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Help! Installed Ubuntu, deleted the Ubuntu Partitions. No boot!

Q: Help! Installed Ubuntu, deleted the Ubuntu Partitions. No boot!

I recently installed Ubuntu 10.04 on my HP Mini 110-1116NR, then deleted the partitions that had Ubuntu on them, not knowing that Ubuntu comes with GRUB2, and sets itself as the default boot for that system. Now that GRUB2 is not installed, since it was on my only HDD, it looks for the GRUB2 partition, which does not exist, so I get an error on a command script that shows as follows:

"GRUB -error:no such partition
"grub rescue>

I still have Ubuntu on a flash drive. And I have my sister's computer to use until I get mine fixed, so I need help. I downloaded the Win7 Recovery Disc, but I don't have a program that can write the ISO image file to a USB flash drive, so I need to know how to get the ISO on the USB Drive, or how to fix the boot for Win7. I'm willing to do anything. lol. I've already done a couple hours worth of 'Google-ing' for how to fix this error and have come empty-handed. Please help.

And if this information helps, I have a Volume (D:\) with the recovery files on my hard drive.

Preferred Solution: Help! Installed Ubuntu, deleted the Ubuntu Partitions. No boot!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Help! Installed Ubuntu, deleted the Ubuntu Partitions. No boot!

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create
YouTube - How to install Windows 7 from USB (WinToFlash)

First mark the WIn7 partition Active from the Repair CD command line: Partition - Mark as Active

Then click through to Recovery Tools list to run Startup Repair up to 3 separate times with reboots until WIn7 starts.

You may have to wipe the partition with GRUB first: Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command

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Last night one of my friends was "guiding" me through an installation for Ubuntu to a flash drive. I was doing it on my current computer. I removed some partitions from the installation thinking it would just remove them from the list, I then tried to install it on the flash drive. (I also changed some of the NTFS FAT 32's around and stuff, But i don't know what that means)

It then brought me to a black screen with a blinking underscore.
After doing everything below, it now says Missing operating system.
So I might have made things worse.

I have tried the recovery Cd which I burned off of another windows7 computer, I tried bootrec.exe as well.

I'm not entirely sure what to do at this point. I am currently using the same computer, but on the trail version - "try ubuntu" of ubuntu. All of my files seem to be intact.

Also, when I ran one of the recovery options it had a box for listed OS's and none displayed, it also said select drivers to install to disk and brought me to system32. (I had no idea what to look at, at that point)

I also did

>slect disk 0
>list volume

and some other things...

Nothing seems to be working and I'm out of ideas and running short on time to get my work done.

Any help or additional information requests would be great.

A:No OS - blackscreen / possible partitions deleted / ubuntu

Hello GhostMuffin Welcome to the Seven Forums!

And into the world of despair since the flashing means a hard drive is not bootable not having any master boot record(mbr) entries or even an OS on it! When you "removed" some partitions apparently you removed C and any other partition on the host main drive not the flash drive!

Were you using GParted live for this?? or another partitioning program? In GParted Live the main drive would likely be seen as "sda" not Disk 0. If you were using the Disk Part tool and ran the clean or clean all command once you had run with the following commands here you wiped the main drive without a doubt!

Disk Part
List Disk
Select Disk 0
clean or clean all

and say good bye to whatever was on the drive!

If you had been using the version of GParted found in a distro like ubuntu that version wants to take charge and partition, format the entire drive in favor of the flavor of Linux that would going onto the flash drive. If you inadvertently selected sda when the flash drive as sdb and nuked partitions there when clicking the apply buttong the scrolling bar you watched was the main drive being wiped instead!

Since a linux install disk if not direct from iso image was there to boot from when running the distro's installer you can boot into that disk live again and view the main drive to see if anything still remains on the drive that would suggest a failed install of the Grub boot loader while the 7 mbr was wiped as well.... Read more

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A long title indeed, but it pretty much sums it all up. I have installed Ubuntu first and then dual booted windows XP. I soon found out that the fact Ubuntu wasn't compatible with many programs (even through wine) I wanted only Windows XP on my pc.
I've searched many topics, but all described how to uninstall Ubuntu when Windows was the primary OS. In my case Ubuntu is the main OS and it dual boots with Windows and I want to rid myself of Ubuntu leaving only Windows.

What do I need to do to get the desired computer setup? Or is it irrelevant which OS was installed first and will a guide describing how to remove Ubuntu from windows work as well for my case.

Important addition: I could very well be the biggest computer-noob you've encountered thus far. So talk to me as though I am 4 year old

A:Uninstalling Ubuntu dual-booting Windows XP with Ubuntu installed first

shouldn't matter the install sequence if you want to only have Windows. Boot into Windows and then delete (from disk management) the linux partitions. This may leave your computer in a state where you can not boot into Windows. To fix this you'll have to boot off the XP install disk and boot to the recovery console, once there type 'fixmbr' without the '

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Acer Desktop PC Model: AM1610
sis ethernet adapter
webstar dpx 2000 series cable modem

After setting up a dual boot system successfully,
Vista connects to internet via ethernet, Ubuntu does not.

sis ethernet driver is updated to latest version

I can access the internet from Ubuntu however, after shutting down the pc, unplugging the power cord, removing the cmos battery and reinstalling. I reinsert the power cord and boot up as normal into Ubuntu, and have full access to internet.

Simply removing/reinserting ethernet cord, removing/reinserting pc or cable modem power cord, or resetting cable modem, does not work.

I am asking if there is a solution as to where I can log off Vista and restart pc into Ubuntu and have internet access automatically, bypassing all these steps I've explained?

After perusing multiple forums where people have described similar if not same issues, I've yet to find a solution to this.

I ran ipconfig in Vista and have the results. I ran ifconfig in Ubuntu 9.10 and have the results.

As these results may contain information that can present a vulnerability regarding system/ip identification, I have omitted them here.

If needed, I will respond via personal message with the contents.

Thank you in advance for your continued contributions in aiding the computer world "handicapped".

A:Dual Boot Vista and Ubuntu 9.10: No Internet Connection in Ubuntu

Ubu 9.10 has known issues

If you are using Ubuntu 9.10, it has known issues with the built-in Network Manager and DSL modems (and presumably Cable modems as well)..

Currently, there is no fix (short of going back to 8.10 or hoping it is fixed in Ubu10 due out in April (iirc). Sorry.

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Hey all I am new here. I recently did a dual boot install of Ubuntu with my Home Premium Windows 7 machine. I need to figure out how to uninstall Ubuntu and the grub loader... any thoughts?

I installed Windows 7 first... Ubuntu 64 desktop edition came after.

I shrunk my Windows 7 partition to install Ubuntu.

If you need more information, let me know, and thanks in advance.

A:dual boot w/ Ubuntu, need to uninstall Ubuntu

Quote: Originally Posted by Konstantinov

Hey all I am new here. I recently did a dual boot install of Ubuntu with my Home Premium Windows 7 machine. I need to figure out how to uninstall Ubuntu and the grub loader... any thoughts?

I installed Windows 7 first... Ubuntu 64 desktop edition came after.

I shrunk my Windows 7 partition to install Ubuntu.

If you need more information, let me know, and thanks in advance.

Hello Konstantinov, and welcome to Windows Seven Forums!

Baisically, you just need to delete the two Ubuntu partitions, then restore the bootmgr from Windows 7. Please look these over and post back any questions?

MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record

Remove Grub - Restore Windows 7


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Ok, so I had some problems with my windows install. My computer was idling on like I usually have it when I got hit with a BSOD. Something about atapi.exe failed. Atapi is either my sound card or graphics card. So I restart thinking it was just a glitch then It hits me again with the BSOD. Oh no.

So I did something rash. I decided to install ubuntu. Not sure what I did. I selected install alongside on the partition I don't think I wrote ever anything, but when I press F8 with the log-on no other options come up. Did I accidentally delete my windows install? Please tell me it's just hiding.

A:Installed Ubuntu now boot log-in gone

Do you still have your Windows CD?

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I installed Ubuntu on an external USB HDD (an 8gb thumb drive). The idea was that I could boot Ubuntu from the USB stick, and then pull it and boot into XP from my notebook HDD as normal. The Ubuntu part works fine, and it installed on the 8GB USB drive. However, Windows no longer boots. When I pull the USB stick, it tries to boot into Ubuntu, and then tells me it can't find the OS. To complicate matters, my laptop is encrypted with PGP so I can't see the notebook HDD at all.

Is there anything I can do to get Windows back? I don't think I overwrote anything on the notebook HDD. Ubuntu only installed to the external USB drive. It's like the computer doesn't know to look for windows any longer. Could it be a PGP problem? I'm open to any and all suggestions.


A:Installed Ubuntu on USB HDD. XP won't boot.

Welcome to TSG!

You may have installed Ubuntu to the USB drive, and most of Grub as well, but if Grub is trying to load when the USB is removed, then the Grub bootloader was installed on the hard drive.

The usual fix is to boot with the XP CD into the Recovery Console, and run the FIXMBR and FIXBOOT commands. If this notebook uses code in the MBR to check for a keypress to do a Factory Recovery (Dell does this, as do many others) FIXMBR will likely remove the ability to do a Factory Recovery at boot, but then Grub has likely already removed that anyway.

I'm not familiar with PGP though; if it modifies the MBR or Boot Sector, you'll need to use a PGP Recovery Disk to decrypt the system, then you can run the FIXMBR and FIXBOOT commands, then you have to re-encrypt the system.

Here's a start, with links to more info on PGP Recovery
HOW TO: Create Recovery Disks for PGP Whole Disk Encryption

The Recovery disk can fix some things that cause a BSOD, so it may be able to repair this without having to decrypt/encrypt the disk, see section three here:
PGP Whole Disk Diagnosis and Recovery - PGP Desktop 9.x for Windows

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I have Ubuntu 9.04 installed on a laptop already and I wanna dual boot with Windows 7 RC1. How do I?

A:Dual Boot - Ubuntu Already Installed

First you need to partition the hdd .I recomend using Acronis Disk Director Suite v10. http://www.acronis.com/promo/choose...rector suite&gclid=CLuLq7K3-poCFRKLxwodrB3leQ

Boot from the win7 cd and follow the instrutions.

After that format the new partition that you plan to install windows 7 on.You need to format it to NTFS.


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Recently installed Ubuntu to a dynamic partition I made before installing. It was separated from the main Windows partition.

Now, when I select Windows 7 from the GRUB menu, it goes about a quarter of the way through the boot animation before freezing and rebooting the computer.


A:Installed Ubuntu, can't boot Windows 7

Give me your system info and specs. Have you had any other problems with the computer? Is it even a desktop? We're going to need more information. "I broke something, fix it!" doesn't get you closer to the fix.

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Into windows 7 now, it says windows 7 is compressed or something.
So i gotta get back the windows 7 boot loader? I tried but when i put the disk in it loads and where its suppose to ask where you have windows 7 installed, nothing gets showed there. It's just blank.
Any help?

A:Installed Ubuntu 9.10 after windows 7 and Can't boot-

Hello RileyRandom,
When booting from the install dvd, are you able to reach the "System recovery Options" window which has the "Load Drivers" button at the bottom? If yes, then click on "Load Drivers" and use the mini Explorer to right-click on the boot-drive and deselect "Compress this Drive" and choose Apply to sub-folders and files. Then close all windows and reboot.

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Hi everybody , I have a problem and I searced many site for solution .
I have a pc originally Window 7 installed . I install ubuntu to different partition. When computer start up , Grup is loaded normally. in Grup menu , There is Windows Recovery and Windows 7(loader) . Windows Recovery works fine . but Windows 7(loader) does not work. When I chose them , a blank page appears then return grup menu.

I try to fix MBR by using Windows Recovery DVD on cmd. But Windows still cannot boot .By the way , on recovery option My Windows is shown like that "Windows 7 Professionel (E" . I am %100 sure that My System Drive is C letter. There is 3 partition on ubuntu about Windows .
sda2 is about Windows Recovery . Totaly size 30 gb
sda3 is about What I don't now (İt is called System Reserved) .Totaly size abourt 100 Mb
sda3 is about Windows 7 (There is no description or Label for it) . Totaly size 210 gb

Can Somebody Help me . Please

A:Windows 7 can't boot after Ubuntu installed

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

To Remove Linux take look at this post:
Error 0xc0000225 on boot

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Please help, I was trying to install ubuntu alongside windows 10 on my custom desktop. During installation I chose the "install ubuntu alongside windows 10 option". The next option was to select drive and allocate drive space. I chose the were Windows 10 was installed, and distributed the disk space equally for both windows and ubuntu. Later, I pressed continue, it started to process and it gave me a fail message which I can't remember which one. Later, it was late at night so I decided to try installation next day. Next day I booted my pc and windows was gone from the boot manager. This seemed strange as I never got to commence ubuntu installation, I assumed my boot manager was broken. I tried repair my pc option, I tried command prompts that can fix the boot manager that I found searching online, nothing fixed it. I took my pc to a repair shop and they told me my windows partition was deleted. This seemed so strange, how can I have deleted my windows partition if I never fully installed Ubuntu in the first place? I don't have Ubuntu installed on my computer. I chose the "install ubuntu alongside Windows" option which permits dual-boot. Did I actually deleted it and I have to reinstall it? What can I do? Please help

A:HELP Failed Ubuntu dual boot installation deleted windows

You should have gone into Disk Management in Windows 10 and created a second partition on the hard drive, then installed Ubuntu in that second partition.
It looks like you tried to install Ubuntu in the same partition that Windows 10 was installed in, and wiped it out.


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Ok. So I had 1 harddrive, windows partition of 60GB, had a FC4 partition of 25GB.

I wanted ubuntu instead of Fedora, so I struggled getting the partitions setup in ubuntu install. I was goign back and forth, exiting, re-configuring, trying to get the "no root configured" , until I fixed it. It installed fine, it works (except for wireless). Now It wont let me boot into windows (which works on wireless), I am using grub. It told me that MS windows was detected.... Click next to install bootloader....etc. Now when I try to boot into Windows XP, I get this after I tell grub to boot into windows:


Booting 'Microsoft Windows XP'

root (hd1, 0)
Filesystem type unknown, partition type 0x7
chainloader +1

I dont know what this means, or what to do.
I was thinking somehow copy the partition onto my 120GB drive, to back up and re-install XP? Could I do this wit ha boot disk like knoppix?

If you need anymore info, I am here.
Thank you in advanced.
Dan Rippon

A:Help! Installed ubuntu, now Windows XP wont boot

Does the computer hang at this point or does it expect some input?

The correct command after chainloader +1 would be "boot"

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Previously I have installed Windows XP then Windows 7 in different drives of my computer. Later installed Ubuntu 10.10 inside Windows 7 and upgraded it to 11.04. After that Accidentally I have formatted Windows XP drive from Ubuntu. I installed XP again to the same drive. I tried to repair Windows 7 and it worked fine, but the problem is I can boot only Windows 7. I have used BCDEdit tool to add entry to boot menu. This also worked fine that I am able to boot both Windows 7 & Windows XP.

Now I want to boot Ubuntu 11.04 also using already installed partition. I don't want install it again(as I have to update it to 11.04 again).

I have Windows XP in C drive, Windows 7 in D drive and Ubuntu 11.04 in E drive.

I am able to boot XP & 7, now want to add Ubuntu also, Please help me...

Thank You..

A:Ubuntu installed inside windows 7 missing boot entry after 7 repair

Hi Sub,

Have you tried using the free version of EasyBCD to add an entry for Ubuntu? It works by chainloading the Windows bootloader to the GRUB bootloader, and may fix your problem.

EasyBCD - Download.com


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I currently partitioned my drive so I can have a dual boot of Windows 7. How would I go about deleting the Ubuntu partitions, so I have just Windows 7? I don't want to just delete the partitions because the computer boots off of GRUB. Can you guys help me out?

Thanks in advance,

Note: Not quite sure if this in the right place, sorry if it isn't...

A:Deleting Ubuntu Linux Partitions?

Use a program called GParted or a modified veion called Parted Magic

GParted -- Download

Parted maguic

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Hello, I have dual os in my laptop. windows 8.1 and ubuntu 12.04. i deleted the ubuntu partitions in disk management. After deleting ubuntu partitions, when i right clicked on that unallocated partition, it does'nt show "extend volume " option.
Then i restarted my laptop. in boot menu, it displays ubuntu os, but when i tried to boot ubuntu, it failed.So now i am unable to login to my ubuntu os.But i can boot into my windows os.how to recover my ubuntu os??? pls help me with this. Hoping for a quick
recovery since i have to deal with my project soon,,,,  Help me in fixing this,,,


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I insalled Ubuntu along side windows 7 , and then i removed it using the command prompt by typing the two commands ( i used windwos 7 DVD installtion disk)
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec fixmbr
and now when my computer starts it boots to windows 7...but when i try to delete the partition that contains the Ubuntu , it does not work, i use the disk management tools from windows, I've tried many times but every time i get the same message ...
is there any way to delete this partition from w7 or do i need to have third part software..

A:Can not delete Ubuntu partition after uninstalling Ubuntu

and what is the message ???

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Hello guys!

I don't want to write down everything again, you can read my story here: Ubuntu forums
But it looks like that the problem is not Ubuntu related.
Image that show partition magic. In the background, drive e:\ ; h:\ ; i:\ are on the 500GB WD HDD. Yes I installed the software from there.
I ran CHKDSK on Win7, and XP. Nothing happened. They both run on the damaged HDD. I don't think trying vista will be an instant success.
What can I do now? I would like to keep my data, and use them on ubuntu.

If something is not clear, please post a comment, I am really scared about my data. They are important. I was really surprised when Partition wizard came up with this...

A:Corrupt but working NTFS partitions, Ubuntu doesn't show them at all

Hi and welcome to the ForumAs you say in the Ubuntu forum Quote: " All 3 installed types of windows knows what's on the HDD"
if you can still access your data make a backup before trying anything else.

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So heres the deal. I deleted the Ubuntu 10.04 partition in windows computer management/disk management. Then i shut down the computer, upon booting up i was greeted with an grub error and unable to boot into windows. I used super grub disk, now windows boots up fine now. I'm left with this now, three other partitions and a 218gb of free space. How can i allocate my free space (218gb) to my C: drive? I right click my C: drive but the extend volume is grayed out. Only the Shrink volume is selectable.

A:Deleted Ubuntu 10.04 partition

To Remove Linux take look at this post:
Error 0xc0000225 on boot

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I deleted my Ubuntu partition and resized my Windows to include the freespace that I had gotten from the ubuntu partition, but now windows still sees it size as that from when the ubuntu partition was installed. It was 61GB windows/NTFS, and 14GB for Linux/EXT3. so windows should now have 75GB, but it's still only seeing the 61, but within gparted, it's showing the windows as 75, but with the same free space, just more filled with on the windows partition.

It's normally like 37GB filled, 24 free. Now gParted, after the resize sees it as 50 Filled, 24 free. A Screen shot is enclosed. Can anyone help me?

See, in the dist... it shows that it's 74GB, but that windows is total 61ish...

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Im using dell inspiron 1564.this is a dual boot system-(windows7 & ubuntu). Recently my system got affected by viruses. Even-though i have a working antivirus I get frequent pop-ups saying "threat detected". I'm tired with deleting those viruses. so decided to restore system from OEM partition to get rid of all those viruses. before installing ubuntu I had a single partition (c:\), then i made it into two partitions one for ubuntu clean install. now if I restore my system to factory settings from OEM of windows7 will the partition of ubuntu get formatted or deleted? I need help please. Thanks in advance for any kind help....

A:will the partition of ubuntu get formatted or deleted?

Are you sure the pop-up is from your AV or the Win7 Firewall and not a fake AV trojan which you clicked on from a pop-up which has now infected your System. If so you'd want to run Combofix to repair infection. There are other steps in posts 9 and 11 here which can overcome this type of infection: Fake AV infection - files hidden?

Normally Dell DataSafe Recovery will restore the HD back to factory condition when it is run, unless it offers to direct the restore to a named partition. Dell Restoring Your Computer?s Software to the Factory Settings

A better option for you might be to do a Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 while deleting the Win7 partition to recreate and format it during install. Everything you need is in the blue link.

Then follow Barman's procedure here to set up the Dual Boot so that GRUB can't corrupt Win7 as it can do otherwise when on the same HD: Dual boot Ubuntu-Win7

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I installed Ubuntu 11.10 recently. And I fully installed it. It is my OS now. Sadly I don't like it, and you cannot open .exe files easily. ( I know it was my fault for installing Ubuntu.)

So I was wondering, if you guys knew how to restore back to factory settings. From ubuntu 11.10 to Factory Settings.

I tried BIOS booting. But it won't work.

Please help me.

A:Installed Ubuntu 11.10

We would have to know your make and model of computer to be able to advise you how to run Factory Recovery. But if you installed Ubuntu it may have overwritten your Recovery partition or its ability to run from boot. Did you make your Factory Recovery disks first?

If your Recovery partition will not run by tapping the key given for it on first boot screen, and you don't have your Recovery disks, then your choices are to order Recovery Disks from your computer maker's Tech Support or follow these steps to Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.

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Hello all.

I am running Windows 8.1 on my Acer Aspire V5-571PG. Well, Windows 8.1 may be a stretch.

Months ago, I decided to switch to a dual-boot configuration of Windows 8.1 and ubuntu. To accomplish this, I switched my bootloader from UEFI to GRUB. I decided ubuntu was not for me, and rather than looking up uninstallation techniques, I simply removed the ubuntu partition and used a third-party tool to reallocate the empty space to my Windows partition (I somehow managed to create my ubuntu volume to the left of the Windows volume so that was a complete pain). Now I am stuck with a GRUB startup scheme, displayed in pictures below:
Above is the first screen. I figured out that to navigate to the next menu, I have to type "exit." After I first type "exit" and hit enter, the same screen comes up. I repeat the process and the next screen is shown:
When I select "Windows Boot Manager," I am able to successfully boot Windows 8.1.

I also checked my disk partition settings and I infer that I have also mistakenly deleted my recovery volume:

Any help and direction in repairing my disaster of a bootloader would be much appreciated!!!

A:deleted ubuntu partition, restoring uefi

Go into the BIOS and under Boot Options delete the Ubuntu as a boot source. Then move the Windows Boot Loader up in the boot order to boot first. This has worked for me.

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I just can't get it to work properly, I followed the istructions on the Wine HQ site...I even tried the alternative (on Wine HQ site) but it just woan't work :/

I can find wine in System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager but it fails...

<i>W: Failed to fetch http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/dists/hardy/Release.gpg Could not connect to wine.budgetdedicated.com:80 ( - connect (111 Connection refused)

W: Failed to fetch http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/dists/hardy/main/i18n/Translation-en_US.bz2 Could not connect to wine.budgetdedicated.com:80 ( - connect (111 Connection refused)</i>

What to do?

A:Can't get Wine installed to ubuntu (8.04)

What about getting it from Add/Remove?


In terminal run:


gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys $KEY



gpg --export --armor $KEY | sudo apt-key add -

where $KEY is key value you have missed. Do those 2 commands for each repository which you have problem.

May work.

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A laptop computer with WinXP installed on it currently won't run in the WinXP OS. I think that my little brother might've installed Ubuntu incorrectly on it and it perhaps overwrote some of the vital XP OS files and whatnot. Is there a way to find out if this is the case? I haven't even been able to boot it up in Ubuntu. Though my dad says he was able to boot it up in Ubuntu. What should I do?

Thanks for your time,

A:Ubuntu Installed Over WinXP????

Install the hard drive as a secondary drive in a different system...then use Disk Management to see just what lies on it.


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Ubuntu is the best. Asus G1S works well with Ubuntu!
I have also configured AsusOled in Ubuntu

If you don't believe me here is proof!
I have included a picture

I have done DualBoot - Vista and Ubuntu. I need Vista for Webcam, cause Webcam is upside down in Ubuntu. Ubuntu I can use for fun All you need is a 160 GB hard rive and you are set
I just love Grub, the Grub themes look so beautiful and the splash screen logo as well

A:Ubuntu is the best: Asus G1S works well with Ubuntu

congrats. are you new to the Linux based OS

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I bought a new laptop Dell 15R 5558 series 5000 yesterday, with ubuntu preinstalled on it. I want to install my Windows 7 on it instead of Ubuntu.
Here are my hard drivers details 
And when I try to install my Windows 7, I get this message
What should I do?

A:Installing Windows over Pre-installed Ubuntu

See here:

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I think MBR is the bootloader if not then whatever it is the ideais not havin to install GRUB.

Thanks in advance !!

A:Is it posible to add Ubuntu installed on Ext4 to MBR

You will need GRUB no matter what (I think), but you do have a choice about where and how to install it. Normally, you'd install Ubuntu after Windows 7 and GRUB would be written "on top of" the Windows boot loader. When you boot up, GRUB would load and you'd then pick Windows or Ubuntu.

But...if you use something like EasyBCD, you can install GRUB in the Ubuntu partition and use EasyBCD to modify the Windows bootloader to give you the choice of booting Windows or Ubuntu.

I've done it a time or two, and it works fine but I don't remember the specifics. Google up EasyBCD and check out their forums and how-to's to get a walkthrough on this.

Edit: I should have read the post title more carefully, but EasyBCD should still work...

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I have windows vista already upgraded from vista basic to vista premium.
I have dual booted it with ubuntu.

Today, I have put in Windows XP CD and installed, now what happened? no windows vista or ubuntu showing up again.
while the vista and ubuntu files are in drive C: and D: as they were before.

when I boot the computer, I was hoping to get all the partion ( windows vista/ubuntu & XP, but now nothing at all.
What do you think guys, I need help tonight.
just to let you know
I got only Windows vista upgrade CD and that ****en XP CD

A:Installed Xp,...Vista and ubuntu disappearred

XP overwrote the mbr on the boot drive. You need to repair the boot files. I know nothing about linux however there is a guide at the top of the forum for repairing the vista boot files.

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Dear comunity,I'm here because i installed Ubuntu 14 in my hp x360, after a couple of configurations i had almost everything working ok, but now i realize that there's so many things that aren't developed, like deactivate the keyboard when i flip the laptop and try to use the screen.Anyway, now i want to reinstall the original windows but i don't know how!, what can i do?, i don't even have the original serial of my windows, i would be placed if anybody can help me.  

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Hi guys wondering if anyone can help i got a netbook recently with windows 7 installed, and found this free software "ubuntu" now am stuck with the "Grub" bootloader.

Does anyone know how i can remove this and return the netbook back to it's original state i've tried doing the Acer Recovery and it doesn't get rid of the Grub bootloader. Has anyone got any ideas??

I tried doing some things off the linux website but i have no knowledge of linux at all it totally baffled me lol.


A:Netbook With Windows 7 & Ubuntu Installed

Hi. Startup repair should do well. And now you don't have to compile your drivers any longer, heh heh.

Run it as much as 3x times consecutively if necessary.

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I want to intall XP on my computer that already installed with Vista and UBuntu. How can it be done ?

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I recently bought a pre installed hp envy m6 x360 convertible operating windows 10. I Installed Ubuntu 16.04 using a usb key, annulling the windows system. Now the wifi won't work.What can i do?

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Need help badly. This netbook, has ubuntu installed. I wanted to put Windows 7 on it but I can't see the HDD during setup. BIOS detects it just fine.

I have read that Ubuntu does something to the partitions. When I do diskpart, list disk, I can only see one disk with 15GB space (Netbook has 160GB HDD). When I go into recovery in windows 7 and go command prompt it sends me directly to "X:sources" where X seems to be some kind of Windows 7 recovery image???
Please help if you have experience, need a stept by step guide or tutorial on this.

Thank you.

A:Installing Windows 7 (can't see HDD) (has ubuntu installed atm)

I guess the 15 GB is the disk space in which ubuntu is installed . Do you want to keep ubuntu or not ?

Download Partition Wizard Bootable CD , burn it in a disk . Boot from the PW disk , you will see the rest as unpartitioned space . Format it as NTFS primary partition (if you want to keep ubuntu, otherwise you may format the entire disk as NTFS primary using partition wizard ) .

Now you can install windows .

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So I installed ubuntu on my windows 8.1 laptop with a USB drive. When I restart my laptop it goes to ubuntu. How do I get to windows?

A:Installed Ubuntu, can't get back to Windows

Did you clean install Ubuntu on the laptop of just let it overwrite windows. If that's the case you can't, you will need to reformat and clean install windows.

If you did a dual boot, the MBR is corrupt and you'll need to fix that.

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I had xp running on my D400 laptop and wanted UBUNTU.

I messed up the install (only installed half the operating system) I cannot remember what program i used i think it was called UNETBI? something like that.

Anyway when i start my laptop i get 'MISSING OPERATING SYSTEM'

I installed slax to my usb drive and accessed/backed up my files within windows.

I am wondering how i can change the boot.ini file from the windows area so that it will boot ok again?

It will not let me edit the file from within slax, only read.

Please help

Thanks alot.

A:Had xp, installed ubuntu, now missing operating system

thanks for the quick reply

ONLY problem is i have no cd drive on the dell d400

I could get hold of an external next week but id prefer to leave that as a last resort (so i can maybe learn something)

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I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake. Foolish. But that's what happened.I thought I was installing the Ubuntu that is used for storage purposes.When I tried to restart my computer it would not restart.I inserted the "Repair disc Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit" and eventually I got my computer to startup.So I am still able to use my computer normally.But my computer now seems to be totally corrupted because all drives are labeled incorrectly and Data1 and Data2 are completely missing. I know this is true because I saw the above info while using the Repair disc Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.It seems that I am stuck with a corrupt computer.What are my options?Is my only option to reinstall windows 7?Or do a backup from an Acronis image file? What can I do?Moderator Edit: Moved topic from Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs to the more appropriate forumRoger

A:I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake

try using sfc /f

if that fails then wat i would try next is a repair install.

Run a repair install of windows 7 from a windows 7 cd. just make sure it is the same version.

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before I upgraded from Vista to 7 I was dual booting Ubuntu 9. something and when I installed 7 I thought it deleted it, but now that the boot screen comes up again it's still there and works. Not sure if this could cause problems.

When I was installing Ubuntu 10 a window kept popping up that said my mouse was trying to communicate with the PC and that I had to enter the PID or PIN or something, but the window wouldn't stay open long enough for me to do that.

I've tried updating the mouse drivers and reinstalling it, but it didn't work. It was working just fine before this.

Update: Afterwards I deleted the partition Ubuntu was on, reinstalled Ubuntu 10 since the boot screen wasn't coming up, and the mouse works fine in it, so it shouldn't be a physical problem with the bluetooth adapter or mouse. I also tried using system restore, but it still didn't work.

I can get the mouse to communicate with the PC and set up, but it never works and usually shows up as not being active after I install it. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't work nor does updating the drivers.

I'm using a Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 and a Rocketfish Bluetooth Adapter.

Please help, using the touchpad sucks! How will play my precious games?

A:Installed Ubuntu, now mouse doesn't work in Windows 7

Well, I'm an idiot. I thought the pairing button wasn't working, but it turns out I just wasn't holding it down long enough. I could've sworn it used to work with just a press.

Time to play some vidya games.

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I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake.

Foolish. But that's what happened.

I thought I was installing the Ubuntu that is used for storage purposes.

When I tried to restart my computer it would not restart.
I inserted the "Repair disc Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit" and eventually I got my computer to startup.

So I am still able to use my computer normally.

But my computer now seems to be totally corrupted because all drives are labeled incorrectly and Data1 and Data2 are completely missing.
This is what the Windows 7 Repair disc showed when I ran it.

The Repair disc labeled the Operating System that it finally found as "Recovered". But it was a corrupt Operating System.

But I am able see and browse all my drives and files whenever I turn on my computer.
How can that be?
The Windows 7 Repair disc says everything is corrupt.
But my computer looks perfectly normal when I turn it on.
Is my computer corrupt or not?

I tried to create an image backup of my computer using Acronis.
It gave me the below error message:
Backup failed. No reason given as to why.

Anyway I tried to fix the corruption by trying:

I tried using sfc /f
It didn't find any problems.

I ran a repair install of windows 7 from a windows 7 cd.
It didn't find any problems.

I tried to do a system restore to an earlier point in time.
None of the system restore options worked. All failed to restore to an earlier point in time.

It seems that I am st... Read more

A:I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake.

Do you have everything backed up? If so, you could do a clean install which should get you back to the day you bought it. Do this as a last resort if no one else comes along to help out.

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I plan on dual booting Ubuntu along my Windows 7 system. The only thing I am concerned with is how would I go about making a system image of Windows 7 and restoring it if I have to...with Ubuntu already installed? Would I have to wipe my hard drive of both OS and reinstall Windows 7 with my back up image or is there ways to install the windows 7 image without affecting Ubuntu or both?

A:How does system image of Windows installed along ubuntu work?

Ubuntu has the buzz but from personal experience I'd recommend Madriva One 2011 esp. if you have broadband internet connected via a network card.


Easus image backup free:

Best free data backup software. Hard drive backup and recovery freeware. Hard Disk image freeware.

with this program and an external drive you can back up the entire HD or particular partitions.

What I would do:

Burn the Boot CD for Easus ToDo. Make sure your system will boot from it and you can see your HD and external drive before doing anything else. If the restore on the Boot CD can't see the drives try a different program. Another is Macrium Reflect Free:

In case of disaster you have to be able to restore the image using the Boot CD.
The image back up tool is only as good as the Boot CD with the restore. If you can't see it, you can't restore it.

Use the Back up entire disk option before you start altering partitions. Be able to get back to square one if anything happens.

Then once you have Windows and Linux peacefully coexisting and booting correctly, use the back up option to make an image of the individual partitions. If Linux breaks, just restore the Linux partition. If Windows, just the Windows etc..

Both Easus and Macrium are very easy to use. There are others also.
Take a look on thefreecountry.com: Free Programmers' Resources, Free Webmasters' Resources, Free Security Resources

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Hi, I just started a website, so I want to be able to run ubuntu alongside windows, the only problem is that when I installed Ubuntu, my sound stopped working in windows 7. All of my output devices work perfectly in unbuntu, but only my HDMI audio output works in windows. I have tried installing and uninstalling a lot of drivers, both 3rd party and windows and have gotten nowhere. does anyone have any suggestions on how I might be able to rectify this situation?

A:Just installed Ubuntu, now Windows doesn't recognize my speakers.

How did you install Ubuntu - in double boot or in a virtual partition ?

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I just finished installing ubuntu and it's not detecting my Linksys Wireless B networking card. I'm not sure what the exact model number is on it... anybody here know how I could check that to and see if there's a driver I can download?


A:Just installed ubuntu Linux; wireless network card not detected...

I had the same problem .. no driver for my CREATIVE USB wireless adapter in uBuntu

We can't blame LinuX but we blame the manufactures of the device.

They don't program a driver for a linux BoX

all what I can advice you is to buy a Wireless to Wired bridge

so it makes a wireless works as a LAN ( detected as a LAN but working as WLAN!)

google search for it .. and you may post some intersting results here, I am pretty interested!


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I recently installed Frisky Fawn on my laptop (From a Live cd in my dvd. Grrr.) It is having problems, i.e locks up after a few minutes, and I want to either reinstall Ubuntu to make it work right (a Guru told me I maybe wrote the Live cd at too high a speed, so I downloaded another copy and burned it at the slowest setting) or reinstall XP.

My issue is: My bios wont see my dvd-rom drive. When I go into the bios setup to rearrange the boot order, there is no "+" next to the dvd option like there is the hdd. (It sees my hdd just fine.) So when I select boot from dvd in the "Boot device menu" it boots from my hdd regardless of where it is on the list. (External drive and network are the other two choices, neither are valid.)

I had no trouble rebooting from the Live cd when I started this adventure, so I have no idea why I do now. Did Ubuntu change my bios? I wouldn't have thought it did, but now I have a laptop that locks up evert 5 min, and no way to fix it.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Ubuntu will not boot from dvd-rom

Try going into your BIOS setup and resetting to defaults. Reboot and then see if you can launch from your DVD drive. Alternatively, a lot of BIOS's will let you press a function key to pull up a boot menu during startup. (F11 on my laptop) From the boot menu, you can chose which device to boot from.

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My Ubuntu 16.04 LTS OS has crashed and so severely that I have no access thru Linux to files, networking, internet, or DVD drive.  I have an .iso of 16.04 LTS burned on a DVD but can't get the EliteBook 2570p BIOS to boot from the DVD.  I have seen one reference in HP forums about changing the BIOS boot sequence by accessing the "Advanced tab" in the BIOS, but later forums confirm that the Advanced tab is permanently blocked.  I can accept this, but I need to know how to get my notebook to boot from my Linux DVD .iso. (My BIOS: 681SB Ver. F.00 last updated 5/17/12).

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My Ubuntu 16.04 LTS OS has crashed and so severely that I have no access thru Linux to files, networking, internet, or DVD drive.  I have an .iso of 16.04 LTS burned on a DVD but can't get the EliteBook 2570p BIOS to boot from the DVD.  I have seen one reference in HP forums about changing the BIOS boot sequence by accessing the "Advanced tab" in the BIOS, but later forums confirm that the Advanced tab is permanently blocked.  I can accept this, but I need to know how to get my notebook to boot from my Linux DVD .iso. (My BIOS: 681SB Ver. F.00 last updated 5/17/12).

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