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The 1st mSATA SSD I got to know is Intel 310, but they only offer 40GB and 80GB model, for me, a 120GB one would be my 1st choice.
Later in many forums, I saw Renice has their X3 mSATA SSD 120GB, it is the 1st mSATA based on SF controller, I got mine from here 2 weeks before, speed is fast, its reliability still asks for longer time use to evaluate.
Benchmarks attached below:

Preferred Solution: mSATA SSD 120GB

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Woops, I got my Renice mSATA 120GB from B2CIT last week, back to their site today, they are holding a 10days group buy of only USD249.9 for the mSATA 120GB including the adapter. My mSATA 120GB cost me USD299.9 and the adapter cost me another USD15.

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Well, since there are a lot of gripes with people's machines I thought I would post something a little bit more positive. I recently acquired an X230T with equipped with the i7, 4GB of RAM, 320GB Hard Drive, Multitouch Screen (2x2), Bluetooth 4.0, Fingerprint Reader and Webcam, Backlit Keyboard. It was my original plan to upgrade my X230T to 16GB of RAM ($1,060 markup if you order it with the unit!) and have an SSD boot drive using the mSata port (they don't even have that option on the configurator) and having the original HDD as a media/documents drive. I ended up paying $120 for the 16GB of RAM (Corsair Vengeance DDR3 PC3 12800) and $140 for a 120GB OCZ Nocti mSata Sata II SSD (clearly a much less expensive option and more bang for my buck) I just got the new parts and finally got around to imaging the mSata SSD by using the cdrivebackup.wim (from the Q: drive) and using the factory install on the 320GB HDD to image the SSD using a utility called Imagex.exe (Microsoft). So now I can make a factory fresh install without having to use Lenovo's Rescue and Recovery or having to use up any space on the SSD for the S: and Q: drives. Finally got everything installed and the boot time has dropped dramatically. I used the fingerprint logon from a cold boot on the HDD and that took around 1 to 2 minutes (all applications I have installed and whatnot). With the SSD, dropped to less than 35 seconds (If that, even). Again, same configuration as I had with the HDD.&n... Read more

A:Impressive stats for such a small machine - X230T with i7-3520, 16GB RAM, 120GB mSata SSD Review

Thanks for the great review. What do you think of the new keyboard?

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I don't want to do a clean install but clon my OS & Apps  to the 500gb ssd & keep my 2TB Hd for files. I'm a new to this and need step by step instruction if this is possible. 

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I'll be getting a new laptop soon and I'm wondering what the differences are between these two SSDs. I'll probably be putting them in a Sager NP9377 from xoticpc.com. Both SSDs cost the same price but the Samsung 850 EVO has 120 GB vs Micron M600's 128 GB (both for $100) or Samsung 850 EVO with 250 GB vs Micron M600 with 256 GB (both for $160). I know it's a small difference but this is my first experience with an SSD so I just want to make sure I make the right decision. I'll be putting the OS on the SSD so what capacity do you recommend? Thank you.

A:Micron M600 mSATA SSD vs Samsung 850 EVO Series mSATA SSD

The only difference is form factor and speed.

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My Dell XPS 8500 has an MSATA slot in which I have a 64 gb msata board which acts as the system and boot drive. I have just purchased a 128 gb msata board I want to install in place of the 64gb unit. My system also has a 1 tb main hard drive.
I have tried a system restore DVD and Back/Restore, neither has worked at all. All I want to do is find a way to do a complete copy of the 64gb msata now installed and then replace it with the 128gb unit and copy over all of the data that was on the 64gb one. This way all I have done will be to have more storage available on my system drive, the msata drive.

Any help much appreciated.


A:How can i copy the system from my 64gb msata to a new 128gb msata?

Hi and welcome to the SevenForums!

One solution I can suggest to this is to use imaging software to create an image of your current Windows installation. Acronis True Image is one of the popular ones on here, but there are other programs that can do it such as Macrium Reflect.

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HI, if i backup my windows 7 C: drive which takes up say 64GB (i'm not sure if it takes that amount or not 'cause i haven't bought my new pc yet) and my whole hard drive is 120GB, will the computer backup the complete entire thing or just the 64GB? thank you

A:64 to 120GB

It will back up the amount of space you have used. So only the files that are on your computer. So yes, roughly 64GB.


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Hi Roomies,

I will be upgrading my HHD for the final Win 8.1 final with Samsung 840 Series 2.5 inch 120GB SATA III.
I would like to install only Win8.1 on the SSD and all other programs on a normal HHD. Is their a easy or professional way of installing all my programs on the new SSD? or a sticky to follow?


A:New SSD 120GB

During installation of your programs, always use the "Custom" install option and when prompted for the install location, change the install folder to your D: drive (or whatever the drive letter is in your case). Most often it's simply a matter of changing the the C: destination to point to D:.

Personally, I duplicated the \Program Files (and \Program Files (x86) in the case of a 64-bit system) folders on my D: drive so when I install something and it comes up as C:\Program Files\MyNewProgram, all I need do is change the drive letter from C: to D: and proceed with the install.

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I wish I hadn't tried to do this for I am in over my head and have created a mess. I thought I'd do a little upgrade for my son while he was away this weekend. This has not gone as I had wished. Any assistance is greatly appreciated, even if simply pointing me in the right direction.
Here was my plan: Currently have a full 1 TB hard drive on desktop which includes a 700GB steam folder. I thought I could upgrade to a 2TB Hdd and a 120GB SSD. My plan was to put win 10 on the SSD and then have the HDDs for everything else. I did a clean install of win 10 on the SSD. I then put the 1TB HDD back in along with the new 2TB HDD, thinking everything would simply work just fine. It didn't. I thought I could solve this problem by simply moving everything from the 1TB HDD to the new 2TB HDD, but from what I am reading doesn't seem to be the case. I'm just getting more confused the more I read. The 1TB HDD still has everything on it including the 700GB steam folder and win 10. The 2 TB HDD doesn't have anything on it, it has been formatted though. Am I correct in understanding that I cannot use the programs on the old HDD any longer because of my new win 10 install to the SSD? Do I have to re-download the 700GBs of steam games to the new 2TB HDD? At this point it seems that it wasn't a smart move for me to add the SSD with the new win 10. It appears to have made everything on my old HDD useless. Can I, at this point, simply remove the SSD and go back to ... Read more

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Just put a 120GB Hdd in an XP. When we boot the BIOS sees it, but then that's the last of it. The Computer doesn't have it, and I don't know how to get it to recognize it.

And suggestions or directions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


A:New 120GB Hhd Not recognized Help!

another HDD, or replacing the original?

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Asus P3B-F (i440BX), bios ver. 1006 from year 2000
win98 fe

Will my motherboard support a 120gb (Seagate Barracuda) hdd? Can't find any info about it anywhere.
Would be very grateful for help.
Paul from Poland

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I'm planning to get an SSD 120gb what is the best brand to buy?

I looked up on the internet this is what I found $180-200 price range

- Corsair Force GT 120gb
- OCZ Vertex 3 120gb

Any other brand suggestions from above? Thanks.

this is my budget:
- $180-200

A:The best brand of SSD 120gb to buy? $180-200?

Intel and Samsung in particular. Crucial is generally good, but has been having some issues in the last few months.

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I have an Iomega 120GB fire wire/usb external hdd. It was working fine, i have 2 computers and have been able to use it on both. Usually it just does plug-n-play when i plug it in with usb and brings up the folder for the drive, but today i was sorting some files on it and then i switched it off. A while later i plugged it into my computer and it brought up its usual message "Plugging hi-speed usb device into non-hi-speed usb hub click this message to fix", but this time the hard drive did not show up in my computer and locked up my computer until i took it out of the usb port. So i went to device manager and plugged it in again it now comes up as a usb device instead of a hard drive which it usually comes up as. I tried reinstalling the driver off the disk that came with it but this had no effect . Please help, thanks

Bob Mac

A:Iomega 120gb Hdd

The O/S in question would be a big help. Also, did you try the drive on another machine? This will narrow it down to either the drive or something corrupted on your system.

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My drive suddenly went from a 120gb to 5gb! I tried going to IBM to get software to do a low level format, but it tells me to go to hitachi. There they have a software for doing low level formats, but when I go to utilities, it tells me it's not a hgst drive? So I can't do a format. I've tried fdisk, using the xp cd to delete and format, using computer managment to delete and format, using partition magic 8.0. Everything sees the drive as 5gb. The bios recognizes it as 120gb???

A:[SOLVED] ibm deskstar 120gb

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I just picked up an IBM GXP120GB Hardrive, but I can't format it because none of the computers in the house can see. One computer is a P3 866 on an Asus CUSL2 motherboard running Windows XP. The other is a P4 1.8 on an Asus PB4 motherboard also running XP. I'm stuck! Please help. Thanks in advance.


A:Formatting a new IBM 120GB Hardrive!!

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Hello All,

I am trying to install Win Xp Pro on a new HDD 120 GB but windows setup does not recognise the HDD.
I only install one HDD (formated) on the laptop as primary.
The secondary place for HDD is empty.

Can you please help me with this?

Thank you all in advance.

A:Qosmio G30-163. Trying to install Win Xp Pro on new HDD 120GB

You will need XP to install the raid drivers for your HDD first, so it can recognise the device, and then use it as a HDD.
You can find the drivers on the toshiba website.

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I wanted to upgrade my PC but ridiculous high price stopped me from getting one. My windows crashed last night so thought its time to get SSD as I'll be installing fresh windows anyway so ordered OCZ Vertex 2 120GB SATA II which was dispatched today and will be with me by tomorrow or day after.

I was going through web and found video's/threads regarding installation, is it like just plug n play like normal HDD or do I have to do some setting in BIOS (like AHCI/IDE) as mentioned in below video. Also I saw in another video changing registry file for optimization

A:OCZ Vertex 2 120GB SATA II

take all other hard drives out. change to AHCI and then boot with windows cd in simples

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Can I take my SSD 120Gb OS with me & plug into another PC via a USB cable & port same as one would use a flash drive?

A:Can I connect an SSD 120Gb OS to a USB port?

Hi AaLF!

For this you will need a SATA to USB cable, or an USB to SATA Adapter for SSD, to which on the one end you connect the SSD (SATA) and on the other end a USB cable, which goes to the PC.

Without such a cable or device you can't connect the SSD externally.

For safety, I would suggest that you first back up your data.

Hope this helps!


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I got a SDD for my new PC and installed it as the boot drive, however I have been running some benchmarks and am confused on the results. For reference, this drive is listed to have 540 MBps Sustained Sequential Read and 410 MBps Sustained Sequential Write speed.

AS SSD Benchmark:

Crystal Disk Benchmark:
The performance seems a little slow on the read I am using a 6 GB/s SATA cable and have already tried using Samsung Magician to optimize the drive. Does anyone have any suggestions?

A:Samsung 840 Evo 120GB SSD Underperformance

Your motherboard most likely does not have sata III ports. You are running on sata II ports most likely. The cable used won't make any difference if the port itself is not sata III. That being said, those numbers are not bad at all. Try running the test on the mechanical drive it replaced.

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Model: Asus G73JW Latop
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX460M 1.5GB
CPU: Intel i7 720QM or 740QM (Remember not and still can not check)
Ram: DDR3 1333 MHz 6 GB
I bought an Intel SSD 520 120GB yesterday

Threw out my hard drive and put my Intel 520 Installed Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium on it. The computer was already set to AHCI.

When I start the computer, it starts in windows 7. But after one-2minutes the computer freezes and the bluescreen comes. Sometimes it does not even have time to restart windows before getting bluescreen.

Tested the Intel SSD Update Service thing.
Have tried to update, but I have apparently last firmware 400i (apparently supposed to REMOVE BlueScreen Problems -. -).
I soon give up .. Do nothing. Have tried everything I've read that you should do.

Anyone have any experience? Now I have bought it and now I want to try and fix this.
I cat use the SF Dignostic tool right now but i have some other logs from eventlog. cuz im atwork

- System

- Provider

[ Name] Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
[ Guid] {331C3B3A-2005-44C2-AC5E-77220C37D6B4}

EventID 41

Version 2

Level 1

Task 63

Opcode 0

Keywords 0x8000000000000002

- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime] 2012-09-17T20:54:31.119206300Z

EventRecordID 765


- Execution

[ ProcessID] 4
[ ThreadID] 8

Channel System

Computer Tim-Dator

- Security

[ UserID] S-1-5-18
- EventData

BugcheckCode 244
BugcheckParameter1 0x3
BugcheckParameter2 0xfffffa800... Read more

A:BSOD with Intel 520 SSD 120GB

http://www.sevenforums.com/crashes-d...tructions.html .

It will help us to to help you better.

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Hi all,
I have Maxtor 120GB HD that i want to format but do not know how i should go about doing this. My main drive( that came with pc ) is 200GB and i wanted to format the 2nd one(maxtor ultra 120). The included maxblast software will let me format but, i want format with windows xp. I tried fromatting from windows(by right clicking on drive)and was not able to format.
Fdisk does not see drive either or maybe i am doing something wrong. How should i do this?
Please help :hotouch:

A:Trying to format Maxtor 120GB HD.........[please help]

Use disc management.

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Inspiron i7-7779 120GB + 1TB.
Question 1: How are the two drives presented? As two separate drives with OS on the 128GB boot drive and Data on the 1TB or as some sort of RST presenting them as a single drive?
Question 2. If they are configured as two drives has anybody tried replacing the 1TB hard drive with a 1TB 2.5" SSD and removing the 128GB SSD. If so how did you go about it explaining steps with hopefully performing some sort of cloning?

A:Inspiron i7-7779 120GB + 1TB

The OS should be on the 120GB SSD, with the 1TB drive used for data storage.  You could replace the 1TB drive if you wanted and then clone the SSD to a larger SSD.  As for steps hopefully someone else has those as I haven't done that in forever lol.  

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I upgraded the 80gb root drive to 120gb using EaseUS Partition Master. It works fine but the 120gb is not contiguous. I can't merge the C: with the unallocated because they are not adjacent. Windows is installed on this root drive by Dell. Thank you - Tom

Disk 1 (MBR)
*: FAT 16 39.19MB Primary
C: NTFS 71.46GB Primary
*: FAT32 3.00GB Primary
*: Unallocated 37.29GB Logical

The FAT32 3.00GB partition has the following folders [directories]:

A:Upgraded HD to 120gb, but it is not contiguous

Looks like you mirrored the old drive onto the new drive. In which case, as the error indicates, those partitions cannot be merged. Simply partition and format the unused space and it can still be used for storage. It will simply show up as a different drive letter.

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here are all my specs i been trying everything i can think of any help what so ever would be great
Mainboard : First International Computer, Inc. AU13
Chipset : nVidia nForce2 Ultra 400
Processor : AMD Athlon XP @ 2000 MHz
Physical Memory : 1024 MB (1 x 1024 DDR-SDRAM )
Video Card : Radeon 9600/X1050 Series (Omega 3.8.442)
Hard Disk : WDC (34 GB)
DVD-Rom Drive : MAT****A DVD-ROM SR-8587
Monitor Type : COMPAQ COMPAQ FS7600 - 16 inches
Network Card : 3COM Corp, Networking Division 3COM Corp, Networking Division
Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.01.2600 Service Pack 3
DirectX : Version 9.0c

A:i got a 120gb HD that only shows 32gb

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Hi All,

Got a problem with my Iomega HDD120 GB Drive, it just clicks and clicks
as soon as I connect it to the USB2.0, sounds kinda like it's stuck.
It has done this before but when that happened I just rebooted
with it still attached and the clicking stopped and worked fine.
Now it seems like it's dead completely WinXP does not even recognize
it anymore, I have tried it on another system as well as another power-supply
and USB cable, also tried it with Firewire, went to Iomega's site but not
really much help there, since they were kind enough to close their user to user forum, pretty smart since they do avoid any negative publicity.
The drive is still under warranty, and opening it up will probably void the warranty. Since I got about 100GB of good stuff on there I really feel frustrated.
Is there any way to force WinXP to recognize the drive?

Is there anybody who had similar problems with
their drive and is there any solution???


A:Iomega HDD 120GB USB/Firewire Help!

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

It sounds like your hdd is dead I`m sorry but I don`t think you have any choice but to take it back.

I wish I could suggest something else but unfortunately I can`t.

Regards Howard :unch:

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My computer says it has 120GB used, but when I highlight all of the items and select properites it says 11.5GB.

If anyone knows a way to fix it or trouble shoot please post. Thanks!


A:Drive says 120GB installed (Its wrong)


It could be a lot of hidden system files. Have you had the machine long?

I would suggest that you clean all but the latest restore point and see how much of an impact that makes.

Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Cleanup (Right-click - > Run as Administrator)


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I recently built a new system, got everything configured and updated, installed Windows XP Pro.

System specs:

Biostar 570 SLI
2gb ddr2 800 ram
8600 GTS 256MB
Western Digital Caviar 250GB Sata hard drive

Everything is updated and updated all the drivers including my Bios. My harddrive says currently that it has 145GB's used and I have only installed roughly 30GB worth of programs and games. My Windows and BIOS identify it properly at 250GB but for some reason it's saying that I have used 60% of my new hard drive already but I definately have not.
Any help or advice you can give is appreciated.


A:New 250GBWD HardDrive showing 120GB's used

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I've looked and looked but I am unable to find a 120gb laptop hard drive. Do they not make them? I also found a couple of 80gig drives but they all have speeds of just 4800 instead of the 7000+ that i'm looking for. Any idea where I can get a good large and fast drive? I need 70 more gigs, although I would most definatly like a 120gig. Thanks!

A:Where can i find a 120gb laptop drive?

Could check here .........




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It's my first time building my computer, and I'm all done - I had some difficulty with making my .iso file bootable which I was helped with on here last night. Now I require drivers for my SSD which I can't find. Well.. I went on the Samsung website, searched my SSD and downloaded the 'Magician Software' which I tried to find the driver in - no luck. I also downloaded the 'Firmware' (I thought this sounded more appropriate) which gave me two .enc files. I copied both of these to my USB and tried to install Windows again. It still can't find the drivers for my SSD to install my OS.


A:Samsung 120GB 840 Series SSD Drivers

Sounds too simple but I suppose you have tried the Device manager TN?

I saw those refs you mentioned - a bit odd if you ask me and I ma stating the bl**ding obvious but did you install that stuff from the stick to the machine?. Again simple but how about unplugging and re plugging it in or new cables?

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I have been using a wd passport usb drive for the past 6 months, no problem. I plugged it into my Dell desktop today and it seems to run, blue light comes on etc. However I cannot access the drive, even through my computer. It used to be my f:/, it is not listed anymore.

I tried the Diskmgmt.msc but the drive does not come up in the listing

Any help on this would be appreciated as I have 5 years of digital images stored on it



A:WD passport 120gb drive not recognised

Is this the computer you've used it for before?

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I bought a Seagate 120gb external Hard disk drive some time ago and began using it to back up my stuff. I left it running and was about to open some files from the HDD when suddenly windows said the file was corrupted.

It turned out that the HDD had "disconnected" from the computer and after that it could not be detected.(it was not unplugged, simply not detected) I tried using it on another computer with Windows XP (I'm using Windows Vista) and tried other cables but it refuses to be detected. When i try shaking it a little sometimes my computer detects it and attempts to "install the USB device" but then it'll fail and say the device malfunctioned. But most of the time it simply just doesn't get detected.

Can anyone help me?


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Got an interesting one here. A few weeks ago my Hitachi Deskstar 120GB HDD starting clicking . I am unable to recover my data as it just sits there and clicks and when I reboot my system, it sits at IDE drive detection... I removed the hard drive and opened the cover and noticed that the head is clicking against the platter. I tried readjusting it with no luck. I was very careful to NOT touch the platters as I know that can corrupt data. So, I ordered the exact same model hard drive on eBay, (hasn't gotten here yet), but heres my question. Will I be able to replace the head and the board on the outside of the drive and if the drive actually starts, will it see my data? I was also thinking about switching the platters but I do not want to mess up the alignment of the platters. Mass sector confusion ! Whats the best way to recover my data? Also on the broken drive, the tiny ribbon cable that goes from the board of the drive to the head is torn and there is no way I can solder them back together.

A:Hitachi Deskstar 120GB HDD issue

Working on hard drives is a lot like brain surgery. If the read/write head is actually touching the platters, or if you adjusted it's location (ie: adjusted a set screw) your data is most likely toast. If you didn't do that, replacing the circuit board with one from an exact same drive may work. As for the ribbon cable, you could get another one or solder tiny wires in place of the broken circuit traces.

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Don't know if this should be in hardware or XP Install so sorry if its wrong....
trying to do a fresh install of XP on a Seagate 250BG SATA HD which previously had XP and all my media/documents on it.
When I frst did it I just thought the partition space was off at 131GB and I continued the installation and when I went into My Computer sure enough there was only a 131GB HD.
So I'm trying to do a fresh install again and this is what I'm getting on the install screen:

131070MB Disk0 on ID 0 on Bus 0 on ATAPI
Unpartitioned space 131069MB

Then when I go into the BIOS I see the HD as this:
Extended IDE Drive - Auto
Access Mode - Auto
Capacity - 250GB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cylinder - 65535
Head - 16
Landing Zone - 65534
Sector - 255

Where did my other 120GB go?

A:Solved: 120GB Missing from HD on XP Install

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Folks, newbie to the forum here. I received a Linkstation 120Gb last week and it had a catastrophic failure (no power at all) after 48 hours. In this time I transferred all my data to it, including sensitive contact data that I cannot afford to send to outside agencies.

Amazon won't replace or refund without me returning the drive.

Buffalo UK basically said the same (even though support guy said they bin faulty units rather than repair them).

I'm thinking about trying to remove the hard drive and keeping it, and sending the rest of the linkstation back.

What would you guys do?

A:Linkstation 120Gb catastrophic failure

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread. Thanks for your cooperation.

For this issue, I'd remove the drive and backup and remove your data, then reassemble it and send it back for refund.

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A:MY Maxtor 120GB now reads 40GB?

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A sign of things to come go?

Just saw this on Newegg.

The new Intel G3 SSDs are rumored to be released today.
With the same Intel controller, with only slightly better speed than the G2's.
Maybe they are planning to compete on price alone.

Meet Intel's SSD 320, The Postville Refresh
A drop from the G2 prices, that's a start.

A:Intel X25-M 120GB SSD - Deactivated on Newegg

I actually just saw another post detailing the new series here on this website. Apparently they consider the new models superior enough that they are discontinuing their production on the older series. ...so yes, just a sign of things to come.

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I bought this Western Digital 120gb hard drive to replace my other 8gb hard drive. I've used 10 and 12gb hard drives before in this computer. No problems till I go to boot it up with this new one. The computer doesn't see the new hard drive. It just stops on searching for hard drive. I can't even format it. Not looking to setup as Master/Slave. This is my second 120gb hard drive from Western Digital cause I thought the first one was bad. But now this one is doing the same thing. Just want this big hard drive to work alone. HELP!!!!

A:New 120gb hard drive that won't boot

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I recently purchased the above HDD and upon putting it in the computer, XP doesnt seem to recognize it. When I click MY Computer, it isnt there, but, when i go thru the control panel and check in system, under disk drives, it is there. (side note - This is a slave drive, with a western digital 60GB HDD as the master) Computer itself is a 2.5Ghz Pentium 4. Thanks in advance for any advice.

A:Western Digital 120GB HDD question [HELP]

Go into Disk Manager and crate a partition or however many you want, commit changes and format them to be able to use them.

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Hey, i just bought a Maxtor 120gb Diamond +9, i 've got it on the same IDE as a 60gb IBM Deskstar. Bios just doesnt seem able to find it,
i also tried powermax and fitness Disc but neither had any luck. I have the IBM set to Master (o) and at the master point on the IDE.
The Maxtor i have on slave (1) and at the slave IDE.
I saw that not having SP1 can be an issue, this will proove difficult for me, is getting it likely to solve this?
I wondered if it may be a power issue, i have 300w, with a dvd rom and cd writer, platinum audigy 2, radeon 9600 and 1.4amd.
Im running xp Pro.
I have a Elite Group K7S5A, which i was told had a limit of 123gb..
discovered painfully after buying a 200gb, that never worked and i never got the money back for.

A:Bios Can't Detect Maxtor 120gb

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I'm seeking help to upgrade my actual 120gb SSD drive to a Corsair F240 SSD drive
I did instal Macrium Reflect software to make an image. But I' m completely lost...

Any body could explain what is the step by step to do

Actually, my main drive is in C: The new drive is in d:
At the end, I want to unplug the actual c drive Intel 120gb and have the new Corsair F240 to be my C drive

Any help appreciated


A:How to upgrade my 120gb ssd to a 240gb ssd: Help needed

Didn't we already address this arjfca? How many posts have you started on this? Macrium and or Paragon or even Acronis but I image with another program.

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I just installed the ssd not too long ago but, will be replacing the mothetboard & cpu soon. Can I remove the ssd and install it in my backup pc tower to format or,do what ever needs to be done to make it to where all I have to do is reinstall in case, and then install fresh copy of Win 7 pro OS? I'm not quite sure what I have to do to the ssd (which is the one I'm using right now) before installing fresh win. copy again after the new motherboard and cpu install. When I look in diskmgt. it shows 100mb at the beginning of the disk as reserved. Will Windows do this by it's self during fresh install? Or, do I have to set the disk up myself in order to have the 100mb. reserved partition again? It will be a while till my components get here and any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank You! I will provide more info if needed!

A:How to prepare in use, Samsung 840 120GB ssd for new motherboard & cpu

Hi p5200, Have a look at these tutorials SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation
and this SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System
and SSD Tweaks and Optimizations in Windows 7
and finally SSD Alignment

there are more excellent tutorials on this site

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I installed a 250 gb ssd  with all the programs from the hdd  disk and placed the hdd  (cleaned and partioned)in the caddy.The ssd is working perfect. start-up time less than 10 seconds ,programs  in a seond.Only the hdd in the caddy is not regonised by the laptop.The hdd is turning but thats all.I used an other ssd in the caddy,a used one out of an other laptop and is also not working.I used now an other hdd ,that one is not more than 120gb  and its working ok.I think above 120 or may be a little more the hdd or ssd are not working .I istalled the latest bios for the z51-70,no result.I read all the problems with the z50 and after a new bios everything was fixed.
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A:Z51-70 - Problem with drives larger than 120gb in ...

hi, same problem same ssd. Primari hd sdd ok but not recognize the 2nd in caddy. i try whit hd 1Tb and 500 gb. I try whit a old 250gb hd sata 2 and recognize it. I hopr update bios to recognize hd  match more space.  

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The items are OCZ- TRION 100 120GB SSD, HP System Recovery Disks. The desktop bios acknowledge the present of a 120GB OCZ SSD. So I try to install the OS. After 3 hours process, it failed to install.The following window appearedSummary: Found CTO Error Flag - Factory Image Capture failedError Info: 950,  Unknow process errorLast BTO: c:\system.sav\tweak\postpe\startFlC.btoLastBTOLine: (32) - Did not complete Post-FPP WinPEphase You must power down the system and restat the order                                            OK I click the OK and press the power button, till it turn off. Could there be limit on capacity size? When I use system recovery disks Regards Redscarlett

A:120GB SSD too small for HP 819217-001 thur -005

redscarlett wrote:...Summary: Found CTO Error Flag - Factory Image Capture failed.... Could there be limit on capacity size? When I use system recovery disks Hi, In this case, the new HDD/SSD must be at least equal (capacity) with the old HDD or larger. Regards.

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Hi, I am posting this in behalf of a pal, he needs help with his existing laptop. The SSD which came with his Hp Elitebook 840 G2 is only at 120GB and he was asking us(his pals) if he could replace that existing SSD 120Gb with an internal NON-SSD type with a 1TB size. As of the moment he cannot afford a 1TB SSD one. Please see quoted text below. [quote] ...I need help deciding if I can replace existing SSD (120GB) with a non-SSD (1TB) drive in laptop. Laptop model is Hp Elitebook 840 G2 14" Notebook - Intel Core I5 I5-5300u Dual-Core (2 Core) 2.30 Ghz - 8 Gb Ddr3l Sdram Ram - 128 Gb Ssd - 16:9 Display - Gigabit Ethernet - 4 X Total Usb Ports - 4 X Usb 3.0 Ports - Network (Rj-45) - Headphone/Microphone Combo Port M2f64up#aba http://www.compsource.com/pn/M2F64U...-195/Elitebook-840-G2-Notebook-Pc-M2f64upaba/  I have never worked with any SSD and hence am completely illiterate on what and how SSD works and connects to Motherboard. As 120GB is too less for me, I want to get a bigger hard disk. However, a 1TB SSD is way too costly for me to even think about buying. Therefore, I thought if I could replace it with a non-SSD drive....[/quote] I am not that technical and I own a different brand of laptop (Acer) so I cannot help him on that. But he is a dear friend and I want to seek help for him this Christmas season (can't gift him a 1TB SSD also as I am broke!) So please guys I need some opinions on the matter  Is it possible to... Read more

A:Replace existing SSD (120GB) with a non-SSD (1TB) drive in H...

OK here is the manual: Manual The back cover can be removed fairly easily. See page 58. Then look at page 61. That shows the hard drive bay and how to remove the hard drive. It also shows where the SSD is. The SSD is a long thin circuit board which is sometimes called a "gumstick" and plugs in right above the hard drive. This model actually can have both a hard drive and the SSD. I do not recommend that your friend get rid of the SSD. He needs to just add a hard drive for storage and then learn how to be aware of how you are using Windows to make sure as much as possible installs on the hard drive, leaving the SSD just for Windows. 120 gigs is plenty if you have a little knowledge and discipline and the SSD is just so very much faster than an old school spinner drive.  The problem is if the laptop did not come from the factory with the hard drive it likely does not have the caddy (bracket) and screws. But we can help you find that part. I might suggest buying a 500 gig hard drive for storage so you can get the caddy, too and keep it in budget. A 120 gig solid state drive plus a 500 gig hard drive should be plenty for almost anybody.  Post back if you need more help finding the caddy and a hard drive to install.  if this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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XP Pro cannot see my 120GB SATA Drive when using a PCI controller!!

I have just bought and connected up a PCI controller card for Serial ATA (2CH). As my motherboard did not have the Serial ATA connection.

I have connected up a 120GB SATA Drive and it all looks good until I get to windows... The drive is listed in Device Manager but I cannot see it in my computer in order to format the drive and start using it!!

Am I missing something stupid here?

Thanks in advance!

Motherboard = Gigabyte GA-7VT600(-L)

Sorry to waste all your time!!

A:XP Pro cannot see my 120GB SATA Drive when using a PCI controller!!

hdd manufacturer should have a utility to format drive or 3rd party software like acronis,paragon
check to make sure your MB bios supports boot from scsi or LS120.
not sure some MB's see pci controlers as scsi.

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Just wondering what the best way to migrate my OS from my old SSD (60GB OCZ V3) which is too small to a faster (120GB OCZ V4).
I was just going to use Acronis true image but it decided to die.

Be easier making a windows backup and then restoring it back on the new SSD, will also be using the old SSD as a Cache drive

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I've tried to ask on the Corsair forums but haven't yet had a response, so thought I'd try here. My Force 3 was unusable until I flashed it with the latest firmware, but now seems fine. My only slight concern is the performance on the benchmark tests. Is it normal for such fluctuation in the "used" sectors of a SSD?

Cheers in advance,


A:Corsair Force 3 120gb SSD issues.

Sure there weren't any other accesses to the SSD during this test? It's the only explanation I can think of.

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