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Carbon X1 stopped connecting with wireless printers

Q: Carbon X1 stopped connecting with wireless printers

I have Thinkpad X1 that uses Windows 7. It suddenly stopped being able to recognize wireless printers. I tried many times to reinstall software on two different printers and go through the set-up process. It will only connect by USB. It connects fine with the internet otherwise. Can anyone help?

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Preferred Solution: Carbon X1 stopped connecting with wireless printers

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have 2 computers, a Dell Inspiron laptop and a Dell 745 desktop, both running Windows XP, Service Pak 3. I also have 2 printers; an Epson Stylus Photo R200 and an HP: Officejet 6500 wireless. I have a Speedstream 5100 modem and a D-Link 802.11g/2.4 GHz wireless router.

Is it possible to connect the 2 printers and 2 computers to the modem and router? Are there splitter cords available that would allow me to make the proper connections?

I don't have my wireless connected at the moment because there were problems in the past with security. Could someone tell me what I would need in order to connect everything wirelessly?

I would also like to get a larger hard drive for my Dell 745 desktop. Right now I only have 1 GB memory and 80 GB hard drive, with 3.4 GHz processor (Pentium D). What brand of hard drive should I look for, and how many GB? Can I leave the 80GB in the tower along with the new, larger one? I have no idea what would be compatible with my system.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

A:Solved: Connecting 2 computers and 2 printers to a wireless network

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Any help I can get on this one will be much appreciated...

First off....the lap is running ME....the router is a Gnet IP104G Broadband Router with a card ...the connection is Cable.

As I do near or at the end of every month...I run a scandisk and defragg and usually her comp runs nice.

Well yesterday I did what I usually do and for some reason now it cant connect to the net.

Previously when things were running well...I did a copy and paste of all the screenshot settings and compared and it seems everything should work BUT it won't. Usually when it doesn't connect we just pull the power to the router, replug et voila...it works!

I know this wireless stuff isnt an exact science but "what now?" Any ideas?

. o O (It's great when it works...but when it doesn'[email protected]@^*$#@!!!!)

A:Wireless Router Stopped Connecting!!!

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Hi there,
New to this Group and this resource. Hope someone can help.
Switched on m PC this morning (Core2Duo HP) and all was fine, connected to WiFi connection fine. About 45 mins later pc froze, had to restart and woudnt boot up saying boot error. Tried 5 times before it did finally come on.
When it did come on it would not connect to the wireless connection. The wireless link IS connected and strong, it just has 'No internet access', 'No network access' (as described in IPv4 and IPv6 Connectivity.
Also the Wireless Network Connection says it is an Unidentified network.

The schematic shows Tony-PC (This computer) --------graphic of a Bench with 'Unidentified network' below it -----------X---------Grey Globe-Internet.

Below that:
Two columns
Park Bench again - Unidentified network
Public Network

Second Column:
Access Type: No Internet Access
Connections: Al Green bars - Wireless Network Connection (Name of conncction)

I have accessed the wireless connection on my cellphone and works perfectly. I have also connected to it with this laptop. But main PC won't connect... just like that, all of a sudden after those crashes or refusing to boot....

I have Avira AV installed but that seems to be displaying startup problems as well. Wont start up nor will Windows Defender ! (Not sure if related but all started same time)

Anyone have any suggestins any solutions ?


Image attached of just one of the chnging messages...

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I'm running Windows 2003 XT operating system and have had very few problems. But now my wlan connection doesn't seem to be working or works intermittenly. I have a Sony Vaio 2006 laptop.

It usually connects to my home wireless and my verizon mobile modem but in the last week nothing. Is there something I can do to get my wireless working again?

A:My wireless connection has just stopped connecting. what to do?

You can try and determine the device Brand and Model via Device Manager or downloading Everest Free Edition from: http://majorgeeks.com/download4181.html and then search for a driver for it. Download the driver and then from within Device Manager delete the current driver.

Reboot your system to allow everything to be cleaned up after the uninstall (sometimes this is required and sometimes not). Re-Install the driver with the software you downloaded earlier and see if that solves the issue. Otherwise there is the potential that your device is actually failing.


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My new laptop came on Wednesday, the 9th. It was immediately able to connect to my wireless network I had recently established. (I also have a desktop connected to the same network.) Anyhow, today, Sunday the 13th my laptop connected as usual but when visitors arrived I pushed the on button to turn it off - I know better but wasn't thinking at the time. After the visitors left I came back to my laptop, turned it on and it will no longer connect to the wireless network! I troubleshooted all I could and the only way I could get on the internet with the laptop was to use an ethernet cable - even then it was hard but can be accomplished. But it is a laptop and I don't want to leave it in one place all the time! I have access to Costco's Concierge Service and phoned them. He had me do everything in the book so to speak for more than an hour and it remains the same - no wireless connection!
I am wondering if my turning it off the wrong way could cause this trouble? I have never worked with laptops before but used many desktops and, even though it is not recommended, turning them off using the on button in a pinch has never effected my computers in any way.
Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

The laptop specs: Dell Inspiron 17R with Intel Core i5-2450M 2.5 GHTz, 8 GB Ram. and a lot of other stuff!

A:New Laptop stopped connecting to wireless network

I do not know if turning it off that way was the cause of your connectivity issues, but as new as the computer is, you might want to consider restoring the operating system to the factory condition. Does it have a recovery partition on the hard drive?

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I have three machines on my network two XP pro machines and one Vista machine. while I was doing some work offline micrsoft decided it was time to install a patch. The vista machine has never been able to connect since. it connects local access only. No problem with the other machines.
I have done NETSH for ipov4 and ipv6 as well as catalog reset with no help. I went into the router to make sure it was still set up correctly.
I am using a laptop to get into techguy. any suggestions?

A:Solved: vista stopped connecting to wireless router

additional info i go to control panel, network and sharing center, view computers and network devices (in left panel) the network windo opens IT IS EMPTY my network card and my wireless card have disapeared

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Ok, I only use a 'hotspot' device from T-Mobile and have had zero problems.I also connect to my boyfriends Wifi and my work's wifi on occassion. And it has 'stopped' finding/connection to those networks.  I even tried my 'cell phone' as a hotspot too, which had worked in the past to no avail.My laptop IS NOT on Airplane mode. My 10 yr son has his own account and plays games via their schools portal and I'm thinking he may have hit a combination of keys that diabled my wifi... I am not seeing any type of ((0)) function key that could be easily pressed I'm reading all types of posts and I'm just not finding a fix.....  ANY ONE????

A:HP envy beastaudio laptop STOPPED connecting to wireless net...

Hello @CmbJrb16, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I came across your post about the WiFi issue, and wanted to assist you! To start, can you provide me with the Product Number of the notebook?  Here is a link you can use that will help you find your Model and Product Number:HP Customer Support - Products In the meantime, have you installed any updates lately?  Did you try performing a System Restore, to put the notebook back to its previous working state?  Also, try reviewing the following document, and let me know how it goes: HP PCs - Troubleshooting Wireless Network and Internet (Windows 8) Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great weekend!

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I have no idea why this is. I installed the Belkin wireless G + MIMO modem router without a hitch and it connected to the internet easily for about a day, then suddenly in the evening the connection got really slow and by the next day there was absolutely no connection at all. I reset it all to no avail.
Anyone know what to do?

A:Solved: Belkin wireless. First it worked, then it went slow, then it stopped connecting!

I had a smilar problem with a Belkin wireless NIC and Westell Versalink gatewayon my DSL. The OS blew and Ive just reinstalled everything. So far so good. Sorry i cant help with more than sympathy

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Well, this isn't necessarily a request for help, but more of a forum to help anyone with similar issues resolve a problem.

I consider myself well above the average person for tech abilities -- however, I typically don't delve into the 'config' stuff on my computer (mainly because I know that I can really screw something up). With that said, here is what I had happen.

My Dell Inspiron D630 running Win XP SP3 suddenly stopped connecting to my home wireless network. It would connect at work (via wired connection), but just couldn't seem to find an IP address at my house. I tried multiple times, rebooted the modem, rebooted the computer, but to no avail.

Today I tried going in to do ipconfig /renew, hoping that would try to get an IP again. Didn't work. When I used that I got a "The RPC Server is unavailable" error. I started Googling to find an answer and came across this thread: http://forums.techguy.org/networking/736702-solved-rpc-server-unavailable.html?503retry=1

In this, the guy said that he went in and had to start a service because it hadn't started automatically. I happen to know that one of the items in the networking section deals with DCHP. When I went into Start--> Control Panel --> Administrative Tools (as directed in the above thread), I noticed that the DCHP service was not running. Since I knew that DCHP was related to the IP/networking info, I started that service and my computer connected to the wireless ... Read more

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Everything's been fine since August of 2009, but now suddenly none of my wireless computers can connect to my router. They generally see the network, but they are unable to connect. the repair function does not fix the problem.

Router is Linksys WRT54GS
Computers that can't connect to network wirelessly are running current version of XP

The router is out of Warranty. On the phone, Linksys tech support mainly just tries to hard-sell me a Wireless N-draft. If the problem is with the router, I'll replace it with a true Wireless-N of some kind.

But can I first get some help in diagnosing my problem? I feel VERY STUPID when it comes to this networking stuff. Any help would be MUCH APPRECIATED.

I checked router settings using the Linksys software:

Automatic Configuration - DHCP
Router Name AL-ROUTER1
MTU: Auto
Size: 1500
Local IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
DHCP Server: Enable
Starting IP Address:

Wireless Network Mode: Mixed
Wireless Network Name (SSID): al-linksys-1
Channel: 11
Wireless SSID Broadcast: Enable

WPA Personal
WPA Algorithms: TKIP
WPA Shared Key: a 10-digit number I know well
Group Key Renewal: 3600 seconds

On one computer's wireless network properties (I'm sure they all are set up the same way):
Wireless Network Name: al-linksys-1
--this is at the top of the list of networks that get searched for
ASSOCIATION T... Read more

A:Solved: Wireless Adapters Stopped Connecting to Linksys WRT54GS Router

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Lenovo Ideapad 710s + Windows 10 used to work wirelessly with an HP 4675 printer. Now it is only working with a USB connection, while another laptop (Assus +win10) & andorid phone can connect wirelessly.It all started when printer was going offline (only with my Ideapd), tried every solution suggested by HP, including several unistallations and reinstallations of HP software & derivers. When trying to install or to convert from USB to wireless,it fails , the HP software can not find the "Network Device".Ideapad connects to the wireless network (same network the printer is connected to).Thanks for any help.

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This one's got me totally buffaloed.

I'm the IT Manager for a small consulting firm. Everyone travels, everyone has a laptop joined to the domain. Mostly Dell, but two of them are HP Envy M4s. One of those (originally Windows 8 Pro, now 8.1 Pro) has the weirdest printer issues. We have two shared printers in the office, an ancient Brother HL-5140 monochrome laser and a hotsy-totsy Konica Minolta C35 multifunction color laser. The latter has direct network connectivity but both are shared through host computers (that's what the leasing company recommended).

Of course these were installed on the problematic M4, along with some printers she has at home. For the last several months (maybe since the 8.1 upgrade, I'm not sure) when she brings the computer back into the office the office printers don't work. They have to be uninstalled and reinstalled. But it gets weirder. For the lat month or so when she goes home she cannot connect to her wireless network if those printers are installed. So right now they are not installed. Which is a major PITA for her at work.

I've reinstalled several times, and wiped the system clean of the drivers and everything, and nothing has any effect. The other M4 has no issues.


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Currently I have a thermal label printer connected to my HP desktop. I also want to connect a HP P2055d b+w laser printer to it to print my orders. How do I
a) Connect them up
b) When needing a print, how do I select which printer prints the job.

A:Connecting 2 Printers to 1 computer

I personally have 2 HP all-in-one printers connected to one of my Dell desktops.

You connect and install each one according to its instructions.


When you need to print something, the print dialogue window will appear.

You then select the printer you want to print from.


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I had a printer, a scanner and a zip drive connected to my PC and everything was working fine. I just purchased a HP Deskjet 1220C and because I needed to use it right away disconnected everything and connected the HP. Now I want to reconnect everything else back and I don't remember how it was connected before or how to connect it now and add the printer. I also have a data switch box for the 2 printers. Can someone please help me? I don't know anything about parallel and serial ports or USBs.
Compag 4910
Windows 95

HP Deskjet 1220C Printer
Epson Stylus Color 600 Printer
Iomega Zip 100
Belkin Data Switch F1b024-E
Mustek III EP Plus Scanner

Thank you

A:Connecting multiple printers, scanner and zip

Plug the Zip drive directly into the computer to avoid loss of data.

Daisy chained out from the computer:
Zip Drive, Scanner, Printer-at the end of the line.

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Good morning/afternoon/evening.
I have three computers hooked up to a Linksys router. I would like to hook up a printer so any of the three can print to that printer. What is the best way to set up such a system? Do I need to have one computer (the server) dedicated to that task? (this will undoubtedly show my total ignorance of networks!).

Thank you very much,

A:Connecting printers to a home network

The real question is... what printer do you have or intend on using?

There are a few possiblities here, but it is printer dependent...

1. If the printer has a network card in it.. You can set it up on your network and create a network printer on each computer to allow them to print to that specific printer. This, without having it hooked to a PC.

2. If your printer does not have a network card in it, then you could consider purchasing a print server. This is a small box that your printer hooks up to and it has another hook up for a network cable. Kind of emulates number 1 above.

3. Is to have the printer hooked to a computer, SHARE it on that computer. Then you will have to install a network printer on each of the other computers so they can print to it. Downfall here is... the computer where the printer is directly attached, has to be turned on when you intend to print.

The cheapest way would be 3. However, it can be a pain at times. If you don't want to pay out good money for a printer that has a network card in it, or can be installed in it... then I would go with number 2. This will eliminate the extra PC on when printing.

The print servers do not cost that much, around $60.00. However, going this way, you have to make 100% SURE that your printer is compatible with the print server. If the information on the print server does not specify your printer, then don't buy it. It most likely will not work with it.

Does that help a little?


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Can anyone assist on this one ?
We have ( 2 ) Epson Printers R260 approx 2 years plus olde, that have stopped printing approx 1 week apart.
Two red lights flash together every time I turn initiate the printers.
I have tried Microsoft helps, HP PC Help, Epson, even Norton Symantec in attempt to reset Chips or even a System Bios Reset.
Epson NOTORIOUS on having their printers time out as well as waste tanks fill electronically. "BUT WILL NEVER ADMIT IT"
I have reset, unplugged, removed interface cable, removed chips, cleaned cartridge contacts, etc etc.

I really believe in my mini-Geek Heart its a Bios or System setting ... And YES we have also have done a system restore 2x.

Problem on a far back dated RESTORE, is that if I go back to far all of my work on creating DVD and CD presentations will be deleted unless saved to a mobile backup which I would need to purchase.


A:Two printers stopped working


Watch this video & see if it works for you?

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have a printer that has drivers included in vista and it worked fine till 3 days ago now when i plug it in the comp says found unknown hardware the maker of the printer had me down load a new copy of the vista drivers and when i point the comp to them it tells me the needed drivers are not there i need my printer. since vista is oem in this microsoft says it is comp manufacturers problem they tell me it is printer manufacturers problem and they say the problem is in vista help.

A:printers seem to be something my computer has stopped recognizing

in printers check it has not switched over to the microsft document writer as the default printer

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Already connected my HP 812C to my Compaq Presario. Now I want to connect a Canon BJC600 to the same computer. HP tells me NOT to use a switch box. What are my other options? Both printers use Parallel Ports -- and there is only one port, for one printer, on the Compaq.

A:{Moved to Win9x Hardware} Connecting two Printers to same computer

This is not a tip or trick. I'm moving it to the Win9x Hardware forum, where it's more likely to be answered.

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I have 2 computers running XP on a home network with two HP printers directly on the ethernet. For some reason both stopped working from one computer. They worked fine for over a year and still work fine from the other computer. I deleted the printers and reinstalled - still nothing. I can ping them. Everything just gets stuck in the print queue. The printers are a laserjet 4M+ and a 6310xi. Both computers can access other things on the network such as the internet. What else should I be checking?

A:Network printers stopped working from one computer

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Hey all, I have been stirring up a storm in my room the past couple of days trying to figure this one out.

I picked up these 2 babies online and they work great....individually. basically, i have developed an application and need to (eventually )setup 8 thermal receipt printers that run off of one laptop, and are each uniquely identifiable and are triggered by a user device.

For example, user device 1 triggers printer 1, user device 2 triggers printer 2 etc etc

So i connect the printers by ethernet to a router and my laptop connects to the router via wifi. It detects both but the printers have a problem working together. I have set a static IP, but when trying to configure through the provided driver software the second printer over-rides the computers IP address in its setup application, and then creates one out of thin air.

I'm lost, hungry and tired....it's been 2 long days....help a brother out will ya

If you can't think of any ideas, please provide any alternate suggestions. Most importantly i only want one laptop computer.

A:Connecting two identical ethernet thermal receipt printers, to laptop through LAN

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Hi, I have a 3rd gen X1 Carbon (without the LTE adapter) that was probably hacked. I want to examine the system without it being possible for the machine to connect to a nearby WiFi network and contacting a server controlled by a hacker. Could I disable the WiFi chip simply by unplugging the antenna, or would I have to remove the entire WiFi card? (I don't want to remove the WiFi card unless absolutely necessary in case it might trigger the malware to be deleted - which would complicate the task of figuring out things like if it really was hacked and what the malware was designed to do.

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I had to replace my Lenovo X1Carbon this month and I specifically ordered another on so I could continue to use my three OneLink Pro docking stations (one in each city where I work). To be safe, I checked compatibility by looking on the Lenovo site. https://support.lenovo.com/ca/en/solutions/migr-4tpjf4When I unpacked the new laptop today, I found to my dismay that it doesn't accept the connector to the OneLink Pro. It has two USB-C ports instead. When I contacted Lenovo to see if they have any sort of adaptor, they said I should  get a USB-C dock or something called a Thunderbolt. I?m reluctant to spend between five and eight hundred dollars to trash and replace three perfectly good docks. Does anyone know of any way I could rescue some utility from my docking stations?

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My right usb stopped working, I have restarted as stock de pc, I followed de directions from Microsoft, I have instaled all avaible drivers from lenovo and windows, and right usb port does not work.

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In the last couple days my X1 carbon 5th gen (with its warrenty coming to an end in 2 weeks) has started to do the weirdest thing. While every other FKeys work perfectly, the first three, those who control volume and mute and un-mute have stopped working.  I checked every possible driver update every day, multiple times since then and nothing seams to work. I also have rebooted and - miracle - the 3 keys started working again ... for a couple seconds before stopping once more. The only thing I have not tried is to reinstall windows, but I must submit my masters thesis pretty soon, so if I can manage to fix this problem without spending a whole day reinstalling everything on my laptop, I'd be eternally grateful.  Ideas? 

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My right usb stopped working, I have restarted as stock de pc, I followed de directions from Microsoft, I have instaled all avaible drivers from lenovo and windows, and right usb port does not work.

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We have a number of 6th Gen X1 Carbon laptops which are experiencing an issue reconnecting to the Thunderbolt 3 dock. When a user disconnects and walks off to a meeting and then returns and reconnects, their laptop does not recognise the dock any longer. It is intermittent and we have tried options such as setting the Thunderbolt service to automatic and setting recovery options to restart the service.

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Sunday night the Lenovo companion did a few updates including a BIOS update and also an update for the Synaptics, but I can't see it in the Installation History (it doesn't show up). Anyway, after that update, the touchpad doesn't move the mouse anymore. I can still click it, but it doesn't respond to any gestures. I checked in BIOS and it's enabled, I checked all possible settings and it's all enabled and on. Any ideas of what I could try?
My laptop type is: 20HR-CT01WW
Thank you,
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Go to Solution.

A:X1 Carbon 5th Gen Touchpad stopped working

I'm having the same issue - didn't realize the touchpad wasn't working until today. I notice it works very briefly when you first boot up and then the pad stops working (only clicks work)My type is 20HQ

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Is there a way we can change the touchpad Reverse scrolling option (Scroll --> Two Finger Scrolling --> Switch Direction) on the X1 Carbon through an automated way. We see that after Windows 10 upgrade, the scroll option on the touchpad has been changed. So doing it manually it works but we want to automate it either through a registry change or some other method. Yes manual changes works perfectly.

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Audio was working perfectly then stopped. Had a recent system update installed, so not sure if that caused it. Also recently installed headphone drivers. Among my actions: updated driver; also unistalled and reinstalled latest driver. No effect, still no sound from Realtek speakers. I'd welcome any suggestions. Right now I have a great laptop but no sound.

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Sunday night the Lenovo companion did a few updates including a BIOS update and also an update for the Synaptics, but I can't see it in the Installation History (it doesn't show up). Anyway, after that update, the touchpad doesn't move the mouse anymore. I can still click it, but it doesn't respond to any gestures. I checked in BIOS and it's enabled, I checked all possible settings and it's all enabled and on. Any ideas of what I could try? My laptop type is: 20HR-CT01WW Thank you, Iulian 

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since this week's windows update, fingerprint stopped working. uninstalled and installed the latest driver from lenovo support, no luck device status shows :This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31){Operation Failed}The requested operation was unsuccessful. this usally means incorrect driver, but updated to the latest available 5.2.3531.26having no luckany suggestions? is it a known thing ?

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TP X1 carbon with Windows 7/64 bit Some Hotkeys do not workF4, F7, F8 ,F9, F10, F11, F12 do NOT work.Caps lock does not display on screem All this happened at the same time. Might be because of an update (either Windows or Lenovo) but I am not sure.Tried the recommended fixes and installed the hotkey tool n1qvub3w.exe but that did not solve it. It is extremely frustrating to have this issue without any proper resolution.Any help is appreciated.

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Members, Recently, I noticed some of the special Hotkey Fn keys stopped working. Here's the breakdown: Working:F1 (speaker on/off)F2 (vol down)F3 (vol up)F5 (screen bright -)F6 (screen bright +)Stopped Working:F4 (mic on/off)F7 (project)F8 (wifi on/off)F9 (settings)F10 (search)F11 (open apps?)F12 (all apps?)This happened once before and a driver/BIOS update fixed it, but this time, nothing seems to fix it. I am an Inside Track candidate for Windows updates, and the keys themselves work (the normal Fn keys work). Searching Google and the Forums comes up empty. Specs: Product: 20FQ001VUSBIOS: N1FET63W 1.37Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Version 1803 Build 17134.167Hotkey Features Integration for Windows 10 (64-bit) - ThinkPad Version All updates completed (Lenovo and Windows). Any thoughts/ideas?Thanks!-Matt

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I try to keep that short: symptons:- i see my mobile broadband network in tray, i can connect it. it shows fine, no error, looks like connected perfectly.- on Diagnose the Mobile NUmber shows cryptic signs, and i get the error:the mobile broadband adapter is sim-pin2 locked. (hope translation is fine, my installation is german: "Das mobile Breitbandgerät ist durch eine SIM-PIN2 gesperrt." - i cannot browse anywhere, i cant ping, i cannot even ping own IP and Gateway.- Hardware: Sierra Wireless EM7345 4G LTE- Driver: 10.0.16299.192- Firmware FIH7160_V1.2_WW_01.1616.01- GPRS; EDGE; UMTS,HSDPA;HSUPA;LTE;HSPA+ This started 2 days ago, 5th February 2018, after i installed new Windows 10 Updates (Windows 10 , 1709 (Build 16299.192) i tried:- remove SIM card,- replaced SIM card with a new one- uninstalled driver, reinstalled- deleted and reconfigure APN ... Still all looks fine, as it would be perfectly connected, but cannot ping/reach anything. Any ideas? Thank you!  

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Please hope you can help! About a week ago the external monitor (connected through HDMI) stopped getting signal, when reinstalling the driver it started working again. Now it happened again, and I tried reinstalling again, but nothing. I have tried the cable/monitor and they work fine, its the computer/hdmi-port. I'm pretty sure it's not a hardware problem... The Intel Driver Update Utility doesn't help either, neither does Lenovo Solution Center. What to do, I'm desperate! Help is tremendously appreciated!! /Fredrik  

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I am not sure if I am in the right forum, but this whole site is so difficult to navigate. There are no suppot numbers, and no-one to call. I am on a different computer now because my keyboard on my X1 Carbon Thinkpad has suddenly stopped working. I can get a keyboard to come up on the screen (and type in using external mouse) but none of the keys on the actual keypad work. None of the keys work. Some of the FN keys work. I have tried Ctrl + Alt + Del.
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A:X1 Carbon Thinkpad keyboard stopped working

PS The touchpad is working. 

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The left USB port stopped working last night on my Gen 3 Thinkpad X1 Carbon.Don't think it's a driver problem, as it's been working fire up til now.The port just no longer exists as far as I can see. Plugging into it does nothing. Any ideas?Thanks

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We have an issue for Lenovo X1 carbon gen6NO Display after connecting to Azure AD online. Tested on 3 same X1 carbon gen6 machine and same issue is happening. Scenario: machine is working fine with local users but the issue is appearing when connecting to Azure and giving only a black screen.We can't boot also as safe mode.Only it works if you will restore it on last restore point.OS version: Windows 10 1803 (17134.165) Thanks in advance

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Hi guys, I recently got hold of my new X1 carbon and decided to do a thorough firmware update with vantage. When the trackpoint utility firmware was installed, my laptop flashed with an installation failure notice and rebooted. After that, the trackpoint as well as the mouse above the touchpad no longer worked. I tried the advanced setting in control panel, but the entire trackpoint configuration option was blacked out. Does anybody experience similar issues with this update and have any suggestions on how to do a home fix for this? I have been making do with the touchpad and a bluetooth mouse, but it does not feel very "thinkpad" this way.....

A:Trackpoint stopped working on X1 Carbon 6th Gen after firmware Update

Hello and welcome,
This sounds like the issue sorted in the below linked post.
Thought this was resolved some time ago.  Please report back if it helps - or doesn't.

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HI there I am having a peculiar problem. The right-side USB port (the one next to the Ethernet port) of my 3rd Gen X1 Carbon (model 20BT) has stopped working. Windows reports two USB controllers, and Linux does the same. The ethernet port works as expected. I even replaced the USB/RJ45 system card and the problem persists: The Ethernet port works, the USB port does not. No peripheral is being recognised (I have tried a wireless mouse, a usb flash drive and a Yubikey) and no power seems to be available from the port.  I was thinking that if there was some issue with the motherboard then one of the USB host chips would not be recognised, but this does not seem to be the case. I am now thnking whether it would be worth it to replace the motherbaord or just purchase another (used) machine. The warranty has expired. Any ideas? Thank you! Frixos

A:Right-side USB port stopped working on 3rd Gen Thinkpad X1 Carbon

Hi frixosk, Does it mean that the one on the Left-side still works? If yes, you may consider to work with a handy USB hub like this. 

"May the Force be with Lenovo"

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Recently I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Pro, before this I have no clue if the webcam was working but since trying to use the Camera app I have noticed there is no feed.I then went looking around, having installed (all auto-update recommended) applications for the laptop from the Lenovo support and drivers page. I noticed that there was no Intergrated Camera driver in the list, I then decided to install it manually. I was then met with a "Can't find the device, Abort install!"I have attempted to use FN+F6 to enable and disable the camera, even with restarts in between. I have also gone through the BIOS and enabled/disabled the camera to see if it would then detect it and nothing has worked.Has anyone else had an issue like this and been able to resolve it?

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I have 2 daughters going to college this fall and sharing a dorm room. They each have their own laptop.

I am thinking about getting a wireless printer so they don't have to plug/unplug to use it. I have a few questions since I have no experience with wireless except for internet. I am looking at getting a HP - Photosmart Wireless Multifunction Printer/ Copier/ Scanner.

Do wireless printers work well overall?

Do they work through a router? The campus is wireless - so if their dorm is wireless, would they still need a router or would it pick up the school's network?

Thanks in advance for all replies.

A:Wireless Printers

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How do I connect my wireless HP ENVY 4520 printer to my computer tablet? Please simplyfy the process! Thank you!

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Just purchased a wireless printer that works right now after installation but is still hooked on to computer. Is this necessary?

A:wireless printers

Welcome join in the forum , and I think it is necessary to hook it to the pc .

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