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HDDs suitable as a replacement unit for Satellite Pro L300-1B9?

Q: HDDs suitable as a replacement unit for Satellite Pro L300-1B9?

Dear Forum Users,

The original HDD in my notebook has reached its life cycle so I have to replace it.

I would like to know which purchasable HDD units are available for this particular notebook model?

Could I use any SATA 2.5'' notebook HDD as a replacement drive or the Toshiba branded ones are suitable exclusively?

Preferred Solution: HDDs suitable as a replacement unit for Satellite Pro L300-1B9?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: HDDs suitable as a replacement unit for Satellite Pro L300-1B9?

> Could I use any SATA 2.5'' notebook HDD as a replacement drive or the Toshiba branded ones are suitable exclusively?

Yes, usually all SATA 2.5? HDDs should be compatible since the SATA controller is downwards compatible and even if you would use an SATA II or SATA III HDD, the notebook should be able to handle such device.
But of course the performance would be limited to SATA I

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I want to buy a new battery for my toshiba laptop L300 series.

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I'm trying to repair a Satellite L300 that had a dead HDD. I replaced the dead 160GB HDD with a WD 500GB drive, then used the recovery disks to install Windows Vista SP1 to the out of the box state.

Now Windows update won't run, Vista SP2 standalone that I downloaded won't install, MS Security Essentials also won't install.
Then I borrowed a 160GB from work and went through the same process and everything works fine.

So it works with a 160GB HDD but no a 500GB HDD. Why?

A:Satellite L300 - can't install Microsoft updates after HDD replacement

> ...Vista SP2 standalone that I downloaded won't install
Usually after recovery image installation you must just connect notebook to the internet and after short period of time you will get messages about available Windows updates. Just install updates offered trough automatic process and install important updates only.

Let the system install all updates and don?t force installation of some own downloaded stuff.
Last month I have upgraded HDD (320GB I think) and installed Win7 on friends L300 and I didn?t notice any problem there.

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I have bought a new screen panel for a Toshiba L300 and i was wondering how to fit it, My guess is that the screws behind the gromits come out so you can get access to the inside of the moitor and replace the screen from there?
another problem is that there is a liquid on the screen where it has been cracked so would replacing th screen also remove that or is that more of a monitor issue?
Thanks for any help you can provide me

A:Toshiba L300 Screen Replacement

This might help you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDiQ-VMmk7A

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Hi folks,

I have inherited from my big brother a Satellite l300-18d....
It has no OS. When I try to put a XP setup disc I know works it hangs as soon as it gets to the first windows executive loading part.

I try to use the Win 7 disc I also know works and it gets the initial file loading bit for 30 secs then it just comes up a column the letter h? like this


A:Satellite L300-18D - Cannot install Win XP nor Win 7

Hi mate

I know that you would not be able to install the Win XP without the previous SATA driver installation.
Other option could be the change of SATA mode in BIOS
Go to BIOS and change SATA mode from AHCI to compatible mode.
Then save the changes and try again to install Win XP?.

PS: it?s recommended to use an Win XP disk containing at least SP2 or SP3

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Hello all,
i have a Satellite L300-11M and i'm facing some serious issues. I will try to explain them as fast as i can.
First i had a message about the internal battery when it booted. I changed the internal battery and no this message gone.
From the first time the laptop, when it is on AC power, when i switch it on, it is restarting before the BIOS messages. Fans spin about 2 seconds and then reboot.
When it is on battery the laptop starts normally, windows are loading but after the windows logo it switches off. i've never got the desktop windows screen.
I have measured AC charger on the motherboard and it gives 19V, as it states.
I have checked HDD for bad sectors and i got and correct some.
I've formatted the old HDD, made a clean install but setup got stuck at the windows logo screen and then the system reboots.
On safe mode the procedure stuck on loading drive.sys
I changed the HD, formatted the new HD(SSD), clean install but setup got stuck again at the same step!
I made some tests to RAM and system using the Ultimate Boot Cd but nothing found.
I have version 1.30 BIOS, there is option 1.50 to update but it is windows app and i can't update. I was trying to boot from a usb with linux and to run WINE in order to run this Bios update windows app but i wasn;t able

Any ideas???

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Ay up!

i have a rather elderly L300 series that I am setting up as a dedicated car diagnostic puter. It makes no attempt to boot up, at all. I have changed the RAM (2GB) and the hard drive (XP system) both with new components. The original hard drive, running Vista, is in rude health.

When switching on, the fan runs but nothing on the screen or LEDs, I've done the obvious stuff, any more ideas?

A:Satellite L300 not booting

Ay up!

My Toshiba Satellite L300 series has downed tools. I have changed the hard drive and memory cards, fitting new components in both cases. Thinking it may be the BIOS battery, I put the machine on charge. Nothing.

When I power on, the green power LED lights as does the charge light when plugged in, then the fan starts. There is no "Beep" to indicate the commencement of bootup, nor does the HDD LED light. The battery is ancient but still has sufficient power for about 30 mins running. On battery? The same.

I've done the standard things here, any ideas as to what else I can do? I am mechnically talented but computers are a closed book to me.

Please help.......

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I have got a Satellite Pro L300 laptop and it will not do anything on startup (in other words on pressing the power button and not going past very first screen).

The keyboard works, but F2 ,F8 or F12 won't do anything, I can here the hard-drive powerup but its like no-one is at home. I don't know if its the motherboard or the on-board battery. The computer is about 7-8 yrs old

Can anyone help.

A:Satellite Pro L300 won't start

It?s definitely nothing wrong with an RTC battery (as you said ?onboard battery?).
The RTC battery can be charged. The unit must be ON and AC adaptor has to be connected at least for about 18 hours.
But I guess this isn?t a problem.

The notebook does not boot because of hardware malfunction? but its difficult to say what part might be affected. But you should definitely check the RAM modules.
This should be the first step since the RAM modules are easy to replace.

All other parts should be checked by service guy.

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my laptop is a :

Toshiba Satellite Pro L300-152
Model no. PSLB1E-01R015EN
Celeron 560 2.13GHz

Can someone tell me which CPU I can safely upgrade this with, I use it in a fairly cool environment and would like just a few more 100mhz from it.

Thank you for your support

A:CPU upgrade of my Satellite Pro L300-152

Before we start discussion about CPU upgrade check please this Toshiba document - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm

My personal opinion is that CPU upgrade will not help much and you will not realize some big difference in notebook performance. In my opinion you need more RAM or better and faster SSD. This brings better and more performance than some CPU with 100mhz more than old one.

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I own a Satellite L300-1AQ. Can this laptop run Windows 10. It is currently running Vista Home Premium

A:Can Satellite L300 run Windows 10?

Yes, you can. Im currently running Windows 10 on my L300-145.

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Jusy joined the forum, an as per usual, i have a question.

I have a Toshiba Satalite L300 32 - bit.
It has 2 x1gb ram installed, i know the maximum is 4gb for this laptop.
I have read that some peple have added 2 x2gb of ram, and it failed to work.
Is it worth my while adding just 1gb of ram to bring it up to 3gb, dont want to risk buying the 4gb if it does not work.
Bit of a novice, but i just replaced the power socket cable, it was loose after i tripped on the power cable. So was thinking
about the ram upgrade, any advice is appretiated.


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Hi guys

I have a L300 motherboard that needs replacing.

Does it have to be the same as the code on the motherboard or can I use different one from same series

Part number =13100a2170208
SPs =v000138040

The one I want to replace it with is this code

Part number: 1310a2264916
SPS: V000138700

Much appreciated

A:Satellite L300 - Motherboard Question

In my opinion you should exchange it with identical motherboard. After doing this you can be sure that you can use original OS that you have got with your machine.

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I have a laptop -Toshiba Satellite L300-1AS with Windows Vista installed.

Lately I have troubel with some programmes just now I was trying to reinstall "Java" and I got the message "There is a problem with the Windows Installer Package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected contact your support Personnel" 'Skype no longer works or the rte player.

I was told that I should set my computer back to a date before I started having problems but I dont know how to do this.
I would be so grateful for any help

A:Some programmes are not working on my Satellite L300-1AS

> I was told that I should set my computer back to a date before I started having problems but I dont know how to do this.


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Screen flickered then went blank and any time i try to start it up it goes blank again.
Any suggestions?

A:Re: Satellite L300-1FK - screen is going blank

Can you please offer more details?
Is this general problem from the moment you switch your notebook ON or just when Windows OS is loaded?
When you enter BIOS and leave it for a while does the flicker again?
What is with safe mode? The same problem again?

If possible try to connect your notebook to external display and check how it works.

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hello there, people.
whats does this error mean? ty very much.

A:Satellite Pro L300-1AD - 1 Beep -> Shutdown

Does this happen at start up after you switch your notebook on?

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This isnt the first problem iv encountered before with this laptop and in each case i had to perform the factory restore, deleting everything. The problem i have now is the laptops screen freezes after about ten- fifteen minutes of being switched on. If im watching a video, the sound will still play but not the picture.
does anybody know what the underlying problem is and if there is a way of overcoming this problem?

A:Satellite L300-1DI screen keeps freezing

Hi Matt

It is not easy to say why this happen. Maybe you should explain the problem with more details.
What kind of videos do you watch (DVD movies, avi, mpg)?
Which player do you use?
Does this happen on same video format?

Have you tested it on different players?
What have you done to find out why this happen?

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Hi. The fan is making a loud buzzing noise now so guess need to replace it. Are there instructions anywhere to do it? Thanks!

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My daughter has a Satellite L300 that suddenly failed while on the net. Computer suddenly locked up with the display image whitewashed. Computer could not be shutdown and Task manager would not respond to Alt, CTL, Del.

Notebook was forcibly shutdown with a 5 sec press of the on/off button followed by a restart. The unit began booting up, displaying the Toshiba f2 for bios or f12 for boot selection but no further. Neither the f2 nor the f12 button had any effect - that is BIOS settings could not be accessed with f2 & boot option did not display with f12. Having a Toshiba Vista recovery disc set I inserted disc 1, forced another shutdown followed by a reboot. The disc ran up and displayed " Windows is loading files..." with a progress bar below that grew steadily to 100% followed by the "Microsoft Corporation" logo with the loading bar above. This ran for a few minutes, but then only displayed a large mouse controlled arrow. Disc 2 was never called for, no programs loaded and no functions were available.

The loss of access to the BIOS has me more concerned than the inability to load Vista, but neither is good.

I'm calling on the notebook Guru's to assist me with this baffling problem - HELP!

A:Satellite L300 - Can't access the BIOS


Normally you can access the BIOS if you press F2 key after you turned on your notebook. Press and hold this key until you are in BIOS menu.

If you can boot from recovery disk it should be possible to access the BIOS because it passes the BIOS self test and until there are no hardware problems.

If you connect an external keyboard, can you access the BIOS? Alternative you can also try to press F12 key for accessing the boot menu.

You could also try this if nothing else works:
[Which steps should be followed if your Toshiba notebook doesn't start? |http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/ann.jspa?annID=21]

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L300-22U (PSLB8E).

1. I updated the BIOS to Version 2.2.
I additionally found some firmwareupdates on the Toshiba Website. See screenshot

The problem is: harddisk is a Hitachi HTS543225L9SA00 and dvd RAM is hl-dt-st dvdram gsa-t50n

So do I need to use these firmwareupdates?

2. I m asking for, because I want to change from Vista to Windows 7 and want to make sure, that there won't be any problems.
And actually the DVD RAM is not reading a DVD+R CD. I m hoping to solve the problem with a firmware update.
3. How much RAM can this computer have?

Thanks on advance!

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I have a Satellite L300. OS has recently crashed and recovery CD's do not work at all.
I got another windows vista instalation CD but the windows label at the back of laptop worn off and I can not read the code.

I can provide tax invoice of the product or any information of the laptop required for security reasons.

How can I get the product key back ?


A:Satellite L300 - need Win Vista product key

Product key placed at the bottom side of your notebook is useless for you. Why?
This product key belongs to original recovery version that you got with your machine and cannot be used for activation if you install Windows using original Microsoft installations disc.

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I have Toshiba Satellite l300-1f9.
Please help me find drivers for my Windows 10 wired network adapter. No card appears under network adapters. On Windows 7 LAN adapter was working fine.
Sorry for my English.

Thank you,

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I have a toshiba satellite l300 1dn laptop running vista premium.
I want to upgrade to windows 7 but am worried about losing some of the toshiba programmes installed on my pc.
I wanted to do a clean install on a new drive but do not want to lose the toshiba dvd creator and dvd ulead movie factory which came installed as standard.

I want to know if i will lose these two programmes if i do an upgrade rather than clean install
And if i do, is there anywhere safe i can redownload these programmes from or better yet a way to save them from the drive i am using now to reinstall them again later after the new install.

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hi there

My sister seems to be having problems with her hard drive, it says it is nearly full (the vista (C:) drive) A message keeps coming up
I was just wondering how she can start to use the E: drive. Is there any way of changing the setting on the computer so that everything is saved on the E drive
I don't know much about computers but would really like some help

It is Toshiba Satellite L300 and Windows Vista 32bit

thanks maz

A:Satellite L300 - How to save on the E: drive?

Hi buddy,

You can use drive E all the time... ;-)

The point is that the most programs will be installed on drive C so you must choose the E drive if you want to install it there.

In my opinion the best option is if you save all important and private files on second drive E. I mean such files as photos, videos, music, documents, etc. Just copy and post it on drive E, that?s all! :)

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pls i forgot my built in HDD password any who can assist on how to unlock it pls am using L300 satellite Toshiba

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Hi, Got a laptop off a friend to look at as not booting correctly. Its running Vista Home Premium, it will boot up to user screen ok but when a user is selected the screen goes blank with just the mouse pointer showing (which moves ok on touchpad). I can press Ctl Alt Del and get the blue menu screen - if I try task manager from there it goes back to blank screen.

I have tried a repair from start up at F8 but says no problems found. I can also boot ok into Safe Mode without getting a blank screen. I have tried a diagnostic start up from MSConfig but still the same. I also disabled all services but still blank.

I have a secondary partition on the drive with HDD recovery on there but dont want to reformat. I have tried restoring to several different restore points but still blank screen on normal startup.
Anyone come across this.

A:Satellite Pro L300 - Blank screen after Login


Either its hardware or software problem.
Booting the notebook in safe mode means that some essential software processes would be disabled and the system would use only some essential hardware basics.

So even if the notebook is running properly in safe mode? it could be a hardware problem.

Therefore I think that using HDD recovery would be the best way to find out what?s wrong here...

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Hello! I'm having a problem with my toshiba satellite l300. Whenever I try to boot in from a cd or a USB it says "boot error" or has a black screen with a tiny cursor in the corner and that's when the bios is set to boot from hdd. One time it popped up with Ubuntu not being found??? Here is the link: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting which was why I was trying to boot from a USB or a disk. The only thing I can access is the bios menu and the toshiba logo still loads up! These are my bios menus: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
One of my friends suggested that it was a possible MBR (master boot record) problem and another one suggested that heat could be the source of the problem. So when I put 2 together I came up with possibly the hard drive failing in general and getting overheated, but the hard drive still shows in my bios menu!! So I'm a little bit puzzled by the whole thing in general. My computer is 4/5 years old. I tried booting to the computer once with one of the old xp disks lying around and it came up with this message ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting . I tried my manufacture disk and before I had these booting problems it worked fine until I found out it wasn't genuine anymore!! Don't know if this is much help but the pc was rebuilt last year via my my dads disk and he can't seem to find his disk ... Read more

A:Problems booting toshiba satellite l300

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I have a toshiba satellite L300 laptop. When using it last night the screen blacked out, although the system was still working fine. I rebooted the laptop and it came back on again but blacked out after 2 mins. It then worked after pressing the power button briefly to log off, the screen came on again but only for a few seconds. Now the screen is not working at all although the computer appears to be running ok. I will have to locate another monitor to plug in to see it the fault is the screen.
Does anyone have any ideas what this might be and if so, how to resolve this?


A:Toshiba Satellite L300 screen problem

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As long as the laptop is running off the battery, it works perfectly.
The instant I plug in the AC adaptor, it crashes. If the laptop is turned off, the AC adaptor can be plugged in and it does charge the battery as normal.
The AC adaptor has been swapped with a new unit and this has not fixed the problem.

The issue then appears to be on the system board.
Has anyone out there experienced this and, more to the point, is the ONLY solution to buy a new system board?

A:Satellite L300 crashes when AC Adaptor plugged In

did you try to boot the system in safe mode and try to do that while the mains powered in..let me know the result thanks

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I have Toshiba Satellite L300-170 which came with preinstalled Vista. I've installed XP SP3, installed the drivers, but the laptop doesn't go into sleeping mode when closed like it did on Vista.
I set it on sleeping mode while closed in Toshiba Power Saver, but it goes into sleeping mode an then immediately wakes up again while closed.

A:Satellite L300 - Sleeping mode while closed


Enter BIOS settings and disable option ?Wake-up on LAN?.
I hope this will helps.

If not please let me know.

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I need Windows 7 x64 drivers for my Satellite L300 11M. The product page lists 126 drivers for Win XP and only 23 drivers for Windows 7 64bit. Some important drivers like touchpad and storage management are not available in the product drivers list. Maybe they are universal but I don't know where to get them from.
I need touchpad, storage management, Ethernet, Controls and everything else which was available for XP, but can't be found for Win 7.
Where should I look for these drivers or could anyone send me links for all windows 7 drivers for this model, please.
Thank you!

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Hello Toshiba,

Will you develop a display driver for Windows 8.1 64bit for all Toshiba Satellite models?I have a Satellite L300 - 2CR.The paradox is that when I installed the first time Win8 the display driver for Win 7 worked, now on the second format it didn't work anymore.

A:Need Win8.1 display driver for Satellite L300-2CR

As far as I know old machines are not supported for Win8/Win8.1.
Every new operating system brings also new standards for hardware so new notebooks offer newest hardware and hardware platforms.

Developing costs a lot of money and time. Then testing and support. I cannot imagine that notebook manufacturers will do this for some notebook models designed for Vista. OS support for pld machines is very limited.

Maybe it sounds stupid now but for me there is no sense to use Win8.1 on this old piece of hardware. Win7 32bit is, I think, best solution for you.

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I have an older Satellite L300 laptop, latest BIOS (2.20) installed.
I would like to boot to an external USB connected CD/DVD drive
BIOS does not boot to this CD/DVD drive.
Boot priority in BIOS is: CD/DVD, USB, HDD
While booting, computer skips the CD/DVD, skips the USB and boots from the HDD.
Is it possible at all to boot to external USB CD/DVD?

Thanks for efforts to reply.

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Hi. I bought my Toshiba Satellite L300 back in 2011 and it came with windows vista pre-installed. A short while later it was announced that Toshiba were giving a free upgrade to windows 7. I received the installation disks and installed windows7. I have had zero problems with my machine since and have been a very contented customer - until very recently.

I emptied my recycle bin recently and for some reason there were some critical files in there, so now my machine won't boot. I don't know how they got in there bcos they were in the administrator recycle bin and I always use a subordinate user account - for security reasons.

Long story short, I tried booting my machine using the windows 7 installation disk which worked perfectly until I had to enter the product key. Unfortunately the product key on the sticker of my laptop is for windows vista so I am being told it is invalid. I am just wondering if I can retrieve my windows 7 product key from anywhere? Would Toshiba have a record of it they could send me? I've been told by microsoft that i have to get it from Toshiba.

To complicate matters, I bought the laptop in Ireland, but am now living in S.Korea, so I can't search at home for the product key.

I have the Toshiba upgrade DVD, would the product key be on there?

Please, any help would be greatly appreciated!!

A:Satellite L300 - Windows 7 product key needed

I know a produc key finder - SmartKey Product Key Recovery

You may try to google search it about more details.

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I reformatted it, put xp pro sp2 on it and it's doing the exact same thing, right when it gets to windows it reboots. it's not over heating, it runs fine in linux, I did memory tests, put different memory in, everything came out fine, did a cpu stress test, everything came out fine. it will run in safe mode now that I formatted, but wouldn't prior to formatting.

any ideas?

A:toshiba satellite pro L300 reboots at startup

post the full model no here is a example


were was the model bought/europe/usa?

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I had some problems finding drivers when I downgraded from vista to xp on my Toshiba Satellite Pro L300. On Toshibas web sites there are no drivers to find, at least not for this model that I have so I googled and googled and googled some more...
I found some random pages where I they wanted me to pay for the drivers and I found some site that said that it will scan the computer for missing drivers and then "fix" it and we all know how well that works.
Anyway after a few hours I found a site that actually had the real drivers for my laptop but i could only download one file / 10 min, when I started the downloads the waiting time for a "clear line" was 1min and the maximum download speed was 55k/s so it took some time to download the needed drivers...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This is for windows xp, vista and w7 drivers can be found on toshibas web site.

Here are all the needed drivers, first install the ethernet driver and then run microsoft update. After running microsoft update you only have to install the vga and audio drivers (I had to install the vga driver manually, but it works).

Compressed to .rar (2 files)


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The monitor is just black! Sometimes, it faintly shows the screen and then it blacks out again. When I tried hooking the laptop into an external monitor, I start it up and it still keeps going to a black screen. I turn it on, it goes to a system recovery ("Start Windows Repair") etc, and no matter which button I press, it loads for a bit and then just blacks out. I've tried taking the battery out, pressing FN and F6, and pressing 0. Why isn't the screen normal and why won't it restart? Someone help please!!

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Hey guys,

I have had a quick search, but I'm sorry if this has already been asked and successfully answered... But anyway.

My girlfriend has easily filled up her 120GB Hard Drive and wants to expand. I see that it can be upgraded to two other sizes (including 360GB), but is that the maximum? Am I able to upgrade to a hard drive say 500GB/1TB in size?

Thanks in advance.

A:Satellite L300 - Hard Drive Upgrade


Satellite L300 supports SATA HDDs and that means there is no capacity limits. So you can also install 500GB or 1TB drive that should be no problem.

SATA interface has no capacity limits anymore as old IDE interface so don?t worry about the size. Just buy a model that you think it?s ok. It?s only important that it?s 2.5? HDD with SATA interface.

Furthermore the exchange is described here:
[Satellite L300 - How to replace defective HDD?|http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/ann.jspa?annID=119]

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Hi I have a Satellite L300 and it has Windows Vista. When I use home office thing it always asks me a for a product key.

I put it in but it falis to recognise it? Why? It says I only have 18 goes left. Will I lose access to word processing then? if its pre-installed though why does it keep asking me for the number?

Anyway it taken me ages to get herre to write this. Why cantToshiba just have a simple email answering service for customers queries! I bought it in aug last year and this is the first time I've needed help but you would have thought they would have made it easier to support customers!


A:Satellite L300 - Microsoft Office keeps asking me for product key


> home office thing
Nice description ;)

Anyway, I think you mean the Microsoft Office version that is preinstalled on your notebook. As far as I know that?s only a trial version of it and that means you have to buy a Office version if you still want to use it.

If you don?t buy an Office version, you can?t use it anymore.

Last but not least if you have several problems you have to contact an authorized service provider instead Toshiba directly.

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Hi; I need to replace my HL-DT-ST cdrw/dvd GCC 4482 with an internal or external dvdrw drive, can someone please tell me of a compatible type/brand that will work. Aidan.

A:Solved: Suitable replacement part

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Product type > Notebook
Family > Satellite Pro
Product Series > Satellite Pro L Series
Model > Satellite Pro L300 24L
Short Model No > PSLB9E


XP and Seven are installed in dual-boot on my laptop, and I use EasyBCD to choose which system I want to start.

To start XP, I need to enable "Compatiblity" (SATA controller mode in the BIOS) and for Seven is "AHCI" to be activated.

Is there a way for my two OS been booted without making changes in the bios?
Is there an update to fix this problem (or an alternative)?

Thank you in advance.

A:Satellite Pro L300 - Dual boot with AHCI mode

Yes you can do this but I?m afraid you must reinstall WXP.
Why? Because before WXP installation start you must change to AHCI mode, start WXP installation and before you start it you must load SATA driver (using F6 I think).

Long time ago we have discusses a lot about this on this forum so use advanced search options anc check other postings about this.

By the way: check http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB7B020R0000R01.htm

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What is version number of motherboard? Tnx...

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HI I have a Satellite Pro L300 running Win XP to which I wish to attach a USB Card Reader. I find that I cannot read the 64GB cards. The error is that the card is not formatted. All other cards read correctly. I can place this card reader in my desktop running Win 10 and it works correctly and reads the 64GB cards. This would indicate that the USB Card Reader is working correctly and maybe the problem lies in the USB drivers on the Toshiba. Has anyone else had this problem and found a fix for it. I have just updated the BIOS but no improvement. Thanks

A:Satellite Pro L300 - USB card reader does not handle 64GB

Originally Posted by talltrees

HI I have a Satellite Pro L300 running Win XP to which I wish to attach a USB Card Reader. I find that I cannot read the 64GB cards. The error is that the card is not formatted. All other cards read correctly. I can place this card reader in my desktop running Win 10 and it works correctly and reads the 64GB cards. This would indicate that the USB Card Reader is working correctly and maybe the problem lies in the USB drivers on the Toshiba. Has anyone else had this problem and found a fix for it. I have just updated the BIOS but no improvement. Thanks

Hi, here is one link about Card reader not being detected by the PC:
You can take a look, hope this is useful for you.

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Hi, I have a problem with the activation of the license windows vista unfortunately sticker is so damaged that I can not read the entire system key. I only have a couple of letters and numbers.
To this came the problem that I do not have a partition recovery discs or recovery ... I did before this total zero ... thinking that the key will be in the BIOS but I forgot about that old laptop so you can not read the key from the BIOS as in today's new with only a sticker ....
What do I do then? To activate the system to the original?

iaptop I bought in 2008

Best Regards,
Simon from Poland

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hi, i'm hoping you can help!!! I have been directed here by Microsoft & Apple - below is my issue and also Microsofts response:

i have an ipod nano 3rd gen, working off a near new laptop with windows vista. itunes is all set up, no issues with ipod at all but when i plug the ipod in, it only charges the ipod.

computer does not recognise the ipod at all, in windows or itunes. there is no portable device driver in the Device Manager or anywhere at all.

it is not the usb port as other usb's have been recognised. i've tried in all other usb ports as well. bottom line is that windows vista (and itunes) is not recognising the ipod at all.

i've been in touch with apple, with no avail. i've googled solutions only to find hundreds of other posts with exactly the same problem but no helpful solution. windows vista has no portable device port - how does one get this on their pc???

i've been at this for 4 days now and have uninstalled/reinstalled way too many times and i'm at wits end!! any advice (other than "have you tried another usb port" or "have you reset the ipod" or anything similar) would be much appreciated.

once again, there is no portable/ipod device drive located on this computer. please, i'm really hoping someone can help =)

*Microsofts response:*


Step 1:Turn USB bus power back

If laptop is configured to conserve power by turning off power on the USB (Universal Serial Bus), it might not recognize a connected iPod.
... Read more

A:Satellite L300 & Windows Vista are not recognising Ipod

> Step 3:Download and install the latest chipset drivers from the laptop manufacturer?s website.
>*So here I am with the issue still not resolved. How do i Download and install the latest chipset drivers >in order to have Toshiba Satellite L300 & Microsoft Vista recognise my ipod?

Install an hardware diagnostic tool like Everest home Edit or similar.
This tool would provide all hardware details about your notebook.
It would list all devices and chipset name too.
I think it?s Intel chipset so you could find the driver on the Intel page?


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I have a problem with a satellite l300-1fj,, the laptop is my grandads and some how he managed to delete or corrupt the BOOTMG( kept getting black screen with BOOTmhr is missing press CTRL +ALT + DEL to restart only to loop!

It was running it's preinstalled windows vista, I didn't possess a vista recovery disk but I did have a windows 7 disk I used to re install windows 7

Solved my BOOYmgr is missing problem but since then I have no WiFi!!

There is nothing! the switch at the front if the laptop is not turning WiFi on and the fn + f8 hot keys seemed to be redundant now and there is now no sign of the driver in device manager the only driver now under "network adapters" is for Ethernet connection

Iv searched for the drivers online and can't seem to find them anywhere not even on the Toshiba website

Any help will be greatly received

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I have upgraded to Windows 8 but I have found that the Wifi adapter needs to be reset frequently (there seems to be no cause) - the Windows 8 trouble shooter resolves it by resetting the adapter but I thought that there would be fix for this?

When I looked to update the drivers I have found that the L300 is not listed (in either the un-upgradeable or the upgradable lists) - is the L300 compatible in this regard with another model? Or can you suggest how to update all the Toshiba drivers for this model.


A:Satellite Pro L300 upgraded to Win8 but would like to update drivers

Your Satellite Pro is pretty old notebook model and not supported for Win8.
It is problematic to find drivers for non supported and old notebook models.

Problem is that if you make decision to do this anyway you are on your own and can be just lucky if everything works properly.
> is the L300 compatible in this regard with another model?
It is not easy to give you proper answer. What must be done is to compare every important hardware component like chipset, GPU, sound chip, LAN/WLAN with other models and see if some Win8 drivers are available. It is not so easy.

For instance: Toshiba offers 4 different hardware platforms for Satellite pro L300. Which one do you have? What is the model number of your machine?

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