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Counter Strike Speed Problem on AMD processor

Q: Counter Strike Speed Problem on AMD processor

I have an AMD turion 64X2 1.60 GHz processor and XP SP2 operating system. when i play Counter strike i run faster than other players. my laptop is one year old but i am facing this problem only from the last 2-3 weeks. and the speed keeps on varying sometimes its very fast and rarely at normal speed.

Someone said that turning one processor off by going into the BIOS will be helpful, is this the only solution? and if so then how to turn it off.

Preferred Solution: Counter Strike Speed Problem on AMD processor

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Counter Strike Speed Problem on AMD processor

what machine is it

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I Recently got a new graphics card. A gigabyte Nvidia GeForce 8400GS with 512mb GDDR2. I got this since my past graphics card died on me for some reason and now since i got this one i went back to play Counterstrike since it didn't work very well with my on board graphics. I went into a server and was only getting about 40-75fps where as with my previous card (An Asus EN8400GS 256mb DDR2) i could get upto 300 fairly regularly.

I know most of the codes
fps_max 101 (or in my previous case 350)
fps_modem 0
developer 1

So what am i missing to get it to go fast? The only thing i've changed since i had my hard drive is i gave away a 512mb ddr1 ram stick from my computer. I think i have about 2gbs ddr1. Yes i know its old but nothing else has changed. Also i have updated the drivers as well

What do i need to do?


A:Counter Strike FPS Problem

which counter strike are you trying to play m8, 1.6, source or some kinda online version, 300fps is way overboard, if you got that many fps the game would virtually be running in fast forward mode, you wouldn't be able to see anything and you would look like you're speed hacking, anyway 30fps is average, anything above is quite exceptional, doesn't seem to me that even havea problem.

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im having a porblem with this "virtual memory too low" when ever i join a game. thnx fer the help

A:counter strike problem

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I have been playing cs for quite a while now, and I haven't had many problems, I have my own server and stuff. When it says Preparing to Play Counter-Strike it just crashes.

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i just bought an ati 9800 and i just got done installing the l8est catalyst driver, but when in cs if numlock is on it wont run and if numlock is off it runs but wont walk????? wtf help me plz, greatly appreciated.

A:counter strike ati problem

Try reinstalling CS...

It's probably something in your config file, reinstalling should fix it, or you can look in the controls and check each one to see what the problem is.

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Hey guys, i'm having problems with my microphone on cs. I've been trying for weeks to get it to work.

When i go into a game, before the game loads it says "Unable to initialize wave input. you won't be able to speak..." Tried everything i could. Please help. Thanks

A:Counter Strike Mic problem

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Hi all
I am momo and this is my first post . I hope you can help me with my problem

My laptop is using vista 64 bit , I installed counter strike 1.6 on it
it works but when creating a game and after loading the map it freezes and when
clicking " ok " to enter and select the player , it can't be clicked and i cant go back by
clicking " Esc" button and i must close the game by " ctrl , alt ,del"

please help

A:A counter strike 1.6 problem

try updating to the most current patch?

also have you tried updating directx?

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ok in order to use my mic i have to run the voice tweak program ... and my mic will be loud and clear in cs... then the map changes and it stops working...its all just fuzz. ... i have to get out of csa and redo the voice tweak every time and its really annoying
plz plz plz deargod help me!

A:Counter-strike Mic Problem

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Hy 2 all
I have a problem...i play Counter-Strike...and i need more and more FPS !
I have only 60 FPS....and it's not constantly....All settings on video card NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 400 it's changed to high performance...and v-sync OFF..
I have Sempron 3000+ 2GB RAM...video card it's onboard 256 mb
P.S - When i run CS i have only 30 process open i think it's good that

Sorry for my bad english !!! Anyone can help me ?

A:Problem Counter-Strike

Hello CiuFuLiXx,
When was the last time you updated the driver's ?, you may need to update them. I would do that first and see how the FPS are then. Also is this Counter-strike on Steam ?, Below are the spec's you need. You may need to lower the setting's a bit to get a good frame rate. Post your result's, good luck.

Minimum: 1.2 GHz Processor, 256MB RAM, DirectX 7 level graphics card, Windows 2000/XP, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection

Recommended: 2.4 GHz Processor, 512MB RAM, DirectX 9 level graphics card, Windows 2000/XP, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection

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I've recently got CS 1.6 and it has been working fine for a few days. Then today I pressed Find Servers and it just made a clicking sound but no actual menu. I press the button it makes a sound but the menu doesn't come up. Please help

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A:Counter Strike Problem

How are you running it? Through the game's main menu or steam?

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I want to play online counter strike. i am using steam to upgrade counter strike. steam asks me to provide a cd key. i used a keygen to get one but steam keeps saying i have entered a invalid cd key. can anyone please help me with this problem. I would be grateful

A:Counter Strike Problem

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Hi, since i bought my new gpu, GAINWARD GeForce 9500 GT, i have tiny but big problem with cs 1.6. I have feeling that in CS 1.6, (screen) is moving a bit later when i move the mouse. One of my friends has 8600 GT, and the same problem. Is it because of the drivers or something?? I really cant play like this. Before this gpu i had ATi/ASUS EAX550.

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Okay, in game i always have 10-28 ping... BUT it feel like im laging in the 800's... i ran avg,spybot,adaware,hijack this... ITS CLEAN!!! lol i dont know whats wrong please help!

System Spec's
PC133 384mb SDRAM
ATI Saphire Radeon 9200se
40 gig WD HDD

A:Counter Strike 1.6 problem

What helped me was typing cl_smooth 0 in the console.

You can either type that each time you play, or save it in the config file.

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Okay, so recently when I have been trying to get into servers, I have been getting the message;

LAN servers are restricted to local clients (class C)

wtf does this mean lol, and it is happening on vitually EVERY SERVER, which is weird cuz last time I was playing it only happend on a few . . .

A:Counter Strike 1.6 problem!

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I already installed CS, and inputed the CD KEY, I can play it and all, but I lost the number, is there a way to know the cd key?

A:Counter Strike CD key problem


Not another CS cd key thread!

This is from the second post of the OTHER CS CD KEY thread, courtesy of Atreides..

this should help:
"There is no registry editing support on this site... blah blah blah... Check out www.regedit.com for more info.

Goto Start then Run then type: regedit. Once inside it works just like Windows Explorer. Browse to:


Once here find [in the right pane] a field called: key.Click to expand...

Click on it, and look at it's 'value'.
...blah blah blah... Remember to backup your registry first... Blah blah blah... I'm assuming your using CS Mod for Half-Life. CS Mod doesn't need a CD-Key, but CS Retail does. If your using CS Retail, then try the above steps and it should be very similar to where the CS CD-Key is kept.Click to expand...

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When I play counterstrike and set resouloution in game to what my current desktop is it doesnt pan out all across the screen? Its smaller than what my 17" moniter is and it sticks and 60hertz when my desktop refresh rate is 75hertz? Help.

A:Counter Strike Problem!

you mean it doesnt fit your screen when you resize; like there is black space on the sides?

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help now. i have a problem with the fps, no matter what i do i can
īt get them to 100.
1.8 ghz, 64mb gforce2 mx400, 40 gb hd.

I allready switch the vertical syncro off, i need what else can i do to solve this problem

A:fps problem in counter strike

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hey, my counter strike is doing something wierd
a few days ago i bought cs, and ever since, all of the views are very dark
i can go to lighter maps like de_dust and be ok outside, but if i go into the tunnel, or into any other remotely dark map, i can hardly see
i have tried the in-game options, they dont change it enough to matter, and changing my option on my monitor doesnt work either
i would really appreciate if someone could tell me how to fix this problem

A:Counter strike problem

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I have a 21 inch widescreen lcd monitor, anyone know how to fix this?

Please help me!


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I am trying to play counter strike but everytime i set up my controls and go in to play it resets my controls to something else. For instance it is not even being reset to the defaults...i do not have the ability to buy or jump or anything it clears almost everything...i have gone even gone into my config.cfg file and edited it but for some reason everytime if try to play...even load a net game it clears all of my settings out. Please please help me...i will call anyone who knows how to fix this problem no matter if it is long distance or not...thanks--schlup

Edit: Personal name removed from post at the request of the poster. -- LAN

A:Counter Strike Config Problem

First of all, I'd turn off capslock.

Then, now we can have a look at your problem. When you setup your controls, do you do it through Counter-Strike, or through editing your config file?
What I suggest you do is make a file in your CS directory, give it a name of autoexec.cfg. Now in that file cut and paste all the stuff from your config.cfg file into it. Then go through it all and delete all the things not relating to your controls. Save this file (make sure it saves as autoexec.cfg, and not autoexec.cfg.txt). Then launch CS and type exec autoexec.cfg in the console. Hopefully it will load your settings.
If that doesn't work, then I suggest deleting you config.cfg file (or renaming it to a different name so you back it up). And then trying the first procedure again. That may fix it.
Other than that I'm not really sure. Although I bet a full reinstall of CS would fix the problem.
Another thing to check you be your Half-Life config (if you have the CS mod and not the retail version). Check all the setting are configured properly.
Hope this helps. Bye

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Hey guys. I've looked everywhere, even on the steam forums and I can't find a solution to this problem!!

Basically, whenever I play CS 1.6 my internet will cut out every hour. This only happens when I'm playing the game, and never any other time. After I restart, everything is back to normal and I can play for about another hour and it'll cut out again. I don't get any error message, just the connection problem on the game screen, then it'll boot me out of the server which is normal. Nothing will work, including MSN Messenger, Firefox, etc.. but will go back to normal after a restart. If I'm not playing CS, my internet would be good to go until I turn this thing off. Sorry for so much detail I'm just trying to describe this as best I can.

Anywho, I've disabled the SPI Firewall in my router already, as well as the windows one... which someone else recommended to me and that has not fixed the problem at all. Any ideas??

A:A Counter-Strike 1.6 or Steam problem..

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Kay, so my problem is: I cannot hold/press my CTRL or SHIFT button while moving with WASD. I must STOP completely and wait a few seconds before I can use them. And if I try releasing it while in crouch or walk, it won't revert my movement back to normal until I release WASD. Which is honestly REALLY annoying. My keyboard is HP Wireless Keyboard (Model 5189URF). This problem also occurs during other games like America's Army, Maplestory, etc. Any help is appreciated!

A:Counter-strike Keyboard Problem

Bump... Sorry if it's against rules, haven't really seen any rule about it around the forums.. Problem persists

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For a couple of says it worked fine. Now it wont even load ( even when i uninstall/reinstalled it. When i try to load it comes up with . BTw half life 2 loads fine and plays fine to.

Freq. Out of Range

HF: 75 19.kHz
VF: 75. 07 Hz '
Thats it

ANy idears..

A:another counter strike source problem

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hey guys this is realllly pissin me off. I was soo excited to play a lan game with my friends after playing Warcraft 3. We played warcraft 3 all night on ad hoc. yea..we were playing on Ad hoc lan.. IT WAS FUN.. Then we decied to play counter strike but the **** wont DETECT ANY LAN GAME WHAT SO EVER. We created a lan game using the dedicated thing in its folder. We setted up the thing for LAN. But i was the ONLY ONE WHO WAS DETECTING! But when i tried conneting to it on my computer, it said Valve REJECTION.. What? i ccreated the server and i cant connect? what the hell? So i need your help how to connect a counter strike game on LAN using Ad hoc. I'm using the pirated version of counter strike. I know you guys might thing thats the prob but trust me .. u can cuz my friend does it-- he makes LAN parties on pirated games. But --he's out.. i need your ppl help...HURRRYYY

A:Counter Strike Condition Zero LAN PROBLEM

You posted this in several places here, you really need to look closer at the TSG Rules.

We don't support pirated games, and we also don't tolerate profanity here. Clean it up and buy your own software.
Closed, and don't post it again!

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my computer has recently been infected with a virus and i had to delete some of the cs files becasue they were infectede. I just rreinstalled counter strike and now whenever i want to go onto a game server all it says is "this server runs a different protocol server"

i have the update patch and everything so what can i do to fix this?

A:Counter Strike Problem helllllllllllppppppppp

the cleanest way to fix this is uninstall HL, reinstall and re-download CS, if you are using the mod version. If you are using retail, clean it all out and then re-install. And be sure you got all of the client patches...and not the server-side ones

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Well thats not only with that client but almost every.
anyway Everytime i join game Brightness going to "1"
in console there are 2 errors
A3D Not Running
invalid alias these are multiple

A:Counter strike 1.6 Another Strange Problem


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I have the mod version of CS and i have the absolute strangest problem. I cannot use the left right up or down arrow keys for controls, i would have to change them manually in config.cfg. Once i do that i have my jump key as shift and basically when im in a game every time i hit one of thearrow keys i jump. This has been driving me nuts, i tried going to the default controls and they are still pretty screwy. My friend got a new computer and installed CS (mod) and hes having the same problem... know a fix?

A:VERY wierd Counter-Strike problem

Make sure you don't have any sort of background keyboard application running, that could do it. You could also try completely uninstalling Half-Life, deleting all the files in the HL folder, then reinstalling it.

Also, you can use W,S,A,D for up, down, left, right. In my opinion, it is much easier, as there are more keys surrounding them.

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Hi all. I have a pentium 3 866 mhz, 256 mb ram and a geforce 4 mx 440. When iīm playing cs, the game goes with short and fast freezes, when i start killing a enemy, it completely freezes, i donīt know what to do. The same thing occurs in medal of honor and gta 3, short and fast freezes. What can i do, more RAM or other motherboard and CPU?

Please help!

A:Problem with Counter-Strike and other games in XP

Read everything in this thread, particularly the second half of "Your Computer".

Download Adaware and update it, run the scan on your computer and let it delete everything it finds. Then run disk defrag and finally scandisk. Update all of your drivers, especially video and DirectX.

What speed of RAM do you have? 256MB is a pretty small size for gaming, the bare minimum really, so if your still on PC-100 or PC-133 SD-RAM an increase in size would help. If you have high-speed DDR 256MB is still a comfortable amount of RAM to have especially in the games your mentioning but doubling your RAM regardless would be a good way to increase performance...

It has no real bearing on this problem, but if you want to see some marked improvement in visual quality and speed in all games then you should look into upgrading your video card. The GeForce 4 MX is somewhat deceiving because it's basically a glorified GeForce 2 Ultra with newer DirectX functions.

EDIT: Hey, I just rebuilt a Pentium 3 866MHz machine with 256MB PC-133 and a GeForce 4 MX440 card in it...

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i just got a linksys router and now when i play CS, every few minutes, the connectoin times out and it freezes for a few seconds

A:(Solved) counter strike problem


First off, I assume you have deleted your Tempory Interent Files and done a defrag. If not, go for it.

Also have you applied any of the patches?


there are some here to have a look at.



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So here's my problem. I will lay out what I did in full.
I bought CS:S, and installed all 4 discs onto my laptop. CS:S only, not HL or DOD.
I ran Steam, updated it, and downloaded CS:S from Steam. Then as I go to play CS:S, I get a loading screen with The Counter Strike: Source cover (the 2 guys with M16s) with a Loading ... in the bottom right corner, and then a black screen with white writing. If I press F4, 1 more line of writing comes up. The game closes when I press F10. The black screen looks like the attached image.
Then, the game freezes. I've tried to let it load for 2 hours, nothing happens.

A:Counter Strike: Source problem

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Ok, I am trying to run CSS with AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3500+ and
Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002. With a ATI Radeon X1600 Series. Normally I can enter a game no problem, but shortly after everything just freezes. I can't even exit the game, I have to hold the power button on my pc to reset.
I have tried to update my graphx driver and still no luck... Any help would be appriceated.

A:Counter Strike: Source Problem

I Have A Laptop With An Amd Turion Processor; Windows Xp Media Center And An Nvidia Geforce 6 Serires Graphics Card And It Won't Read The Css Cd; It Says It's Corrupt.
Please Help

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I've tried everything in my power to fix this, and I can't...

From the beginning:

I got Half-Life about a week ago, and I installed it on my computer along with Counter-Strike. I got the patch upgrades and everything. It let me log on to "VALVe" and I could actually see the servers and stuff. It would never let me join a game to PLAY in it, because of "WSAENOTSOCK" or something. However, It did let me spectate in a few games. Now I reinstalled it, and I think my dad might have switched some of my networked settings to make it act weirdly. (By the way, my computer IS hooked up to a network if that helps)

After I reinstalled it, I found that I could no longer log onto VALVe, but merely attempt to connect and get 4 retries, where it would give up and bring me to the screen that shows the list of servers (although there weren't any servers because I wasn't even connected). I added my filters, and tried to click "Update" and it gave me an error at the bottom of the screen. Something like "Could not get list of servers" I've repeatedly reinstalled it...atleast 10 times? Yeah.

I think it's a problem with the network, maybe a DNS problem. Any ideas are welcome, even if you don't think it will work please post it. I played the game online at my friends house the other day, and it was so awesome. For the past 2 days I've been trying to get this to work, but nothing yet. I've looked at tons of tech ... Read more

A:Counter-Strike logging on problem

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I reinstalled by CS and have all the updated versions...problem is, my console worked maybe twice. I am not ablew to open console. My old roomate said there was a way to activate it, can anyone help.

BTW, I'm new here....name is Francis...


A:Counter-Strike Console problem

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kk im gonna try the best way to explain this..

i use to can run with holding the key W (moving forward) and the key D (moving right) at the same time. making it going in the direction of like a northeast. but now it wont work. everytime when i hold the two keys it only move forward n little by little ro the right.. i been playingfor months and never had this problem till now.

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Can anyone help me my monitor (Samsung SyncMaster713N),
the screen turned yellowish green after i played counter strike condition zero.Some times when you start the computer screen will turn yellowish
green and sometimes it is on and off.when i tryed to uninstall counter strike it still have the same problem....its not the screen problem cause i got a spare screen and it is also yellow..

My Computer is Intel Pentium 4
2.40 GHz and 750 gb of ram

can anyone help me?

A:HELP!!Counter Strike Condition Zero Problem

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everytime i play counter-strike it always loses my connection. my ping is always really low. i dunno what is wrong or how i can fix it.. can someone help please?!?!?

A:connection problem with counter-strike please help!

more info please.
What kind of connection are u using?
Dial up, dsl, or cable?

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please help me.. i have been playing css for a long time on my pc. and today ive been downloading skins for guns and everything has been working fine. but now when i try play it loads about 3 quarters then says that the program has failed and gives me two options. 1. check solution online and 2. close the program.. i tried the solution one and nothing came up.. what must i do? please help

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okay so im having this problem with counter strike source crashing. i tried to go to the steam forums and ask for help but all the guy said was check for driver updates which i did. i have the 81.94 graphics update. anyways back to the problem. so i can play battlefield 2 perfect and americas army. when i play counter strike source in the middle of the game (whilst running around and pwning noobs ) my game will crash and the monitor will show up with a diagonal pattern of lines and colors. i have an nvidia geforce 4 fx 5200 ultra 128 mb. its not overclocked or anything like that. and i have a pentium 4, 1 gig of ram. i think most likely its my video card overheating but id ont knwo what to do about it. any help would be greatly appreciate by me .


A:counter strike:source problem

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hi there !!
I am new to these forums and i need to know that how can i create my own counter strike server so that others can join it via internet.
I have both counter strike 1.6 and condition zero but when my friend tries to join it.... it says "LAN servers are restricted to local clients (class C)"
pls help !!

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Hello i am having a problem with my counter-strike server. I configured the computer where the server is on to b a static ip by going to network connection, local area connection, properties, internet protocol then manually entering the ip and dns info from the check i did with ipconfig /all. I also made the computer i have the server on a dmz host so i didnt have to forward ports. EVerytime i try to connect to the server i get retrying errors but it wont connect. I tryed both the routers ip on that computer and the real ip and none of them worked. Can someone please help me?

The computer where the counter-strike is run is a windows xp and is connected to the router ethernet port.


A:Problem with counter-strike server

Check with your ISP to make sure you can host game servers. Alot of ISPs don't allow you to or force you to buy their best packages inorder to do so.

I tried setting up a dedicated server for Unreal Tournament and was unable to do so for this reason. *******s.

EDIT: They censored [email protected]? Political Correctness takes a turn for the worse.

EDIT EDIT: Incidentally, no one will know better how to run a dedicated server on your ISP than...well...your ISP! You could try contacting their tech support via email, or they may even have a Knowledge Base or FAQ where this question was answered already.

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I bound the mic and it worked. I could see the speaker icon on the screen when playing. Except the other players weren't replying. So I looked in Voice Options and tested the mic and it wasn't working. So I used the bind for more gain and it didn't make any difference. I checked the options in windows and turned the mic up to full and didn't make any difference.

What do I do?

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Hi All.

When i join a server in CS. Then it says: "Failed to connect to game server"?

Any body who can help me?

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Okay since gaming thread dont know **** about this question..lol im askin u smart peple ,okay here it is... in Counter-Strike v1.6 I set my resolution to 1028x1024, my text becomes to big and hurts to read.. is there a command that I can use to make the text smaller??? thanx- Italianman91
also if i set the resolution to 1024x960 my screen is to small to fit the counter strike screen -leaving black lines on the sides- and the h-size is at 100% and still dosent cover it?? it happened wen i reinstalled cs

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I have a problem in counter strike where whenever I shoot any gun the bullets land way above where the crosshairs are pointed. Although this does not happen with guns with scopes while there are zoomed in (i.e. it does not happen to the ssg552 or the AUG while they are zoomed in but it does when they are zoomed out.) I tried to reinstall CS but it still does not work. Please somebody help me I just want to play again.

A:Counter strike crosshair problem

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