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VMWare "safely remove" disabled USB Host Controller

Q: VMWare "safely remove" disabled USB Host Controller

I am running Windows XP (SP3) as a virtual machine in VMWare Player 2.5.2. Normally in the "Safely Remove" tray icon I had four components by default, in addition to whatever USB devices I had connected to the virtual machine.

Recently, I chose to "safely remove" a USB device, but my mouse slipped, and instead I "safely removed" the "Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller" and/or the "Inter(R) 82371AB/EB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller" (both are missing now, but I think I have written their names correctly).

The components that remain are "VMware Accelerated AMD PCNet Adapter" and "Creative AudioPCI (ES1371,ES1373) (WDM)"

Now the virtual OS has no USB capability. I have looked everywhere I can, including Device Manager, and see no sign of the missing Controllers. It seems odd that a virtual component like that could suddenly disappear -- but since it's not a physically-removable drive, I can't just plug it back in.

I have tried doing a Windows Restore to a previous date (before my mistake), but that did not restore the USB Controllers.

How can I restore the USB capability?

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Preferred Solution: VMWare "safely remove" disabled USB Host Controller

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I just purchased a Seagate external drive as a backup for my computer.

Without me doing anything the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" icon in the lower part of my computer screen now says "Open Devices and Printers" which is where it takes you when you click on it.

I hesitate to plug my external drive in if I can't safely remove it.

Does anyone know how to get the "Safely Remove Hardware" option back?

Thanks so much for any help you can give me.

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I just purchased a Seagate external drive as a backup for my computer.

Without me doing anything the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" icon in the lower part of my computer screen now says "Open Devices and Printers" which is where it takes you when you click on it.

I hesitate to plug my external drive in if I can't safely remove it.

Does anyone know how to get the "Safely Remove Hardware" option back?

Thanks so much for any help you can give me.

A:"Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" is "Open Devices And Printer

Earlier, something in Windows change did you? -- YodaMan

Matters not, download, install tweaking.com's Windows Repair (All in One). Best to run it in Safe Mode with Networking. Accept defaults and check items #26 & 27. Restart maybe twice, to smooth out Windows 10 OPs. Also ensure icon rebuilding and/or system files association is checkmarked.

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Should I "Eject" a USB device, or should I "Safely Remove" it? What's the difference? From experimentation, "Safely Remove" makes it disappear from the list of drives in the Computer folder, but all the lights on the physical thumbdrive stay lit (which worries me, because on XP they went out completely). Also from experimentation, "Eject" makes all the lights go out on the device, but the drive letter continues to exist in the list of drives in the Computer folder (though it has forgotten the volume name). So which is the right one to use? Or should I use both, one after the other?

A:"Eject" vs "Safely Remove"

they both do the exact same thing...i personally use safely remove..because i got a u3 stick...and it will eject it all in one click...

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Something that keeps annoying me about my laptop is that there is the "safely remove hardware" icon in the system tray even though i have nothing connected. when i look at the list it lists my actual cd drive...which i am scared to "disconnect" in case it doesnt connect again...anyway, i just wanted to see if anyone knew why it was in the list and how i could remove it from the list..i hate having extra icons in the bottom...

also, another thing is in "My computer" or just "Computer" it bothers me that there is a "removable drive e:" in there even though i have nothing connected. i double click and it tells me to insert something. if i press eject, nothing happens. why is that there? isnt that supposed to pop up only when i have a removable drive plugged in? is there any way to get rid of it? please reply if you have same problem! thanks!!!!

A:Help with "Safely Remove" and "My Computer"

Do you have a card reader in you laptop? It will appear as a drive in Computer and will show up in Safely remove hardware, although you should not select it since you will have to reboot to get it back.

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I have a tablet with 32gb internal memory. I bought s 64gb MicroSD card that has my Onedrive folder and system libraries on it. I will use a dab of hot glue to semi-permanently lock it in, as I have no intention of ever removing it.

But the SD card still shows up in the "Safely Remove Hardware" Dialogue box. How can I take it out?


A:Remove SD card from "Safely remove devices" daialogue box?

The port, and in turn the card, will always be identified as a removable device, never seen that to be a problem except on my Desktop that has a Card Reader [in place of the floppy drive] and the times I plug in Thumb drives and only in assuring I click on the correct drive I want to remove.

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Recently Upgraded: Running Windows 7, 64-bit on MSI Z97 ATX board with Intel Core i7-4790K processor. I installed the drivers from the CD that came with the board from MSI.

My usage is strictly internet, e-mail and office applications. Occasional other usage is to connect additional hard disk via internal SATA and scanning for viruses and malicious programs. I do not overclock or play games.

I am trying to determine whether there is any real benefit to keeping the following:
"Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver". I thought USB3 drivers were already in W7 so why do I need this driver from Intel? I've read this; but, it never gets into whether it is an essential program or what functionality might be lost if I uninstall it.
"MSI Super Charger". I've read this; but, I can't see any real benefit, The only thing I charge from this computer is my phone and I am very well satisfied with its charging time.


A:Solved: What is "Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver"

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I have just installed a firewire card in my machine (see specs below) and it just comes up the device cannot start. I haven't really come across this problem all that much so I'm not really sure where to start.

Windows picks up the card as a "VIA OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host
Controller" but then in device manager says it cannot start.

Here is my machines current specs:
MSI KT3-Ultra2 Mainboard
AMD Duron 1.3GHz Processor

PCI Cards in order as they are in the machine -
AGP - Geforce FX5200
PCI - Askey TV Tuner/Video Capture Card
PCI - Nothing - slot is used for more rear USB ports
PCI - 10/100 Network Card
PCI - FireWire Card
PCI - Belkin Wireless Network card

Running Windows XP Home SP2.
Any Suggestions?

A:VIA OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller "Device Cannot Start"

Try uninstalling the driver and rebooting. Or Try the Firewire card in another PCI slot.

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Hello, I'm new here, and I did a quick search and couldn't find any answers to these two problems im having.

First problem is:

Upon trying to Hibernate my computer, i get a BSoD with the following error details:


Stop codes: 0X000000D1 (0XOOOOOOOC, 0X000000FF, 0X00000000, 0XA8D0077AB)

hiber_atapi.sys=Address A88D077AB base at A8CF1000, DateStamp 4802539d

I also tried removing RAM sticks one at a time, and also tried removing CR-ROM drive, error still shows up.

I've been searching for resolutions to this, and they all say "hardware driver confliction" but i havn't made ANY changes to any drivers on my laptop.

My second problem, and this started prior to the BSoD:

I was checking through my hardware profile for a problem i had earlier with my dislpay not turning back on when I opened my laptop, i noticed the SCSI/RAID Host Controller had a yellow symbol next to it. I tried to update the driver, no update available, so I tried uninstalling it, restart, and now i constantly get a dialog saying: Found New Hardware Wizard, saying "SCSI/RAID Host Controller hardware found. Try to run the install wizard and it says Cannot Install Hardware. So I close out of it, and the wizard starts over again

anyone with any insight on this, it is greatly apperciated.

My System is:
Dell Insirion B130, bought in August of 2006
Intel Pentium M
Dell Inc.board, version A10 Bios.

and here is my HJT lo... Read more

A:BSoD and SCSI/RAID Host Controller "New Hardware Found" Dialog.


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Hi there guys,

i have a majour issue with my huawei e620 data card modem. i sold my Usb Version (The E220) because i only used it on the laptop and the PCIMCA version is perfect for it, so i only kept my E620, but i recently upgraded to a better Laptop, the HP Compaq 6910p, 2.4 ghz, 120hdd, 2gb ram, running Vista business. the problem is, this laptop doenst install the card, not at all, and this laptop is not that big of a difference form my older one, my older one was a HP Compaq NX7300, also running vista Business, both are 86x, the only difference is little higher specs, and the new one has Fingerprint reader, firewire port, sd-MMC card slot, SC slot, and S-Video out.

OK... so this is what happens, when i first inserted the Card, the popup came up, saying installing new hardware, when i clicked on it it showed the same thing twice,

NEC PCI to USB open host controller
NEC PCI to USB open host controller

but nothing else, the old laptop ran fine with the card, and it was working perfectly, same OS, and all,

so i went to Device manager, ind saw those same two things under universal serial bus controllers, but they had a "!" with a yellow triangle behind them, and if i open them, it says "ths device cannot find enough resources that it can use.(code12)" in the Device Status block, and if i click on resources it says the same....

what i have tried is the following, i have disabled everything that i possibly could in the bios, things like, the serial... Read more

A:Hp Laptop and "NEC PCI to USB open host controller" Issue, please help me.

Part of the problem here is that the XP was installed with all those other devices active so it is reserving the resources for them.
I think if you re-installed XP with the other unused devices disabled, it would allocate the resources more efficiently.

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So I recently got a new motherboard: Asus Crosshair IV Formula. Everything seems to work fine except some USB devices. My MS Sidewinder X6 keyboard keeps disconnecting from the PC for no apparent reason, sometimes Windows says the device is malfunctioning and cannot be started. The keyboard works fine with other computers and other keyboards work fine with this computer. I've tried using different USB ports.

I noticed that there are two devices without drivers in device manager. There are total of 4 devices named "Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller" and two of them give error message (10) "The device cannot start". They are all using drivers provided by Microsoft and they are very outdated: 21.6.2006.

I've installed every driver from my driver DVD and from Asus website. There seem to be two kind of USB3 drivers on the website: one made my NEC Electronics and one made by Renesas. I'm currently using the latest NEC drivers.

When I plug my Sidewinder in the front panel USB slots nothing happens. Nothing at all. But when I plug it in the back it works for some minutes before disconnecting again. Other devices seem to work fine in front panel.

So does anyone know where on earth I can find drivers for these two USB host controllers or are they even needed? And would they maybe fix my malfunctioning USB keyboard?

Thank you!

Hardware Ids:
PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4399&SUBSYS_43991002... Read more

A:Can't find driver for "OpenHCD USB Host Controller"

Hello Jiia,

The first thing I would do would be to disconnect the keyboard then go to Device Manager and uninstall the two devices with error messages then restart the PC go back to Device manager and see if they are reinstalled.

The best drivers for USB3 are the Renesas drivers but if you are happy using the Nec drivers you can leave be.

You could also try going through this tutorial; USB Driver - General Fix for Problems[2]=Hardware%20and%20Drivers

I have come across this problem before when a USB device comes up as malfunctioning. if the above do not fix the problem I suspect that the device may well be malfunctioning. I have first hand experience with a wlan USB stick that also works in another PC but not my desktop. I suspect that this is caused by an oversensitive BIOS that is relaying wrong or no information to Windows as opposed to a fault with Windows.
In simple terms the USB device maybe dying, albeit that it works in other PC's or the problem may just be that the BIOS thinks it has a problem and stops it working.
The good news is that you can still use your Keyboard with other PC's
The bad news is I cannot offer you a fix as I do not know myself what is causing this and unfortunately just having the two PC's myself means that it will take me a long time to come to a definitive answer.

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After "safely Remove Hardware" is activated to remove a Camera memory card media from computer, the safe removal tool actually removes all ability to reinsert another ScanDisk into the computer. I must reboot my computer for the Windows XP to recognize the new Scandisk drive.....
On my other computer, when I safely remove my scandisk from my computer, the "My computer" still shows icon driver and allows me to insert a new ScanDisk for viewing...without requiring me to reboot my computer to reestablish the driver

What cause the one computer to actually remove the ican upon executing the Safely Remove Hardwar function and how do I correct this little nuisance?

A:after proper "safely Remove Hardware" it takes icons off of the My Computer

I'm assuming your using a card reader of some sort. Is it the same one shared between both computers? Have you installed the drivers for your card reader on both computers?

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I have noticed this on several systems - one in particular is a Toshiba Sattelite A505-S6980 - where I "Customize" the icons that appear in the system tray.

One icon that I like to appear is the little "USB" icon for the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" function.

What happens is this:
I "customize" the icons, and select "Windows Explorer (Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media)" and set it to "Show Icon and Notifications"
It appears (if I have something plugged in) and I can click on it to un-mount and remove media.
It might even appear later on too.
However, at some time in the future after setting that icon, it disappears from the system tray and returns to the "hidden icon" list with it's attribute reset to "Only Show Notifications". Once it disappears, it's gone and will not return until manually set to "Show Icon and Notifications" again.

I can re-customize the icons and restore it, but it never stays there permanently as it should. Other icons, such as my Anti-Virus's icon, the network icon, the battery icon, the speaker icon, etc., remain and I have no trouble with them vanishing. It appears that this one icon, and this one icon only, does not want to persist in the system tray, and nothing I can do - short of a big hammer! - will convince it otherwise.

What do I have to do to get this icon to stay where I put it?


Jim (JR)

A:"Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" keeps vanishing from systray

Normally the "Safely Remove Hardware & Eject Media" only shows when you Left Click on the little ^ on the Task Bar when you actually have some removable hardware attached.
On my computer when I have say a USB connected hard drive & I wish to see if I can safely remove it I click on the ^ on the task bar & it shows a list of items & one of them is the attached USB hard drive. If I left click on that item it gives a description of it & when I then right click on the description is gives me the safe to remove message if it is safe to do so.

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For some reason about 75% of the time when I have an external hard drive plugged in to either my laptop or desktop computer (both running Windows XP Professional SP3) it won?t let me safely remove the drive when I?m done with it; the error message I get on both computers when trying to remove the drive using ?Safely Remove Hardware? is: The device ?Generic volume? cannot be stopped because a program is still accessing it. Except no programs are accessing it, not even Explorer. I?ll then have to shut the entire computer off in order to remove the drive since nothing else seems to work.

I did try the steps listed at this site but I still got the same ?Generic volume? error message after closing the two threads that were accessing the external drive and Process Explorer didn?t show anything at all as accessing it once I had closed the threads that were there. If it helps, the two threads were apparently the same thing at the same location: F:\System Volume Information\EfaData\SYMEFA.DB

I googled that file/file path but didn?t really find anything that related to my problem. So could anyone here help me out? Like I said, this happens on both my laptop and my desktop computers which aren?t connected to each other in any way so in addition to wondering why I?m getting this message to begin with I?m wondering why I?m getting it on both machines.
Any info or advice would be much appreciated.

A:Unable to "safely remove" external hard drives on either of my computers

Program Accessing it message is usually a residual effect of a files cache still running in memory. Windows should have cleared it but in many cases it does not go away. If your right click the Safely Remove Icon in the System Tray, and then Remove the drive, if you get that message, close it and hit it again. 9 times out of 10 it will let you Safely Remove it then. If not, wait a few minutes and try it again, if it refuses, then just unplug it. The only danger is that it may not get recognized if the drive was using a file at the time, but this is rare.

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nice to meet you all.

My problem is my USB HDD unable to safely remove on Windows 7, I found that there is a process name call "System" is using it, thats what I get by a program call usb safely remove, I can't even force remove by using the program. Or is there any way to stop the "System" process to use my USB HDD??

I am sure that my system restore, paging file system, Recycle Bin and Indexing services are disabled for that drive.

Please forgive my noob english grammar, I hope that you all can understand what I mean.

Appreciate on helps!!!

A:USB HDD is locked by a process call "System"~~unable to safely remove

Another program is using your USB HDD through the System process. Make sure you close any open Windows Explorer windows and any dialogs that you've used to access that drive.

Download this free utility: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/s.../bb896653.aspx
Once it's installed, right click on the System process and select Properties
Then select the Threads tab.

Let us know what stuff is running in the Threads tab.
Of particular interest is anything that's got running numbers in the different columns.
You only need the stuff in the Image Name column before the !, and there's no need to repeat each instance of a name (for example, you'll only have to list ntoskrnl.exe once).

Also, check the processes that show underneath the SYSTEM process (in my case it's smss.exe) for the same information.

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From my "Safely remove hardware and eject media" I get a dialog that says:

Open Devices and Printers
Ian's pc
- Eject ST320005 42A2 SCSI Disk Device
- Eject ST320005 42A2 SCSI Disk Device
All the screen shots of this dialog I've seen have the drive letter and/or the drive volume volume label, never the hardware string.

Needless to say this makes it tricky to eject the correct device...

How do I get the drive letter or label there please?


A:"Safely remove hardware" not showing drive letter/label

Could you post a screen capture of what the notification tray icon shows when you click on it?

("Print Screen" key, paste into Paint. The snipping tool won't pick that up.)

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Hi , yes I know this is no doubt this is one of those "stupid" questions, but I have searched the web and the printers own userguides but cannot find any ref to this at all.. I would like to settle a disagreement ....

My Laptop is a Dell D600 running WinXP Pro SP2

We have a Photosmart D1560 Printer which is mainly used by my husband , who connects directly into it using a USB cable plugged into his laptop..

I normally print to my own printer , but on occasions use his and to do so he disconnects the USB cable and plugs it into mine..

BUT I thought you should always use the "Stop" the hardware , Safely remove USB device" feature for all removable devices before pulling out the cable, so that it checks to see if anything is still using the device, or files ?And not doing so could either cause you to lose date if usiing a storage device , cause portable media corruptions or damage your PC.....

He has always just "pulled out the cable" , says he's too busy to use stop the device.. !!!!! In fact he does that with all USB devicesm including storage devices and memory sticks etc

I always use stop the devices first .. in the case of the printer, goto "safely remove HP Photosmart D5100 series" which only takes a few seconds to do ..

I even called HP tech support , was sent to a helpdesk overseas , to ask for the answer saying I had checked ALL their guides and online help and coudl not find the answer ... they chuckled and sa... Read more

A:Do I use "Safely remove Device" or simly pull out plug on USb Printer?

The main reason for using "Safely Remove" is that there are file caches that may not have been completely transferred to the device, usually a drive of some sort or other memory device, and disconnecting suddenly can cause loss of that data, and possible damage to the device's file system.

In the case of a printer that has no current printing jobs, chances are there is nothing to be gained by using "Safely Remove" and there is no data to be lost. But the printer should certainly be turned off to avoid power spikes, and using SR is a good habit to get into even if it causes no damage in this particular case not to use it. You can minimize the possibility of problems by looking for the device in Device Manager and setting it to be optimized for "Quick Removal". But not all devices have such a setting.

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I have a Bluetooth dongle that I use to connect a DualShock PS3 controller to my PC (8.1 Pro). It has a special third-party driver installed to facilitate this. For this reason, it's detected by Windows as a standard "USB device" instead of a Bluetooth adapter like it normally would be, and it persistently shows the tray icon to safely remove it. I never remove it from my computer and I would really like this icon to disappear from my tray, but nothing I've been able to find on Google has applied to this sort of situation.

Does anyone have any ideas about removing this? If I need to somehow completely disable the tray icon altogether for all devices I'm fine with that; I almost always remember to safely eject devices and I'm fine going to This PC to do it.

A:Disable "Safely Remove Hardware" icon from tray

Just set it to stay hidden, no notifications.

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I very much know about using C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll to display the "Safely Remove Hardware" dialog window, but I'd much prefer to emulate the result of clicking on the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" icon in the system tray.

Is this possible?


A:How can I launch "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media"?

When you have media hardware connected through USB there should be an icon showing down on the right side. Sometimes it doesn't show but you can then click the arrow which will make hidden icons show.

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My new HP printer is a USB plug-in. It is meant to be a fixed piece of equipment that I won't be routinely unplugging. I have the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon showing in the tray.
I'm concerned if I just tell it to "Stop" that the computer will not be able to communicate with the printer anymore.
How can I get rid of the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in my tray.

Thanks, Chris

A:Fixed Printer shows in "Safely Remove Hardware"

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So for some reason the BIOS suddenly decided all my SATA ports should be hot swappable I suppose. My C drive where my Windows install resides suddenly shows up under the "Safely remove hardware and Eject Media" thingy. Normally this wouldn't bother me, but now it's showing up as "oCsria roFcr e 3SS D" instead of "Corsair Force 3 SSD". This worries me as this is already my 2nd SSD drive after my Vertex III went dead on me after about 6 months of use.
Should I be worried? Might this drive be on it's way out? Is it a firmware bug? Driver bug? Or is it a Windows 8 bug? RMA worthy?
Drive came with the latest 1.33 firmware when I purchased it and is up to date as far as I can tell.

/backups data

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How do I restore the Safely Remove Hardware icon to the system tray? I've clicked into "Customize Notifications" and a folder titled Safely Remove Hardware is listed under Past Items. I've changed its "Behavior" next to the folder to Always Show, but the icon still doesn't appear in the system tray. Rebooting after making the change doesn't help. Any ideas?


A:Solved: Missing "Safely Remove Hardware" icon

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After I finished transferred some files across from external hard drive to laptop and I used a picture from external hard drive as my background desktop but when I tried to click "Safely "remove it said there were programs running yet I have nothing transferring/connecting from external hard drive to laptop then I unplugged the USB device.

I did noticed when I removed the external hard drive my background picture was gone when I went to change themes, I'm worried so Can this damage to the laptop/external hard drive or corrupt software

A:I unplugged my external hard drive without "Safely Remove" Can this da

That thing about programs using the drive happens a lot with my Toshiba lappy.
Unless you've changed any of the default hardware policies for the external drive (most of them won't even allow you to), unplugging without ejecting should not be a problem. Nevertheless, whenever you are unable to eject, it is better to wait till you turn off the computer before unplugging.
Hope this helps.

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This icon suddenly isn't showing up, so I have to shut down or risk damaging something to get my external USB devices disconnected from the system.

Is there a place in XP Pro that I can enable it?

A:Lost the "safely remove" icon in the system tray


Attach the drive
Go to Start => Run and type in "devmgmt.msc" {without the quotes}
Locate the USB drive in 'Disk Drives'
Right-click => Properties => Policies tab
Check the radio button 'Optimize for performance'
OK to exit

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In my Systray there is an icon "Safely remove hardware and eject media"
which did not exist in WinXP.

I guest this is for possible removing USB sticks from USB slots.

However I should be able to remove USB sticks by just plugging them out.
Per definition WinOS and hardware should be able to handle this automatically.

So I do not need this icon in Systray.

How can I hide this icon permanently from Systray?


A:How to disable Systray icon "Safely remove hardware and eject media"?

If you right click on the arrow thing in your notification tray, you will see "customize notification icons."

From there, you should be able to set it to "hide icon and notifications"

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On a Windows 7 64 bit system, I've got a compact flash card set up like this:
compact flash card > usb compact flash card reader > USB hub > usb port

Previously, windows allowed me to safely remove both the
card and reader. I unplugged and replugged some connections
a while ago and since then the safely remove list only allows me to
remove the card reader, the card is grayed out. (I replugged the
devices into the same connectors.)

I wanted to check the card's properties to see if its policy was
"quickly remove" or "better performance" but the card is not
in "devices and printer" and it's listed under "Portable Devices"
in Device Manager, which doesn't have a policy tab.

How can I get the device ungray in the "safely remove hardware"
list? And, if I can't do I have to safely remove the reader each
time I want to change cards? That probably requires a reboot
and waiting for it to be installed again and I'd rather be able
to safely remove only the card.

Thanks for any help.


A:Grayed out Compact Flash Card in "Safely Remove Hardware" List

Right click on the card in Computer and select eject. That is the way to safely remove a card without the need to remove the reader.

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Why has it dissapeared? How can I restore it, so it comes back each time I insert a USB device?


A:restore my "safely remove hardware" icon

For Windows XP ...

Right click on the Taskbar (not an icon on the taskbar) and select Properties from the pop-up menu

Select the Taskbar tab in the Start Menu Properties screen

Click the Customize... button

You should get a Custom Notifications screen

Find "Safely remove hardware" entry in the scroll list.

If its behavior is set to "Always hide", click on the current behavior setting and change it to "Hide when inactive". Accept the new setting by clicking "OK" to close the open screens.

If the behavior was all ready set to "Hide when inactive" or "Always show" when you opened the settings screen, there is some other problem that needs to be resolved.

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I have windows 7 ultimate and The "Safely remove hardware" icon is available but when I press on it nothing appear or happen. I try right mouse click and left mouse click but nothing happen.


A:The "Safely remove hardware" icon isn't pressable

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Here's my problem. I have an external 2.5" 80GB external USB hard drive.

Windows will not let me remove it because "A program is still accessing it". However, I have killed every process that windows will allow me to kill, and killed and started "explorer" process. I have to restart the computer in order to remove the HDD.

Any way to force windows to give me back my HDD?

A:Force windows xp to "safely remove" hardware?

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I have a DELL 8100 with WIN XP Pro installed. Recently the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the sys-tray has disappeared. How can I retrieve it and, in the meantime, can I safely disconnect USB equipt. without first shutting down?

A:"Safely Remove Hardware" icon missing

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I can stop all my internal AHCI drives from showing up in "Safely remove" list by seting TreatAsInternalPort to true.

Now only my hot-swap drive shows up, so I won't accidentally eject the wrong drive.

But I have a flash-drive which I use for ReadyBoost, and a USB modem. Is there a way to remove them from the list as well? It is very difficult to see the correlation between USB ports in Device Manager and in regedit.

A:Stop USB devices from being in "Safely remove" list

It's possible you have a BIOS option to designate SATA ports as eSATA? They would then show as ejectable. I think BIOS would likely also list which controller each device is connected to. I assume this was the method you are using?

Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media problem.

Hopefully one of our hardware experts will come along with better info

A Guy

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I followed this tutorial to enable AHCI:
AHCI : Enable in Windows 7 / Vista

and after it installed the device drivers I restarted the pc and now I see the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon for my HDD. Is there a way to remove it ? I am afraid of the consequences of accidentally removing my hard drive while it's operating.


A:"Safely Remove Hardware" for my HDD after enabling AHCI

Go to this web site

Solved: How to remove internal devices from showing in safely remove hardware list? [Archive] - AnandTech Forums

and read the comment from TJCS at 6.40pm on 3-12-10. Gives you step-by-step on how to stop internal drives from showing up in "Safely Remove Hardware" list. It worked for me.

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The "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the notification area will not display the balloon-type notification upon removal of a USB drive or other device. I have mucked about all through my computer's settings, fiddled with the group policy editor and the registry, but to no avail. I attempted to customize the notification areas and set the icon to display icon and notifications, still nothing. At one point the icon wouldn't even recognize that I was right-clicking on it. It recognized my clicks after I tried a system restore but nothing else has worked.

tl;dr I want to have a balloon appear when I remove my USB drive

A:"Safely remove hardware" not displaying balloon

Welcome to the forums Themiddleman93!

Have you tried a sfc/scannow to find and possibly fix any corrupted system files? We have many fine tutorials here at the forums, written by some very knowledgeable people. Here's one o how to do that if you haven't before, just click on the link : SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

I would be EXTREMELY careful about mucking around in the registry. I'm not quite sure by what you mean by "tl;dr I want to have a balloon appear when I remove my USB drive". If you click on the icon and and select "Safely remove Hardware and Eject Media", then click on the usb you want removed, the balloon will appear when its safe to do so.

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I just updated my laptop from the original version of Windows 10 to Version 1211 (build 10586.11) and have a strange issue with my USB ports.

The USB 3.0 port works as expected. However, I attempted to create a recovery drive on thumb drive using a USB 2.0 port. The recovery creating process stalled seeming not to recognize the thumb drive in the USB port. I tried the same thing using the USB 3.0 port and it worked as expected.

When I plug in a thumb drive into the USB 2.0 port, it is recognized in File Explorer and I can successfully write to and delete files from the drive. However, the thumb drive doesn't appear in the "Safely Remove Hardware Icon" in the system tray. When I insert or remove the thumb drive, I don't get the "USB connect/disconnect" chime either. The USB 3.0 port works exactly as it should.

I changed the drivers as suggested in the following thread:
The issue still exists.

Other than creating the recovery drive, the issue doesn't seem to cause any problems but it just doesn't seem right.

Has anyone else seen this issue and does anyone have a solution?

A:No "Safely Remove Hardware Icon" after Win 10 update

Same for me. Thanks to whoever will find a solution.

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I have this problem in Windows 7. Always when I try to stop my external USB drive (HP pd 750a) system message appears that drive is in use by another process or application. There were no problem under Windows XP. What process I have to stop if I want to correctly "safely remove" my drive ?

A:I couldn't "safely remove" my USB external drive

Hello Bataj and welcome to Seven Forums.

See if this tutorial helps.

Safely Remove Hardware - Eject Device

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hi guys... after installing windows 7, i notice there is something wrong with my safely remove program, my harrdrive (internal, not external) is appear in that list, how to fix this, because i think this is very anoying for me


A:Why does my hard disk appear in "Safely Remove Hardware" ?

Does your board support hot swapping?
I have seen that happen before with controllers that support hot swap.

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I have a Windows 7 Professional PC with a backup routine that runs on boot-up in a batch file. It copies various files to a USB hard drive, then sends me a message on another PC saying the backup is complete.

I need a command to put in the batch file to safely remove the USB drive after the copying is done and before the "finished" message is sent.
I want the "Safely Remove Hardware" process to run, but I don't want to have to log in to the PC to click the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon. I already have the "Optimize for quick removal" set.

I have seen this thread:
http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itprogeneral/thread/a163abeb-f4d6-425e-b30b-e900ab118f0a and do not need to show a missing box. I'd like to have the whole thing happen in the batch file without my interaction.
I realize there isn't an actual command line command, like COPY or DEL, but there must be something the OS runs when the "Safely Remove" icon is clicked and a choice from the popup menu is chosen.
Example: there's no command to lock the PC, even in Shutdown.exe. But this text in a command line:
%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation
locks the PC.
What's the line of text needed to eject a USB drive safely, preferably with feedback (if %Errorlevel% style) to show success or failure? (VBscript or WMI commands would be fine, too)

A:Command line to "Safely Remove a USB drive"?

I did ask on the Scripting Guys forum (http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/ITCG/thread/964f7d82-8810-4c18-93a3-0e5de1a3f006) and the answer is that there isn't one. No Microsoft-only command can eject a usb drive just like "Safely Remove Hardware"
does it.
I finally settled on "RemoveDrive" (http://www.uwe-sieber.de/drivetools_e.html) because it returns an %errorlevel% in a batch file, based on whether it was successful in ejecting the USB hard drive or not. My batch file now works perfectly, and it automatically
ejects the drive after writing the backups to it.

Thanks to All for your help!

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My "Safely remove hardware" icon is not present anymore in the bottom taskbar, and after a Google search, I still cannot get it back. Tried some of the recommdations but none works.

Anyone know how to restore this?


A:Solved: "Safely remove hardware" icon gone

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This shortcut is different than the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" icon in the system tray.
Is it possible to have a shortcut which opens this drop down menu, which you get when you right click of the system tray icon?

A:"Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media"

Hello Entropy,

If you like, here's a shortcut or context menu option for "Safely Remove Hardware" that may work for you.

Safely Remove Hardware Shortcut - Create - Windows 7 Help Forums

Safely Remove Hardware - Add to Desktop Context Menu - Windows 7 Help Forums

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Hello all,

After using my USB memory stick this evening, I went to the taskbar to click the "safely remove hardware" icon, only to find it was not there. I restarted the computer (my catch-all trouble shooting method) and still did not get an icon when I inserted the USB drive. I also tried plugging in my iPod and got no icon. (Note: the flash drive and iPod function perfectly fine, it's just the "safely remove hardware' icon that's missing - annoying) Did I inadvertantly change some sort of setting or something? Help...

The computer is an HP PCm7250n running XP mediacenter edition, the flash drive in question is a SanDisk cruzer micro.



A:"safely remove hardware" icon missing

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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post obviously so my apologies in advance if I've not followed a convention or you need more information - please let me know and I'll endeavour to fix it

I installed Windows 7 Professional x64 from a clean install (format, then install) and ever since, the "safely remove hardware" function has been terrifically slow - about 30-45 seconds from me clicking on the safely remove hardware icon to the menu popping up.

I've completely exhausted any of my ideas, and seemingly Google's, so if anyone can help me shed some light on this I would be unbelievably grateful - it aggrevates me SO much!

I have a feeling it's something to do with the way USB devices are handled in W7, as I have a similar problem with my HP Photosmart C5280 multifunction printer - two-way communication with it appears to be ridiculously slow, which means that from clicking "properties" to change print settings from a print dialog it takes 45 seconds for the hp printer utilities thingy to come up so I can change settings. Also printing in general appears to be a lot slower.

If anyone can help, thank you SO much in advance, and if you need any more info please met me know!



A:"Safely Remove Hardware" horrendously slow

Quote: Originally Posted by andrewkeith5

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post obviously so my apologies in advance if I've not followed a convention or you need more information - please let me know and I'll endeavour to fix it

I installed Windows 7 Professional x64 from a clean install (format, then install) and ever since, the "safely remove hardware" function has been terrifically slow - about 30-45 seconds from me clicking on the safely remove hardware icon to the menu popping up.

I've completely exhausted any of my ideas, and seemingly Google's, so if anyone can help me shed some light on this I would be unbelievably grateful - it aggrevates me SO much!

I have a feeling it's something to do with the way USB devices are handled in W7, as I have a similar problem with my HP Photosmart C5280 multifunction printer - two-way communication with it appears to be ridiculously slow, which means that from clicking "properties" to change print settings from a print dialog it takes 45 seconds for the hp printer utilities thingy to come up so I can change settings. Also printing in general appears to be a lot slower.

If anyone can help, thank you SO much in advance, and if you need any more info please met me know!



Hi Andrew

I am assuming you have gone into device manager and verifed that the drivers are installed and working properly. If not type device manager in search. go to USB. there should... Read more

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It's gone. I use my camera a lot and I've gotten use to using the icon to disconnected it from my computer. But, recently the icon fails to come up when I reboot. I've tried the "always show" option on the hide inactive icons menu, nothing. How can I get it to come back up and stay up? Thanks.

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Windows Media Edition 2004, I somehow removed the icon for "Safely remove hardware" from my system (notificationi) tray. In searching I found another thread which permits me to run the program:

"RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll"

and supposedly places the icon back in the tray, but not so on my computer. Before I go to Microsoft and pay them to answer my question, does anyone out there know how to force the icon for "safely remove hardware" back into my system tray?

A:Restore Icon "Safely Remove Hardware"

If u have a CD then try windows repair...

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"safely remove hardware" icon is in my tray at start up even when I don't have hardware in. It ways it's for USB Mass Storage Device for 4 drives which I think are my memory card slots. Also when I use a hardware and then safely remove it out, then put a hardware in again, my pc doesn't know it's there and the safely remove hardware doesn't pop up. In this case I have to restart up my pc again. I've been to device manager and there's an "!" on it but it says it's working properly. Please help me.

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Not sure if this is a Windows or Toshiba issue. Ever since I installed a new (AT&T)wireless router and software, my taskbar icon arrangement was all messed up and the " Safely Remove Hardware (USB) icon" is missing in action!

Is there any way other than doing a system restore, to capture the bugger? Does it have an official name with which to search for it?

Where on my laptop might I look for this stray? Do I really NEED it?

If it's an important component, is there a website from which I can download a new one?

And, finally, THANK YOU for your thoughtful replies!

A:Missing the " Safely Remove Hardware (USB) icon"

This icon normally appears when you plug in a removable device that gets a Windows drive letter assigned (e.g. external USB drive, camera or portable music player that connects in MSC mode so that it gets a drive letter or two, external card reader with an SD card installed, etc.).

Its purpose is so that you can left or right click on it, and select the particular device you'd now like to pull the USB cable for. You need to first "safely remove hardware" because almost all of these removable devices make use of "write cache" for performance reasons, which retains data in PC memory buffers possibly still not yet flushed out to the device to reflect your final I/O operations. That's exactly what the "safely remove hardware" function does, namely flush out all of those buffers, possibly power down that USB port, and then disconnect the device so that you can pull the connecting cable out of the PC without the possibilty of losing any data or corrupting the file system on the device.

If you don't have any such removable devices currently plugged in, I wouldn't think you'd expect to see that "safely remove hardware" icon in the system tray.

Now if you do have an external USB drive currently plugged in and you're still not seeing that icon, well now something's definitely not right. I assume you've probably re-booted at least once in your attempt to sort this all out, but of course this goes without saying.

Do you have "hidden&quo... Read more

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I have set up several Windows 7 computers to always show the "Safely remove hardware" icon in the system tray, when a flash drive is installed.

However, the Windows 7 Home edition I have just installed doesn't list that icon as an option when I click on customise. How can I get that option to appear so that I can change it from "only show notification"?

A:Show icon for "safely remove hardware"

When you put in a flash drive(usb stick) it will show on the bottom right side of task bar. As soon as you want to remove that item click on the little icon and it will direct or tell you that you can now safely remove it.

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