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Problem with my new Acer computer and Sound Forge 8

Q: Problem with my new Acer computer and Sound Forge 8

Dear friends:

I work in Radio and TV stations as the person in charge of placing
the music and sound effects for Radio and TV shows,and I need your help as soon as posible..I Was using the Sony Sound Forge 8 in a HP laptop with XP Pro and the program was working really good,but I had a problem with the HP Laptop and I have to run and bought a new computer,as a computer technician,the warehouses make me good prices in computer parts and computers,so I bought an Acer Aspire 4520 with the VISTA OS
and now I dont know if it is the computer or the Vista that make the sound output real bad like when you are listening to an old cassette machine,it start slow and after a while you start listening acceptable..I don't know if it is syncronization beetween the data that is in the hard disk and the program or it's that I need a driver,I download the Realtek audio driver just in case,and installed but I still have the problem..But if I play any music in iTunes it sounds real good,Can you help me?

Roberto Lopez
[email protected]

Preferred Solution: Problem with my new Acer computer and Sound Forge 8

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Problem with my new Acer computer and Sound Forge 8

I checked around the web, and it appears that Sound Forge 8 doesn't support Vista.

You can try to run it in Compatibility mode: Right click the program icon and select 'Properties' at the bottom. Select the 'Compatibility' tab, check the box and use the drop down to choose which mode.

If that doesn't work, then the Vista compatible version hs available here:
Sony Creative Software - Sound Forge 9 - System Requirements

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Hello everybody

Can anybody tell me how to solve this problem:
I have a sound forge version 90e installed, it was working perfectly. Yesterday this didn't start.
I try to remove it, but it doesn't appear in add remove programs.
I try to install over it, and i can't because the installer file 9.0 (a or b or c or d or e ) tell me that a version newer already exists.
I think its a registry problem, but i don't know how to repair it.

PS: any version less than 9 (7 or 8), I can install and it works perfectly, but i want to install version over 9.0, because is more stable and more functions than other older.
Thanks in advance


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I had a glitch in my sound forge, in that, it started slowing down. I use this program, and have it registered, for playing music and being able to control the bass and other voices. However, I decided that it had a problem and I uninstalled it. Bad news.
When I attempted to reinstall it, it says "it cannot find the directory of the initial setup". So, I checked for sys.ini files, and windows\system files, and any references in the registry and cleaned them up, and it still says the same thing. By the way, the version of it is sound forge 4.5.

A:Sound Forge

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Can you connect a microphone to your sound card and then record music or something using Sound Forge?

A:Sound Forge

i know for a fact you can do it with audacity, a quick google search and a download will be all you need to get audacity....

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How to open a MP3 file in Sound Forge 6.

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Is it possible to NOT have sfv files along with every audio file that's saved?

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Hello, I'm not a pro at computers or programs. So here Goes! I have a question or rather a problem. I have Sound Forge Audio Studio 9.0. It is on a Compaq Evo 800c notebook computer.
I get a clicking noise ever time I try to record from a external microphone! I don't know if program or computer! I have tried to record some guitar and singing from a external mic. It just starts clicking, when I start recording or rather saving it in a file on HD. But on speaker, when recording it sounds like clicking. I have tried it with mic it a different room. To assure no feedback! I have also used headphones to see if that is problem wile recording. It is the same all the time. I have used adapters and tried different mics. Same thing!
Is this a bad program or Computer??? I paid a good sum for this program a couple of years ago. I've been under the weather for several years. That is why I'm posting Now!
I would appreciate any Help or Knowledge on it.

Thank You Davey C Sr

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In the middle of a function, such as Graphic EQ, Normalize, etc., Sound Forge pauses for over a minute, stuck on whatever %, then resumes after about 2 minutes. It's a new computer (to me), and this program has never done that to me on any other PC I've owned. Could this be some setting in the BIOS or Configurations?


A:Sony Sound Forge 9

I could not edit my post so I had to update with a new post:

I noticed in Task Manager that "winhlp32.exe" shows up while Sound Forge is hanging. If the program doesn't lock up, "winhlp32.exe" doesn't show up in Task Manager.

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Hi folks,
I was wondering something. I know that Sony offers trials for all of their products. My question is though, how on earth do you get the trial of sound forge to work? I downloaded the installer offered by Sony, I clicked run trial, and still I get the box asking for my registration information and nonexistent serial number. any suggestions/explanations? And I am running Windows 7 ultimate and pro.


A:Sound Forge issues

Oh ... never mind. I just checked yesterday, and I think I've figured it out. It won't load due to Sony's stupid rules that trials require qritten permission from the company. It'd be really nice if they had made that clear! Why the heck don't they make that explicit? I mean, that could cause some real trouble if they aren't careful.

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Can someone tell me how to uninstall sound forge 9

A:How to uninstall sound forge 9

I would imagine a 300 dollar piece of software should come with an uninstallerTry Revo uninstaller:http://www.revouninstaller.com/revo_uninst...e_download.htmlI would take the time to backup important documents first

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after registering i get an error that never allows the program to open..


A:Sound Forge 7.0 error

the picture of the error doesnt want to appear.. so i'll just have to type wat it says..

An error occurred starting Sound Forge.Error 0x8004e153 [message missing]

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Can anybody confirm if Sony Sound Forge 9.0e works well with Windows 7?


A:Sony Sound Forge 9.0e

So I tried troubleshooting with the Win 7 application which took me through the steps of running Sound Forge as a system admin and also in WinXP SP2 compatibility mode. Nothing helped. Then the troubleshooting app checked with the Microsoft database and determined that, as of now, SF9 is an incompatible program.

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I used Sound Forge 5 on my '98 box for years, but when I installed it recently on my XP laptop, it won't work. When I open a song and copy it, it freezes the system. I have uninstalled, reinstalled and tried compatability of each system listed, but the same freezeup always happens. That being said, I also installed SP2 on the laptop, and that may have a bearing on what's happening. Has anyone else has an issue like this?


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I installed sound forge onto my compaq laptop recently with the aim of recording directly from my turntables via the line in socket. I was surprised to find that the sound quality was awful! Would this be down to the sound card? (i think it's called soundmax?) Is it possible to upgrade the sound card?

A:using sound forge on my compaq laptop

If it is because of your soundcard then look here:

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Hi Guys,

My OS > Win XP pro with SP2 > .Net Framework 1.1 Installed.

I tried installing Sound Forge 8x on my System, after installation a prompt pops up that I need a .Net Framework for running the application and it offers me to take to the Windows .Net Download site.

However I've a .Net Framework 1.1 Package already installed on my system.

What could be the probable error, and How to settle this issue?

Awaiting an Expert Solution...


A:.Net Framework Error with Sound Forge 8x

i just checked ...i have net framework 2.0 on mine perhaps u need the newer version.
there's also a 1.1 hot fix listed in my add and remove progs.

i would do the download and see if soundforge works after that

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I am using Sound Forge 9.0.
I have tried several times to burn a CD from an edited file.
After about 15 minutes I get tthe message "The disc burn completed without errors." But there is nothing on the disk.
I know the cd burner works as I can copy the files using window, though it comes through with none of the markers/tracks I created.
Any ideas?

A:Defining tracks with Sound Forge

Lets assume you're doing a "save as" before you burn it to a cd.

Are you buring the file as data or music? SoundForge defaults to burning as music.

If you want to save all your markings you must save the meta file with it, as data, which you can do thru Windows.

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Hi All

I have Sound Forge V8.d and I have been very happy with it until now.

Just built a new studio computer and installed Sound Forge.

When I try and open the program, the splash screen opens and then it freezes. An error box pops up that says:

Error signature
EventType: BEX P1: Forge80.exe P2: P3: 44316287
P4: deltasio.dll P5: P6: 45b8e502 P7: 0000463b
P8: c0000409 P9: 00000000

My computer is based on a Asus P8H77-V motherboard, Intel Core i5-3550 3.30GHz Processor, 4 GB Kingston HyperX Genesis DDR3 Ram and a Corsair 64 GB Solid State Drive.
I run Windows XP Service Pack 3
My soundcard is a M-Audio Delta 2496 running drivers specific to XP SP3

In case the error was in some way caused by my soundcard (P4: of the error message mentions deltasio.dll) I have tried to install Sound Forge V8.d with both the Service Pack 2 and 3 drivers but I get the same result.
I have also tried to install Sound Forge 7.0 which I still have from when I upgraded to V8 and I get the same error.

Can anyone help as Sound Forge is mission critical to me, I use it every day (when it was working).

Thanks in advance


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I have Sound Forge 9 installed on my desktop computer and it works fine.

I realise there?s doubt over compatibility of Sound Forge 9 with Windows 7 but I?ve installed it on my new Windows 7 laptop (Acer 1410 64 bit) and it works as normal - except it won?t Record.
I can send a music file to it OK. Waveform displayed and I play with it, etc. However when I ask it to Record, all I see on the monitor is noise at around -60dB, just as if the recorder has an open-circuit input, which it probably has! It will record and playback this noise so it?s running but not connected to a sound source.
The source would usually be an internet source eg. streaming radio.

So to check things I?ve downloaded Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 (trial version) which is compatible with Windows 7 but I get the same results, -60dB noise only!
I?ve also tried Audacity 1.3 Beta, the same!

So somewhere I guess, I need to tick a box or change a setting to let audio through. I?ve tried all the various sound settings I know about in Sound Forge and via Control Panel.

Grateful for any idea?

A:Sound Forge with Windows 7 Not Recording

What or where are you trying to record from? If it's streaming audio from the Internet you need the "System Mixer" function. On some new PC's it's not there and on some others it's there but not enabled.

If the System Mixer is what you need, go to the Sound Panel. Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Sound. In the Sound Panel click on the Recording tab. If the System Mixer is listed, make it the default recording device. If it's not listed, RIGHT click in an empty area in the panel and check both boxes to display both Disabled and Disconnected Devices. If the System Mixer now shows up you can select it and make it the default playback device. If it still does not show up, if you are lucky the PC vendor will have updated drivers that enable the System Mixer.

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Hi guys! I need your help!

I had " Sound Forge 9 Trial " and my trial ran out and I want it off my computer, however when I go to add/remove programs and hit remove it says :

"The system administrator has set policies to prevent the installation"

What is it and what should i to do to uninstall it?

A:Sony Sound Forge 9 Trial

See if Hitsquad's answer helpshttp://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/237817/how-to-uninstall-sound-forge-9/

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hey i have been trying to record into sound forge but it keeps coming up with microsoft sound mapper not found or doesnt exist i have been into the sound control panel and went into recording and no device is there. sound works on my computer but i cant record

help me please

A:sony sound forge help (vista)

Reinstall the program.

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I love using sound forge to cut up wave files and burn CDs. Recently I've started using it for MP3s, but after 20 conversions, it asked for a code key which I don't have. What other options do I have other than buying new software.

Thank you,


A:Sound Forge 6.0 Mp3 V2.0 Plug-in Code

Is it the Sony Sound Forge or SoundforgeXP? Also is this the trial version you're using?

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I uninstalled Sound Forge 9 with Perfect Uninstaller. The program does not show up on the Add/Remove Programs list nor the Perfect Uninstaller list anymore.However, when I try to do a fresh install, I get Sound Forge is already installed. If you want to reinstall the application, use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall the existing version before reinstalling.As I mentioned, this program does not show up in the Add/Remove list anymore.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Cannot re-install Sony Sound Forge 9



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The one thing that has forced me (for years) to stick with Nero Express is it's feature to normalize audio files via RMS normalization.

I have been using the RMS method since Nero version 6 (if I remember correctly) because, first of all, I don't find ReplayGain dependable (IMHO); and second, it's useless to me because I can't use it on an MP3 player.

Through the years of using RMS I can now pretty much know exactly how much normalization I need to apply to a song in order to bring its volume up as much as possible before clipping. Simply normalizing using peak is completely worthless, because even on a same music album, different songs can have different peaks, and tweaking the normalization process numeous times before I get it right for each and every song would be a complete waste of time.

Recently I've gotten used to Sound Forge more than ever because I often find myself tweaking CDs I wish to rip... long silences, premature mixing cutoffs and generally low volume peaks. I'd import a CD into Sound Forge and mix all the songs to a single file, save them then burn them to ISO with Nero, usually applying RMS normalization of value 35, then mount the ISO and reimport the audio into Sound Forge and make my tweaks, also separating each song to a new .wav file then compressing them.

Let me just clarify that most of my music is metal, and that a value of 35 is, in most cases, seemlessly perfect because it doesn't just give me the loudest possible volume (without clipping... Read more

A:Nero Express 10 VS. Sound Forge 10: RMS Normalization

I am familiar with what you're talking about. I own Nero 11 but at this time I am having a horrible difficulty normalizing audio in a movie DVD I am making, for classic b/w cartoon shorts. I am trying to put 16-18 cartoons in each DVD for a total of 6 DVDs, which makes a total of around 100 cartoons or more. But who wants to edit the volume one by one? So I left the project alone for about 1 year now, and I decided to buy "Ashampoo Burning Studio", which offers to "normalize" audio in the video tracks, but I am left with the enigma on how to set the thumbs for the menu. Unfortunately, now I have the frustration that I need to take a snapshot of a suitable scene from each of the cartoon shorts, as the only way to edit the thumbs in Ashampoo is to choose an image in my computer. What a headache, you can never get everything in one package!

I wonder how you managed to normalize things in Nero, but my experience is that it is not automatic. So I am frustrated.

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Hi folks,
I'm an enthusiast, as you probably know by now, and I have a question. I was reading through the manual for sound forge the other night, and I discovered lots of references to the Nyquist frequency. Does anyone here know what that is, and does it have anything to do with audacity's menu choice Nyquist prompt? any explanation or input would be great.


A:interesting find in the sound Forge manual

Hi, the Nyquist frequency is half the sample rate of a digitally encoded signal. That's the highest audio frequency that the sampling can describe unambiguously - the common example is the CD 44.1 KHz rate, for which the Nyquist frequency is 22.05 KHz.The Nyquist prompt in Audacity accesses a programming language to control effects processing.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nyquist_frequencyhttp://wiki.audacityteam.org/index.php?tit..._Nyquist_Prompt

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Hi All,

I'm new to this forum and appreciate all of the great information on switching over to Windows 7.

I use Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 9d and Audacity and I can't find any information on their compatibility with Windows 7.

Anyone have any information on whether or not these programmes will work with Windows 7 or not?

Many thanks,

A:Sound Forge Audio Studio 9d & Audacity

Audactiy works great for Win7 (8se it to make ringtones )

As for the Sony program...it works for WinVista so I would install it in compatibility mode (Compatibility Mode) for Windows Vista and run the app as an Administrator (Run as Administrator)

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Hey guys,

I just recently bought Sony Sound Forge 10 at a local computer store. I installed it on to my computer, and now it will not open. I have tried running it as "administrator" and that didn't do anything. I tried restarting my computer still nothing. I also tried reinstalling it and that didn't help either. I've looked online and found nothing for this program about this issue. If anyone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated.


A:Sony Sound Forge Not Launching After Install

You need to post more information about your problem: what error message are you getting? Are you 32 or 64 bit? Does anything else bad happen on your system?

Also, go here for direct contact with people who know about SoundForge: Sony Creative Software - Forums - Sound Forge Product Family

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Hi, i recently started restoring all the vinyl records i have. im currently using sony sound forge 10.0.... using this im able to eliminate all the clicks and crackles... but there's a deep bass hum which i wish to filter but i cant do so without filtering the bass in the song as well.... any suggestions???

A:Vinyl restoration help for Sony Sound Forge 10.0

Is the low hum on the recordings or is it a "ground loop" hum? If you connect whatever external device you have connected to the PC, such as a stereo system output, RIAA preamp (you can't connect the turntable direct unless it has a built in RIAA preamplifier and most do not) with no record playing do you her the low hum? If you do its a ground loop hum and you need to correct that. Ground loop hums are common with guitar amps and AC powered effects and the "quick and dirty" way to fix it is to lift the AC power ground on one device.

One other condsideration, the interconnecting cable between the external device and the PC audio input. It must be a shielded audio cable. If you use a "speaker" cable it is unshielded and AC hum can be picked up.

On the other hand if you are connecting a turntable, that does not have a built in RIAA preamp, direct to the PC that is probably some (if not all) the problem. First the output from the turntable needle is too low for a PC input, second you need the RIAA preamp to recover the full fidelity of the recording.

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Hi there guys, I'm hoping someone here can offer me some advice.

Firstly, I have a Toshiba S300-12O laptop purchased in January. I've downgraded to XP Pro via the downgrade disk.
I have had zero problems until recently when I installed Sony Sound Forge 8 on the machine. I tried to burn an audio CD using SF8 and the machine hung, SF8 not responding. Nothing worked at all and I had to manually switch off the machine. Had another crack at it and it then said there had been a serious error and the PC had to close etc.
Sent off the error report to Microsoft when the machine rebooted and said it had recovered from a serious error etc.

Could this be a driver issue? I've had a look around but can't find any drivers out there apart from the one that allows you to play DVD's on the laptop.

The optical drive is TEAC DW-W28-RT multi layer. I can open mp3's from the drive on to SF8, not tried burning mp3's or anything as yet.

I've not tried to burn an audio disc using any other utility as yet or actually burned anything at all on any software. SF8 is my overwhelming favourite and I would like to use this one as I do some music editing etc and it is my software of choice. Any advice greatly appreciated guys.

A:Satellite Pro S300-12O - Sound Forge 8 doesn't respond


To be honest this program is not known to me but in my opinion you should look for an update on the manufactures website.
Check if the program is compatible with Windows XP.

Last but not least you should check if you have the same issue with another program. I think this is an issue of the program that you use.


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my sound forge does record anything that I"m listening to on the net, but seems to have some kind of protection that turn off my PC after a minute!!!!
I deed record and saved radio programs in the past, but now this turn off is making me mad!
Also I know there are cheap programs out there for radio recording. Any advices?

A:Solved: internet radio recording with sound forge

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In and audio broadcasting machine we have screenblaster acid and sound forge that have been working for the last couple of years. A couple of weeks ago when we went to record it says no devices. What is causing the conflict? The player will play cds and we also tried a new one but it still does the same thing. It is on an xp pro machine. Can anyone figure this one out?

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I have an Acer netbook and all of a sudden the sound on it sounds warbled. Like the people or music is under water. It kinda crackles in and out. How do I go about getting this repaired.


A:Problem with the sound on my Acer

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I like taking stuff apart and putting them back together to see how they work and i have a Acer 5742z with windows 7 and took it apart a couple of times and it worked every time i put back together but this time... the external sound doesn't work.. saying that the sound works on my TV fine.... so wondering how does the sound work on a laptop is it a wire i haven't put back or something... if so were about is this wire if not how do i fix it.

Thanks for your time

A:Acer 5742z Sound Problem

The sound jacks are soldered onto the motherboard. Unless you broke the soldered connection or shorted it.
If there is no damage to the motherboard, boot into Setup (Bios) go to Integrated Peripherals. Look for Onboard Sound, if it is disabled, using your Enter and Arrow key, Enable it.
Boot into Windows, Go to Start/Search and type devmgmt.msc, right click the devmgmt results and Run As Administrator. In the Elevated Device Manager see if there are any devices with Yellow flags, if so, these devices need drivers. Go to the Acer drivers page, Acer | Download Drivers and Manuals | Acer Official Site type in your make and model# and download the Audio driver for your model.

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dear all, good morning,   this morning, a problem with my acer aspire v5 occur.. suddenly the sound playback device is disabled accidently,so the speaker is disabled is anyone know how to enable it again? in the sound playback device options, mentione "no audio device are instaled" anyone could help? thank you

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dear all, good morning,   this morning, a problem with my acer aspire v5 occur.. suddenly the sound playback device is disabled accidently,so the speaker is disabled is anyone know how to enable it again? in the sound playback device options, mentione "no audio device are instaled" anyone could help? thank you

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Hello,  Since yesterday, when I plug my headset or earphones, something in jack, the sound is received but a sizzling is constantly present as a radio sound and this is horrible.So if someone know the solution, i take it.  Thanks you very much   

A:Acer Aspire VN7 Sound Problem

Get new drivers at: http://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers And download the correct driver for your system. Come back if that doesn't work.

First, CALM DOWN and look at my profile picture. Calm? Now post your message. If I helped, a Kudos would be great! Marking as solution will help others as well, thank you!

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I am having an issue with the sound on my laptop. It will play videos and music, but at some point the sound just....freezes. It is like when a CD has a scratch and it plays the same two words over and over again. Most of the time the screen is not frozen and I can click to exit out or shut the computer down. The sound, however, does not stop when I shut it down or unplug it. It only stops when I remove the battery. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Acer Aspire 5100 Sound Problem

I have an Acer Aspire 5332 and this used to happen to me but when it used to happen I would open up task manager, go to processes and find explorer.exe, then I would click it click end process then go to the applications tab and click new task, then just type in explorer.exe this fixed it for me and it happened for a while but went away on it's own. Hope this helps you.

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hello there,

i have got the same problem with mty t671. can you tell me how you managed to resolve the problem.


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Hello, i have reinstalled my Acer T671 under windows XP and now i am searching for drivers. I can't find a driver for the onboard ethernet controller. Can somebody help me?


A:Need help plz, sound problem on ACER T671 winxp

hi there. i too have this problem but i aint having any joy. the only chopset drivers are for the OS vista.

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Wondering if anyone can help me. We have just bought a Acer Aspire X1301 pc to hook up to our tv via hdmi. When trying to play sounds, it?s all distorted and tinny. We?ve tried different hdmi cables, different slot on the tv and headphones (sound was fine). I?ve updated the sound drivers and chipset, is there anything that can be causing this? It?s driving me crazy

Have a video to show the error if required

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hi every one
i just recently reinstall my computer to windows xp, and i cant get my sound to work for some reason altho i have driver installed. in device manager i do have a device not installed but i cant figure out wat its "PCI DEVICE" would that be the mother board INF ?
motherboard : Acer MRS600M
which i cant find it at all :S
and i cant find xp driver on acer site for this model either.
need some hlep to fix the sound plz

A:[RESOLVED] Need help plz, sound problem on ACER T671 winxp

Hi and welcome,
The pci device could be the sound card. Open up the pc and see if it is seated correctly.

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Hello everyone, Lately, I am having a lot of problems with my sound. The sound of my Acer Aspire V Nitro VN7-572G-7620 is very low even when I turned it to 100% volume. It has been going on for a few weeks already and today I updated my laptop but it did not help at all. There are no more updates; my laptop is up-to-date. I already checked the settings of my sound and there is no limited output on. The standard is Realtek High Definition Audio (SST). Anyone has a solution for this problem? If you need more information, just ask. Thanks already.. Regards, Redtje

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My Acer Extensa 4630z laptop sound/audio driver on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit not working. It was working few days before but stopped suddenly. I tried all the audio driver from Download Drivers and Manuals | Acer Official Site. By the way there is no audio driver for Windows 7 so I even tried Vista audio driver from same site but no luck. I tried Driver Pack solution 14 but it could not detect audio. I even installed new Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit but no luck it found automatically many drivers but not audio. Please help me figure out audio problem. I tried installing Realtek driver for Vista and Windows 7, no luck either. thanks

A:Acer Extensa 4630z laptop sound/audio driver problem Windows 7 32bit

Hi ... Welcome to Seven Forums ... Have you Installed the Chipset Driver ?

Also run Windows Updates as it can provide many Drivers ? ...

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I have acer computer and I replaced the harddrive cause I thought drive crashed. Well when I replaced it and hooking it back up. When booting the computer to install the windows xp it stops at verifying pool date...... What does that mean? I couldn't find another 160gb harddrive so i had to get a 300+ gb hardrive.

3200+ amd sempron,512mb,160gb,combo drive.ast160-us321h

A:Problem with new hard drive in Acer computer

Turn off PC, unplug the power cord and open the case. Remove the shiny watch type battery in there for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes insert the battery back in on the motherboard. Plug-in the power cord. When you turn on the PC go into the BIOS and change the Clock settings. Make sure the DMI (desktop management interface or system management SMBIOS can see the HDD.

The issues you were having is that the system needed to have it's CMOS (memory to hold the date, time, and system setup parameters) reset or flush out the old data.

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The problem started out of nowhere.I have windows xp and I noticed that my whole computer is been running kinda choppy.anything that has audio will skip,including music,aim sounds,videos,video games,anything in general.also my mouse moves choppy.It will pause for a second and then start moving again with no problem and then pause again.The mouse mainly moves choppy when I load up certain programs.
I tried scanning my computer with spybot ad-aware and avg antivirus and it found nothing.I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling Realtek ac97 and that didnt work either.
I have a cable modem so I know its not my internet connection speed.
I had my computer over a year and it was running with no problems.I started having these problems about 3 or 4 days ago.
Can somebody please help me fix these problems with my computer?

A:computer sound skipping problem,mouse moving choppy problem

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Somehow I was wondering,
Do malware exist that forge the logs?

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I downloaded a program (Audacity) from there and cannot remove it. Is this harmful to my computer?

A:Program from Source Forge?

Hi NikolaTesla Audacity is a legitimate program, so you can uninstall it without any worries. What happens when you try to uninstall it? On a side note, Source Forge is now offering bundling installers for programs where their author authorized it (via an opt-in option), so other programs (mostly PUPs) might have been installed on your system when you installed Audacity without your knowledge.

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