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Omni directional wifi setup?

Q: Omni directional wifi setup?

Im based in a very remote part of the world, where technology is hard to come by. However, we do have a "working" wireless networkk that needs a facelift. I'll try describe it best as possible and maybe someone can help out where possible.

Satelite recieves signal, enters hub at office. From hub into d-link router with omni directional arial attached. Office is 700m from furthest point of desired signal. At desired point of contact there is another d-link with patch reciever attached, and from that d-link I get wifi signal.
At other desired points spread over a 700m radius with arc of 180degrees from the office spans the other places where wifi signal is desired and so the same setup is in place. However the signal varies incredibly, often disconnecting.

I would like to know if it is neccessary in ideal circumstances that we have all these routers and patches in place?

Shouldnt we be able to recieve wifi signal directly from the omni directional?

How would one go about setting this up?

And if anyone has any interesting links to systems/places similar to what i have roughly described and/or if there is anywhere i should look specifically for help.

Many thanks

Preferred Solution: Omni directional wifi setup?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Omni directional wifi setup?

I'd try to boost the signal as much as possible at the primary router.
Hawking Tech has a number of products that will help you increase your wireless range. The root page is Hawking Hi-Gain™ WiFi Range Extending Products.

Some of the more interesting products are this Hawking [HSB2] Hi-Gain WiFi Signal Booster, which can be used on either end of a wireless connection to boost the signal power.

Another way to increase your signal strength is by the use of hi-gain antennas. You can choose from omni-directional or directional models, here are a some examples.

Hawking [HAI7SIP] Hi-Gain 7dBi Omni-Directional Antenna

Hawking [HAI15SC] Hi-Gain 15dBi Corner Antenna

[HAO14SD] Outdoor Hi-Gain 14dBi Directional Antenna Kit

For 802.11n applications, this ZyXEL ANT1106 6db omni-directional antenna can be used.

For really long range outdoor applications, this 24dB parabolic WiFi Antenna may be a good choice.

If you have a wireless adapter that doesn't have provisions for an external antenna, one adapter that I've had good luck with is a Rosewill RNX-G1 USB Wireless Adapter. It's feature is that is has a removable antenna and will accommodate replacement antennas.

This is just a sample of available products, many people have hi-gain antennas with similar specifications, but I haven't seen any other suppliers of signal boosters.

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Hi guys,

Please anyone has info on the linksys omni-directional antenna HGA9N? To what devices can it be connected? Its outdoor range/bitrate? Is it reliable? Can it support large number of users/traffic? If anyone has configured or installed one before please i would welcome his comments on the product. Info on other types of omni-directional antennas would be really helpful.


A:omni-directional antenna

Any antenna will have the full bandwidth of the wireless connection, it's only purpose is to more efficiently use the power available, as well as provide more signal strength for incoming signals. It can be connected to any router or wireless card that has a reverse SMA connector, which is the standard for removable antennas. A hi-gain antenna should be very reliable, since there are no active components. As long as you don't abuse the cable, it'll probably work forever.

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I finally got my printer to work with windows 7 but it won't print shipping labels with stamps.com, ebay & paypal. They all say they are unable to communicate with the printer. I get a message to enable bi-directional communication with the printer and I can't figure out how to do that. I would appreciate some help. Thanks.

A:Solved: omni directional

You've marked this thread solved.
If this was intentional and is correct, could you please post the solution that you found so that others can benefit.
If not, I suggest that you click "Mark Unsolved" at the top of this thread. That makes other helpers more likely to step in with suggestions. Hopefully you'd be in a position shortly thereafter to click "Mark Solved" for real.

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Hi folks,

I am looking at a high gain antenna to boost signal so it can reach thru a couple of walls down the hall. I was looking at an omnidirectional antenna (an outdoor whip style) which has 15db and a horizontal range of 360 degrees, but only 6 degrees vertical. Is the 6 degrees vertical a big problem if the computers i am trying to reach are all on the same floor? Is it ok to use the higher powered outdoor antennas for indoor use? (The indoor ones seem to have much lower db strength).

I am also planning to pick up a 6db desktop omni antenna to place on the back of the wireless pci card to further help my signal.

I could go for antennas with 80 horiz and 80 vertical but they are only 8db..... and i figured the higher db and 360 horiz would prove better. Am i wrong?

A:Question about Omni vs Directional Antennas

If you need to get more vertical out of the antenna, just angle it, though that could raise the swr of the antenna, which will lower the signal a bit.

Indoor antennas have a lower gain because they are just meant to boost the signal to give you better signal through the whole house, or to reach one end to the other, if its a big house), the outdoor antenna is usually used when people are trying to use their wireless in the backyard, or in an outbuilding, maybe sharing with a neighbor.

Want more antenna info? here:

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Anyone use one? Are they easy to set up...need to improve my range about 75-100 feet. ( I currently have a d-link g wireless router)

A:D-Link 7dBi Omni-Directional Indoor Antenna

Cristy_m said:

Anyone use one? Are they easy to set up...need to improve my range about 75-100 feet. ( I currently have a d-link g wireless router)Click to expand...

Buy and get a repeater with dual ANT 50mW or greater. All you have to do is configure it via hardwire cable then plug it into AC socket anyway you have the weak signal starting from. No need to run any LAN cables to it. Since it's 100% wireless repeater. Since you have G just get 802.11g repeater like this one from Amazon has ERB9250 11N 300MB 11N Range Extender Removable Antenna 1 10/100

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Does any one know if this antenna lives up to it's hype of 4500' range?

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So I got a new router yesterday to replace the old one, and I've been working on it for a long time. But I can't seem to figure out why there isn't any internet connection. The new WiFi Router (D-Link DR-842) Shows it is connected to the internet (green light) but in the setup page, it says disconnected. Could the PPPoE details be causing this? As far as I know everything is correctly set up except for the internet part.

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Hi there!
I have recently purchased a second PC, so I have read a couple of online guides and tried constructing my own local network. Although I did manage to get the network to work, I am experiencing a bit of troubles with data communications.

some background info:
From now on, old computer is computer '1' and the new one is computer 'A'.

I have a router connected to the wall, a hub connected to the router, and both computers connected to the hub via LAN. Both computers have the windows XP (I think computer 1 have professional and Computer one have home ed. Not %100 sure.)

The problem is, I can easily browse files which are placed on computer 1 from computer A, but when trying to go the other way around I am getting huge delays (Although it does load after a while). As I've mentioned before, the 2 computers are connected in the exact same manner, in a symmetrical fashion. I didn't manage to find any reason for this weird slow down.

Help anyone?

A:Solved: One directional LAN

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I have a odd situation that has mystified me regarding a printer.
I am running two PCs side-by-side, both are using Win 7. The printer is a Kodak ESP 7 AiO. The printer is cabled to one PC whilst the other PC accesses the printer via the cabled PC. I continually receive an error message on the non-cabled PC stating that Bidirectional support is disabled, the message flashes on and off the screen every five seconds. It's very distracting. The issue here is that the bidirectional support IS enabled on both machines, both machines show a tick in the appropriate box to indicate that this is so. I am able to print from both machines without any problems. Can anyone please suggest how I am able to stop the error message flashing/appearing.
Thank you and have a nice day.

A:Bi-directional support.

what happens if you connect the pc with the notification directly to the printer?

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I would like to sync some characteristics from my desktop to my laptop such as the Start Screen collection of Apps, personalization of desktop, the browser, etc. but I am concerned that when I invoke this, settings from the laptop will change the desktop. How is this directionality controlled?


A:Is synching between devices directional?

Hello SR,

It syncs the settings how they were set from the last time you signed out of a Windows 8 PC/device to the next one you sign in to with the same Microsoft account.

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i have two systems.
one is desktop which i am currntly using .its runing win 7 x64 ultimate.
other is laptop which is running win 7 32bit ultimate.
both are in same workgroup.

the laptop is connected through wifi to my tplink router. . and the desktop system is connected through the wire to the same router. but the devices are assigned static ips from 192.168.2.x subnet.

the network location of both is set to Public.

and i can only access the files shared on my desktop from the laptop. not the other way.
why ?

i have shared folders on both systems.

i can rdp into the laptop from the desktop.

however i have noted that when i go to the "network and sharing center" > "advanced sharing" > and from public select "turn on netowrk discovery" and click save changes.. after doing so going to above mentioned location/path the check box is set to "turn OFF netowrk discover" it automatcally resets to it .. this is happening on desktop not on laptop.

any solution to this unidirectional file sharing ?

A:Only uni-directional file Sharing.

Quote: Originally Posted by plumpf

i have two systems.
one is desktop which i am currntly using .its runing win 7 x64 ultimate.
other is laptop which is running win 7 32bit ultimate.
both are in same workgroup.

the laptop is connected through wifi to my tplink router. . and the desktop system is connected through the wire to the same router. but the devices are assigned static ips from 192.168.2.x subnet.

the network location of both is set to Public.

and i can only access the files shared on my desktop from the laptop. not the other way.
why ?

i have shared folders on both systems.

i can rdp into the laptop from the desktop.

however i have noted that when i go to the "network and sharing center" > "advanced sharing" > and from public select "turn on netowrk discovery" and click save changes.. after doing so going to above mentioned location/path the check box is set to "turn OFF netowrk discover" it automatcally resets to it .. this is happening on desktop not on laptop. any solution to this unidirectional file sharing ?

I'm not sure why you would be using Public for the network location unless your house is in a Public location?

Using the Work or Home network location setting is the way to go here. I'm also not sure why you would use a different subnet than the one your router is using by default?

At any rate, if the Network Discovery setting is not saying set then you have... Read more

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I came home yesterday and could not print. I tried a new cable, same problem, I went to Microsofts site to see if there were upgrades to my HP 6645C there weren't. I tried the same printer on another compute a HP 6465 same problem says it lost two way communication. I'm stumped. I hope someone can see a problem. Thanks Katters

A:Bi-directional printer problem

I'm a little confused here. You gave us 2 different numbers, and I'm not sure if they were your computer or printer.

What brand / model printer is it?

What mode is your printer port in? (Check in Control Panel, System, Device Manger - Ports) Does it say Printer Port, or ECP?

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech


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Recently switched to a computer running Win 98, but now our Dot Matrix won't print bi-directionally. Its an Epson 570+. I had to switch the port setting to bi-directional to even get it to print!..now I want the bi-directional part! Any ideas will be much appreciated..'cause I am out of them! Thanks.

A:WIn.98..printer won't print bi-directional

1) check your bios to make sure LPT1 is set to ECC+ECP.
2) reinstall drivers - if that doesn't work, download new drivers from the internet.

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Please help me i am unable to use wifi in my hp250 G2,after formating it is not getting wifi connection.I hav also installed WLAN setup downloaded from hp site after fulfilling platform capability there.my net controller hardware id isPCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0036&SUBSYS_217F103C&REV_01PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0036&SUBSYS_217F103CPCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0036&CC_028000PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0036&CC_0280

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how to configure a wifi router?

A:wifi setup

depends on the make and model - you will find a user manual on site for the major makes and most models which provides full details on how to configure a router

if you post the make and model and exactly what you are trying to do with the wifi ( change channels - set password) then a member here should be able to help

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as the title says i'm struggling to setup the Quality of Service feature on my Comtrend jazztel ar-5387un wireless ADSL2+router (the full product name), connecting to the router shows this dialog :

and the actual QOS page looks like this :
now actually i have no clue how this works or anything but what i know is that it's a way to organize the internet traffic between different processes or devices and what i want to do here is give my computer absolute priority meaning it has to be the first place internet goes to when it comes , but i'm struggling with all the parameters there , here's a picture showing the different pages you get for QOS classification and QOS queus :
i dont know what anything means so if anyone could help me to go about doing this it would be very appreciated thank you

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Hello to everyone
I am new to these forums and I have come here for help

I installed some Mods for Oblivion and my directional keys Uparrow and leftarrow have some how ended up with multiple functions
Uparrow is also esc, F12, b,n and Windows key
Left arrow is also F2 and PgDown

Ive tried restoring my system, deleting/reinstalling drivers, modifying the registry and even third party freeware like AutoHotkey and Keytweak but nothing works
I just want to reset them back to being up and left (i use the directional keys,numberpad, right shift and right control for all my first person shooters and have to relearn with WSAD something I dont want to have to do)
I am even considering getting another keyboard but somehow I dont think that will solve the problem. I deleted the System32 entries for my keyboard and it stopped functioning altogether. I unplugged and plugged it in again and it set up the system32 (installed generic drivers there and then ) and the keyboard functions again but my problem remains

Please help me if you can. I dont know what else to try
Kind Regards and thanks in advance

A:HELP PLEASE Keyboard Directional Buttons changed

You messed everything up by adding in the Mods. Mods are never recommended for anything. You may have corrupted system files. Uninstall the program and all mods. Then check the keyboard. If you have a microsoft keyboard...get intellitype and it might fix the problem. Modding is always bad.

Dont diss the forum. Alot of issues are resolved but we need time to try and find a way to solve them.

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I have a ASA-5505 at the office.

I use Cisco VPN client to connect to the office(a), and also to a client(b) from home(c). Everything works great. Using IPsec/UDP. No problems. I can ping remote machine, RDP, telnet etc.
When I came into the office, hooked up my laptop and tried to do some work through the VPN at clients location (b) I had a strange problem.

The Cisco VPN client connects to client (b) fine, however I am unable to ping any IPs on the clients network, or Telnet into any machines (I get a WinSock error).

I figured there must be misconfiguration in the ASA-5505 that was blocking certain VPN traffic, but still allowing the connection to take place.

I checked out the active syslog and found:

3 Dec 28 2011 13:58:23 305006 x.x.x.x

regular translation creation failed for protocol 50 src inside: dst outside:x.x.x.x

(**where x is the client (b) IP address and is my laptop)

I am not very good with this stuff, but tried a few fixes.

1. I ENABLED IKE for both internal and external connections to the ASA-5505 (was only ENABLED for external before)
2. I made sure IPsec over NAT-T is enabled (as I used IPsec/UDP for client so I am assuming this must be enable with 20 sec keepalive per example I saw online)
3. Opening specific ports from the router to the IP of my laptop ( or telnet port 23

As you can tell I am not the greatest at this but I made a backup of my ASA's config so I am willing to try just about anything to m... Read more

A:ASA-5505 NEWB - Bi-Directional VPN Issues

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I got this idea but I'm not certain it would work nor do I know if it would be worth the money.

I bought these network powerline adapters but I haven't got any of them setup because my mom wants everything to perfect basically if anyone has seen Desperate Housewives my mom would be like Bree.

So what I had in mind was to buy like a WiFi extender with an extra electric plug like the Netgear WN3100RP has and put the powerline adapter into the extra plug and get WiFi in almost every room, would something like this work or is my idea too complicated?


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I have an old PC maybe 4 or 5 years old now with two seagate 1TB hard drives one of the HD's is almost full while the other is almost empty because I haven't used it in years. How do I connect to the internet on the one hard drive? I'm set up with wifi on drive (C) but not on drive (F) I'm using Windows 7 Home. Can I set up the other hard drive without plugging in with ethernet cable? Thanks

A:How to setup wifi on partitioned HD?

Welcome to the forum. Its not clear what you want you have the pc connected via wifi and you want to get to drive f from another pc on the network via wifi is that correct

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Hi everyone.  I have a T480s. When purchased I had the 3G antenna etc. installed. WWAN is enabled.  My wifi card installed when purchased is a Intel Dual band wireless AC 8265. Wifi was working great.  In order to get my mobile 3G data working. I?ve purschased a Sierra EM7345 modem.  Ive installed the Sierra modem correctly, However when I re booted, it gave me an error that my network card needs to be removed. I since removed the Intel AC8265 card, the computer then fired up on. I now have cellular data but no wifi.  Can someone please shed some light on this.  Am I meant to leave both modems plugged in? And install drivers to run them.  When at home id like to use wifi, then when I?m out use the 3G data.  Thanks   

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New member, first time ?threader?

I?m new to this network setup stuff so your patience is greatly appreciated.

I?ve purchased a dlink DSL-G604T. All works well and my laptop has no trouble finding the router wirelessly

Now I come to improve the security before I go on banking sites etc. and no matter how hard I try, I can?t set up WPA security.

I?ve set it up on my router via my PC: WPA selected and a psk-string inserted (easy pw to start), yet when I search for the network on my laptop using XP?s ?view available wireless networks? it still says ?unsecured wireless network?. I?ve been back and checked my router via pc, and WPA is still set !!!!

To cap it all, I?ve set SSID to a different name, and my laptop still sees the original name.

Thanks in advance for any help and assistance offered.

A:WiFi WPA Security Setup Help

Does it still see your original SSID name, or is that your default one? Because I know when you set it up to connect to that and then you change it, it doens't update it, and it still looks for that original SSID. Something to think about.

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:

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Hi, I decided that having signed up for adsl now would be a good time to set up a basic home wifi network, unfortunately I seem to have rapidly gotten over my head, any help would be much apreciated.

I have 512k capped adsl (with USB modem I got from the ISP) I have one desktop linked to this in my upstairs bedroom, I have one laptop I usually hook up to this also, finally I have a second desktop out in an office/shed in my back garden with a laser printer running off the foul dial-up.

What I want to (eventually ) accomplish is to able to access the broadband from both desktops and the laptop anywhere in the house. I'd also love to get file and print sharing going accross all the pc's wirelessly eg be able to pull a file off the upstairs PC on my laptop and print it out in the garden office and so on.

What i'm stuck on is this USB modem in part, i cant see how to integrate it into a wireless system, do i need a new modem? Also while wireless access points seem devoted to internet sharing, can I share files accross all my computers without trailing any wires accross the garden and whatnot?

I really would apreciate any help as i'm totally lost, cheers eveyone

A:home wifi setup

i think you need a wireless router
one of the network experts will answer when they come online

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I'm hoping someone can help me, because this issue has been irritating me for quite some time now. I have two routers, one wireless (Linksys WRT54GS), and the other, a SonicWall Security Appliance TZ170SP. I have computers (wireless/wired) that connect to both of the routers, as well as, a wired network printer that connects to the wireless router. The SonicWall (wired router) is connected to the Internet via a cable modem.

I would like to establish bi-directional communication between the two routers, while maintaining two separate networks, on two separate subnets. I have read many posts regarding similar situations, which all seem to advise connecting the LAN port of one router to the LAN port of the other router (not the WAN port on the second router). When I do this, I lose my internet connection on the wireless router. Most of these scenarios also involve simulating a switched environment on the second router, which would eliminate the possibility of having two separate networks.

Similar scenarios to what I'm trying to accomplish are setup in virtually every enterprise environment. I'm not sure if the fact that I'm using a SOHO (Linksys) router precludes the possibility of accomplishing my goal.

I have setup a website, http://www.interwerks.net/routing that maps out my environment in detail. On this website, you will find screenshots of the various pages of the Management Interfaces that I believe would apply to troubleshooting this issue. I... Read more

A:How to establish bi-directional communication between 2 routers on 2 subnets

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Trust me I have carefully read the various other threads regarding similar issue but I couldn’t find what I was looking for.
I have three routers and 2 ISPs but I’d like to focus for now on a configuration with only one ISP provider.

Here is my environment:

Netgear Cable (CBVG834G) wireless router
ON the cable router are connected multimedia type equipments (TV/ IP set top box/ IP amp …) located on the family room
DHCP ON (because I can’t’ get internet connectivity when I assigned Fix IP address … I come to that later)
IP Adress:
DHCP range: 19
Reserved IP : 1292.168.1.10 for the Dlink
4 DEV a connected

D-LINK ( DIR-855) wireless router.
mainly PCs, NAS (x2) located on the first floor.
Lan IP Adress:
DHCP range: / 120
WAN Ip address :
6 PCs are connected

Everything works fine from an internet connectivity standpoint:

DEVx can connect to internet fine
PCx can connect to internet
PCx can access DEVx
Now the issue DEVx can’t access resources from PCx!

I’d love to try and solve the issue with this setup. And I would welcome help as I would prefer keeping separate subnets!

But I know you will mention the JohnWill Approach.
I’ve tried the famous “Connecting two SOHO broadband routers together” made by JohnWill but I don’t seem to find a way to set my D-LINK as simple switch .
It doesn’t work and I guess it is because the parameters regarding the WAN Internet connectivity sectio... Read more

A:How to establish bi-directional communication between 2 routers on 2 subnets

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Hi there,

I have a Lexmark x9350 wireless printer, a laptop running Vista Home Edition and a desktop PC running Vista Home premium. The printer is in another room to the desktop due to space and so I would like to print wirelessly from the desktop without having to switch on the laptop first and print via that i.e Desktop -> shared printer on Laptop -> Printer which is what I'm doing now.

The laptop works fine with the printer wirelessly and within the printer properties there is a tick in the bi-directional support checkbox.

The desktop pc however has exactly the same printer driver as the laptop and can detect the printer on the network but the bi-directional support checkbox is unticked and greyed out and so I get the error that Bi-di.. needs to be turned on in order to print. The desktop PC is connecting to the printer via the home network wireless router.

I can only put the difference between one working and the other not down to the laptop having a built in wireless card and so theres no problems when the printer needs to talk back to the laptop where as the desktop is communicating via the router and the printer messages cannot make it through for some reason. Am I right in saying this or is there another explanation? I have already tried an updated driver from the Lexmark website.

Thanks in advance for your time on this.

A:Solved: Bi-directional support unavailable on desktop PC

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Im looking for a way to have wifi access per user for example one user can have access to wifi while another user cant have access. (Currently Using Windows 8)

In Windows 7 I used this method (Profile types) to allow wifi per user and it works great. How to Enable User-Specific Wireless Networks in Windows 7

But in Windows 8 I cant seem to set wifi access per user can someone please please help.

A:How TO Setup Wifi Per User in Windows 8 Please Help.

Same way you do in Windows 7. For some reason there is a bug with Windows 8, that when you setup a network connection. It only makes it available to that one user. You have to go into the registry to fix, so it is available to all.

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Hi Guys,
We have a wifi authentication with TLS - PAP, need to create a automated script to let user enter username and password and then connect automatically without configuring the wifi settings.
Please Help.
Thanks in Advance.

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i get wifi camera ,i really dont know how to do this things do i need help form any one , all i did conect the camera with router and i instal the software , when i try to conected it say host is down or unreachable ,the port number is 8001 , i opend all the ports ,i get 2wire router so how i fix this ? if any more info needed let me know

A:wifi camera setup (host is down )

I have a very similar problem myself. Are you using Argus DVR Software by any chance? I get the same messages when I try to connect through their "tunnel server". I get a great picture when I connect through the internal IP address, and the old windows "bad connection" page when I try to use the external IP address. When I follow the clicks to investigate the problem it usually tells me that everything appears to be set up fine, but the computer won't respond to an outside connection.

I'll be watching this too, maybe my solution is out there as well.

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How would you setup a wifi router inside of a domain. The domain already controls the DHCP.

A:WIFI Router Setup in Domain

I may be wrong on this, but I believe you set up the router as would normally(SSID, security, etc), then disable DHCP in the router. After that IP addressing should be handled by the server with the router just acting like an access point and passing through IP's. That is how I've done it before with ICS and the IP's were assigned by the ICS computer not the router; it also allowed file sharing with the ICS computer hence why it was done that way and the customer had the router already.

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Hello! I am getting married in 4 days & then we're flying to Playa del Carmen for our honeymoon. The hotel has free high speed internet in the rooms, but no wifi. Is it possible to set up my own wifi network in our room using their LAN connection? Can we do this with just a wifi router & our iPhones or would we need to bring a laptop &/or other equiptment with us? Thanks for your help!! If I've left out any info that will help you answer this more fully, please don't hesitate to ask.

~Clint James

A:Setup My Own Wifi in Hotel Room?

Can't speak to your ability nor the particular hotel's network, but in general the answer is 'yes' you can. It's certainly possible to do any needed router configuration with an iPhone, but I suggest you practice before the trip if you have not done so.

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Hello all.

I have a dir-615 D-link router. It is well installed with my main computer that is an old XP windows system.

I tried to create a network to give acces to my friend laptop when he comes home(he has a mac). I setuped a network with a name and a password.

So my friend could find the network name and i gave him the password, but it never works. Another friend of mine also came with an older iBook laptop and the same thing happens.

What should I do ? The laptop computer can see my network, but nobody can access??
Best regards to all. Idiodumb

A:how to setup a wifi home network?

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my laptop model is Aspire  E5-473-32WK.operating system windows 8.1but i can not use wifi. please help me what can i do now ?  

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Hi, Good day tech guys, i am from the philippines and would like ask how to setup 2 wifi routers at home. I have a Zyxel P-660hn-t1q as primary and my linksys wrh54g or prolink h6300g to be used as secondary wifi router. How can i configure or setup my secondary wifi router to extend the wifi range from the ground floor to the second floor of my house.

Any suggestions will greatly appreciated and thank you in advance for the help

A:Dual Wifi Routers Setup

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I received mine yesterday and have managed to get it setup with iTunes, and synced some music on to it.

However though it appears to be working noramally, I am having problems setting it up to use for Wifi here at home.

I need assistance with what settings go where in the menu.

My Net connection is from a BT Homehub.

In the Touch > Settings menu the following are configured by default :

BTHomehub - 2DD9 .....

When you click the blue arrow, you get this :

DHCP ( is selected ) rather than BootP or Static.

IP Address - 169.xxx.xxx.172

Subnet Mask

Router : This field is blank.

DNS : This field is blank.

Search Domains : Also Blank.

ClientID : Again blank.

If I then scroll down on the Touch screen, Port 80 is selected by default.


On my PC

If I type in my address bar, as my ISP have told me to in the past, I get what is presumably the Homepage for my Hub - it displays my throughput speeds, up / down stream data, etc ....

If I go to Whatsmyip.com - I get


Also tried the Touch 'Renew Lease' option and rebooting the Hub to no avail.


So can anyone tell me, since presumably I need to do this manually, what settings go where in the Touch settings fields above ?

I have run numerous Google searches and read posts on Touch related boards, but nothing has worked so far.

Regarding WEP / WPA, I read that WEP should be used.

I read in one forum that the IP Address in the Touch above start... Read more

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I inherited a laptop with Win 2000 installed and wanted to connect to the internet via an 801.b/g adapter. I have tried 3 adapters and all seem to detect my wireless AP but still I don't seem to have any connection to the internet. I have tried to configure the connections properties as I have with my XP machines but still when I pull up Internet Explorer it can't find anything.

A:Win 2000 WiFi adapter setup

Are you really connected to the Access point? Are you obtaining an IP configuration from a router? Can you ping the router (if one)? If you need help getting these answers, see the following.

To open a Command Window: Start - Run - cmd - OK

To determine a computer's IP config: open a Command Window and type
ipconfig /all

To post the results here, type
ipconfig /all >c:\config.txt

and use Notepad to open the config text file to copy contents here.

If the ipconfig gave a Gateway address, in a Command window type
ping gateway (where gateway is the Gateway IP address)

Do you get Replies, or do you get packets lost?

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I have my AP setup (after an hour of fiddling) and now I show two WiFi signals on my laptop. They both have the same SSID but are on different channels. Is my laptop just using both of them??

Unfortunately, the signal strength is almost the same.


(it's a D-Link DAP-1525 access point/bridge ... in AP mode)

A:Solved: I have my AP setup but now I see two WiFi signals?

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the bi-directional amplifier improves the speed of my cable modem?yes the same ones for cable tv better reception.i have 512kb.i plan to buy a radioshak amplifier with 7db of power.this improves something,because right now my connection works well.if the amplifier boost my downloads speeds ,well im willing to buy one.thanks for the attention.

A:the bi-directional amplifier improves the speed of my cable modem?

How is your current speed compared to your "quoted" speed? If you're being quoted 3 or 4mbps and only getting 1 or 2; then it's possible this device will improve your speed. Possible.

If you're getting your quoted speed, or quite close to it, you won't get anything more by putting a booster on there.

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My task is to plan out on how to setup a WiFi Access System in our college.
There are more than 3000 users which include students, faculty, etc.

Area is spread across almost 1 acre of land area.

Q1. How do I go about setting up a system where MAC based WiFi Access system is achieved?
Q2. What equipment will be needed, like routers, access points, etc.?
Q3. How many Access Points will be required, and which will be the best in terms of cost, range, speed and performance.
Q4. Which would be the best equipment for this?
Q5. User management solution?

I would prefer to go for an Open Source based solution for user management, etc.


A:Setup WiFi Access system in a college

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We only have dialup access where I live and we are looking into satellite, which may not be possible still due to trees blocking the sky to the south. We are trying to get setup and ready though in case it does work out but I'm stuck now. Networking is not my strong area. We have been on dialup since the mid 90s and my knowledge is so outdated in that area. I'm running Windows XP Home Edition (SP3) and am a bit lost. We are going to want to set it up as a wireless internet so we can connect to WiFi with our eReader devices as well as the computer and possibly a laptop later down the road.

We have a network card built into the motherboard already (Realtek RTL8168/8111 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC ... that is copied and pasted from the Network Connections properties). Considering the fact that all the sites say to go to Network Connnections - Wireless.... to connect to a WiFi network and I don't have a Wireless option listed anywhere in Network Connections, I'm guessing it's the network card that needs to have WiFi support built in, correct? Do we need to invest in a new card or am I missing something in the OS for the Wireless settings?

Or, to make things easier, do they make splitters for the LAN cables so we could bounce the cable from the satellite dish to both the computer and the router? I'm not really sure which route we should take here and any info is appreciated. We've had dialup for too many years and to make it worse, the phone li... Read more

A:WiFi setup questions - I'm not a Network person...

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Hi folks.

Short story: I'm working with a Win7 laptop to configure a Wifi AP network using 3 nodes and I'm stuck.

Long version:

I've spent the last two days beating my head against the virtual wifi wall of my landlords Lodge and RV Park. She has a large piece of property with 5 acres of scattered buildings and wants to provide wireless internet services to her guests.

Silly me. I thought I'd be a good guy and offered to help with setting up a 3 node WiFi AP set-up. Oops.

Here's the basic config that I thought would work:

Cable company supplied modem > Belkin N600 DB Wifi AP w/ 5 port Router (DHCP enabled, serves IP Range > > Netgear 5 port dumb switch > 3 ea EnGenius ENH200 outdoor APs configured with serial SSIDs (xxxLodge1 through 3) and using sequential IP addresses starting with through the Default Gateway is set as DHCP is NOT enabled (as I typed that I wonder if I should set the Default Gateway to or config the Belkin to serve from to ?)

The ENH200s will broadcast their happy little SSIDs all day long, they'll connect to my laptop with pure glee and if I connect directly to them with the LAN port on my laptop I can communicate with them via LAN too. What I can't do is get them to talk to the internet. EVER. Not even a tiny little peep of intertubes. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I can talk to them wirelessly or via LAN when th... Read more

A:Solved: Multiple WiFi AP setup troubles

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hello team

I would like to setup 2 wifi units for the office but need for them to have different SSID's. One router will be connected direct to the ISP link but the 2nd one will act as a repeater with its own SSID.

1stly is this possible and 2ndly how do i make this happen?

A:Solved: WiFi Setup - Small Business

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First time setting up a Wifi. There's a last hurdle to get across, but I'm out of ideas. Sharing a roadrunner internet connection, that is said to be both static and dynamic internet service. I'm using it as dynamic. I have it going through an access gateway manager - LevelOne Access Gateway Manager (AMG-2000), split among two switches (Linksys SRW208P). Attached to the switches are six wireless AP's (Linksys WAP54G).
Through many different tries and configurations, I believe this is the most correct setup. In the free wifi access zone, security and encryption is disabled, I assigned the gateway IP address to be The access gateway is set to use DHCP (static setting is available, but I haven't gotten it to work). Also, its set to assign IP address ranges of 192.168.30 to ...130. The switches' IP is set as static, and And the AP's are set as static through ...40, with channels set uniquely. The default gateway assigned to the switches and AP's is the gateway manager
What fustrates me is some times when I either configure the AP's or the access gateway, I am able to connect to the internet wireless, and often other times I do. I don't lose the connection, but when I disconnect from one AP and try to connect to another, I can't and can't get back. Once received an IP from the router, I can always connect to the interenet either directly connecting to t... Read more

A:Wifi hotspot setup. Fustratingly stuck. Need help.

Let all be warned, to dl the latest firmware..

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Hello there, I'm using a G580 lenovo, windows 7 64bit all of a sudden, hotkeys stopped working at some points, i assumed that it was because I needed to clean up some space and that i was loading the processor too much. Until one day out of nowhere, they stop working totally, no up or left directional keys working, and navigating through the hard disk had never been slower before. Copying or opening a folder became like the worst thing to do ever. I assumed again that it was because of windows or something, formatted and reinstalled windows, and again its still doing the same thing.what do i do ? Im thinking of opening up the laptop manually to check if there was aome sort of short circuit or something because i didnt drop it, nothing got spilled on it or anything.  

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