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SSH - remote login/terminal em?

Q: SSH - remote login/terminal em?

hi there techies

am looking for a good command based ssh terminal for remote login. saw putty, is it any good? what other terminals are u using to remotely login to a system and "fix" it? any advice? preferrably windows based, though linux apps also welcome. heck bring it all


Preferred Solution: SSH - remote login/terminal em?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: SSH - remote login/terminal em?

Putty is pretty good and customizeable, and much more lightweight than the standard SSH client, though I haven't tried the latest version.
Then you have SecureCRT which some friends of mine use.

I'm afraid I can't say which is best though.
I've got an educational license for the SSH, use XWin32 for most things *nix, and keep putty as a backup solution...

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Here's my situation:

I've got a decent setup (Vista, 6GB RAM) that I use for web browsing, browser games, and the occasional MMO. My wife has something that works for her for browsing / browser games (Win7, 2GB RAM). Naturally, the kids are always on my machine, and whoever comes second is fine with Mom's. BUT, sometimes that ol' butthead Daddy wants to use his own computer! No problem - Junior got a netbook for Christmas. OH, but... it's not what he's used to... actually, it's slow enough in comparison (Win7, 1G RAM) that he gets frustrated and wanders off.

Now, my grand idea:

I know Windows has such a thing as remote access - Verizon used it to help me out once. And I've heard old stories of sharing access to the only good computer on campus through "remote terminals." Each user connected to their own, isolated, centrally-hosted session, right? Hey, Windows has that "user accounts" feature I never use! I've been messing around with network file access settings before and noticed the option to set up specific access privileges for specific accounts across the network. Hmm... wonder if I could serve a desktop session that way?

A little research reveals:

Hosting this does not appear to be a native capability of my OS - the closest I could come would be remote adminning (wherein I will need to share control of my desktop with the netbook - unacceptable). There are a few application solutions available for bus... Read more

A:Remote terminal over home network?

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Help? Sort of a new one to me... On my network...All workstations are Windows XP (mostly running SP2), and a few Windows 2000 workstaions. All Servers are Windows 2003, with 1 or 2 remaining Windows 2000 Servers still being used... I have been experiencing a problem lately with a few computers, in that they cannot connect to a remote computer using remote desktop or Terminal Services...When I shadow one of the workstations I can see that there is an issue, and when I try to log into the remote computer as the user, as myself (domain admin) or as the administrator I get the same error message (cannot connect, verify the username and password are correct, etc). This troubles me as I can connect to the same remote computer from my workstation... Using my account or the users account. If I look in terminal services manager on the server that cannot be logged into, I see there are active sessions (not all licenses are being used), so that is not an issue. I was able to fix one of the computers last week with this issue by formatting and reloading the os and all related applications, but clearly, there has to be another way. help!

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I work from home using remote desktop to log in to my terminal server at the office. at home i have a local printer. Hp Laserjet 3055 all in one connected with USB cable. This works fine locally. I have added the printer to the terminal server. I rebooted my local computer then logged on to the terminal server using remote desktop and cannot print to my local printer. There is another remote user who prints fine. I checked that my local resources for printer is checked off.

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Hi guys,

i have a question about remote connection, but i don't know exactly what kind of solution i'm looking for...

i have a desktop with quad-cpu and much bigger memory, and i have another laptop which is old and slow. My thinking is to make a server on the desktop, so that the laptop could share the cpu time and memory from desktop.

That is to say: there could be two persons in front of both computers, they log in using own username and they should not interrupt each others work, but all the programs should run on the desktop computer.

So Remote Desktop, VNC or TeamViewer etc. don't really match my needs...

I don't really know what we call this technology, but i know that citrix have this kind of business solution, what i wanna know is if there are any usable free or inexpensive solutions for personal/non-commercial use?

Thanks a lot!

Btw., my desktop is running Windows 7 Pro 64bit and Laptop is running Windows XP Pro 32bit.

A:Which Solution: Remote Desktop? Virtual Desktop? Remote Terminal?

There may be alternatives to Citrix, but the concept is basically to access a remote desktop on server where you run applications installed on server. If the performance is adequate you will gain in bandwidth and licensing costs, but the scenario you describe implies that the laptop should somehow share the resources of the server, physically(?)...

I am currently unaware of any inexpensive "citrix" solutions but I would think that is what you are after. Logging on the server, starting an app on server, but managing it on the laptop.

Have you looked in to a HDD and RAM upgrade of the Laptop?

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How do I clear the name of the previous use from the user name box when logging into a terminal server?
I want the login box to be blank when the login screen displays.

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Hello everyone

im running win xp sp2 on three home pcs
for ease, i will use three names: MainPC, Laptop, Spare

im trying to connect to each of them through remote desktop.
all three are connected through router

when i forward port 3389 to Laptop ip in router settings, i can connect to it using the other two
also the case when i forward port 3389 to Spare ip.
when testing these ports on canyouseeme.org, there is no problems.
also no problems with testing telnet [ip] 3389 in command prompt
terminal services is started on Laptop and on Spare

however, when i forward port 3389 to MainPC, i cannot connect to it through the other two computers using remote desktop.
the error message is

"The client could not connect to the remote computer.
Remote connections might not be enabled or the computer might be too busy to accept new connections. It is also possible that networs problems are preventing your connection. Please try again later."

when testing canyouseeme.org for port 3389 on MainPC, i get Error: Connection Refused.

When checking is terminal services is started using services.msc, it IS NOT started, and when i do start it, i get this message:
"The terminal services service on local computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they have no work to do, for example, the Performance logs and alerts services."

i have checked dependencies of this service, and all dependencies are started.
netstat -a has shown 3389 IS NOT listenin... Read more

A:Cannot Start Terminal Services/Use Remote Desktop (WXP)

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I have this application where I want a new hire to fill out an Access record for their application. I want the HR receptionist to be able to control that new hire's use of the computer. I thought I would have the NH (New Hire) go to a computer logged into the terminal server and enter their data. I would have the receptionist create the record and get them started and the rest would just be a fill in the blanks and click the next button. A former network administrator set me up so when I click on the Remote Control to a terminal server user, I can connect without them having to give me permission. I want to set the receptionist up the same way, but I don't neccesarily want to give her admin rights. is that possible?

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I have an office that needs to provide access to Specific Software and files for home or remote offices. The number of users might be 10 to start and could expand up to 30 or 50.
Any ideas on the best way to accomplish this and more importantly an Approximatly Cost per user..

The company currently uses a Domain server using MS SERVER 2000 with 50 user CAL this is currently used as a application server and file server.

I assume I would need to install a new machine for remote access??

Any thoughts and ideas


A:Terminal Services vs Citrix vs remote access

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Hi All,

Just wondering if RDP is the same thing as Terminal Session?

I'm want to know because i havent seen RDP link you back to locally attached printers or shared drives.

Any help would be great. thanks.


A:Is Remote Desktop Protocol the same as Terminal Session??

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Is it possible to pass login credentials to a terminal server via the remote desktop shortcut so that there's no need to login in every time you connect?

A:Terminal Services Login Credentials

Yep, when you open the rdp link, there should be an options button, click on it. Change whatever you need to change, including the username/pass/domain etc. Go back to the general tab and click on "save as", give it a name and save it to desktop.

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I connect to my terminal server, no problems at all (Windows 2003 (SP2) Server platform).

I then use Terminal Services Manager 5.2 to connect to my users devices using the "Remote Control" option from within.

My issue is that over the last week or so (this feature has been running with no problems for 2 years +) this feature returns the following error:

"Because of a protocol error, this session will be disconnected. Please try connecting to the remote computer again".

Then proceeds to disconnect me from the terminal server entirely.

Can anyone advise why this has suddenly started occuring and more importantly, advise a solutiion.

A:Terminal Server Manager - Remote Control Option

I'm having a similar probelm.

I'm running XP SP3 and can remote into my TS fine (Server 2003) but I get the same message when I then try to remote control a user using the Terminal Services Manager on the TS.

The thing is I think this has only started since I updated my Remote Desktop Connection to version 7. (May show up as KB969084) I'm not able to un-install KB969084 though as it doesn't show up in my list of installed updates in the Add Remove Programs.

Do you know if you're PC was updated with the RDC v7 or have you found a fix for your issue?
Update: I've found this

which describes my problem exactly. Doesn't seem however to be a fix listed there.

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When we try to use RDP to connect to a Windows 2003 Standard Edition Terminal Server we get a message that pops up saying One Note cannot open a file we selected to print out. We never setup One Note to do this and have no idea what file it is referring to .
It appears that it is the One Note on our Windows 7 Pro remote computers that is creating the message windows not on the Terminal Server.
It happens from multiple remote Windows 7 Pro computers. It does not happen from these same computers when we RDP to other Terminal Servers.
Also we never use One Note on any computers.
Any ideas what to look for on the problem TS?

A:Onenote trying to open when connect to a remote Terminal Server

Suggest you see the wiki on Onenote for insight where it may be active.

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I have a Windows 2003 domain with 2 sites and planning a third with site configuration to make the users go to their local windows DC for authentication etc.

I was wondering how I should do the Terminal Server Licensing server since this if there is only one in the Enterprise or Domain (same thing here) then how will people in the remote offices get their licenses. Over slow WAN links?

Is it possible to have a terminal server licensing server at each location, so if the vpn going down as sometimes happens then they are still able to use their local Terminal Servers (ie the local Terminal Servers can still contact the Licensing server needed to run the remote sessions because it is local)?
Has anybody had to face this issue? What have you done about it?

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I have windows server 2003 running terminal services, and when I remote desktop to it - this is what happens

1st connect - everything's fine, runs smoothly
2nd conect - message "could not connect to remote computer, check connections..."
3rd connect - "the remote computer ended the connection"

Help me. I am going out of my mind. I have to restart the server everytime this happens.

I regularly need to connect to the server, and its very annoying.

A:Windows Server 2003 - Remote Desktop/Terminal Services

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One of our customers are having problems with logging into Teams.
Teams App is installed on a Virtual Machine running Windows Server 2019 Standard.
License used: Office 365 E3
On regular basis some Users are having problems signing into Microsoft Teams and recieve the following Error Screen (it is always the same ErrorCode -80070003)
At the moment we are fixing the problem with uninstalling Teams and reinstalling the APP.
Unfortunately i can not find anything regarding to this specific problem.
Does anyone have any idea why we are having these problems?

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I have two computers running Windows XP. Let's call them Acquiring and Processing.

Processing has SP3. Acquiring has SP2 and is behind a hardware firewall/router. (cannot upgrade to SP3 due to some software it has to run that will crap out if the computer is upgraded, hence the firewall.)

I configured the firewall/router to give Acquiring a specific address, and to open the port for remote desktop, and to forward anything coming in on that port to the Acquiring computer, which is the only device on that router in any case.

When I go to the Processing computer and try to Remote Desktop to the Acquiring computer, the login window comes up without a hitch. Once I type in the username and password and try to login, however, the desktop of the remote computer won't load. I get the little bar at the top of the screen with the computer name and the option to minimize or close, I can see and move the mouse, but the rest of the screen is completely black. Eventually I just end up closing the remote session (without logging off though, since I am not given that option)

Over on the Acquiring computer, the screen hasn't been locked as per usual. I can still see the desktop, but the computer is frozen. I have no mouse, and I can't even get the keyboard to toggle the lights for numlock and capslock. I then have to do a hard reboot of the Acquiring computer to get it un-frozen.

Can anyone help me try and figure out why this connection isn't working, and what I ... Read more

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Thanks in advance for any help.

We have about 8 computers on a LAN that conncet to a local netowrk printer. We can all each individually carry that printer to our terminal server (using remote desktop), so we can each print from the server to our local machine.

We purchased two new computers which came installed with Vista, insuring all local resources are enabled within Remote Desktop, the printer does not show on the Windows 2003 Terminal Server as it does on all the XP machines.

Printing from the Vista machines to the printer works fine, although we do have some issues locally printing different types of PDF's (sometimes changing "Document Type" to "Document" in our print driver prints the PDF, most times it does not).

Our local network pritner is a Konica-Minolta C352.

Thanks again,

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pretty well much as the title says, its one of my more favorite tweaks that confuse hackers because i have no need of lan, if i need to share files i use ftp... that said what i want to do it on is a 2k3 server where i need remote desktop access, i have a high suspicion that the answer is yes and well might not go for it or go for something like real vnc

but real vnc is from spyware origins and even though now days they have converted over to the light and now is widely used it still makes you wonder....

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We've got several user accounts setup on XP Pro with Fast User Switching enabled. Is it possible for me to login to the computer via Remote Desktop while someone else is logged in locally, or vice versa? I don't see why it forces them to logout with Fast User Switching enabled... since programs run in the background anyways. Any way around this??

A:Possible to use Remote Desktop login AND local login at the same time??

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I am using QC 11.52 and UFT 12.52.I run my tests remotely on Windows 7 PCs.I would like to have UFT create the remote desktop session.I can get this to happen with:     CreateObject("WScript.Shell").Run "mstsc /vC5XXXXXX However this just opens the Security Centre and you manually have to insert the password.I see there is an Autologin available with ALM 12.2, that has Lab Management which is available in a Loaderunner environment I set up a while ago.Is this available if I uppgrade QC to say 12.5? If not is there another way of getting UFT to login to the remote machine?I need to run tests with 60+ different users. I 

A:UFT remote login

This is the wrong company for Servers, Storage, Software, and Networking. Please use the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community:http://community.hpe.com/t5/Unified-Functional-Testing/bd-p/sws-Fun_TEST_SF

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Can I login remotely to a Win 7 system, using a Win XP system as the client?
Are there any special considerations?

A:Win XP to Win 7 remote login

Please refer the below thread which will help you.

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I have a Windows VPS setup where it has a RDP (Remote Desktop) facility. I want to login using my Windows XP PC but I am not having luck. I have enabled it in my Kaspersky Firewall, but do I need to do something with my Netgreat DG834G router too?



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Trying to connect to my business computer fromm my laptop at home. I think the Verizon Westell 7500 modem at my business woun't let me in. Ive called the Verizon Tech support with not a complete solution ???? This is driveing me crazy. When I,m at my business I can connect with my Vaio wireless with no problem. But as soon as Im outof range at my home 50 miles away I cant login. Any Ideas???

A:Remote Login

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I have my server at my shop, I'm trying to put all my files on there so I can login from home, or if I go out on the road. I know the basics on networking but this is something new to me. I believe I have to change settings on my router, as well as on my server. Just need some help. I'm running Windows Server 2012.

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So I have this issue, like everybody else .

I just set up a new computer and they both are on the same wireless network and are even connected to eachother through bluetooth. I'm trying to connect to my laptop from my desktop tower (the new one). The Remote desktop thing is asking for a log-in for the laptop. Well I do have a password, so I enter in my user name Shannon, and then my password....It doesn't work...try it again. and it doesn't work. Even though it accepts the username, the password isn't accepted, and I know 1000000% that it is right. So whats going on? The tower is running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and the laptop is running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit.

What should I do?

A:Cant do a remote desktop login


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I have never done it before. Is there a tutorial? I know how to go to remote desktop, enter the IP, and log in.

My girlfriends parents want me to be able to do that, as they have no idea how to do anything on the computer. I will be at there house tonight. Do I need to configure their pc (running win7 premium HP) to allow incoming connections? How do I do this. What will I need when I go there, what info from my pc, when I restart their pc, there is no log in, so will I not have to log in if I remote in?

Just want to know how to allow the incoming connections, and what I will need from my pc, what info, and what I will need to do so I can help them when needed. I am running win7 pro 64 bit

A:Remote Login question

There is a much, much easier way. Team viewer (a free app) is so simple it is bullet proof and easy to use.

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We have 2 pcs that we connect to via Remote Desktop.  One of them stops at this screen so we can tell that someone else is already logged in, so we are given
the opportunity to CANCEL, so we don't "throw off" the person who is already logged in:
Sorry, my image is not allowed until account verification is complete.
The other machine goes straight to this screen, and we can't tell if someone else is already connected.  So when we type the password, it disconnects the person
who is already connected through remote desk"vertical-align:top;">Sorry, my image is not allowed until account verification is complete.
I can't find any settings in the .RDP shortcut that are different between the 2 machines.  It must be something on the machine itself. Can you help? I would
like the users to see the first picture above if someone else is already logged in , so the user will have the chance to cancel, so the original user won't be disconnected .
Thank you!

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Does anyone know of a program that will tell me who is logged into what machine on the network AND how long they have been logged in?

I have searched and searches and ....... and cannot find anything.

Oh and these computers are on a domain.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!!!1

A:Remote Login times, etc...

log on a machine remotely or locally?
if it's remotely u can c it in terminal services manager
if it's locally i think u can find it somewhere in the add ins of mmc
i'll check it for u

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hi, my webserver has just crashed, i'm assuming the PC has rebooted, I dont have have autologin enabled, is there a way to login remotely then lock the PC

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I have one windows 2000 server at one place & i want to connect 12 nodes (with different locations) having os windows 2000 proffessional . server is for proxy.is it possible to connect these 12 nodes to connect remotly (using modems) to this server at a time to access internet ?
if it is possible plz guide me how to configure?
or any other solution?

A:Remote Login for proxy

It's not that hard to do. Keep in mind the number of users that can dial in at one time is limited by the number of modems & phone lines you have installed.

Have a look at THIS for more info.....

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Setup: P2P LAN 12 workstations; Win 2K, XP Pro & Home mix.

There are two accounts on each workstation: Administrator + UserX (Limited).

I'd like to run Norton Live Update from station1 on all the others (Although it would be OK to download & run only the Intelligent Updater).

If I log on, say, stationX (from station1) with administrative privileges and launch Live Update (from whichever HDD), what will be updated? Station1 or StationX?

Note: I can't run any test today, and I need an answer by tomorrow.


A:Solved: Remote Login on P2P

How are you remotely logging into the non XP boxes? If you are able to log in remotely as an admin and run the program from the remote machine it will update the remote machine.

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I'm having a hell of time getting logged in via Remote Desktop on an XP machine. I can get to the machine but when I type in the username and password it says it's incorrect. I checked everything six times. Everything is in place, user permissions, firewall permissions, router etc.

"The system could not log you in." It's driving me crazy

A:Remote Desktop Can't login

Some keyboards have the "@" and the """ the alternate way round. If your password contains any of them characters try using the opposite key. So " -> @ and @ -> "

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I'm not that familar with xp, so how do I stop users from remotely login into a pc with xp? Thanks


A:how do I stop people from remote login

Use a password on your User Account(and don't tell anyone), put a password on the "Administrator" account(and don't tell anyone), dont have any other User Accounts, disable Remote Desktop, Disable any Remote Desktop Connection(RDC) allowances in the SP2 firewall, the list only begins from there, many things you can do to "dissuade" remote login, depending on what kind of remote login you're talking about, whether it's RDC, or something else, etc etc.

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I have a standalone box running Windows 7 ultimate. It's not part of any domain, as it is my personal desktop computer.

I use Microsoft's Remote Desktop (mstsc.exe) to logon to this desktop remotely using my phone, table etc. and for as long as i can remember, I am always required to input my user credentials twice (regardless of whether 'save my credentials' is ticked)

The first time that i am required to type my username/password is through the client mstsc application upon clicking 'connect'.

Once i connect to the computer, i'm displayed the generic user logon screen, where i must click my username. This is the second time that i am required to input my user credentials.

I've searched far and wide and i have not been able to find a suitable solution for this problem. Can anyone suggest a possible resolution?

A:Remote Desktop requires me to login twice...Help!

try using this command from run
mstsc /admin
and then for user name type in ".\username" and then password
See if this gets you in the first time

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I am using DSL and Linksys Router in my home. What is the most secure
method of logging onto my open computer from a remote location? Thanks

A:Remote Login to home computer

SSH or VNC over SSL

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Hi all,
I recently upgraded a client from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 (let's call it CLIENT_X). The computer is member of a domain.
In this domain, there is a user (let's call him RESTRICTEDUSER), which is a member of the default group Domain-Users.
The user is allowed to login only on the machine CLIENT_X by the "logon to" property in AD Users & Computers.
Before the upgrade, I was able to connect to the CLIENT_X using the username RESTRICTEDUSER and appropriate password from another machine (where I was logged in using another username):
CLIENT_A (User Admin) --> Remotedesktop --> CLIENT_X (User RESTRICTEDUSER)

Now, after the upgrade to Windows 8.1, I get the following error message from remote desktop:
"The system administrator has limited the computers you can log on with. [..]"

When I add the machine I am connecting from (CLIENT_A) to the list of machines where RESTRICTEDUSER is allowed to logon to, the connection works. Of course, the user is then also able to logon directly to CLIENT_A, which is not intended.

Therefore, I am asking for help, how to restore the old behaviour.

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Hi everyone

I recently bought a new PC and have got a problem with logon to my IP camera via IE interface.
With my old PC I still can login to IP camera without problems.

My old PC:
OS = WinXPpro SP3

My new PC:
OS = Win7 pro (32) SP1

When I try to login with my new PC, I fill user name and password in identification popup window, but IP camera does not accept them.
I disabled protected mode in IE9
ActiveX filtering is switched off
In both old and new PC security is SSL3.0 / TLS1.0

Could you pls. help me ?
Thank you very much in advance !

A:Remote server does not accept login in IE9


What error mesage to you get?

Do you have these problems in any other browsers? Please try one of the below (both are free):


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I work from a remote location, and use a VPN to access files on the company server. I have no problem logging into the VPN, but when using Windows 7 64-bit, I am denied access to the specific folder containing the files I need, even though I can see and open other folders on the same server.

However, if I connect from an old laptop running Windows 2000, I get a login pop-up when I click on the desired folder and after entering my username (including the remote domain name) and password I can access the files. In the newer OS, I just get a stock "access denied" message, with no option to log in. Specifically, in W7 the message is "You do not have permission to access this folder", which is nonsense.

Our IT department is baffled. Does anyone know how to set up W7 so it will allow me to log into the protected folder in the same way I can do it in W2K? Once logged in to the VPN itself, I use the 'run' command with the remote IP address to bring up the folders in a normal Explorer window.

A:Solved: No login pop-up for remote access in W7 64-bit

If, instead of using the run command, you open Windows Explorer and click on Network in the Navigation Pane (or Start - Network if you have Network in the Start menu) does the server show up? If so, does double clicking on it show the shared folders? And, if so, does double clicking the folder there give you the chance to enter credentials?

I have found that although "Network" and a "normal Windows Explorer window" look alike, they don't always give the same results.

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I am having a hell of a time trying to login remotely. I'm using remote desktop and dyndns. I have remote access enabled and the names of the users that can get access. I can get connected to the computer, i just can't login. It tells me that I am using the wrong username or password. Firewall not enable, ports forwarded etc.

I even tried logging in via the internal network and get the same result.

Any ideas?

A:Solved: Can't login using remote desktop on XP

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At work I sometimes remote login into my home computer as I like to visit cnn.com or check my lottery numbers. They block these sites at work, this is why I remote login to my home PC.

What is driving me crazy is that once I minimize the remote login screen on my work computer. It will often pop back onto the screen once every 20 minutes if I have not used the remote login. Is there a way to fix this? How do fix it so that my remote login window stays minimized, until I restore it?

A:How to keep remote login screen minimized

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I have problems enabling the Remote Desktop Connection from a windows 8 to a win 2012 r2 server working when I use credentials that are only allowed to login on the server.
With Win7 or server 2008 this is no problem if I disable network level access. But for the win 8 to 2012 R2 scenario I cant get it to work. My goal is to allow the user only login on the target system and not on the host system since the host system is designed
for general access. But I dont want to allow the public user there to access the target systems but I neither want to add every user that might use this PC to connect remotely on it as allowed to login to this PC. Thats simply to much work.
How can I bypass the request if the different credentials are allowed on the host machine?
The same Issue occurs for shared folders. Atleast I assume its the same since the only error I get is an "advanced issue" or something like this. Nothing that points me towards the solution or issue.

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I have been researching the subject line for 2 weeks now, and I am yet to find any good information.

I would like to be able to access my files on my Vista machine at home via my FreeBSD/Unix/Linux machine at work. I also, have a mac at home, so access via all of my machines, almost all OS's would be nice.

On unix its quite simple, install openssh and enable port 22 via ipfw. Mac is the same way, however the process can also be done via your system settings. I am unfamiliar how to enable remote login/ssh/something else I'm not aware of on my Windows Vista machine.

I am aware of how to open my firewall up to port 21 or 22 respectively, however the process by which to log in to view my Vista files is unknown to me. SSH would not work correct? rlogin should. Maybe telnet?

A simple tutorial or guide would suffice, getting me started, so I know what I'm looking for, and how I can log into my home vista machine via some method from my Unix machine here at work.

A:Remote Login for Vista through Unix

Ha, two weeks of searching, and only after I post to a forum i find the answer (kinda), on a hunch.

Please read below if you would like to know what I have found.

In linux/unix there is a command 'rdesktop' which is used similar to 'rlogin'. Simply enable Remote Desktop on your windows machine, add a few users to your list, and rdesktop IP/Host-Address from your Unix machine. Cool Stuff. Now your Windows machine is accessible through your Unix terminal

I'm still looking for a text based look as my windows files, like a remote command prompt or something.

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I'm having an issue with a 6 month old Dell PC. It's running with dual monitors. I can leave, RD into that PC, and when I return, one of my dual monitors is disabled and I have to go into the Display properties to re-enable it.

Any ideas?

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Although I personally do not agree with it, my company has a policy in place where we have to remote login via vpn to check our emails on a server side outlook. I'm tired of re-typing the same login information time and time again and would like to know how to automate the login procedure. My programming knowledge is poor at best but I'm sure this isn't too much of a challenge for someone with scripting knowledge.

I use Cisco Systems VPN Client and Windows Vista Remote Desktop Login.

Thanks for advice in advance.


A:automate a login script to vpn / remote desktop

network sharing center/set up a connection or network
this will create a vpn login for you

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Hi everyone

I've just upgraded to Firefox 3 on my computer at work and it won't save the login (Department ID) in the Canon Remote UI for our network copier, a Canon imageRUNNER iR5065 - its address on the network is an IP address. Login would save correctly under Firefox 2.* but not under Firefox 3.0

Preferences are set to save passwords, and the passwords bar comes up to allow me to save - but when I click "remember password" it does nothing - I can only click "Never Remember" or "Not Now"

Any ideas?


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