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Precision T3600, BIOS Update issue

Q: Precision T3600, BIOS Update issue

I have done a clean install of Windows 10 Pro on a Precision 3600 and everything works great except the bios will not update. I have tried by just installing the file, using Dell precision optimizer, and all gets stuck on the restart phase. Is there any suggestion on getting the PC to update the BIOS ?

Thank you.

Preferred Solution: Precision T3600, BIOS Update issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Precision T3600, BIOS Update issue

What BIOS version is currently installed? What BIOS version are you trying to install? You should install them in order, oldest to newest.

Note, I only update the BIOS to fix a specific issue. I never update the BIOS just because there is a new one listed.
Desktop Instructions =- Disconnect all peripherals from the desktop except for monitor, mouse, and keyboard- Close all unnecessary applications- Download the BIOS to the windows desktop- Run the BIOS- You must allow the BIOS itself to restart the computer. Do NOT force a restart manually. This could break the motherboard

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I have to 2 Dell Precision T3600 computers that only power on after the second try.
If you press the power button first time: the power button get's a amber light & 1 3 4 diagnostic get a flickering amber light. 
If you turn the computer off and press the power button again it will turn on and work as normal.
I have been able to diagnose that the PSU is the problem.
I would like to know if I can continue to use these desktops in their current state? Are there any potential consequences / risks involved?
Also can the PSU can be repaired? If so how?

Thank you in advance.

A:Dell Precision T3600 Power Supply (PSU) amber light issue

Manual indicates it may be PSU cable related:

1- Blink 2- Off 3- Blink 4- Blink

PSU Cable Failure
All PSU cables may not be properly connected to system board. (PS_ON asserted, missing a main power rail)

Did you try to reseat the motherboard's PSU cable(s)?

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I checked T3600 and 3610 - the only difference is BIOS firmware, even BIOS chips are the same. T3600 has Intel ME firmware 7th version - that is why Xeon v2 are not recognized by the 3600 system, they need later 8th version of ME. Upgrade of ME formware is a difficult procedure  - You need to fit the size and other attributes of old ME region. The simpliest way would be to read both BIOS chips from 3610 motherboard and clean data region in ME but I don't have any T3610 systems. Another way is to analyze BIOS file for T3610 and drag out the firmware for T3600. If anybody has T3610 - please reply

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Hello Everyone,
I updated my P3620 bios yesterday to v2.3.0 and since my SATA PowerVault RD1000 has quit working.  I can see it in the bios as a "Dell" drive, but Windows 10 can't detect it.  It may be being caused by the bios drive controller being set to "RAID ON" instead of AHCI.  I can't remember if it originally was set to AHCI, or not.  If I try to change to AHCI, windows won't load and tries to go into repair mode.  Switching back to RAID ON, and system boots fine, but no RD1000.
Just to rule out a freak hardware issue, I have swapped out the SATA cable and RD1000 with spares, but no joy.  External USB RD1000 works fine.
So, any ideas?  Is there a way to roll the BIOS back?  Should I switch to a gluten-free diet?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance,

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Hi all,
I recently acquired a used T3600 desktop. In great condition but sadly missing one major component; the PSU. Now I have a spare Corsair CX750 unit with all the standard connectors on it, can this made to work? Or am I right in thinking that the T3600 has a non standard connector on the motherboard? Any feedback would be great, I'm a bit of noob when it comes to Dell.

A:Precision T3600 PSU

Hi Dave,
The PSU options are Power 425W, 635W .And the connectors available are listed below.
External connectors
Audio front: Mic-in, headphone-out; rear: Line-out, Mic In/Line In
Network one RJ-45
Serial one 9-pin connector
USB Front panel:
Three USB 2.0
One USB 3.0
Rear panel:
Five USB 2.0
One USB 3.0
Three USB 2.0
Video Video card dependent
DVI connector
Display port
Internal connectors
    System Power one 28-pin connector
    Systems fans three four-pin connectors
    Processor fans one five-pin connectors
    HDD fans one five-pin connector
    Memory four 240-pin connectors
    Processor one LGA-2011 sockets
Rear IO:
    PCI Express x4 two 164-pin connectors
    PCI Express x16 two 164-pin connectors
    PCI 2.3 one 124-pin connector
Front IO:
    Front USB one 14-pin connector
    Internal USB one type A female, one dual-port 2x5 header
    Front panel control one 2x14 pin connector
    Front panel audio HDA header one 2x5 pin connector
HDD Back Panel :
    SATA four seven-pin SAS/SATA connectors
    Power one 24-pin and one eight-pin connectors

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Hello gays
I need help. I have got dell precision t3600 when trying to install windows7 not detecting the drives
310 raid card is there and I downloaded the drivers also still the problem is not solved
It's came with windows7 professional 64bit
The previous owner was formated the disk
When I used windows 8.1 it's working well . But I want to use windows 7

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I have a problem with the Dell Precision T3600 workstation. The original operating system on the workstation was Windows 7. Recently, we decided to replace the original Windows 7 for Windows 10 and we wanted to replace the classical disk for SSD, which has more advantages. My problem is that after the system is installed, the computer behaves very neatly. When booting, the disk controller did not try to send data to the processing bus. Simply say, there are periods when the pc starts when the pointer is standing, it does not respond to the click instructions and opening the application, and the disk in the monitor is used up to 100%. After about half a minute, the process is restored and everything is about normal for one minute, then the process is repeated again and again and again.
Please help me, I've already sketched everything I could attack, bios upgrade to A15, new drivers, replace all components in pc for others, and it's still only in that motherboard.

A:Precision T3600, Windows 10, SSD, freezes

r0b3rt0,Click the link below to download the drivers for Windows 10. I am not sure which model hard drive you installed, but it may need a firmware update. There is also a driver install order link below. The drivers need to be installed in the correct order for the hardware to work properly.Dell T3600 Drivers, Downloads and ManualsDriver Install Order

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I recently ordered (have not yet received) a Dell Precision T3600 workstation. I tend to build my own desktops, but I didn't want anything too flashy case wise, (cared more about ease of access, etc.) and all the good "build your own" cases are very loud (color wise, light wise, not decibel wise necessarily). At any rate, because of this "build your own spirit", I ordered it with pretty much budget everything except the PSU, which I upgraded to the 635 Watt option. I figure I can upgrade CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD, etc. later and save money. The one thing that is unclear on Dell's website, however, is what CPU options are supported. I know it is a socket LGA2011, but some of these have core count restrictions. Dell only lists it on their website with up to 8 core CPUs, but 12 core chips do exist for the LGA2011 socket. Does anybody know if these chips are compatible with the system's motherboard?
Thanks in advance!

A:Dell Precision T3600 CPU Upgrade

Hello there.
I know this is an old post, but what´s your current setup? Did you make the 8-core upgrade? What´s your config? I would love to know cause I´m having issues with mine. Here is my thread about my issue (regarding CPU E5-2670 V1, stepping C1)::

Thanks a bunch for any answers!!

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Hi Everyone,
I was hoping to use an old dell internal speaker on T3600, and realized that the pin connector on motherboard (MB) is slightly different. The old speaker was taken from an Optiplex 745. On the 745 MB, the audio port is like one pin, space, three other pins, but on T3600 MB, the layout is three pins, space, one pin. The speaker has four cables, green,[space], black, white and red. I can plug in the speaker but it does not work properly.  
My question is if anyone knows the pinout on T3600 MB. I can then rearrange pin receptacles of the speaker to make the speaker work. 

Thank you,


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I am going to upgrade my T3600 Workstation with a new CPU. There are a number of them sold on ebay now, but there is no info in those announcements regarding which of the 3 steppings intel produced of the E5-2670 cpu is inside them. 
Does anyone have this cpu installed in their T3600 machine out there? Could you help a fellow? Should be in the bios under system information... or on the actual purchase receipt when you upgraded.
There are 3 steppings: 
What it says there is that the 3 steppings are "C0" (QB7A), "C1" (QBF5, SR0H8) and "C2" (QBV7, SR0KX). Now, if you don´t know the specifics of your cpu, just look in the bios for any of the above numbers that are in parenthesis, aka "QBV7, SR0KX", anything like that.
Also, if you could give the bios version and revision of the revision of the motherboard/mainboard, that would of course be genius, but I´ll take anything anyone has to offer me at this point. 
Thanks for any help!
Best Regards
/Andrew Eklov, Sweden.

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Greetings all.
I am having an issue with upgrading my Win7 T3600 workstation to windows 10.  I have looked through numerous posts on possible issues and tried different methods of the upgrade process.
My research has made me conclude that the T3600 with the embedded Intel raid controller has a problem in the pre-boot environment. I keep getting an error after the windows 10 upgrade does it's first re-boot.  error code 0xC1900101-0x20017.
I have seen posts on hidden drives and devices or old drivers.  None of these issues seam to apply to my situation.
Anyone have any suggestions?

A:Precision T3600 Windows 10 upgrade issues

Okay, so I just say this post.
When I checked my BIOS settings i verified that I have the latest version (a14), but the boot mode was set to legacy BIOS.  Do I need to change this to UEFI in order to get windows 10 to install?

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I just picked up a used T3600 and upgraded to 64GB of ECC RAM (4X 16GB ECC DIMMs). Now I get a message at POST saying recent hardware changes require an upgrade to the power supply.
Will an 825 watt or 1300 watt supply from a T5600 work in the T3600?  Can anyone confirm compatibility in a T3600?
It looks like the T3600 originally shipped with a 425W or a 635W supply.
Thanks in advance!


A:Dell Precision T3600 Power Supply Options?

Hi _erin,
The T3600 originally shipped with a 425W or 635W PSU, whilst the T5600 shipped with a 635W or 825W. The 635W model is cross-compatible (Dell part numbers: 1K45H, NVC7F) so the 825W (Dell part numbers: DR5JD, CVMY8 ) shouldn't present any issues (however, it isn't a supported configuration)

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There have been many threads about sourcing a heatsink alternative for the T3600 / T5600 / T7600. 
Having acquired several used T5600 workstations at a very low cost, I had the idea to make all of them dual processor machines. There appeared to be two obstacles to this idea. 
1/ The latched fan connector 
2/ The ILM is not the most common variant. The ILM is the pressure latch holding the CPU into the socket. Various ebay sellers describe it as a latch, socket, holder .. in fact it is an ILM. 
Lets go through this one step at a time. 

Heatsink fan and its connector
The connector DELL use on the PWM Heatsink fan is a standard connector. Due to the cyclonic forces created by the DELL heatsink, the resistance of the fan connector latch is the only force capable of resisting the gusts of wind driven by 15-30 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of volume. 
However, the resourceful sellers of ebay / newark / digikey / element14 have a solution. For the non-DELL heatsinks using the flimsy PWM connector in a 4 pin housing there are two options. 
1/ Cut off the standard connector, or, 
2/ Purchase an adaptor / converter cable. 
Even though I have the crimping tools / pins / housings I opted for the second option. This meant I didnt have to waste much time. My main reason was that I had many of these to do and I only had 20 crimp pins. 
These adaptor cables are called "dell fan latch" (works as a keyword bundle)
Caution: There a... Read more

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i have t5600 motherborad and 835psu but am not have a chasis
if i buy dell t3600 i can replace that and it can worker ?

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Service tag: 
<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>
Dell Precision T3600 
I have been trying to install Windows 7 on this machine now for two days :) I have tried numerous drivers off the support website. 
This machine has two 500gb SAS drives configured with a Dell H310 SAS card. 
initially I configured both drives as a raid-1 mirror, initialized both disks and set the boot options in BIOS to ata and legacy.
I then load the Windows 7 setup and has problems finding the drives. Ok I thought get the drivers to the H310 card. No matter what driver I throw at this thing it refuses to detect any hard disk. 
I get a error messaged saying continue to load *signed drivers*
I have tried every driver on the Dell site, and also other suggestions with Intel drivers nothing has worked. 
I get the same problem the windows installer cannot see the drives. I even unraided the configuration and same problem occurs. 
This is a headache!  please is there a simple way to install windows on this heap of junk :)

A:Dell Precision T3600 Windows 7 Install problems

PCI cards in General DO NOT ENUMERATE properly or install without CHIPSET DRIVERS (F6 mass Storage Drivers) Being installed FIRST.
There are 2 fiiles at the link you want the one that is 156K
'"Windows Setup could not configure Windows on this computer’s hardware" installation error on a Windows 7-based or a Windows Server 2008 R2-based computer'.

This is not cookie cutter you must extract the drivers and point to them on a USB storage device unzipped.  EXE OR ZIP is not F6 READABLE.

Go to another computer that has an internet connection and click the link below to download the PERC driver for your hard disk drive (either 32-bit or 64-bit):
Save the downloaded driver to a DVD or USB flash drive or an external hard drive that can be taken to the PC that you're installing Windows to.  Its an exe rename it .zip and extract the 4 files.
Next, start the installation of Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 and watch for the Load Driver option. You will see this option on the Where do you want to install Windows? screen in the lower right corner.
Connect the USB flash or external drive to the computerthat you're installing Windows or take the Windows DVD out of the drive and put the driver DVD into the drive. (You will put the Windows DVD back into that drive after the driver is loaded)
Click Load Driver,&n... Read more

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There have been many threads about sourcing a heatsink alternative for the T3600 / T5600 / T7600. 
Having acquired several used T5600 workstations at a very low cost, I had the idea to make all of them dual processor machines. There appeared to be two obstacles to this idea of buying a CPU, putting on a heatsink and loading up the ram.  The problem was the heatsink is different. Very different. 
1/ The latched fan connector 
2/ The ILM is not the most common variant. The ILM is the pressure latch holding the CPU into the socket. Various ebay sellers describe it as a latch, socket, holder .. in fact it is an ILM. 
Lets go through this one step at a time. 

Heatsink fan and its connector
The connector DELL use on the PWM Heatsink fan is a standard connector. Due to the cyclonic forces created by the DELL heatsink, the resistance of the fan connector latch is the only force capable of resisting the gusts of wind driven by 15-30 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of volume. 
However, the resourceful sellers of ebay / newark / digikey / element14 have a solution. For the non-DELL heatsinks using the flimsy PWM connector in a 4 pin housing there are two options. 
1/ Cut off the standard connector, or, 
2/ Purchase an adaptor / converter cable. 
Even though I have the crimping tools / pins / housings I opted for the second option. This meant I didnt have to waste much time. My main reason was that I had many of these to do and I only had 20... Read more

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Please help me to turn on my workstation without the front panel.
I need to find out what pins to short because the front panel is broken.
What is the pinout of the 28 pin connector?

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This is how I got my T5600 to work from a SSD SATA connected to a PERC 310H card and boot as UEFI. It can also be a SAS drive. In this example I was only using a single drive and have not attempted a RAID setup. 

I may have skipped some parts where you have to reboot. If I refer to the BIOS settings then you would have to reboot first. 

1. Setup hard drive as a NON-RAID drive. When booting it will appear as BIOS handled and NON-RAID.
2. Download the Windows 10 installer onto USB using Microsoft Media Tool.
3. Download the DELL T5600 Payload for T5600 and BIOS files (if needed). Install latest DELL BIOS if you have an existing older OS. 
4. Unzip the DELL driver payload onto the USB drive for Windows 10 and leave inside a folder called T5600.
5. Using a rear USB slot that is NOT USB 3. Go into F2 and load the USB stick under UEFI, it may have a strange name if the BIOS is old (such as INT13). Saqve changes. Reboot. Boot from the USB stick. 

6. Make sure the drive you are working on does not contain data you want to keep. Ideally you would disconnect any drive you dont want to accidentally alter. 
When given the option to select a hard drive, if necessary, delete any previous partitions so the drive is without any partitions. Then click the * NEW button. 
7. After clicking NEW it MUST generate 4 partitions, 3 system partitions + 1 OS partition (made by Windows installer). If it only has 2 partitions it will never work as a UEFI boot volume
8. In... Read more

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Hello Dell Community, 
I have an annoying issue with my T5610... I want to install windows on a new Drive but I can't boot on a USB drive, and it's impossible to access the BIOS...
Basically I hit F2 at the Dell loading screen and "Entering Setup"  text appears. but then it won't enter setup it shows just a white blinking dash...
I already checked everything I could : leaving only one CPU, swapping RAM, resetting CMOS...
Any idea on what could be the reason ? 

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Please help!
Can not update the BIOS.
The installed version of A07, A12-date with the Dell site.
Launch T7610A12.exe file and is updated and the computer automatically restarts.
However, there is no change after. Windows 8.1 system.
Tried liveDVD Win10, Hiren's Boot CD. Reset the BIOS to remove the battery. I tried all subsequent versions of the BIOS.
What else can I try?

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I installed BIOS update A16 to my M4600 and after it went to 100%, the system will no longer POST. No dell logo, no ability to get into BIOS. The hard drive light is bright white, and the battery light next to it flashes White once then 4 times amber, then white again plus 4 times amber, and repeats for a few more times before just settling on non-stop flashing amber.
Pulled and swapped the memory and the hard drive, tried it with and without the battery, also pulled the CMOS battery. Again, no video on the screen, no Dell logo, no POST, no fans on, nothing activity wise other than those flashing lights when I turn it on. I'm thinking something went wrong with the BIOS update even it looked like it completed successfully and I've done hundreds of these to various Dell laptops over the years.
Any ideas what I should try next? I can't find that solid white HD, flashing amber Battery diagnostic code anywhere in any documentation or online so I don't even know where to begin.
Plus it's not under warranty anymore which angers me because it appears the only reason my laptop has been bricked is because I dared install the A16 update that was helpfully published right there on Dell's support page.

A:Precision M4600 - Not Booting after BIOS Update

The exact same thing just happened to me. This is messed up.

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I am on Bios A09 on my Precision Tower 7910.  I see A12 is released.  Anyone update?
A month ago, A10 was available for a day and they pulled it. I did download it, but did not install it. They never posted A11, but now have A12 listed as recommended. A11 is listed as previous versions, but A10 is not. So I assume A12 has the fixes in A10, A11, and A12. Just wondering if I should go from A09 to A12.
My System has Dual Intel Xeon Processor E5-2630 v3 (8C HT, 20MB Cache, 2.4 GHz Turbo).
A11 notes Fixes & Enhancements

Enhanced the Memory Mapped IO to automatically map the correct amount of Memory for PCI devices depending on the user configuration, thus the previous setup option for Small and Large has been removed.
Removed the Fastboot setup option.
A12 notes Fixes & Enhancements:

Adds support for Broadwell (v4) CPUs

A:Precision Tower 7910 Bios Update

I only install a systems bios update to address a specific issue I may be facing. Are you currently having issues with this desktop?

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Hi all.

Just received my new Precision 7520. Proceed to install a fresh copy of Windows 10 with no problems. Then update system fom Windows update with no problems, but the updtae bios from Dell downloads to the new version 1.1.2 and now the laptop doesn't boot.
If I press power button, it lits but system doesn't boot, and after several seconds it power off itself. No Dell logo on screen, nothing.
I've unplugged/plugged again CMOS battery to reset BIOS defaults but the problem persist. Any suggestions?

Just 30 minutes with this laptop and now I have a brick.

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I have encountered a problem when trying to update BIOS version on my laptop M6800..
I have version A05 installed now and it is not updating any further (also no downgrade).
I have tried EVERY version available on DELL support section - from a01 to a19.
Each try just ends in system reboot and usual windows boot with no update.
I have tried installing via DOS usb stick, via various Win versions, via f12 flash upgrade and finally via dell command update program (which suggested to install a19 and asked to reboot - and nothing again)..
A have tried removing all hardware (msata, sata drives, wifi, dvd), tried bios default settings, tried clearing CMOS with battery disconnect.
Thats what i got in log under win update:
***BIOS flash started on 12/13/2013 at 3:27:04***Command: C:\Users\User\Downloads\M6800A19.exe /s /l=test.txtA05 INSTALLED (Dell System Precision M6800)- (NO MANIFEST ON SYSTEM)A19 UPDATE (Dell System Precision M6800)- System BIOS : A19- Embedded Controller : A13- Gigabit Ethernet : 1.3- Legacy Video OROM : 2178.V.15- Legacy RAID OROM : Intel Management Engine Update : ACPI OS support : Intel AntiTheft : Code = 2 (Reboot Required)***BIOS flash finished at 12/13/2013 at 3:27:13***After reboot - again - nothing.
Someone pls advise?

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I just got a used M4600, and the currently installed bios is A08. When I try to update to A16, it restarts, says it's updating firmware, but fails at 0%. It gives no reason, and no error code as far as I can tell. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide.

A:Bios update failed - Dell Precision M4600

That is NOT the issue! There is nothing wrong with the M4600 motherboards per se.
Everybody has been trying to find why when trying a BIOS upgrade, the system immediately fails with a basic "BIOS Update Failed" and no specific error code or more explanation. The answer is in the PDF document below - that is the message displayed when BIOS authentication fails!
You just have to look up the Dell Signature Firmware 'feature' that was introduced into a number of laptop incl the M4600.  Download PDF doc. That was a feature introduced per NIST requirements.
In a nutshell, they changed the way BIOS authenticates a BIOS file before it will use it to update the BIOS & EC firmware. The M4600 is in the list of "Legacy Systems" where this was introduced. Basically, these systems did NOT have the Signature Firmware when produced. 
Version A04 introduced this feature. After you install that, you will have an option to turn the Signature Firmware requirement On (default is Off). Once turned On, it can NOT be turned off! 
The problem starts in BIOS ver A08. Something in the code is wrong. Because on some M4600s it updates the BIOS AND Activates the Signature Firmware requirement. After that, the system will NOT authenticate ANY other BIOS versions so you will NOT be able to upgrade past version 8!
I manage many, many systems for a company. I am currently sitting on 33 (yes, that many) M4600 with that exact same situation!
A motherboard swap does... Read more

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I am new to the forum and this is my first post.  Just wanted to give a heads up on an issue I recently discovered.  I haven't found much on this I guess because the system is still pretty new.
I received a brand new Precision 7710 and the first thing I do is complete all Windows updates and do any driver updates that need to be done.
Here are the laptop specs:
Computer:  Mobile Precision 7710BIOS Version:  1.3.12OS Version:  Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64 bitManufacturer: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1535M v5 @ 2.90GHzClock Speed: 2.9GhzL2 Cache Size: 102417.3" UltraSharp UHD IGZO(3840 x2160) Wide View Anti-Glare LE D-backlit6 Cell (91 Whr) Long Life Cycl e Lithium Polymer battery240W AC Adapter64GB (4x16G) 2133MHz DDR4 MemoryAMD FirePro W5170M, 2GB GDDR51TB 2.5 inch SATA Solid State Drive,MPWSWin 7 Pro,SP1,No Media,64bit,O pti,ENGIntel Dual Band Wireless 8260 (802.11ac) W/ BluetoothIntel Xeon E3-1535M with Smart Card and Thunderbolt 3

I received this laptop on Monday March 21, 2016, saw that there were approx 4 or 5 driver updates on dell.com/support.
I chose to download all updates to the desktop and update from there as I always do.
I saved the bios update for the next day March 22, 2016 as I wanted to be in my office to do this update.  I am well aware you can easily turn your laptop into a brick if the update goes south.
I come in and begin the update via the Precision_7X10_148.exe on the desktop I had downloaded from dell.co... Read more

A:Mobile Precision 7710 BIOS update 1.4.8 failure

Wow! You saved me.
I had the exact same issue with the 7710 and the 1.4.8 BIOS.  Motherboard replacement was scheduled for tomorrow.  
I did a search found your post and now my machine is back in business.  No replacement necessary.
Thank you for troubleshooting this and posting the solution.
This is what the Internet is all about.

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Precision T5810, T7810, T7910

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Precision T1500

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Precision T1650

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ... Read more

A:Precision T5810, T7810, T7910, T1500, T1650, T3500, T3600, T3610, T5610, T7610, T5500, T5600, T7500, T7600 Memory Configuration

Hi Lee,
wish I'd looked up memory configs before wasting loads of money! Just to double check i understand the tables correctly, my dual cpu T7600 has 8x4gig sims. I bought 4x16 to replace or better add to it, but i'm right in thinking that's completely wrong and I in fact need to buy another 12x16 as i HAVE to have all 16 slots filled with 16 gig sticks? is that correct? (slaps forhead)

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Hi All,
we have a T3600 with an odd error.

the power LED is off, but the machine is connected to the mains.
all 4 LED status lights are on.
hard drive LED is on solid.

if i disconnect the mains the lights go out of course. 
The PC powers up normally when the power button is pressed.
any ideas what is causing this?

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I created this topic because i need an update for bios for hp omen laptop. I hope developers will see this topic and will fix the problem in the new version of bios (F.09 Rev.A).I have had throttling at normal temperature, core frequency reached 0.8 ghz and fps in games dropped.  Here is the videos from other peope, who have the same problem with omen:https://youtu.be/W1ua6Tq0BCghttps://youtu.be/5tHDO3w4WuY Here is the topics in forum:https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Gaming-Notebooks/HP-Omen-laptop-Model-17-w033dx/td-p/5683302http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Gaming-Notebooks/Freezing-Lagging-FPS-Drops-Workaround-Solution-HP-Omen... I installed F.05 Rev.A bios and it solved my problem. Please, make an update for bios to fix the problem. Thank you.

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Hi guys. I'm having a bit of a problem updating my BIOS. I have a MSI P45 Platinum MB. I have downloaded the new BIOS, but the files dont seem to fit the programs i use. The files i download are files that have extensions equal to their version number, for instance; A7512IMS.110, where "110" is the extension as well as the version number. The update programs on the other hand, seems to want to get a hold of *.rom-files. I've googled my *** off, but cant find any good explanations. I cant seem to get an understanding of what these *.rom-files even are.

I expect people to recommend MSI Live Update 3 etc, but I'm having problems installing the application. When trying to exec "Liveupdate.exe", I see a bar, and when it is finished, my mouse cursor turns into an hourglass for about 5 sec, and nothing more happens. I even unpacked the *.exe-file which is an archive, and tried to execute the setup.exe, but still nothing.

I'm running WinXP Sp3. I dont have a floppy-station as this is a brand new computer, and im not sure if I can get a hold of a bootable USB-device.


A:P45 BIOS update issue

I realize that the machine probably doesn't have a floppy drive installed., but have you checked to see if the board itself has a FDD socket? The P-45 chipset is enabled for FDD, but I'm not familiar with your particular board to know if it's been implemented.

If it is, it's an easy (and reasonably inexpensive matter) to buy a floppy drive, take the side off the computer and flash your BIOS to your heart's content.

FDDs (all brands) run about eight bucks at Newegg. Annoyingly, the shipping charges are about the same. Here's a Sony; http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16821103116

BIOS updates can be risky and aren't really suggested if they're not absolutely necessary. So, is this one necessary?

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I wish to update my BIOS, as I am facing some issues with Windows 10 login after the anniversary update. I downloaded the corresponding BIOS update, but when I run it, I cannot update it, as it tells me "This update is not compatible with this device". I found the driver update (sp76953) by entering my exact product number, so I do not understand how it is incompatible.

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Hello im using ideapad 320 14ikb. And recently have updated the bios from this official sitebut later on got a message says default boot drive missing etc.... found only the solution is to change boot mode to legacy and it worked but the laptop started acting weird.  The fan runs fast and continuously, laptop started to get hot and can hear a noise coming out of it  note: I have repartitioned the hard drive previously and I don't know the previous version installed in my computer what is the solution ?  

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am trying to update my bios but its not getting updated what to do
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue and moved post to its own thread.

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Hello,I have an issue with my ThinkPad T430.After updating bios to latest version my T430 won't even get inro post screen until I remove one of the two 4gb 12800S DDR3 1600Mhz RAM modules.Before the update everything was working without any problems and I even reseted the bios settings to deafult before and after installing the update.I don't even get any audio feedback from the motherboard which would say that RAM is broken or something like that :/

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first when i bought my laptop i started updating the drivers from the hp support assistant one of the updates was the bios so when the pc restarted to configure the update i got a block error on the bios update and it freeze on 0% for about an hour so i had to restore the bios image so until now i'm scared to update it

A:bios update issue

Try to download the BIOS update directly from the HP website. Also make sure you disable any Anti-Virus programs from attempting to run the installer.

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I have an issue when trying to update the BIOS of my Z30-A-12R.
I have installed currently the bios version 2.6. My computer had to be reformatted and all the programs re-installed. When reinstalling utilities the ECO utility could not be installed due to the incompatibility with the bios version I am using.
When trying to update the bios, the new version is 4.2 but when trying to download it and apply it, it says that my computer is not supported.
Is there any way to update the bios? Why do I have a problem with the new version?
Thanks for your help.

A:BIOS Update Issue on Satellite Z30-A-12R

If you have Win7: Install Toshiba Value Added Package.
If you have Win8/10: install Toshiba System Driver and System Settings.

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im using ideapad 320 14ikb. And recently have updated the bios from this official site
but later on got a message says default boot drive missing etc....
found only the solution is to change boot mode to legacy and it worked but the laptop started acting weird.  The fan runs fast and continuously, laptop started to get hot and can hear a noise coming out of it 
note: I have repartitioned the hard drive previously and I don't know the previous version installed in my computer
what is the solution ?
 Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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I tried to update the BIOS from our Latitude E5450 systems from A12 to A13 with a command line, distributed by our SCCM, but it does not install the BIOS, though I get a 'succeeded'  return message.
On shutdown and a boot later on, it still says 'A12'.When trying to do a reboot aftwerwards, still no effect.On immediate* reboot after the Install, it installs the 'A13' update.(*immediately: being the first shutdown/reboot action after the BIOS installation)
I though it could be a Windows 10 'fastboot' issue so I disabled that option, but still, when choosing 'shut down' after the succesfull BIOS update, it does not update the BIOS on the next boot.

The command line I use is:A13.exe /s /f /p=xxxxx /l="C:\Temp\BIOS.txt" /forceit
The bios.txt logfile says:
***BIOS flash started on 7/5/2016 at 16:41:46***Command: \\xxxxxxxxxxxxxx\A13.exe /s /f /p= /l="C:\temp\bios.txt" /forceit
A12 INSTALLED (Dell System Latitude E5450)- Gigabit Ethernet : X01- System BIOS with BIOS Guard : A12- Embedded Controller : A06- Intel Management Engine (VPro) Update :
A13 UPDATE (Dell System Latitude E5450)- System BIOS with BIOS Guard : A13- Embedded Controller : A06- Gigabit Ethernet : X01- Legacy Video OROM : 1039.V.18- Legacy N15SGM OROM : Legacy N15SGT OROM : Legacy RAID OROM : Intel Management Engine (VPro) Update : Intel Management Engine (Non-VPro) Update... Read more

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I have a Lenovo ideapad 100S 11IBY, and today I could not log in to windows 10 after its BIOS update (to the latest version) It just keeps wanting me to input bitlocker recovery key, but I could not find it on my microsoft account website, and actually even I don't remember whether I did set up my bitlocker recovery key or not. I'd been to 'windows.microsoft.com/recoverykeyfaq' as intructed on the screen and followed all directions, also had been to the BestBuy that I'd purchased it but nothing helps. I love my laptop and I have done my best to keep the device good. I feel very sad that I cannot use my PC during this weekend. I don't want to reset my laptop.  Anyone knows how to solve this problem ??  

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After I have updated the Intel managemet Engine 11.8 My computer takes 60 secunds before I can hit Enter to enter the bios. Then another 20 sec to launch Windows. Therefore I have tryed to update my bios from 1.39 to 1.42 BUT when the computer tryes to reboot it enters hypernation mode or something. The led in the power buttom pluses slowly and I need to remove battery and hit the reset buttom to restart the computer. I the created a flashdrive to boot from but it is the same If I restart the computer from windows normaly - it reboots. How can I prevent the computer to enter hibernationmode on restart while updating the bios? 

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Hi, I have an issue to update BIOS of my M93p Desktops by an USB Key, I create a DOS Bootable USB Key with the software Rufus (FreeDos) and I copy all files of the flash update program in FBJTxxUSA.ZIP to my DOS bootable memory key. I powered up the system and made sure that my device with the flash program is selected as a boot device.  When I ran the Bios update, I have this error message :I tried with the Bios update by Bootable CD, I have the same issue. Could you help me to find a solution, I can not use the Windows Flash tool, I must use an USB Bios update. Thank you for your help.

A:Issue to update BIOS of my M93p Desktops by USB Key

At the very bottom of the BIOS support page for your system are links to the previous version, try upgrading to it, then to the latest. 
Also, please check your model number, there is no M96p. 

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I've been having USB errors as well as the internal cardreader appearing and disappearing from being recognized by my system so I thought I'd update the BIOS.  I currenlty have BIOS P01-A2 and was trying to upgrade to P03-A3. I tried both Windows method as well as from DOS but both fail to update the BIOS.  I've updated BIOS in the past for multiple different types of motherboards and have never had any issues with simple bios updates.  Someone please advise.  Thanks!

Go to Solution.

A:DX4860-US20P BIOS update issue

Are you sure that your desktop has an Ivy Bridge CPU and USB3.0?BIOS (for device with Ivy Bridge & USB 3.0 Supported) if not, you can't use this BIOS to update your PC.

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We deployed ~50 HP ProDesk 600 G1's in the enterprise environment I work at.  We have them set to auto-update the BIOS and we deployed a BIOS password.  Every time there is a BIOS update pushed by HP when the machines reboot they appear like they are trying to PXI boot and hang.  Are there any ways to allow the auto-update without providing the password or to just boot normally?

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Hi All,
I am having an issue with a screen after an update has been done on my Tecra with Windows 7 PRO 64-bit.
Laptop is working fine but I could see that after recommended update by Service Station to BIOS ver. 4.30 sometimes the screen is not turning on while the PC is turning on. The same situation is when Windows is turning off screen for battery saving, when I connect an external screen (VGA or/and HDMI) while splitting the signal, sometimes when screen is going to be active from battery saving mode it is with lowest resolution possible and I need to change resolution to the max possible, sometime the Windows is showing me that driver has been crashed ( igfxext.exe) and recover correctly.
I didn't have this issue before BIOS update. I also know that there is not a problem with windows driver itself as the problem sometime appears when I turning on laptop (POST).
The only solution to have a screen working is to close and reopen screen lid (multiple times) or turn off and turn back on the laptop.
And if you take a look on change log of bios then you will see:
Version 4.30 - 2018-05-18

Improved: Enhanced security.Addition: Support new panel

I could also see that laptop after the BIOS update is being warmer during regular operation (didn't have this problem before an update) which is impacting time on battery.

Now the question is: Can I downgrade BIOS version to previous one as this was working good? I know that it is not recommended but it just driving me crazy to fi... Read more

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Hi, I have x1 yoga , 2gen think pad. I had updated BIOS, and windows. After BIOS update i see sound issue.(i dont have real tek software installed)i was playing a youtube/ vlc movies, and then close lid/sleep and then i start if i play youtube/ vlc movies, no sound, its serious issue. before BIOS update it was working fine. issues still persisted.

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Recently installed the latest BIOS update with the Intel security patch and now I'm unable to use bitlocker to encrypt the drive as it states "The TPM on this computer does not work with the current BIOS. Contact the computer manufacturer for BIOS upgrade instructions". 
Bios version
Another laptop with the previous release, also a E5570, is able to use bitlocker with no issues. Several different E5570's we have with the new BIOS version cannot be encrypted. Please advise.

A:Latitude E5570 TPM Issue with new BIOS Update

Hi cklein593,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please downgrade the BIOS to the previous version and check if the TPM works.
Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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