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Got a new laptop, need antivirus recommendations

Q: Got a new laptop, need antivirus recommendations

So on my main PC I run without any antivirus software, and while dangerous, I'm usually very careful with what I download. I know I should have something monitoring my computer, and between my main PC and laptop (which I share with gf), I think it may be time to get a non intrusive antivirus software running. I always see stuff like Norton but from what I hear it's bloated. I want something small and effective, and something people on this forum would run.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Preferred Solution: Got a new laptop, need antivirus recommendations

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Got a new laptop, need antivirus recommendations

You ask a question we got a lot here at Bleeping Computer. We created this topic to help you get started with getting that answered. Please take a look here: Answers to common security questions - Best Practices Prevention & Choosing an Anti-virus or Firewall and here How Malware Spreads - How did I get infected. That will give you the foundation to refine your search. Once you have read those please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may still have.

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I would like recommendations on antivirus programs. I would like to run something on atleast four machines of various vintage and OS.

I had previously used IBM antivirus, then Symantec/Norton and McAfee.

I ceased using Symantec because of their marketing, they priced their virus definitions at a rate I feel is too high for home users on multiple computers.

McAfee is tied to using IE and scripts and virtual modules which I don't like. It also will no longer get virus deffinitions through a firewall (ZoneAlarm) even though it has permissions.

I tried a pay-for-business/free-for-home virus program in its free-for-home version. I think it may be a case of "you get what you pay for". I have it set to scan in it's most thorough mode both in its background and active volume scan functions. Its log shows lots of files unscanned because of it settings, these include image, text and compressed files.

I would like to have the scanning of all files including all (most, there are some obscure DOS compression that it doesn't have to read) compressed files, though having sensitivity levels is fine.

Please give any recommendations for any product, free or pay. Please give any criticisms of any products. Maybe later I'll mention the product I'm attempting to use now (I've gone through the menu and the manual and have set it to what I thought might work)
for advice but for right now I would like wide open recommendations.


A:antivirus recommendations

try Nod32 or kaspersky, probably the two best out there at the moment!

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Hi all.
for the past 3 years I have used The shield antivirus without a problem. But the new shield deluxe, that I was forced into changing to, as the Kaspersky engine and it interferes with everything I do on my PC. No help from The shield people that works, I have to remember to switch it off before I run any program as it is constantly checking and causes problems.
I do not want a free one as I have tried most of them in the past, But I would like your advice. If you know of an antivirus program that you can turn off in the background but still covers mail incoming, while playing games and FSX.
It seams the only way you can get a true recommendation of a program is on the forum, as Google is now too commercialized .
I would really appreciate your help on finding the right antivirus, for XP
I will have to start over again when I take my VISTA operating system out of the desk, and install it. but I can not see that happening for a few months yet. I am all ready for SPI and DirectX Ten as soon as Microsoft can sort it
Best regards

A:Antivirus recommendations

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I am currently looking for an enterprise antivirus solution. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what works best. I am trying to veer away from Symantec and Mcafee because of past problems I've had with them, but am open to suggestions from people who have used their corporate versions. Other antivirus software vendors I've looked into are Trend Micro, Sophos, Kapersky, and F-Secure. Any suggestions from people who have used these products or others would be greatly appreciated. If you also know what the pricing is like, please include that (yearly costs, licensing, per user cost, etc.). Thanks.

A:Antivirus Recommendations

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I need to set up a firewall and antivirus protection on a network (the two servers are running Windows ME server and the workstations are all Windows XP).

My personal bias is to go with Symantec.

Any recommendations? Warnings?

Thanks in advance for any help,


A:Firewall / Antivirus recommendations?


For a firewall I'd go with Zone Alarm Pro, through a router with NAT ( Natural Address Translation )

NAT basically means that the Router is on the Internet, not the computer. Hacking attempts normally only get to the router which does not normally let them get any further anyway.

There is an opinion that with a NAT router you don't need a firewall. But then again do you need an airbag as well as a seat belt. I use both in car or on computer.

The Norton Firewall does tend to use more resources than most. I did use it some while ago but ditched it because of the amount it slowed my computer down. Then went to Zone Alarm and ZA Pro when I went broadband

For AV several options

Norton Anti Virus or NOD, or even Sophos.



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I need an antivirus, Does anyone have any recommendations for a freeantivirus that is trustworthy?

A:Free antivirus recommendations

Most of us here would suggest the free Malwarebytes for a once a week scan used in conjunction with the free Microsoft Security Essentials for real time free protection. Most here use that combination.
Microsoft Security Essentials is made by the makers of Windows and can be used only with Windows. It is not a one size fits all, like most of the others.
I have not seen one situation where computer problems were caused by Security Essentials. That cannot be said for most of the others.
In addition I would suggest WinPatrol, it is a pseudo Anti Virus, with many, many other good uses. It cannot be used alone as an anti virus, however.

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I wonder with AVG no longer being free after January 15 what is being recommended? I don't care for Norton's nor McAfee. They both always seem to have more conflicts/problems than is worth dealing with. I'll pay for AVG to keep using it b/c I've liked it so much these last few years, but I'm just wondering what else is out there.

A:Solved: Antivirus Recommendations

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I have tried free protection using a variety of program combinations. Usually something like AVG, or microsoft security essentials plus malwarebytes and spybot. Despite staying updated and running scans every day, I still can't keep the PC clean more than a week or 2. Admittedly there are people in my household who are streaming content from foreign sites. That certainly is not helping. Some of these programs I use can't run in safe mode. I can't tell if the real time protection is adequate or not. Any software suggestions? Is there any method that is completely bullet proof?

A:Solved: Antivirus recommendations

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 Just built my first PC and i wanna know which free antivirus are the safest to download and the best to protect my PC. Windows 10 OS. I have seen some introduction from this page https://pc4u.org/best-free-antivirus-for-windows/ which ranked BitDefender as the first status while this page https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2388652,00.asp strongly vote for this software avast,  therefore, this really confused me.
Thanks for the help.

A:Any free antivirus recommendations?

Hi, the best is already installed and it's free, it's called defender and it offers (especially since the v 1709 release) improved security. You would not expect anything but reviews of commercial products to produce the results you see, otherwise who would buy them, usually it's people who are caught up in the hype of the AV developer. Defender offers an integrated security system that works well with 10, we see a lot of problems (increasingly) from people who are using third party AV's. For the home user you cannot go past it.

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The more asking around I do, the more I hear that Norton Antivirus causes nothing but problems. Is anyone aware of any free antivirus programs that have worked well for them?


A:Antivirus recommendations other than Norton?

Among the free ones ... AVG

If you are willing to pay ... NOD32

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I just got my laptop back from repairs, and before I install any antispyware or antivirus software, are there any you pros recommend? I was thinking of something like this.


Spybot Search & Destroy
Spyware Blaster
Windows Defender


ZoneAlarm Internet Security (Also comes with the famous firewall, and antispyware)

What about eWido, Trend Micro's products, or Spysweeper? I know you guys use those a lot for virus/spyware removals... Anything I should add or remove? Price really isn't a matter, as long as it's no Norton product. I've had their 2005 antivirus, and it just gave me hell.


A:Recommendations on antivirus/antispyware

yes also add adaware from lavasoft and these below also!

Spysweeper is excellent, if you but it you should disable windows defender, you cna also downlad and use Ewido as a secondary scanner, after the 2 week trial it will still be ok to use, just make sure when you install ewido not to use its security guard as spysweeper can do the active protection!
This is also a good tool for deleting temp files etc!
* Click here to download ATF Cleaner by Atribune and save it to your desktop.
go to this site and download these tools and once you get both
adaware Se 1.6 and spybot, update both of them.

Set adaware to do a full system scan and deselect, "search for neglible risk
entries". Click next to start the scan. Delete everything adaware finds.

reboot and now run spybot

Spybot: Search and destroy.

Delete what spybot finds marked in red. After updating spybot hit the
immunize button.

reboot again
With CWshredder close all browsers and programmes and select the FIX button.

Go here and download Microsoft® Windows Defender. First in the top menu click
File then Check for updates to download the definitons updates.

After updating look in the right side of the main window under "Run Quick
Scan Now" and click Spyware scan options. In that window put a tick by Run a
full system scan and then put a check by all three options below that then
click Run Scan now.

When the scan is finished, let it fix an... Read more

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I am looking for a new Antivirus program but I can't seem to decide on which one. I don't know a whole lot about computers. I currently have AVG but it is doing pretty much nothing, not sure it is even working since it wont pick anything up at all. It will run a scan and that's pretty much it.

I'm looking for a free anti virus program, one that wont be a hog on resources or interfere with my YIM or Firefox.

I've heard of Microsoft Security Essentials but I have no idea if its worth getting. Same for so many other antivirus programs.

A:Free Antivirus program recommendations


Most or any of the good free AV's will work just fine. I use avast! 5 Free, been using avast free products for over 4 years and have never had problems with viruses. I had Avira on for 2 months or so but got tired of the upgrade nag screen. Went back to avast and have stayed with that. Are you using a third party firewall or windows firewall? I read on the MSE forum that is does not play nice with 3rd party FW's. But it seems to a good product but it track record is short at this time, although I did install it on my sisters new W7 a month ago and so far no problems with it.

Do you have any on demand scanners installed, like MBAM or SAS? These are excellent extra protection programs to have installed and scan with once or twice a week.

But before you make any decision go to the forums and read some of the threads. Go to the websites for the av's you are considering and read what they offer in there AV's then post back to your thread here or join the AV's Forum and ask questions before you make a change.


ps. what is YIM

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I am looking for an antivirus for Windows XP because I am tired of all that **** that tries to infect my PC. So far I looked into Kaspersky Antivirus and McAfee Virus Scan. Which one is better or should I pick something entirely different?

A:Antivirus Recommendations? (Kaspersky vs. McAfee)

AVG or AntiVir. Both are free and work great.

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I'm looking for an antivirus and firewall suite for Windows 7 64-bit. The only two I like the "look" of are Zonelabs Security Suite and ESET Smart Security. Has anyone used either of these in a 64-bit environment, do they work well? Thanks.

A:Antivirus & Firewall suite, recommendations?

Norton 360 Premier Edition FTW!!!

Flawless on x64

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I'd like to hear what yall recommend as a replacement for Norton Systemworks/Internet Security 2005. I've looked into Zone Alarm, PC-cillin and some others. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Take it easy, yall.

A:Recommendations For Firewall/antivirus Programs?

Hello, The link below will definately help with your decision-making as to which one to download. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic3616.htmlAll of these are free, and this list includes anti-virus, spyware removal and trojan, removal among others.Hope it helps,Charles

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Anyone have any recommendations on a antivirus software replacement for Norton? I would like a free version of something, so am leaning towards AVG.

What have peoples impressions been of that product?

A:Antivirus Recommendations - Free kinds only

Hi Grinler, I'm using the free version of AVG and it seems like it's working well. I am rather curious as to why an on-line scan at Panda found a trojan that AVG didn't, but I didn't do an update before AVG scanned. I like AVG. I also liked Avast too. Decisions decisions I know. There is a lot to choose from. I know I would never go back to Norton.

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Hi, I have searched through previous posts before opening a new topic however if anyone can recommend a good post please quote a link thanks.My friends computer is infected with a virus that results in autoplay constantly starting over and over again. It doesn't mention what it trying to atuoplay. It simply starts, then you see the 'spotlight torch' move about, then it stops. Seconds later it will do the same thing. As a temporary measure I have disabled autoplay on all drives using 'tweakui' this has stopped the constant interuptions, however im concerned that it is still running in the background using up system resources.So far I have tried: malwarebytes + adaware (full system scans on all drives) - however when I enable autoplay the problem still happens. Does anyone know of a good antivirus program that will remove this particular problem?Thanks in advance.Mod Edit: Move from Windows XP to more appropriate forum~ TMacK

A:Autoplay virus - antivirus software recommendations?

Can you tell us what the hopefully installed antivirus program is and when it was last fully run on a deep scan? Also , assuming you have only recently updated the malawarebytes program and run a scan , do you have the log report from that scan for checking ; see if it sheds any light on what might be happening ?

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Hey there bleepingcomputer community, I'm here asking for some recommendations of some good 100% free non trial version antivirus/spyware/malware software. I currently have "Bit Defender", "Malwarebytes", "ComboFix", and "SUPERAntiSpyware". I got a pretty bad virus yesterday from trying to find a House episode online. Worst virus I've ever had and all from visiting a site for like 2 seconds...

Anyways, I made a post yesterday of my problem, but I thought I resolved it, so I deleted the post. But this morning I found out, my computer is not completely clean. I did a full system scan with Bit Defender and it was successful at deleting a loooot of infections off my computer. Then I did a deep system scan with it and it found a few more infections and stuff but was unable to delete or remove those infections. Then I also scan with Malwarebytes, but every time I scan, it picks up exactly the same amount of infections after each scan, even if I scanned right after I just scanned (6). So I guess that means Malwarebytes is unable to delete those 6 infections. ComboFix was able to fix the big problem. The big problem was that when I logged in after restarting my computer, explorer.exe wouldnt be an active process, and if i tried to type it in new task, it wouldnt let it open which was because of the virus. So now I can use my computer normally thanks to ComboFix, but my computer is still infected and if i were to restart my computer, it would ... Read more

A:Antivirus/spyware/malware software recommendations.

You should not be using combofix without guidance it can seriously wreck your system , also you are posting in the wrong section though you are looking for software you are obviously infected with some form of backdoor that has left your system open for more infections. You should not be visiting pirate sites to download free episodes of tv shows since they sites most likely have files that have been tampered with and you will most likely be infected again.

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Hi everyone,

The trial license for my McAfee antivirus and firewall which came shipped with my new laptop has expired. I'm reluctant to buy the full subscription because of the annual recurring cost.

Does anyone have recommendations for a free/low cost but effective antivirus and firewall which has continuous virus definition updates?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

A:Low cost but effective antivirus and firewall recommendations?

Try AVG for antivirus (grisoft.com), and try the free version of Zone Alarm (zonelabs.com)

You'll be pleased with both.

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I am using Panda Free Antivirus on a shared PC with users' experience ranging from Basic to Medium.


2 x Microsoft Accounts with Standard user rights
1 x Local Account with Admin rights
All accounts are password protected

Whilst logged into one of the Standard user account, I noticed that Panda could be disabled (!). I have since set up a password to access the Panda Console (UI/Settings).

Additionally, I have downloaded the built-in Panda Cloud Scanner if required in the future, though I doubt I would need this.

Internet Explorer has File Downloads set to disabled, for all sites.

Are they any recommendations for Panda Free Antivirus?​

A:Configuring Panda Free Antivirus, recommendations?

I've found Panda very efficient with default settings. The most important recommendation I'd give is to enable 'Scan after cache synchronization' in On-demand scans settings. Also, only if you have a slow internet connection, to increase the time a file is blocked before obtaining a result from the cloud. You could also enable 'Automatically vaccinate every USB driver inserted into the PC' in USB settings.
That's all I think... Thanks for reading!

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Norton runs out Thursday. I havent been satisfied with it for months now. I encountered a few things that I didnt like (the automatic updates just would not work on their own and I had to do them manually) I wasnt the only one with that problem.

Anyways.....i'm looking to use a new antivirus program this time. Does anyone have any advice about what I should buy?


A:Solved: Norton runs out Thursday..want new antivirus..any recommendations?

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I'm looking to spend about 1000 dollars, maybe a LITTLE bit over on a laptop. I plan to use this for college uses ranging from essays, internet use, programming in C++ and higher, basic microsoft office things, video/audio editing, and maybe a little bit of entertainment on the side.

Also, I don't want it to be too heavy, I'll be bringing it with me to a lot of places. Also, i'll be working on it at home with my wireless network. Is there anything else I should describe?

So basically I'm just looking for a laptop within that price range that could do all of the mentioned above. ANy ideas? Show me like some links or names with prices...thanks!

A:Laptop Recommendations for PC?

any reccomendations?

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Anyone has any recommendations on what would best laptop be in the 1100-1400$ price range?

Should i go for macbook?

And any place where i could get one that works on 220Volts electricity?

A:Laptop recommendations

Depends on what you want to use the laptop for? Gaming, word processing, etc...? Can we assume that since you are asking if it can run on 220 volts that you live somewhere in Europe?

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My boss wants a new laptop. He wants at least 80GB and wants it to be very light weight with a long lasting battery. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good quality laptop? Thanks.

A:Laptop Recommendations please


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Hi, everyone. I'm looking to buy a new laptop within the next few months, and I was wondering what your recommendations would be.

In the past, I've been a big fan of Dell. I feel like they make a quality product and, if something goes wrong, they ship out a new part (usually overnight - I've had it arrive in less than 24 hours). However, I don't like the designs of their new notebooks. They are thick, made of plastic, and just cheap looking (and boring). Furthermore, they don't have both an eraserhead pointer and a touchpad (they just have the touchpad).

I'm also interested in IBM, but I don't know enough about ThinkPads. I hear they're the best, but IBM has also just been sold to that company in China. Do you think that will affect their quality? Anyone know how IBM's warranty operates? Also, does IBM ship a Windows disc with its computers (or one of those compaq-like "System Restoration" discs)?

I really like the WiFi on/off physical toggle switch on some HPs and Vaios, but I'm not too sure about the quality of their computers. I don't believe Dells or IBMs come with such switches, but I would really like that on my next computer.

Also, my price range is $2000 or less, after warranty and Office 2000 Small Business. I need 802.11 B & G.

I was thinking about getting Bluetooth support as well (for a Bluetooth mouse), but those that I've worked with (all have been the Microsoft version) h... Read more

A:New Laptop Recommendations

I don't think the "IBM" PC products will be going down the drain for at least a year or two. The merger of such huge business takes time and until then everything will be done the good old way.

HP and Sony do make good notebooks. I don't really understand what is so good about the physical WiFi switch tho..

You do not want a bluetooth mouse. You avoid all kinds of compatibility problems by using a plain PS/2 or USB mouse.

Centrino has better battery performance since all the system components are designed with low power consumption in mind.

I am a big an of ThinkPads myself. Those things are literally bomb-proof. They also come with TrackPoint which IMO is way better than those touchpads thingies and IBM laptop keyboards are very good. The Darth Vader style looks may not appeal to everyone though.

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Hi guys
I have been trawling to web to try and find a reasonably priced laptop, basically for web and office applications, anyone come across any good bargains lately?
Thanks in advance

A:Laptop recommendations (UK)

whats you budget and is that all you need it to do - simple business use?
i have found the HP dv5094ea an excellent machine £799 from staples/johnlewis

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Hey Guys,
I'm looking to buy a new laptop in the near future,
I'd preferably like it to be 64 Bit with a good processor,
A Good Nvidia Graphics Card,
Not a Mac,
4 Gb Ram,
15'' + Screen,

Any recommendations?


A:Any Recommendations For A New Laptop

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I am looking to buy a laptop for under $1000 Canadian that has the capabilities to stream my external HD webcam onto a chatroom of a maximum of 200 people will potentially viewing up to 4 cams myself without any lag or crashing as this is a quick way to lose potential money. I know a bit about computers but not enough to make a confident decision on which to invest my money on. Anyone have any thing they think would be #1?

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I could use some advice...

My computer recently bit the bullet and I am in the market for a new laptop. Its purpose will be solely for work use, which will include research and writing.

I was thinking about a mini notebook. I've heard some things about them - that you can hook up the computer to a larger screen when needed, though light enough for you to transport anywhere easily.

I really don't have much time on my hands at the moment to research, that is why I'm reaching out to the techspot community.

I am a new member; however, my several interactions with the techspot community have been favorable.



A:Laptop recommendations

Give us your budget and we'll take it from there.

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Hello all,

I'm looking to buy a used laptop in January, after the christmas season has died down. The purpose of this laptop is singular. I want to run Ubuntu 64 bit, with the cinnamon UI. As you can probably guess, I'm going to be using it to learn Linux. That is its entire reason for existence in my life.

I'm not even thinking I'm going to be doing anything crazy with it either. Web browsing, email checking, word processing, music listening, movie watching. Its going to be a basic end-users machine. I do know I want a quad core processor, 6-8 gigs of ram, and I want the weight to be under 5lbs. But everything else I'm up in the air about.

My price ceiling is $350. Not one penny over.

I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing a website, or a place to search around on. So I came here and wanted to ask, does anyone have any suggestions on laptops with all this in mind?

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Yo guys,
Just interested in getting a laptop which can play pretty much all the latest games to a decent standard, under 750 quid, I mean I was thinking about the Alienware M11X but it has no CD-drive, but the Dell Studio 17 looks pretty decent


Any other recommendations?

A:'Gaming' Laptop Recommendations <£750

http://www.coastwaycomputerstore.co.uk/product/Acer+Aspire+5942G%7B49%7D524G64Bn+%7B49%7D+Core+i5+520M+2.4+GHz+%7B49%7D+15.6%22+TFT -- £810.69.

Cheapest I've seen. Although seems to be priced between £800-900.

Been using one of these for a while. Only bad thing is the widescreen tft is only 1366 x 768. But for me, I wanted it to be able to play current titles for a while so thought a lower native resolution might be one way of making it last a bit longer.

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(Terribly sorry if this is in the wrong section)

I'm looking for a new laptop to buy, but i'm really not sure how to find one that will match my needs.

Here is what i'm looking for:
-Dedicated GPU for mid-end gaming (games like DOTA 2, TF2, and maybe Tribes:Ascend)
-Decent processor for mid-end gaming
-A moderately light design for carrying around in a bookbag (meaning a maximum screen of 14'' in. is preferred)
-Long-lasting hardware
-An absolute maximum pricetag of $1000, prices significantly lower than that are very welcome
Thanks a bunch to all those who reply

A:Solved: Laptop Recommendations?

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I'm trying to help my mom buy a new laptop, but I don't have much experience with lower-end computers. I'm hoping someone can help point out a good laptop or laptop maker.

She will be using the laptop for simple tasks: email, web browsing, and Netflix watch now. Because she is using Netflix watch now the laptop will need a video output, preferably HDMI to minimize cables. She would prefer a larger screen, so web books are pretty much out of the question. Battery life, portability, touch pad, etc don't matter because she will use the laptop at home 99.99% of the time. Also, she doesn't have a need for an HDD larger than a few GB.

She wants to spend as little as possible, and is not willing to pay more than $500.

Any ideas/input? Thanks!

A:Laptop recommendations wanted


Check out the Dells:

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Right now I am in the market for a VERY basic laptop, which will be used for internet browsing. Of course it needs to have a wireless card.

I'd like to keep the price under $600-650, keeping in mind that I don't want any crappy brand.


A:Need A Basic Laptop -- Recommendations?

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Just googling around and saw that one.........mind not set on anything, but I have a 17" Toshiba Satellite GIANT

A:Recommendations for laptop cooler

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Hello all,

Planing to grab a new laptop in the near future and wanted to do some educating for it.

Not sure what type, but I will be doing a clean install, putting in an SSD and replacing the memory. I want to do this correctly so if I was setting this computer up today, would following these tutorials in order be a good start?
1. Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

2. http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials...ndows-7-a.html

3. RAM - Test with Memtest86+

4. Internet Troubleshooting Guide

5. Reliability Monitor - Reset

6. Optimize Windows 7

7. System Repair Disc - Create

Edited: removed original step 2 process dealing with ssd drives, and just sticking to standard SSD instillation

There are so many tutorials that offer so much info, but too many to narrow down. Just looking to the pros for some advice, but if it's already a tutorial it makes it a lot easier so if there is something else to read I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks

A:Tutorial recommendations for new laptop

You don't need to tweak the SSD unless problems arise then one of our SSD experts will advise you. The optimize steps are the only tweaks I would consider otherwise.

Once you swap in the SSD and check it's detected in BIOS setup, just proceed with the steps in Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.

If you choose to use a secondary HD for data, then copy your backed up User folders there, rightclick each to link it to the related Library - Include a Folder - Windows 7 Forums.

But I'd get a large enough SSD so all the programs, page file and hibernate file (if you use it) fit on it, since they benefit most from the speed.

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Hi all! This place has always provided some good information, so Im hoping you can do it again! I'm on the verge of purchasing a laptop/notebook computer. I would mostly be using it to play games on while I have down time during my job (breaks, etc.) and like a portable DVD and to hook-up to my network at home. My problem is I know little about laptops - never have worked on one, fixed one or really used one. I am currently thinking of getting an HP or Toshiba - both with 3.0/3.2 Ghz, 17 monitor, 60-80gig HHD, Nvidia 5200/5600 video, 512 or 1gig memory, DVD/CD-rw, wireless "g", etc.

What whould you recommend? I was told that the CPU on a notebook is not the same as a CPU on a desktop (quote from someone else :"1.7 ghz mobile is equal to a 2.6 desktop cpu"), is this true? Also, is there a site that gives information on notebooks/laptops - CPUs, memory, etc.? Any and all help would be appreciated.


A:Notebook/Laptop recommendations please!


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So, I sold my old PC, and now I (well, not I in particular) need a laptop which would be about as powerful, preferably a bit better. Specs of old computer:
Celeron D 2.66 GHz
1 GB DDR 400 RAM
Radeon X800GT 256 MB
XP pro

So, any cheap laptops that would match this PC?

A:Solved: Laptop recommendations...

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Hello everyone!
I'm a newbie to PC gaming, I have been playing "Dayz" on my HP laptop, but the graphics quality and lag I experience is rather annoying! So I'm looking to replace a few components on my laptop but I have no idea where to start or what to change, so I've come to Techspot looking for advice!
bear in mind I don't want to blow the bank on loads of expensive upgrades
here are the specs, any suggestions?

Microprocessor AMD Quad-Core A4-5000M APU with Radeon HD 8330 Graphics (1.5 GHz, 2 MB cache)
Chipset AMD A76M FCH
Memory 4 GB DDR3
Video Graphics AMD Radeon HD 8330 Graphics (up to 1.98 GB)
Hard Drive 750 GB 5400 rpm SATA
Up to 24 GB partition for system recovery


Thanks in advance

A:Recommendations for my laptop upgrade

Unfortunately most laptops do not have the option of replacing components. Your options for this HP Laptop is: upgrading your RAM to 8GB (or more depending on how much max RAM the laptop allows) & changing the Hard Drive from the 5400 rpm to either a 7200 rpm or better yet a SSD. Laptops are not component swappable like the Desktop computers are. Most laptops have parts soldered in on the motherboard. You might be able to eliminate some "Lag" with the RAM and Hard Drive changes, but if you are looking for a drastic improvement, I would suggest a laptop more suited for gaming.

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I need a laptop that is:
~$1000. (less preferred ) (rebates are good also)
Light (um... 4ish lbs?)
Screen size doesn't really matter.
60gb or more hd
512mb or more ram.
That about covers it...
(I'm just looking for a REALLY good computer around my price range)
oh yea, please no dells... i don't like them personally, and they're pretty heavy.

A:Laptop Recommendations needed!

Have a look at the toshiba laptops.


They seem to have quite a few in your price range.

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I want to get a laptop cooler. Can anyone recommend one that is comfortable while it sits on your lap. I'd like to sit on the couch with laptop without my legs getting hot. Thanks.

A:Recommendations for a laptop cooler

This is the way I'd go. Aerogel is our nanotechnology future with a R50 per square inch rating.

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Hi All

We are looking for Recommendations for a Laptop/Notebook for a 6 year old that is very gentle with computers who has some physical disabilities, (so easy to use with as few detachable parts as possible)
We are looking for recommendations for a laptop/notebook as per below

Dvd player
More than one USB port
Touch screen
(No detachable keyboards)
Easy to use built in keyboard
Ethernet port
Pen (if needed) for whichever Laptop is mostly recommended
I have looked at so many but would really love to hear from those with laptops with the above needs as to which they would recommend the most, as her school uses a Windows environment and she does do homework via online, it would be best i think (do not really know) for a Windows computer

Thanks in Advance for any suggestions



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Hello every one...

Am in need of some quick advice... Am mainly a desktop gaming guy and fairly new to laptop gaming.. you could say a fish out of water when it comes to laptops.

Any ways, am about to be deployed with the Army and in the market to purchase a good gaming laptop to take with me in the range of 800-1200$.

I been looking and there are way to many options to pick from. I mostly been looking at Toshibas (A355D model) and recently at ASUS (X83Vb-X1 model) laptops. The main use will be primarily for gaming and web chatting with the fam back home while am overseas.

Suggestions and recommendations will be highly appreciate it.

A:Gaming Laptop Suggestions/Recommendations

have you thought about the HP dv5t? it has some serious graphics with a Nvidia 9600m GT. i do not know what it would cost but from videos i have seen on YouTube it is pretty impressive. you should look at the reviews for it. the only con i have found is the battery life and it can run a lil hot.

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I'm looking for a laptop that will snap into a docking station. I haven't been very successful so far. What I find primarily are docking stations that plug into a laptop's USB port. The two problems that I have with these are that they generally don't seem to do video well, and they generally don't let you close the laptop, which leaves a clumsy setup for staff as they use it. I have a few Targus docking stations, but they're really not being used much. I'd like to simply replace desktops with the docking stations, and it seems that finding a laptop with a snap-in bottom would be ideal.

Any good recommendations for this?


A:Laptop docking station recommendations?

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Hello, I'm currently trying to buy a laptop for college and I would like people's opinion on what a good laptop would be for a video editting. What specs would I be looking for a laptop that can edit videos smoothly? I'm currently considering on getting an Asus G73JH-A2 (http://www.amazon.com/Republic-Game...ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=pc&qid=1271822651&sr=1-1). I know this laptop is designed more for gaming, but is there any other laptops that would be render videos and edit? My main concern is that the graphics card is not as suited for video editting and more towards games. I'm opening to any suggestions to other laptops or tips. Thanks in advance!

A:Thinking of buying a new laptop, recommendations?

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Hello everyone:

Back in 2014, I purchased a Dell Latitude e6500 laptop computer used from eBay. It has been a good laptop for me, and I like the build quality of the computer.

Due to the age of the computer, it's pretty much impossible to upgrade the computer unless I'm willing to shell out lots of money. With the amount of money that it would cost for me to upgrade that computer, I'd be better off buying a different computer. I only paid $200 including shipping for the computer back then. Even if I were to upgrade the computer, I still wouldn't see the speeds I'd hope for because of how old the computer is.

So here's what I'm looking for. I'm looking to buy either a new or used laptop computer. I've got up to $350 to spend on one. I would like at least an intel i7 processor of some sort, 8GB or more of RAM, would prefer an SSD drive. DVD drive is still a requirement for me, backlit keyboard, at least 15 inch screen or larger. legitimate copy of Windows 10 home or professional. Primary use for this computer would be web browsing, use of microsoft office applications, I need to run a VM on it with no problems because I am taking a linux class, and I might do a little gaming with the computer too as well as some video editing.

I would prefer that it is a business style type of laptop computer as they tend to be built with better quality components compared to other laptops anyone can buy. I would prefer not to get an ... Read more

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