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Looking For A Moving Average Program

Q: Looking For A Moving Average Program

First, I wanted to say hello to the forum. I am new, and I'm looking forward to participating in here.
I have posted this in other forums in the past with no luck. I have also spent a fair amount of time changing up keywords while doing google searches, with no luck either.
What I'm looking for is really just a basic Moving Average program. I want a program where I can imput numbers on a daily basis, which will give me a running / moving average. IE: If I put ten numbers in, I'll get the average for all ten numbers. As I include additional numbers, the average should then change. I don't want to run Excel or anything like that, so I'm hoping there's something out there that I'm missing.
I'm looking for something that will give me the average times of my daily runs. I am aware that there are dozens of them out there for Smart Phones, but I need one for a Desktop.
Any help is VERY much appreciated, as I have looked and looked to no avail.

Preferred Solution: Looking For A Moving Average Program

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Looking For A Moving Average Program

I did some Googling. I don't have any experience with this software and I don't know if this is what you were looking for. I am not sure if it calculates moving averages.
It supports up to Windows 8. Not sure about Windows 10. You need to have .Net Framework installed if you use XP. $35
 I could not find anything that will calculate a moving average other than a spreadsheet. There are free ones out there and setting up the formula is not difficult. 

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Hi and thanks for taking the time to review my question.

I have been in search of some form of freeware that tracks a moving average. What I'm specifically looking for is either freeware, or perhaps even a website, where I can input times (IE: 19:31) on a daily basis, and get a 'moving' average of the inputted times.

I have looked and looked, and thus far I have not been able to locate any. I'm not looking for an app for a mobile device, but rather some software to run with WinXP Home SP3. I understand that Excel offers this, however I don't have that installed, so that's not an option for me.

If anybody knows of a program that might offer this, that would be great. I do run Firefox v.39.03, so perhaps there's even an add-on that I have been missing. (??)

Thanks again.


I should add that I have seem many sites that offer this, however I'm looking for something that keeps track of my previous entries. The websites that I've come across allow you to input the numbers for an average, but once you leave the site all of the information is deleted.

A:Looking For Moving Average Software (or site)

I have no knowledge of such software however if excel will do it then this should help you

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I have a Inspirion 15 5558,with i7, 8GB ram,1TB HDD,My average To reach the login screen was around 45 secs.
I was facing LCD issues, the technician came over and checked the LCD and pasted some stickers on i it so that it can be repaired later.
I found that its taking more than 4 minutes to reach the login screen.
When i contacted the technician he said it was an OS problem and that i should downgrade to 8 or 8.1
so if everyone can comment about their boot time it would be helpful in determining the problem.

Thank you 

A:What is the average boot time/average time to reach the login screen of Inspirion 15 5558 Win 10?

" I found that its taking more than 4 minutes to reach the login screen ".

I like to suggest you launch "Startup Repair" in Advanced Startup:
A) Type settings in the (Cortana) search bar, Update & Security, and then Recovery
B) Click Advanced Startup, and then " Restart Now "
C) Troubleshoot, Advanced Options, and then Startup Repairs

I also like to suggest you check Startup in Task Manager.Please disable some of the programs that you don't want running in your startup.
A) Type Task Manager
B) Click Startup

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I have installed Cakewalk Music Creator on my 'C' drive. a program I downloaded from 'Steam' a Sony store/site. Anyway, My files have become rather cumbersome and I would like to move the program to a newly installed larger drive. Is this a simple process like cut and paste or do I have to do a reinstall and can I preserve my current files?? Sony/Roland/Cakewalk is not a lot of help other than utilization of the program. ...but...There aint nuthin you guys don't know how to do, So once again I turn to the best. Thanks in advance to any feedback. Using Windows7 home premium 64bit OS.

A:Moving an program?

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I need to move a program from my HD to an external HD. I thought I knew how, but I only moved a short cut.
Any help would be greatly appreciated !!

A:Moving a Program

I requested a moderator to move your thread to a forum that discusses your issue.
This is the debate forum, mostly for political bickering

BTW....welcome to TSG

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I really need help. I have 2 windows xp computers. One has Adobe After Effects CS4 and i would like to move it to the other computer. I do not have the installation disk. Is there any way to transfer the program?

A:Moving a Program To Another Computer

No, it cannot be done.
It must be installed from the original disc or original install files.

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I originally set up XP Pro with a striped drive. For various reasons, I now want to remove the striped drive.

The striped drive (my drive D: ) contains both data files and program files (in a directory entitled "Program Files.")

It's easy to move the data on the striped drive to my new HD. Program files might be another story...that's where I need help.

Can I simply move the various directories containing the program files from D:\Program Files\ to C:\Program Files\, changing the Shortcut property of the links on my desktop, in the start menu, etc. to reflect the new location of the program files? I tried it with an unimportant app I had downloaded from the Net, but hesitate to do the same with Office 2003, QuickBooks, etc. I fear I might get into some huge Registry-Editing task, or be forced to reinstall two dozen apps, thus losing all the multiple security updates, patches, etc. I've installed over the last 2 years!

Or is there some part of XP Pro or program out there that will automate the process, being sure to update the registry, shortcuts, etc. as to the new location of my vital program files?



A:Moving Program Files in XP Pro

As far as I know, only re-installing the programs will work.

Otherwise all registry links would need adjusting and there is just no way to identify the 100's involved.

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Last night we purchased a new pc with Win 7 loaded. We have an old and dying XP. It has been backed up using the Win backup facility to an external hard drive (assesories/system/backup). I imagine that restoring the data files will not be a big problem, but: She does not have all the original "program" CD's.

It is a home pc and NOT networked. I read that a parallel cable could be attached between the two pc's and then programs "transferred" in this manner.

Is there another way?

If a parallel cable (get one at computer store?) is needed, then what is the procedure?

A:Moving program files from XP to new Win 7 pc

Take a look here:

Windows Easy Transfer - Transfer To & From Computers

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I have decided that it is time to move on from XP. I have found it very reliable over a number of years but an increasing number of companies are no longer including support for products running on XP.
Mainly for economic reasons I have only moved up to Windows 7 but I have received a number of nasty shocks mainly due to the fact that the replacement computer is 64 bit and none of my old familiar programs will run. (I intend to make a new post on that score later). This problem is one within Win 7 itself. For various reasons I prefer to keep my programs on a different partition from the operating system but when I try to move a program folder from C: to another partition The computer tells me that the operation is not allowed as the program is in use.
How can I get round this difficulty?

A:moving program folders

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Hi people basically, I want to move my folder "Program Files", to a different partition on my hard drive. BUT I also want these programs to be working as normal after they have been used. I would like to move these without reinstalling them if possible and use this as a Very last resort. Does anybody have any suggestions??

A:Moving Program Files

There isn't any easy way to do that, and I wouldn't recommended it if you are not familiar with the registry, you may want to read this:
....you need also better registry editor which serves massive keys changing.You have to correct all paths not only for CommonFilesDir and ProgramFilesDir otherwise many system functions and applications will stop work - I used RegAlyzer to do that,although manulaly correct path in build-in system regedit is also necessary because I don't know why automatons can't detect all incorrect paths in registry.Please also note to correct paths for some keys changing permissions is required as well
For Windows 7 if you don't fix all paths in registry then you crash UAC and practically you loose a part of admin rights even in safe mode,neglect other errors.So this procedure is only for experts.Moving Users and ProgramData is more dangerous...
How to move Program Files to new partition? - Vista Forums

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I need to move programs from my C drive to my D drive in order to free up space. I have an XP operating system.
Thank You

A:Moving Program files

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is it possible to move the program files from my server c:\ drive to a newer hard drive? what would be involved in this? i need to replace the original c drive with one that isn't corrupted and worn out.

A:moving nt program files

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I'm looking for a program that will allow me to move windows to a specified location. This should be a command-line program that accepts a program/window name and the destination coordinates.

Does such a thing exist?

A:Program for moving windows

What specifically do you mean by "specified location"? Windows is not a single file but a collection of folders and files -- and you can't just "move" it to another folder on the same partition or on another drive.

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I've recently reformatted my hard drive and set up a fresh installation of Windows XP. Before installation I repartitioned my drive so I have one logical drive for windows to boot from, another dive (P:) for all my applications, and F: (Fun n Games )

Now I want to configure the 'Program Files' Folder Path to be 'P:\' instead of 'C:\Program Files\'.

1. How can I do this?
2. Should I move everything already in c:\program files\ to the new location? (i.e. 'Common Files', 'Java', 'Outlook Express' etc.)

A:Moving the 'Program Files' folder.

Definitely don't do number 2. That will probably just corrupt your programs. Leave the ones that are already in Program Files there; there is no easy way to move them (esp. Common Files, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer). The programs that you have installed you cacn specify where you ant to install them. As to changing the default location, there is probably a way but I don't know off hand.

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I now realise i should of hit custom install, and installed it on another drive, is it to late to move them, the only things in there are what were installed by microsoft.

A:Moving program files to a different drive.

Have you backed up the entire HD?
It's recommended to alway backup before an installation.

You can't move the operating system to another HD, best way is to delete it during the re-installation.

Start your install again, use this tutorial: Clean Installation with Windows 7

When you get to steps 7 & 8, format the drive you put the last install on, then format the drive you want to put the new install on. Then proceed with the tutorial.

Let us know how it goes.

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Hi all,

I'm soon to be installing RC1, and I was thinking of abandoning my raid array and using the two discs thus:

Disc 1 ( ; system and page file

Disc 2 ; Programmes

I had my other discs organised thus:

Disc 3 ; my user's disc

Disc 4 ; My partner's users disc

Disc 5 ; storage / backup / and music stuff.

My question is this, how does one change the location of the programs folder so that it would read:

D:\programs instead of C:\programs?

Many thanks in advance

A:Moving the location of the program folder

Hi saverio, sorry for the late reply.

You might wan to read Need advice-I think I made C: partition too small! to see if anything helps.

I've not personally tried the registry hack but if you are clean installing then there may be a good many people interested in your results

Hope this helps


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I'm new to this forum and new to what I'm trying to do. I need to know how to copy
a program from one xp computer to another. The program has customer info in it.
How do I transfer all the data from one computer to another without losing any
information? I'm a beginner, so please explain in "English" (LOL).

Many thanks,

A:Moving a program and data to another computer

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I am about to back up Before upgrading to Win 7. If i move the whole program file to an external HDD And then move it back after i upgrade Would I still have to reinstall the program?

A:[SOLVED] Program file moving


Programs must be re-installed. The app's installation writes output to various locations within the system - including the NT Registry. These output files have security descriptors associated with them (file permission settings).

The only files that can be moved are those usually found in the user profile folders - Docs, Music, Pics, etc. ..

Windows Easy Transfer --> http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/w...-easy-transfer

Regards. . .



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Hello, Bleeping Computer.
My computer has two drives:
C: drive is a 64gig Solid State Drive.  The intent is for this to be the boot drive.
E: drive is a 1TB Solid State Drive.  This is meant to be the storage drive for everything else. 
C: drive is consistently getting nearly full.  Once in a while I can trim it down a bit using disc cleanup utilities (cautiously, of course.  I heard that disc defragmentation software can wreak some havoc on these things).  The bulk of the drive's capacity comes from the  Windows and Program Files drives.
These are the folders in C: and their capacities:
Expat Shield - 4.00 KB on disc
inetpub - 952 KB on disc
Intel - 1.07 MB on disc
NVIDIA - 225 MB on disc
PerfLogs - 0 
Program Files - 3.21 GB on disc
Program Files (x86) - 15.3 GB on disc
temp - 0
Users - 5.09 GB on disc
Windows - 29.7 GB on disc
Would it be safe to relocated the Program Files (x86) to E:?  Would the two files merge?  What can I do to minimize information loss if I merge the files?  Is there another alternative to free up space?  The ideal function of C: is to only contain what is necessary to run the OS. 

A:Moving Program Files to another Drive

You cannot put program files anywhere but C: with Windows... doesn't work.
If you are running hibernation you can turn that off and delete hyberfil.sys, which will clear up a load of free space.
Make sure you have nothing on your desktop, and change you folder path of my documents, download etc. onto your E: drive. (move the current files over too) That will help a bit.
TFC is a great cleanup tool, finds a lot of other stuff other file dumpers don't.
I'm sure some other members have other suggestions on how to free up some drive space.

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Hello - I did a few searches regarding this topic and came up with nothing :C

I'd like to know how to go about moving and renaming program directories properly, so that all shortcuts, registry entries and so on are all updated.

An example of what I would like to do is rename my Adobe directory (simply named "Adobe" [which houses folders for Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, so on and so forth]) into "Adobe Creative Suite."

As for moving directories, I'd like to find out how to take folders dumped into "My Documents" by programs (like most computer games) and redirect them to the program's directory. An example of which is taking the "My Games\Oblivion" folder and taking it from My Documents and dropping it into the game's directory.

Any help is appreciated.

A:Moving/Rename Program Directories?

Renaming or moving directories that are already created and being used is a bad idea. It would create too many complications.

Your best option would be to uninstall your current program, then do a "custom" reinstall, whereas you'd tell the computer where to install it and modify the folder name.

As for moving "special folders", you should download Tweak UI:


download > install > open > exand My Computer > Special Folders > I see things like My Pictures and My Music listed there, but I don't see My Games.

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Right now my C:\drive is 99.9% full. Is there a way I can move/redirect the Appdata and Program Data folder to my E:\Drive? I made an mklink years ago for something else, but I honestly forgot how I did it.


A:Moving App/Program Data via MKlink

Is this the command your looking for

mklink /d C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Local D:\AppData\Local

Move all the hidden files and folders and sub folders from C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Local to

D:\AppData\Local directory

Test it and if all is good ``Move`` the one on C: for safe keeping.

Here`s a full guide Complete Guide to Symbolic Links (symlinks) on Windows

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I apologize if this is the wrong forum. There doesn't seem to find a forum for discussing general software.

I was wondering what password remembering programs, and software to move programs from one computer to another, people would recommend

Right now I'm using a program called Aha Password Manager. http://ahapassword.com/. Where you can set one password to enter the program and make an entry for each password for web-based things (I have mostly message board ID's and passwords in it.

I used to use it by double clicking a password entry in it and it taking me to the page, where I could then input the user name with Ctrl-1 and then the password Ctrl-2 but I ran into problems with this a lot of weird things start happening. When I click icons on my desktop it selects multiple ones as a click them, even though I'm not control-clicking. I also can not pull up web browser windows and can't type in text fields on web sites. I still use it to store passwords, but I don't have to open firefox and go to the website for me, so I can use those 2 keyboard shortcuts. I also have firefox remember some passwords for me? Is there any danger in this?

Finally, I'm wondering if there's any sort of freeware for moving programs from one computer to another. I bought a program once called PC relocator, who's only option was to move every program from one computer to another, there was another version you could an upgrade to which would allow you to selectively choose programs to move... Read more

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I have a HP Pavilion running xp home edition sp2 with a 40GB hdd. The c: drive is declared at size 33.1GB due to the HP recovery partition.
On the c: drive the largest folder by far is Program Files at 19.3 GB due to a subfolder Microsoft Games 17.2GB containing Flight Simulator 9 14.1GB.

I would like to fit a second drive and move the folder Program Files on to it to free the space on c: to let the ststem run more freely. Can it be done without having to reinstall everything?

A:Moving Program Files Folder

Can it be done without having to reinstall everything?Click to expand...

No, because of each of the program's relevant registry entries will need changing to reflect the new location, one hell of a manual job that is to the point of being quite simply impossible.

You would be better to create a folder on the 2nd hard dive call it MY Programs (or whatever you like) then whenever you install a program select the custom install options and install the program to the folder on the 2nd hard drive.
You can tweak the registry so that any applications you install from now on will be installed on the 2nd drive
change the Data of this String Value ProgramFilesDir from C:\Program Files to the path of the folder on the new drive where you wish the programs to be installed to
See here for info - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/933700

If you want to make some space on C then uninstall any apps and re-install them on 2nd drive.

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I have space issues on my internal drive and want to move my pictures and the software (Canon ZoomBrowser EX) from my internal drive to my external drive. Is there anyway to easily do this so I don't lose any photos and all will auto download to external drive folder in the future?

A:Moving picture program to external drive

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I came across this great video where it tutorials you on how to install your OS on your SSD and move your user and program files to HDD. I'd like to get some input if this is a good idea to do to your computer (reduces your write speed on SSD making your ssd last longer since the write speed is finite).

Here's the source of the video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Unm3VMTMZu4

you can skip to 5:30 if you want but from 0:00 to 5:30, just explains what he's going to do, making sure you install the OS to the SSD to get the partition files which is important, and whatnot.

It seems like a easy thing to do given that I just have to copy and paste the entire "commands" he wrote down on the description. Then edit the registry and do some other stuff.

Is the tutorial on youtube better than the one Lightning posted on this group and are there actually files being saved on your SSD drive? cos you look in your program files or user files and then you see all the files. is that on the hdd right (if done correctly)?
source link to tutorial on sevenforums - SSD Tweaks and Optimizations in Windows 7

It has been asked what other little things can be done to squeeze a litle more performance from Windows 7 on our SSD drives... One thing that helps maintain performance on an SSD is the percentage of free space available to the SSD controller to execute 'wear leveling'. Basically, spreading out the load to the least used empty memory cells.
In ... Read more

A:Installing OS to SSD, moving users and program files to HDD?

There is no link to a video in your post.

What about this advice in your other thread,

Quote: Originally Posted by Brink

Quote: Originally Posted by WindowsOP

Quote: Originally Posted by bigmck

Put your OS and Programs on the SSD. Your Documents, Music, etc can go on the HDD. This will make your programs open faster being on the SSD. You will have plenty of room. Windows 7 only takes about 30 GB.

To do this, do I change the user folder default location to the HDD drive?

All the folders in the User folder right?

User Folders - Change Default Location


If you like, I would recommend to do what's in the yellow tip box at the top of the tutorial instead of actually moving all the user folders in your user profile folder to the HDD.

It'll be easier and safer to do.

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Nobody is replying to my question in Seven Forums, I just need to know right away. Here it goes:

I am running a Win 7 OS on an SSD and I have some programs installed on a different hard drive. And I want to move this program files folder on the same hard drive but different partition. Is it possible to do this without breaking the program links? If so, can anyone please tell me how? Thanks.

A:Moving Program Files folder to another partition

I am not sure I understand you completely. What do you mean by: Same drive F but different partition ?

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Just partitioned my disk -- now have a new space just for programs. I'm copying all the files from C: to the new location E:

Will the programs still function (since the paths will be different now)? Do I need to change anything? If so, what is the easiest way?


A:Moving program files to another location XP Home

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I am new here and would like some advice with moving the Users and Program Files directories on a clean installation of Windows 7 Ultimate.

My computer has a 60Gb SATA2 Solid State Drive which I am installing the OS and I have 2 640Gb SATA3 hard drives, one of which I want to use for both users, program files and program files (x86).

I have read and tried many different approaches and I would prefer using a 'symlink' to achieve this rather than any registry hacks, as I have read that a symlink has fewer side effects.

I would appreciate if anyone could provide me with any help on this.

If it is any help my OS drive letter is 'C' and the location I want to move the folders to is 'Z'. In system recovery mode the drive letters are 'F' and 'C' respectively.

Thank you all for you time.
I look forward to hearing fro you.


A:Moving Users and Program Files Directories

Hello rezurrection, welcome to Seven Forums!

Once programs/apps are installed they cannot be moved, if you want to install the prog/apps to another location then create another folder on the target HDD to install them to; you cannot move the Program Files / Program Files (x86) folders as it will cause instability.

You can move your user files, have a look at this tutorial at the link below.

User Folders - Change Default Location

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Everyone, Peace Be Upon U

I have this weird problem whenever i want to move a program pinned to taskbar let's say to the left the order of all programs that pinned to taskbar is changing, See the example below:
1 2 3 4 5 (each number represent a program pinned to taskbar)
Let's assume 1 is the program to be re-moved, when i re-move 1 to 3 it became like this:
3 1 2 5 4
I hope that i explained the problem well

My Best Regards

A:Odd Problem When Re-Moving a Program Pinned to Taskbar

Hello Gilgamesh,

You should be able to drag and drop a pinned icon on the taskbar left or right in any order within the other pinned icons.

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i am using WinMX file sharing program (which i downloaded online) for sharing music online.

i use win xp where you can have multiple users on my pc. i want the other user to be able to use winmx on his side. how can i get winmx on his side or do i have to download it to his side? some programs that you download automatically put an icon on the other users side. winmx did not do that.

A:Moving File Sharing Program to other User


You may need to install a seperate version on his desktop. Is this the 3.1 version?


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Doing some searching to solve my problem ran across Bleeping Computer - looks like a great resource.  This is my first post here. 
I am using software called Tenant Pro 7 (TP7) on W7 home premium system.  It has an SSD C drive (shows 167 GB capacity) that was installed February 2013.  TP7 is a property management program - the data file is an .mdb type - Microsoft Data Base same as MS Access (I believe).   The software is no longer supported.  In the past each new install was unlocked by a call to the company and they would generate an unlocking code for that installation.  The company either closed and sold user information to a cloud based service or re-formed as a cloud based company.  The fees charged for cloud based management software do not work for the small number of units I manage. 
I have a trial version of an optional program that fits cost wise, but not very inspiring in terms of usability.  So here is my question(s).  While reading about EaseUs transfer software there was an implication that locked software could be moved to another computer and perhaps work - any possibility of that? 
Thank you,

A:installing or moving locked program that is no longer supported

Bleeping Computer > Forum Rules and Posting Guidelines
o No subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures


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So it seems Sysprep no longer works when you upgrade to 8.1

So you can't move the program files or users folders in accordance with the tutorial.

So has anyone here figured out how to do it yet? or know of a tutorial that does work?


A:Windows 8.1 and Sysprep or moving users/program files

Even worse, sysprep failed to reboot in audit mode in Win8Pro, so I can't move users back to C: and upgrade to 8.1
Unless there is a manual way to move it back to C:. I would think there is. Anyone have any ideas?
Otherwise I reinstall Win8 Pro, buy a new MCE upgrade, upgrade to 8.1. Then spend the next week or so rebuilding my dev and gaming environment.

Internal recommendations are to keep users on C:, but open the Properties on the Documents/Music/Photos/Video folders and point them to a Users folder on another drive. I was told that was a supported format for upgrades and patches.
Also, be aware that the Libraries folders are no longer visible by default in Explorer. View-Options to turn them back on.

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I have a 1999 version of turbocadv6 [I'm the registered user]
I need to use it on my lap top, unfortunatly the original disc burned to the ground along w/my office.
any suggestions of how to get it off my winxp hpa710e to my gaterway laptop.
When I look @ the programs on the c drive I only see the installation files.
I would be happy to use it across my LAN. I like to sit on my back porch & work!
IMSEturbocad, won't support such an old version, they'd prefer I buy v14.


A:Solved: moving a protected out of date program w/out the disc

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Hey all,

First of all, been around the forums a few days, but just registered last night and this will be my first post.

About a week or so ago, I decided to upgrade my PC to Windows Vista. I gave it awhile, mostly didn't want to deal with an upgrade and all that. System has been fine on XP for years...why mess with it. But having gotten a new video card, I just wanted to be current on my OS again. As it turns out, I like Vista alot and have had little to no trouble with it. If you look at my system config, nothing is more than a year old at most, so my computer, at least for my needs is still "current."

Having tried and like Vista 32bit (Home Premium) I have decided to take the next step into 64bit and that's why I am here. My system is 64 bit compatible, so I figure it's time to take full advantage of it. I have important apps I use for school for 3D that have 64bit versions I've been wanting to try, and I have 2 Gigs of RAM coming today which will make my total 4 and 64bit is the only way I can utilize it all!

I'll probably be doing the format install sometime tonight, which finally brings me to why I posted. In my research of Vista 64, I have read some blurbs about it giving youo 2 program files, Program Files and Program Files x86 (Or something.) I've also read that in some cases it can be important to make sure you install a certain program to the right one. My system has 3 physical Hard drive, that I partitioned in several total for storage, windows,... Read more

A:Moving to Vista 64, questions about Program File Directories

Basically, your Programs folder is 64 bit apps, your programs x86 is your 32 bit apps. I run a few 64 bit 3D apps as well.. Maya, POVRAY, a few other lighting and rendering apps so utilizing as much ram as possible was a deciding factor for me..( next motherboard will be 16GB capable!!) LOL placement can be an issue but very rarely as Vista seems to do a good job of putting things where they belong.. although.. I did have to create another programs folder for POVRAY, it needs to re-write to the INI files as it renders and Vista tries to protect itself from outside intrusion by not letting the programs files be written to or changed?? ( this is how it was explained to me in a raytracing forum..) I did as they said and its working fine. Welcome to 64 bit!! The gurus here will advise you on how to set up and the best ways to keep things working..

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I am currently building a new computer and looking at getting two Disk's.

1TB for C:/

and then was looking at mounting another 1TB as C:/Program Files, I don't want to change the folder location or anything, just want to mount the Second Disk as a Folder so Windows knows no difference.

I've looked around and people have said how to make C:/Program Files "redirect" for example D:/Program Files However I want to use the Inbuilt Function in Windows 7 when managing hard drives to mount as a folder and not assign a drive letter.

I'm just not sure how I would copy the current Program Files Content's over.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


A:Moving Program File's location to Seperate Disk

I know this isn't what you asked, but you sure you need a 1 TB folder? Having 1TB on C drive should cover everything. You could make a new folder on the other disk and call it whatever you want, have the index index it, and be able to quickly type the folder's name or its contents in the start menu search, and have it instantly appear, so you don't HAVE to make a HD into a single folder on C drive.

Having a 1TB folder drive on a 1TB HD seems like a giant waste

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I found a way to get my list of programs on to the tool/task bar. From there I dragged one of the programs to the desktop thinking it would just create a shortcut. It didn't. It took the program off the dropdown list and put it on the desktop. I can't find a way to put it back in the drop down list of programs. I realize it's not earth shattering but it is definitely a huge annoyance to me since I want to have a 'shortcut' on both the programs drop down list and on the desk top. I'm sure it's probably a very simple thing but....


A:Moving Program Icon from Desktop Back To Programs List

Try right-clicking and dragging/dropping onto the list.

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I do not work much with windows, but I do a lot of work in different distros of bsd and linux.

What I want to do is 'ln -sf c:\program files g:\program files' that is how I would symbolic link the folder in linux, but I can not figure out how to do this in windows.

I need this done so after the folder is moved to a new drive/partition all the Start Menu links still work, and also the short cuts.


A:Sym Link: Moving C:\Program Files\ to G:\Program Files\

not sure if this will work, but how about just creating a shortcut of the C:\folder on the G:\ , or vice versa..

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The Downloads folder by default is at C:\Users\User-Name\Downloads

I have another hard disk D:\ that I use it to save data files only and I would like to move the Downloads folder to the D:\Downloads

I will follow http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/18629-user-folders-change-default-location.html to move the Downloads folder.

Many programs (e.g. internet browser) "save files"/"download location" by default will point to C:\Users\User-Name\Downloads

Q1) After I have moved I have moved to D:\Downloads, will the programs "save files"/"download location" automatically point to the new location D:\Downloads ?

Q2) If the programs "save files"/"download location" is still pointing to C:\Users\User-Name\Downloads, will the programs still save downloads to C:\Users\User-Name\Downloads ?

Q3) Do I need to manually go through each program settings to change the "save files"/"download location" to D:\Downloads ?


A:Will moving Downloads folder change program default save location

It won't normally change the location that individual programs save their data files.
The download location is a setting in your browser and is NOT system wide. You could have IExplorer downloading to one location and another browser downloading somewhere else.

If you want the programs to change, you will have to change each one .

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The Downloads folder by default is at C:\Users\User-Name\Downloads

I have another hard disk D:\ that I use it to save data files only and I would like to move the Downloads folder to the D:\Downloads

I will follow User Folders - Change Default Location to move the Downloads folder.

Many programs (e.g. internet browser) "save files"/"download location" by default is pointing to C:\Users\User-Name\Downloads

Q1) After I have moved to D:\Downloads, will the programs "save files"/"download location" automatically point to the new location D:\Downloads ?

Q2) If the programs "save files"/"download location" is still pointing to C:\Users\User-Name\Downloads, will the programs still save downloads to C:\Users\User-Name\Downloads ?

Q3) Do I need to manually go through one by one program settings to change the "save files"/"download location" to D:\Downloads ?


A:Will moving Downloads folder change program default save location?

Why bother with moving the folder? Every browser I've used may default to the downloads folder on the C: drive but also allows you to specify a different folder. I simply point the browser to the downloads folder on my D: drive and oftentimes I even create a new subfolder for that download. Works for me.

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Thank you for your help. Sometimes when I want to move a folder, I receive the following message:

"The action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program..."

This is frequently caused by a Thumbs.db file, which I believe generates thumbnail images. Is there a way to prevent Windows from locking these files, so they can be moved, without disabling thumbnails completely as explained above?

A:Get "open in another program" error when moving file

Hi hrstud, a slightly different problem that I have, but I too am also looking for an updated Version of Unlocker, (in my mind the best software (free), for just the problem you're having. It worked perfectly in XP, but as far as I know; there's no updated version (in the works). Someone mentioned Lockhunter but so far that hasn't worked the way Unlocker did. I find that if you have the preview pane opened, you can't move the file, so I have the preview pane closed when I'm moving files/folders around. Something you might want to try.


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I have an XP Home Edition computer with 160 GB hard drive. Currently I have partitioned it as 57 GB System Drive, 20 GB Profile partition, 40 GB Programs partition, and the remainder for shares.

Now, what I'm wanting to do is move the Program files over to the Programs parition without breaking any. I realize this means editing registry entries and shortcuts to reflect the new location, a daunting task for sure. So I am wondering if there was an easier way to accomplish this.

I realize I could mount the volumn as a folder on the C drive, which would require copying everything out of the Program Files folder, mounting then Copying everything back. I kinda want to avoid a simple mounting and have a distinct drive for the program files, but will mount the volumn as a folder if i have to.

I also find that I can easily move the 'My Documents' folder to the partition I have set aside for that, which eventually I will do. But I'd like to know if it's possible to move more than just the My Documents folder, and move everything under the 'Documents and Settings' folder over?

A:moving "Program Files" and user profiles

What you want to do is going to be a lot of work but alas it is easier than you think. You should have all of the install programs for everything on your computer. What you want to do first is backup all of your important data - not the programs just the data. When this is done you do a full re-install of Windows to the drive C:.

Next step is to install your programs to the drive you have designated for programs and also make a Program Files directory first.

As for the profile partition all you do is leave the profiles where they go as Windows want to put them. Make the partition that you wanted for profiles a data partition and make a directory there for Data Files. Or something you want to call it.

I do the same thing with my computer and it i s easier to back up and restore.

When you are done getting it the way you want then use Acronis True Image on all of the drives so if something happens you just restore the image and if you do have to restore it only takes about 20 minutes instead of three days or more the other way.

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I'm helping a friend upgrade her computer and one of the things I did was helped her acquire and install a copy of Personal Office 365, which includes Outlook 2016. She's been doing her email on Outlook.com until now but now wants to use Outlook 2016.

I'm trying to figure out how to make all her various folders and email visible in Outlook 2016 but have no idea how to do it; I have very little experience with either Outlook or Outlook.com.

Can someone tell me what I need to do? It would be absolutely fine to point me to a tutorial; I just don't know what search term to use with Google. I have to assume this is a simple, routine thing that millions of people have done. I just don't know where to find instructions.

She's running Windows 10 as her OS.

A:Moving date from Outlook.com to the Outlook program in Office 365

Hi. Here's a little info on Outlook files:
Introduction to Outlook Data Files (.pst and .ost) - Outlook

Your pst/ost file needs to be located and copied, (for a backup). You then export it through the O2013 program, and import it to the new outlook 2016.

Edit: no, wait - she was using Outlook.com? hmmm.....now I have to think about that. I think you can just setup the account in O2016, and everything should sync?

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Alright sooooo.

I completely reformatted my computer. I have two drives.

I deleted/created partitions on both, and chose to format/install Windows xp on the C: driver. The format got to 100%, then said the format couldn't be completely probably due to a bad hard drive. I switched out my drive for another spare I had thinking I just got unlucky and my drive had died...

To my surprise, I got the same error with a completely seperate hard drive. Trying various things, I swapped the xp disk into my other DVD-Rom on my computer and the formatting went fine!

Xp was installed, no problems. Now, however, my CPU usage spikes to 100% when doing very minimal tasks such as moving a window around the screen (computer lags, leaving traces of the window around the screen) or even scrolling up and down on a web page with the mouse wheel.

Weird thing is, I can navigate both hard drives just fine. I don't know if my CPU is dying, motherboard dying, or what... But is there anyone that can help me out with this?

I'm currently reinstalling all my drivers praying that this somehow magically fixes it

A:CPU usage 20% just moving mouse, 100% moving windows or scrolling websites!

trustandfall said:

Alright sooooo.

I completely reformatted my computer. I have two drives.

I deleted/created partitions on both, and chose to format/install Windows xp on the C: driver. The format got to 100%, then said the format couldn't be completely probably due to a bad hard drive. I switched out my drive for another spare I had thinking I just got unlucky and my drive had died...

To my surprise, I got the same error with a completely seperate hard drive. Trying various things, I swapped the xp disk into my other DVD-Rom on my computer and the formatting went fine!

Xp was installed, no problems. Now, however, my CPU usage spikes to 100% when doing very minimal tasks such as moving a window around the screen (computer lags, leaving traces of the window around the screen) or even scrolling up and down on a web page with the mouse wheel.

Weird thing is, I can navigate both hard drives just fine. I don't know if my CPU is dying, motherboard dying, or what... But is there anyone that can help me out with this?

I'm currently reinstalling all my drivers praying that this somehow magically fixes it Click to expand...
Does your graphics adapter have dedicated memory and, if so, how much? If it doesn't, how much does the RAM lend to it and how much is left over?

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I have a client that has to regularly move emails from his inbox to a PST on his company shared drive. Moving files under 100kbs seem fine but this client needs to regularly move emails upwards of 5Mbs in size to his PST on the share. When he does move these files his outlook gets hung up to the point of completely freezing everything on his computer just to move the email. It can take upwards of 10-20 minutes to move one file.

The troubleshooting I have performed:
-I tried setting his network adapter to 100 Mbs Full Duplex, didn't appear to do anything
-Speed test his connection, he is running about 1.2-1.5 Mb down and 1.5+ Upload, so no issue there.
-I tested moving a 15Mb file to his shared drive, this seemed to be uploading fine, after a minute or 2 it was nearly half done, so this leads me to believe the issue is more pertaining to outlook.
-I then killed his outlook profile, recreated him a new one and remapped the PSTs.
-Had him test moving files again, and the same issue is still occurring.
-The client also reports this was not always an issue and had recently started happening.

At this point I am stuck and would like any advise anyone may have to offer for a solution.

A:Outlook - Moving emails to a PST on a share moving very SLOW! Help Please


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Hi everyone.
I just bought a new SSD.
I plan to whipe my old drive and put the OS onto the SSD. On my current drive I quite a few games.

The question I have is about backing up games/moving the files.
I have steam, origin and battlenet. I tried to use steam back up before, it stopped working and now I have a file that I can not delete.

I have not found a battlenet backup, or an Origin backup.
Due to all of the games being digital, I do not want to spend a day downloading all of my games over again.

The question I have:
Is it possible to move the files (i.e. programx86 --> steamapps) onto my external, then when the clean install is done, move the files back to the same location?

Is this a viable/possible solution, or what would you recommend I do to spare my data cap/time?

Thanks all.

A:Moving files to external, formatting then moving back.

If your system is working well the best way to do this is to take an image of the old drive and then restore it back to the SSD, or simply direct clone the old drive onto the SSD. I've had good results with Aomei Backupper to do this. If SSD space is a problem you could remove data and unused progs first, and do disk cleanup.

If the system is on its last leg, you're probably going to have to reinstall the progs onto a fresh install of Win7 on the SSD.

In either case, back up your valuable personal data.

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Q: average

I am using access 2000 and have a query with the length of stay for 14 clients..What is the best and Easiest way to calculate the average