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Yoga 700-11ISK - typing '' Ñ '' on United Kingdom keyboard

Q: Yoga 700-11ISK - typing '' Ñ '' on United Kingdom keyboard

Hello, I need to know how to type '' '' on United Kingdom's keyboard. I have already set the keyboard input corresponding to UK, but can not find the combination to get the letter '' ''.regards

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Preferred Solution: Yoga 700-11ISK - typing '' Ñ '' on United Kingdom keyboard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

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I have a new Windows 8 laptop with a US keyboard. When I set the display language as English (United Kingdom), it says "Unavailable in this version of Windows". Please tell me how to use English (United Kingdom) as Windows display language with an English
(United States) keyboard layout.

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Hi there,
When choosing the Win 10 install I am given these options:
Select Language: English (United Kingdom), English (United States)

are there any major differences? apart from the obvious one - certain words are spelt differently...


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I've been having a problem with the keyboard on my Yoga 710-11ISK over the past few days. The keyboard will continously keep hitting in the 1 key unless I flip it putting the keyboard behind the screen to tablet. If I turn the tablet mode on with the keyboad in front it still continously locks the 1 key on repeat. I tried updating software for the keyboard but there is none. I have to put on flip screen and plug in a usb keyboard to be able to get anything done. Popped the key off and there is nothing sticking under it and even with the key off it was locked on 1 repeat....Any other suggestions or help for this issue?

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Hi Guys United Kingdom Acer question -- So that I can ensure I'm ordering the very latest release of the Acer Chromebook 14, is there a list where I can see the very latest released models/part numbers of this Chromebook? e.g. (CB3-431-C5XK)(Part #: NX.GC2AA.001) I'd like to double check the model/part number in the specs of the Acer Chromebook 14 I buy to ensure it's definitely the very latest. Peter 

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Hello Everyone, Can someone please provide me with the email address of a contact  "person" at HP in United Kingdom.? Regards,Saeed

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Since upgrading to Windows 8.1 my keyboard is no longer set to English (United Kingdom) - so I keep getting US keyboard settings for various characters like @ when typing ! In Windows 8 I could change the settings easily in Control Panel >Clock, Language, Region. But now when I go to Control Panel> Language it seems that English (United Kingdom) is only available as a download. I tried to download and install the update but although it downloaded OK it was taking so long to install that I cancelled the operation in desperation !

A:English (United Kingdom) language

since upgrading to Windows 8.1 I've had a number of problems, some I've been able to sort.

But I am having trouble getting the English(United Kingdom) version keyboard. In the Language section of the Control Panel it is shown as my preferred setting, but if I roll mouse over it then says it's 'available' to download. Tried that, downloaded OK but wouldn't install ('hung' for over 30 minutes doing nothing before I gave up and cancelled !). Didn't have this problem with Windows 8 (or any previous versions of Windows either). As far as I am aware all previous versions have had both US and UK versions installed requiring only the user to make a simple switch with just a couple of clicks !

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Ok for some strange reason my windows wont install English United Kingdom as my regional locale

it will change keyboard and everything else just not that.

so when i install programs that do multi language it does arabic instead.
It is driving me nuts because the message i keep getting is "Setup was unable to install the chosen locale. Please contact your systems Administrator"

i am the admin

i am thinking i may need to edit the registry but i am not experienced enough to be doing it.

anyone have any possible solutions for me please ?

Here is my HJT Log (first time i used it)
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 12:49:55, on 22/12/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.20696)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\FolderSize\FolderSizeSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\mdm.exe
C:\Program Files\Eset\nod32krn.exe
C:\Program Files\LClock\LClock.exe
C:\Program Files\Eset\nod32kui.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\GrooveMonitor.exe
C:\Program F... Read more

A:Wont Install English United Kingdom

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I have a Yoga 700-11ISK, and would frequently put it to sleep, put it in my backpack, & pull it out hours later to find it RED hot & the battery 90% drained.  After wasting an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out why it kept doing this (and damaging other items in my backpack due to the extreme heat), I came across this thread: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/forums/v3_1/forumtopicpage/board-id/ll06_en/thread-id/25982/page/2 The problem is that the keyboard remains active even when the lid is closed, so if it gets squeezed in such a way that the screen internally presses a key, it will silently wake itself up.  Apparently Lenovo has spent the past four years churning out laptop after laptop that suffer from this defect, never thinking to learn from their mistakes.  Here are more:https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-Yoga-Series-Notebooks/Yoga-900-keyboard-wakes-laptop-from-sleep/...https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-Yoga-Series-Notebooks/Return-of-the-wake-while-lid-closed-proble...https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/forums/v3_1/forumtopicpage/board-id/ll06_en/thread-id/35267/page/6 I've tried the hack/script solution proposed in the first thread, but it doesn't work (the keyboard can't be disabled by DevManView without a reboot).  The other threads apply to the Yoga 900, which I guess Lenovo fixed with a BIOS update. This issue is such a problem that I've literally stopped carrying the laptop around...which was th... Read more

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About a month ago I've been having a very weird think happen.  I've had no spills on my keyboard, but only the numbers key will repeat whenever I press them.  For instance, if I press "1", it will sometimes type only one number, but sometimes nothing, and other times three or four number 1s.  The same thing happens through 1-0.  More, whenever I want to shift+ a number, I have to end up pressing the number keys like 10 times in order to have the symbol come up.  I've never encountered this on any other keyboard before.  Again, no spills, no malware, I've deleted the driver and reinstalled, etc.  No luck.  Any advice?  Might I just need a new keyboard?

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Why I hate Internet Explorer
Had some trouble with the annoying Babylon search I finally managed to get rid of it but was left with Bing as the default search engine I prefer Google so I went to add it but it was absent from the UK search providers the only real competition for Bing that
Microsoft allows is the Ask & Yahoo search engines plenty of rubbish options like confused.com or BBC music search but no Google !
I did find a Google accelerator in the add-ons but you cannot set it as the default search engine.
I had to revisit the search engine page & change the gb in the Address bar to us & get the Google search provider from the US site.

A:IE9 pathetic choice of search providers in the United Kingdom

Have you tried clicking on Tools/Manage Add-ons/Search Providers, then highlight Google and choose in the lower part of the window "Set as default".

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I have upgrade our travel-notebook  (Yoga 3-11 (m5-Y71) to Yoga 700-11isk (m7?) ) and am left with two Yoga 3-1170 and one Yoga 700-11isk,all showing similar behavior:(1) on boot all of them (erratically do not) show/allow to use mouse (touchpad)  & keyboard.  All driver had been installed, Windows 10 is installed and - in principle - running, no defects shown, when able to access the system. Windows installation followed different roads,-  starting from Windows 8.1 plus updates lus upgrade to windows 10 plus updates and upgrades till 1903ff (yesterday).- starting from scratch windows 10. (2) I suppose, the problem could originate from "insufficient cooperation" of systemparts and windows 10-today.  Intel driver assistant does work on Yoga 3-11, it does not work on Yoga 700-11 as the Intel graphics chip is a proprietary version of Lenovo. But both systems could do with a update of the graphics driver by lenovo and a service update of the touchpad-drivers. Advice / help  needed... 

friedrich-eugenUsed to Using AST-Notebooks 1993-1998,Thinkpads since 1998 and still a fan of the parrot and its Bill (...Morrow)Today: T60-61P ("Frankenpads", X60/X61/X60T, X200T, X201T,helping others with Thinkpads and Thinkcentres

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sir i have downloaded windows 8.1 and it has having default language English-united kingdom: en-GB

then i have downloaded language pack English-united states: en-US  for windows 8.1

and i have added to this language pack into windows 8.1 iso image using DISM successfully,
also i have set default language: English-united states: en-US using DISM command:
dism /get-intl
dism /set-allintl:en-us

now i want to remove previous language pack "English-united kingdom:en-GB"  using DISM, what is the command to remove this?

A:How to remove language pack "English-United Kingdom:en-GB" from windows8.1 iso image

Did you add the En-US language pack to this image? Please use the command below to add the language pack to image first.

Dism /Image:C:\test\offline /ScratchDir:C:\Scratch /Add-Package /PackagePath:C:\packages\package1.cabRoger Lu
TechNet Community Support

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Hi - I am sure there must be a way to be able to type my French accents on letters. Have not been able to figure out and have searched all over the internet. Any help would be appreciated

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Hi everyone ! My yoga 500 has this very annoying issue since yesterday (after an update on i-tunes, I don't know if this is related...): - Anything I type on the physical keyboard appears "s" letter, even if I type on the numbers or enter- I restarted many times- The screen keyboard works ok- I can't even log in when I start from the keyboard, I have to switch to tablet mode and use the screen keyboard- I started fresh with a clean installation of Windows as suggested in Windows 10 recovery advanced startup   > didn't help- I checked the language of the keyboard, that is OK-There is no Nmlock key on my keyboard, but I tried a few Shift/Alt combinations proposed on the web forums> didn't help Does anyone had the same issue ?I looked for the solution on this forum but couldn't find, hope I don't repost anything already discussed and apologies if that was the case. I am writing this form a different notebook and hope I can get help from experts ! Have a great day

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Hi everyoneI desperately need help with the following issue:my Yoga 530 is barely 7 months old and for the past 2 months the keyboard has been malfunctioning:it randomly misses keystrokes or types multiple characters after I press a key once.I've seen this issue reported before in the forum but I've not seen any recent solutions. Nevertheless, I've tried all suggestions, such as:- formatting the laptop;- replacing BIOS (as suggested in old posts)-sending the laptop to be serviced by Lenovo; the service Team returned the laptop saying that they could not reproduce the problem and that the keyboard was checked and was working fineNote that:- the on-screen keyboard works fine- the keyboard diagnosis tool doesn't detect any issue with the hardware- after formatting the laptop and re-installing windows, the keyboard works fine for a couple of days and then the problem starts again.I suspect that the issue is caused by some sort of software incompatibility but I don't have anything exotic installed and I've un-installed programs one by one and no luck...I don't know much about IT, this is my work computer and I'm freelance so this is making me waste a LOT of precious time....I'm ready to throw this laptop out of the window. Since this does not seem to be a hardware issue, Lenovo's support doesn't feel it's their responsibility to find a solution so I would REALLY appreciate if anyone from this smart community could help.Thank you ... Read more

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I have been using this laptop for the past three years as a university student. Everything was great and worked fine, but the keyboard start acting up.  The only problem is the physcial keyboard lagging whenever typing. This has happen twice then it stop happening one day and now it is happening again. What i try and work is plugging a wireless keyboard or USB connected keyboard and works fine without any stutter or lag when typing normally (fast). Tried solutions: Turn on/off fitler key.Reset and reinstall OS Windows 10Optimize/Defrag SSD Reinstall and Uninstall PS/2 Keyboard software.

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This is a 2-year and 3 month-old machine that has had its video board replaced once under warranty. last year.  Today it simply will not come to life when pushing the on button.  Of course, it is now 3 months outside the 2-year on-site warranty.  Any idea as to the possible problem.  No warnings were observed  . . . no hesitant starts in the past, no flickering, not nothing until today it just won't start.   Thanks for the insights . . . of course my final exam start next week! Thanks, S

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Jumping cursor with random pixels pointer after win 10 creator update

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Hello, I bought my Yoga just over a month ago, and not sure if this is an issue or normal for this laptop. When it's plugged in and charging, both the charging adaptor and the bottom of the laptop become very very hot (like burning hot, you wouldn't be able to hold your hand on the surface for over a few seconds). It eventually cools down to normal once taken off charge. I cannot go to the shop where I bought the laptop as I'm abroad for the summer so just want to be sure there is no fault with my laptop / chargin adaptor. Or alternatively, would I be able to use the international warranty if this is faulty? Thanks in advance. Lena

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I ran the Lenovo Solution Center and it looks like I currently have 4 GB of RAM, with a maximum capacity of 16 GB. It also looks like I have two slots (with 2 GB in each slot). Can I replace the two 2 GBs in each slot with 8 GBs in each slot? Can someone tell me how I go about doing this (step-by-step instructions)? I looked at the User Manual, but it doesn't include instructions for upgrading/replacing RAM. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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The display is somewhat yellow around the edges when the screen is displaying black. The moue also randomly becomes pixelated and where i click it clicks below it. I spoke to lenovo and they determined the display is a hardware issue based on installing drivers, etc. Does anybody else have this problem? 

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I can't get my computer to turn on. I've tried plugging it in and it lights up white telling me it's charged. The power button won't light up at all. I've held the power button down for 15 seconds and can hear a very faint beeping noise. Please help me get my computer to turn on. 

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I have Yoga 700-11ISK laptop which does not turn on. It was working fine then i got an "USB Power Surge error" on it. I was able to reset it and it was working ok after wards. But it suddenly stopped working. I can see that battery is charging properly as the charging light is solid white but nothing happens when i press power button. I removed battery and replugged it in but nothing happens.Any help?Regards,Sunil

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Hi,I bought a Yoga 700 isk11 and it uses Windows 10. I am not a big fan of Win 10 so I intend do install Win 7.Unfortunately it was not possible for me up to now. It does not boot from my USB device (Bios option in Windows 10). The USB Win 7 works. It starts on my PC (changed to boot order) and asks me if I want to install Win 7.How is it possible to do the same with this laptop?It has a clean Windows 10 installation on it, no extra SW installed, ...I just want to ged rid of Win 10 and install Win 7 (I saved Win 10 succesfully on USB before). Happy for any help.

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I've received the replacement motherboard- is this something I can replace myself?

A:Lenovo Yoga 700 11ISK Replacing SSD

Hi Jmallensmith,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
If you have the tools and have tried laptop disassembly before then you can take the time to review the hardware manual here to guide on the steps as it would need multiple parts to remove first.
Keeping a video record specially for the screws and slots can always be handy placing parts back.
I hope this helps answer your query.

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