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u310 touch shuts down randomly with no warning

Q: u310 touch shuts down randomly with no warning

I just purchased my u310 touch from Staples tonight. Within the first hour, while using it, it just shut off. No "Windows is shutting down..." screen. It was like it just ran out of battery (even though it was plugged in and the icon said it was plugged in and charging at 55%). After some googling and seeing similar issues with the 310 and the 410, I tried installing the latest drivers that the support staff on this forum linked. I installed every single one relevant to my machine, ensuring I chose the correct driver for my OS (win8 64). Still happening. The event viewer shows: Source: Kernel Power. Description: The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error coudl be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly. So, I reset everything back to factory settings using the built-in restore partition. Still broken. I'm at a loss here. Any ideas? If I can't figure it out soon, I'll just return it to Staples in a few days. Thank god they have a great return policy!

Preferred Solution: u310 touch shuts down randomly with no warning

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: u310 touch shuts down randomly with no warning

hi duckhunter9,

Welcome to the Lenovo Forums.

Can you try to:
1. Download and install HWMonitor and observe your CPU and GPU temps. (if you reach temps above 100C, overheating might be the cause of your issue)

2. Perform a clean boot and observe the PC. (this isolates 3rd party apps that might be the cause of the problem)

Let me know your findings,

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I have a 2year old hp Envy 15-j which keep randomly shutting down without warning. It may stay on for a minute or maybe 15-20 but then shuts down without warning. I can hear something running and wondered if it could be the fan and it shuts down due to overheating. Could anyone please help as it has hardly been used. Thank you

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I was working on my computer with various programs open (arcmap, arccatalog, google chrome, outlook) when my computer screen suddenly when black and went straight to bios and got to the "start windows normally" screen. This happened when I was trying to print a document wirelessly to my printer and the computer just shutdown.

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Windows 7 64-bit
Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3-B3
Intel Core i5 2500K
Kingston HyperX 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3-1600 Kit CL9
Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB 32MB 7200rpm SATAII
EVGA nVidia GeForce GTX460 1GB GDDR5 PCI-E
Seasonic S12II Bronze 520W 80Plus Power Supply
Dell U2312 monitor

I've been having an issue with my computer where it will shut down without warning and then reboot. There is no BSOD when this happens. It happens very sporadically as well. Typically it shuts down when I play a game (Dota 2 in general) but sometimes it'll do its first crash when it's idling. It generally tends to shut down the first time when I'm gaming and then it'll happen a few more times. But for the few days preceding this I've been playing Dota 2 and it has not shut down. I have checked the capacitors on the mobo and they all seem fine. I have memtested the RAM and no errors were found. I have also changed power outlets as I thought that might've been the culprit. I've formatted and reinstalled Windows 7. I've monitored temps and they are all perfectly fine both idle and under load. This computer is about 2 years old and I've never had this problem occur before. It's been happening for at least a couple of weeks.

I did discover that there seems to be an issue with the mobo coming into contact with the case. Initially, when I put pressue on top and back of the case it'd cause the comp to shut down. I removed the side panels and found that pressur... Read more

A:Desktop randomly shuts down without warning

your psu is on the light side i would be here or better 650w

remove the m/board and check a screw has not slipped between the m/b and the backing plate causing a short

check the screws securing the m/b have not been over tightened

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My G72 also is shutting down and rebooting wile on my ac adaptor-I do< I have been useing a external blower that keeps mt laptop at69 degreese.it is 5 years old-- Help

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OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit, Toshiba Satellite A665 series
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 370 @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3890 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1721 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 463566 MB, Free - 282592 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, NWQAA
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Frontier Secure, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

So my computer keeps shutting down. I just bought a replacement battery for my computer so I don't think it's a battery issue. I read some previous posts abut Windows 7 not reading their battery status correctly and shutting off the computer with a 50% battery message. However, If my computer shuts off with the battery attached, I am still able to turn on the computer, run windows startup, and load programs. Similarly, my AC power adapter is still able to charge my computer.

I don't use up a lot of memory either. I ran my virus protection software and it said that my computer was clean. Additionally, my computer doesn't seem to be overheated and there's nothing blocking the fan.

Any suggestions for narrowing down the problem? It started a few days ago.

A:Laptop randomly shuts off with no warning. Please help!

Have you run a temperature program to make sure the laptop is not running to hot?

Such as this:

Speccy - Advanced System Information Tool

Please then upload a screenshot of it with something like the snipping tool.
Please follow the above tutorial, and if there is anything you do not understand-ASK

Do you hear any unusual noises?

Anything unusual at all when the issue occurs?

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Hello, I bought my Y570 in November 2011 off of ebay.  It's a refurbished product.  Anyway, it's been running great the whole time until a couple days ago when it started to randomly shut down (instant black screen, no warning.)  A lot of what I've found in searches, suggest overheating, but I really don't think that's the issue, since air coming from the vents is cool, and when it shuts down, it is not working hard (just web browsing and email.) I know it's not a virus, as I've done multiple full system scans in Norton, and even used their advanced deep scan, with nothing found.  Also, my computer is fully updated, as far as I know.  Sometimes it shuts down with many many hours in between, even all day and sometimes with less than 30 minutes.   The problem started 3 days ago.  It was on all day yesterday with no problems, and stayed on today until ~11pm. So, any help would be greatly appreciated.   I really hope I don't have to send it somewhere to get it fixed.  Sure, it's under warranty, but my laptop is a vital need since I'm in college and need it for class. Thanks in advance.  Please let me know what other information you need.

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A:Y570 randomly shuts down without warning.

Hi coastaman22
Does this occurs on battery, AC or / and both?I guess you really need to contact Technical Support to have a look at it. Maybe you could kindly request a loaner set to continue your studies. (Not sure whether it's applicable or chargeable). I could understand your need for the laptop as I am also a student that need laptop for school work.
Have a nice day! 
PeterW520 (4284-A99)
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My laptop is a Sony Vaio this is the model ->VPCF116FX.
Lately i've been gaming heavily on it, and its my first time leaving it on over night. Now the first thing you guys might think is that its an overheating problem, I can assure you its not as I tested it while monitoring my core's temperatures. 2 different tests, the one without a coolant the laptop peaked at a blistering 95c, like I said it shuts down randomly I can leave it on overnight without a coolant and then when I play for like 1 hour it can shut off. The fastest it shut off before was 3 minutes right after running the game I play. (It only shuts down while playing a game known as Aika) I doubt its also the games problem as how can a game shut off a laptop/pc. Anyways, the test with the coolant, the temperature is at a stable 65-68c, and it still randomly shuts off it could shutoff within 5 minutes, or 10 hours. (of playing a game, never witnessed it shutdown without playing yet)

A:My laptop randomly shuts off without warning

Take it apart and clean the dust out 95c without cooling pad is way too much...

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out this issue. So this week my laptop would completely shut off with no notice like "Windows is shutting down". I only had a few things open at the time and it totally cut the power. My laptop was plugged in as usual charging. When I turned it back on check disk found some errors which it fixed and for a day or two everything was fine until it happened again yesterday. I'd like to find the issue before this becomes more serious.

Last night I did take a look at event viewer. I had an error 6008 about when the crash happened. And then a critical event 41 which seems to be related to the crash too. One other thing that I found when it first happened this week is this entry here which I'm unsure if I should be worried about.

My laptop is a Dell inspirion N7110 running Windows 7 Home Premium which I've had for about four years now. If there's anything else you need to know let me know.

A:Laptop randomly shuts off completely with no warning

I found this thread, googling the Even 37 Kernel Processor Power error.

Event 37, Kernel-Processor-Power for all 8 Processors - Microsoft Community

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i have had this TouchSmart for about 2 years now and it is in immaculate condition. physically apart from dust, which i clean out regularly, you'd be mistaken for thinking it was new. in terms of operation i have always been careful to look after it too, running regular scans of the HDD and hardware, updating drivers and being careful when it comes to what i download. i have recently upgraded to Windows 8 Pro x64 (within the last 2 months) but didn't do a clean install, i simply upgraded from Windows 7 Pro x64, and to be honest after a few tweaks the computer was working better than ever, it was faster both running programs and in terms of startup time, and graphics looked better than ever. then about 2 weeks ago it just shut off without warning, not shut down like if you'd asked it to, but just went blank like loss of power, i powered it up and it didn't do it again for quite a while and so i assumed it was a one off. but it soon started doing it regular. i've gone through every thing i can possibly think of trying to diagnose what the problem is, i've checked all wires and connectors, cleaned out all dust and checked for overheating, updated drivers, removed the extra RAM i'd installed not long after purchase, wiped the system and reinstalled Windows 8 from scratch, deactivated Threading on the CPU, and have reduced power to the CPU down to 50%. this last action did reduce the frequency of the shut off issue significantly but it just seems completely random, ... Read more

A:TouchSmart 610-1115uk Randomly Shuts Off Without Warning

Looks like you've done quite a few things in your troubleshooting.  The next thing I'd look at is the power supply. There was an instance a while back with the same issue, the computer shutting down unexpectedly, that was solved with a new power supply.  Although that unit was a TS 300, the symptoms were about the same. It's something to think about.Thanks,

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I have an Acer M3802 desktop pc running windows 7 Home Premium. It is just over a year old and I have had no problems until recently when it just started shutting down for no reason. sometinmes it would run for minutes and others for about an hour or so. Its as though the power has been cut. i downloaded Speedfan 4.41 and it says that the temps are around 16oC to 48oC. I have cleaned out the inside and removed all signs of dust but it is still happening. Is this a heatsink problem or a PSU problem.

I would have thought that if it was a PSU problem it would be permanent? If its a fan problem where do i fit another fan

Anyway if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

Best Regards


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I've got a dell DT connected to our domain thats rebooting randomly, after taking a look in the event log I found the following:

The process C:\Windows\system32\winlogon.exe (BGR-PLAY-DT-06) has initiated the restart of computer BGR-PLAY-DT-06 on behalf of user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM for the following reason: No title for this reason could be found
Reason Code: 0x500ff
Shutdown Type: restart

Log Name: System
Source: User32
event ID: 1074
level: information
User: System

The computer does not blue screen it just simply shuts itself down.

A:Computer shuts down randomly W/O warning User32 event ID 1074.

i just did a search for this on google; but it really didnt give any real answers as to what that means. My best guess is that if your computer is randomly shutting down by itself; it sounds to me like its got something to do with either a possible bad power supply issue; and or something motherboard related that is causing this. How old is your system and how old is the power supply?

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Same problem here... any solutions?   What about gluing it? 
EDIT: Moved post up to use for escalation - Amy_Lenovo
Lenovo is investigating reports of U310 Touch devices experiencing hardware issues with hinges and the screen becoming separated from the lid or bezel.

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A:Re: U310 Touch Hinge

I purchased a Lenovo U310 Touch last May and it has been working wonderfully until recently.  I've noticed in the last few weeks that every time I open or close the lid, the hinge makes a loud cracking noise and pops off at the ends. I can press the hinge cover back into place, but it just continues to pop off every time I open/close it. I contacted Lenovo Support about the issue, and even though my machine is still under warranty, they will not fix it without charging me because they have no proof I didn't break it myself (which I find absolutely ridiculous; I haven't dropped or damaged it in any way, and if you look at the computer you can clearly see it is otherwise in perfect condition.)That being said, has anyone else experienced this problem with the U310? Does anyone have any suggestions to fix it? I am concerned that it will just get worse and eventually affect my display.

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Hi, would anyone be able to tell me if the u310 touch as the same LCD panel as the u310 non-touch?  thanks

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Hello, I purchased a U310 Touch about 15 months ago that is no longer under warranty. Every time I try and boot the machine I receive no response from the machine. The power light turns on, the fan spins, the HDD turns on but the screen never displays anything. Even when I close the clamshell the machines power button stays lit and won't shut off unless I kill the power by holding down the power button. My troubleshooting steps have been:Reset RAMUnplug battery from motherboardWait for battery to completely drainBoot with HDMI monitor to see if anything displays (nothing would, so LCD panel should be good) With all of these, I cant get the machine to fully function. It feels like the machine is in total sleep mode, I feel like it needs a new motherboard. With my experience with lenovo I feel like this will be the last machine I ever purchase from them, this is unacceptable for a laptop of this age.  Does anyone have any similar situations? If so did you purchase a new motherboard and was it good to go? I'm very comfortable with ripping machines apart since I used to work on a help desk. I would hate to spend $100 on a part and waste all that time if it wont fix the issue.  Any help is greatly appreciated.Thank you.


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A:U310 Touch Won't Turn On

Hi overtheborder and welcome to the community,
What OS are you running?  Maybe two things you can try depending on the OS.
Remove the hard drive and see if it boots to the bios.
Try booting a usb flash drive with linux.

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Hi, would anyone be able to tell me if the u310 touch as the same LCD panel as the u310 non-touch?  thanks

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hello, Today i spilled water over my lenovo u310 touch and at the moment it is still working.I saw that some lenovo's are water resistent so i wonder if the u310 touch is also water resistent?If its not what should i do to prevent any water problems with my u310 touch? Thank you in advance for your help!

A:U310 touch water resistent?

Hi Kelly,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
No, neither the keyboard nor the rest of the computer are waterproof. The drain holes drain water out but once it's in there, it can do damage despite this.  Lenovo won't honor the warranty if there's even the slightest evidence of water spills.
If you have water spillage, you should leave it to dry for two days before reattaching the AC and battery.
Let me know how it goes.
Tap that kudos button if I helped. If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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I'm running Windows 8.1. I started having issues the day before yesterday when I downloaded Skype. It froze several times, task manager couldn't kill it, and I had to turn my laptop off to close the program. After doing that, I was able to use Skype and did so for a few hours with no other issues that night. Yesterday, while in the middle of watching a video on Chrome, the video suddenly froze and it popped up saying that Chrome wasn't responding, did I want to wait or close it. I selected close but it wouldn't close, just kept running the "Windows is looking for a solution to the problem" thing for several minutes so I had to end Chrome through the task manager. When I tried to reopen it, it wouldn't respond. I restarted and decided since I'd had no issues before installing Skype, I would uninstall it and see if that helped. I also uninstalled a few games I no longer used in case I was having space issues. I then had it download and install any Windows updates, restarted after that was done, and was able to use Chrome again. A few hours later (the computer had been asleep for at least two or three hours,) I was successfully browsing when I tried to view a news site and Chrome froze/stopped responding. I tried to select "close the program" again but got same result, it wouldn't close, kept saying "Windows is looking for a solution to the problem" so I used the task manager to close it again. Repeat the earlier issues, couldn't reopen Chrome, turned laptop off and back on... Read more

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Can someone please direct me to where I can download the BIOS and Firmware files for my U310 Touch, model 20222?I have had a virus attack which had somehow modified the UEFI Firmware so whichever OS I tried to install I get the thing back And I tried WIN7, WIN8, WIN8.1 and LINUX MINT multiple times and everytime I get the same s***I wiped the drive with dban before every installation but to no avail, tried different settings in BIOS, tried dr.web and I am clueless to what else I can do except to try to wipe all and put BIOS and Firmware.But, on the support page for my model there is no download for those files. Current BIOS and Firmware on my computer areBIOS 65CN99WWKBC 65EC84WWIf anyone could help I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!

A:U310 Touch BIOS and Firmware files

Read post from Saskia in this thread.https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-U-and-S-Series-Notebooks/New-u310-u410-BIOS-65CN99WW/td-p/124295...

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Not sure whats ging on with my Ideapad. I can see that the power is working but the screen remains BLACK. I think it may be the display card, but I'm not sure. Can anyone point me in the right direction to a good Lenovo Repair store close to Philadelphia? Any advise would help! Thank you!

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Hello Lenovo,I'm a business management student from India.I purchased Lenovo Ideapad U310 Touch model this May from the US (through Amazon) and have been using it without any issues till the last month. Last month I noticed that the hinge had developed tension and there was additional pressure on the lid or the screen area while closing. I thought it would be a routine issue and took it to my college's hardware repair center, but they suggested I handle the issue via Lenovo Support as it required opening the laptop.When I checked Lenovo support through customer care (India), I was told that the U series is not covered by International warranty. But I checked if the Lenovo service center would still have a look at the issue, to which I was told that it would be chargeable. I thought it was fair enough and took the laptop to the service center in Jamshedpur this afternoon.To my utter disappointment, the technician was unable to open up the area near the screen (where the problem was supposedly), but he also got the screen cracked while trying to. Now I'm left with a laptop that cannot be used as even though the screen display is intact, the touch sensors detect screen touch near the cracked area and keep the cursor rooted to that point. Also, the issue with the hinge could also not be fixed. All to add to the woes, I will have to manage a few days (don't know how many) without a laptop and also shell out the expense from my pocket!Now my question is, will the screen for Ideapad... Read more

A:Broken Screen for Ideapad U310 Touch

Hi Rahul,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to hear about the situation that you are facing regarding U310 touch Laptop, as it is ultra book Touch model displays can only replaced by the same kind and not the normal one, as Laptop was purchased in other country and international warranty is not applicable in India for this model, the parts will be ordered from the region of manufacture if the part is not available.
I'm sorry to inform you that the only option available to get the same type display replaced on a chargeable basis.
 Do post us back for further queries.
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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Not sure whats ging on with my Ideapad. I can see that the power is working but the screen remains BLACK. I think it may be the display card, but I'm not sure. Can anyone point me in the right direction to a good Lenovo Repair store close to Philadelphia? Any advise would help! Thank you!

A:DISPLAY PROBLEM Ideapad U310 Touch

Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As I understand that you are facing issues with your Ideapad U310 touch display, however when you power on the unit there is power but  no display and the screen remains black.
Here are the troubleshooting steps that you may try
Please do try these troubleshooting steps that may help. - Start by doing a hard reboot, remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter then press and hold the power button for 20 seconds then try booting it up again. - If this will not work, do test the AC adapter if it's working properly. Remove the battery and power the laptop with just the AC adapter connected and see if it will boot up or not. do also try a different AC adapter that has the same voltage and see if it will work or not. - Proceed with reseating the RAM's if trying a different AC adapter will not work, remove them all for couple of seconds then put them back in making sure everything is seated properly. - If it will still not work, connect an external monitor and see if you'll get any display from it. If there's a display on the external monitor that could mean that the problem is the built in display.  - But if there's still no display on the external monitor that means the problem lies in the motherboard.
In addition, here are further service centers that you can also check
I hope the above information helps.
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!... Read more

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Hello, I have had a U310 Touch for over three years now and I have recently discovered that after the upgrade to Windows 10 the BIOS is now nonexistant. When I run the command prompt to identify the BIOS it is blank where it should show which version I have. When pressing the NOVO button I receive the option screen to boot to BIOS or Boot Management screen but no matter what option I select the OS boots regularly. Is there any known solutions for this. When searching the drivers and downloads section with the computer in question no BIOS files appear. Thanks

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I want to replace my 3-year old Lenovo U310 laptop.  Any suggestions?  I'm not lacking in performance or functionality.  I just have a screen issue. 

A:Suggestions for replacement of my U310 Touch Ideapad (Ultrabook)

Hi TC22 , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
You can consider LCD panel replacement first since performance and functions are ok. 
This can be considered specially if connecting to an external monitor shows normal.
Using the part number to search for parts from the parts looks up page for pricing and availability.
Hope this help answer your query.

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Hello, I recently installed a new SSD in my U310 laptop and put Windows 10 on it. Everything was working fine until I ran the Bios update found on Lenovo's website located here. After the update installed without any error messages, the machine rebooted and I was left looking at the boot menu. I selected the ssd and the screen went blank for 15 seconds or so and then the boot menu appeared again. I've restarted the machine several times, tried booting from usb, and even tried putting the old hard drive back in but I just keep getting the blank screen and then back to the boot menu. Nothings working. When the computer first starts it doesn't show a lenovo logo or any text. Because of this it seems that I'm unable to get into the bios too. What do I do here? The laptop is basically bricked it seems.

A:Ideapad U310 Touch Won't Boot After Bios Update

I managed to resolve the issue by following the resolution posted here for anyone that's experiencing something similar. The bios update seems to be buggy.

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Hello, I recently installed a new SSD in my U310 laptop and put Windows 10 on it. Everything was working fine until I ran the Bios update found on Lenovo's website located here. After the update installed without any error messages, the machine rebooted and I was left looking at the boot menu. I selected the ssd and the screen went blank for 15 seconds or so and then the boot menu appeared again. I've restarted the machine several times, tried booting from usb, and even tried putting the old hard drive back in but I just keep getting the blank screen and then back to the boot menu. Nothings working. When the computer first starts it doesn't show a lenovo logo or any text. Because of this it seems that I'm unable to get into the bios too. What do I do here? The laptop is basically bricked it seems.

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A:Ideapad U310 Touch Won't Boot After Bios Update

I managed to resolve the issue by following the resolution posted here for anyone that's experiencing something similar. The bios update seems to be buggy.

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Hi  my GF has this Laptop and since it updated  from windows 8.2 to 10, it is slugish, slow and a pita.  I want to upgrade the ram from 4bg to 8g, and maybe do a fresh windows 10 install. first off ,  the cpu is a inter (R) Core(TM)  i3-3227U cpu @ 1.90GHzthe bios version is  65CN9797WW.   questions: is there a better bios version now?  Does the bios I have now  (65CN9797WW) boot with the new 8 Ram braket ? should I install the 32 or 64 bit windows 10  ? right now it has the 64 bit ( and it's slow like crazy) anything I Should know or do for these upgrades ? thank for your helpstef 

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Hello you all,So I'm having this issue with my computer, I bought my laptop in 2014 and I got the screen broken due to malfunction of the hinges. I'd like to know if any of you know where I can get new screen assembly for my laptop. I know the warranty is really out of place, I tried to contact the Lenovo support in Brazil and they told me there's no part replacement available. 

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Dear All, Hope all of you are very good! My name is Eduardo and I'm from Brazil. I have a ultrabook U310 touch from Lenovo, s/n QB06816995, and I am in a terrible problem! The screen of this ultrabook is broken and I'm using an external VGA monitor at this moment. I have connected the external VGA monitor in the HDMI port of the ultrabook using a HDMI/VGA cable. Using an external monitor I'm not able to see the BIOS or boot screens when I turn on the ultrabook. The first screen that I have seen is the Windows logon (maybe because in that moment, the operating system has sent a signal to an external monitor and in the boot this situation doesn't happen). The problem is: I want and I have to install a new operating system in this ultrabook once I can't enter into the original SO anymore, and for doing that, I have to access the BIOS and change the priority of booting in order to use a windows bootable pendrive or DVD. I have already tried to do the following steps: 1) to use the keys to change from the main screen to an external monitor; 2) disconnect the battery for 15 seconds and drain the energy in order to do the first step again; 3) remove the HDD and connect it in another computer to format it using a wintohdd software and assemble it again in the ultrabook; 4) to do the third step without using the wintohdd software; 5) look at the youtube and try to find some videos where I could watch someone doing something i... Read more

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Hello, Thank you for your time, my issue started with a broken screen, I asked for a replacement through mail, when I installed the new screen it seemed to work fine. At a certain time of turning off the computer and starting it, the resolution is off by 86 pixels horizontal, the original resolution is 1366x768 (16:9), and now shows 1280x800 or multiples (w=1280,h=*). At first I thought it was an issue with drivers with Windows 10 the forums entries I found seem to indicate this, tried all of them. I also tried the custom screen resolution tool from Intel, it adds the resolution inside the tool, but it does not list the new resolution in the "graphics properties" section. With no luck at solving the problem I tried to boot a GNU/Linux Live version from a FlashDrive, with GNU/Linux showing the same resolution limitation. I've noticed that going to the BIOS is showing the same screen usage. After this, my old screen still works it just the crystal that got cracked, I reinstalled and noticed that has the same screen size problem, so is not the new screen it seems. This is the point till I've gotten, don't know much about UEFI maybe it saves screen resolution information at a place I can't reach, and is not adapting itself correctly imposing it screen scan to the OS that start to work after UEFI. The only thing that comes to mind. Your help is appreciated,Thank you.

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It all started when i opened some foreign file and it mustve been a virus or something. That triggered my computer to make these weird whirring clicky noises. Then my computer shut down. That day, i tryied to turn it on, it worked. However, the monitor didnt display anything. The computer was running but something to do with the bios just wasn't working.
Later on, my father fixed it.
However. NOW, the computer randomly shuts off by itself.
I'd start the computer on, and usually, the computer would start to make these noises similar to that of a computer reading a disc.
after the noises, the computer shuts off, and restarts by itself.
Anyone have any ideas?

A:Computer shuts makes busy noise then shuts off randomly

Your hard drive may be faulty. What is the make and model of the system and what is the brand of the hard drive inside the computer?

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So this time the problem started out as a simple issue. Whenever I bump the desk or move the keyboard out with too much force, the computer shuts off. Everybody told me that it could have been a loose connection so I checked it all and replugged everything back in. The computer starting working fine for about 5 hours then it just shut off randomly while I was playing a game. This time, though, it shut off without me bumping into anything. SO, is this a power supply issue? I'm using a 550-watt supply while running a 7800 GT. This is the right power amount so that's not my concern. And now the problem has gotten worse to the point where I turn on the computer and nothing shows up again. Windows doesn't load and the screen is on too. You here the fans and everything but nothing will load. All my parts from my old issue were replaced EXCEPT the power supply and CD-drive. I don't think it could be another loose connection b/c now nothing even shows up. Please help!!!

A:Power shuts off randomly, and any movement around computer shuts it off

Have you tried plugging into a different surge protector and different outlet?

Sounds like you need to swap the power supply to me.

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Hello. First of all, thank you for reading my post. I recently discovered a Trojan on my computer and instead of going through the tedias process of getting rid of it, I decided to wipe my hard drive and load a 64 bit version of windows 7 ( an upgrade from the previous 32 bit version I had with the virus). The installation went smoothly and I began to download most of my drivers with no issues. I even downloaded World of Warcraft with no issues. I turned my computer off and got some sleep. I returned only to see that my computer would keep restarting during the start up process.

So, knowin a little about computers, I shut everything down. Checked and cleaned the inside of my PC. Re-set the memory and reset the battery to reload BIOS. I put everything back together, and it started up no problem. Success!!! NO! As I began surfing the internet, IE will randomly shut down and just keep doing it. As I scrambled for a solution to this very annoying problem, my computer would shut down, sending me to a blue screen which states a bunch of stuff that I don't understand. Being the hands on guy I am, I went back to search for a solution with the new information. I figured that maybe BIOS wasn't updated or that I didn't have all the needed drivers downloaded yet.

So I went to download some more updates and every time I go to download something I get a setup error or something that keeps the download from finishing! So, I threw my hands up and came here, hoping that som... Read more

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Hi there,

I am here in bad need of help to figure out what is going on with my pc of late.
A quick run down of the problem. When the PC is on it will depending on how long its been on will randomy just shut off. When it shuts off, it "sometimes" reboots but most often it "tries" to reboot but fails and then stays off. After this failed try to reboot if I press the power button on the case and mobo, nothing.
Now if I turn OFF the PSU leave it for a few minutes and come back turn the PSU switch on and press the power button the system comes to life for a second or two then dies and will no respond to the power buttons until I turn off the PSU again.

I have gotten it up and running from this state by leaving it off and unplugged for a couple of hours. When I say the PC comes to life for a second or two, I mean the case fans. If I get it booted up the BIOS is reset to default for some reason. Also if it makes it to windows, the notification area icons also gets reset... very very odd.

I have a short video of the problem, sorry for the darkness, I finally decided to video it and it was 11pm.

My first thought... PSU dying or Mobo. I dont have extra's so I cant test them.
Forgot to mention, ive checked for heat problems but none of my temps are high, they are all normal and its a Antec 1200 with tons of air movement. I keep my PC clean but this problem I just cant solve.
Event Viewer shows nothing expect for unexpected shutdown. My event viewer is clean fr... Read more

A:PC randomly shuts off and randomly boots up after (sometimes).

Anyone have any suggestions at all?

I got the system up today and its running like as if nothing happened.

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this is what i do before my pc shutsdown without warning

1. run a game (older ones )
2. loading screen or game starts , my pc shutsdown ,
3. black screen ,
4. monitor acts like its unplugged
5. impossible to turn on back pc unless :
a) i restart power supply by pressing puwer supply button off and on
b) or repluging whole electricity cable

6. pc works fine and when i turn it on it asks to run as safe mode etc.
my specs are :
CPU PHEN2 X4 955 SAM3 BOX/125W 3200 HDZ955FBGIBOX AMD 728
Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3 AM2+/AMD 770+SB700/ 5200MHz FSB/1xPCI-E x16/1xPCI-E2.0/Dual 4xDDRII 1066/8-ch audio/ 6xSATAII / 1xPATA/Raid 0,1,0+218 RAM KINGSTON MEMORY DIMM 2X 2GB PC6400 DDRII/DUAL CH. KIT (4GB) 149
2X HDD SATA 640GB 7200RPM 3GB/S/16MB WD6400AAKS WDC 374
VGA 896MB GDDR3 PCIE16 GTX275/448B GV-N275UD-896I GIGA-BYTE 635
Case Thermaltake Swing 149
Scythe Mugen 2

Windows 7

i havent reinstalled windows for some time now a year or something , maybe thats the case

maybe its power supply ? but i am running any new games easily (sc2 , bc2 ...)

aw and my graphical drivers are up to date.

A:PC shuts down no warning

6. pc works fine and when i turn it on it asks to run as safe mode etc.
but ok when restart??

suggest possible bloat of system, numerous programmes on start up and in task manager?? download save scan copy/paste log back http://www.hijackfree.com/en/

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I have a gateway desktop. it has 8 gb of ram, intel core 2 quad q8200 processor 2.33 ghz, nvidia gerforce gt120, and 640 gb of hardrive space. I'm runing Windows Vista 64 bit with sp3

I bought my pc recently and have been working absolutely fine until recently. It has been shutting off randomly. I tried starting my pc in safe mode and ran virus scans with spy sweeper, malwarebytes anti spyware (full version), and SUPERantispyware. I removed whatever I could but found no real threat. I shut it off yesterday for a couple of hours and when I turned it back on it lasted me the night. Just recently, it shutt off once again, and when I started it back on it shut off quicker than the last time, and when I tried once more even quicker. Im not sure if this is a motherboard problem, or if it's overheating. The vents have no dust on them and the fan seems to be fine, though I did not open up my PC to look. Do you guys have any suggestions?

A:PC Shuts Down Without Warning

Hi -

Keep an eye on temps w/ SpeedFan --> http://www.almico.com/sfdownload.php

Check Reliability Monitor - see what's listed prior to shut-downs -
START | type perfmon /rel

Check Problem Reports -
START | view all | "View all Problem Reports"

Regards. . .



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I installed a popup blocker but this caused strange sounds to continuously emit from my computer. I uninstalled and still had to restore my computer to a previous time to eliminate the sounds entirely. Now I have a problem when accessing Games.com or Playsite.com. When I get past the login stage and click on a game, IE shuts down with no warning or error message. Any ideas?

A:IE6 Shuts Down w/o warning

Curious I have the same problem. What was the popup blocker?

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when I am active on the pc it shuts down

The things I have checked is

1. delete browsing, cookies, temp files and history.
2. automatic restart is unchecked in my pc>system properties>startup & recovery.
3. I moved the tower away from walls to get good air flow to keep from overheating.

I have searched the threads and sure I have done other suggestions but cannot recall them all.

Task mgr has tooooo many things running.
This is a short post but I have had this problem for 8 months.

A:W/out warning my pc shuts down

Post all the specs and that will help including the video card and the power supply brand name and watts.

Then, go in to the bios and check the temps and the voltages and report them back here.

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XP shuts down for no reason. It is during games (MSN), web surfing, Media Player replays and sometimes when the computer is idle. It happens most often when the system is in use. After it shuts down it reboots and and reloads Window XP. As it shuts down there is a blue page wiith white text on it but it does not stay long enough for me to read it. Any suggestions?

[email protected]

A:XP Shuts down without warning

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Hello, My pc shuts down without warning, im not sure what the issue is, i have already tried replacing the thermal paste however the problem still occurs

This is usually the case when im playing games

A:Shuts down without warning

Hi what are the specs of your PC.
Make and models of
Power supply.

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XP Shuts down with no warning.
I have XP home(Laptop) and it shuts down with out warning. The longest I have been able to stay up is one hour. Every thing seems fine and it shuts off. After it shuts off I can boot up to windows and everything loads normal. No new hardware or software has been installed. I don't connect to a network. Any help would be great.
Dell Laptop
2.0 GHz
256 Meg RAM
40 Gig hard drive
XP Home

A:XP shuts down with out warning


Hi There!

Go to HouseCall and scan for virus.

Let us know the results!

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My computer will shut down at any given time and restart then gives me the notice that "Windows unexpectedly shut down and is checking for solutions and will notify you when available.

This has been going on for so long but now it happens several times a day.

Please help.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8300 @ 2.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8157 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G45/G43 Express Chipset, -241 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 381551 MB, Free - 309239 MB; D: Total - 564118 MB, Free - 219683 MB; F: Total - 1430795 MB, Free - 1430662 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., CG5270, Rev X.0x, MT7099K20500485
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

A:Windows7 Shuts down without warning

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I have a Compaq presario 1700T laptop (that's the first problem i think). I had it for about 2 years then I started having major problems with it. It would be plugged in with a "charged" battery then it would shut off after about an hour of use. There is no shutdown notice. It just shuts off. After rebooting it states the battery has no charge, and if the computer is still warm, it shuts off again. Does anyone know what's going on?

A:Laptop shuts off without warning

Just a guess here but the battery may be going bad. Does the laptop work ok with the battery removed and just running off the AC adaptor?

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