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Fabric restore problems

Q: Fabric restore problems


I was trying to restore my pc, this did not work but after a few times it did work.
Now i can not start my pc, I get the error that a certain file is missing.
I also can not restore him anymore, I get the error that a partion is missing.
Can anyone help me? I am sorry for my english, i'm a non native english speaker!


Preferred Solution: Fabric restore problems

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Fabric restore problems

Is this a OEM manufacturer's PC with Pre-installed Windows 8?
Which as been updated to Windows 8.1?

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I have just become interested in putting my images onto fabric but didn't want to use the T-shirt paper transfer that Epsom offers as it comes with a plastic coating that adheres to the fabric. In my search for something else I found a paper they call "Fabric Carrier". It has a tacky substance on it and when pealing off the protective layer you can place, I presume on a reasonably thin fabric, and adjust it to lie smoothly then trim it to the size of the paper and feed it through my printer (an Epsom Photo 820) and end up with a result when pealed from the page that is just a printed piece of fabric with an image directly on it.
I was hoping rather then order it from the States, I live in Canada, and then pay shipping, duty and perhaps delivery charges, I was hoping to find this product in Canada or create my own. I was thinking that someone may have found a spray or mix that I could apply to my own paper and have the same result. Does this sound reasonable or is there too much chance of ruining the printer with an overflow of the product during the printing session?
Does anyone know of a Canadian source or how to create this on my own?

Too much spare time on my hands.

A:Fabric Carrier

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IT has Been a night And IT has been stuck for maybe 10 hours plz help

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Brand new Hp right out of the box and as best as I can describe it, it looks like a bed sheet if you placed something down on the bed, you would see the fabric ripple 360 around the object.   looks better straight on, but worse from off angle.   First if this is a thing, whats it called? Also I assume this is not a troubleshoot kid of thing, I beleive the screen is a bunch of layers and this would be a defect of one of them.  Although it is lessened by looking straight on it is still visiable and more so depending on the colors displayed.  So is this covered under warrentee? I purchased thru Amazon, would I be better off just returning and getting a new one.  Is it a common issue with this model?

A:Brand new screen looks like it has fabric ripples.

Hello @miyanc, Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums! The forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I read your post about the issue with the display, and wanted to assist you!  I understand that it seems like your display is damaged. If you believe the notebook is having an hardware issue out of box, then you should try to return it to the place of purchase.  If this is not possible, then you may consider contacting HP Phone Support.  Please use the following http://www.hp.com/contacthp and create a case for your issue and contact HP. If you live outside the US/Canada, please click the link below to get the contact information for your region.http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-phone-assist.html Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!

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Dear , i have bought a brand new pavilion notebook 17 , 17inxh version with Windows 10 .1) laptop startup just blocks On the HP logo2) did a esc multiple times to enter troubleshooting3) starting the setup to Bring everyrhing to fabric settings , but at 50% the blue screen pops up that there is a problem with putting it back to fabric setting .I need to clean the laptop because this was a showroom model and had an store account on it !Any help ?Manu greets

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Hi All,
I am using List control in SPFx web part and implemented "View more" button click functionality to fetch items in batches. I am facing flickering issue while scrolling towards the window end or on multiple clicks of view more button. 
Please suggest on the same.
Environment- SharePoint Online
Webpart - SPFx with React.
Thanks in advance!

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I accidentally deleted my nvidia graphics drivers, and the latest version doesnt work. Knowing the drivers which came with the computer will let me re install them. Thanks.

A:Lenovo flex 3 1580 Nvidia graphics drivers fabric version

You might check to see if the earlier drivers are still present on your system by doing the following Right-click on StartSelect Device ManagerLeft-click on Display Adapters to expand.Right-click on your display adapter, and select Update DriverSelect "Browse my computer for driver software"Select "Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer"This should provide a list of drivers previously installed on your systemTo switch to one of them, choose an older driver and click Next.It would be hard to know exactly what driver was installed when your system was new, because Lenovo does not provide release notes for its drivers as its certifies them, but older drivers for the Nvidia 940M card should be available from Nvidia, as well as newer driver versions that those release by Lenovo that may resolve your problem. which can be found here https://www.geforce.com/drivers Good Luck,     

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Win XP Home SP2

I am having problems with system restore. When I try to open system restore and restore my system to a previous time, i get this message:


When I do just that, the same message comes up again and again.

I next go to the control panel and open up the system properties window. Under the tab System Restore I try to check the box: TURN OF SYSTEM RESTORE FOR ALL DRIVES. I do this to try to clear out the cache or restore points and I get the following message:



When I hit yes, i get:


So I restart and the same thing again.

Next I try to disable each of the 2 drives that I have, one by one. My OS is on C: and my storage disk is D: I try to disable D: first and get the following:


I hit cancel and select the settings for C: and get the following message when I try to disable system restore:



A:Solved: System Restore Problems - Unable to Restore

To fix the problem try disabling System Restore temporarily.

By checking "Turn off System Restore" in the Control Panel.

Reboot, then enable it, and reboot again.

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I've been facing issues with backup / restore / system restore - Hope fulle someone may help me. I've attached screenshot as help. Kind regards

A:backup, restore, and system restore problems

Sorry, my Word program can't read your systemrestore.doc.
Could you try sending it as a jpeg file?

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Long story short, crappy 2009 asus crashes. Prior to crash screen constantly froze accompanied by a buzzing sound from the speakers. After crash laptop blackscreened, and after a second reboot met with screen with some americorp title an at the end reads cmos checking bad. I set time and date, and then upon third reboot am met with screen that read two options: run windows repair(recommended) or start windows normally. I try star windows normally and enter the login screen, but everything is enlarged, as if in safe-mode, login prompt never comes up. Reboot for 4th time, this time choosing run windows repair. Unfortunately i dont have any system images or restore discs or anything.
So my questions:
1. Is this fixable-as in can i restore the computer to where it was before the crash?
2. Can i recover the hard-drive info; i have lot's of music and stuff i would like to keep.
3. What the heck happened????

A:System restore problems, and other questions about restore

Hello and welcome Cheesemaon yes mate just go to safe mode then system restore and pick the date way back as you want see pic.

Plus you could check the CMOS battery volts too with HE Info HWiNFO, HWiNFO32/64 - Download > pick the right bit version and see pic how it comes up.

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Could anyone explain the difference between domain (controller)switches and full fabric switches? (or direct me to a page/site which would do the job)


A:domain switches vs full fabric switches

Depends on what context you're talking about. Your statement is a bit "Apples and Gorillas" The two really aren't related to each other.

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Hi, When I try and use MSN video Ie: Watching Rod Stewart Live on MSN I get a error something like this.. The instruction at 0x00b491ff at referenced memory then IE 7 will close. I have tried running mem cleaners and reg cleaners to no avail. I also tried a new restore point and it wont let me do that even though restore points are turned on and visible.

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I just recently performed system restore on my computer and I had windows create a backup folder containing a lot of important files.

My problem is when I try to open it gives me an Access denied

C:\My Backup -- 09-07-06 2037\Document and Settings\Bigslick\Desktop is not accessible

Access is denied.

Can someone help me please??

A:Restore Problems

Is the backup folder inside a System Volume Information folder?

Also, do you have XP Pro or Home Edition?

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I had used sys restore on another of my computers and when it had finised and rebooted i loged in to my user account and the active desktop was not there the only thing that was visible after the personal settings loaded was the wallpaper image, i don't know what to do to fix this. please help

A:Problems with sys restore on win xp pro

Run this script ans see if it restores your desktop and shortcuts.

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I haven't been able to restore for quite a long time. Here are some of the reasons the cpu tells me..
*Disk OS/C has errors. Restart to check for errors.
*Sys Res did not work. Unspecified Error.
*Sys Res did not work. Something interrupted
I also believe it told me something about the registry.

Now, I am wondering if this problem is connected to another problem I had. In November, I was continually getting. An ALERT that said Recovery D drive is almost full. I researched online and went to Control Panel/Admin Tools/Cpu Management/Disk Mgmt/R Cl D Drive/ Select Change Drive Letter and Paths/ Remove/Ok/Close (Luckily I kept notes) That solved the problem of getting the alerts.

Here is the info on the D drive.
The D drive does not have a restore point on it at this time per the SR Wizard.
The D drive is 9.9Gig and has 40 Kb free. It has a few files, Dell, N360 backup, Program Files, Sources, Tools, Users and Windows.

Would love any and all advice on how to restore Restore...LOL...and what to do about this D drive!!
Thanks very much...

A:Restore problems


Many times just turning off the System Restore and then booting solves the problem. This howver can cause another problem, you will have no restore point. A non working restore is better than none.

This is what I suggest. Back up all your important documents, even better back up your hard drive. You can download and use the free paragon software, if you do not have back up software, already.

Then turn off System Restore, boot the computer and turn it on see if it works.

If not
Go to search type in cmd, do not hit enter>right click and run as administrator. In cmd type sfc /scannow. You will get a report, if errors are shown try it 3 times.

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Ok, I was really stupid last night and choose to do a PC Restore instead of a Restore Point. I was having problems after having downloaded a program so I thought I would go back to my restore point. Well, after I had already chosen PC Restore you can picture me banging my head against the desk....

Now I am having problems with my Add/Delete function. Not all of the programs installed on my computer are showing up. One thing in particular I want to delete doesn't have an Uninstall feature. Is t

A:Problems After I Did A Pc Restore

System manufacturer and model?


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Here lately, I've been having some major problems with this computer. The dude that fixed it up for me put on a program called SystemSuite or something like that. The program kept popping up on every web page and told me that the page may not display properly. That finally got annoying so I deleted it. Since then, I've had problems.

1. The restore feature on this computer doesn't work anymore. I try restoring this computer back to the date I deleted the program, and for some odd reason it wont. I've tried multiple dates, but it just tells me that the restore failed.

2. Media player nor MSN Messenger will open.

3. When I use IE, every time I click, it pops up a message that tells me the page may not display properly. In order to get around it, I gotta hit tab until I find the right link. I downloaded FireFox to use until I get IE fixed.

Here's my HJLog.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 11:13:25 AM, on 8/5/2006
Platform: Windows XP (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 (6.00.2600.0000)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\ACS\AOLAcsd.exe
C:\WINDOWS\Syst... Read more

A:Problems With Restore

Please print out or copy this page to Notepad in order to assist you when carrying out the following instructions.

Click Start->Run - type SERVICES.MSC & then click on the OK button Locate the service - MicroSoft Media Tools
Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog. Under the General tab, note down the name of "Service name". We shall need it later.
Stop the service by using the Stop button.
Change the Startup type to Disabled & then click on the OK button

Then start HiJackThis & go to Config>Misc.Tools...> Delete an NT service...
In the popup box that appears, type in "Service name" & then click on the OK button

Please repeat the above for the service Sqlmanagement

Please reboot your computer in Safe Mode by doing the following:Restart your computer
After hearing your computer beep once during startup, but before the Windows icon appears, press F8.
Instead of Windows loading as normal, a menu should appear
Select the first option, to run Windows in Safe Mode.

Open Hijack This and click on Scan. Check the following entries (make sure you do not miss any)
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [IRC Client] updated.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\RunServices: [IRC Client] updated.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\RunOnce: [*Restore] C:\WINDOWS\system32\restore\rstrui.exe -i
O15 - ProtocolDefaults: '@ivt' protocol is in My Computer Zone, should be Intranet Zone
O15 - ProtocolDefaults: 'file' protocol is in My Computer Zone, should be Int... Read more

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all the files from my doc have dissapeared from my computer, i did system restore back to yesterday evening, i can now see word documents i want in a file called recent, but when i try to access them they sat the shortcut is no longer valid, i try search for file names, but that comes up balnk too. my question is please can any one help me i have never used system restore before, does it put all files back as they were and how do you access them .
please can any help

A:help please with restore problems

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I have posted this under the HTJ forum, but did not know if that was the correct place for it or not.

Turned on the computer yesterday and my McAfee AV tells me it is removing Trojans, did not pay attention to the names because it was removing them. However, now my desk top flashes every 10 seconds or so and everytime it does, any thing you try to do from the start menu is gone. It's like something is trying to start up but being blocked.

Also the system restore utility has lost all restore points except what ever today is. No previous points to be found. I have been through all of my diagnostics for getting sys restore to work but no luck. Inernet seems to work fine. ALSO for about 20 minutes I could not get the Mcaffee AV to work. Kept telling me that it was off.

Here is my HJT log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 11:47:22 AM, on 12/28/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16762)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\LogiShrd\LVMVFM\LVPrcSrv.exe
C:\Program Files\SONY\sHotKey\sHotKey.exe
C:\Program Files\sony\vaio media integrated server\Platform\VMConsole.exe
C:\Program Files\McAfee.com\Age... Read more

A:Sys restore problems

I'm going to close this because you say you have posted in the malware forum and that is the correct place for an infected log such as this.


Please do not duplicate post in the future

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i want to restore my buds laptop. he had restore turned on until about 3 weeks ago he shut it off.

question: if you shut off restore does it still keep the last restore points? and is there a way to restore in safe mode (cant boot in reg mode) if restore is shut of. when i try and turn on sys restore in safe mode it say "i cant".

any suggestions?

A:System restore question? Can i restore in safe mode i restore was turned off?

when you turn off restore you lose all the restore points...thats why you cant use them...If you can boot in safe mode and backup all the things you can't live without...then we will try to fix the booting problem

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i try to do system restore but when i do this pops up after i restart

View image: error

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Windows XP Home SP2
Verizon DSL

First of all, I should mention this thread is a follow-up to one I posted a couple of days ago here
which includes a HJT Logfile.

I'm trying to figure out what is going on that:

1) My System Restore will NOT save any Restore Points.

2) My System Clock (in System Tray) now has the wrong time.
(I just noticed this about an hour ago)

3) I get the following EVENT VIEWER errors:
Error Event ID: 7001 Service Control Manager:
Error #1) The Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator service depends on the Workstation service which failed to start because of the following error:
The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.

Error #2) The Alerter service depends on the Workstation service which failed to start because of the following error:
The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.

In researching, I came across this: Troubleshoot System Restore
Where it mentions, among other things, Zone Alarm.
I've used the Zone Alarm Free Version for years with no problem and last night I was prompted to upgrade my version 6.5 to version 7.0 which I did.
I'm pretty sure there's an association between this and the clock being wrong...
it's too coincidental that these events are so close together.

btw...when I click on the Clock and try to synchronize with eit... Read more

A:Problems associated with System Restore and more...

Ok. Let me take your problems one by one.

1) Both of your problems seem to be more interrelated with a common cause rather than ZoneAlarm AntiVirus or Internet Security Suite. Can you tell me if you experience any other daily problems like changing CMOS settings or something similar? If it's a CMOS battery problem, then you will be experiencing some other symptoms too like incorrect data/ time, BIOS settings altered after every boot, etc. If these symptoms are not seen, then your CMOS battery is in a pretty good shape. If you do experience these symptoms or something similar, then it is time for a new CMOS battery.

Symptoms of a dying CMOS battery
The Power Within - A Guide To Replacing Your CMOS Battery
Replacing your CMOS Battery

Replace the battery and see if it helps or not. Also, one more time synchronizing tip for you. When you are trying to synchronizing Windows time with online sites, try to manually set your time first. Then, click the Update Now. If you follow this method, there are fewer chances that you will get that time synchronization error.

2) The other two errors are due to disabled services. But they can probably be corrected. If you want to enable a service, then do the following.

1. Click on Start.
2. Select Run....
3. Type in Services.msc.
4. In the next windows that opens, look for the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service.
5. Right click on the service and select Start.
6. Reboot.

Do the same for the Alerter service. If it is stopped or disabl... Read more

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Every time I try and run system restore, and pick a date, after re-booting a message comes up and says that the computer was unable to restore to that date. It has come up on every date that I have available.

A:System Restore Problems

Something has disabled your system restore, probably a nasty. Suggest you go here and follow the directions:



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I am working on my aunt's computer but cannot seem to make any headway to I am posting to see if you can give me some help.

First off, her computer is an HP a6712f running Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit operating system.

About 2 weeks ago, she noticed the computer was booting extremely slow and her HP blue screen came up and stayed on, it normally disappears after only a couple of seconds. After she restarted the computer, it worked just fine. She seemed to have the trouble about every other day and now it is a consistent thing. I have pictures of the 2 screens that come up which I can attach. Also, I ran the /scannow and got a cbs log which I can attach if needed. It did say that it found some corrupt files but I do not know enough to know how to read the file. We also thought maybe it was a Microsoft update so we tried system restore to 2 different dates but it comes up that restore did not work. She is running Norton 360 but it was disabled the second time we tried to restore.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


Sue Ellen

A:System Restore Problems

Hey. I can recommend to uninstall Norton and install MSE as a replacement.

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Ok, this is what happened:

I restored to a previous point and my documents were deleted (and I don't think they were supposed to be). So I wanted to undo my restoration and I did. When it was undone I still couldn't find the document in the folder I saved it in. So, I wan't to redo my restoration cause the point I was currently in doesn't function properly. So I got to system restore and it doesn't "load". The window opens but there are no words or anything in it. It's just white. I tried it on another account (the administrator one) and it doesn't work. I tried to do it on safe mode and still the same problem. Anyone know how to fix this?

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Hey all,
Recently, my Flash Player was not working properly after installing IE9 (I could only hear sound, but the video worked if I was lucky enough to find the fullscreen button). Anyways, that's the least of my worries now, because I did a system restore back to January and now I am experiencing a whole new set of problems.

1. When Windows starts, I get an error message saying "Please set registry key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\.NETFramework\InstallRoot to point to the .NET Framework install location."

2. I have Avast antivirus, and when I try to turn the security on, it tells me "Your internet security settings prevented one or more files from being opened"

3. Even though I am connected to the internet, there is a red X through my WiFi bars at the bottom right of my screen.

4. For whatever reason, I cannot enter the "Uninstall a Program" menu within Control Panel.

I'm sure there are more problems I haven't discovered yet. Please help me Tech Guys! Thanks.

Oh yes, I tried to do a second System Restore to an August 2011 date, and it was unsuccessful. Something about the possibility of my antivirus program interfering, but I have disabled Avast, and attempted to System Restore several times, all being unsuccessful. I'm afraid I've dug myself into a hole now because the restore points have dwindled to just a couple choices.

Another issue I just came across is that when I attempted to reinstall iTunes, it gives me an... Read more

A:System Restore - Whole New Set of Problems

i'm screwed, aren't I?

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So here's the deal, earlier today i made a backup of my local drive with the windows backup program and i checked the box that says "only allow owner and administrator to use" without thinking.

after i formatted, i boot into windows and the local drive is drive letter G and not C, and i havnt found a way to change the drive letter of the boot drive.

my question is:

A) Is there a way i can restore the backup?

B) Does the fact that the drive letters changed affect it?

C) Any additional advice

as always, responses and advice is much appreciated


A:Back up restore problems

*bump* i really need help

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Hi :)

So I did a system restore on my friends Packard Bell as it was a trouble shooting solution suggested by windows due to a corrupt wifi driver. And now it wont get passed the stage of the system restore page where it says that it is restoring files and settings and it is restoring system registry or something? Its been about 2 hours and now my friend is getting anti and is just going to let the battery run dead and hope that it turns on in the morning. I was only trying to help and now i fear that I have messed her pc up more than what it was! :( could someone please give me a solution as to how to fix it without losing all her music and pictures? So I can look like a hero perhaps? PLEEEEASE!

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I have a compaq presario 6000 desktop computer running windows xp home and when i tryed to redo it with the origanal restore disks i won't make it past 10% and then a blue screen pops up with an error message... so i for mated the hard drive and it still does it so then i rebooted it and then it says that the ntdlr is missing what do i need to do so it will work and so i can still use the restore disks??????

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Aloha everyone!

I have a toshiba laptop that came with vista. my comp repair guy upgraded my system to win7 a few months back. last week, i went to start up my comp and it automatically froze about 10 seconds after starting up. this happens every time i try to boot up. i restarted in safe mode and the comp does not freeze. i did a comp clean up and tried to run malware bytes to get rid of a virus, if that is the cause. the anti virus is a bit outdated and cannot be updated due to lack of wifi (cannot start up in safe mode with networking either, the comp freezes at the start up screen).

so i am wondering if this is caused by a bad download i may have made... and i want to do a system restore prior to the download. when i go to the system restore, it says that system restore is turned off. i go then to my comp/system protection, there is no option to turn system restore back on. im trying not to call my repair guy for various reasons and want to figure this out. for the life of me, i cannot find a way to turn system restore back on. im not sure if he turned it off for some reason when he worked on my comp last, which i understand will make my attempts to restore moot. any ideas?


A:system restore problems

since the computer repair person upgraded you to win7, legally he should have given you a disk. You can do a system restore with that disk. but since you said system restore has been turned off, there is no way to do one now - not even if you turn it back on. It will only save restore points from the time you turn it on forward.

to turn system restore on see the following...

Turn System Restore on or off

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I am trying to set my restore point, but the earliest date that the system offers is the precise date that I installed an update CD.

I want to restore prior to my installing that CD because now I am missing access to a lot of my program files.

A:Problems With System Restore

My guess is that the update CD wiped out your restore points prior to that installation.

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Okay, like a week ago, I was at my sister-in-law's house, and her FIL "helped" me with my computer. I didn't need or want the help, but him being the person he is, I got it anyway. So, I got a ton of updates that I'm not sure I needed, and I know that I didn't want, and (like I knew they would), they've screwed up my computer.

I run XP Pro on this computer. We had 2 user identities, and everything set up nice. Our internet ran reasonably fast, and we were happy with it.

Since this man messed with it, the internet slowed down to the point where it took like 10 minutes just to load one page. Forget trying to load 2 at once. So I attempted a system restore, because I can't very well uninstall all this crap that is now ingrained in my system.

Of course, the earliest restore date is after the stuff was installed, but I did it anyway, thinking maybe I did something after the fact that messed things up. It worked great for the first day, then overnight something happened and it got all slow and nasty again.

So yesterday I attempted it again. And well, to say it was a fiasco is an understatement. I am down to one user identity, the other one is unaccessible. I can open less than half of the programs on my computer, the others say that they need to be reinstalled because the application configuration is incorrect. My taskbar is completely white and unusable. My start menu can be opened with the keyboard, but the only option in there is &... Read more

A:Problems after System Restore.

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My Windows 7 is stuck at "Please Wait" for about 10 mins. at start up. Then I get the account picture frame (enlarged) which is blank and it is asking for user/password and says no domain found when I enter anything.

This all started after my son downloaded a virus that kept me from going to Win Update so I decided to reinstall 7 (which I have done b4 with no problem) but this time says "required driver could not be installed, installation terminated." I removed the disk restarted the machine, got another message saying a file was missing and this began.

Also I cannot access Sys restore at startup, safe mode leads me to the same scenario.

Thanks in advance!

A:Start up Problems and sys restore

Hi there, follow this tutorial to completely wipe out your hard drive and then reinstall Windows 7.
Solved Hard Drive - Unable to Select or Delete during Installation - Vista Forums

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i have had problems with my computer for a while. i have windows xp. recently whenever i make any changes to the computer like desktop arrangement and shutdown none of the changes are saved. i tried to rrestore to a previous time when there were no problems but when it booted back up just before it come to the windows screen it says
"windows cannot load the locally stored profile. possible causes of this error include insufficient security rights or a corrupt local profile."
"windows cannot find the local profile and is logging you on with a temporary profile."

i tried to undo restore but same messages appear
please help anyone

A:please help with system restore problems

Hi macca, You have started 4 threads for this same problem, TSG site allows one thread for the same problem....you have no replies yet, sometimes it takes awhile!

I will leave one thread open in the XP forum...please do not open start any more New Threads- for this same problem.

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Hi Everyone,
I recently installed some software that I just don't need (for a GPS device) and when I tried to uninstall it, there were still components left on my computer. I tried to do a system restore and it said that the restore was incomplete. I tried to do it with an earlier point and it said that was incomplete too. I got rid of all of the software I don't want, but the bigger issue now is, how do I get my system restore to start working again! Please help!


A:System Restore Problems

You could try restoring the .reg entries for system restore.Go to this site and scroll down to #278 Enable system restore. This will be a .reg file so save it to your desktop. Right click on it to merge the file into your registry. Reboot the computer for the changes to take effect.http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm

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Hi all, I am a novice to all this and thought I would ask here. I could not logon to my user profile last week, so I done a system restore in safe mode, after restarting I thought I had done the job but for some reason my aol 9.0 internet keeps restarting although I can get on internet explorer. It seems I have gone too far back on the system restore and my dad (who is the main user) has said that a lot of the previous updates and anti virus programs are no longer on it. So I thought I will just undo the restore and set myself a new profile, the problem is that the system restore does'nt give the date of the last restore date from yesterday and I have no undo option on it, I am really stuck and want to get it all working properly, even if it means me creating a new user profile,can anyone help?

A:Problems after system restore

taking too back wont delete all the things they just delete some of the files like not all of the Mozilla Firefox. just a few things in it. so your aol can be damaged.
i prefer a fresh install of windows. fresh is good :) do a system restore for only one or two programs not for 20 :)

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Ok, I'm so computer illiterate its really no funny - but you fabulous folks have helped me out before and so I'm back again! I have no idea what happened, but my something happened in the system and System Restore was used (as I recall there was no other choice). Anyway, now I have the system back up and running but I can't access some of my previously saved files. I'm wondering if the old Admin is no longer available, which is where those files were located? I think the files are still on this computer somewhere, but how do I get logged back into the old admin? Does any of this make any sense whatsoever?! Also, I now notice that I'm having a hard time getting the computer to start up - it starts but takes FOREVER to actually get functioning after I get to desktop. (once desktop is seen, its a long time before i can click on and then use any of the icons on desktop). Seemed that it was stalling for some compaq thing to run, which I've disabled but still having some trouble. I went through msconfig and unchecked the compaq connections agent under startup tab...any other thoughts?

Not sure if I should just automatically post a hijack this log...I"ll wait for your instructions.

Whew....thanks guys....


A:System Restore Problems

If you can locate the files, try using the Search function and you can't open them, you can try Taking ownership of files and foldersMSCONFIG is a troubleshooting tool. To permenantly stop items at startup I recommend Codestuff Starter

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My computer froze up 4 days ago. Prior to this everything was running great. I have the whole Norton Security package (antivirus, firewall yadayada ) all of a sudden that morning something was wierd. It was acting like there was a virus. Meaning super slow, if you close a window instead of it just disappearing as normal, it would start from the top and disappear line by line from the top of the image and just take like 5 seconds to close that window. If I restart the computer it takes super long to get going. After running anitivirus checks and spyware checks and they all came back clean i didnt know what else to do. I even went and downloaded the AVG antivirus to see if it would pick up something Norton is missing. But still the same thing. So I tried system restore and I noticed that morning that my computer started nutting up, I had something called Software Distribution service 2.0 added on my computer - which I dont know what it is or install it myself. I think it it part of an update from Microsoft. So I tried to restore before that got on my computer, but now my system restore wont work. I have tried to the very earliest possble date that it will allow and still nothing. Can someone please help. I am renovating a house and my wife is killing me about getting this fixed so she can look at countertops to order and other crap. Thanks

A:System Restore Problems Need Help

Looks like a lot of people are having problems with Software Distribution Service 2.0.Seems to be something that was installed with a MS Automatic Update.A couple of post I found on other forums discussing it:http://www.computing.net/windowsxp/wwwboard/forum/132337.htmlhttp://www.techzonez.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18118http://forums.pcworld.co.nz/archive/index.php/t-60620.htmlA lot of hits on Google (49,200,000):Software Distribution service 2.0Nobody seems to have a solution (in the few threads i read).Have you tried booting to Safe Mode, and selecting Last Known Good Configuration?

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I tried to run a System Restore today (after I thought I needed it to fix problem, which I fixed after not being able to restore to an earlier point). I get an error message that says I'm not able to restore to that point (after trying every point, I get the same error for each point), and that nothing has been done to restore my computer. Any suggestions?

A:System Restore problems

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Hi everyone. Here's my situation. I'm broke, unemployed, overweight and my hair is disappearing faster than the Amazon rainforest. But that's not the problem. I have disabled Real Time Protection on Windows Defender because I have Norton Internet Security and I know you shouldn't have 2 anti-virus systems working so I leave it all up to NIS. The first time I tried to use System Restore, the screen told me it didn't work and to shut of any anti-virus program running. So I disable NIS anti-virus and tried System Restore again. Again it said it was unable to run SR. My question is do I need to completely shut down NIS in order to use SR? Any suggestions?
Thanks, David

A:System Restore Problems

Yes, theres an issue there. You need to turn off Norton Tamper protection before running system restore. In Norton 2009, the steps were:

Start your Norton product
In the Computer pane, click Settings
Click Miscellaneous Settings
Under Product Security, next to Norton Product Tamper Protection click the status indicator to turn it OFF
In the Settings window, click Apply
Click OK

Run Windows System Restore

The location of the tamper protection option may differ slightly depending on what version of NIS you are using.

If you still have problems after turning it off, try running system restore in safe mode.

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This is my first post, so be gentle with me. My operating system is windows 7 64bit. My problem is that the "Backup and restore" button in the control panel does not work. When I click on it in order to create a backup or to restore...... nothing !!
Can anyone help ??


A:backup and restore problems

Terz, welcome to the windows 7 forums

What device are you trying to backup to?

Backup needs a device to place the backup on. Like an external usb hard disk or a second hard disk in your computer.


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Today, my computer got infected with Windows XP Restore, which led to the hiding of all the icons in my start menu as well as many other options. Although unhide partially brought them back (system restore, Mcafee and Microsoft Security Essentials were NOT among the items restored in the start menu), and the virus has been partially crippled, I want to know what to do next.

EDIT, i have also tried Combofix, which has failed to operate properly, and TDSSK doesn't work properly either, and neither does Malwarebytes.

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1. Earlier this week I purchased a IOGEAR portable 40GB Hard Drive. I set it all up and was in the process of using this drive to free up some space on my Dell notebook. Unfortantly, after I restarted the first time after setting up the drivers and using the dive briefly, my computer began to act differently. First of all, once it starts up, before it completely loads, my screen flashes to a black screen, then continues to load up until it is done. I uon't understand what can be causing this. This causes my computer to load to the desktop slower.

2. To try and fix the first problem, I resulted to using the System Restore. But unfortunatly, my computer won't restore. After selecting a date prior to installing the drivers for this portable hard drive, I get a message that states:

Changes made to drive(s) F:\ E:\ after this point cannot be reversed because the drive was either excluded from the System Restore monitoring, or was turned off or removed.

This is due the portable HD not being plugged in (USB). But even so, when it is plugged in, I can not get the system to restore.

Can someone help me out? What can I do to fix these problems??

A:2 problems..System won't restore and..

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When using the sytem restore it seems every date I pick doesnt allow me to reset. It goes thru the motions and reboots but i then get a message telling me that windows wasn't able to restore to the date I picked. Am I doing something wrong? So far I've picked at least 4-5 dates with no luck. One of the dates was only 2 days old.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

A:System Restore Problems....

The address above is for trouble shooting system restore.

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