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Show Data Usage on Near by Wi-Fi list like windows 8.1 ?

Q: Show Data Usage on Near by Wi-Fi list like windows 8.1 ?

In windows 8.1 accessing near by wi-fi networks list next to clock showed data usage for each monitored network right under network name , i understand that windows 10 now monitors data in general over a one month span unrelated to which network you use or billing periods which is far beyond the definition lame , so can this feature of windows 8.1 be enabled on Windows 10 in any form for even one single network ?

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Preferred Solution: Show Data Usage on Near by Wi-Fi list like windows 8.1 ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)



I want to set MS office so that when I look in a folder or my documents it shows the files in a list rather than icons. Can I reset so that it defaults this way for all existing folders and new ones I create.

Thanks for your help

Dublin, Ireland

A:Show data as list rather than as icons etc

Open any folder...My Documents will do...and arrange it the way you want all folders to be arranged using the View menu.

Once you have it the way you want it, up at the top go to Tools>Folder Options and go to the View tab. Click the "Apply to all folders" button, click OK.

If it's the appearance of folders that open when you use the Save As or Open feature in an Office application, if they don't display the changes you made in Folder Options, on the right-hand side, just above where the folder contents display, there are several buttons.

Hover the cursor over each until you find the "View" button. Click the tiny down-pointing arrowhead next to it to open the list of choices and click on the one you want.

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Win 8.1/64 with all the latest fisxes, I am on a slow satellite internet connection (Starband) and do almost all our downloading from midnight to 6 am because that window does not count against our bandwidth usage. Last night I downloaded about 450mb between midnight and 6 am and the network usage app reported zero usage between midnight and 6 am but reported it all in the 6am window which is a problem for me. This showed at 6:04 am which makes it physically impossible.
Yesterday I did the registry hack to remove the 20% system reserved bandwidth in order to speed up the network and wonder if this could of had an impact on the false recording?
All suggestions appreciated.

A:Network Usage app show false data

I also recently set my wifi connection to a metered connection to save bandwidth and wondering if that can cause the weirdness with the Network Usage app. Now the network app only flashes briefly and disappears when started. Did an uninstall and reinstalled from app store and the same weirdness occurs where if just flashes briefly when selected then goes away. Also when I click on estimated usage or reset under my network icon in settings nothing happens. The registry key for viewing network usage is 1.

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Hi I have a Portege z10t and I use to be able to see my data usage in the setting. I use to tell what I had used in my billing cycle.. I can't even get the billing cycle date to change now.. Not sure if it is a hardware issue or a software issue.. Any help would be appreciated Thanks

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Hi guys.

I've searched the forum but nothing shows up. Please move this thread to the correct forum if needed?

I have the GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} shortcut on the desktop which shows a list of additional features on Vista and Windows 7. I found a link to show all Windows errors which I put on my desktop but I must have accidentally deleted it. I search again but I can't find it.

Does anyone know how to get it back?


A:Show list of errors on Windows 7

Is this it?

System Error Codes (1 to 15841) & What Each Code Means

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Using the inbuilt duplicate highlight function in a column lists everything that is a duplicate. Even when a filter is applied it still shows entries as duplicate. Which is correct, it is a duplicate.

How to only show duplicates in the filtered list pertaining to the filtered data?

Niemeyer 60242 $1,178.10 12/11/2009 Niemeyer 58186 $1,178.20 18/06/2009 Niemeyer 7907 $1,178.10 24/02/2009 Niemeyer 7449 $1,178.00 22/01/2009 Niemeyer 7007 $1,178.00 22/12/2008 Niemeyer 7007 $1,155.00 22/12/2008
the date col shows a duplicate 24/02/2009 but is totally unrelated to Niemeyer, date belongs to another record for another company that is not in the filtered list

A:Filter list to show only duplicates in the filtered list

i have not used the duplicate function in excel 2007

I would create another column and concatenate the columns


that will bring column A, B, C and E into one cell - say cell H

I want to test for duplicates and then use something like in Column I
to test that new column and then filter

But i'm sure an excel guru will be along to propose a better solution

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I was working on my Dad's laptop and started a task manager. All that was displayed in the task manager was the list of programs running. This is what would normally be displayed on the Applications tab. There were buttons for "new task", "end task". But all of the other tabs were missing (Processes, Performance, Networking, Users). There was not even a way to close or minimize the window.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on with this?


A:windows 7 task manager does't show process list

try double-clicking the edge of the window (not the aero glass border, but near them) - it should bring everything back.

Task Manager has two different views. To see the view that includes menus and tabs, double-click the border of the Task Manager window. To switch back to the view without menus and tabs, double-click anywhere in the border around the tabs.


i have to admit that i don't understand the purpose of this 'feature'.

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My problem is that the imported blocked senders list does not show up in the new system. I am migrating from Vista (WLM2011) to Win7 (WLM2012).
I have copied [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\PerPassportSettings\0\Junk Mail\Block Senders List] from Vista unto a USB.
I then opened Win7 [[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\PerPassportSettings\0\Junk Mail\Block Senders List] and copied the content from the USB.
The operation was successful, so said a small window, but when I opened Win7 (WLM2012), the block senders list remained empty.
Somehow the security option does not seem to recognize the above registry folder.
What has gone wrong?

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Can you point me to the best fixes to stop Win 10 using so much data, no videos being watched, maybe looking a photos on usedguns, too much, not much else.

A:Data usage, windows 10.

In what regard? Are you referring to disk activity. how much memory is taken up or something else? As for as a good deal of memory being taken off of the top you will tend to see that more with the 64bit Windows compared to the 32bit since the 32bit does far more swapping out data to the paging file used as virtual memory while the 64bit preloads more into the active ram. That more or less preloads to some extent the most often used programs for a more efficient start up when going to run something.

If you feel something is still grabbing too much out of the resources the Startup tab found in the Task manager is the place to go to look over your startup items and besides any essentials you can easily disable any that appear to be "memory hogs"? being one of the old school terms there.

First before deciding to disable any a look in the Memory tab will generally indicate just what is taking the most memory. The Performance and Resource meters now seen in 10 can also be a help at times in trying to determine just what is grabbing up the resources if this is software related.

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It seems that Windows 10 can be quite data hungry and I have found some information on reducing it's usage.  But what I would like to be able to do is have an easy way to switch between "home" and "away" modes.  Where "home" is using my home network with plenty of data available and "away" only uses a minimal amount of data when connected via my smartphone or mobile hotspot which has a very limited amount of data available.   Is this something that could be automatic or at least easily switchable?
Tethered Laptop to my smartphone as a Mobile hotspot once and my whole months data disappeared in the blink of an eye.

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I am trying to track Data Usage over Wifi in Windows 8.1 and Clicks Windows Key + I >>> Choose Change PC Settings >>>>> Networks and the Windows stops responding and closes after some time when I move to other Windows...

The Data Tracking Feature is not working by right Clicking the Network Name from Wifi Network Icon in Right-Bottom Side of the Taskbar....

A:Monitor Data Usage in Windows 8.1

Your router/gateway should show. As for what goes through the network connection. Task Manager will show it. Also if you open up the Network adapter and look in Status. See Checking the wireless connection speed of your computer As for converting Bytes to Mb/s. You can use this converter. Convert bytes to megabytes - Conversion of Measurement Units

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I have two problems:

I have a lot of scanning data, all date and time stamped. All the scans show different status of shipped packages (all shipments have unique ID#, but there are multiple scans on route for all of them to track the packages). I want to find all the packages, for which there was "misdirected" scan, then for all of them, show the scan before. So, the end result would be all the scans that show for each package where it was misdirected (the terminal# of the scan before the misdirect scan).

I want to automate this: run 5 queries every two hours between 8am and 10pm, copy and paste all results into Excel to specified areas (e.g. first query results to A1, second to A5000, third to A10000, etc. or onto different tabs), save as .csv to a specific folder, then send it as attachment to a given e-mail address. Even partial solution can be good.
I only know macros (somewhat), not as much VBA, so I tried that with the TransferSpreadsheet command, but can't get it work.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: ACCESS: Show second latest data and export data to excel from macro

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My Sony Vaio (windows 7) died last night, after I dropped it in my garage getting out of the car. I removed the hard drive and installed it in an external case. I have it connected to my work laptop (dell windows 7) and I do hear the tone when I plug in the USB that tells me the computer noticed a new device. However, I do not see the drive available in explorer so I can copy my files.

After reading other posts I tried a few things with no success.

When I go into device manager I see "generic external USB device", and I have tried uninstall / scan for hardware changes. After a few minutes it changes back to "generic external USB device" so no good.

I go into disk management and I don't see the external drive at all.

What should I do next? Not an IT guy, just hoping I can recover my files. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

A:Computer Died... trying to recover data from drive, windows won't show

Update: I went back into disk management and I do see "Disk 1" now, but when I attempt to initialize I get the dialog box and it asks me for the partition style. No mater which option (MBR or GPT) I choose I get "Virtual Disk Manager - Incorrect Function" as an error message.

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so like the title says i have been using Brinks method to reset Data Usage by deleting the SRU folder contents , now somehow the SRU folder decided to stop rebuilding data , so i would like of all who has any sort of knowledge about this topic to supply tips regarding :
1 - If there is an MS Fixit app dedicated for that issue ?
1 - Appropriate folder permissions for the SRU folder
2 - Registry entries related to data usage and folder
3 - Services that regulates/operates data usage
to help me trouble shoot that issue ?

thanks in advance !

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On windows 10 I was trying to look at how much data I've used in the past 30 days through Settings > Network & Internet > Data Usage. Sadly it only shows that I have used absolutely no internet whatsoever. https://gyazo.com/0c04b46105474f4907bef4e9245bf05a If I click on usage details it simply just states that my system has used 0mbs. I am using NBN and have checked that I have metered connection disabled and my network is public. I'm really lost from this point on, any and all help would be appreciated.

A:Windows 10 Data Usage Not Correctly Showing?

Hi Kitti welcome to Ten Forums, if you open up task manager does it show anything in the App history tab?

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Is there any way to reset the WiFi Data Usage meter each month?

A:Resetting Windows 10 Data usage meter

I've been trying to figure this out for 3 days now...

I monitor my network traffic with the Networx application. Windows 8.1 allowed users to reset or disable the data usage tracking, but I have not found a way to disable or reset it in Windows 10.

Someone please help.

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My power went out and when I restarted my computer, I could not get my Windows XP started. Tried safe mode, everything else, failed. Tried to start the repair install thing before backing up my data on the partition on which Windows are installed.

Now, I DID NOT start the Windows installation process.(Nothing deleted or added)

Because when I reached the part when it is supposed to show the already installed Windows versions, there was nothing there. All it showed was the partition where Windows was installed. My other partition's file system shows as NTFS, while that of this one shows Unknown and has totally free space. It is not supposed to be like this, so any help?

I did not proceed of course with the same partition and took it out of my PC. I also DID NOT format or partition it. Could Windows format it on its own when only starting the Windows XP setup booted from CD. I don't think so.

My questions are these.

Why does it appear like that when the Windows at least tries to start though doesn't run successfully.
I did not format or partition my hard drive, why is it appearing like this?
Would I be able to recover my data, even if the partition has become raw due to some virus or malware by using file recovery software such as Recuva?
Will I be able to access the data if I connect my HDD as a secondary disc to some other computer?
Will I be able to access my data without formatting it when using it as a secondary disc
Anyone to redeem my... Read more

A:Windows XP Repair doesn't show Already Installed OS + Drive Seems Formatted + Anxious About Data

The first thing I would suggest doing is to make an image of the seemingly empty partition to another drive. Then you can use TestDisk (it's free open source) to see if it can recover or repair the partition table on the image. If it can, great, if not, we can try recovering the data on the disk using Recuva, TestDisk or PhotoRec (all free).

Once we have a proper solution (and your drive seems to be physically healthy), we can apply the solution to the actual drive. This way we always have a good copy handy in addition to the one we are working on that may go bad.

If you'd like to try this, let me know if you have an external drive with at least 100GB of space on it (your partition is 98GB so it could be that big) or if you will be doing this by placing the drive in another machine that also has a separate disk with room on it for the image. I do not like to use the other partition on the same disk because we want to be as gentle as possible in case it is a problem with the drive itself.

You will need to be able to burn a CD and boot from it for the imaging tool that I prefer (free also) and it may take a few hours to make the image.

Let me know if you'd like to proceed with this and I can help you tomorrow (it is 1AM where I am now). From what you have said so far it sounds like we should be able to get the data.


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I have a number of devices connected to my virgin router, via wireless and lan.

I was wondering if their was software that exists, that allows you to monitor the speed, traffic, and what kind of bandwidth each device is getting from the router, speed etc too .

Many thanks,


A:software to monitor devies on network, data speeds, data usage ?

Since no one has replied. Here`s a google of programs.


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Whether Upgrade Readiness Management Solution collects Application Usage Data for Windows 7,7SP1 Operating Systems? under Monthly Active computers and Percent Active Computers in Total Application in Upgrade Readiness Overview Dashboard?

This is enabled by following Microsoft documentation. But we are unable to see the Application Usage data. So, we need confirmation from Microsoft regarding how it collects App Usage Data for Windows 7, 7SP1 OS.

And how a scheduled Scan(for Upgrade Readiness Management Solution) run for an Desktop when its in shutdown or not connected to internet state?
After once connected next day, then now telemetry data gets collected for previous day and for an existing day and now the data gets resembled while querying via Advanced Analytics.

i.e, We tried running a query and found that a particular App was in "Ready for upgrade" when the machine connected to internet during scheduled Scan(for Upgrade Readiness Management Solution) and gets changed to "Not reviewed state" on
next day when desktop was in shutdown state. how scheduled Scan(for Upgrade Readiness Management Solution) works when machine is in shutdown state and how applications will be showed in Advanced analytics.
Thanks & Regards,

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Is there a way to list all the Aliases?

A:Show List of All Aliases

That's a very generic question. You need to provide some context, such as aliases for what?

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I have windows xp professional and also I seen this problem in win98.Why does my recent documents list does not show the details of the files mpeg, wmv and similar files? How can I make them show?

A:My recent documents list does not show...

The recent documents list is not your actual documents. They are "links" to the actual file.

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How can I get the icons in the taskbar to show as a vertical list instead of a horizontal list, without having to move the taskbar to the left or right of the screen?
It would be great if the list came up in the same way as it does when you right-click on the icon.
I have many Excel files that begin with the same description and when it shows in the horizontal list, you cannot see what the ending is eg Income Dept A, Income Dept B, etc

A:Show Icons as Vertical List

Brink has it here if you want to see all the txt. But I think the only way you could do it vertically would be to have a massive taskbar. Maybe a folder on the desktop, with the excel files, would work for you?
Taskbar - Change Icon Button Width Size

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After setting up a new install of Win7 Professional 64bit on a Samsung laptop (previously had home premium installed). I am having these issues that I am not sure of how to resolve:

1) when clicking on the start button the programs screen pops open but NO recent programs or pinned programs show up in the list without going to ALL Programs.

2) Laptop monitor and 20" LCD Desktop monitor both are running and the neither one will go above 1366 x 768 resolution setting. I have reinstall the latest Nvidia Gforce drivers with no change.

appreciate any suggestions on these.

A:programs list do not show / screen res Low

1) Right click on empty space on Start menu - Settings - Start Menu tab - Privacy section - Store and display recently opened programs in Start menu.

2) Every video card has certain maximum output performance capabilities.
With every extra video monitor added, video card has to split it's performance capabilities among them.
If maximum performance is X, then for two monitors - x/2 for each (2 times less), for 3 monitors - x/3 each (3 times less).

If you want to get it working, you can use option External monitor only / Projector only, (you laptop monitor would be shutdown and external monitor will get all the "power" of your videocard).

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I am using a Dell D800 laptop with XP-Pro/SP2. When I go to Add/Remove programs, it does not show the whole list of programs that have been installed. The list that it does show changes depending on what sort filter I am using. The sort filter "Frequency of Use" shows the most programs. Name shows what looks like all the programs up through the letter A. Sort by size only shows 4 programs.

When I searched I found an MS document that suggested running the following command under start/run:
rundll32 setupwbv.dll,IE6Maintenance "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Setup\SETUP.EXE" /g "C:\WINDOWS\IE Uninstall Log.Txt

The first time I ran it, it said it could not find setupwbv.dll. So I downloaded a version from ?. When I ran the program again, I got the following error:
Error in setupwbv.dll
Missing entry:IE6:Maintenance

So I downloaded setupwbv2.dll, which was actually just another version of the above program. I still get the same error.

Is there any way to restore the Add/Remove list, other than by using a system restore? There are a whole bunch of entries under HKLM\Software\MS\Win\CV\Uninstall, so I think all of the information is there. For some reason, though, it's not being displayed. I looked for entries in the list with blank subkeys, but there were not any.



A:Add/Remove programs does not show whole list

The uninstall Key has more entries than is actually listed under Add/remove list, but they are not all for our use. If Add/remove programs is not showing it, then you should not try to use them and mess with it.

You can try and look through the values of these keys, and find out what they refer to, and delete them manually (by deleting program's folder).

Windows Cleaner - Registry Cleaner and History Eraser

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When I compose email and want to view all of my contacts, I click "show all" and the window partially opens and stops, showing the hour glass symbol but nothing else happens. this also seems to occur when I click on a link on the page I am looking at.

A:msn hotmail contact list will not show

Have you tried restarting your PC? Also do this before you try restarting:

Open Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options -> delete cookies, delete files (select off-line content), clear history. Then click ok.

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On CoD4 multiplayer, after I installed patch 1.6 and 1.7, server list wouldn't should up at all. Before the update, there is a couple of time when I clicked on refresh the list wouldn't come back. Any fix for this? Thanks for advice.

A:server list wouldn't show up...

im pretty sure that this isn't a vista problem because i had this same problem with my cod 4 on xp and all you have to do is either exit the program and reopen or restart your pc that is usaully what works for me.

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someone turned my router off yesterday and now the list of available wireless networks doesn't show my network. It shows some othrs not mine.

It's not the range or signal.

Any ideas? Thanks

EDIT: If a screenshot of anything would help let me know

Wired connection

Wireless connections

For me this was just following smackheadz advice, which was

'to delete your profile go to network and sharing,manage wireless networks,then right click and remove.'

After that I rebooted and my wireless network showed up on my available connections list.
I clicked connect and entered my network key and it connected.

A:wireless doesn't show up on list

what router is it?some have a switch to turn wireless on/ off

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I got a linksys router recently to replace my other one that doesn't work very well anymore and when trying to set it up I noticed that it didn't show up in the connections list and I tried what it suggested in the manual and I want to see if there is anything else I can try before I contact my ISP

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For some reason my computer will not make a list of the available partitions to boot from at startup. Instead it boots my C:/ straight away (XP).

I have 3 partitions:
XP Partition (currently booting)
Vista Partition
another Vista Partition

I have checked the drives and all the files seem to be there. I dont think its corrupted.

A:Partition list doesnt show up on startup?

I am not sure how to the Windows boot manager works, but I have heard it doesn't work that well.

You might need to use a 3rd party boot manager. A simple google search will bring many results. Most are free, some aren't. The free ones are perfectly fine for your needs.

I believe this is the one I have heard good things about. .

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Windows xp pro. The all programs menu list displays fine, but when I click on a program in the list It displays "empty" I can't find the fix. I have no system restore. Any help or ideas appreciated. Thank-you for your attention.

A:all programs list . selections show empty

Quietman7 has responded to this in Am I Infected area -

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Am I missing something? A setting? I hope so, I really need to see an indication of secured vs. open wifi signals. (truck driver). This is silly!

A:available wifi list does not show secure vs open

I realized later that there is an indication, though backwards from way I would have done it. The indication is 'no indication' if secure, but a little something if it is unsecured. Reason I didn't see a difference was all available where I was that night were secured.

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is there a way to stop an installed program from showing up in the add/remove list.
i want the program to work,but not allow anybody to know its there...


A:dont let a program show up in your add remove list

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Hi there,

I was curious if the jump list of Win 7 is only showing local files. On my PC it is not showing any recent files from network shares. Only local files.
I wanted to check with you if there is any setting or policy which might restrict network files from appearing under "Recent" in the Jump List. And if there was any, can you please tell me where I can find it? I would like to check the status on my PC too.


BTW: The jump list is the context menu which appears when you right click a pinned program like Excel, Word, etc

A:Jumps list does only show local files

Hold on, I found the policy:
User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Start Menu and Taskbar\Do not display or track items in Jump Lists from remote locations

Thread solved!

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I have a friend who has an HP Media Center pc. It was a model that came and went and searching doesn't show much info on it.

While having a conversation on Skype I was helping him with some software and asked him to look at the compatibility settings. What is odd is that they were set to Windows 95. I then told him to click so that he could reset but when he did that the list only showed up to Windows 2000, there was nothing for XP service Pack 3 which is what he uses.

Though it's not Win7 I wonder if someone here might have a suggestion as to how he can have XP show up on the list - or even if that's possible.



A:Compatibility dropdown list doesn't show system's OS

Quote: Originally Posted by DV1

I have a friend who has an HP Media Center pc. It was a model that came and went and searching doesn't show much info on it.

While having a conversation on Skype I was helping him with some software and asked him to look at the compatibility settings. What is odd is that they were set to Windows 95. I then told him to click so that he could reset but when he did that the list only showed up to Windows 2000, there was nothing for XP service Pack 3 which is what he uses.

Though it's not Win7 I wonder if someone here might have a suggestion as to how he can have XP show up on the list - or even if that's possible.



This should be of some help,

How to use Windows Program Compatibility mode in Windows XP

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I just installed a HP Deskjet 5440 and my computer says it's working properly. But when I tried to print something it didn't show up in the print list. What do I do?

Edit: Figured it out, was a bit in a hurry. Thanks for looking anyway.

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Is there any way to force a program or application that I use constantly to show up in the program list? I use Windows Explorer and it is there on the list but does not show up and there is plenty of room of it to appear. And when I try to get everything in an Alphabetical list it all goes in place but the next time I go to Programs the Apps that I put in Alphabetical order are in complete disorder.

A:Solved: Programs fail to show up on program list

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Is there some extension for SeaMonkey that will display the email address of a sender in the list pane? I have that being displayed in the header in the message window, but I would really like it to show up in the list as well.

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When I try to start a new email and begin to type a name, a drop-down list of suggestions appears, but many of the people on the list are unknown to me, and are not in my contacts list.Edit: Moved topic from Windows 7 to the more appropriate forum.~ Animal

A:Unknown contacts show up in To: list for Yahoo Mail

Hello! It's possible that one of your know contacts has been hacked or yourself has been hacked. You should contact your email provided.
Your account has been compromised, Yahoo strongly suggests that you change your password NOW. Then it will stop. Run a virus scan. Alert your contacts not to click any links in the message because it is a virus/worm At one time someone sent you an infected email and they didn't know. Like those forward chain mails. It latched on to your contact list. I'm not sure if BC's malware team can help, but you are infecting other people and you need to get this fixed immediately.

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When I peek at an explorer window, if less than 10 explorer windows are open then it shows a thumbnail of each folder. If more than 10 explorer windows are open, it shows a list of the complete path to each folder. I find the list much more useful. Is there a setting to change the behavior to always show the list of paths?


A:Peek Explorer Window - Show List instead of Thumbnail?

Hello Greg, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The tutorial below can help show you a few options to use "list mode" for taskbar icons of opened windows instead.

Taskbar List or Thumbnail Previews Mode - Change

Hope this helps,

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Is there some extension for SeaMonkey that will display the email address of a sender in the list pane? I have that being displayed in the header in the message window, but I would really like it to show up in the list as well.

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Hello everyone. Couple days ago i installed Windows 7 on my computer and as usual i checked if there is any updates available. I installed ~140 important updates, but my PC's time is still incorrect. Since my PC location and timezone are set to russian, my timezone settings have to be like (UTC +03:00) Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd (RTZ 2). But still, when i open my date and time settings, i see (UTC +03:00) Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, without RTZ2 and clocks on my pc are one hour ahead.
I've checked for new updates several times again, but Windows Update still says that there is no important updates available. There is 89 optional updates available, but KB2998527 is not shown in this list. And yes, i did hide a few important updates, but there is still no KB2998527 among them. Below you can see a few screenshots from my update center, if there is any use of them. Any solutions?

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Hey everybody,

I just noticed a bar running across the top of my desktop that has the columns of a folder (Name, Size, Item Type, Date Modified) and it is listing icons that were on my desktop.

I have attached a screenshot:

When I right click on the bar, the menu pops up and allows me to change the "folder" options, however, there is no folder open.

Full disclosure, I have not done my own thorough troubleshooting session as I quickly googled the issue, found nothing and thought someone might have seen it before and had a quick fix. Oh, I also rebooted. No dice.

Any thoughts on what has caused this are greatly appreciated.


A:Folder columns show up on desktop, list icons

Are you running any third party add-ons?

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Hey i have a 9800gt and it won't show my gpu usage in EVGA Percision and using Nividia nTune.I have the latest drivers i got from the nividia website.The version of the drivers i have are currently have are the
257.21 WHQL drivers

Im using-
500Watt Power Supply
Windows Vista 64
9800gt 1024mb
Im not quite sure about anything else because this is just a stock computer with a few things added
My computer model is a HP pavilion a6700f.

Thanks and if there's anything else i forgot to mention please let me know.

A:GPU wont' show usage

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I would like to be able to monitor my cpu usage and physical ram usage in the task bar, much like how windows 7 has a desktop gadget.
Google search has told me to use task manager, and to check the "hide when minimized" option, and it'll display the square green and black meter.
But for some reason when I tried to add a shortcut to task manager to my startup folder, that little graph never shows up anymore.

Also in the past, when I installed windows media center on my desktop, there was a little icon added that was black/green/yellow/red that monitored cpu usage. I can't seem to find that..
So does anyone know of a program that can monitor cpu usage AND physical ram? I'd appreciate it.

A:Show cpu and ram usage in taskbar?

Goto C:\Windows\System32 and right click the taskmgr.exe and create a shortcut.

Cut and paste that on your desktop.

When you activate it and then minimize it, you get the little green icon in the Task bar.

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In some websites, when I run my mouse over a heading and a list or a box with information appears, there is no background so the print in the box gets mingled with the print in the page below. This is only on some websites. For example vashonmap.com or bedandbreakfast.com and makes it impossible to read the options that you are being offered. I'm thinking that maybe it has something to do with a setting in the security section or the background color that I'm running? Any one know what is causing this? Thanks for any insight.

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Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 won't show up in my default program list. I am using Vista Home edition. Microsoft help says it isn't showing up in the registry.

A:Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 won't show up in my default program list.

Are you looking for Paint Shop Pro or do you look for Jasc? There will be a link from Jasc before you get to Paint shop Pro.

Start/All Programs/Jasc/Paint shop Pro

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