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Storage Protection Policy on windows XP

Q: Storage Protection Policy on windows XP

Hai all,

Is there any way to disable USB tumb drive in win XP when not logon to the domain and re-enable when logon to domain ?


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Preferred Solution: Storage Protection Policy on windows XP

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Dear Sir,
We have windows 2008 R2 domain controller and we have just purchased windows 8.1 desktop but after joining domain users are not able to access windows 8.1 local d drive. all computers having same OU with other OS like windows 7/8/8.1.
We have enable removable storage access policy to block pen drive but local drive also block. if i remove this computrers from domain or move at computer OU then its working fine.
please help me to resolve this issue because i have 150 windows 8.1 desktops.



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Can anyone please help on creating good policy configuration(Software restriction policy) for restricting ransomware or other malware programs(executable) from running on appdata and user profile directories.

Also want to know how efficient will be this setup, as a second layer of defense in addition to an anti-spam mail gateway.
Any additional suggestions on the ransomware prevention mechanism are always welcome.

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My computer is stuck with certain problems and I am hoping that someone will help in figuring out how to fix them. The windows notification say firewall is turned off but I am not being able to turn it on. It gives the following error
Windows firewall can't change some of your settings.
Error Code 0x8007042c
I have AVG 2014 free addition virus protection and I am not being able to uninstall it.

To make things worse I can't run windows troubleshooter due to Diagnostic Policy Services being turned off. I have tried turning them on manually but this is what I get
Error 5 Access is denied.

The internet is working fine though.
Going through various threads I found that it would be a good idea to run Farbar recovery scan tool and Farbar service runner. The result files are attached below. Is there any way to get over these problems?

A:HELP!!! Firewall protection off & Diagnostic Policy services turned of

download https://security.symantec.com/nbrt/npe.aspx run a scan...run windows firewall fix it https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/...all_diagnostic

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Hey I got this problem, I am trying to copy a network profile from a computer running under a domain, i got myself admin rights, but I can't copy the profile!

I tried exporting it via netsh too, but It dosen't work ;c

I tried one last thing, entering group policy (I am local admin not domain adamin) but I could not find wlan policies! Please help me

imgur: the simple image sharer
imgur: the simple image sharer

A:Copying network info with group policy protection?

Welcome to Seven Forums,

I'd assume you were trying to copy a User Profile and not a network profile? If it has restrictions in your GPO you'll have to ask your Network Admin or whoever setup the GPO.

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I picked this up a while back and have tried many things, but most of the virus scanners don't really pick up the virus. It gives me 2 icons on the desktop, one is "Windows update" and the other is "Help and support" icon.
I have not gone to these sites yet, but i right click and properties, it shows that it leads to storageprotect.com. It slows my computer down, the virus, and when this occurs, i go to task manager menu and mem usage is at like 500 000, under the name Windows.exe. as i end process it just re-appears again and stops for a minute or 2 and re-appears. a Ref icon with a X on it also appears on the bottom icons in te bottom right hand corner giving "warnings" and pop-up errors also occurs, this is the best info i can give at the moment, and if possible to be fixed ill be waiting :] AND AND

If you need me to post my hijack.log file just reply and ill post ASAP.

A:Storage Protection Virus!


If you need me to post my hijack.log file just reply and ill post ASAP

Actually we prefer a DSS log. (Read HERE)

Deckard's System Scanner

Download Deckard's System Scanner (DSS) to your Desktop. Note: You must be logged onto an account with administrator privileges.Close all applications and windows.
Double-click on dss.exe to run it, and follow the prompts.
When the scan is complete, two text files will open - main.txt <- this one will be maximized and extra.txt <-this one will be minimized
Copy (Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) the contents of main.txt here.
Please attach extra.txt to your post.
To attach a file to a new post, simplyGo to the Atachments section on the post composition page.(just below the text entry window), and
copy and paste the following into the "Select a file" box: C:\Deckard\System Scanner\extra.txt

Click Upload.
What DSS will do: create a new System Restore point in Windows XP and Vista.
clean your Temporary Files, Downloaded Program Files, and Internet Cache Files, and also empty the Recycle Bin on all drives.
check some important areas of your system and produce a report for your analyst to review. DSS automatically runs HijackThis for you, but it will also install and place a shortcut to HijackThis on your desktop if you do not already have HijackThis installed.

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recently got a email from a guy named Jeremy Daye ( Manager, Commericial Customer Care ) from lenovo depot, he said will no longer accept ANY ADP Warranty Claim from me for laptops not purchased through Lenovo (incl 3rd sale like Office Depot,Costco,NewEgg,ebay...)As far as I know, lenovo warranty only to the actual laptops, NOT whom ! so here can anyone provide official link about Lenovo Damage Protection policy (lastest version) ? i have some questions back to him, but before that i need read the policy first in order to prevent some discrimination...thank so much !

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We are unable to disable the system protection on the local system disks under group policy. We have enabled "Turn off System Restore" under Computer Configuration \ Policies\
Administrative Templates\ System\ System Restore. All this does is gray out the options for you to configure, create or doing a system restore but it does not turn off the "protection" on the disk.
Is there another way to do this in GP or is there a registry key that can be

A:How to turn off system protection/restore points in group policy

Thanks for posting in Microsoft TechNet forums.
According to Process Monitor result, when turn on System Protection, this key was firstly changed:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SPP\Clients
Refer to

This key (high-lightened)was only created when system protection was turned on.

If you delete it, the System Protection will be turned off on UI.
This change was not recommended for security reason. If you really want to delete it, please backup the key before you do that.

Best Regards,
Miya Yao
TechNet Subscriber Support
in forum. If you have any feedback on our support, please contact
[email protected]
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your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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I am seeking help either immediate help or as soon as someone gets a chance... please.

I bought a usb flash drive (my laptop recognizes it as a generic usb mass storage device) from the library... cheap I know... anyways I was using it prepairing to restore my pc... I removed it without clicking on the safely remove button and now it says cant remove files because its write protected... and it wasnt before... did I mess it up if not then how do I remove a write protection if I have no lock/unlock switch deal? I scaned it for viruses/malware etc... I can view all the files but cant delete them and I wanted to clear them off so I can use it for another purpose... can anyone help please...

A:How to remove write protection of USB mass storage with no visible lock/unlock

insert the USB device, then

control panel->Admin Tools->Disk Management

Your boot drive will show as C:\ and under
Layout will be Partition
File System will show NTFS

How does your USB show up?

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I was asked by answers.Microsoft.com to refer this question to this forum.

BTW there doesn't seem to be an option for Windows 10 forum. So I  had to choose Windows 8.

1st of all everything was fine until 2nd of December.

My Laptop installation of Winodw 7 and then upgraded to 10 was configured from the start to have the USER folders (u sing a script provided by Microsoft) on an SD card through an Expresscared media read/write because my system disk is a 64gig SSD
( which BTW means that system restore has been disabled).

on 3rd of December when:

I turned the machine on it couldn'the read my user profile.I tried to login in safe mode but I got sihost warning: unknown hard Error! But I got into prompt screen and ran diskpartThere is an inbuilt SD card reader slot in the machine where I store large downloadBut the system could only see the main SSD and the expresscared SD card with user folders on itI ran sfc /scannow &  then DISM and the sfc /scannow again until both were successful.But again diskpart  only detected the SSD and Expresscard SD cardBut the attributes on the SD card claims that Current state read-only : Yes although read-only flag is No.I have checked the SD card on other machines and it is not write protectedI have tried introducing writeprotected entry in the registry with values of 0 and 1 without successI have tried everything else that I could in Safe mode but other than what is expected in safemode (e... Read more

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I created a Storage pool with the following setup. Three 3TB drives with parity all in an external enclosure with eSata and USB 2/3 ports. It was connected via USB when created and had production data loaded and tested without any issues.
After a few days of use I decided to see what happened when I tried to access it via the eSata port. No luck, due to a driver on the eSata card issue with Win 8. So I powered all back down and plugged back in via USB. At this point the Storage pool went
into the state as per the screenshot below. Any suggestions to either fix the issue and/or retrieve the data that is in the volume?

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Windows Vista Home Premium, How can I turn off group policy, If I try to run defender or change startup programs, it will not allow me. Message to contact your system administrator to turn off group policy.  Please help

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Hi all
For the past 6 months we have received reports of PC's taking up to an hour to get to the login prompt.
All our PC's are running Windows 7 32/64 Bit.
The message is always "Applying Group Policy Local Users and Groups policy"
Once it gets to the login prompt they will login with no problem.
I have enabled GPO logging on 1 PC and the results show as below (sorry for the wall of text) Boot time was 15:16.
I was hoping someone else had come across this issue and maybe has some insight
Network team say "its not the network"!!
Server Team say "Its not DNS or Group Policy" !! 
So its been left with me on the desktop team to diagnose the fault
Paul Griffiths - NHS Trust in Bristol

GPSVC(534.75c) 15:17:14:459 ProcessGPOs: -----------------------
GPSVC(534.75c) 15:17:14:459 ProcessGPOs: Processing extension Group Policy Local Users and Groups
GPSVC(534.75c) 15:17:14:459 ReadStatus: Read Extension's Previous status successfully.
GPSVC(534.75c) 15:17:14:459 CompareGPOLists:  The lists are the same.
GPSVC(534.75c) 15:17:14:459 GPLockPolicySection: Sid = (null), dwTimeout = 30000, dwFlags = 0
GPSVC(534.75c) 15:17:14:459 LockPolicySection called for user <Machine>
GPSVC(534.75c) 15:17:14:459 Sync Lock Called
GPSVC(534.75c) 15:17:14:459 Writer Lock got immediately.
GPSVC(534.75c) 15:17:14:459 Lock taken successfully
GPSVC(534.75c) 15:17:14:459 ProcessGPOList: Entering for extension Group Policy ... Read more

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Hi Team,
Please let me know what is the standard Setting for below Security Setting ( Audit Policy ), which are followed in most of the Company.

For Eg:- Should i set ' Success & Failure ' for ' Audit account logon events ' & for ' Audit account management' etc...

Thanks & Regards,

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I have an SCCM Client deployed to several test PC. The client configures LGPO directing the PC to receive Windows Update from our SCCM server.  However, it fails. WUAHANDLER.LOG shows the following errors:
Enabling WUA Managed server policy to use server:http://xxxxx.xxx.net:8530
Waiting for 2 mins for Group Policy to notify of WUA polucy chnage...
Unable to read existing WUA resultant policy. Error = 0x80070002.
Group Policy settings were overwritten by a higher authority (domain controller) to: Server and Policy NOT CONFIGURED
Failed to Add Update Source for WUAgent of type (2) and id{{.......}}. Error=0x80040692.
I checked domain GPOs and there is no GPO that would cause this conflict.  I ran RSOP to verify.  What I noticed is that gpresult did not show LGPO as being applied. But when I unlinked all the domain GPOs (linked to the PC OU), gpresult showed
LGPO as being applied.
Any ideas or suggestions welcome.

A:Group Policy settings were overwritten by a higher authority (domain controller) to: Server and Policy NOT CONFIGURED

For this issue, please try to refer to the following article;
Troubleshooting Group Policy Configuration for Software Updates
If this issue persists, for a better support service, please kindly post at the SCCM forum for further help:
System Center Configuration Manager Category
Alex ZhaoPlease remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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Will either of these allow me to restrict drive access to a single user only? I've tried to restrict drive access with Group Policy Editor but it applies the restriction globally--even to me the administrator.

Could anyone let me know if this is possible and how to do it?

Much thanks.

A:Group Policy Editor or Local Security Policy

I take it that you want to restrict access to this drive to everyone but yourself. Which drive are you referring to, is it locally connected or via a network?

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hi all - i get the following message after i untick the option to "prompt for password"
Power Policy Manager unable to set global policy
Access is denied.

i get the message after hitting okay to apply the change.
i was able to apply it without getting the message in the administrator account but not mine (limited acc.)
for a better explanation and more details as to what im trying to accomplish you see this thread here: http://forums.techguy.org/windows-xp/969019-how-do-i-make-xp.html

( since this was about the error message i thought i should start separate thread)

A:Power Policy Manager unable to set global policy

Please stick with the original thread.


As I mentioned there, domain policy may prevent you from making those changes since you are on a work computer. We cannot assist you to bypass your company's security.

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Hi all!

Windows 7 Pro 32 bit on a domain

I've NEVER seen this before and I cant figure it out.

I have a group policy set on an OU named LAPTOPS. The policy gets applied, however the User Config\Windows Setting\Scripts\Logon DOES NOT. When you run the GPRESULTS on the laptop, I see the policy settings being applied EXCEPT for the LOGON script. Its not there. I dont see any errors and cant figure out why Windows would ignore this one setting in the policy but apply the rest. I've tried deleting and recreating the policy but that does not work. Also made sure I did a GPUPDATE /FORCE

Thanks in advance!

A:Group Policy Applies Policy EXCEPT for 1 Setting!

Is a policy enforced on a domain or site level?

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Why isn't Windows File Protection Switcher disabling Windows File Protection after XP SP2 restart, like it's supposed to?

A:Windows File Protection Switcher Not Disabling Windows File Protection

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I'm running Windows 7 Home Edition. I ave a HP Pavillion g 7 1222 nr Notebook PC. The other night my dog knocked the power cord out of the wall when I got up and turned on my computer l got the following error

Failed to connect to a Windows service. Windows could not connect to the Group Policy Client Service. The problem prevents standard users from logging into the system. As an administrative user you can review the system event log for details about why the system didn't respond.

Had a X on the Speaker and Internet icon in my system tray. Can play movies no sound. As to Internet it said no Internet available which is not true.Then went I try to get into my computer, control panel,and most any other programs I get another error {Z6EE0668A00A-4407-9371-BEB064C98683\0\{05D7B0F4-2121-4EFF-BF68-ED3F69B894D9}The server process could not be started because the configured identity is incorrect check the user name and password.

When I try an open some of my files or programs I get a popup window that wants to know if I want the program to make changes to my hard drive I can't get one to come up at the moment to give more detail. Probably because I have click on most of them at first I clicked yes then I decided that was probably not a good idea. Either way programs still didn't open.

I also had been getting a blank screen popping up every once in a while before all this other happened and on the top it said C:\Program Files (x86)Driver Pack Notifier\bin\Too... Read more

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Hello everyone,
This topic is concerning Group Policy and RDP and the workstations are VMware machines and or Physical running Windows 7 Professional with SP1.
The goal here is that we created a VMware windows 7 machine that we want to RDP into and therefore rather than going to the VMware console we can Reboot, Shutdown, etc as it is needed from the Start Menu.
In our environment there is one policy that does change the  Start menu and Taskbar.  Any workstation that a user profile logs into from these two selected OU will have only LOGOFF from the start menu and the under logoff the under that Disconnect
or Lock are your only two options.  Defined here in Group Policy.
I have created a brand new OU and then blocked domain inheritance, and also the user profile does not have any policies applied to it.  I also added the advanced feature of Deny to this user ID so that it will not be affected by the Start Menu that
only gives Logoff only when you click on the start menu.
As a test I went to the VMware console and also Dameware and then tested going to this machine, and wala! there are no restrictions to the start menu - It has Shutdown, Restart, Logoff, etc.  However when we use RDP then it will go back to reverting
the start menu back to Logoff only.  Based on this we can clearly see it is RDP but I am uncertain why.
Can anyone shed some light on why RDP would produce such a result?

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7 Month old HP Win7 6gb x64 machine. Keyboard and mouse drivers unaffected.USB Mass storage device properties messagewith driver check on:"Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device."with driver check off:Tells me drivers are corrupt or missing.Search show diver where it should be: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\usbstor.sys (also usbfilter.sys).Used the HP Recovery Manager to restore factory setting for USBStor.sys, it indicates it is successful but no changeon reboot, still cannot use flash drives, SD cards, external HDs. Units work find on my laptop.Called HP 4 times, after extensive troubleshooting each time, following their instructions, go to hp.com/go/instant, get screen saying request has been received. Each time tech tells me he cannot find my request.After a while, read 2 hours, told they need to talk to supervisor, will call me back, KISS OF DEATH, never hear from them.So can I fix this or am I going to have to pay for repairing a seven month old HP?Or am I going to have to buy yet another pc?

A:USB Mass Storage Device will not recognize external storage devices

Nobody has a clue, huh?
I guess I am the only one ever to have this happen!
Ok, thanks, goodbye.

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Hi all,
I received this message when i tried to look at the local group policy setting on one of my machines (Windows XP SP3), which is joined in my domain.
"Failed to open group policy object on this computer. You may not have appropriate rights.
Unspecified error."
note that I am local admin.
It's all started when I was troublshooting WSUS connectivity and i looked at the WinsdowsUpdate.log, the WSUS server was <Null> & WSUS status server <Null>, I tried to force the domain GP by using GPupdate /force, it went fine and asked to
log off, but nothing changed in the WindowsUpdate.log still <Null>. Then i tried to look at the local policy setting.
I searched the internet nothing related to my case.
Thanks in advance for advising.
Mohammed Adel

A:Group policy error: Failed to open group policy object on this computer.

I guess reinstall windows is the solution, I also found one log "event id 1096", related to "registry.pol" it was corrupted.
Mohammed Adel

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I currently have the Intel ICH9M E/M Sata AHCI Controller, driver version dated 4 June 2009. Does anyone know if it's possible to upgrade to Intel Rapid Storage Technology, and if so, what's the latest version I can safely upgrade to, and do I need to make any BIOS changes?
As usual any help is really appreciated.

A:Can I upgrade from Intel Matrix Storage to Rapid Storage?

I have an Intel ICH9R controller and am using the same driver version. Was not able to find a newer one. I think the newer drivers aren't compatible anymore.
(Windows 7 has been installed few weeks ago.)

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I want to deploy customized theme pack for our student computer lab which is windows 7 based via group policy.I also want to change the theme pack every month i.e replace the old one with new one

There are two options in Windows 7 group policy about themes:
1.Load a specfic theme (It doesn't work for me because it applies only to new user only once and also it's not applies for existing users)
2.Force a specific visual style file or force Windows Classic ( I have some confusion about this option.I think this is for all users either new or existing, but I don't know how to specify theme pack path.I've tried\\server\share\test.theme
but it doesn't work when I check examples it says that\\server\share\Corp.msstyles and this is quiet confusing for me why is saying to use Corp.msstyles instead of using Corp.theme
? )
Can you please help me , how to deploy customized theme for all windows 7 users via Group Policy ?

A:How Can I setup windows theme via group policy for all Windows 7 Users ?

Based on my research, I’m afraid there is no special GPO of setting themes for every user. Just like you said, there is a GPO “Load a specific theme”
only applies to new user, but no effect on an existing user. That’s by design.
Thank you for your understanding.
HuangPlease remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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I am a computer novice.
I have a Dell XPS, used by 4 family members. I am the administrator. The other 3 are Standard users. The all worked fine on Wndows 8.
It came with Windows 8. I was offered free upgrade to Windows 10 by Microsoft and agreed. A little Windows sign told me it was ready and I clicked it. An hour later I had Windows 10 (Home). All working great.
Next time I signed in it came up with the subject message above. Meaning that my other family members can't sign in.
I have seen lots of posts where this happened on Windows 7 & 8 upgrades, but nothing on Windows 10
Srangely, at the same time Google Chrome stopped loading up and I don't seem to be be able to access Microsoft on the web. Not sure if that is anything to do with the same problem.

Can anyone help me?


A:WINDOWS 10 : Windows cannot connect to the Group Policy Client service

I've had this problem as well. When I was running windows 8 this helped
He's done a video for windows 10 but the fix isn't working on my machine this time.

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Hi Support Team,
We are using Windows Server 2008 SP2 updated. we have create group policies on the Server all policies are applying to window 7 but some polices are not applying (for example. USB block...)to Window 8 or above. please help.
Ganesh Kale

Ganesh Kale IT System Administrator.

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fresh install of windows 7 home premium 64bit

every time I start up I
get the same issue of "Failed to connect windows service ...... Group policy

I did some research about checking the key strings in regedit,
but there is nothing in my registry about it..

any idea how I can
disable the popup, or remove it so I don't get the same issue every time?

I know its a windows 7 issue, but any help would work


A:Windows issue... windows error group policy client

Hi 403,
your in the 8 forum pop over to 7 forums,
however on my other laptop running x64HP, the settings in screenshot 1 are identical to mine, screenshot 2 reads
1 value not set 2 0x00002000 (8192) 3 0x00000001 (1),
and are you running as a guest error message states as an administrator.....


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I have a network of 38 computers that all run Windows 95 with a Windows NT 4 server with the most recent service pack. I recently reformated all of them and installed Windows 95 fresh. They're all connected to the network and can share resources. They all log on to the network using the same user name and password under the same domain. I want to be able to restrict their ability to enter the control panel and change desktop settings and other things. I tried using the System Policy Editor to create a policy. I added the user name everyone uses to log on by using the browse button and finding the username on the server, then I edited the user and restricted access to various things, but after creating the policy it asked me to save it.

The Save box opened at the C: hard drive level. I saved it on the C: drive, but the policy didn't go into effect. Is there somewhere special where this policy file has to be saved in order for it to take effect? Do I have to be logged of of the server in order to create a policy? Do I have to reboot the server before the changes take effect? Or, instead of adding the username to the System Policy Editor, should I instead add the Group that the user is a part of?

I would appreciate you help greatly!


A:{Advice Given} - System Policy Editor [or] "Anyone know the Win 95 System Policy file name

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RSAT for Windows 10 lets me set group policy for Defender Firewall. However this policy only seems to work for Windows 10. Is there any way to get Windows 10 RSAT to give me the option of modifying Windows Firewall settings? Or do I need to install RSAT
on a Windows 7 Box?

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THIS is or may be related to other post(s) or other people may have similarly asked or requested some help or suggestions pertaining to the same as my thread that I might have overlooked those posts....(sorry) and Thanks for bearing w/me....

The issue or difficulty I am experiencing are understanding the tightest or what I would like to have tightest security on my (xp pro running machine) single or standard domain (?) that is--I have no network! I am stand alone computer using DSL services thru AT&T / Yahoo w/their provided 2wire router/modem/broadband component or that that has come with signing up w/their DSL services, if anyone or most people, likely, are aware or familiar. NOTE: This stems or derives from my machine's attack from recent spyware that resulted w/machine taken into my computer tech repair guy for reinstall and / or reformat, etc....(clean and started over---). However, once home and re-installed or newly installed windows xp pro, I ran free antivirus avg and found spyware on first scan. I use yahoo email, if that's important or of record to note, etc....that's, incidentially yahoo/at&t's dsl services home page, but I use other or shorter -- like Google....just for addl' info.

The bottom line on the sharing access in network policy are defaulted to allow it looks like just about everyone or thing, that is a few lines of codes and abbreviations that maybe, some of you might familiarize right away(?).....and the second ques... Read more

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USB detail: Lexer 32GB

The cause of the problem or what I think it might be the cause:
I noticed that the transferring rate is very slow from my PC to the USB, so I change the policy setting for that USB drive to be more optimistic (I think the actual option is called cache something something with a check box) using Device Manager. However, the Lexar USB properties setting crashed while I was changing the USB policy. First I tried to stop the properties setting by using task manager, but that didn't work, so I unplugged the USB from the port and the entire DM and the properties setting close itself. However, now whenever I plug in that USB, it didn't work anymore.

To be more specific as to what happens when I plugged in that USB now. The light in the USB will always be on at all time. Not showing up in my computer nor auto running. Shows up in DM with message saying 'this device works properly', but when I go look at the capacity information, it display nothing, also tries updating the drive and uninstalling it while I was in DM, but always seem to be stuck. Tries to find it in Disk Manager, but couldn't find anything about a 32GB drive.

I have tried the following:
1. Plugging other USB mass storage device = works
2. Plugging that Lexer in another PC = works

So my conclusion is that my PC reads other USB mass storage drive, but not this Lexer one. What can I do so that I can use my Lexer USB again?

A:USB not working after policy changes (Windows 7)

can the USB recognize in the task bar during installation?... if not..
Remove the USB.. switch of the pc... remove power cable..wait for 30 min... again plug in and restart your pc after that install the USB.. check it now..

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I have a scenerio where I have to allow normal users on 3 tablets (windows 7) to enable and disable the wireless adaptor.

They do not have a keyboard, except for the touch screen.

This is only for testing, so it is temporary.

I have the netsh command in a batch which will either turn off of turn on the adaptor. Problem is that these users cannot have admin rights to run the batch. I can select 'run as administrator' as a property, but that still prompts for a password.

Is there a way to allow the netsh batch file to run through a local security policy, just for now?

If so, where should I focus?

A:Windows 7 security policy

Hi -
Can you create "Guest Accounts" for these people, this way they may not need your main password to log on -

Thank You -

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In the last few weeks I have noticed that around 30 of our 400 machines have got stuck applying Group Policy. The DISK drive light is hard on. If the machines are rebooted they get stuck at the same point after the reboot. If left alone they remain stuck. However, if you restart the machine say the next day they boot up instantly like nothing was ever wrong. I suspect it is doing whether it is doing a full group policy apply or part.

Is there anyone else experiencing such weird behaviour? I keen to find out why the disk is at 100%?

A:Windows 7 Group Policy

When the machines boot up and login, check their event viewer for more detailed error information.

My computer is not part of a domain and I don't have those issues. However, you can set a machine to reboot if group policy fails to apply. Looking at the settings of how group policy deals with failures may help.

Quote: Originally Posted by devlin7

In the last few weeks I have noticed that around 30 of our 400 machines have got stuck applying Group Policy. The DISK drive light is hard on. If the machines are rebooted they get stuck at the same point after the reboot. If left alone they remain stuck. However, if you restart the machine say the next day they boot up instantly like nothing was ever wrong. I suspect it is doing whether it is doing a full group policy apply or part.

Is there anyone else experiencing such weird behaviour? I keen to find out why the disk is at 100%?

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In Windows XP Professional i want to block all access to users so that can not go where they are not suppose to be. I have found that if you go in these steps, control panel, administrative tools, local security settings, then select Software Restrictions Policy then on Security Levels. When i set the option to disallow this action will Disallow all functions even the administrator's functions on the computer. The way to get it back to the Unrestricted state of the policy again is to go into Safe Mode and change the setting. The question i ask is how can i invoke that setting just to be set to a user level access so anyone with user access will not be allowed to make any changes on the computer. However if you are in the administrator's login you still have all your normal access. I have found this security is wayy better then Windows 2000 in a Computer lab sense.


A:Windows XP Software Policy

in the control panel click on user accounts and the users you don't want to alter anything take away admin privlidges

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Hi there,I was reading the Windows 10 forum, and saw a REALLY important post by Casey_boy.I searched this forum for something similar, and couldn't find anything, so here goes:I read the EULA and Privacy Policy for Windows 8 word for word (deadly dull reading) and discovered that Microsoft can and does have access to all of your documents, pictures, etc. on your hard drive.That little piece of information scared me so much that I returned the computer and operating system to the store for a refund.If you care at all about your privacy, it is really important now-a-days to read those (deadly dull) EULAs and Privacy Policies. They are extremely long and complex, to the extent that I wondered if I should hire a lawyer to go over it for me...really important to know what you're signing and agreeing to.

A:Windows 8 Privacy Policy

Hi Rosenberg I think you may have misread the EULA and Privacy Policy of Microsoft Windows, I guess this applies only in some extreme case, maybe for troubleshooting or such. Is it possible for you to copy and paste here to accept part of EULA/Privacy Policy that you read and that mentionned that?

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Hello try to access windows defender get message that saying this app is turn off by group policy /to allow this app to run contact your security administrator to enable the program via group policy. I can`t even access group policy, typed gpredit.msc
getting message that said gpredit is not recognized as an internal or external command. I`m really lost, can someone help

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Has anyone tried the new Storage Spaces feature in Windows 8? Your experience with it?

More specifically:

1. If this system is used on a shared network with other operating systems such as XP and Windows 7, can the storage pool drives be set up as shared, and become visible and usable from the XP and Win 7 machines?

2. If you have a Network Backup drive, like WD My Book Live, will it see and back up the Storage Spaces configured drive just like any other drive on the network?

A:Storage Spaces (Storage Pool) Experience?

I've only set this up on a Windows Server 2012 configuration therefore I cannot provide the exact steps on how to set one up in a client environment. That being said, a storage space/pool is essentially a virtual disk that resides on one or multiple physical disks allowing you to accumulate free space. For example if I have multiple servers with free space on their data drives I can then create a storage pool to accumulate this. To allocate this storage pool/space to a user or machine you will need to decide what you wish to do with it. Below are a couple of examples of how:

Share via Windows Folder Sharing (UNC Path)Use iSCSI to use the current ethernet infastructure allowing you to assign the storage pool/space a drive letter to the client machineIn a server environment you may wish to use it for DFS (Distributed File System) to maintain redundancy

Personally I use my storage pool as an iSCSI drive for which i have partitioned.

You can only use the free space of a non Windows install drive. To my knowledge you cannot overcome this with partitioning.

In relation to your second question, you will only able to use the share as a safepoint backup if it is shared via Windows Folder Sharing. For example: \\computername\share

Also you will need to make sure that the NAS is on the same workgroup as the Windows 8 machine hosting the storage pool otherwise it will not be able to find the share. Hopefully this is what you asking however pleas... Read more

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Windows 7.
With Google I couldn't find answer, how to handle USB removable media inside camera.
With camera there is no "Safely remove hardware and eject media" option.
When Photo camera is connected, a new camera device is installed and GUI window is opened with option to browse or copy photos. But there is no removable storage devise eject button on notification area. The USB removable Storage devise is also present on File Manager Computer left panel but again, there is no mouse right button eject option as normally with removable storage devices. I have checked in on several computers. How to understand. I don't believe that it's camera specific but Camera is Canon S95.
Any ideas?

A:How to handle and difference of USB storage and in Camera USB storage

Can you set the camera to "Disk Mode"? If so, it will treat the camera as a flash drive.

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I have an Acer Aspire One CloudBook 14 with absolutely no storage space at all...not even for critical updates. It came with 28GB of which most of it was used for a reinstallation of the OS because of infection. There's a Windows.old file that for some reason I cannot delete no matter what...tried adding an external (flash) storage to no avail...At my wits end...there has to be a way to retrieve some if not all my storage back...

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When I got my laptop it was set up with a 1TB storage device but my pool only has 250GB even though I set up the device, how do I add storage to the pool?

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hi, I'm using t420. I've replaced the HDD with a Crucial M4 SSD. I have some questions. The HDD will stop when a shock detected by TheThinkvantageActiveProtectionSystem. But now i'm using a SSD, I don't know that the Disk can be caused by stopping when a shock detected. Should I worry about it?

A:The Thinkvantage Active Protection System-Lenovo airbag protection

An SSD has no moving parts so there's no need to run APS. If you don't have any HDDs inside your T420, e.g. in the Ultrabay or mSATA, you can just uninstall APS altogether.

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A new variant of the ACCDFISA Protection Center ransomware has been released called Malware Protection. The malware developers target Windows servers and appear to hack them in order to install the software. Once the Malware Protection ransomware is installed, it will lock you out of computer and create password-protected RAR archives out of your data that you can no longer access unless you pay a $300 ransom.

When installed, the Malware Protection ransomware will scan your computer for all files using certain file extensions and will use the command line RAR program to turn them into a password protected RAR archive. These files will be renamed with the .aes extension and are supposed encrypted with the AES encryption. You will then be prompted to pay a ransom in order to get the decryption key to restore your files. The decryption key starts with aes987156 and then the password for the RAR files is appended to it. The decrypt.exe program will read through the list of encrypted files and extract them to the proper location using the RAR password. In the past version of this malware, there have been some cases reported that the decrypt process actually deleted the files, so once you have the RAR password it is suggested that you use a manual method restore the files. A manual method using a batch file can be found in the How to remove and decrypt the ACCDFISA Protection Program guide.

The files that this infection installs can be found in the following locations:

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A:New ACCDFISA Protection Center ransomware called Malware Protection


Thanks for all the tips. We have had a number of clients affected with both variants. All these clients had kaspersky installed! Does anyone know the source of these infections? Is it via email/web/RDP or manual?


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i have windows vista and i have norton and i wont have it for long, i cant afford to buy virus protection but i need it. whats the best thats free and has NO trials

A:Solved: whats the best free virus protection and spywhere protection?

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A:how does one access LGP (group policy ed) on windows xp?

start, run, type: GPEDIT.MSC and click OK

LGP cannot be used on a computer on a domain, nor can it be used on Windows XP Home Edition

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