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Problem with CD Writing Wizard

Q: Problem with CD Writing Wizard


I have a problem with MS CD Writing Wizard with Windows XP, SP2.

When I try to burn a CD with the option "Automatically eject the CD after
writing" the wizard burns the CD and ejects it. Then, when I try to add
some new files to the CD and burn it again, the wizard doesn't recognizes
the disc (after inserting). Then I need to login again to make the wizard
see my CD and burn the files.

When I turn off that option - everything is all right - even if I manually
pull out the CD and put it again, the wizard recognizes the CD and
burns the files properly.

What can cause this problem ?


Preferred Solution: Problem with CD Writing Wizard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Problem with CD Writing Wizard

Well, from my experience with Windows' built-in burner software it has been hit or miss. I now use Nero for burns that work all the time, any time. There is a free burning program that is allmost as good as Nero, and far better than XP's buring wizzard called:


Good luck...

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XP CD writing wizard writes files to CD. I get the message 'Your files have been successfully written to the CD'. The tray opens upon completion. When I close everything out an try to read CD contents from Windows Explorer it shows empty! I have tried the trouble shooter, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the CD driver all to no avail. When I burn files to the CD from Nero Express everything works fine. After this burn I can read the file OK from Windows Explorer. What gives? Am at my wits end. Any help appreciated.


A:cd writing wizard problem

Then, why can't you use Nero Express? Sometimes. when more than one burning software is installed, their drivers conflict.

Have you installed any other CD or DVD software? Have you uninstalled any?

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I have figured out that the reason my computer can't burn data cd's but can burn audio cd's is because the CD Writing Wizard is just simply not on my comp. This doesn't make since because I have Windows XP Professional Edition. It should be there, right? If I truly don't have it, what can I do so that I can burn data CD's and quit getting errors? (Note: I can take the same blank CD and have it be recognized and able to be burnt on another computer in my home that runs Windows XP Home Edition. It is not that my CD-Writer can't read the CDs, because, like i said, it can read formerly blank CD-R disks turned Audio disks)

A:Yet another problem: CD Writing Wizard for XP is simply not on my comp.

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I am trying to copy files to a CD-RW disc using the drag & drop method in Windows Explorer. The CD Writing Wizard appears to work until an error pops up that says something like "The process has failed, please make sure the CD you are using is not scratched or damaged".

The CD-RW discs are brand new Memorex Ultra-Speed CD-RW discs.

Anyone know what the problem is ??

A:XP CD Writing Wizard

The windows XP burning software...

I've tried more times than I can remember and always come off with this same error. On multiple computers with all different brands of cd's. I highly recommend you find some third party software.

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I keep getting the error message "cannot complete the CD writing wizard". The files I want to transfer to the CD are under Picture Tasks. I have been following all the instructions in Windows Help, but to no avail. I am using Windows XP. I am trying to clean up my computer by removing the photo files. My computer is running very slowly, and was told that perhaps all my digital files were taking up too much space. Any suggestions would be so appreciated.

A:CD Writing Wizard

What size is your hard drive and how much space is left?? How much Ram do you have??

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I have Windows XP - my CD Writing Wizard at the office pops up in the task bar and lets me know I have files to "burn" - everything is so easy and automatic. My Computer at home does not do that - I have XP at home also. Is there a setting I may have off, that would make this pop up notice not notify me in the task bar? Thank you.

A:CD Writing Wizard in XP

i think it might be in here

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I am trying to copy pics from "My Pictures" file to a cd. After clicking on "Copy items to cd", the items are copied but the cd writing wizard window does not open up. If I take the cd out of the tower Then the writer window comes up saying that the files cannot be copies because the cd was removed.... Help Please

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I have been trying to back up by using the writing wizard. I select the doc I want to copy to disk, then I give it a name and put the disk in, everytime I hit next nothing happens. I used it about a month ago and it worked fine. Any suggestions?

A:writing wizard

Have you tried using different disks?

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How do i disable the annoying Windows CD Writing Wizard?
Thank You,
Gary Teresi

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I intalled Nero because I wanted to try out overburning. That failed miserably, and now, I can't burn using the XP Utility. (I'm using SP2.) I tried uninstalling Roxio, reinstalling the CD-RW Driver, and running the Nero General Cleanup tool. The Cleanup tool said I had directed it to an invalid path, even though I put in C:>Program Files>Nero, where there were still files present. But it did something anyway and said it had been completed.

I also found this:


which lists my error specifically and says "This error message may occur if the IMAPI CD Burner service is turned off. To resolve this issue, make sure that the service is running and that it has not been turned off. By default, the service is set to Manual. Start the IMAPI CD Burner service, and then test it by writing to a CD-R or a CD-RW. If the service works, you may have to set the service to Automatic if it does not start in Manual mode. To set the service to Automatic, follow these steps:

1. Click Start, click Run, type services.msc /s in the Open box, and then click OK.
2. Double-click IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service.
3. Under Service Status, click Start.
4. Try to write data to a CD."

I thought I had the solution here, because when I ran services the IMAPI CD-Burning software was stopped and on manual, but when I started it and put it on automatic, the same thing happened. Also, each time I restart the computer, it stops even though it is s... Read more

A:Cannot complete CD Writing Wizard

Well, I reinstalled Windows and it fixed the problem. Not sure what setting or registry key caused it, but I'm glad I didn't have to format to fix. Hope this helps someone else with the same problem.

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i am trying to backup some important files because i need to reformat and for some reason when i click on the link "write these files to cd" all i get is a classic xp error/warning, dull "dong" sound and no wizard appears. of course this had to happen before i got a chance to backup. can anyone help please

update- instead of dragging the files onto the CD-R window i thought i would try copying and pasting them in and then right clickin to write to cd, BUT it won't let me paste into that window....what is going on?

A:can you help? xp cd writing wizard not showing up

You should be able to run whatever program you have to burn CD's, select the option to create a data CD, and then add the files you want to copy.

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I have xp pro on my laptop. Earlier I used to burn CDs by xp cd writing wizard which used to open automatically but for last 3-4 days, when I try to write songs on blank cd, windows media player automatically opens for writing. When I try to write songs using it, it shows the writing process and message of successful writing but CD remains blank. I do not wish to use this program, instead I want the earlier one, cd writing wizard. I have checked the usual solutions like 'enabling cd recording', 'disabling media player' but to no avail. Can anybody suggest some solution? (not Nero or any such).



A:cd writing wizard not working

Are you copying a CD, or songs from your hard drive?
Have you looked at the auto-play options? (Rt-click the drive/Properties/Autoplay)

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Hi, I have a new pc with xp pro. Transferring data from old pc to new using cd-rw disc.
From the windows help/support I found how to erase this cd to write over it.
But when I open "My Computer" double-click the CD recording drive, windows should display the CD writing wizard and then I could follow the instructions to erase the cd... that's the information I got from help/support..
Problem is I don't see the CD writing tasks when I click on the drive.
Probably something stupid that I'm missing... but need some help.


A:Can't find cd writing wizard

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Cannot complete the CD Writing Wizard.
There was an error in the writing process.

I am unable to create a CD-R disk, using Windows XP's built in CD burning software. I am trying to place text & image files, total < 200 MB .

HOWEVER, I can create a music cd using Windows Media Player

After formatting a CD-RW disk, on the PC in question, using XP's formatting tool, I received the same error message when I tried to put files on a CD-RW disk. Thus I do not think that http://www.kbalertz.com/kb_883523.aspx applies.

Windows XP Home SP2
Dell Dimension 2400
P4, duo core 2.4 GHZ
384 MB
40 GB, > 25% free
Norton Internet Security 2005, up to date; no viruses detected

The PC shipped with ONLY a CD player. DVD dual layer Sony burner was installed 18 Jan 2006. Upgrade to XP SP2 occurred Nov 2004.

I have ensured that "enable CD Recording on this drive" is checked.

I set IMAPI service to automatic. I started it. I set recovery for 1st, 2nd & 3rd to "restart the service". But, after trying to create a CD-R disk, IMAPI is "unstarted".

Nothing noted in event viewer > system, nor applications.

Nothing noted system info > software environ > windows error reporting.

I am using the XP burning software because I installed Nero 7 Ultimate & burning failed. I have contacted Nero multiple times on this issue, via email & their online tech support form. They responded only twice. They did not address this issue.... Read more

A:Cannot complete the CD Writing Wizard.

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How Do I Unistall CD Writing Wizard. windows xp

A:Solved: How Do I Unistall CD Writing Wizard.

In My Computer
Rt-Click the drive/Properties/Recording Tab
Uncheck the "Enable Recording" box

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Having a problem with burning pictures to CD. Using the Win XP to copy these files and burn them to CD.

i have tried folders all at once and one folder at a time. One folder got burned but next one wouldn't and ruined whole disc. I have folders in MY Pictures file and each folder is labeled Jan, Feb, Mar etc. All pics in them are jpeg's and I even took off the 'thumbnail' views in case that was giving me the error.

I went through all the pics in the folders to make sure they were all good and all jpeg's. All looked fine.

I have downloaded HP PHoto Essentials and tried using that to burn my pictures. I get an error with that also. Same with NERO. NERO came up as LEAD OUT FAILED.

I checked out the Microsoft forum and it said to check that the iMap service was started and running----it is and has been.

I sit here while it is burning and it looks like it does the lead in --- then the burn--- and the problem happens on the final steps for use.

an error occured and cannot complete the CD - there was an error in the writing process. The disc you have attempted to write may no longer be usable. Shows as full in properties yet no files or folders will show up.

I have burned hundreds of cd's in the past --- music, data and pictures all with no problem.

Tried 3 different brands of CD-R's --- Memeorex, No Name and Verbatim --- all same error. Now 16 CD's in garbage.

I turned off screensaver, disabled virus program, did disk cleanup and defrag. No dif... Read more

A:cant burn pics to cd with cd writing wizard

I have burned many types of things with the Windows XP burner. I have gotten the same error with the disks. The disk may no longer be usable. But that does not necessarily mean that it is no longer usable. I burned something else to the disk and it worked just fine. Most Cd's today are 700MBs and if they are a Cd-R this means you can keep writing new things to the disk till it is full. As in you can write something to it complete the burning process and then burn something else later. A Cd-RW however you can write something to it and then later if you don't want it on there no longer you can erase the CD. But you can't delete on thing at a time on the CD. All you can do is copy all the stuff you want to keep to a folder on your computer then erase the CD and put the stuff on the Cd then the stuff you didn't want on the CD will no longer be there. Now if these Cd's you have are new and they are doing this you can take it up with the manufacturer and get a full refund from them. But if they are old like a month or something and they give you these problems then they will not help you. So all of those Cd's that you trashed if they were new then you just wasted your money. But also the Cd's could be getting written wrong because the CD burner is too old and it is writing this improperly or the laser on the CD burner is damaged.

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when coping from tempory folder xp created the writing wizard gives me a no disc in drive message. I can burn useing other programs like music math juke box.

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I have a hp pavilion computer and have been successful in recording songs from the internet onto a cdr. However now I am having trouble transferring my pictures from the "my picture" files onto the cdwr disk. I get as far as opening the cd writing wizrd but it keeps displaying the message that there is no disk in the drive. There is a disk in there and the light is continuously on yellow. Help!

A:using cd writing wizard to transfer pictures off computer to cd

Try using the CD-burning program that came with the HP, not the Windows XP one. That should do the trick

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I already...

1) Right click My Computer > Manage > Service and Application > Services > Setting IMAPI CD_Burning COM Service to automatic

2) The IMAPI CD Burning COM Service in the Run > msconfig > Services is always in "stopped". I already tried enabling it but its status doesnt change

3) Right click CD Drive > Recording > Check "Enable CD Recording in this Drive"

Additional Info:
Media: DVD-R
Just recently bought this drive

Anyone know how to fix this?

A:[SOLVED] How do I open Windows XP CD Writing Wizard?

Hi Rude,

The Writing Wizard only opens when you're ready to write files to CD.
Remember that XP can't write DVD's.

As a test, insert a blank CD and Drag some files to the CD Drive .
This should start the whole writing process. Either a bubble will appear in your system tray stating there are files waiting to be burnt to CD, or you can see the option Write These Files to CD in My Computer.

Alternatively, use a CD Burning program such as Nero or Roxio.

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Purchased Dell Inspiron 8200 in January 2003 w/XP Home. Already installed was the Writing Wizard by Roxio. Problem: We have no problem in "Copy all items to CD" within My Pictures., but when attempting to place them on CD the Wizard simply tells us that it cannot do so.

Anyone had this problem? Is there a fix? Is there software on a "trial" or "freeware" that can copy pictures to CD?


A:CD Writing Wizard (Roxio) Stops Working After SP2 Install

You can upgrade to version 5.3 on the Roxio website.

XP has native cd burning capibility . .


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Hi guys,

Long time lurker, first time poster.

I'm trying to figure out how to disable the CD-Writing Wizard in WinXP on a per-user basis. I know it's straight forward on a per device basis, but I have a specific need to stop certain users from using the service.

Is there an HKCU reg setting to deal with this?

Any help would be much appreciated!


A:WinXP CD-Writing Wizard - Can you disable on per user basis?

Doh - quite easy in the end - turns out there is a "Remove CD Burning Features" Group Policy setting in Win2k3 Server - just got to figure out how to get it working with a Win2k domain for our client.

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Hi guys,

Long time lurker, first time poster.

I'm trying to figure out how to disable the CD-Writing Wizard in WinXP on a per-user basis. I know it's straight forward on a per device basis, but I have a specific need to stop certain users from using the service.

Is there an HKCU reg setting to deal with this?

Any help would be much appreciated!


A:WinXP CD-Writing Wizard - Can you disable on per user basis?

Doh - quite easy in the end - turns out there is a "Remove CD Burning Features" Group Policy setting in Win2k3 Server - just got to figure out how to get it working with a Win2k domain for our client.

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My Internal 'SONY CD-RW CRX100E' drive was freezing and making coasters at the lead-out stage when using Nero6. I deleted the program (uninstall file was corrupt), and have since tried (with a number of blank cds) to burn files just under 700mb with the windows xp cd writing wizard. Each time I get the following message:

Cannot Complete the CD Writing Wizard

This CD does not have enough free space for all
your files. There is 595 MB free space on the disc,
and 699 MB to be written. To continue, please
reduce the total amount to be written by 104 MB.

This is a pain in the ***. I haven't interfered with any hardware since it started playing up so i'm thinking it must be a driver or device settings problem. I'd be grateful of some technical advice.


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Hello! I have bought my new dvd writer drive, but I have problem with writing dvd's on it, it can't open blank dvd's and write to them media, but it can only open already disks, thta have some files on them. I am a lil bit confused, plus I got another simple cd rom writer, connected to same ide cable, maybe i should disable it and leave only this new dvd rom driver, I have read help on my Windows xp Proffessional home center, and there was said, thta i must disable recording on dvd-ram drive, i did it, but now, when i try to open blank dvd disk, it says inccorrect operation, can any1 give me advice? My dvd wrier drive is Optiarc 7170A and i got those latest drives, plz give me some advise, I am totally confused Thx

A:Solved: Problem writing dvd disks on new dvd writing drive

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As the title of the thread indicates, I have always gotten a message from my CD Writing Wizard that there is no disk in the CD drive - when, of course, there is. I have read the thread posted on 4/6 by brillo, but nothing there seemed to solve the problem. I have been using Deep Burner, but it gets tempramental from time to time and I'd like to be able to have the convenience of the CD Writing Wizard, if possible. Does anyone know how to make the thing realize that there is, in fact, a CD in the disk drive?

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I have got a Benq Cd writer(20*10*40). My problem is I am unable to write data Cd's (data from harddisk) of more than 650MB capacity even though the Cd's I use are of 700MB. If I do write the Cd gets damaged. For CD to CD writing I am able to write.

I use Nero 5.5.3 original version ( I have even checked its settings but there was no use) & windows Xp writing software. This problem also had started recently and also only for data CD's and not for audio CD's.

I have got a Pentim 4 system with Windows Xp. 40 GB hard disk and 256MB RAM.

A:Cd writing problem

You may need a firmware upgrade for your CD drive, and I'd cruise over to Nero's website and download the update to the current version of Nero, it should be free.

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Just recently, when i try to copy a cd i get static, it is not on the original.....i have slowed the write speed down and no other programs are running, i am using clonecd which until now has been superb
Please help!!


A:CD writing problem....PLZ help

Have you tried re-installing software?
Or trying another burner software altogether to see if its the software or the drive itself?

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Sir my HP 241 G 1 notebook pc automatically writes on search box,it also happens in word documents.When i check windows event viewer it writes " The device sent an in correct response following keyboard reset."  sir please help me!

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i have a p-III machine....till some days back the system was working fine....but now when i am trying to write a cd its showing methat the cd was successfully created but when i check the cd its still blank....
the writer is samsung 48x16x48

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I have a Blue-Ray Drive on my HP-G70 120. I am running on WIndows 7. Recently, my blue-ray drive has been disturbing a lot. I wrote to CDs and DVDs before, and it worked fine. Also, I can read from the discs, so I dont think there is a problem with the laser, rather I suspect some problem with the software.

My Problems are:
Clicking on the drive icon says its a blank disc, though the disc is not.
While at other times, ejecting the drive from windows or from the button says "An error occurred while ejecting BD-ROM". At other times it ejects fine.
I burned some files onto a CD that already had 80MB written on it, using BurnAware. Now, after burning, only the previous (80MB) are present there, but no sign of the newest write. Also, it shows "0 bytes free of 80MB" when clicking properties on the drive icon in Windows Explorer.

So How do I fix these problems?

Thank You

A:Problem with DVD writing


Please refrain from posting duplicate threads.

Which software are you using?

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I searched here and there a lot and still wondering is it a problem with sp3 or the dvd rw driver which mine is SONY DVD RW DRU 830A or it is a problem pertaining to the softwares that I use kike NERO, DVD Shrink. At present none of the copying and burning softwares cannot write in dvd driver.

A:XP SP3 and writing problem in DVD RW

It is XP SP3 that is causing your problem. I have a Sony DRU 710A that stopped working after I installed XP SP3. It would not recognize any blank DVD media with Roxio or Nero. I pulled the drive out and put it in another machine that only had XP SP1 installed. The drive worked great. I then installed SP3 and the drive quit working again. I then uninstalled SP3 and the drive started working again. Microsoft needs to fix this problem. I hope someone can put enough pressure on them to fix this issue.

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My supervisor has a laptop with a removable cd-rom, Compaq cd-rom CRN-8245B. He has used it to burn CD's in the past, and it has stopped writing discs. A blank disc says, "Cannot copy files: Files on this CD-Rom are read-only. You cannot copy or move files to this CD-Rom drive." when try to copy files to it. Has it quit working, it still reads discs, any suggestions? Thanks.

A:Cd writing problem

The CRN-8245B is only a CD-ROM drive not a CD-R/RW drive. Is that the correct model number or do you have another drive?

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I have a problem with an LG SuperMulti 22x drive. All the dvds i try to write with Windows 7 built in software fails when there is roughly 30s left of the burn.

I tries Nero as well but the writes also fail. It is a brand new drive, is there any way to test it? I installed Windows and device drivers using it and it seemed to work fine.

Any ideas?

A:DVD Writing problem

Hi - have you AHCI enabled in the bios? If so it could be the driver Microsoft installs automatically during install - to fix this go to the below site and download and install the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver if you haven't already installed it.
I think its updated with the chipset drivers now, so you could update them firstly, and see if that fixes the problem if not install the rapid storage driver - available on the same support page below.

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download P8P67 PRO

You could try this microsoft fix if you have the rapid storage driver already installed assuming its suitable :

Your CD or DVD drive can't read or write media

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I'm looking for help with a problem getting my DVD writer to recognise blank DVDs.

I can read and write CDs no problem and the drive will read already written DVDs(films,software etc). However when I insert a blank DVD the drive just keeps trying to access(green light on drive keeps flashing and drive is spinning) the DVD.

I am using DVD+R discs and have never had a problem in the past.

The drive is an Emprex 16X dual layer reader/writer. I have run the driver update and apparently the drivers are the most recent.

It may something simple or the drive might be just broken, but any help, advice or info would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:DVD writing problem

Replace the drive, they do go bad just like this...

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I run a Pentium 4 with XP Professional. It came with Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.2 installed but I've never got around to using Roxio. I can play music CDs OK via Windows Media Player.

Realised I should be backing up my HD and tried to backup onto a CD-R with no joy so tried a CD-RW - no joy. Went and bought new CD-RWs in case the disks were at fault but still no joy.

Eventually found out that the Roxio version that I have can't be used on XP Professional so downloaded Nero 7 Demo. Still getting same messages.

When I try to copy I get a couple of different messages:
"Buffer underrun protection activated" and shows Type of disk in recorder: Empty
"Waiting for disc - Please insert disk to write to"

And previously got "Unrecognised data" and "insufficient space left" but it's a blank disk.

I've tried using Nero to do a quick erase but the Erase option isn't highlighted so can't.

I'm obviously missing something really basic ... anyone any ideas? I've attached aerror log in case this is of help.

Also, do I have to format all new disks before using and, if so, anyone know how to format using Nero 7 demo?

Many thanks.


Windows XP 5.1
WinAspi: -
ahead WinASPI: File 'C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 7\Core\Wnaspi32.dll': Ver=, size=164112 bytes, created 02/11/2004 13:54:32

NT-SPTI used
Nero Version:
Internal Version: 7, ... Read more

A:Problem Writing To Cd-r Or Cd-rw

Hi Denise. Roxio and Nero don't like to cohabitate (I found out the hard way). Uninstall both of them for the time being.Download and run XP_CD-DVD-Fix.zip and unzip the contents. Run the EXE file. Reinstall Nero. If this doesn't work you could try using an inexpensive optical drive cleaning disk available at large retailers and computer shops.---------------------------There are 2 ways to store data on a RW disk. The first way is to burn to it like it is a CD-R and then erase the whole disc to reuse it. The other way is to use Nero's InCD driver to format the CD-RW. This will allow you to treat the disc as a 500MB removeable disc in which you can add and remove files and folders in Explorer as if it was a gigantic floppy. Only computers running InCD will be able to write to the disc.

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Hello. Yesterday i decided to back up my games. I started to write my on dvds but i couldnt write the 2. dvd! Now i cant write any dvds (i m using ms's own software to write)!
Pls help me! There is a problem sth like this: 0x8007045d.
Thanks. My system is writin on my profile.

A:Dvd Writing Problem??

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hi guys/girls

i am having a problem with my laptop (HP Pavilion dv2000 )

my problem is when i switch on my laptop after hibernating it , the keyboard starts to write different letters than it was shown in the buttons , to solve this problem i have to restart it or hold (FN) button while writing .

thats all thanks ;)

A:writing problem

You might want to try installing any updated drivers from the HP website.


That is a direct link for drivers for your FN keys. Try it and let me know how it works.

How long has the problem been occurring? If it just started happening, you may try to do a system restore. Make sure all of your personal files are backed up just in case of an error.

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I went to burn a cd and my burning program worked fine, supposedly. Uh-huh.
I went to play it, as a double check, and I got 15 -20 seconds of each song on every track and that was it.
I have two cd/dvd drives, different mfgrs. with the same results from either.
I can listen to or rip cd's, no problem but I've tried 4 different cd burners and get the same crappy results.
Is it time to trash BOTH of my CD/DVD drives, Update my already updated drivers, or give my endoctronial systems a ballpeen massage?

A:Problem with cd writing

System manufacturer and model?

What program was used to burn the CDs?


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Hey techguys,

I'm trying to help my sister with a problem she's having with writing CDs. I drag the files to the CD drive and they appear in that drive's folder fine, but when I try to press the 'Write these files to CD' button I just get a bleeping sound.

I've used this process on my laptop multiple times and have had no problems with it.

Her laptop is an HP Pavillion dv8372ea


A:CD Writing Problem

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THE POINTER OF MOUSE  AFTER 10 [s]  MOVES IN ANOTHER WINDOW OR STOPPED IT DURING THE WRITNG AND THE PROBLEM IS I LOST CHARACTER DURING THE WRITING. IT IS A PROBLEM FOR DIGIT THE PASSWORD OR DOCUMENT. I clear the register, I change the mouse and the keyboard but nothing to do. During the start up I feel 4 short beep but I don't know what to do. Thanks for help 

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THE POINTER OF MOUSE  AFTER 10 [s]  MOVES IN ANOTHER WINDOW OR STOPPED IT DURING THE WRITNG AND THE PROBLEM IS I LOST CHARACTER DURING THE WRITING. IT IS A PROBLEM FOR DIGIT THE PASSWORD OR DOCUMENT. I clear the register, I change the mouse and the keyboard but nothing to do. During the start up I feel 4 short beep but I don't know what to do. Thanks for help 

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Today, i was trying to burn an ISO today when i got this message.

"The image didnt burn burn because an error occurred. The drive reported that it is performing a long-running operation, such as finishing a write. the drive may be unusable for a long period of time. (Error code: 0xC0AA0207)"

Haven't started a write since my computer turned on. Please help!
Wont let me eject either!

A:CD Drive Problem when writing ISO

Hello Djtheninja. Welcome to the Forum.

You can get that error message if you have bad media (defective CDs or DVD's)

To get out of the optical drive freeze just restart Windows. Eject the disk when the computer begins to restart.

Then try the burn with another disk. Keep in mind that if you bought a pack of cheap disks there could be many that are no good.

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Last week I was able to burn music to my CD's but this week I tried burning a CD. It started burning...it was on the first song....but then it stopped and the CD came out and the computer said "Problem writing to the disc"...they are the same discs I used last week and are all blank....I dont know whats wrong...

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I have an OPTORITE 48x16x48 CD-RW drive, CW4802, running Win ME. It seems to write to CD-Rs and CD-RWs that are the regular density 650MB, 74 minute types. However, it balks a lot and gives me a generic error telling me the media is damaged or has scratches or the software is bad, etc. whenever I use 700MB CD-RWs.

I updated the firmware to the latest version, but it wasn't far behind anyway.

I am using new (never written to) Memorex disks. Any tips or fixes on how to overcome this problem would be appreciated.

A:Problem writing to 700Mb CD-RW

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