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Problem Docking x200 w/9 cell battery on a Mini Docking Station Series 3

Q: Problem Docking x200 w/9 cell battery on a Mini Docking Station Series 3

Hello - My x220 does not lock into Mini Docking Station Series 3 that I bough recently. The rubber pads on the battery seem to be preventing the laptop from being docked. (Not sure if I am doing something wrong instead.) Also I am trying to set up a multi monitor display ( Dell U2415). Will appreciate some inputs on how I should resolve both the issues or a link if that has been covered before .

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Preferred Solution: Problem Docking x200 w/9 cell battery on a Mini Docking Station Series 3

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Will a Lenovo ThinkPad T420 9 cell battery work with a docking station due to the battery extension?

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I have a t480s coupled with basic docking station type 40AG. everything was working perfectly fine until yesterday I updated the Thinkpad docking station utility unsuccessully. this generated an error message any attempt to load the docking station driver (see enclosed file description) proved unsuccessful. Any possibility to restore the situation ex ante or to overwrite these errors> thanksenclosed file description and error message

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I get an Docking Station AC Power Problem fairly frequently.  This happens when I'm not plugged in.  I have a docking station, but I'm not using it right now (on vacation), and have rebooted multiple times and it still happens.  I don't know if this is related to the problem I also have been having, where it doesn't reliably go to sleep (or stay asleep).  Any idea what could cause this when I'm not even plugged in, let alone in a docking station?  Thanks 

A:spurious Docking Station AC Power Problem (P50) when running on battery

By frequently, I mean this can happen every few minutes

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Looking for suggestion for a compatible "click in" docking station for a new Pavillion series laptop to supply power and has ports for video, mouse, headset, monitor, etc.  I'd rather not have to use a USB cable...is one available I can leave on the desk and not have to have the laptop screen open?Thanks in Advance!Gary

A:Docking Station for Pavillion series?

The following  link goes to a compatible device that should be just what you need.http://www.shopping.hp.com/en_US/home-office/-/products/Accessories/Docking-Stations-and-Stands/H2L6...

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I have a Latitude E7740 that runs Ubuntu Xenial (16.04). I dock it to a "Dell EURO2 Advanced E-port II" docking station. 
If I boot it in the docking station, everything works fine, and I find all my two DVI-connected monitors. 
However, if I undock, then put it into the dock again while running, it fails to enable the screens. I'm using a script called autorandr for switching between display modes - it uses xrandr. It tries to run:
xrandr --output DP1-1 --gamma 1.0:1.0:1.0 --mode 1920x1200 --panning 0x0 --pos 0x0 --rate 59.95 --reflect normal --rotate normal --output DP1-2 --gamma 1.0:1.0:1.0 --mode 1920x1200 --panning 0x0 --pos 1920x0 --rate 59.95 --reflect normal --rotate normal
But the X server responds with:
X Error of failed request: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)  Major opcode of failed request: 140 (RANDR)  Minor opcode of failed request: 21 (RRSetCrtcConfig)  Serial number of failed request: 48  Current serial number in output stream: 48
Running this exact command after booting in the dock is doing the right thing, but after undocking then docking, it doesn't work.
Any ideas here? I have updated to the latest BIOS version.
Problem also reported in launchpad with lot's of debug info, here:
Autorandr script is here: github.com/.../

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It's been a long time since last time I was here, but this time I need help with a, probably very silly, question.

I've got a Compaq Docking Station for Armada E and M Series (The black one).
It's this one:
Docking Station EM Series
The first one.

My problem is this:
I need to get inside the docking station to be able to add a 5,25" unit, but I can't find out how to open the ****.

I believe that Compaq has once again succeeded with finding out a truly non logical way to seal boxes..
Does anyone out there know how to open it?

I've been struggling with this for 2 weeks now and I'm ready to give up.

What I've tried so far is just to open it by force, but it seems to be risky and may damage it.

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I have a W541 Thinkpad supplied by my employer and have had it for less than a year. Since day 1 i've been having issues with the docking station and I am finally fed up to the point of reaching out. Here are the following issues i have had. on occasion when docking and the laptop is on, it will power off (hard)when redocking and power is on my secondary monitory will have random pixels "sparkle" white on the screen and then about every 5 minutes the secondary display will shut off for about 10 seconds. Only putting the laptop to sleep and back will fix it.when docking (and regardless if power is off or on) one of either the laptops main display or my secondary monitor will not work. Sometimes redocking about 20 times will bring it back, sometimes not. Sometimes restarting the machine will work, and sometimes it will not.when docked, i have a MS wireless keyboard and mouse plugged into the dock. on occassion, they will loose connection with the computer. Unplugging the dongle and plugging it back in will resume operation but it will eventually cut out again. Only moving the dongle to a usb port on the laptop itself will resolve the issue. This is not a good solution as the dongle is not low profile.I recieved this laptop with windows 7 and have since upgraded to windows 10. These issues were happening on both versions of windows. No other modifications were made to the machine or its base software.  Please help as i'm frustrated to the point that I'm about to r... Read more

A:Lenovo Docking Station Problems (W series)

Your employer is going to let you return their supplied laptop for a refund or replacement from another brand for a unit that I am guessing you have used for more than half a year? o.0 On topic, Do you have any issues with the laptop itself when it is undocked?  From the sounds of it all problems appear to be docking related, so assuming the dock connector/port is free of all detrius that might cause issues, would suggest using the warranty to replace the dock as that certainly sounds to be the focal point of all your issues.

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I have a Tecra P5 and use an Express Port Replicator PA3508A-1PRP to hook up to external monitors, power etc.

I'm looking at a laptop upgrade and was wondering whether any of the R series machines would be compatible with this docking station?



A:Tecra Rxxx Series compatibility with docking station?


Some of the Toshiba Tecra R830, R840 and R850 series are equipped with an docking connector.

But the notebook can be used with Toshiba Hi-Speed Port replicator II.

You should not attempt to use any other Port Replicators

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Hi everyone, I'm having issues with some T440/450's lately here at my job. When docked with the ThinkPad Pro Dock (PN: 40A10090US), Dual monitors are not working correctly. We are using a DP and a VGA and the 2nd monitor is coming up as a non-PNP- monitor. The 1st one we can get to update with a driver, shows the model number, but when trying to update the driver on the 2nd, says Windows 7 (64bit) already have the best known driver for it and won't let us update it. Computer Management shows Generic PNP monitor.Ran all windows updatesRan all Lenovo updates including BIOS updates. This is becoming more and more frequent on users at my worksite. I've been searching this site to get some answers, but nothing really solid. What information can someone provide or info I can provide to address this?Thanks 

A:T400 Series - Docking Station Monitor Issues

I did all the Windows update on the T450Current monitors are Dell P2210 - but we've had issues with our Acer's as well.. Lenovo updates all completed. I got the resolution to match a bit - however - the top and bottom of the monitor has a black boarder about 2"inches from top and bottom.Reset the monitors display settings. Please advise. PLEASE!  

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Hi I just came accross a problem using laptop's built-in mini DP port. I once noticed it doesn't work. When I plug a display in using mini-DP - HDMI cable, the display do not detect the computer, computer also do not detect the display (it is not visible in device manager). Whe I plug the monitor using the docking station and DP-HDMI cable - the display is detected properly. I used to plug the display using this built-in port in the past and it worked well. Any ideas? Please, do not tell me I have damaged motherboard... I have ThinkPad T450. 

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Unqiue situation here. Never thought upgrading my dual office monitors would result in so much grief! Office PC is a 3rd gen X1 Carbon Thinkpad. New monitors are the Dell P2319H.  After failing to both displays connected to an old Lenovo docking station they assumed that upgrading the docking station to the newer USB Gen 2 docking station would do the trick. But here's the problem, the dock's only connection to the laptop is USB-C. Which does not exist on this old Thinkpad laptop. I had a USB-C to USB-A cable on me and gave it a go. It powers the docks and all the accessories but of course not the 2 additional displays.  If I look up "recommended/compatible" docks for this laptop obviously this one is not listed. The new monitors only support HDMI, Displayport and VGA.  Any idea if this logic would work, USB-C to Mini Displayport cable (both male ends)? In my head it makes sense, but not sure if a single Mini Displayport port is capable of power 2 of these 1080p monitors. Otherwise my last option is to try something another dock.

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Does a docking station charge a laptop without the docking system itself being plugged in?

A:Does a docking station charge a laptop without the docking s...

Hi, What is your laptop ? Does it have docking port and use a PROPER docking station ?  If YES for both then yes, docking station will changer the battery on laptop, Normal USB port replicators (vendors also call them as docking startions) won't charge battery on laptop. Regards.

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Having received a brand-new P51 directly from Lenovo, i am facing major issues attaching external monitors.Win10 image from factory, all windows updates, all driver updates as recommended by Lenovo companion. Manually reinstalled graphics drivers, driver update using windows does not detect newer ones. Latest BIOS (1.15). Upon suggestion of lenovo changed BIOS mode from hyprid to discrete.I have these two issues from day 1:When i attach a monitor using the right hand side mini displayport, it is not recognized. Monitor stays in stand-by, no sound played, nothing happens. Inserting the same cable into the port of a W540 (Win 8.1) monitor immediately wakes up and can be used up to its full resolution (3440x1440).inserting laptop into ultradock (230W) it only recognizes one attached monitor. BIOS password entry lock was not shown on external monitor when lid was closed, needed to enter "blind" and press enter, only upon windows boot the monitor (Lenovo 27") was recognized. i think after changing to discrete mode now it showed the lock symbol when starting with closed lid. but still no second monitor is recognized.This is the first thinkpad in my history where such basic things do not work at all.I noticed once i had Intel and Nvidia context menu items when presing right mouse botton on desktop screen, now i only have "Nvidia Control Panel" and "nView Desktop Manager" shown. Which may or may not be ok. Lenovo seems not to be able to help - they are quite anxious to get it so... Read more

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 I just purchased a HP computer from QVC.  I'm wanting to buy some additional accessories but I can't seem to discover what products work with my model.  I'm specificly looking for an additional battery and considering a docking station.  Would you be able to tell me what i need?     Thank you so much!!   HP Notebook 17-y001cy  Power ? 4-cell 41 WHr 2.8Ah lithium-ion battery? 45W AC adapter    Product Number ? W2N17UA#ABA

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I am thinking about purchasing a Dell XPS13. One of the downsides seems to be the battery life. I have heard that for an i7 can be as low as 2 hours and won't last longer than 6.30 under light usage. What's your experience on this if you have one?
Also, would an i5 conserve the battery for much longer?
I am replacing my desktop with an ultrabook (hopefully the xps13) but I can't find a docking station for this laptop. I need to easily get a keyboard/mouse, external bluray reader and monitor connected on the go but without a docking station it seems things get slightly harder. Are there any docking stations out there available for the xps13?
Paulo Matos

A:XPS13 Battery and Docking Station

All else equal, an i5 will extend runtime vs. an i7 -- how much more depends on the exact CPU model. 
There is no true docking station for any of the XPS or Inspiron models.  If you need that, you'll need a Latitude model.  Other manufacturers' product lines are similar (for example, ThinkPads have dock options;  IdeaPads don't).  There are universal USB port replicators you can use, but if you want a true dock, you need a Latitude.

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Need Power on with lid closed Inspirion 17 series 5000 with docking station and external monitor

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I have a HP ZBook G2. I would like to add a secondary battery. The available options are QK639AA and QK640AA. Will any of these two work with my 230W Docking Station? If they are not compatible, I will have to detach the batttery before docking which seems a bit troublesome.

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I recently acquired a Vaio laptop along with the docking station. I have little experience with laptops and was wondering if it would be bad for the battery to just leave the laptop plugged into the docking station when I don't need it mobile?


A:Solved: docking station bad for laptop battery?

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Hi,i've searched on internet but i haven't found nothing useful.I've bought a docking station for my lenovo t440.When the laptop is plugged in the docking station, the battery is always in charge.Could this be a problem for the battery's life? I've read that li-ion battery haven't memory effect, is that correct?How can i do to prevent battery lifespan?Thankyou. Bye

Lenovo T440          Intel Core i5 4300U | RAM 4GB DDR3 | 128GB SSD

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Hello.  I am a very happy new T470 owner.  So this bad boy has an internal battery and one in the back.  Should I remove the one in the back when my box is in the docking station (90W Ultra Dock), or is it smart enough not to provide continual charging to the removable battery which would wear it out? TIA

SNAG-0007.png ?41 KB

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I have an HP Split, it currently works fine in tablet mode, but when I attach it to the keyboard, the screen becomes unresponsive to touch, the keyboard doesn't work, no does the charger, or the mouse.  The laptop is only a year old, and it is extremely frustrating that many people are having this issue and there does not seem to be a working solution posted anywhere.  Also,  I am dissapointed that HP has no alternative docking system to use with the split to serve as a work-around when this issue occurs.  I depend on my laptop for work, and I am immensely dissapointed.  This will most likely my first and last HP laptop.   

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To preserve Battery life should I remove the battery from the laptop (P51) when it is running long term in a docking station?

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I have a Satellite Click 2 Pro 30WB; at the beginning I had no problem with this product, but since a couple of months the docking station battery doesn't charge. I'm able to charge only the battery of the tablet.

Can someone help me?


A:Satellite Click 2 Pro P30W-B - Docking station battery doesn't charge

Hmm… if this issue didn’t appear from first day of purchase, then the battery docking issue might be related to battery fault.
In such case you will need to contact the service to fix it.

But just one question: is your BIOS up to date?
Check the update within the service station and in case of available new BIOS version; try to update the BIOS to the latest state.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop running Vista Home premium
Intel Core Duo 2 CPU T8300 @ 2.4 gHz 4 gb RAM
all software updates are current.

I have a Kengsington Notebook expansion dock with Video #33367

About a month ago my computer started acting scary. I would come to the computer and it would be in what I assumed was "sleep" mode, I would push the power button and nothing would happen. I would hold down the power button trying to force a reboot and nothing. I disconnected eveything thing, unplugged it and re-plugged ... nothing. I unplugged everything again and in desperation took out the battery and put in back in and bingo it started up. I re-hooked everything and went on my merry way. Sometime later, bang it happens again. I tried the same corrections and they worked. The THIRD time this happend I left OFF the DOCKING STATION and it has not happened again.

Any ideas? Does Vista have docking station issues? Is this a lousy docking station? Does anyone recommend a good docking station. I really want a docking station.


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Hello, I have another problem with my Docking Station. Whenever I turn my notebook on, the docking station is never recognized (I.e the computer always thinks it is detached from its docking station). Occasionally the computer can access the 2nd battery in the docking station when connected, but the keyboard and touch pad, along with the D Drive are inaccessible. When I charge the tablet part via the docking station, the LED light flashes between white, orange and off and cycles. It doesn't charge Battery 1. The issue started on the 10th of March 2016. I've tried running a system restore to the 9th of March but this didn't help at all.Thank you in advance.

A:HP Split X2 Docking Station Problem

I will ask to have your issue escalated to the apppropriate team within HP. Is your ultrabook still in warranty?Check your warranty status Here. 

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Hey all-

I have a Dell Latitude D800 that I use with a docking station. Everything has been working but occasionally when I put the laptop into the docking station and power up, the external monitor will not come on unless I open the lid of my laptop. When I close the lid of my laptop, the system goes to standby and the external monitor goes out. I went into the power options and changed the option for when the laptop is closed to "Do Nothing". I would like to be be able to keep it on Standby like it had been working originally. Any ideas why this may be occurring?

A:Problem with Laptop and Docking Station

standby mode is known to cause system issues (instability, currupt files, screwed up settings). I wouldn't use standby anymore if I were you.

To get your old settings back in order, run system restore and choose a restore point prior to when the issue started happening. (then you should disable standby mode so that that doesn't happen again)

also... check your display settings, there may be an option for primary monitor default when docked.

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I got this message on my computer right before it froze and shut down:

"You have inserted a module into the docking stations modular bay, but this module is not supported by your docking station... should remove now.." Not sure how it ended, didn't write the whole thing down and then it went of the screen and everything was frozen.

Now when I turn it on it will run for a while but then freezes and after a long while shots off. If I try to turn it on soon after, it wont even start, the light just comes, it starts but then shuts down.

Its a Dell Latitude D510 and I have XP, can anyone help? That message means nothing to me, I don't know what a module, docking bay or station is and I haven't inserted anything in a long time.

A:module, docking station problem

no help? :(

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After installing the appropriate driver from the Dell  Website, I connected my Inspiron 17-778 to two external monitors. Soon thereafter I began to receive an error message and a restart. The message indicated:
KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED, which I looked up and found that it signaled a problem "when a driver tries to close static streams for USB 3.0 devices.
Is there a fix for this issue?

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The PC in question is a Dell Latitude D620. When off the docking station, the screen display is normal, however when it's hot docked, or cold booted from the dock, the screen displays only 1/4 of the screen, however it shows the entire image. It's hard to put into words for me, it's displaying the entire desktop, same resolution, however the image its self is maybe 4 inches. I did fix this problem on my laptop by updating drivers, however I would have to explain this process over the phone as I am a support guy, and if it doesn't work, then I'm back to the beginning. Has anyone else experienced this, or am I the only one with the off the wall calls..

A:Odd Laptop docking station problem

nevermind, it's fixed. the person who is using the laptop forgot to mention they adjusted the resolution, and it's a widescreen monitor, so it had the black bars.. amazing how people forget the details...

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Its been over a year sonce my last issue, but it seems it has resurfaced. Previously I had solved the problem by myself, but after applying the same solution (system restore due to faulty software update), it seems the cause of the problem has changed. I'd like some assistance this time again please. My problem is that the tablet can't recognize that it is docked. As such, the keyboard, mouse, D Drive and battery are inaccessible. As like last time, it seems the dock charges properly ( as indicated by the orange LED battery light), however, when charging while docked, the LED light would cycle between white, orange, and nothing (roughly 1 second per phase). Something new to thos issue os that the dock station seems to be "doing something" when docked. There is a faint whirring and click within the dock, to the left of the  mousepad, with the click being in sync with the "nothing phase". I haven't investigated any further (I don't know how to disassemble the dock). This issue came up after "wobbling" the screen while docked maybe a little too rough. Since then there have only been two occassions where the two batteries were connected, but I haven't been able to reproduce it. This seems like a highly specific problem. Any suggestions is fine.

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I have noticed a continuing problem with using our Pro Book 640 laptops and Elite Book 8460 and 8470s, when docked in docking stations and sharing keyboard, video and mouse through Belkin 2-port KVM switches.  The problem is that the keyboard and mouse will sometimes just quit responding, although the lights are on, indicating they are connected.  A number of techniques are tried to get the functionality back, including uplugging power from the KVM and plugging it back in, unplugging the keyboard and mouse from the KVM, and rebooting the laptop. Any one of these may or may not solve the issue.  My question is, has anyone else experienced similar issues when using docking stations in combination with a KVM? Thank you.TJfromVA

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I have bought Gold Touch HDDS-U3 docking station, I plugged both usb cables to the computer (one to SSUsb port and one to regular port), waiting for 30 minutes while it was turn off (for battery charging). After that I insert a 3.5' HDD and turn it on. Nothing happen. there is no red or green light and the device doesn't appear in Disks Management.
How can I make it work??
* I have windows 10

A:Docking station detection problem

UPDATE: now I can see a new disk in Disk Management, but it say "no media". I tried to change the letter but it didn't help.

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i have this little thing and I connected it to my Lenovo notebook, but i dont have internet connection nor any image on monitor. Mouse, keyboard and headphones work fine.

After much effort, I found some driver (although it says that it dont need any installation to work) and I managed to get image. But, problem with ethernet connection remained. When I plug in the cable, niether the led on the dock interface light nor the one on the switch...
Friend that gave me this says that it worked ok on his macnihe.

What can be the reason for this?

A:Problem with Kensington SD400V USB Docking Station

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Got a weird one.

I had an old Toshiba t900 which died recently. it was on a small network and was also connected a HP Laserjet 6P/MP postscript printer. Most printing was done via the network to this printer. the printer was actually installed as a laserjet 6L because otherwise the driver sent everything via postscript with took for ever (well graphics did) and frequently failed with a "not enough memory error"

I have replaced this with a Tecra M10 (no parallel port) and a docking station which has a parallel port.

I did install the laserjet 6P/MP postscript driver and it all worked fine (except of course for the speed and memory problems mentioned above).

I then deleted the 6P/MP device and installed the printer as a 6L (as before) but when I tried to print a test page it did not send anything to the printer and reports a device error.

Ive uninstalled, re-installed, rebooted etc but made no impact. The only thing that is slightly odd is that after deleting the devices and rebooting the sometimes reappear suggesting maybe I have not got rid of them completely

If I start from scratch (no printer visible) and install the printer (replace current driver) as a 6MP it seems to install OK (except that Under printer->Properties, the panel is blank)

But when I print a test page, nothing happens (no lights flash on the printer) and a yellow triangle appears. The print queue simply says error - printing

Any suggests as to what I need to do to get this fixe... Read more

A:Printing problem through docking station to LPT1

OK it was tedious but I got there.

Delete all printers and keep deleting and rebooting until they have all gone (there must be an easier way?)
Plug in the printer and reboot the computer so it installs OK as 6P/6MP Postscript
Check it does actually work!!

Go to devices and printers
Take the installed working 6P/6MP Postscript
Right click, Printing properties
Select a driver from the drop down list (6MP in my case) I guess these drivers were there from previous efforts so if the right driver is not there you may have to install it and then start from the beginning

Change the share name to avoid confusion
Go to the other PC
Install a network printer
Select the one you have just renamed
Test it and Message 'Unable to access printer'!! b*g*e*!!

Probably some garbage left over from previous efforts (now deleted)so
Reboot and try again.
Now it works.:-)

And now perhaps I can get on and do something useful!!

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Hello, I'm already not very happy with the ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Workstation Dock 230W (40AN0230EU) used with my Lenovo X1 Extreme notebook, but this one is an absolutely nogo.I just wanted to play for the first time a game. The extern monitors turns all the time black and all other connected devices also stop working. After some time they reconnected but not every time so that I have to reboot the whole system. This happens all the time, not more than 5 minutes to happen again. I have read about the same issue from other users.In order to be able to use the mouse and keyboard I moved them from docking station to notebook. They got power but still could not be used. I had to reboot the notebook.All drivers, firmware and bios versions are up to date. This is by far the most expensive system I have bought till now, and it is also the system that is causing the most problems. I already have tested 3 40AN0230EU docking stations because of other issues. First X1 Extreme arrived DOA. This one already had a mainboard replacement.I can't believe that your premium notebook used together with the recommended docking station is causing that much problems. To me and to a lot of other users, like can be seen by searching the internet.Now I will try to connect all the devices directly to the notebook. But this cannot be the solution after spending 300,- EUR for the recommended docking station.

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Hello there,
I dont really belive that anyone is abble to help me fix this problem but ill give it a shot coz this is reallt weaird and annoying.
So i am using an docking station to my dell, it has 5 USB ports (3 on the left and 2 on the back).
Now i am using a logitech wireless mouse. Whenever i plug the usb mouse receiver to any of the left ports, it works just fine. If I use any of the 2 on the back, it lags as hell and it seem to get stuck in every procces action, like moving files over explorer etc.
But thats not the most anyoing thing im expiriencing...
I wanted to make my life esier, so i bought a mini-pcie usb adapter, this one: 

And i plugged my mouse receiver to it- it works great! BUT WAIT, only if laptop is not connected to the docking station! If it is, im getting the exact same problem as i would connect the mouse receiver to the back of the docking station...
I tried reinstalling the root usb hubs but it havent changed anything. This is weird as hell.
I would really aprichiate if someone could help me with this problem. rly.

A:Latitude E6520 Docking station USB problem

I fixed the problem, im not sure if this was the cause, but lemme show what i did:
So at the start, please look at this picture:

The way those 2 slots are populated is not natural- what i mean is that at the beggining i only had the wan card and one slot was free. But, before installing the usb dongle with its card i had to move the wan card from wan slot to sataflash slot and insert the usb dongle into wan slot. Why? See the place i circles (squared?) with red color. This metal border was to close and the dongle was to long so it wouldnt fit.
This way it was buggish and when i turned the switch my mouse wasnt working instead of wireless...
What i did to fix this problem:
I ripped off some of the metal borded using sharp pliers and replaced the cards to the proper slots (wan card in wan slot, usbdongle in sataflash slot).
Everything seems to be working so far.

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Hi there! I use x240 with docking station. Every now and then i forget to usee "go to sleep" option before undocking the laptop and then, after i dock it again, i have no sound in any program. Skype, youtube - they work but never play any sound. Windows Media player shows "red cross" icon near every media file I double-click to play.  Windows 10 Enterprise x64 + Jabra UC Voice 550 MS USB phones 

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I got a HP Ultraslim Docking Station 2013 along with my new Elitebook 1040 in october. Ever since, I have tried in vain to get the docking station to work. When I dock the laptop only the power button on the dock works, the usb and vga ports do not. Are there anyone else who have experienced anything similiar who have a solution?

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We have around 100x E7440's and on most of them we have the same problem. 
When the machine is operated on battery then the lid is closed it goes to standby/hibernation (this is not the problem).
But when the machine is docked into the port replicator / docking station and switched on, as soon as Windows starts, it goes to Blue Screen.
OS: Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit. 

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Hi, I have a Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th Gen which came with the USB-C docking station. I have a USB headset (Logitech), plugged into the docking station, which I use for Skype calls. The laptop runs Win 10 Pro. The problem is this: I'll start a Skype call with the audio routed to the headset, both speaker and microphone.The headset is also configured in Windows Control Panel as the default speaker. A minute or so into the call, the speaker audio will drop out and revert to the laptop's built-in sound card. Even though Skype is set to route the audio to the headset, the audio doesn't make it to the headset, it just goes out the laptop analog audio. I get the idea that this is a problem with the DisplayLink driver for the docking station. I tried updating the driver but it says that I have the latest version (even though it's dated 2006?!?).  Any ideas?  Thanks! - bill. 

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I'm using win 7 Pro, SP-1, Dell Vostro 64 bit laptop, a Toshiba Dynadoc and the dynadoc utility_II and a secondary monitor, and a MS wireless Mouse 5000.
The wireless mouse works fine when hooked up to the laptop at home with both laptop and monitor screen viewing well.
The problem is when traveling, unhooking the docking station and only using the wireless mouse with the laptop, the laptop does not recognize the mouse. The wireless sender attached to the laptop shows light indicator activity and the mouse lights up when manually activated, but doesn't recognize the wireless sender and shuts off.
I've tried unloading the dynadock utility program and changing control panel mouse settings. With system check the mouse seems to be recognized, but it doesn't reconnect to computer.
Any ideas ?

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Hi, My laptop updated to Windows 10 OS and now my docking station is not working on it anymore as the current update only supported Windows 7 or 8 Version only. Need help please.  Thanks,chelle

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Hello, I have a problem with docking station for Elitebook 2560p.Mini-jack port is not working in docking station but it works in notebook. When I plug the cable from simple 2.0 speakers in audio port from notebook (PC is plugged into docking station) it works. But when I'm switching cable to port from docking station it's not working. I thought that regular audio port (in notebook) should be disabled when notebook is plugged in docking station. I saw only drivers for USB port for docking station. I could not find drivers for audio port of docking station. Please advise how to make it work.  Best regards,Patryk

A:Elitebook 2560p - docking station problem with audio

Hello Patryk, Your EliteBook is a Business model.  Your issue would be best answered on the HP Enterprise Business Community Forum Good luck!  

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I have the Yoga 260 with a OneLink+ Docking Station for over an year and working well. I have 2 monitors connected. One DP and One VGA port. In the last 2 months, I keep getting this message "Docking Station AC Power Problem   AC power is detached from your docking station, or the AC power adapter type is incorrect. Connect a 90-watt AC power adapter or higher to the docking station for proper battery charging and docking station operation." If I shut down the system and leave it connected to the docking stations, it charges up the battery. Battery starts draining when Windows boots up and this message shows up.  I use a 90-watt AC power adapter that came with the docking station. For over a year had no problem with it.  I tried to use a second 60watt AC power adapter power connected directly to the Yoga 260 without the dock and it charges Ok. If I connect the Dock Connector with the second AC power adapter connect, it continues to charge the battery and even after I remove the second AC adapter, it continues to charge through the dock connector. Kind of like Jump starting the system. !!! Please suggest solutions as this is becoming a big hassle and the idea of getting a docking station is lost.    

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Dear Sir,
I use a  XPS 15 9550 machine with a TB15 Docking,  I have installed all your new drivers as stated on the website with regards to  TB15 and xps 9550, but after rebooting the machine i get all the connections but within 2 - 3 minutes, only dispaly remains, rest all connections, LAN, Audio, Camera, wireless dongle usb fails, and i have to restart the machine.

I has become the most troublemost situation wherein we cannot work like this. Wheneever we call yur help desk for the same, they always avoid this situation, by suggesting to transfer the line to somebody else and then the other person also does the same.

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