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XPS 13 9360 video problem

Q: XPS 13 9360 video problem

I experienced the video viewing problem in my xps13 since I bought it. When I reviewed the video on some website, it cannot be play as below.

When I pause the youtube video after I played it for few second, it failed to resume as below.
It worked normal when I use firefox as the browser. But the above-mentioned problem existed when I use the Microsoft edge, Chrome, opera as the browser. The problem persisted even after I reinstall the Windows 10. The Windows was updated to the latest version and updates. It doesn't help. What happened?!

Preferred Solution: XPS 13 9360 video problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: XPS 13 9360 video problem

vc06456,Download Flash or enable it and then try playing the Youtube videos. Firefox has Flash imbedded into it.

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Hi,need info from the first hand by owner of xps 13 about video editing. I'm  about to buy new laptop from Dell
and must decide between xps 13 or 15 kaby lake FHD..prefer 13 if is possible to do some light video editing on it.I travel alot so smaller is better but if not possible to edit on 13 then I will take xps 15.but need info to decide,so please if someone do have some experience to share with me. Tnx

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Hello All,
I have a Dell XPX 13 9360 laptop with a WD15 dock that I want to use two Dell 2316M monitors.
The dock connects up to the laptop fine - I am getting ethernet, USB and power from the dock via the Thunderbolt port. But, I am getting no video output from it. The laptop does not recognize that there are additional displays connected. The monitors are on the correct input and the monitors work on their own respectively (tested by connecting to another machine).
I have tried installing the drivers from Dell (Thunderbolt, ASMedia USB, Intel Graphics, etc.), but nothing makes it work. I attempted to install the Firmware, but it fails.
The laptop is Windows 10 Pro.
Does anyone have any suggestions to make this work?

A:Dell WD15 w/XPS 13 9360 - No Video

Hmm, video is typically the easiest thing to get working because the USB-C port just has a DisplayPort output wired to it, so there are no special dock drivers to make that work.  In terms of the firmware update that failed, if you're referring to the WD15 firmware I'm linking below, what's the exact failure error?  That firmware update involves restarting your PC and having it update the firmware while it boots, and it would be a good thing to get working because one of the listed fixes pertains to the DisplayPort MST hub that controls the video outputs.  Link: www.dell.com/.../driversdetails.

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Is anybody able to play 3D files in native MVC frame packing format to 3D TV or projector Kaby Lake Dell XPS13 3960?
What drivers and USB-C to HDMI adapter do you use?

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ich möchte meine neues XPS 13 9360 mit dem ebenso neuen WD15 Wireless Dok verbinden, laut Installationshinweis sollte der Intel Wireless Manger in der Taskleiste angezeigt werden, das ist aber nicht der fall, zumal ja auch laut Betriebssystem ein Killer Wireless Adapter von Qualcom verbaut ist.
Wie kann ich nun den WD15 mit dem XPS 13 9360 verbinden ?

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I do some light video editng for vimeo and social networking..looking for someone who has some experience
with video editing on xps 13 or 15 to get some info before buying..
Personally I will prefer 13" because I travel a lot and 15" only if editing on 13" is not possible..
I will really appreciate info from someone with experience on this matter..tnx

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Lately I have had problems with my XPS 9360 laptop, suddenly the screen appears in colored boxes and loses the image, to solve this fault I have to restart the computer.

I could support this problem please !

A:Problem with laptop screen XPS 9360

Are your video drivers and system firmware (UEFI) up to date?

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I have purchased Dell XPS 13 9360 this thanks giving.
Worked fine for a week or so but it gradually develop heat. I feels charger is extra ordinary hot as well as my laptop is also hot for my real lap. Need to keep something between lap and laptop like my back pack or if at home like pillow.
why so is it normal ?
BTW I am in India Mumbai

A:XPS 13 9360, Hot Hot Hot Every where

Using a notebook on your lap or other soft or cloth surface is what's causing the overheating.  The system should be used on a hard, flat surface only.  You're essentially preventing the fan from doing its job of circulating air over the heatsink.

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So there are couple of problems i am experiencing:
1) slow start up
2) when i pauze a video and hit play again, there is a 2-3 second lag of no audio
3) slow SSD benchmark
I recently posted a topic about the slow SSD and i already bought a new dell since then. This time however its an i7 instead of i5 and its also a different brand of hard drive.. Yet i am experiencing the same problem.. so this cant be hardware related then right.
And can all these problems have to do with the same issue? something that makes the SSD perform poorly?

4) simultaneous use of ,microphone and keyboard/mouse doesnt work??
its not normal right? that so many things are wrong? 

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I was heard on some forums saying the touchpad driver on dell xps 13 can be downloaded from synaptics website. I tried those drivers before my touchpad was broken. It worked but not that precise. 
I also used to configure two fingre/three touching on Elan and alps touchpads.
So my question is, do all xps 13 9360 laptop use synaptics touchpad, or some other brand?
Thanks in advance.

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I just received a new dell 13 xps 9360 (i7 7560U, 16GB ram, 1920x1080 screen), I've installed a clean windows 10 and out of curiosity just tried some game (Dota 2) and in low settings I'm getting 10-15 fps which is pretty shocking.
I'm a bit confuse because in theory it should have a Intel HD 620 but it actually has an Intel iris plus 640. Obviously I've installed the latest drivers ( Also if I check for example on youtube there are reviews of this laptop getting (same game, medium settings) >40fps which sounds about right.
I don't plan to play too much but I'm a little worried that I'm getting worst performance on a new laptop than in my previous one from 4 years ago (with an intel hd 3000), looks to me like there is a bigger issue underneath.
Somebody with this laptop have tested some game or something similar to this?

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I recently purchased my Dell XPS 9360 on 4/27/2017.  
When charging, the AC adapter charger gets extremely hot. So hot that when I charge it, I am afraid to leave it plugged in without keeping an eye on it.  It is too hot to the touch.  
Do I need a new charger?  I have seen similar complaints to this one on the forum as well.  What is the issue?  How can this problem be solved?
What are next steps?
Thank you.

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Hi all, I just bought a Dell XPS 13 9360 with 128 GB and plan to substitue the stock SSD with a larger one (500GB). I thought it would support M.2 NVMe SSD (it's already 2017!), but to my suprise the stock SSD is a Sandisk X400 M.2 SATA.
As far as I know, NVMe and SATA use different connectors, so can I plug the NVMe SSD into my XPS 13 and get it recognized by the motherboard?
I have no previous experience of M.2 SSD. Sorry if the question looks silly.

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I have bought it new. I have several things which couldn't satisfy my expectation.
1. After shutdown, it takes 20 seconds to show login screen and after login it takes 5-6 seconds to be ready, So it takes total 26-30 seconds to be ready, Is it expected? I think no but need your inputs ( I still didn't install any app yet. Just updated drivers.)
2. About cooling. It is not getting much warm  for now but i just use  firefox or chrome or edge to browsing or watching moves for now. But even just browsing internet, i see cooling fan run often. Usually It is not much noise but sometimes it gives some sounds like clicking ( it mentions me like reading data from a broken cd/dvd). * yes it is not getting much warm because fan run much. I was expecting a laptop which this price run more cool ((
I am also a mac air user and mac has more more and more properties than dell but it run very cool. (Don't misunderstand me please. I don't like to compare it with other PCs but i have to give my impression about dell and others for you see and understand my problem. )

c u

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I am going to upgrade my XPS 13" 9360 128gb SSD drive to a Samsung 960 EVO 500gb. That being said how do I migrate my old SSD to my new Samsung SSD. Specifically what software and hardware do I need to accomplish this migration. Thanks.

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I am not a techie at all so I probably shouldn't be posting in this forum.  But I am frustrated and really worried about what is happening with an XPS 13 9360 purchased in 11/2016 -- not even three months old.  It seemed to be working fine on Friday morning until it showed out of the blue an alert message that the system had to do a scan and repair and restart -- no indication of the problem.  The scan and repair showed 100 percent completed but the restart failed, and the screen went blue. Nearly two hours on the phone with Dell technical support on Friday produced no result.  Dell sent me a USB drive with Windows 10 Recovery Media, and after more than one hour on the phone today with Dell Technical Support, the re-installation of the operating system from the USB drive failed.  Now they are sending me another USB drive to try again to re-install the operating system.  After a 36-year career as a journalist with major print media, where I always had superb IT support,  I recently went out on my own to write a book, and this has become a deep nightmare for me.

A:XPS 13 9360 nightmare

Hi PrestonReport,Thanks for posting.Here's an article from Microsoft that may be helpful:http://dell.to/2koYB4S

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I just got my new XPS 13 9360. I am worried about the CPU utilization. when device is idle, util is about 40%. when I run any program or simple anti virus scan, it jumps to more than 120%. However, the Service CPU is lower, but still relatively higher than normal.
Example when I run unit virus I noticed also that while the processes CPU is over 120% the "service CPU" is around 70% attached.
please advise. 

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Got an old pc which I gave to my son last week.

It was working just fine until a day or so ago.

When he boots it up he gets the 'No Input signal' showing on the monitor.

whenever he unplugs the video cable from the monitor (or from the PC) he gets a different message - it says 'Disconnector'.

So I'm trying to figure out what the problem is.

Is it the monitor? Or is it the cable? Or ist it the video card in the pc?

Or something else?

Thanks in advance.

A:Video card problem? video cable problem?

Could be anything from those error messages - it simply means that the monitor is not detecting a signal that the PC. You should try another monitor just in case it is the monitor. More then likely though its going to be something in the PC, and not necessarily the video card, it could just as easily be the power supply, RAM, motherboard, or another component.

So, I'd try another monitor with another cable. Then try re-seating the video card in the computer. Also listen for beeps from the system as that can be an error code.

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Well I just bought an s-video cable, a 4pin one, I also have an rca cable that I tried plugging into the back of my computer to my television. I have no idea on how to set these things up so could someone help me? I plugged in the s-vide 4pin composite to my computer and my television then put my tv on the S-Video channel/input whatever you call it. Then I restarted my computer just incase with the tv on and cables plugged in. I went into my settings as the tutorial mentioned and right clicked on the number 2 screen and clicked attach. It didn't work I clicked apply and clicked yes on "Do you want to keep these settings" but to no avail. The window just greyed out and I even tried detecting monitors on my ati catalyst (the menu for the graphics card I have) but that didn't work also. Is there something i'm not doing right?

Dell XPS
Windows Vista SP2
ATI 3600 series gfx card...
Screenshot >
This is the direct link if you can't see the image below.

A:S-video Not working, please help. (video problem not an audio problem)

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I have an XPS 13 9360, with Iris 640.
My external monitor is a Dell P2715Q.
Although I can choose from a wide variety of resolutions up to 3840x2160 I do not have the choise of 2560x1440.
Any ideas?
Thank you
By going to Intel's Graphic Settings I managed to set a custom resolution as 2560x1440 and it appears fine, but I am not considering this as a solution since on my other laptops the resolution appears normally in the list.

A:XPS 9360 missing resolution

What dock, cable, and/or adapter(s) are you using in order to connect that display to your XPS 13 9360?  And how does that compare to how you connect that display to the other PCs you're testing with?  What GPU and driver version are those other PCs running?

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I bought a 13" Dell XPS & 10 days later I was calling support about the touchpad. It is erratic, jumps around in Word, zooms all the time, when the cursor is nowhere near the zoom icon.   Its a nightmare because I spend all my time going to the zoom icon to adjust it back to the default. 
I have called support 3x and the last time the tech actually loaded 3rd party software onto my laptop. This did not inspire confidence.  I have tried attaching a mouse but it still behaves erratically. So if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. 

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Hi. I received my laptop yesterday and it was working fine all day yesterday. At night, I put it on Hibernate to turn it off.
But then when I tried to start the laptop today morning, it just refuses to start. I press the Power button, the Power button light comes up for a few seconds and then turns off. The screen remains black throughout, I cant even see the Dell Logo on the screen or try to access the menu settings by pressing F2 or F12. This same issue occurs while trying on battery (which is 100% charged, as per the battery indicator) or while on AC Power.
Please assist. Thank you.

A:Dell XPS 9360 not starting

My 9365 has done that a couple of times when plugged.  I just needed to remove the external power and it booted normally.
Since you say it happens when unplugged, perhaps it only works if plugged in before hitting the power button, then removing the external power..
Above all, be patient and give it time to react.

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Was looking at premiere the model xps13win10non1705_5171p includes a 1920x1080 touch screen. Is that correct? I am wondering since no where else is the combo of 1920x1080 and touch available?
Is there a model that includes Core i5, 16 GB, Touch and 128 GB? That is my ideal config and then I can drop in 960 Pro of my own.

A:XPS 13 9360 with 1920x1080 Touch?

From Dell, the touchscreen is available only with the 4K (QHD) screen.  All of the FHD screens are non-touch.

The Signature Editions are exclusive the the Microsoft store - you'll need to buy from them, not from Dell or another reseller.  It looks like they do not have a 128G version - they're all 256 or 512.
It also looks like while the 9350 (older version) has a FHD touchscreen, all the 9360s are showing only QHD touchscreens.

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I just received my XPS 13 9360, purchased directly from Dell.  The first thing I noticed when I started using it was a rattle whenever I make contact with the touchpad.  The touchpad seems loose.  The rattle is noticeable even when I barely touch the touchpad.  I'm not clicking it.
I tried going to the "Contact Dell Support" page but it says "The product is out of warranty and is eligible for the following support options: Solve the problem yourself with our free and easy-to-use online tools."  However, when I go to the Warranty page for my Service Tag, it says that the start date of my warranty is today.
Since this is obviously a hardware problem, I think I should just send it back for repair or replacement.
This isn't the best first impression of my nice new laptop.  Suggestions?

A:XPS 13 9360 touchpad rattle

Contact Dell and have the system replaced.  You can only do this within 21 days after the system ships, so don't delay calling for a return.

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I have bought it new. I have several things which couldn't satisfy me.
1. After shutdown, it takes 20 seconds to show login screen and after login it takes 5-6 seconds to be ready, So it takes total 26-30 seconds to be ready, Is it expected? I think no but need your inputs ( I still didn't install any app yet. Just updated drivers.)
2. About cooling. It is not getting much warm  for now but i just use  firefox or chrome or edge to browsing or watching moves for now. But even just browsing internet, i see cooling fan run often. Usually It is not much noise but sometimes it gives some sounds like clicking (htt p://szynalski.com/tone#7969)
( it mentions me like reading data from a broken cd/dvd). * yes it is not getting much warm because fan run much. I was expecting a laptop which this price run more cool ((

Can you please share your idea?

A:XPS 13" 9360 Slowness

Reinstall the original drivers. Laptops come with customized Dell drivers that rarely if ever need updating. When updates are released they must come from Dell Support for your exact model here--

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Hi, I have some issues with Maxxaudio Pro and the sound of the speaker. I think the drivers may have broken something or just the sound is little distorted and not clear.

1. there is not preset available in maxxaudio pro, only a default/flat one (also the EQ bars do not work if I changing them, no diferent in audio output). Please see the attachment. Is this normal? I found some MaxxStereo, MaxxBass bass...etc presets that I cannot found in my MAxxaudio Pro.
2. The sound settings in windows, the enhancements tab is missing and no effect can be applied. Please see the attachment. Is this normal?
3. in device manager I notice there is not driver available for Intel High Definition driver. I tried to update the driver in windows but shows me a message that windows cannot found any driver. Please see the attachment file as well.
I tried everything, uninstalled and reinstall new drivers from realtek and dell websites with no luck. I have windows 10 Pro with the lastest windows updates installed.

Could you please help me with this issues? Thanks in advance

A:Many audio issues with xps 13 9360

The Intel HD audio comes from the display driver for HDMI.  In the Sound devices you should see the Realtek device.
Make sure and have the latest drivers from Dell.  The Maxx audio preset should allow you to save a new version after you have made some change.  It may want you to save the preset before you can hear a difference but I think I have seen it behave both ways, during and after saving.
My system is showing 24 bit audio, so you might check yours to see if that is available.
Make sure there are no enhancements enabled on the Speaker icon settings since they may add to the ones from Maxx.
If you have more problems, I will be on my other system to check you attachments.

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I want to install Ubuntu onto my laptop and eliminate the Windows partitions.  BIOS updates are a problem however.  I want to put a WinPE image on a USB stick that I can run the Dell .exe files from, but so far I've only gotten an amd64 WinPE image to run, which can't run the BIOS update executables because it doesn't have WOW64.
1)  Has anyone successfully built a 32-bit WinPE image for an XPS 13 laptop?
2)  Are there any special BIOS boot settings to get it to work?  AHCI vs. RAID?  [No] Secure Boot?  Which EFI boot image on the USB stick?References:

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I just received the XPS 13 9360 today and already the trackpad is irking me. I have tried a couple of laptops now, and this is my last hope before going back to a MacBook Pro. My usual has been OSX for my laptop and Windows for my Desktop. I was trying to do something different since the last two MBPs have been junk, but now I am beginning to reevaluate my opinion of the latest Macs
Hopefully you all can help me :)

I am accidentally moving the mouse while typing, the cause is clear and I can live with that. The issues I am having are with the gestures.
while two finger scrolling, sometimes it will zoom in or out to a point where the window is just a little square
while two finger scrolling, sometimes it will click
edit: it is starting to lock up on me

When logging into the forum, where a username already saved. JKTTRA... the saved password was mine though. I am toying with the idea that this computer is preowned
I am also having an issue with the scroll speed. It is so slow. Anyone familiar with Macs trackpad scrolling, I want to be scroll with that kind of speed in any program. (firefox, chrome, edge, etc). hate going through google results 2 links per swipe. 

A:XPS 13 9360 trackpad issues

All I might bring up is different utilities may interpret the gestures in different ways.  In some utilities, such as a weather map, I may be able to scroll he map around.  In others the same gesture will zoom.\
I have not as yet done this, but make sure you are aware of the normal gestures and what they should do and then compare that to what might be happening in a particular situation.  You might also look at adjusting the touch sensitivity.

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Hi all,
I had just bought a Dell XPS 13 9360 from the local Dell Direct Store running Windows 10 (64-bit) a few months ago. 
Recently, it has been rather problematic, with occasional flickering screen and unexpected shutdown errors. For the flickering screen part, it seems it is a common problem for many Dell XPSes but solutions given did not solve my problem.
What I am more concerned about is the unexpected shutdown. 
Under Dell SupportAssist desktop app, application errors regarding DropboxOEM.exe are shown, as well as unexpected shutdown errors. When I entered BIOS from one-time boot menu, the shutdown error seems to be ASF2 Force Off. The computer passed all diagnostic tests and the problems lingered, strangely.

Here are the 2 recurring application errors taken from SupportAssist System Events:

Error #1
Error #2
Does anyone know how to fix these application errors, the ASF2 force off error, and possibly the flickering screen? Thanks in advance.

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Hi, I am looking to upgrade my xps 13 9360 250 drive  to a 1tb.  What drives should I consider for best performance and fit? Are there any larger than a 1TB?

A:xps 13 9360 upgrade to 1tb drive

The Samsung 960 Evo is one of the most popular SSDs on the market today because it's very fast and Samsung is one of the top brands in the SSD industry overall.  The 960 Pro is a bit faster if your workload includes long, sustained writes, such as capturing live content or a database that's being updated constantly, but since that's not a common scenario especially on laptops, typically you're paying for performance you won't ever notice.  I only bring it up because if you DO consider the 960 Pro, there's a 2TB version, but as of right now on Amazon it's going for $1200.
If you consider other SSDs, make sure you find one that uses NVMe.  Some SSDs that use M.2 slots only use the slower SATA protocol and will therefore not perform as well as an SSD that uses NVMe (PCIe).

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A few days ago I got the new 9360 with a standard configuration. In general a very nice piece of hardware. I do have a problem however (I am guessing it is the network killer driver). Of course I have been updating all available new drivers including 2DNC8_WN32_1.1.61.1297_A01.EXE
I am an online chessplayer using a chessserver (playchess). Since switching to the XPS 13 I have lag times not experienced before. I have been online multiple times and the result is very much the same. Funny with my 'old ASUS UX31'  I have no such issues. At home I am connected to the same network, and my internet connection is via coax cable.
Since I thought this could not be true I did another test and set the Dell and the ASUS to do a ping test.
Firstly I pinged simultaneous (2 finger system) the chess server which is a long distance from my location (Australia to Germany) and then I pinged google. 
Out of 10 tries the ASUS got 8 times the better ping times then the DELL for both the chess server and google. The ping times for google were of course shorter then the chess server.
Beats me, any idea anyone.

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When I have got my new XPS 13 9360 (late 2016) it was completely dead battery just right out the box. I had had to plug the AC adapter to be able to start booting. Is it normal to be shipped without any pre-charge? I am worried because devices with Li-Pol batteries are usually shipped with proper pre-charge, but I my case the battery was dead.
What was your unboxing experience?
P. S. I am electrical enigeer.

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Have just recently bought an XPS 13 9360 model ( Intel i5, 8gb memory, 256 SSD, Kaby Lake).
Need some advice before ordering some new bits & pieces.
Need to achieve 3 things:
1) link up to an larger external monitor
2) Copy a larger number of music CDs  into ITunes folder/ watch DVDs on laptop
3) Link to and store data on an external HDD
Could someone please advise on suitable accessories to achieve these.
Already have a 19" monitor. Do I just need a USB C to HDMI cable? Do I need any other adaptor?
What external optical drive works specifically with the XPS 13 9360? Do the USB ports have enough power output to run a single USB cables optical drive eg. The Dell DW 316
or is there a model that users have found works well with the 9360.
Finally can anyone recommend the best sort of cable to use for linking to and storing data on an external HDD? Can I just use a standard USB cable or is it better with a different type.
Apologies for the basic questions, but I am a bit of a technophobe and have struggled to find the correct answers on the web.
Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi there, 
I've recently purchased a dell xps 13 9360 
I have had a few issues such as screen flicker every so often, maybe twice a day, however it doesn't affect me too much. 
There was also slight coil whine, especially when using skype and intensive task, however I managed to remove that by turning off turbo boost in bios. 
Just then the blue screen "your pc has run into a problem and needs to restart" and a very loud noise occured.  I have attached the event log for when this occured, not sure if it helps. 
I've only had the laptop for just less than a month and I really need it now so I can't and don't plan on returning it. Just wondering if anyone could suggest to me what to do, i.e. could I send it for maintenance in a few weeks time and they could thoroughly test the system?

A:Dell xps 13 9360 issues

I'd suggest you first run the diagnostic tool to check hardware on the system by following the steps below:
1. Power off system
2. Power on system, quickly tap the F12 key continuously until you see Preparing one time boot menu in the top right corner of the screen. In the boot menu, stroll down to Diagnostic and then click it. After quick tests, click on Hard Drive, and then Thorough Test Mode. Report back any error code.

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Have had numerous issues since day 1 (Jan 2017)  with headphones.
Latest issue - Headphones only recognized if plugged in on boot.
MaxxAudioPro never recognizes the headphones.
Realtek HD Audio Driver -
Windows 10 Home Build - 1703
Dell Detect says all latest drivers/firmware installed.
Any idea on resolution?  
Very disappointed with Dell phone support on my prior sound issues as their proposed solution caused my PC not to reboot. I've fixed my prior issues myself but this one has me stumped.

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Hello guys
I just got my new XPS 13 today and I love it, allthough it didn't ship with 2333 MHz RAM as I thought. It seems Dell changed it in the last moment before shipping my computer. 
I don't know what to do with the battery. My old desktop had this batteri saver-plan, were it would charge the battery to 60 pct. and then use the AC-charger. But this feature doesn't seem to be present on my XPS 13?
I tried an app called Dell Command Power Manager, but it doesn't seem to work. Should it?
Thanks :-)

Oh and btw: can I fix the mousepad lag? It's really annoying.

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Just received my laptop today. After using it not even half an hour, the touchpad suddenly not working. Had uninstall and reinstall driver. Please help me to solve it, thank you!

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I have a brand new  XPS 13 9360 running Ubuntu. When I connect to an Ethernet with the DA200 adapter the network connection breaks and is restored repeatedly. The USB adapter seems to be at fault here, the kernel log contains these messages:
[ 1330.577368] usb 4-1.4: usb_reset_and_verify_device Failed to disable LTM               .[ 1330.579615] usb 4-1.4: USB disconnect, device number 10[ 1331.342276] usb 3-1.4: new high-speed USB device number 11 using xhci_hcd[ 1331.498655] usb 4-1.4: new SuperSpeed USB device number 11 using xhci_hcd[ 1331.515802] usb 4-1.4: New USB device found, idVendor=0bda, idProduct=8153[ 1331.515805] usb 4-1.4: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=6[ 1331.515806] usb 4-1.4: Product: USB 10/100/1000 LAN[ 1331.515807] usb 4-1.4: Manufacturer: Realtek[ 1331.515808] usb 4-1.4: SerialNumber: 0003A9000000[ 1331.594897] usb 4-1.4: reset SuperSpeed USB device number 11 using xhci_hcd[ 1331.639738] r8152 4-1.4:1.0 (unnamed net_device) (uninitialized): Using pass-thru MAC addr...
I've tried disabling the wireless network, but that didn't change anything.
Any suggestions how to get a stable Ethernet connection?

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Just added another XPS 13 to our growing Dell family. Got everything set up juuust so... only now to discover that you can't plug headphones into the jack. It will only go in half way before becoming obstructed. Has anyone had this happen? I know what needs to happen next, it's just *** me off.

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Hi guys, 

I am a bit worried because I bought a new dell xps 13 9360 i7 full hd screen a couple of days ago and it seems to me that the battery on my unit is not even close to what people have claimed they achieve on their batteries. I am only using chrome with 7-8 tabs and not much else in the background (skype). BIOS and chipset drivers are all new, I disabled some updates for the time being and the battery seems to be working for about 5-6hours and this is on 10-20% screen brightness and power saving mode.
Various tests show that even on QHD 9360 i7 the battery result is much much longer and not in such saving modes really. I called Dell Support but all they did is check whether the battery has hardware issues via some test I run upon launching the computer. So they will not replace the battery but it seems to me there is either an issue with it after all or there is some software  that is eating up the battery so badly because clearly I shouold be gettinig >10hrs based on many many real life reviews etc. Any sugestions?

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I've accidentally damaged the SD card slot. I want to replace the i/o board but I am not sure that if the one used in the 9350 model is compatible in the recent 9360 model or not. Thank you.

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I'm looking at buying the 9360 model, and I see the purchase options for storage listed as 128 or 256GB PCIe SSD.My question:  is there room inside for more than one SSD?  I know I would want at a minimum 500GB of storage.  Was thinking of maybe going with the 128GB at purchase, and then adding 500GB in a second slot, assuming I can.
Thank you.

A:XPS 13, 9360: Storage Capacity?

There is room for just one M.2 NVMe SSD.  You can get a model with a 1T SSD -- it's also got 16 G of RAM and a QHD screen, so it's fairly expensive.
Bear in mind that while you can buy a system with a smaller SSD and replace it with a larger capacity one, the one thing you CANNOT do is upgrade the RAM in these systems - if you buy an 8G model, it cannot later be upgraded to 16 G (the memory is hard soldered to the mainboard and not replaceable).

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I am running Dell XPS 13 with DA200 dock. The ethernet and USB ports work, but the VGA and HDMI do not. I've tried different monitors and cables, but none of them end up displaying anything. I've tried installing all of the drivers from the support page but without any positive results.
I am running dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu, the situation seems to be the same on both OSes. Did anyone else come across this issue? Could the DA200 device be broken?

A:XPS 13 9360 + DA200 no HDMI or VGA

The DA200 USB-C HDMI out and VGA out ports can only output to 1920x1080 60Hz. What are the default resolutions of the monitors you are connecting? The laptop and both monitors are on, and connected to the DA200. Unplug the DA200 from the laptop USB-C port, wait 10 seconds, reconnect the DA200 to the laptop USB-C port. Then you have to enter the laptop Control Panel- Display and set the monitors as extended.

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In addition to this workstation i have another that is XPS 15 (also Gen7 Core i7) with same dock. On the XPS 15 if i have the unit with lid closed and Windows put to sleep and plug it in to TB16 it wakes up and my monitors (attached to TB16) come up to wallpaper and log in screen. This XPS 13 does not. i see a mouse cursor on monitor 2 and can move it but no wallpaper. I do hear beeps indicating Windows is waking up and detecting hardware. I have waited several minutes to be sure nothing happens. If I then open the lid for a few seconds and close it then my TB16 attached monitors come up to wallpaper and login screen. I have downloaded all Dell software/drivers and reinstalled.

A:XPS 13 9360 and TB16 dock

Hi,Welcome to our community,We'll surely try to assist you. We'd like to appreciate you for trying to update the drivers. We request you to check power options settings in XPS 15 and match the same on the XPS 13 and check if there is any difference.Share the following information via private message, so that we can check for more details and assist you. To send a private message, click on my name and select ‘Send private message’.1. Service tag/ express service code2. Email address3. Registered owner’s name of the systemThe Service Tag is a 7-character code, and the Express Service Tag is a 10-digit code that is a numeric version of the Service Tag. Both codes are on the bottom of your laptop.

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I want to upgrade the stock 128 GB SSD to a 250GB Samsung Evo 960 PCIe NVMe SSD? Is it possible? Has anyone else done this and was able to get full speeds of the SSD without any issues?

A:Can the Dell XPS 13 9360 SSD be upgraded ?

The 128G drive is SATA -- the larger capacity ones are NVMe.  Yes, you can upgrade the drive to the Evo version.  You do NOT want the Pro version for a notebook like this -- it uses too much power and will produce too much heat as a result.  There's also no point in a high-performance Pro version, as the system isn't designed with 4-lane PCIe access for the NVMe drive (for that you need a large mobile workstation or gaming portable, or a desktop system).

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I miss the "middle click" dearly!
Is there any chance to assign this instead of e.g. "Cortana", or any 3/4-finger gesture?
I'm considering to search for compatible Synaptics drivers, because I'd also like to adjust some other aspects of this TP. Any comments on this?
Furthermore, are there any ideas on TP-care, so it does not look that(!) worn out, even when just barely used yet?
Regards, Parky

A:XPS13, 9360 - Touchpad

Greetings,Thanks for writing to us.We do not have an option to assign middle click using Cortana or 3/4 finger gesture. We regret to inform you that we do not have Synaptics driver to provide additional settings on Touchpad.You can use Touchpad as normal. If you think that Touchpad would worn out due to normal usage, you can use external mouse.

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