 100 Mbps router - USB->Ethernet adapter for my MacBook is also 100 Mbps - why is 100 Mbps on adapter something different than 100 Mbps on router. Thanks for your answer in advance, I am getting crazy of this.

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Here is one for you. I received an email today with a picture attached.(.jpg) The picture filled the screen nicely. So I saved it to file, then went into Photo Editor to see its size. It was about 2 x 3 inches. Too small for website page, so I resized it to 4x5 inches and the image became blurred. Useless. The question is: Why does the image show sharply in my email window at a size larger than 4x5 without distortion when it appears its sent size if 2x3 inches?


A:.jpg size differences

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Could someone please give me a basic list of differences between the XP Home and XP Pro O/S?

thank you

A:Differences between XP Home and Pro?

joeAgain------ said:

Could someone please give me a basic list of differences between the XP Home and XP Pro O/S?

thank youClick to expand...


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What is the difference between a Duron 1.2Ghz CPU and a Duron Pro1200+ CPU??



A:Duron CPU differences??

I don't think there'd be any difference, unless the Duron 1200+ is soldered on to the motherboard. This link: http://www.google.com/search?num=50&hl=en&lr=&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=duron+1200+&btnG=Google+Search seems to indicate that at least some of the 1200+ Durons are onboard, or integrated, into the motherboard. (Not replacable, in other words)

I didn't know such a thing existed...I sure wouldn't want an onboard CPU.

For myself, I'd rather pay a few more dollars and get an Athlon...

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Whats the difference between the Professional version and Ultimate? Yeah so basically I hear people prefer the Ultimate version of Windows 7 over the Professional version. Is Ultimate really that more worth it? What does Ultimate have that Pro doesn't? Thanks

A:Windows 7 OS Differences

I have Windows7 Ultimate x32. I can't justify the extra cost for the Ultimate.Windows7 Pro is middle of the road,and a good choice.IMO. http://windows7news.com/wp-content/uploads..._7_features.jpg

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I want to get an upgrade for MS Word 2000 which came on my computer in 2005. I use it sometimes and it's time to really get serious and learn the program's capabilities. I want to use other software that comes in the suite, too IF I can afford the upgrade to them. I discovered this week that MS Office 2003 comes in many different iterations such as the student/teacher edition, basic ed., home office ed., sm. business ed., standard ed., professional ed., plus many, many more of them (including some third party look alikes or add ons). I searched all over the MS website and I found a comparison chart of the 2007 versions, but not of 2003. I want to know what is actually in the box that I'd be buying. Example: what VERSION of Word 2003 it is they're selling in these package? (Knowing the year, version or the release number would be great!). Is the version in the box actually any different from what I already have? Where can I find out the specifics of each of these different items now being sold? (I do NOT want anything that has 2007 in its name.) Do you recommend any particular place that offers really cheap deals on the 2003 version? Ebay's prices on it run from $150 to $400 and higher. I was amazed at how high the prices go. I got WordPerfect 12 for $25 six months ago. I had no idea that MSWord would be so much higher. Thanks.

A:What's the differences in these MS products?

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This description of AGP is pretty clear:

Accelerated Graphics Port. An interface specification from Intel that enables 3-D graphics to display quickly on personal computers. AGP is based on PCI, but is designed especially for the high throughput requirements of 3-D graphics. Rather than using the PCI bus for graphics data, AGP introduces a dedicated point-to-point channel so that the graphics controller can directly access main memory which ultimately affects what you see and how you see it on your monitor.

Now I have a 2-year old 1.7ghz CPU Biostar computer and the motherboard was replaced the other day. When I got home my XP standby button was grayed out. I reinstalled the AGP file/folder from the company's site (Aopen) but that did no good. I then installed the VGA driver from the CD that came with the motherboard. Then the Standby button was back to normal. Hooray!

So I learned 1 thing which the VGA system on my computer does.

My question is what else specifically, is the VGA system designed to do? It does appear to be rather separate from AGP. And does it run the display on the monitor or does the AGP do that?

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Hi, what are the diferences between the intel p4 530 j and 530?

A:P4 530J and 530, Differences?

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I would like to understand the differences between WinPE v6.0 (Win2008) and v6.1 (Win7) w.r.t display.
I have the HTA file which is running in the both versions of WinPE. The difference that I see is in WinPE v6.0 the HTA execution fits to the screen, but in WinPE v6.1 I see there is a vertical scrollbar and the buttons are not fit in the screen. the HTA
file is not changed in this execution.
Any ideas why the same HTA file doesn't fit in WinPE v6.1?
Appreciate your help!

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I have a question that perhaps you can answer. I have an application that has a newspaper online. In that app there is an option to ?print? an area on the page that is shown. When you have selected such an area, a window pops up that asks for the orientation (portrait or landscape), the size of the paper.

When you click the ?Print? button here is where the difference occurs. If you are using Chrome as the browser you are taken to a page where you can save the area as a pdf file and you can do then as you want. If you are using Firefox however, you must print.

How can one get to saving the file as a pdf on Firefox?

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CRJDriver--- I bought a Themarltake 850watt Black Widow Bronze certified
I figured the 850 watts was plenty of power
can you explain the everyday difference between Bronze, Silver, and Gold certified PSU
is this just peak power???
without major overclock do U really need a Gold certified PSU

A:Pw supply differences

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Hey, Guys...I have a question about some USB cords.

I have noticed that some USB cords will not work will some HDDs, or at least not as well. Usually, if one won't work, I have to switch to a larger cord. Usually, the larger the HDD capacity, the more likely that the small diameter cords won't work.

I have one cord (came with a 120GB WD portable HDD) that is a double cord. It has the standard USB plug on the end that goes to the computer, and one large cord with the usual small plug for portable HDDs, and one smaller cord with a standard USB plug (stamped POWER).

I recently purchased a 7" Polaroid portable media player. It came with a large diameter cord, with the standard USB plug on one end, and the same plug that the WD HDD uses on the other. When plugged into the computer, it works for data transfer and as a battery recharger. When first plugged in, a large graphic of a battery comes up on the player's screen, with a representation of power being added to the battery. (A slow movement of a bar going up and down the battery.)

However, when using the large double cord mentioned above, the graphic of the battery filling up moves much faster, and the player appears to charge much quicker. Of course, I am only using the larger cord of the double which looks just like the cord that came with the player...the other smaller cord of the double is not hooked to anything. (as a matter of fact, I have not found any use for the smaller cord of the double yet)
... Read more

A:USB cord differences

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I would like to know why different monitors display information differently? And how to correct the problem.

i.e. a photograph or download on my laptop is crisp and clear, but on my pc the same photograph or download is distorted - not crisp and not clear. I'm not sure that I can explain it any better. Both computers are up-to-date and run XP.

Any help would be appreciated ........ assuming you can understand this.


A:Monitor differences

romeoluzzi said:

my laptop is crisp and clear, but on my pcClick to expand...

Isn't a laptop a PC as well? Do you mean a laptop and a desktop computer?

If nothing is displayed clearly on the "PC" and you are using an LCD monitor with it, it could be that the video controller card is not configured to match the native resolution of the LCD monitor. This causes the monitor to scale down or scale up the incoming video to fit the screen. This can cause blurry pixels.

What software are you using to display the downloaded pictures? If the sizes of the software's viewing windows (in pixels) are different on each computer, then the software is scaling the pictures by different amounts to fit the viewing window. This can cause blurry pixels as well.

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I have two similar processors. I just want to know if there are any major differences between the two. Thanks. One says: Intel Pentium 4 630 SLZ9 3.0 GHZ / 2M / 800 /04A

And the other one says : Intel Pentium 4 631 SL9KG 3.0 GHZ / 2M / 800 /06A.

Both are socket 775.

A:Processor differences

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Hey guys,
I recently stepped over security matters and some programs which you guys appear to use for cleaning other people's pc's.
now i've read somewhere that you HAVE TO use such programs, although obiously you could remove the files manually, it wouldn't be safe to do at all.. but this is where they stopped - they didnt write why these programs - or a non-manually-deleting - is so important.
or whatever would be wrong with just deleting the files manually... where's the difference??? 

A:differences between deletion

Hello there,When you delete a file (by selecting it and choose "Delete", Windows only removes the reference to the file - the actual contents is still on the hard disk. This makes it possible to retrieve the contents via data recovery tools.On the other hand, using secure delete programs will permanently erase files by overwriting the contents on the disk with zeroes, making it impossible to recover.Hope this helps Regards,Alex

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I was wondering what the difference was between say an ASUS 6800GT and a Gigabyte 6800GT. The Gigabyte is cheaper by a couple of bucks, so I may go with that one instead of the ASUS as I had planned. I would just like to know what the differences are besides the sticker and price. Thanks.

A:GPU brand differences?

Judging from newegg, it seems to be a matter of core clock frequency, heatsink, and fan included. Faster Core Clock = Better.

The 395.00 ASUS one has a core clock of 350mhz. The 378.00 GIGABYTE has 400mhz core clock speeds. I'm sort of surprised that the GIGABYTE clock is faster, while being cheaper. Also, the GIGABYTE has 2 DVI outputs compared to 1 on the ASUS model. After looking at them both for abit now, I can't see any huge differences that constitutes the ASUS being more expensive. It most likely boils down to the stock heatsink/fan, which is VERY important. You'd have to ask someone who has the ASUS version if RAM on the card is covered by the fan. If it isn't you'll most likely encounter high temperatures. Same goes for the GIGABYTE.

I read the GIGABYTE reviews, and one guy's card came with the full version of Doom 3. That might be a good place to start gaming with your new system. However, if you do get an ASUS mobo, it might be best to get the ASUS version card. There should be absolutely no problems installing the two and getting them to play nicely.

One last thing: If you do go with ASUS, make sure to get the 256mb GDDR3 version, not the 128mb variant. I think it'd make a difference on such a bleeding-edge card.

- VA

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Is there a difference between these cables? Specifically, if you are looking at them how can you tell the difference? I suppose you have to use them first but there must be a better way of telling. Thanks!

A:USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 cables- differences?

USB2 cables should be marked as such. They will physically interchange but the slower cable will slow down everything.

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Last week I emailed MS helpdesk for the first time. I wanted to know if it was possible to vary useful settings instead of just cosmetic settings using logon user accounts.

Instead of answering me, I got a lovely email from the US helpdesk saying that it would be impossible for them to help since there are important regional differences in XP. And that I should telephone a UK helpdesk.

The internet seemed strangely silent as to differences (other than language scripts).

So does any one know of any?

A:Regional differences in XP


Originally Posted by EnglishPaul

I wanted to know if it was possible to vary useful settings instead of just cosmetic settings using logon user accounts.

I don't really understand what you are wanting. Can you give an example?

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