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Two computers died overnite...power surge?

Q: Two computers died overnite...power surge?

I have 3 computers; the one I'm on now which is plugged into a surge protector, one in an office that is just for checking email and such, and a system behind the TV running linux and MythTV for PVR functions. Besides the one I'm on now the other two are just plugged into the wall, due to the fact that I'm lazy and didn't buy more surge protectors. Please do not patronize me about not hooking them up to surge protectors...I really don't care right now.

After last night both computers that are not on surge protectors exhibit the same exact problem (which to me is very strange). The power button has no effect, they will start if you plug the cord into the power supply and its switched to ON. Obviously it won't start up if the power supply is switched off. So as soon as you plug in the cord they turn on, all the lights on the front panel (power, HD activity, etc) remain on but the monitor will not turn on and it won't make the "everything is cool" beep sound.

Both computers exhibit that EXACT same problem which allows me to rule out various things such as individual component failure (though I suppose it is possible yet highly improbable).

Are these symptoms of a computer damaged by a power surge or something else? Solutions?

*note: I know my way around computers (I built all three machines from parts) and have checked all the usual things (connections, etc.). Yes, I'm an ***** for not plugging them all into surge protectors if that is indeed the problem...I don't need to hear that again.

Also, I've stripped down one of the machines to just power supply, motherboard, CPU/HSF, with the power switch and speaker plugged in. The power switch still has no effect (just boots when plugged in) and NO BEEP CODES.

I'm starting to get scared taht these two machines are totally bricked...please, somebody help me.

Preferred Solution: Two computers died overnite...power surge?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Two computers died overnite...power surge?

Try a working PSU in those dead bodies. If you're lucky, the fuse inside the unprotected PSUs may have blown. Worst case, you can play Scrapheap Challenge.

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Hi guys,

Hardware not being my specialty, I'm coming to you guys for help.

I just bought a new computer running XP pro - Pentium 4 - 3.0 - 800 MHz - 512 RAM - HD 80 g but am keeping my old one to tinker with.

The old one is Pentium 4 - 1.60 - 256 RAM - HD 40 g running W2K pro.

I'm setting them up now but need to know if I connect them both up to one (good quality) surge protector bar or is that asking too much? Getting another bar is not a problem if necessary it's just that I don't have one at the moment and like a kid in a candy store, I can't wait!


A:Solved: Can I run two computers on one power surge bar?

I'll assume your power up there in Canada is the same as the US 115v, a normal circuit breaker is 15amp or 20amp so one outlet with nothing else on that circuit is good for 115x15=1725watts or 115x20=2300watts, so yeah go ahead, but i would put it on its own surge strip when time allows.

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Whenever I connect my 2.5'' Hard drive via an enclosure, it causes power surge on the usb ports on multiple computers, does this mean that the hard drive is screwed already ?

Thanks =)

A:Hard drive causes power surge on multiple computers..

How do you know it causes power surges?
If you are sure it causes power surges on several systems I would first check the cables. If they are okay I would backup all data if you can and replace the hard drive. A hard drive can go bad any time.

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I'm having a bizarre issue where simply unplugging the official Lenovo power supply from the orange USB power port causes the laptop to immediately issue the subject warning, along with the detail "A USB device has malfunctioned and exceeded the power limits of its hub port".   This warning pops up every 5 seconds, unless clicked on, where reset/close options do nothing.  Crazy thing is, NOTHING is plugged into any USB port!   Reattaching the power supply does not clear the error.  Only rebooting with the power supply cable connected clears the error.   Remove the power cable, and the error instantly comes back.   All of the USB ports actually work fine, including the USB C port, whether or not this message is active. Maybe it is a hardware issue, but ALL the USB ports actually work fine.  I can't figure how unpluging the power source can trigger a USB power surge when nothing is actually connected and the battery is fully charged.  I've removed/reinstalled the USB Root hub, eXtensible Host Controller, Generic USB Hub, etc., drivers multiple times to no avail.   No errors with any devices are apparent in the device manager. I've seen a lot of issues reported about USB power surges but none like mine.   Anyone have any ideas about this?  System: Lenovo Yoga 900/16GB/Windows 10

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I know how to enable/disable UBS ports, but I want to know if I Can set specific power limits for my USB 2.0 ports? using Windows 7 pro.

How can I test my motherboard to see if maybe that might be the problem?

Everything was working fine. Then, I started using a new USB device called Track IR5.

I don't know if it's a coincidence or the culprit, but I now get a "power surge" warning for all my USB 2.0 ports when the device is unplugged. USB 3.0 is not connected/active.

My headphones disconnect most of the time. My keyboard started disconnecting more frequently and my mouse is usually the last to disconnect.

If I plug Track IR in....
as well as my other peripherals (keyboard, mouse, 2 headphones, steering wheel), everything works fine.

If I unplug Track IR....
I'll start getting power surge warnings and my headphones, keyboard, lastly my mouse will disconnect (in that order) randomly.

It's also caused a cyclic "left click" issue with my mouse - I believe.
Over a span of 4-6 seconds, the left click button will go from standard to ultra sensitive to standard click speed again.
I can double click on a file and open it, and afew seconds later, it seems it only takes 1 click to unintentionally open that folder and then whatever file or folder my mouse cursor happened to be on, inside that folder. I slowed down and sped up the mouse click function in windows devices, but the issue still persists.

I have checked the wiring. Nothing exposed or touch... Read more

A:How to control all USB case power (power surge warnings) USB 2.0

Hi 7of9, welcome to the Forum.

Have a look at this MS website & see if any suggestions there work for you.


What happens if you leave the IR5 connected & shut down the computer, disconnect the IR5, restart the computer. Does your mouse etc. then work properly. If so it might be worth looking at getting a separately powered USB hub & using that for the IR5.

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Gateway 507GR Wont Power-On after a power surge. Had slight hissing noise in the Bestec power supply, replaced it, and it still will not always power-on. If I switch the a/c power on/off really fast while holding the power button, it will fully power-on after a few minutes of toying with it (tricky). Tested this new power supply in another machine, works perfectly, and so it's the board that's not powering-on. Removed the board and looked closely at the caps for swelling leakage, but what should I be looking for on the board after pwr surge? Any techs here familiar with this board/situation, very common that the failing bestec pwr supply takes out the board, the Intel E210882 MOBO. Thanks in advance.

A:Gateway 507GR Wont Power-On after Power Surge

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Bought a XPS-8900.  When I switch the power strip on, the 8900 powers on momentarily then powers off (call it an "a/c power on surge").  From there it remains powered off until I press the power on button on the top of the 8900 and then it powers on normally and boots into Windows 10.
This a/c power on surge has never happened to any previous desktop PC that I've owned.
I always do a shutdown at night and then turn off the power strip to remove a/c power to the 8900, monitor, and external hard drive docking stations.  But the a/c power on surge that happens on the 8900 when I switch the power strip on is a major concern.  It seems that the a/c power on surge would be harmful to all of the electronics in the 8900.
Is this a/c power on surge normal for an XPS-8900 or other Dell desktop PCs?

A:Desktop power on surge when power strip switched on

That's entirely  normal!
BIOS has an AC Recovery option which tells the PC what to do when it recovers from a "power failure". Since you turn off the power strip at night, that's the same as a power failure.
So when you turn the strip on in the morning, the PC powers on briefly to see what it's supposed to do when recovering from a power failure. If BIOS is set to "do nothing", the PC powers off again, and you have to press the power button to boot.
If you're lazy like me, you can set that BIOS AC Recovery option to "reboot". So as soon as I turn the power strip on the PC starts booting and I don't have to press the power button.  Just make sure your strip can handle the load of the PC booting plus monitor and HDD all powering on at the same time.

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I have a Seagate 2TB external USB drive (Model: srd0sd1). Like an idiot I had it plugged into the wall without a surge protector. Yesterday we had some wicked thunderstorms which included 2 brief power losses. I unplugged the drive last night and hadn't tried to use the drive until today and it won't power on. Is it possible that the power source (AC adaptor) could be fried rather than the entire drive?!?

A:Solved: USB External HDD Won't Power On, Power Surge?

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My brothers computer was affected by a power suge during a thunder storm, the power went off for a few seconds and whenit came back on his computer would not work. I thought that the power pack had faile but he tells me that there is power because the monitoris working. The computer will not work and seems to be dead. Is there a re-set button/swich or control or is this a new power pack. My brother lives in France so it is not easy to get help there.

A:Power Surge

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i am using windows XP SP2 i have starting getting this message that popup on my tool bar it said power surge on hub port the general porpose usb hub has exceeded the power limits .
I have two usbs ports on the back of my computer in which i connected one usb ultra hub 4 ports to, but it has it own power sorce .
i unplug it and i still get this message but when i try to print something it comes up. my printer is a parrell port and not a usb port, the code is 43. i do not know what to do please help thanks.

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I plugged my camera into the computer in order to download some pictures. A window popped up that said:

Power Surge On The Hub. Sony DSC has exceeded the power limits of it's hub.

I clicked on the window and it was recommended that I unplug the camera. I did just that, but then hooked it up again and things worked out as normal. I have been downloading pictures from this camera for two years and have never encountered this situation before.
Could someone please explain what the pop up window was eluding to ??

Thank You for your time,

Windows XP Home , SP-2 , IE-7

A:Power Surge On The Hub

Sounds like your specific motherboard needs better USB drivers for XP.Have a look at This article in PC World Forums.Or just turn off the warning.Control Panel/ System/ Hardware/ Device manager/ select the the specific USB Controller (expand the [+])/then Properties/ Advanced/ select "Don't Tell Me About USB Errors."

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I am using a Dell Dimension 2400 Desktop with Windows XP. I have 2 USB ports on the front of computer. I plugged my digital camera in to download some photos. I recieved an error message...I cannot recal the exact wording but it's like this:

Window has detected a power surge through a USB port, the port will become inoperable. If you would like to restore the port, disconnect any devices and click here to restore.

I disconnected the camera from the USB cable and clicked "restore" . Nothing seemed to happen, the computer was frozen at that moment, non-responsive to mouse movements. I shut the computer down and re-started it. The computer seemed to re-start, one light on the case ( on the right side) was lit, all three lights on the keyboard lit and remained on, however I've got a blank screen, completely dark.

I turned off the computer and chcecked all of the connections, ( all was well) and attempted to re-start. The result was the same as above, no image whatsoever on screen..I see no indication that windows was engaging at all.

I'm utterly puzzled...any ideas?

A:USB Power Surge?

Sounds like your usb port went bad on your mobo. Can you use a different usb port? 2 front-4 back. http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/dim2400/en/sm_en/specs.htm

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OK heres the deal about 10 minutes ago there was a power surge and everything in my house went off...i restart my computer and it still works but the screen size is much smaller, i tried changing the resolution and nothing happened i tried to it manualy but i couldnt change it. what should i do?

A:power surge?

Reinstall you video device Driver (software).
Then I'd pull the card and reinstall the hardware and software.

good luck.

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I have a flat screen monitor. It is about 1 year old. I live in an area effected by the hurricane. When I returned home there is a very thin line thru the center of the screen. Could this be from a power surge?

A:power surge

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

What a storm!
With something as radical as this it very well could've been a
series of brown outs, spikes, lightening etc..I'm certain many ppl
left computers on or plugged into outlets/surge protectors.
Very hard to say.
What kind of system?
How is the system behaving otherwise?

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I was using a smart media meory card when my pc gave me a usb power surge error. Now when I boot up the computer the bios load up but I can't get into the OS also i noticed my fan speed drops dramatically. I think my power supply died because my onboard video card works still. If anyone could please help me i would greatly appreciate it!

A:USB Power Surge

At what point does the computur stop booting? First thing I would do is turn off the computer completely and unplug all USB devices. Then try booting up.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel Pentium III Xeon processor, x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2814 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 220, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 149997 MB, Free - 111333 MB; D: Total - 149997 MB, Free - 149928 MB; E: Total - 176934 MB, Free - 145600 MB;
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:power surge on usb hub

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Sorry if this has already been posted and answered but I couldn't find anything else. I'm having a problem with my USB ports on my PC. It was custom built by my dad and has an Intel D845GEBV2 motherboard. The problem is that I keep on getting USB power surge notices popping up when ever I plug in any USB or device and even when they are unplugged. I've tried plugging them in, in different ports but it still has the error. My dad used this PC before and because of the problem, his USB flash drive burnt out. Is this to do with the software or hardware? I'm running Windows XP (non SP2). Also, I'm thinking if it would be a problem with the connections on the motherboard because there are only 3 cables (USB1, USB2 and Shield) and i'm not sure if they are plugged in correctly. Any advice?
(Sorry for the long post)

A:USB Power Surge

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So there was a power surge, Note I had a surge protector, and after I turned my computer on and no image would display on the screen. I examined the parts and nothing appeared to be damaged, the fans turn on so they are getting power. I verified the screen was working. My computer is custom built using the specs of the good tier on logical increments.com any advice for solving or locating the problem would be greatly appreciated.

A:After power surge

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I was away when a storm came threw and nobody shut down my puter. Now when I try to start puter first the mouse dont work any more. I had a Logitech MX 510. IT lights up but wont work. Installed a Radio shack mouse worked for a little it. Then it shuts down too. I try to start computer and tap on F8 key or DEL key sometimes it works an sometimes not if it works I am good for a little bit. 15min to 30 min then lock up. If i get into safe mode its ok until about the same 15min to 30 min. If F8 and DEL keys dont work It starts the process and then gets to floppy disk and fails. It say Floppy Disk Fail (40). I have checked and the fans are working and thats not a problem Hard drives work and 1.5 GB ram and thats ok too. So stumped and wondering if I can fix it or not. BY the way I dont smell anything hot or smoking in computer. My robotics router is fried as smell smoke in it so it toasted. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance

A:Power Surge Help please.

If your robotics router gotten hit by a power surge and got fried, more than likely so did your computer, unless you had it on a good UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) system, one of those battery backup devices. Having just a plain old surge protector is better than nothing but doesn't help much except if there's a suddent spike and even then it might still get through...

As far as your system tho, it does sound like it got hit, If you can get a diagnostic cd for your system or download a few seperate programs like these to test each component seperately..

speedfan - measures power voltages, fan speed and S.M.A.R.T hard drive info..

DocMemory tester - tests your RAM..needs to be installed on a "bootable" floppy or CD, then ran from it..

Everest Home Edition - complete system benchmark and diagnostic program..

Also to test your hard drive, I would recommend looking in the computer to find who manufactured you hard drive, like Western Digital or Seagate etc, then go to thier homepage and downloading thier diagnostic software to test the hard drive. You might get lucky and just need to replace the power supply.

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yesterday night my neighborhood had a transformer blow and knocked out the power out within like 2 blocks and ironically im within that and when it happened my computer shut off and wouldnt turn back on anymore. (Prior to this happening every time i turned my computer on it gave me a windows message before loading saying something like "Alert, your power supply is low .. something something" im not sure if that has anything to do with it but yea..) now when i press my power button it flashes like its going to turn on but doesnt just stays off.

Is there anyway i can salvage some of my parts or is everything fried? or is there a way to save my desktop?

A:Power Surge Help

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Hi, i have a 50" plasma t.v./ monitor, and yesterday the video stopped working. the sound still works, but the video doesn't. I called toshiba, and they said it was a power surge, and if i ship it back, they will fix it, but that will cost 300+ dollars. Is their anyway around this?

A:power surge

there's not an easy fix for a tv.. better let the experts deal with it...
Maybe there's a service center nearby your place, could be closer and then you won't need to ship it off...

Is it still under warranty?

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Please help!! And if you CAN help, please be very specific as to what I need to do as I am not technically talented!!

As an fyi ... I'm on Windows XP and email through MS Office Outlook.

My computer was working fine until we suffered 2 power surges within minutes of each other today. The tv, stereo, phone & fax are fine. My computer powers on and the first error message appears:
winlogon.exe - unable to locate component. This application has failed to start because sfc_os.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

Next, I try to go into 1 of 3 email accounts. First error message here:
Unable to open your default email folders. The file c:\documents and settings\diane\local settings\application data\microsoft\outlook\outlook1.pst could not be accessed. Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

2nd email account error message:
unable to open your default email folders. The server is not available. Contact your administrator if this condition persists.

3rd email account - can get onto main page of this account but this message appears:
Norton antivirus was unable to scan your computer for infections b/c a critical error occured during the scan.

When trying to open an email, this is the message we get:
Norton antivirus was unable to scan your email message for infections.

When trying to open an MS Word file through email we get the following message:
Norton Antivirus was unable to scan your computer for infections b/c a critical error oc... Read more

A:power surge

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I don't know if it's related or just a coincidence, but after my computer (OS Windows XP) automatically downloaded Service Pack 2, I keep getting these reminders from the toolbar that I have a power surge on a unknown port; unplug the hardware; and reset. I can't figure out which unknown port they're talking about. I have a monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer, and speakers. The message isn't causing any other problems. I just click on the reset option without unplugging anything, it goes away and then comes back on only when the system has been "sleeping" and I hit "enter" to wake it up. Any suggestions?

A:power surge

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I keep getting the message one of the usb ports has malfunctioned and has exceeded its power limits or something like that. Ive never had a problem up until the past few days and now my usb ports on the top front of my case wont operate unless I reboot. Once i reboot they are fine for a short time; but then the same thing happens all over again. Now, even as much as a computer guy as i am ; this one has me stumped. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the usb hubs, etc and that has done nothing. What should i do here?

A:Usb power surge

nevermind; solved my own problem. It appears I have a bad sync cable for my iphone. And that seems to have been causing the issue for some reason.

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Please do not think this is a dumb question..but---how can you tell if your computer has had a power surge? Is there any way to look at it and tell? can you open up the case and look and tell if the computer has had a power surge?

Appreciate all help.

Thank You

A:Power Surge

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Hi Guys,The PC I was on, just suffered a Power Surge. Any clues what to look at,as the Tower is dead?
Thanks in advance.

A:Power Surge


Do you have anything coming on at all, lights or fans etc?

You may be lucky and just have a dead power supply and hopefully it'll not be a fried motherboard or chip.

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Hey guys, what's up?

My brother has been getting frequent error messages saying the USB Hub has exceeded its limit, dealing with a power surge. This message only came up when he plugged in his gaming controller, and recently, I began getting the same messages. My computer specs are;

Dell Inspiron 6400, Windows XP Pro SP2, 2.16 GHz, 2.00 GB RAM

My USB drives are currently occupied by the following;
1. A Logitech V450 Laser Cordless Mouse
2. A Saitek P2500 Rumble Force Gamepad

Two weeks ago, my brother began experiencing these problems. I, on the other hand, didn't, and used the wireless mouse with the gamepad at the same time, 5 days a week for more or less 2 weeks in duration. Tonight, I received this message for the first time.

After going problem solving, I downloaded a patch that disables the error bubble; however, neither the mouse nor the gamepad work when both are plugged in now.

I fooled around with it a bit, and the mouse works fine without the gamepad plugged in. The gamepad on the other hand doesn't, and disables both USB ports when it is plugged in. I tried plugging in the mouse with my printer/photocopier, and it works as it did last week.

I have read that this can be either a small problem, or one as large as needing to replace the motherboard. Ironically, my Dell warranty just expired (this is roughly the 4th time that something has happened to a desktop/notebook while with Dell where something occurred just after the warranty expired [rum... Read more

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The other night there was a huge thunder storm and my houses electrisity cut out three or four times.

In the morning my pc didnt boot, the fans were spinning but no image appered on the screen. Easy problem to fix right? no image on screen means there isnt enough power for the gfx card. I simply unplugged a few drives and fans and the pc worked fine.

Oddly though, the pc (allthough it works) turns off randomly, also if i try and burn a cd the entire pc almost comes to a halt and after a good few minutes of very slow cd burning gives me a BSOD.

I also get random BSODs if the pc is under load.

I believe this is a simple power supply problem, but all the same, could other components have been damaged?

My PC:
OCZ Modstream 450W PSU 12V @ 26A
Amd64 3400+ S754
Abit NF8-V
1 x 1024MB + 1 x 512MB Crucial CL3 DDR400
Gainward 6800GT 256MB
Maxtor 40gb
Seagate 80gb
1 x LG dvdrom
1 x LG dvdrw

A:power surge crippled my pc

The psu is the most likely culprit but not the only one. If i were you i'd check all the caps on the mobo for doming and/or leakage.

Then i'd unplug all non essentials and see if it runs better like that.

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I wonder if anyone can help.

I have a HP Compaq NX5000 laptop that runs without a fault apart from 1 annoying problem.

I have a 2.5" external HDD with a 60gig HDD installed. Every time I plug it in to the usb port I get the small popup error stating "Power Surge On Hub Port".

Now at first I thought it must just be my HDD pulling to much power but I can plug this into other laptops in the company and never have the problem. Can you suggest any reason for this and any way to rectify it.


A:Power surge on hub port

It may still be the HD drawing too much power. Most 2.5" hard disks ship with a two-headed USB cable to draw power from two USB ports, because the startup power exceeds the limits for one USB connection. I have several 2.5" USB drives, and with some systems, you can just use a single USB connector, others require both to get enough power to run the laptop.

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Hi users,

I am in need of some help. About a week ago, a lightning storm caused a power surge which fried my ethernet modem. After replacing the modem, I still could not get back online using my LAN connection with my Toshiba Satellite laptop. In trying to rule out software issues, I have uninstalled and now reinstalled the network drivers for my LAN connection. At this point, the device manager does not even recognize the LAN network adapters (also, there is no folder labeled "other devices," so I don't think they are even showing up under unrecognized devices). Another relevant piece of information is that my computer becomes extremely hot to the touch in the area just around where the ethernet plug is.

Can I safely conclude that this is a hardware issue, and that the surge has also fried my LAN card? Any suggestions on how I can resolve this (other than moving to wireless ethernet or an ethernet adapter through a USB?

THanks for your advice!

A:Power Surge and now no LAN connection

Update to my original post: I tried unplugging the computer, pulling out the battery, waiting 30 second and then restarting with the BIOS default settings (f2 then f9 on my computer). The computer still does not recognize my network cards.

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I received a new Olympus camera for by birthday. I attempted to plug it into my fujitsu lifebook USB port to retrieve the pictures I had taken when I got an error message stating that my device exceeded the power supply. Now none of my usb ports work. I have nothing plugged into them now or when I plugged the camera into the port. Is there an internal surge protector of USB ports that I can reset? I have checked the device manager and it states that all the ports are working but they are not putting out any power. I tired downloading the drivers but that did not work.

Please help.


A:Power surge on USB port

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Well it started when i heard this weird noise (my pc was off) and the computer light was flashing..weird.. so i unplugged it all
NextDay: when i turned it on the wireless mouse wasn't working so i had to go on guest that the message "Power surge on Hub port, usb exceeded power limits (something like that)" so i unplugged the usb for the keyboard and clicked reset but it kept on coming up, and i can only get on guest account so i don't have administration privileges and i also tried Noneusb keyboard but didn't work

SO: i bought a USB hub and a power surge plug, plugged everything in and when i turned it on it was still making that funny sound, it sounded sort of like the fan so we opened the computer and cleaned the fan and when we turned it on it wasnt going proply but after a bit, it did and then sounded fine when we turned it on BUT it wasn't coming coming on (the light at the front of the computer) even though the sound was =/

Anyone know what the problem could be?
Maybe it's over heated, or blown already?
And does this my hard-drive may be messed up?

Thanks =)
P.S sorry for the bad explanation, Not very computer literate

A:Big Power Surge Problem

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My system, see specs for details, started to popup this error message:

"The usb device exceeded the power limit of its hub port"

Clicking on the message brings up this window:

There are two USB devices plugged in to the computer, keyboard and mouse in the USB 2.0 ports, when the message pops up. The same keyboard and mouse had been used for years without any issues. The Dell keyboard does have two USB ports, but they are not used.

There's nothing to disconnect and selecting the option of "Reset" in the above image does not fix the issue. The keyboard and mouse does work just fine during the reset. While the eSATA should have no relation to this issue, disconnecting the eSATA external drive did not fixed the issue either.

Since the issue does not relate to and actual device, it seems that the motherboard's power delivery (capacitors?) could be the reason for the error message. Is there a way to check this power delivery?

A:Power surge on USB hub port...

I would check first with another keyboard and mouse. One of the present ones may have started drawing more power than normal. Quite possible.

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I have windows xp that came with computer. I had a power surge(had surge protector). On start up, a blue screen flashes but does not stay on long enough to read. It then goes to a screen that has choices of safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, known last good configuration, or start normally. I have tried every one of the choices but it just comes back to the same screen. What do you think is the problem? Does anyone have an idea how to bypass this screen to fix whatever's the problem? Thanks, also I am a beginner when it comes to computers.

A:Can't Get Into Computer after Power Surge

it seems like a file has become corrupt. describe what happened when you had this power surge. did the computer shut down?

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Hello all,  I have a user who is using a E470 thinkpad and he is constantly getting the error "Power surge on the USB". I have never had  this problem with any other laptop that I have worked on. I have tried every solution I could fine online ... which was not many. The following is what I have done so far.  1. Uninstalled all the USB drivers and reinstalled / scanned for hardware changes. 2. Updated BIOS & Firmware through the Lenovo software update program.3. Running hardware scan through lenovo vantage ... at this point is just stress testing major components so I doubt this will help.  There are no USB devices or wireless dongles plugged into the laptop. Yet the error message is constantly appearing while in use. If anyone has any insight with whats going on please share.  Thank you in advance! 

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Hi everyone!

I got a situation with my friend's PC that I've taken in to take a look at.

He says that one day there was a huge power surge and when he attempted to power on his PC, it basically just emitted one long, two short beeps.

I took the PC from him and since there was no video output what-so-ever, I decided to swap the video. I also looked at a handy little beep codes guide from these forums that also confirmed this.

Upon putting in an older (known working) video card, the PC booted. It went into Windows just fine. While in Windows, out of nowhere the computer would hard freeze. Nothing works when it would do it. No ctrl alt del. nothing. The computer was virused out beyond all belief so I decided to just do a clean install of WinXP.

The install goes fine until after the GUI portion of the setup, it hits a black screen and sits there completely frozen with an hour glass. It may possibly by the part where it auto-adjusts the display.

Could this possibly be because the video card I thought worked fine is bad? Or could it be possibly the surge annihilated more than the video? MB?
Edit: update to above information

Since it got past the GUI portion of the setup. I decided to just boot from C: and hope everything would still work. I unplugged everything and brought it down to bare bones. It booted into Windows but hard locked after about 15 seconds of a clean install.

I decided to pull a stick of RAM out and use memtest86... Read more

A:Computer after power surge

Try another power supply, and try clearing the Motherboard CMOS by removing the CMOS battery or by using the CMOS jumper method... The motherboard may be damaged

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Hi guys,

Recently bought a cheapo USB cable for my Nokia phone - through Ebay... (Not a proper Nokia cable)

Plugged into computer, then plugged into my phone to download. Wouldn't work.

My sister had the proper Nokia cable so she bought it over to try on my computer, but since then, my USB outlets/plugs don't work, and a little pop up comes up on the bottom right hand corner of my screen saying "Power Surge on Hub Port - A USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message"

I can't click on the messgae because the mouse doesn't work when this pop up appears!

Does anyone have any idea on what I can do?

I have two beautiful babies that I take load of pictures of, and I use the USB port to download the pictures onto the computer - but I can't now and I'm very upset!

There are two USB outlets at the back of the computer and two at the front....but none of them work...

A:Power surge on HUB port for USB

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Recently I started getting the Power Surge on the USB Port message popping up whenever coming out of sleep mode and usually on reboots.  I have uninstalled, re-installed the USB ports and it is still happening.  Both USB 3.0 and the 2.0 seem to be working fine.  Is this a motherboard issue or is there another resolution?

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Hi All,

I wonder if anyone can help.

I have a Toshiba Equium A60 Model PSA67E-00200D87 and every time I put my T Mobile USB stick 120 (ZTE Model Number MF626) into any USB port Windows XP reports an error saying that i have a power surge on the USB Port.

I'm running Windows XP SP3 and all the updates are up to date.
I can run other USB devices on the laptop and it doesnt report any errors.
The Laptop is up to date with the most current BIOS and drivers from Toshiba.

Does anyone have any ideas please ?

Thanks In Advance


A:Power surge on USB port

It's possible that your USB stick is the thing with the problem - possibly a short circuit or something else. (I've had that problem before, and it's usually turned out to be the thing being plugged in that's the problem.) Have you tried another USB mobile broadband stick to see if it does the same thing?

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If anyone could help??I Connected my dsl modem to my pc via usb and modem burned down..and my pc wont turn on.It has no power at all.And modem made a weird noise(like "puff").I'm hoping it might only be my power supply,but since it was no surge from outside source( like lightning) i'm concerned that something else burned down???Please help!!!What might have caused it and how to fix it???Thanks

A:Power Surge problem??? PLZ HELP!

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Hi when I plug in my Razr V3 cell phone to my pc, I get the "Power Surge on Hub port" message and the USB ports shut down till I unplug the phone. However, I was able to bypass this error and get my USB phone to work when a computer guru let me borrow this special USB cable that had one end that connected to the phone, but the other end had 2 USB plugs that simultaneously connected to 2 of my USB ports instead of one. I was told that this way, the power supply demands of my phone were split and shared betwen the 2 port. Now I'm trying to buy one of these special USB cables but I don't know what it's called. Would really appreciate your help.


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hi everyone,
these are my Motherboard Properties
Motherboard ID 12/25/2003-i865PE-6A79ZG0GC-00
Motherboard Name Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000(-L) v2.0

Front Side Bus Properties
Bus Type Intel NetBurst
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 200 MHz (QDR)
Effective Clock 800 MHz
Bandwidth 6400 MB/s

Memory Bus Properties
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 133 MHz (DDR)
Effective Clock 267 MHz
Bandwidth 2133 MB/s

Chipset Bus Properties
Bus Type Intel Hub Interface
Bus Width 8-bit
Real Clock 67 MHz (QDR)
Effective Clock 267 MHz
Bandwidth 267 MB/s

Motherboard Physical Info
CPU Sockets/Slots 1
Expansion Slots 5 PCI, 1 AGP
RAM Slots 4 DIMM
Integrated Devices Audio
Form Factor ATX
Motherboard Size 230 mm x 300 mm
Motherboard Chipset i865PE
Extra Features CPU Intelligent Accelerator, EasyTune 4

Motherboard Manufacturer
Company Name Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
Product Information http://tw.giga-byte.com/MotherBoard/Products/Products_NewProduct_List.htm
BIOS Download http://tw.giga-byte.com/Motherboard/Support/BIOS/BIOS_List.htm

and it's been a week or so that i'm getting this message:
Power Surge On Hub Port
A USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port.
For assistance in solving this problem, click this message.

when i click the message i get another message which i attached to this post.
now, there's no device connected to a usb port on my pc which makes the whole thing ever more weird. also, i do... Read more

A:power surge on hub port

Looks like something is bad then.. Maybe the USB controller or the wiring for the front panel USB connections.

Are you sure you have no actual USB devices? Things like memory card readers are somethimes wired to USB inside the computer.

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Hi all,
I just purchased a new M.2 512GB SM951 Samsung SSD drive to replace my existing SSD (256GB) in my XPS 9550.
So I wanted to clone my existing hard drive so I purchased an M.2 USB 3.0 enclosure.  Every time I connect it I get the error message "USB Power Surge on Port - USB needs more power" - or something to that effect.I tried purchasing a USB 3.0 Splitter cable so had it plugged into two USB sockets - that didn't work.  I then purchased a powered USB hub - that didn't work either!!!So i'm at a bit of a loss here??
I tried uninstalling the USB drivers, and restarting the system like some suggestions on the web but no luck.
So I'm all out of ideas here!! 
Can anyone make a suggestion because i'm all out of ideas and this is driving me nuts!!
Thanks !!!

A:New M.2 SSD Drive - USB Power Surge

The issue in both cases here is that you're trying to use an M.2 NVMe SSD in an adapter that only supports M.2 SATA SSDs.  To my knowledge there are no adapters that will convert NVMe to USB, probably because the performance penalty of doing that would be extremely high, so the only people for whom such an adapter would be useful would be those doing migrations like this (and data recovery outside of another system), but that might not be a large enough market to justify developing such a product, or the existing market wouldn't be large enough at the price that this product would need to have.You'd have to capture an image of your existing SSD to a file somewhere (some other external hard drive, or a flash drive if you have one that's large enough), swap the drive, then boot into your imaging solution's recovery environment, and restore the image to the new one.  Macrium Reflect Free is a popular tool for this purpose.

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My problem is similar to some of the others listed here but slightly different. I am using a Sony Vaio laptop with Windows XP. I needed extra space for usb connections so bought a powered usb hub (I'd previously tried one without a power supply but nothing worked so the shop told me I needed a powered one) to use my wireless internet adapter and memory stick mainly. However, when I have it all set up and am busy using the internet etc, every couple of hours the internet/anything plugged into the hub stops working and a bubble message pops up:

Power Surge in hub port
A USB device has exceeded the power limits of it's hub port. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message.
If I click on the message before it disappears, it says:

A USB device has malfunctioned and exceeded the power limits of it's hub port. You should disconnect the device

The location of the device is shown in bold type .

-> USB Root Hub (4 ports)
-Unused Port
-Unused Port
?Unknown USB Device
?Unknown USB Device
To renable the port, disconnect the hardware and click RESET. If you click Close, the port will no longer function.

If I disconnect then click reset, it starts working again, but the same thing tends to happen a couple of hours later if i'm still working. If I dont click on the bubble in time then the usb port that the hub was in stops working completely, cant even get my usb mouse to work in it.

I have resorted to doing a system ... Read more

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Yesterday, I connected a Mobile Broadband device for the first time to my Windows XP Desktop. As soon as I inserted the device to the USB port it flashed "Power surge on hub port. A USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port".

I reset that USB port and after that the Mobile broadband device stopped working. If any one can help in this regard.

Thanks in advance


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I want to up load photo from digital camara to my compu.When i connect
usb cable , this message comes on...a Usb device has exieeded the power
limits of its hub port.

A:power surge on hub port

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