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WD15 firmware version and upgrade from Linux

Q: WD15 firmware version and upgrade from Linux

Is there any way to read out version of firmware on wd15 docking station from linux?
Is there any way to update firmware of the wd15 docking station from linux or bios?
Does instruction https://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/19/SLN171755/updating-the-dell-bios-in-linux-and-ubuntu-environments?lang=EN
work for wd15 firmwares or is that only for laptop bios?
if instruction works do I need to use seperate wd15 firmware
or one bundled with windows driver package

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Preferred Solution: WD15 firmware version and upgrade from Linux

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)



I'm running CentOS 7 on E7470, and a few of the devices aren't working, like smart card reader, fingerprint reader, etc. According to some sources, deploying the latest ControlVault firmware/drivers package may fix some of those.
The native installer is built for Windows, and I was wondering if it'd be possible to do the upgrade by either booting a Windows portable/live version and running the upgrade, or, copying the installer to a USB and doing an upgrade in the way it's done with BIOS upgrades on Linux?
Perhaps LVFS? (Although compiling that on CentOS 7 is not really straight forward)

A:E7470 firmware upgrade on Linux

Here's another (risky?) idea: There's a Windows 10 VM running on top of libvirt/KVM, and I can do USB passthru of Broadcom 5880. Driver isn't applied by default, so I'm tempted to try how wrong might things go if I were to install ControlVault2 firmware and drivers for these devices as they're passed thru to the VM.
Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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Hi, I'm trying (unsuccesfully) to apply the latest firmware upgrade (1.18) to my T470p laptop, using the only OS I have: Ubuntu 18.04. I tried downloading the CD ISO (r0fuj18wd.iso), flashing it to a USB pen, but the laptop refuses to reboot from there.Further notes:-) from BIOS: I restored defaults, and I also secure boot; my current firmware is 1.17-) I tried both flashing the .iso directly to the USB flash (that shows up as /dev/sda), using dd or other USB flashing tools (even unetbootin from a Windows laptop), and also to create a FAT32 or FAT16 partition, then flash into /dev/sda1, setting also the bootable flag on the partition with fdiskThe result has consistently been the same: when I reboot, after selecting boot menu and temporary boot device, I choose the USB drive, but it doesn't boot anything from there. On a related note, when I insert the USB disk, I see an empty disk labelled "R0FET44U".Is there anyone who succesfully managed to install such a firmware upgrade from Linux and might have a useful hint ? Thanks!

A:T470p firmware upgrade from Linux Ubuntu 18.04

From what I have read, some USB / thumb drives just don't work properly.(sounds stupid I know ... but ........................) So my suggestion would be to write the image to several other "diverse" thumb drives and try them.........

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Hello, maybe someone can help me out with the problem I have upgrading the firmware of my T470s. The installed version is 1.11 (from June 2017, I think.). It runs archlinux and is no dual boot system i.e. there is no windows version on it anymore. I have learned that one of the usual ways to update is using the tool fwupdmgr. When I run the tool with "fwupdmgr update", the output is "No releases found for device: Not compatible with firmware version 0.1.11, requires >= 0.1.14" Maybe it is possible to install the current system firmware (which is 1.33) directly with "fwupdmgr install <xyz>.cab", but I don't dare to do so because I don't want to brick the hardware. So my question is: Can this be done savely and if not, is there any other way to upgrade the firmware without using windows? Thanks and kind regards

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There is a new firmware release (FWNV15) for the NVMe SSD of the X1 Carbon 5th. I'm wondering if there is a way to perform the upgrade on a machine with no Windows installed on the internal SSD?
I've installed Ubuntu on the NVMe SSD and have a external USB Drive with Windows 10.
I tried to run the Firmware Update Utility on the "external" Windows 10 but no luck so far. Windows reboots and after it's up again the utility just shows some generic error message.
Also, there doesn't seem to be a booteable ISO.
Any recommendations on how to upgrade the firmware with my setup?
Moderator Note: Edited subject to match content.

A:Upgrade NVMe SSD firmware to FWNV15 (X1 Carbon 5th Gen) on Linux

The upgrade utility sometimes fails before it reboots windows with a message like "can't initializie linux system". So I investigated further and found that the updater in fact is an ELF binary  $ file fwupdater_i686_Win10_LPMoff
fwupdater_i686_Win10_LPMoff: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, interpreter /lib/ld-linux.so.2, for GNU/Linux 3.8.13, not stripped Which also seems to be pretty easy to use: $ ./fwupdater_i686_Win10_LPMoff
PROGRESS --- start firmware update.
Usage ./fwupdater_i686_Win10_LPMoff <Model> <Serial> <Firmware> [Option]
Model : Drive Model Name.(Mandatory)
Serial : Drive Serial Number.(Mandatory)
Firmware : Firmware Image file path.(Mandatory)
Option : Additional Option string starts with `-'.(Optional)
PROGRESS --- completed with status(8). And the necessary info which firmware to use is in a file called fwwinsd.pro: $ cat fwwinsd.pro
"THNSF5512GPUK TO","5KLA5102","5KLA5104","TINYCORE","fwupdater_i686_Win10_LPMoff","5KLA5104_NVME.sig","L","TOSHIBA"
"THNSF5512GPUK TO","5KLA5103","5KLA5104","TINYCORE","fwupdater_i686_Win10_LPMoff","5KLA5104_NVME.sig","L","TOSHIBA" However, I'm not absolutely convinced I'm brave enough to run this utility  Is anyone from Lenovo in this forum who is willing to confirm my findings?

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I am trying to upgrade my current BIOS (1.21) on my p51s running ubuntu 18.04.2.  to the current 1.38  (n1vet48w.cab).  When I follow the instructions in the readme here https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles/n1vet48w.txt  of using fwupdmgr install n1vet48w.cab I get "No supported devices found"or if I try fwupdate -lfrom insided the extraced cab file, it returns noting. What am I missing?  How do I upgrade the firmware on my laptop?  

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A warning for X1C6 users on Linux. With the latest Intel Management Engine Firmware update, versioned, S3 sleep is broken. The system will drain a fully charged battery in a matter of hours under the new firmware, and it is impossible to downgrade the firmware. This is with the "Linux" sleep state option enabled in BIOS, and everything was working correctly before the upgrade. Lenovo, please address this issue and ensure proper QA for your Linux user base going forward - this is unacceptable.

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So, brand new WD15 connected via USB-C to an Inspirion 7000 7278 laptop under Linux. No complaints with the display, ethernet or USB-ness. I did notice, however, that there is a newer firmware available. No biggie, I boot into windows and attempt to flash the update. And then I get the 'no thunderbolt dock found cannot flash...'
So, just how are we supposed to flash firmware on the dock if we don't have a thunderbolt connection?


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After all the previous update, WD15 has been almost stable with the XPS 15 9550, except for occasional random system freezes unless the computer is in airplane mode.
I've applied the recent WD15 firmware update, or at least tried to (?)
(Dell Wired Dock (WD15) Firmware Update Utility, v, 27 Dec 2016)
In the first attempt, the system rebooted for flashing, but flashing did not start. 
In the second attempt, flashing did start, and lasted for a while, but a failure was reported. 
After reboot and WD15 power-off, I tried for the third time, and it said the system was up to date. 
I do not notice any change in performance. I have had a system freeze shortly after with the wifi radio on. I did not expect a change regarding this, I blame it on the Dell Wireless 1830. 
Can someone offer an interpretation of the log I found, because what I read does not appear to be consistent with the actual events
C:\Dell\UpdatePackage\log\DellDockingStationFwUp_1.log :
*****************************************************Dell Dock flash started on 1/3/2017 at 12:25:45***Command: C:\Users\xxxx\Downloads\DellDockingStationFwUp_1.0.0.8_20161220_WD15.exe
------------------------------------------------Dock Info Record defined in DSIS(3.0.10) Class:17, Select:22:Dock Info version 0x01Dock Type 0x02Dock Info count 3Dock Info location 2Dock Info cable Type 0x01Dock Info flash spec ver 0x00ffffffDock description 'Wired Do... Read more

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I just got an WD15 to go with my existing Inspiron 7378. For the most part it works well. HDMI video, USB, and Ethernet all work as they should. 
I can't get the firmware update to run on my machine, though. It says that no dock is detected. Additionally, there are about 4 "installing driver" dialogs that pop up when I connect the dock. They never finish. I did install the USB Audio and Ethernet drivers, and at least the Ethernet works like it should. So I don't think it's detecting those again. 
If I can at least get the driver dialogs to go away then that would be a start. Since the dock works I'm less concerned about the firmware update, but would like to do that too, since it's listed as "Urgent"
I'm running Windows 10, and my notebook has a Core i7-7500 and 16GB of memory with a 256GB SSD. Thanks for any suggestions. 

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I've been using my Dell XPS 15 9550 for a couple of months now and everything was fine, i decided to connect it to an external monitor P2715Q through a Dell WD15 Type-C docking station, which working fine except for having the Monitor at 30Hz versus 60Hz. i've been facing alot of Blue Screen Errors, and one day found there was a firmware update for the Docking Station, the Monitor went blank and found the firmware was updating usually when i startup my laptop and it's connected to the docking station it gives me a warning message about the power being less than 60W so i unplugged the Type C cable connecting the dock to  the Laptop mid installation, it rolled back and i then figured i shouldn't have disconnected it. This morning i connected my dock as usual but it wasn't being recognized it's as if the Type C wasn't reading the Dock, i connected a Type C to Display port cable direct to the monitor to check if it was the port but that worked instantly, please help what should i do? 

A:DELL WD15 Type-C Docking Not working with XPS 15 9550 after failed firmware update

Unplugging mid firmware update is a no no. Try the firmware update once or twice or so again, with nothing else connected to the dock. If that fails, try Dell service. Mine updated the second time but said failed at the end, then third time reported to be updated, and now seems to work just the way it did before.
I've had horrible issues with the WD15 initially, all sorts of devices disconnecting and not working properly, including plain wired USB mouse and keyboard. After tens of driver and BIOS updates, things eventually stabilized (although the screen developed a flicker meanwhile). Now it seems to work stably, as long as the laptop is in airplane mode, otherwise I still get temporary freezes. Many people blame it on some sort of the Dell Wireless 1830 adapter with USB - some say wifi power should be reduced to 75% in driver settings, but that replacement with the Intel 8260 is a better solution. Please report back if the airplane mode helps with stability (wired Ethernet now stable here, if you're on wifi regularly and worried about withdrawal symptoms during a possibly prolonged airplane mode testing period).  
30 Hz is max for a 4K display on the WD15, there's not enough bandwidth for more via the USB protocol. Recently a revised version of the Thunderbolt 3 dock, the TB16, has been released, and perhaps even works finally with a fan built in, supporting even two external 4K displays @60Hz. 3rd-party TB3 docks have started appearing too, but make sure... Read more

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WD 15 Dock BIOS/ Drivers Installation Guide
Dell Latitude E5270/E5470/E5570 and Precision 3510 for Win8.1/Win10 64bit
Please install the latest BIOS & drivers follow the below steps
Step 1 – Download and Install Dell Latitude E5270/E5470/E5570 and Precision 3510 System BIOS. Restart required.
Version: A07 ,A07 Last Updated: 16 Mar 2016
Step 2 – Download and Install Intel(R) Thunderbolt Controller Driver. Restart required.
Version: ,A01 Last Updated: 22 Feb 2016
Step 3 – Download and Install Intel(R) Thunderbolt(TM) 3 Firmware Update. Restart required.
Version: 02.11.06 ,A02 Last Updated: 16 Feb 2016
Step 4 – Download and Install Realtek USB GBE Ethernet Controller Driver for Dell Thunderbolt Dock and Dell Dock. Restart required.
Version: 2.43.2015.1225 ,A01 Last Updated: 19 Feb 2016
Step 5 – Download and Install Realtek USB Audio Driver for Dell Wireless Dock, Dell Thunderbolt Dock, and Dell Dock. Restart required.
Version: 6.3.9600.44 ,A02  Last Updated: 20 Mar 2016 http://downloads.dell.com/FOLDER03613504M/1/Audio_Driver_GG4M6_WN32_6.3.9600.44... Read more

A:Dell WD15 Desktop Dock - Step-by-step driver/firmware/BIOS installation instructions for XPS, Latitude and Precision notebooks [UPDATED 04-22-16]

Hi Brian
Thanks for being active on this issue. (This thread was closed - so had to use the TB-15 Thunderbolt thread above this one). Thanks for opening this one for WD-15
I've been having  most of the problems mentioned in the other Thunderbolt dock  thread .. USB problems, fan noise, not recognising on startup,
I tried the driver list above (for 5510 win7 64) and some refused to install because they were for xps product not  precision. However I when on 5520 support page (for the nth time) and found a new USB driver. ie > Chipset_Driver_V2WY5_WN32_1.16.32.1_A01.EXE 
I've installed that but NOPE ... still has USB problems eg stuff like usb (2) keyboard not working. BUT unplug/replug the dock at USB C connection at laptop and it works !! (but this is a PITA and probably will wreck the socket in the long run). 
I guess my point is please sync the support page and this support forum if you can, we all love Dell but would appreciate some reciprocating :-)

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I'm running a T440s with two type A02 Ultra Docks. My OS is Linux Mint (currently 18.3, shortly to be 19.3). I have one dock (manufactured 14/06) with out of date firmware that I'd like to update to see if it resolves a problem (flickering display when laptop reconnects -- I've been using a KVM switch with two laptops). The newer dock is a replacement which hasn't exhibited the problem. It may be a hardware fault but would like to try a firmware upgrade. How can I do this? (ie., without re-installing Windows just to run this) My laptop doesn't undock properly -- I get a blank screen on both laptop and monitor. I know of but haven't tried the dockd solution available from github; I'll wait until I've tried a newer Linux kernel first. It would be helpful to know from now on what minimum kernel release is required for docking station functionality to work.

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Dear ALLHow I could install the firmware sp64611.exe, in a COMPAC-Presario-CQ57-421SS, with LinuxMInt installed?Best regards

A:install firmware in Linux

@efueyo Basically, you can't -- which is why many of us retain dual-boot systems -- because most, if not all, of the system utilities provided by manufacturers run ONLY in Windows. HP distributes their utilities as compressed archives -- and the only tool I know of personally that can extract the components is 7-ZIP -- another Windows utility. If you CAN extract the components, you can see what they are, but most likely, the only executable parts are going to be MS Windows only.

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Does anyone have any infomation regarding Lenovo's plans for extending their support of LVFS to ThinkCentre machines? ThinkPads and ThinkStations are becoming well-represented but it seems as if Lenovo is intentionally choosing to ignore Linux users who choose ThinkCentre.

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Hello, I received the mail from Lenovo about the Thunderbolt Software and Firmware updates but from the documentation[1], I see the software update is only available for Windows 10. Is Linux affected? Should I update only the firmware? [1] https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/it/en/solutions/ht508988

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I am running Ubuntu 19.10 on a recently-purchased X1 Extreme gen 2. The installed BIOS version is 1.26. I looked in the Drivers & Software page and I see that 1.27 was released on 29 October. However, running `fwupdmgr --get-updates` says "No upgrades for 20QVCTO1WW System Firmware, current is 0.1.26: 0.1.23=older, 0.1.23=older". How long does it usually take for firmware updates to be available via fwupdmgr? Should I manually update? I downloaded the BIOS Update Utility for Linux and the README. The directions in the README are clear, but nowhere do I see the 20QVCTO1WW ID mentioned above and want to make sure that I have the correct files. The BIOS Update Utility download is called `n2oul06w.zip` and contains 3 CAB files: N2OET40P.cab, N2OET40W.cab and N2OHT32W.cab. Is this the right file? Which one should I apply? Thanks in advance,-Mario.

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I own a S440 and I like to upgrade the firmware for the Seagate SHDD ( http://support.lenovo.com/de/en/products/Laptops-and-netbooks/ThinkPad-S-Series-laptops/ThinkPad-S44...) There is no bootable iso or anything I can use directly. At least I need the correlation between the extracted *.LOD files and the compatibles HDD. Seagte does not have any further information about this firmware upgrade. (https://apps1.seagate.com/downloads/request.html  , Part Number: 1EJ162-073) I guess some OEM restrictions.FreeDOS did not work. with this guide you could at least try to flash the firmware under *nix:https://github.com/jandelgado/general/wiki/Firmware-update-of-Seagate-harddisk-using-Linux Which firmware file do I need? (ST500LM000-SSHD-8GB)Why lenovo do not release at least a bootable WinPE for flashing firmwares?

Thinkpad T500 2082-52gHDD changed into SAMSUNG HM500LIMicrosoft Windows 6.1 Built 7600 - Windows 7

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I have a Netgear RP614 router. How can I determine which version of firmware I have so I can tell if I need to upgrade.

Thanks for any assistance.

A:Firmware Version

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Hi------ I can tell what driver I have for my Plextor cd rom but how do I find out which firmware version is installed? Plextor has several new versions but I don't know where to start. Thanks Frank

A:firmware version

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I would make a statement with good confidence that either the P70/Xeon EFI firmware or Intel's RST Matrix driver (md raid) is broken. It is not possible to run 2 Nvme drives in RAID on Linux on the P70. None of the Linux distributions I tried (Redhat, CentOS, Arch) seems to be able to see the the disk array. RST & Nvme modules and Nvme-CLI are loaded, but mdadm and nvme-cli are unable to see the array. Everything seems to work, as long as the SATA controller is NOT put into RAID mode. Bummer. Hardware:P70/Xeon(EFI 2.12) + 2x Intel 6000p Nvme (FW1.0) 

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Anybody any clue as to how to perform the update under [email protected]: please bear in mind that not all your customers run Microsoft... support for Linux systems would be much appreciated! https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/nl/en/products/LAPTOPS-AND-NETBOOKS/THINKPAD-X-SERIES-LAPTOPS/THINKPAD-...

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im trying to find out the firmware version of my dvd player

it is a hitachi DVD-rom GD5000

i put it into a shop they say they updated the frimware and said that it was working fine.

but i put it back in my system and its exactly the same as it was before, i just want to know if i have the latest version like they say i t should have?

so how do i check what version i have?
and how would i find what the latest version is ?

thanks for any help in advance !!!!!

A:how do i find out firmware version ?

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I have an e6220 with version A03 installed.  I'm looking to upgrade.  But, t do so the version A14 utility requires that I have A04 installed.  I have been searching but do not see that version listed in the pull down menu of 'other' versions for my unit.  Where can I acquire this from?

A:firmware version not listed


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The linux version of the latest BIOS/ECP firmware (1.44/1.18) for the X1 Carbon 4th gen (type 20FB and 20FC) and X1 Yoga 1st gen (types 20FQ, 20FR) was released Aug 2 (n1ful37w.zip) https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/de/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-x-series-laptops/thinkpad-... Direct link: https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles/n1ful37w.zip That .zip file contains two .cab files, N1FET70W.cab and N1FHT35W.cab, for the BIOS and ECP respectively. Updating the BIOS in linux for my X1 Carbon 20FB worked fine for me with fwupdmgr, but failed for the ECP. This was because the metadata for the ECP update has a typo. Inside the N1FHT35W.cab file is a firmware.metainfo.xml, with a GUID of: 4c2e5b5c-6467-43af-afeb7bc72d96b9c3 This is incorrect. It's missing a dash, and should read: 4c2e5b5c-6467-43af-afeb-7bc72d96b9c3 Modifying this file within the .cab (or extracting it and generating a new .cab) and then flashing that with fwupdmgr fixed the problem. I've attached the modified .cab file (nested in a .zip file for upload). You can check yourself that the only thing that's changed is the GUID line in the .xml file. This typo should be fixed in the source by Lenovo and reuploaded as perhaps a rev 2 for n1ful37w.zip . Hopefully this hasn't happened for any other firmware update files.

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Hi, What should be the "standard" version of the Thunderbolt firmware for a recent T570 20H9 machine?When I look at my configuration, I see 4.0.4 ... (see below jpg file)But the AKITIO manufacturer of the Thunderbolt T3T adapter requires a revision 16 for the firmware (Thunderbolt software number is ok as it should be at least My external Thunderbolt disk is a Rugged "RAID-0 mode" 4Tb diskSo I use  AKITIO T3T adapter to connect Thinkpad thunderbolt-3 portto my external diskI can not find revision 16 on the Lenovo site ...Any advice? Regards

Thunderbolt system tray 03.jpg ?148 KB

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Im about to install the a firmware update though I wanted to know what is the current version installed on my machine. Touch Firmware Update Tool for ThinkPad X1 Yoga https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-x-series-laptops/thinkpad-...

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Is there any way to find the firmware version of an Intel X-25M generation 2 SSD BEFORE installing it into a system? I have 2 160Gb that I intend to put into my new build and would like to know before I do this due to the recent firmware hiccup.

A:find firmware version of SSD BEFORE installing

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Consulting http://www.intel.de/content/www/de/de/support/solid-state-drives/000017245.html the Firmware of your Version is current, since there is an older Version 4PC10362 listed as the most current version.
However, this doesn't answer your question completely, since hp might provide even more current firmware-versions.
On my system the firmware version is the same as yours, 4PC10365, the only difference being: I already DID install the firmware upgrade!
There is another problem with the firmware upgrade 1.20 from the hp-downloads-site:
Installing this upgrade is working fine until necessary reboot: Reboot fails every time, producing an error 0x0000098 "application missing or corrupt", when the file loadvf.bin from the upgrade-directory should be booted.
I am worried that the firmware-upgrade might not be complete.
Intel-Tools all state that the firmware is fine and current, perhaps because they check for the older Intel-Version.
My Install of Windows X64 Pro is an EFI-Install. Might that cause the problem?

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Hello! Please add support to update ThinkPad X230 BIOS and firmwares and Ericsson H5321gw/C5621gw/N5321gw Mobile Broadband Firmware under Linux using project fwupd.org  Gnome Firmware Update tool.This is strongly need to add because Linux and open source OS and software for them has future!

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In the "Chipset" section at the Thinkpad X1 Yoga 2017/2:nd edition drivers page https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/nl/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-x-series-laptops/thinkpad-... , both 11.7 and 11.8 versions of the Intel Management Engine are available. As for me I will never use the AMT, however still I want to know which one is generally the best choice. For me to be informed about which to choose, can you please tell me: Why do you distribute two versions?

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Norton Core firmware version 223 and Mobile ver 1.27 are now available

Norton Core firmware version 223 and Mobile ver 1.27 are now available

2017 has been a busy first year for the Norton Core team. We have made significant improvements to the performance, reliable and setup of Norton Core.

We capped the year with our latest firmware ? version 223 as well as an updated app ? version 1.27. (Both Android and iOS)

Firmware version 223 has additional improvements to stability and performance. Your Norton Core router should have already automatically updated itself with this new version of firmware. If it has not, please power cycle your router by unplugging the cable and then plugging it back in.

Our latest mobile app to version 1.27 includes improved notification alerts.

2017 Summary of Improvements for Norton Core

Added logic to improve SpeedTest accuracy
Improved SpeedTest experience for speeds >500 Mbps
Implemented more accurate bandwidth allocation

Improved overall router software stability
Improved consistency of Device Discovery

Improved onboarding experience with additional connectivity checks throughout
Added better error checking and clearer user messaging

Improved quarantine logic for infected devices
Added blocking LAN to LAN communications
Added preventing quarantined devices from UPnP and Port Forwarding
Implemented new passphrase support based on the ZXCVBN logic
Enhanced content filtering... Read more

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I have X1C5 with INTEL SSDPEKKF256G7L 256GB running linux. I am not sure if it matters, but I have FAT32 ESP and root Ext4 partition encrypted with LVM on LUKS. My current firmware version is 118P. I'd like to install latest SSD firmware via nvme-cli as described here. I downloaded fwnv28 (but also tried fwnv16) zip archive, used nvme fw-download pointing to the NVME_End2End_Lenovo_256_dvt_OPAL_Encrypt_and_Signature.bin binary with successful result (Firmware download success). However I cannot commit (does not work with --action 1 or 2); it fails with The firmware image specified for activation is invalid and not loaded by the controller (107).Any idea why? Any recommendation? Many thanks.

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>HP Notebook System BIOS Update:>NOTE: HP strongly recommends updating the Management Engine firmware to version to prevent >BIOS/Management Engine firmware corruption issues. where to find the file necessary for updating firmware to version!

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I am trying to update BIOS on my ThinkPad P50, having Ubuntu 19.10 installed (Kubuntu).After following published Lenovo support instructions, downloading the lastet driver and trying to install it I am getting following: >sudo fwupdmgr install N1EET85W.cabDecompressing?           [***************************************]Not compatible with firmware version 0.1.21, requires >= 0.1.46 What do I need to do to install the update? Thanks in advance. 

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I have an intel DH61WW mobo, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, 8.1
It shipped able to handle up to i7 3rd Gen processors only. It can be updated to accept 3rd Gen which is what I have.
I seem to be in a loop while upgrading from a Pentium G840 to an i3770 K on this Intel DH61WW motherboard.
the Problem: It seems that I need version 8.x of Intel Management Firmware and I can't get to update past version
According to this page, I need version 8.x to continue for updates to use Windows 8 & 8.1

So far, I have had the bios version update to
BEH 6110H.86A.0048.2012.1105.1520
I had the i7 installed but it acted confused. So I reinstalled the Pentium and the computer works but I still can't get the Intel Management Firmware to update.
According to this page I am ready for 3rd Gen i7 but not unless Intel Management Firmware gets updated first


3rd Gen-Ready AA#s
or later
3rd Gen-Capable AA#s
3rd Gen-Transition BIOS version
3rd Gen-Ready BIOS version
BEH6110H.86A.0041 or later

A:Solved: Intel Management Firmware update to version 8.x

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I just recently updated my firmware on my linksys router WRT54G with the new version of linksys firm ware and now my router does not work. I can not access the GUI under the ip address I 've tried to reboot the router using the 30/30 method that is suggested by Linksys, but I still can not access the routers GUI. Please advise if there is another method to set back the routers firmware.

A:Update firmware on Linksys router WRT54G version 2


I don't believe that the router saves any copy of the old firmware to set back to.

I'd recommend the DD-WRT firmware.

Was it the wrong firmware? Was it for your chipset version? Was the firmware for G, or GS, or other?

Read this: Recover From A Bad Flash

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I am looking to install linux onto an old P2 333 machine, just to get familiar with it and whatnot. I am looking at various distributions of linux: Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE, and others.

What would you consider to be the BEST distribution for an intermediate/advanced PC user? I want to use it to program in c++, possibly make a web server and ftp server, and various other tasks. This is moreso to "test drive" linux for the first time. I am vaguely familiar with UNIX.

Also, are device drivers compatible with any version of linux? I mean, with a driver for a GeForce 4 ti4600 for redhat also work on Mandrake and SuSe?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:best linux version?

I would choose the distro that best supports your hardware.

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