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To find out the correct data model to implement common information model(CIM) in splunk

Q: To find out the correct data model to implement common information model(CIM) in splunk

We are getting ATA logs into splunk. Now, we are trying to normalize the ATA logs(data) doing that we need to identify under which data model these ATA logs will come under.

Below are the data models available in splunk documentation
Application State
Change Analysis
Data Loss Prevention
Interprocess Messaging
Intrusion Detection
Java Virtual Machines (JVM)
Network Resolution (DNS)
Network Sessions
Network Traffic
Splunk Audit Logs
Ticket Management

If someone is working on it please give an idea under which datamodel this logs will come.

Thank You,

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Preferred Solution: To find out the correct data model to implement common information model(CIM) in splunk

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi, I have a hp mini 110-3100, but when I go to hp website downloading required drivers for it they ask about its CTO, EM, ET, LA, XX...how can I find which onr fo these is my comp. And i m havin some problems with wifi the wifi light is turned red installed some drivers got them from hp website but still the wifi is not working Please let me know if u have any solutions

A:How I can find exact model of my laptop to instal correct drivers.

try this

* Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt
* Type, wmic computersystem get model
* Press Enter

should give you the model
have a read here

can we see an xirrus screen shot
Run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and install the program.
You will now need to take a screen shot and copy that back to the working PC and attach the screen shot in a reply on the forum here.

Direct link to the program is here http://info.xirrus.com/Wi-FiInspectorConfirmation.html

{If the above link does not work heres another link http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file_download/fid,77196-order,4/download.html}

Then run and install the program - on a wireless enabled PC/Laptop
if you get an error - You need will need to have NET Framework installed for the WiFi Inspector to function.
On windows 8 - (i do not have windows 8) but, it would appear tha... Read more

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How do I tell Win7 what model each monitor is, if it has it wrong? I recently set up my new PC (Win 7 Home Premium 64bit), with a GeForce GT 520 video card. I started with 1 monitor then added a 2d. The main monitor is Acer S242HL. Second monitor is older Samsung SyncMaster 2253LW. The system showed the main monitor okay but just had "Generic PnP Monitor" for the second monitor. Today I tried to fix this by downloading drivers for the SyncMaster from Samsung website and installing them (don't remember the steps). Result was a surprise: the system still shows Generic for monitor 2, but now it thinks monitor one is a SyncMaster 2253LW. I can't seem to find a window/button anywhere to tell it that it is something different. Thanks for your help Ted

A:set correct monitor model?

Right click the monitor in "Devices and Printers". Click "Properties", click the "Hardware" tab. Click "Properties", click "Change settings", click the "Driver" tab, click "Update driver". Click "browse my computer".
You can search or "let me pick" as long as you know where you downloaded the driver file to.

That should work. It's what I had to do for my computer.

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I want to download a Users Guide and check for newer drivers for this laptop, but the model number area is worn off on the bottom. I can see the Service Tag number, but there doesn't seem to be anyway to use it to find my model number.

A:Model Number Worn Off, How Do I Find Model Number

Hi, Shut down the notebook.  Tap away at the esc key as soon as you start the notebook to enter the Start-up Menu, then select f10 to enter the Bios Menu. The first tab should list both the Model No. and Product No. - enter either on the link below. http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/ Regards, DP-K

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Hey everyone, I'm a newbie here and already with a problem
I've changed a graphics card in my computer because the old one was dying on me. And now I can't install new nVidia drivers and my Windows won't even detect the correct model.
More details:
old card: GF Ti4200
"new" card: PixelView GF 6600GT AGP (NV43GTAGP)
When I go to device manager, there is no "Display Adapters" category.
However, there are these devices with exclamation mark:
Other devices:
-> Video Controller (VGA compatible)
WinFox Control I/O driver:
-> WinFox Control I/O driver
-> WinFox Control I/O driver <-- only one has ( ! )
Now, when I restart Windows, a wizard starts telling me new hardware has been found and offers to find it. Sadly, auto can't find any drivers (it just hangs there forever and ever without result) and I have no idea where to find correct drivers manually.
I doubt there is anything wrong with the gfx card. Everest Portable even manages to detect that it is a nVidia GeForce 6600GT AGP (NV43GTAGP). And same goes for boot-up sequence, where the computer happily tells me that it's a GeForce 6600GT.
Here's the Speccy snapshot if that helps
Please, help!

A:Win XP can't detect correct GFX card model

Please download and install Speccy to provide us with information about your computer.  When the  FileHippo website opens, click on Download latest version in the upper left pane.
When Speccy opens you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Click on File which is outlined in red in the screen above, and then click on Publish Snapshot.
The following screen will appear, click on Yes.

The following screen will appear, click on Copy to Clipboard.

In your next post right click inside the Reply to Topic box, then click on Paste.  This will load a link to the Speccy log.

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I am thinking I would like to order a restore disc for my refurbished laptop that I got off ebay 2 years ago..I went to the Asus Estore but I am kinda clueless as to what I'm doing..is this the correct disc that I need? http://us.estore.asus.com/index.php?..._detail&p=3944

Can I still order it if this is a refurbished laptop and have it work correctly?

My model is ASUS G74SX-1ATY, Windows 7 Home Premium

Also, when I click on my AI Recovery Burner program it says: "The factory default backup is deleted. You cannot use AI Recovery to create a backup of the factory default settings." Does this affect using a recovery disc? Thanks

A:Recovering disc, correct for model?

Instructions for Purchasing Recovery Software
You must provide your product serial number in the ?Serial Number? box in the section above.

How do I find my product serial number?

Recovery software is model specific and orders will only be accepted if they are based on the original specifications of your model.

The recovery software must contain the Operating System that was originally purchased with your unit.

How do I find my Operating System information?
Note 1: All recovery software orders will go through a serial number verification process and any orders received that do not meet the above requirements will result in processing delays.
Note 2: Recovery software purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE and when placing your order you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth for all software purchases detailed in the FAQ section.

Disclaimer: Before using the recovery disc, ASUS recommends backing up all your personal data files to a USB storage device or network drive and make note of any customized configuration settings (such as network settings).Click to expand...

As you follow the instruction then you came to the right track, just provide the serial number mentioned.

The burner program is likely different so if you have already a recovery disc then just fire it up.

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I'm using a Toshiba Satellite laptop. I was given it by my company, and now, 10 months later, they want to make a log of everyone's hardware so they want the model number of the laptop. But I can't find it! The book that came with it is about the 1800 series, but which one I have specifically I just don't know. I've looked in system info and tried finding it in dos and with the "find" function....I'm at a loss. Can anyone help? Thanks.

A:Where is the model information?

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When trying to dowload the user manual for a Tecra A50-A-151, model no. PT644E, I am offered three choices.

How can there be three?

Although they have different posting dates all three appear to be the same and labelled "First Edition August 2013" even though they have different file names.

Which one is the right one and how do I know which diagram in the 'Grand Tour' is supposed to be an A50-A and not something else? (I don't have an A50-A in front of me.)


A:Correct user manual for Tecra A50-A-151, model no. PT644E

I am also a bit confused about that but I have checked two of them and I think they are identical so I don think you can make some big mistake if you download first or second one.

Grand tour is the same.

Do you have some questions about this Tecra model? Maybe someone of us can help you .

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When I connect my Gateway Laptop to my Toshiba TV through the HDMI ports I get no sound or picture. I changed the input port to the HDMI port on the TV. I think it is in the settings of my computer where I need to make a change but I can't find out where. Help!!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Turion(tm) X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-72, AMD64 Family 17 Model 3 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2813 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 114115 MB, Free - 4090 MB; D: Total - 114116 MB, Free - 111336 MB;
Motherboard: Gateway,
Antivirus: CyberDefender Internet Security, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Connecting Gateway Notebook Model MD2614U to my Toshiba 46" TV Model 46XV645U

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Can I upgrade a 1.6 AMD 250u to a 3.0 AMD 250e on a Inspiron 2305 all in one

A:Upgrade a 1.6 GHZ AMD Model 250u to a 3.0GHZ AMD model 250e on a Inspiron 2305

Yes. We validated the Dell D3XK6 AMD Athlon X2  250E, 3.0G, 512X2, C3 on this model.

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Hello,i've purchased a 4X10H04506 tablet dock for my Helix 2 20CG. Charging and HDMI on the docks works well, while none of the three usb 3.0 ports seems to work properly: no devices detected at all, and the led on my sandisk memory pen do not light, like there is no power on the usb ports, or are turned off.Don't know what to try: do I have to ask a refund for the dock, or maybe there is something I can check or should try?thank you for any help.PM 

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Hi, I just bought my Lenovo Ideapad 320-15IKB Model: 81BG Machine Type Model: 81BG005BPH yesterday and it only has a 4GB RAM. Can I upgrade it's RAM to 8GB or maybe more? Thanks!

A:RAM Upgrade for Lenovo Ideapad 320-15IKB Model: 81BG Machine Type Model: 81BG005BPH

You have 4GB soldered memory and 1 slot(socket) to add  additional 8 GB RAM 2133MHz DDR4.Thus 12 GB max on your machine.

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i broke my dell xps 12 model 9Q23 lcd screen and i've been searching high and low for a replacement screen but to no avail. I have however found a replacement lcd screen for dell xps model 9Q33, from a quick google search, they both look similar to one another but with different specs.
So i was wondering if i purchased replacement lcd screen for model 9Q33, would it work on model 9Q23?


A:Does dell xps 12 model 9Q33 lcd screen would work with xps 12 model 9Q23?

According to parts-people.com, the LCDs for one don't work with the other despite the similarity in design of the two systems.
There are some places showing screens for the earlier 9Q23 in stock.

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NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro PROBLEM..

i saw something about this in another thread but can't find it
anyway my 32mg card only shows 16mg
the other thread listed a driver that worked for one member and i have the same driver...doesn't seem to work for me
is there a dialog or setting...?

A:NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro ONLY SHOWS 16MG

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I have a nvidia riva tnt2 model 64/model 64 pro pci bus videocard.
The other day I bought the follow up of MOH (sorry forgot the name because returning it to the store)but ofcource you already see the problem rightaway:error log file of the game told me the card was missing out on some functions.Can this card be updated so "heavy duty games won't be a problem in the future?(il2/fb-wolvenstein-cfs2 run good though!)

Thanx for listening!

A:nvidia riva tnt2 model 64/model 64 pro update wanted

Well...you can get the latest drivers for the card, but it won't help that much, because it's a TNT2...and PCI....

If you wanted to play newer games, you'd have to get a new video card....but if you're running a PCI video card right now, then it may not be worth it...check if you have an AGP slot, is should be above the PCI slots on the motherboard, and slightly offset from them...if you have an AGP slot, then that's good, because you could get a good video card...but if you don't, you'll probably be better off getting a whole new system rather than just upgrading the video.

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In reading this forum and feedback over the last week or so pertaining to the XPS 15 products and the Battery  I decided before my wife and I each plunk down $2300 each for new laptops I better find out if replacement batteries are available....  Well,   after being on the Phone with 5 different people today at Dell in both Sales and tech Support...  The Batteries Are Not Available.  That makes the Dell xps 15 the smallest door stop in my house.  
We started to look for replacements of our current Laptops and did alot of reading on the Dell XPS 15 with the 7700 HQ processor, 16 gb of ram and 512GB of SSD storage.... 4GB of Video ram and a 1050 processor.    The unit requires a 97Whr battery.    So,  I figure I'd check in to see what the cost of the replacement battery was and if it was available if we wanted to buy a spare..   I was floored by the amount of time it took to the the answer and what I was told... but in short here it is...
My first attempt was thru on line chat.. I was told that the battery was discontinued and that a reconditioned 43 wat would fit the Unit..  My first comment was what the heck do you do with a 43whr battery in this powerful laptop... but no matter how I asked the question the answer was the same...  So I inquired about one for a previous year 84whr battery and I got the same answer...    That tells me something is wrong they would ... Read more

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Hi, I tried to switch out my 5400 rpm HDD to a SanDisk Ultra II 960GB SSD drive, and following the instructions in the Service Manual, everything went off without a hitch!  Until I restored the laptop image using the recovery media I built from the original drive through HP Recovery Manager... then I noticed my drive was being recognized as a SanDisk 120GB drive.  I took everything apart again just to make sure I hadn't received the wrong part, and it is right:  However, the machine only recognizes a 120GB version of the Ultra II in UEFI:  And in Windows 10:   I contacted SanDisk to see if there was some small chance I actually didn't get what I paid for (even though it is physically labeled as 960GB).  Barring that, what else could make the laptop recognize a different model and serial number in the BIOS than what is printed in the label?  Does my model HP support this particular drive?  I don't see why it wouldn't, but thought I'd ask in case the answer is that simple... Thanks in advance! Mike

A:Envy x360 m6-aq005dx not recognizing correct model/serial of...

Hi, Please check it from Windows Disk Management to see any more light SDSSDA 120G is definitely a 120GB Sandisk. I bought one few days ago from      http://www.centrecom.com.au/sandisk-128gb-solid-state-drive-sata-iii-sdssdp-128g-q25 You may only Restore C: Regards.

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Hey everyone I'm facing a peculiar problem with my computer; it's in Devices & Printers. I remember I used to have a fancy image of my computer displayed, but now it doesn't anymore and it doesn't have my correct model listed either
Attachment 310183
As you can see, my printer and Logitech receiver have the right icons and info. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I'm using a different hard drive to the one that came with the laptop. I'm also not using the OEM version of W7 anymore, from Toshiba. I used to be able to click on my computer's fancy icon where it'd bring up a sub-menu, with different options. That's how it is when I click on my printer anyway, lol.
Attachment 310185
This is what comes up when I click on the icon.

Anyone know how I can fix it? I like fancy icons xD
Any help is appreciated

A:PC not showing correct model info or image in Devices & Printers

Hi there ... Read the Link below ...That may solve your problem ...
On Windows 7 icons for WSD devices may show up incorrectly as a different class under Devices and Printers

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I just got this M92p sff computer(had4gb installed):: But when I added the pc3-12800 I had to beef it up to 16gb I got the perverbial beep beep beep uggghhh:: Everything about the ram was matched to a tee except for the factor the modules I had were 12800U:: So my question is simply this:: if udimm and dimm are basicaly one in the same except the U standing for unbuffered which the dimm is as well why wouldn't it work? The case latentcy was both 11=11 cl11 1.5v:: it was all matching samsung memory except the difference of 12800 vs. 12800U::
Mod:  edited the Subject line to remove the serial number to prevent it's unauthorized use (per forum guidelines.) 

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Hi, Please tell me what is the difference between the "2018 Lenovo Legion Y520 15.6" FHD IPS Gaming Laptop Computer, Intel Quad-Core i7-7700HQ up to 3.80GHz, 16GB DDR4, 256GB SSD+2TB HDD, 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti Graphics, 802.11ac, HDMI, Win 10" model and the previous model "Lenovo Legion Y520 Gaming Laptop - Core i7-7700HQ, 16GB RAM, 2TB HDD + 256GB SSD, 1050Ti 4GB, 15.6" Full HD"? I don't see any difference in configuration. So I am confused what is new in 2018 model. The links for these are as below for your reference:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BBJPLBB/ref=sspa_dk_detail_1?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B07BBJPLBB&pd_rd_wg=cpfCV&pd...https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B06XWFCKYX/ref=dp_olp_all_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=all

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I have the Nvidia Riva TNT2 Model 64 / Model 64 pro video card and i want to install a game but the video card has to be in 256 color mode and in Windows i can only go to 32 bit what can i do? Any comments or posts would be great! Thank YOU!

A:Nvidia Riva TNT2 Model 64 / Model 64 pro Problem?

Just to be clear, 32-bit is actually 16,777,216 colors, so its much more then 256 which is just 256 colors. So for 256 you need to lower the color depth not increase it.

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Sir Mother board of my Laptop HP I3 model no. Z S050-LA-A992 P with onboard processor has some problem and needs to repalce but i could not find new one for the same in market  as contacted to vendors saying it could not be get new one but only refabricated with one month warranty. Kindly tell me where from i can get it new or any website or  link for online purchase for the above said model NO.  as i belogs to jammu india . I shall be highly thankful to you    

A:purchase of new mother board model HP I3 model no. Z S050-LA...

Hi, What is your laptop ?  Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:  http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00033108Regards.

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Hey everyone,

I have a HP nw8240, which I had to put a new motherboard in. I didn't notice whether or not the following was the case before the new motherboard. I bet it was, because I simple restored to a system image.

Anyway, it detects it as being a nc2000. I think that these models potentially share a common motherboard, not sure.

I have the most current BIOS flashed.

Is their anyway to make it detect it as the correct model? Or tick it?


A:System Information Detects Wrong Model

Have you tried any of the third party System info programs ?

SIW for Windows
Vista Forums Sys Info

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1) What do the letters "CY" at the end the model number signify ..........  model number: 17-g-150cy? 2) Using HP Partsufer and the product number-N9E32UA, the part number for the screen is 809300-001 (LCD PANEL 17.3 AG HD+ TS (HD+ is 1600 x 900) ...... What is the actual "model number" for this part.  I wish to determine this without having to disassemble the display panel. 3) Does HP have an "on-site" comparison chart for the Pavilion notebooks? There are so many model numbers which are so close to each other, I want to see the difference. thanks for your assistance in advance       

A:Model Number Information of notebook and parts

Hi, 1. Normally the last 2 characters on an HP laptop is for a country, region or market code BUT HP can change anytime. I don't know how often they update the following table:           https://pubudufit.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/what-do-last-2-letters-mean-on-hp-notebook-computers/ 2 & 3. You can use HP Partsufer and expand (red circle) to see your machine is in there or not. As you can see there are 95 models/products use same part 809300-001:         Confirmed: your machine is on the list. Regards

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My laptop is Envy 17t j100  , E1P14AV.   I found a wrong notebook model name shown  when I tried to identify my hp product on this website and checked the notebook model name in BIOS information.
As below, the wrong infomation is 
HP Pavilion dm3-2132eo Entertainment Notebook PC
Model #:1234567
Serial #:[personal information removed]
How can it be possible. Please let me know how to fix the wrong information.

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This scanner ran with Pagis 3.0 without any problems at one time. Since my system crashed and HDD was repartitioned and formatted, i can't boot up with scanner on. The driver that came with cd works for a while but it will hang up when i reboot. I tried the newest driver for scanner which does not work at all.
There are no conflicts in device manager and it does recognized scanner by name and model when using driver version " MiraScan V3.20". Anyone have any ideas how to deal with this problem.

OS-Win 95 OSR2
CPU-Celeron 300A
M/B-Abit BH6
Video-Diamond Stealth II S220

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I just got this M92p sff computer(had4gb installed):: But when I added the pc3-12800 I had to beef it up to 16gb I got the perverbial beep beep beep uggghhh:: Everything about the ram was matched to a tee except for the factor the modules I had were 12800U:: So my question is simply this:: if udimm and dimm are basicaly one in the same except the U standing for unbuffered which the dimm is as well why wouldn't it work? The case latentcy was both 11=11 cl11 1.5v:: it was all matching samsung memory except the difference of 12800 vs. 12800U::

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I don't know about you guys but the label on the back of my notebook is confusing. I am trying to register my notebook but when it ask for model number i don't know what to write. I understand that is cheaper to made stuff in china but come on!I will post a photo with the label so you can point that out for me and others like me.  Thanks. PS: The model name i was told is not it (is to short or something).

Go to Solution.

A:How to find my model number?

your lenovo model is 20045


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One of my friend has formatted is machine and he is now encountering problems with the sound. He has lost his sound driver CD which was given when he bought the PC. He wants a driver for his sound card. He wants to know his sound card model without removing the PC cover. Is there a way to to know the sound card model in XP ?

A:How to find soundcard model

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PCI Sound Pro Model HT8338A/PCI "HRTF" 3DX Audio

A:Can't find the model of my Motherboard

Try ctbios, you may get lucky

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Serial number [personal information removed]
sku number h0u97ea#acb

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I want to find out if I can upgrade my memory. I need to know my model number. the bios and everywhere else I can find it only has HP HDX-18. That's it. The whole shebang. The Product Number is FF231AV. But ONLY if your looking inside the bios or system information.  The label says it's FF286AV.  Everywhere I go to try and find information about this computer asks for a model number like HP HDX 18 "1001EO" or something in that format.  HP has been shining me on for about 10 years now, I gave up long ago.  Is there anyone on this planet that can tell me what model number I have? Please don't waste my time or yours with the usual "look on the label or look in the bios" methods.  It's not there. Thank you all for reading this mess.

A:Can someone PLEASE tell me how I can find my EXACT model/pro...

Hi: Your notebook is a HP HDX X18T-1000 CTO PREMIUM NOTEBOOK  Below is the support and driver page for that model... http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-HDX-X18-1000-Premium-Notebook-PC-series/3769212/model/3769213

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i cannot for the life of  me figure out what model of laptop this is so i can search for the correct drivers. only markings on the laptop are pavilion . the sticker on the bottom says x18-82072 and the serial number is 584048-001. i have never worked on a laptop that was so hard to identify. way to go guys. thank you in advance

A:i cant find what model laptop i have

@techguy420 That number is part of your COA sticker. If you have a removable battery look under it for the model or product number. REO

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i would download my driver , but i couldnt find my model that is written under the battery ..... although i wonder if it doesnt exist any way , which models driver  in site can support my laptop?

A:cant find model & driver

 There was a sticky produced back in 2009 that covered installing Windows XP drivers for notebooks, but I can't find it at the moment. I will try to locate it off and on during the day.  The drivers that are available from HP for your notebook are at the following web document.http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-Pavilion-g6-Notebook-PC-series/5262606/model/5313...        

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I have tried belarc but the details it gives dont prove useful for my problem.

Do i actually have to open hard drive to look and see what motherboard i have?


A:How do i find out my model/manufacturer/motherboard?

Hi check Everest.

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I cannot find my device model number at all. It is a graphics chip and I have searched and searched but found nothing. It is an old Packard bell Imedia computer and cannot find the model number. (I searched the serial number, found nothing)

AMD ATHLON XP 3000+ (2.16ghz)
DVD RW Drive *NEC*
300w (or more?) psu
512mb RAM (SDRAM?)
I tried a driver scanner, nothing. Anyone help?

A:Cannot find video device model.

From what little I can find on the subject it would appear to have a via chipset as well as graphics chip
VIA UniChrome Shared video memory
to be specific.
Information on these imedia machines is basically non existent.
Since it's a basically unheard of graphics chip, I would guess this may be the right path, and would explain the driver utility being unable to identify it.

I think you may be dealing with a machine that more than likely can only run win xp.

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Hi everybody.I am going to buy one of the HP laptops. I found one model  that is suitable for my job. But i cant find it in HP.com !!!!!!!!!!!!   . I browsed and i found different specification in other websites BUT NOT IN HP.COM !!! None of them dident say exact specification of this product. as i know this product hascore i7 6700 (2.6 -3.5)Hard disk : 2 TRRAM  16 GBGraphic : 6th generation- NVIDIA GeforceGTX 950  - 4 GBCash : 6 MBLCD :  15.6"am i right ???----------------------------------------pavilion gaming notebook ak006tx ----------------------------------------My problem is:1 -  if it was produced by HP why i cant find it in Hp.com ?????2-  And what is the specification of it ?3- if there are more than one model with same name and different hardwares please let me know-----------

A:I cant find my laptops model !!!! Was it produced ?????

@hamid-se7en http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04823146 REO

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Hi everyone, trying to find out the brand/model of my motherboard, Hewlett-Packard only lists it as Quanta 3602 (which i have searched for and found nothing).

If anyone can help me with this search it would be greatly appreciated.

A:Who wants to help me find my MoBo Brand/Model?

Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNovaGundam

Hewlett-Packard only lists it as Quanta 3602 (which i have searched for and found nothing).

Is Quanta 3602 not the brand/model? What kind of information do you need about it? Maybe try some programs like Everest or Sisoftware Sandra.

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Hello, I'v looked everywhere...  on my lap, behind/on the battery.. on system-info but NO model nr. Where can I find this model nr? It's not possible to download HP support, so that is no option to find it. Anyone?  

A:can't find the model nr of my Probook 4520s

Hi: 4520s is the model number and here is the support page for it. http://h20565.www2.hp.com/portal/site/hpsc/public/psi/home?sp4ts.oid=4145198&ac.admitted=14853911293...

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Hdd Sata cable was mussing for my laptop...so any body help me..find for this midel

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Find sata cable model for hp pavilion n005sx..

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I just installed W 8.1 recently. It's having incompatibility issues with my Patriot ram stick. I contacted Patriot and they want my motherboard model. Problem is I can't find my motherboard model on 8.1

I looked for system information but they removed it. I'm going to all these sites that lead me to downloading these third party apps I don't even trust to find it.

It's been such a round-about day for me.

Does anyone know why exactly they removed system information? It was a very useful and easy tool to go to find information on your CPU. It seems like I'm one of the few who have that issue since I see only a few complaining about it though. I can't get any useful information on the internet about it. I'm thinking everyone else found a work around?

Anyway, I need help finding my motherboard model without disassembling my PC. Thanks.

A:Need a simple way to find my motherboard model

Wow I can't believe I found the answer on here, just right after I made a post about it.

I've watched youtube videos, went through articles with 10 steps how to open up control panel only to mention (Note: System Performance and tools has been removed in 8.1.)

All I had to do was type in msinfo32.exe in the search. I mean seriously? That only takes one sentence.

I wish Microsoft could give a simple answer like that.

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Hi guys,

I used to have LAN setup and working correctly with Internet Sharing and everything, but on the Host Computer (the one with the main internet connection) I had to re-format the HD and re-install Windows XP, Now for some reason I can't get the LAN to work anymore and I've looked around and tried all the usual Steps to take.

I try to add the connection on the Host comp and It won't even show up, or work. I think that the Onboard LAN drivers aren't installed and I have forgotten what Model/Make it is, On my computer it's Gigabit Lan (but mine isn't onboard) or something like that.

Can anyone tell me please how to find out what LAN is built into the Mobo? Or maybe you could guess if I was to tell you the motherboard make. Its an Asrock K8NF4G-VSTA.

Thanks alot guys.

A:Onboard LAN Card, How do I find out what model it is?

Driver pack: http://www.asrock.com/mb/download.asp?Model=K8NF4G-VSTA

Or Realtek website for RTL8201CL drivers.

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hey guys im kind of new here..

i need to install my video card driver but i dont have the cd and i dont now exactly what version of video card i have

i know is a ati radeon but thats about it...

when i go to the website they ask me the model

so how can i get that info please help!!!!

thank you

A:how can i find out what model of video card i have

Try going to your device manager and click on display adapters

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