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Windows Live Mail only searching email subjects, not email contents

Q: Windows Live Mail only searching email subjects, not email contents

I didn't notice this before today. I'm running the 64 bit version of Windows 10 Pro, fully up to date, as well as the latest version of Windows Live Mail. I have a bunch of storage folders that I've created for email, so my actual inboxes are pretty much always empty as any mail I want to keep gets put into a storage folder.

When I do a search inside the program, all it's searching are the email subjects, not the actual contents of the messages.

Any idea how to fix this? I know this was an issue in the 64 bit version of Windows 7, as seen here.....


.....but I'd have thought this would have been fixed by now! Is that fix still valid for Windows 10, or is there another solution? I really don't want to have to switch to another email client if I can help it.


Preferred Solution: Windows Live Mail only searching email subjects, not email contents

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows Live Mail only searching email subjects, not email contents

I have been having the same trouble, which was just noticed...
Windows Live Mail does not search "contents" of messages anymore... just searches names and message subject line.
Hope to find an answer as I hate to switch to another mail client, but I absolutly need the search functionality.

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I have an email I get on a regular basis that I can see who it's from and the subject line but the body of the email is blank. I have problems with it in WLM but I can view it just fine in web mail and from my iPhone. Not sure if it's an issue on the end of the person who's sending it or an issue with WLM but since I can view it completely in web mail and on my iPhone I would think it's something with WLM. Thanks for any help anyone can give.

A:Body of email not showing in one particular email in Windows Live Mail

Hi, I finally was able to talk with someone from the place that was sending the email in question I was having issues with. They found out their emails are not compatible with WLM but are working on a resolution. I'm not sure what kind of email service they're using but it's not like WLM is some obscure mail client. Anyway, I'm marking this as solved even though I've received a few emails from them since and still having the issue of nothing in the body of the message. Now that they've figured out what the issue is I hope they fix it soon.

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I am using Windows Live Mail to send and receive emails.

Some people do not receive my email. I had noticed that it seemed to be mail sent to hotmail, but it seems that it is more general than that!
I do not know what to do.

One odd thing is, that they will receive it if I forward it to my blackberry and then send it off there!





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How do I transfer ALL my email addresses from MSN to Windows Live Mail?
Thank you

A:eMail's from MSN to Windows Live Mail

Try this:

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I have a problem and a question re WLM. The problem is twice now in the four months with my new PC several emails could not be opened, moved or deleted. "Message Can Not Be Found" appears in the body. Other emails worked fine.Today I read my email OK, went to other sites etc, came back to email and those very same emails I just read now had the "Message Can not Be Found".
What's happening here and how do I prevent it? The other question regards the "Show Pictures" link. How do I show pictures permanently so I don't have to do it for each email with pictures. I run anti viruses etc regularly. Thanks.

A:Windows Live Mail Email

What type of e-mail account do you have? I get that message occasionally with my IMAP account, as it is still downloading the message.

As for the pictures, I've never seen an option to not prompt. For the record, it isn't about malware. When you load an HTML message, and it downloads the pictures, the sender knows it hit a valid e-mail address, and will continue to spam that address.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD E1-1200 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 20 Model 2 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3810 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7310 Graphics, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 442 GB (338 GB Free); E: 465 GB (8 GB Free);
Motherboard: Gateway, SX2110G
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

A:Windows Live Mail email

do you have a question ?

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Recently have not been able to receive emails-some do come over but not about 90%.  I have called and talked to my regular emailers so I know the first statement is true.  I have called my internet provider several times in the last 3 days but they cannot find anything wrong other than telling me it probably is my email provider (Windows Live Mail).  I am now getting a pop-up that states I must be on line and/or that I am working off line and do I want to go on line?  The program does not allow me to answer as when I click on yes or no, the pop up keeps returning..
I have also talked with their Security section thinking that maybe they flagged my account for some reason as one of internet provider persons stated they may have done.  I have been assured that that was not done.
Oh yes-I do check Web Mail and one that was sent to me today is in Web Mail.  That was a test from my Internet Provider-it just will not come over to my Live Mail!
I have NO problems sending emails-ONLY receiving them!
Is there an upgrade or driver that I need?  Maybe I need to switch email accounts to GMail or HotMail?
Thank you to anyone who responds.  I am very frustrated!

A:Email from Windows Live Mail

I don't know anything about Live Mail and how it works...but I would just uninstall/reinstall it.  There may be damaged files and the uninstall/reinstall would eliminate that suspicion.
I believe that they also have a forum...if it happens to you, chances are it's happened to someone else and come up before.

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Hello Members, hope you can help....

I have an ASUS Eee 900, and i like using Windows Live Mail as my email client, the accounts i access are a 'Hotmail.co.uk', and an 'AOL.com' IMAP account.

As the Eee PC is for portable use, and is a small spec, how do i configure both accounts to only pick up the headers of emails.

If any members know, would they kindly direct me as to the procedure, or where to go in each of the emails accounts to make this change, if it can be done?

kind regards

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I did the SP1 update on the weekend. I don't know if this is why this has happened but Windows live Mail, when opened, is now empty. All of my emails, settings, contacts and accounts are gone. I can see all the folders when I look under C:\Users\... but I don't know how to restore all of it. I'm hoping someone here could assist?

I did read the backup solution before doing the Win update but it's a little late for that since I just read it here now. :-(

Thank you.

Kokabella Creations
Saint Augustine, FL

A:All Accounts & Email Gone in Windows Live Mail

if all the folders and mail data is on your C drive maybe you can try to import them to windows live mail to be able to see them again.

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how to you get a wrong photo email sent in windows live 2012. massage says delete photo email and try again. windows 7.

A:email stuck in windows live mail

Try putting the photo in the email as an attachment instead of using the add photo button. The add photo method doesn't work very well.

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Hope someone can help I can recieve email from my orange email account but cant send it using windows live i get this errror message

The connection to the server has failed.
Subject 'testing'
Server: 'smtp.orangehome.co.uk'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0E
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 25
Secure(SSL): No
Socket Error: 10060

now my husband has checked port 25 and says nothing is blocking the port so I dont know what to do now. I can send emails if I log onto orange no problems. Does anyone know how I fix this, Please be gentle I know a bit bout computers but not great at them


A:Cant send email using windows live mail

Generally speaking:

If you could send email in the recent past through the same account and have not knowingly made any changes to the account, it is most likely an ISP issue and will disappear soon enough. Nearly all ISPs have periodic email issues, server failures, ongoing maintenance, etc and typically do not advise their customers.

If it persists for several hours or overnight, then I would call their customer support.

If it persists and the ISP cannot help you, then it becomes more problematic and points to something within your own walls.

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When I open an email it says windows is having a problem but I am able to open the email however I cannot reply. I get the following error:

Unable to send or receive messages for the Live (pearsonmarine) (1) account.
Server Error: 0x80048820
Server: 'https://mail.services.live.com/DeltaSync_v2.0.0/Sync.aspx'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x80048820

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Has anyone else had this problem? I can't seem to delete any email in Windows Live Mail. I've got a 2 year old HP laptop running Vista. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

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Cannot forward images in Windows Live Mail 2011 email
I have Windows Live Mail 2011. When I receive an email that has images, I cannot forward those images in the email. I receive a popup reading that says, one or more pictures in this message could not be found, etc. If I do forward them, the receiver receives an x in the box where the image is suppose to be located. I want email where I can easily forward a joke or whatever that includes images in with the message without going through a lot of work each time. I have no problem with Vista on my laptop. Is it the email account, or is there an adjustmenet to be made in Windows Live? Thanks.

A:Windows Live Mail 2011 email

All images or only some? If just some, what file types? Who is your mail carrier?

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Hi all, I have called the ISO and they are clueless as to how to fix this. I have read several threads saying to uninstall and reinstall Live Mail. I made all the configuration suggestions that i have read and i still cant send email.
Has anyone found a solution?

A:cannot send email from Live mail in windows 7

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Hello forums! Ive been googling this issue for quite some time and people have the same issue, but specific to them...their isp, email etc. I cannot send any emails using Windows Live Mail. Everytime i go to send, it fails to connect to server with this message

Server" 'smtp.aol.com'
Windows Live Mail Error Code: 0x800ccc0E
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 25
Secure (SSL): No
Socket error: 10060

Can someone please help me with my issue?? Thank you!

Oh...use layman's terms please!

A:Cannot send email with Windows Live Mail

Quote: Originally Posted by mattkelly

Hello forums! Ive been googling this issue for quite some time and people have the same issue, but specific to them...their isp, email etc. I cannot send any emails using Windows Live Mail. Everytime i go to send, it fails to connect to server with this message

Server" 'smtp.aol.com'
Windows Live Mail Error Code: 0x800ccc0E
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 25
Secure (SSL): No
Socket error: 10060

Can someone please help me with my issue?? Thank you!

Oh...use layman's terms please!

You are right it is a common problem, and the cure is always the same. You have to correct the information that is provided. Bring up the email service. On the top you will see tools, then you will see accounts. In those accounts you, or the system, provided information such as port number, account name etc. If you would be kind enough to show me what information you provided. We can get you going. No need to send personal information like emal address. You can put [email protected]

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I just started using Windows Live Mail. I have it setup with gmail as my provider. I notice that there is a 5 to 10 minute delay/lag in the audio notification. This delay is after the email shows up in the inbox. I have set Windows live email up on a second computer and the delay is there too so it's not just one system. How do I get Windows Live Mail to give an audio notification as soon as the email shows up in the inbox, not 5 to 10 minutes later? Several times I have already read the email and then I get a notification sound and wonder what the sound is for. It's confusing to say the least.

I have an HP Pavilion dv6 laptop I'm using it on. Intel i7, 8 gig RAM, so this is not about a slow computer.

Thanks for any help! Much apprciated.


A:Windows Live Mail email notification lag

Hi Tom, Welcome to Seven Forums.

If your using IMAP to access your Gmail, I strongly suggest changing to POP.

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Please can someone out there tell me how I can create and use a signature with my company logo and contact details within Windows Live Mail.

Problems include; after saving the signature as a HTML and loading it into signature box, just the text comes up with an empty box where the logo should be.

Please help

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I have never had a problem with this until recently when I realized that the emails I was sending, were not being received. I use windows live mail...I can receive emails, just not send them. Some go into my Outbox(not all), but nothing goes into my sent column. Thanks for any help

A:cannot send email in windows live mail

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Hi Guys
Im having some troubles with my windows live mail client.
I can recieve mail, and send mail. But i can not see the actual content of the emails (in windows live mail, works fine with webmail).

For example, i click on an unread email, The title and subject are displayed, but all attachements, text or pictures do not display (ive tried waiting for 10 mins).


A:email wont display in Windows Live Mail

On a lot of my emails, a little yellow bar appears at the top that says images have been blocked, and I have to click something for it to display the images. Its easy to miss in my opinion. Look to see if its there.

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I have a talktalk email a/c and usually read my mails in windows live mail.

Last week there were some issues with talktalk. I was not receiving any mails in windows live mail and they advised I access my mails online,via their site - which I did.

When I logged into my a/c on their site today is was completely empty. However, all mails my mails appeared in my windows live mail.

Is there a reason why my mails would go from one to the other or I wouldn't be able to access them both ways? I had a look in settings but cannot see anything.


A:talktalk email online and in windows live mail

are the emails marked as unread on the servers - that maybe why there are not downloading to livemail client

had a similar issue here today, and its was all working OK again this morning

if you send your email to me, i can send a test mail
OR if you send an email to yourself see if that now downloads

DONT post the email here

click on my name and send a private message or friend notification with your email

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I held out and downloaded Windows 10 on the last day it was going to be free. I?ve been having some email issues ever since. Some have been solved; one has been a toothache.

Although Microsoft wants to wean people off of Windows Live Mail in favor of the built in mail interface in Windows 10, I want to keep using WLM.

I need two email accounts set up on WLM. One I have set, a IMAP account (a Time Warner Roadrunner account) which is working properly and the other an outlook.com email account which isn?t. (All the settings on the two accounts are IDENTICAL with the exception of the server names)

The OUTLOOK account is also set a IMAP and the setting are correct as I can send and receive emails?both properly going through the proper server and being able to be read in my hand held device and on the outlook.com web site.

The problem is I can?t get folders to populate in WLM on that account, so I can?t see (read) incoming mail from there, nor do I have a SENT folder to verify that my emai ?went.?

The step which I can not get to happen in to ?DOWNLOAD FOLDERS?, i.e. the ?Inbox?, ?Drafts?, ?Sent Items?, ?Junk E-mail?, and ?Deleted Items? folders.

There is a link to click to download those folders (?Windows Live Mail needs to download the folders before you can read the messages in this account. To download the folders, click DOWNLOAD link?)but it churns and churns and churns then finally times out with an error message that reads:

?... Read more

A:Outlook.com email account on Windows LIve Mail

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I would like to change current email default from my old Windows Mail to my current Windows Live Mail so that I can email photos directly from Photo Elements 5.0. I am on Vista Home Premium and suggested "HELP" procedures for changing default do not seem to work. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Change email default to Windows Live Mail

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Windows Live Mail search is searching only email's subject and sender.
Is it possible to make WLM to search email's content as well?

A:Search email content in Windows Live Mail

Quote: Originally Posted by Winuser

...Windows Live Mail search is searching only email's subject and sender.
Is it possible to make WLM to search email's content as well?

Sounds like you may need "winlivemailfix.reg":
"This issue occurs because Windows Live Mail Version 3 does not install a 64-bit search filter and therefore cannot index the Windows Live Mail files for Windows 7 64-bit operating systems by default. The e-mail header will be searched and will produce results, but searching on the content of the e-mail message body will not produce the expected results. "

Using Windows Search to search for Windows Live Mail e-mail will return incomplete results on Windows 7 64-bit Operating Systems

More info: Full content search in Windows Live Mail?

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"Send Email" option is grey (unselectable) for all my contact categories. I can manually enter category in To, CC or BCC of a new email, but it will not send them. I have run the Windows Essential Repair option from Control Panel - Uninstall/Repair and this has not solved the problem, nor did a reboot. Any other suggestions?

A:Windows Live Mail won't send email to categories

Hello and welcome Aaron I am just a touch confused by what you are trying to do I have a list on contacts and I open a new message and type the first letter of the subject to who I mailing to and it gives me a list of all the contacts with that first letter.

I just click on the one I want to send to from the drop down list that I want and it enters the address automatically. Same thing for copies to.

Now having said that the other thing is are you saying you cannot get the Email message button to open a new message because it is greyed out??

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I uninstalled my Acronis TIH 2012 and now have no software to back up my email accounts, personally added email account folders and contacts. I would appreciate it very much if anyone knows of any free email backup software that I can use. It doesn't have to have the ability to schedule backups. I'm looking for email backup only as I don't need to backup favorites, documents, etc, etc, etc, although if additional functions are provided that's OK with me.

Thank you in advance for your time and any assistance provided.


A:Windows Live Mail email backup software

You can back it up by hand if you like. It has a function to export all emails and accounts to any drive attached to your machine. In the upper left corner, click the blue box and from the dropdawn click export and follow the directions. It takes about 3 minutes, if that long. There is also a program that will do it. I have never used it but will find it for you.

EDIT: It is called KLS mail backup.

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At times, some miskeying causes the email that I am still writing, to completely vanish. It can NOT be found in Drafts, or Outbox. Is there a method of recovering it ?

A:How to recover email lost from Windows Live Mail ?

Try using the "Undo" icon on the top left corner, or hit the Ctrl+Z buttons.

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See this?
Grants Pass Weather - Grants Pass Weather Cameras

It's a Christmas webcam. If you mouse over it, you get an "EMAIL THIS" icon. Click it, I get "Windows Live Mail" come up.

Don't use it. Never have. Yahoo! Mail is my default MAILTO: program, and it works fine.

Why does this come up?

A:Why does this URL email icon bring up Windows Live Mail?

I just get the picture, no email icon

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I'm totally fed up with getting a loud chime whenever an email drops into my inbox. How do I shut off this intrusive sound?

I've looked in Settings/System/Notifications and Actions. There is no listing for my Windows Live Mail "app". So...that route is closed.

The Mail app has a gear symbol which supposedly lets you shut off sounds. I don't use Mail. I use Windows Live Mail. WLM does not have a cute little gear symbol. So...that route is closed.

How do I shut off this friggin' noise???


Edited: Crap. I found it. It's in WLM/File/Options. Sigh. "File"? Really?

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I've had hotmail now for years.
Last week I received email stating hotmail will no longer be supported and my email account will be "updated"
The updated account it changed to was "outlook express"....hated it.
After some searching, I learned I could use "windows live mail" (already on my comp) because it would support hotmail addresses.
So now I have "windows live mail" up and running - and my old hotmail addresses are still working. So far so good.
Now....I wish to ADD two or more additional email addresses - but I'am unable to create them.
The "set-up"process is pretty straight forward & quick on window live mail - but after several attempts - can't get addional account to work.
Do I need to manually set incoming/outgoing info??
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

my op system is windows vista

A:add additional email address to windows live mail

I think (but not certain) the problem is in manual config setting....Before I manually input server info, could someone direct me as to
How to check settings in your e-mail client?? thanks advance.

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Suddenly I can't send new email nor reply to received emails in Windows Live Mail (WLM) 2011. I have no problem receiving emails, but when I try to send or reply I get the error message 'A problem has occurred. Please try again." Trying again and again does not help.

Any ideas on how to solve this problem would be appreciated. I have saved and organized many emails over the years and I don't want to lose them by doing a reinstall of WLM. And I'm not sure where/how to back up all these emails.

What if I did a restore to some point just before this recent WLM problem occurred........would that perhaps solve my problem and retain all my emails and associated folders?

Thanks in advance.........

A:I Can't Send Email in Windows Live Mail 2011

try to update to Windows Essentials 2012, here is a link to Microsoft's Website to download and install- Windows Essentials - Download Windows Live Essentials

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I am running Win XP using MS Essnetials as AV, works like a charm except this morning in Outlook,some messages are hanging and won't "send' and this is what i get>>

I cannot seem to access send or reciece my Outlook email on Win Live mail. I get this error message>>>>>

An unknown error has occurred.

Subject 'Re: A friend wanted you to see this'
Server Error: 451
Server Response: 451 5.3.4 Requested action aborted; Local processing error.
Server: 'smtphm.sympatico.ca'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC6A
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 25
Secure(SSL): Yes

When i go to my Bell email account.no problem,it shows sending and receiving,no problem. I am running old Win XP,works fine no problems with MS essentials as my AV. It's just when i go to either resond to someone's email and send,i keep getting this error message'

"Send 3messages using my email account, FAILED"An unknown error has occurred.

I tried running "Wlarp" in search but XP won't allow me to do this. I also tried>>
Click Start button (Circle button with a Windows logo it).
Click Control Panel.
Click Programs.
Click Programs and Features.
Search for Windows Live Essentials then double click it.
Click Repair all Windows Live programs.

When i got to dbl click Win Live Essentials and tried dbl clicking, nothing happened;it gave me Chane/remove options but no repair.

Can anyone help me with this issue?


A:[SOLVED] Outlook Email Windows Live Mail


Click Start button (Circle button with a Windows logo it).....Click Programs and Features

If you are going to Programs and Features, then you are not running Windows XP, but Windows 7. to confirm, Right click (My) Computer and choose Properties. This will tell you what Windows OS, Service Pack and Physical RAM you have.
As for Windows Live: uncheck the box this server requires a secure connection [ssl].

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When I try to open any link from an email, I get an "Application not found" error message. I'm using Windows Live Mail and Windows7 Home 64bit.

I've searched and tried to fix it, but am currently stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Email links problem - Windows Live Mail

Hello Wombat,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

Check that Live Mail has all it's default associations. Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs\Set Default Programs.

Hope this helps.


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At times, some miskeying causes the email that I am still writing, to completely vanish. It can NOT be found in Drafts, or Outbox. Is there a method of recovering it ?

A:How to recover email lost from Windows Live Mail ?

You are out of luck. There is no way to retrieve an unsaved draft.

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I downloaded the latest Windows Live Essential 11. I added my email account in WL Mail, I've got more than 2000 emails on my account and some of them contains attachments and files up to 10-15 mb.

My question is: Does WL Mail, by default, save my emails locally in some user file? And, if so, will they be deleted once I uninstall WL Mail - or can/must this be done manually?

Any help appreciated!

A:Windows Live Mail 11 - local email storage?

Quote: Originally Posted by deadwing

1)Does WL Mail, by default, save my emails locally in some user file?
2) And, if so, will they be deleted once I uninstall WL Mail - or can/must this be done manually?

1) When using the "mail" view (vs. contacts or calender) look for "Options". There should be an "advanced" tab. In that window you should be able to click on a link to the "message store". That will tell you the path to your user folder containing the messages.
2) It should be possible to uninstall/reinstall WLM without affecting the message store, so if you want to delete them you will have to delete the folder indicated as the message store.

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Very confused, I have two email addresses with btinternet server, one of the email works fine the other one i have started getting the following error message - any one got any clues please

Unable to send or receive messages for the Btinternet account. An unknown error has occurred.
Server: 'mail.btinternet.com'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x80004005
Protocol: POP3
Port: 110
Secure(SSL): No

Many thanks dragonfly1963

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Can anyone answer my question concerning Windows Live Mail???

I'm already aware of when I create an email, I can select request read receipt, select the importance of LOW, NORMAL or HIGH as well as spell-check...
What I want to know is if I send person XYZ an email, I want to make it so that recipient XYZ can't FWD it onto a third party, say like ZYX

I know how to create & send an email & how to select REQUEST READ RECEIPT, PRIORITY, SPELLING and so on... What I want to know is if I send, say, an email to Mr. John Doe, how can I prevent or disable the email from being forwarded to another person???



A:Send an email w/ WINDOWS LIVE MAIL but disable FWD...

Hello Pleides2112
I'm pretty sure that you can't as this would not stop copy-paste or taking a screen shot of it.If you are worried about privacy then I would be careful what was wrote and to whom I sent Emails.You can always encrypt your message and the recipient would need a decryptor key but it can still be forwarded.

Bright Blessings

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I have been using windows live mail for a few years and have never had a problem opening emails and the attachments that have been sent by me from my office to my home pc.
Now when I try to open just my emails with the attachments, the email opens but the attachment while shown as a paperclip does not show a word or pf but just a string of text. All my other emails with attachments open. It?s as if my email address has been blocked. The strange thing is that I have another email account on the same pc and if I send an email to them the attachment opens any ideas!!!!

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I have read numerous posts on this and none have worked for me. I tried downloading the program registering hotmail as default from winhelponline but it says it only works for Vista. I tried to set it as a default program in Windows 7, but it was not listed as an option. So I am stuck. Can this be done and if so, please advise. Thank you in advance for your help.

A:How do I make Hotmail(mail.live.com)default email in Windows 7 64-bit

Hi Teddy Terrific, you need to install Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Essentials - Download free Microsoft programs

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I am using Windows 7 in a Dell Inspiron and my live mail on my desktop will no longer open. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but my battery went dead while the computer was on two days ago, but I've been able to get into the mail since...

First, the problem:

Windows Live Mail could not be started. The application was unable to open the Windows Live Mail message store. Windows Live mail was unable to locate the message database. If you've moved the database files to a new location, click OK to rest the database path to that location. Otherwise, click Cancel to proceed, any existing messages found will be available under Orphaned Accounts (0x00000000.2)

If I click ok or cancel, I get:

Windows live mail could not be started. The application was unable to open the Windows live message store. Your computer may be out of memory or your disk is full. (0x8007002)

So far, to attempt to remedy it:
Run a disk check
Restarted three times
Run Repair on the Live stuff
Tried system restore to four days ago
I even removed my anti-virus (temporary of course)
None of the above has any affect.

How can I save my emails without being able to open the mail program itself? As one of the few idiots, I did not back up my emails.
Where are the located? I figure if I can find them, pull them into another folder and the reload the Live stuff, I'll be ok. *hopefully*

I'm not the biggest computer guru, just enough... Read more

A:Windows Live Mail will not open, so how to save my email database?

Well, I got it. I pulled the email files, backed them up, and imported them with the import wizard. Whew! I thought I had lost everything for good! I'm going to back everything up every day from now on. I thought I had cleaned out my inbox enough...I'll put money that may have been the source of the problem...to darn many emails.

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My old CPU Hard drive failed so I bought a new CPU. A Toshiba SateliteC55 with Windows 8.
Ok I am trying to set up my emails is Windows live Mail client. I had another CPU with Win 7 so I had my emails set up before on it. Thing is now charter won't help me with my problem and neither will MS.
They sent me the link for setting it up on WLM. Here is the link http://www.myaccount.charter.com/customers/Support.aspx?SupportArticleID=2656 which I did. I have 3 different emails with charter. I set up the first one and followed the instructions and set it up as IMAP. But in WLM it recognize it as POP3 and won't let me change it. So I can download all 9000 emails that were on the server (don't know why they were there) but it won't let me send out an email from WLM. I change it to a POP instead of IMAP and it let me send out an email.
Also when In tried to set up the second email IMAP it tells me it can't find the IMAP server even though it will DL emails from the first email set up as Imap.
It is very confusing and Charter is a worthless hump of information. I guess what I want to ask is there a link for a step by step setup for charter emails to windows live mail? I also will be setting this up on my phone and Ipad..
IS there another client I could use instead of this that is easier to use. I would rather just use that.
Thanks for the help. If this is confusing please point it out because I am so frustrated at charter I may not be... Read more

A:Setting Up Windows Live Mail With Charter Email Accounts

I also have multiple e-mail on charter and works fine.Here is the setup.
If you still have trouble let me know.

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using windows live mail, when receiving emails in french, i get strange characters in place of accents...im not sure if this a bug, or email options setting....i use read in "plain text" option...any other suggestions

they appear normal when i send an email to myself.


A:Windows Live Mail received email strange characters

Although I don't know if these will work, they may be worth a try. Windows Update makes available language packs, so you should make sure you have installed the French Language pack. Also, Windows Live Mail has a spell check feature under Options/Spelling with many downloadable language packs, including French.

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Thanks for any help.
Hardware: Dell T3400 running Windows 7 Pro. (Windows Live Mail)
Dell GX280 running Windows XP Pro. (Outlook Express 6.0)

I need detailed instructions that I can print to move the
email/addresses/settings etc. (3 identities) from the XP puter to
the Windows 7 puter.

Hope this is placed in the correct forum.

A:migrating email from Outlook Express 6.0 to Windows live mail

In windows 7 live mail you can use the import\export method. The format is "*.iaf"
Im not sure though for xp.
So test\try to export accounts from the xp then import accounts in windows 7.

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I had an email from Microsoft saying that they are making changes to their web email services in a few weeks time and that it would prevent email from being delivered to Windows Live Mail 2012. However, I'm actually using Windows Live Mail 2011. Does anyone know if the upcoming change will also prevent emails from being delivered to Windows Live Mail 2011 or is it a Windows Live Mail 2012 issue? If it applies to both versions, I'll have to update to Windows Live Mail 2012 and then apply the patch as I see that Windows Live Mail 2011 is no longer supported.


A:Microsoft's web email service and Windows Live Mail 2011

Hi Staffy,
I never got an email from MS and my WL Mail Version 2012 (Build 16.4.3528.0331) is working perfectly.

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Question 1: I am using Ctrl-A in Windows Live Mail to select groups of mail that I need to delete but I can't find a way to deselect an email in the group. Since holding down Ctrl and clicking doesn't work anymore the way it did in XP has anyone found a workaround or a solution to this?

Question 2: Within emails I have a problem clicking on any link that is supposed to open to an email, the links to web pages work fine. I have already gone to the applications tab in options and tried selecting every mail option available and none of them work. Has anyone found a workaround or a solution to this?

Thanks for all assistance!

A:Windows Live Mail Questions: Deselect and email links

Hi BKMalik, welcome to Seven Forums.

Answer 1, just hold CTRL and select the ones you want to delete one by one.
Answer 2, ensure WLM is set as Default.

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Window Live Mail won't play the wav file of my choice for email notification. I am talking about wav files that I have copied to the Windows/Media folder to use for my email notifications.

I have WLM set to play sounds and in fact it plays all of the wav files that came with the system. But when I copy my own .wav files to the same folder that holds the other wav files that are used for windows sounds and then try to use that file for email notification it won't play. The wav file does play in Windows Media Player if I click on just the file, but not in WLM as my email notification. I have set the option in the Control Panel under windows sounds for email notification. I have tried this with two different wav files and neither one will play as my email notification but play fine by themselves.

Does anyone know why my wav files will not play as my email notification in WLM? Once again I have set WLM to play sounds and the Control Panel/Change System Sounds options for email notification to my wav file and the native wav files do play.

A:Windows Live Mail won't play my .wav file for email notication

Welcome to the forum. Thanks for describing you problem so completely and for filling out your system specs as well. It made me want to test it for myself. I my case it worked properly but I'm using the previous version of WLM (2009/2010). I did notice that the mail program only uses the notification sound when dowloaded into a pop3 account but not for IMAP accounts (unlike Vista's Windows Mail which did it for both).

Can't hurt to do a repair install. Go to Programs and Features, "Windows Live Essentials", and choose a repair. It will repair whatever components of Essentials you downloaded, including Mail.

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