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Knowledgebase Software Recommendations Needed

Q: Knowledgebase Software Recommendations Needed

Could anyone recommend a reasonably priced (preferably free)knowledge base with the following requirements.

- have multiple search criteria(ie. can narrow down a search with in a search.) and modifiable search fields
- allow multiple users to modify and access at the same time
- be able to search through e-mails and attached documents
- uses a database which can easily be extracted to Oracle
- GUI interface
- simple implementation

I've found a couple which looks like it'll provide what I need but I would like to get some opinions from many of you who might have implemented one.

Ones that I'm looking more closely at currently are:
- ThoughtTracker = but have no idea about the database export options
- Web Board = kind of costly hope to find something cheaper
- Forum = need a closer look
- KB = heard it's pretty good
- Personal Knowbase = ??? yet

Any help would be very much appreciated.

-- Yori-ko

Preferred Solution: Knowledgebase Software Recommendations Needed

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Knowledgebase Software Recommendations Needed

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Anyone know of any free (or cheap) software that can be used to build a knowledgebase (mostly question/answer probably - not sure yet)? It would then need to be keyword searchable via webpage.

A:knowledgebase software

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I know almost nothing about editing videos and get confused when I see the menus and controls in editing software. I don't even understand the terms. For instance, I don't see anything that looks straight forward to me as to how to open a video for editing. Instead, I see something that says "Open a Project" and I don't quite understand what to do with a video even if I do figure out how to open it in a "Project".

So, I'm kinda lost.

Here are some of the things I would like to do:

Join two videos together
Take out uninteresting segments that may be several seconds or several minutes long
Compress time, meaning in an instructional how-to-disasemble/reassemble video speed up time through repetitive identical processes, like maybe the removal of several screws.
Convert a larger MTS file to something much smaller so it can be easily downloaded and viewed, or attached to an e-mail
Remove a single frame from a video file to save as a still image
Brighten a darken a video
Color corrections

These are some of what I would like to do and if I am going to buy a software that will do these things and then learn how to use it, what would be a good one under $150? I've read a little about Adobe Premiere Elements and it looks okay; but, for someone who understands little about what he reads, I would like to have some advice from those who actually do this work regularly.

To be clear, I am not asking for instructions on how to do thes... Read more

A:Video Editing Software Recommendations Needed

If you have Windows 7, I'd suggest starting with Windows Movie Maker .. and Windows DVD maker.
Lots of YouTube tutorials available.
I just open WMM ... and Drag n Drop my vids

Most videos are too large to Email ... I use YouTube and Email the link.
Still frames from a video are usually poor quality ... (depends on what quality you need) ... I usually use a ScreenShot .. It's the same as WMM's Snapshot view

Other than these restrictions ... WMM is easy to use (and understand) and will probably do what you want to do .. (for free)
I do this regularly .. and WMM and WDVDM is all I use

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Over the past several years I have accumulated a lot of help, articles, PDF, .chm, .hlp, etc. It is not to easy to navigate and find what I am looking for either. Does anyone have any tips for managing this type of data/documents? I am able to search across many PDFs with Reader 6.0. I would love to have a program that will help to manage and search across several types of documents. A reader similar to the MSDN and Technet Library viewers would be great.


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I am looking for something that is freeware (I can't get initial investment into this project so i have to do this cheap).

It has to have -
A good search feature.
Allow to embed any type of documents into it.
Allow you to follow links directly from the program.
Allow 7+ people to be in the file at the same time and modifying it at their own leisure.
Doesn't require a dedicated "server" setup.

Is there anything out there like this?
I tried KnowledgeBASE but got as far as trying to embed a document and it froze up on me. Most of the other things I have found are not free or require a server.

A:Freeware knowledgebase software?

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I've just been 'talking' extensively with the software side, & we basically came to the conclusion that my current ancient computer is on the outs & doesn't have long to live. It cannot be upgraded.
I'd like to build a new one from scratch. Although I'm a novice & have never tried this at home, I did take an A+ course last year so am not totally unprepared.
I've been browsing on Pricewatch.com...I'd like to buy a motherboard combo (P4, at least 2.0Ghz) w/ integrated sound (upgradeable), USB 2.0, DDR SDRAM, heatsink & fan, a case/power supply combo, a video card with at min. 64mb ram (I'm not a serious gamer) and a hard drive--at least ATA 100 & 40Gb. I'd just like any suggestions/recommendations/cautions from anyone who's done this before & really knows what they're doing, so I don't screw it up. I'd appreciate any tips anyone wants to give me on products, etc. Oh yeah, I'd like to keep my Win ME & load it on the new HDD, mainly because I resent the fact that Microsoft won't let me put XP on more than one computer (if this is a dumb idea, please tell me why) Thanks!

A:Recommendations Needed

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Hello, everyone. First of all, I'm completely new to these forums, so hello! I'm hoping someone out there can help me with the following problems. It's a doozy, and has completely gotten worse over the last few days. Please read on...

My computer at home contracted a particularly nasty virus. The computer initially ran slower than molasses (probably from spyware/adware/virus), so my wife and I have been attempting to fix this problem. It was totally *my* fault, as I went on a gaming website and it downloaded some content that's now choking the life out of the computer.

I recently attempted to install new virus protection. Now, the computer is telling me that the copy of Windows XP I have is an illegal copy (which is NOT true, it was legitimately bought), and that I need to validate the copy. My wife has the administrative privileges on the computer, so I could only get so far this morning in fixing the problem. Compounding problems are the anti virus program I installed is failing to initialize, and sometimes Windows Explorer crashes, and leaves me with just the background picture, but no desktop whatsoever.

The CD rom drive still works, albeit slowely (takes forever to load the contents of a CD). I am a complete newbie when it comes to these types of errors. We have a lot of stuff on the computer that needs to be saved, so a "do or die" reinstall won't be feasible, as we don't want to lose everything we have on the computer. I think... Read more

A:Recommendations Needed

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I currently use a Seagate 5TB portable drive to store basically everything (my Lightroom Catalog & photos, my videos, documents, music etc), so this means very little is stored on my Mac HD, and doesn't slow it down, especially when doing post-production on photos or video. The drive was formatted to exFat when I bought it, and this means that when I was travelling between home, work and college I could plug my drive into any machine (Win or Mac) I can access my LR catalog and edit my work anywhere.

However, the drive is almost full, and I wanted to upgrade to a larger portable drive (at least 8TB). However I am finding it difficult to find an 8TB drive that doesn't require an external power source. It's not a problem at home just plugging the power lead into a socket, but in work or college there often aren't accessible sockets within reach, so it's vital that the 8TB drive can do the same as my current 5TB drive and take its power from the Mac itself.

I did order the following: https://www.photospecialist.ie/lacie-porsche-design-p-9233-8tb-drive-usb-3-0#group5315
It seemed to fix the bill, because it's USB 3.0, although it has a USB-C socket, which I've not seen on any drives before. I think it's meant to suit people connecting to their Macbooks or phones. However after I ordered I discovered that the drive needs an external power source, and also I found a lot of reviews online on Amazon where people were complaining about the... Read more

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I need a laptop that is:
~$1000. (less preferred ) (rebates are good also)
Light (um... 4ish lbs?)
Screen size doesn't really matter.
60gb or more hd
512mb or more ram.
That about covers it...
(I'm just looking for a REALLY good computer around my price range)
oh yea, please no dells... i don't like them personally, and they're pretty heavy.

A:Laptop Recommendations needed!

Have a look at the toshiba laptops.


They seem to have quite a few in your price range.

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I'm in the market to transfer a domain from fptoday.com to a new hosting company. My present one doesn't support perl, cgi-bin, asp, etc. Plus they want $145 for a secure site certificate. While I was surfing, I found this one:
Anybody used this one before? Looks like the prices and the support is pretty hard to beat.

Or this one.

A:Hosting recommendations needed.

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My laptop has only two USB ports, which quickly turns into a shortage given all the things that connect to USB. With literally thousands of hubs available, I'm hoping someone has some personal experience on the subject that they could share. Which manufacturers are more reliable than others? What types of hardware have shown to be ugly when connecting through a hub.

I need to get one, so if I have to go solo on this, I guess I'll be the guinea pig. I'll be buying like 10 at a time to try several.

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Hi ladies and gentleman...

I'm fairly confident in that I'm not the only one who is wondering about which fans are reliable and whether or not they truly make a difference from one another.

I was just wondering, which 80mm fans, which 120mm fans, and which 92mm fans people recommend...

Thank you.

A:Fans - Recommendations needed :)

i may not have recommendations for 80 and 92mm fans but i just want to say a few things.

try and get a fan that has low dBa but high CFM. higher CFM is usually accompanied by higher dBa (more noise) unless its a 120mm which runs on lower RPMs but provide more CFM for the RPM because if its bigger fins.

on avg, i guess a 28 dBa is silent enough for most people (esp me) and dBa:CFM ratio arent so good on smaller fans compared to 120mm fans persay
avg dBA and CFM on 80mm fans are 30 and 34. having a few of these in ur case can get pretty annoying (maybe its jus the ones i had, they were ghetto fans by sunbeam)

sleeve bearings vs ball bearings
sleeve is quieter but less life
ball is bit more noise but longer life. its all up to u n ur preferences.

in terms of brands, im not so sure, jus dont pick a 2$ fan. u get what u pay for.

anyway im not sure if any of what i wrote make much sense... i need to go to sleep now lol gnight

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I've built a couple of computers, troubleshot them when their was problems, had probably hundreds of hours of maintenance/gaming on them, and have loved every minute!
Building a computer is too much fun to consider buying one complete.
But it has been a few years since I have done this, and I am having some problems ferreting out the new boards, etc., and would appreciate some advice.

I am building a computer not for anything specific, but need it to have enough power and RAM to be able to play with pictures, and video if desired.

I was thinking about getting an Asus with an AMD processor, 3000-4000 processor, 800 MB front side bus, and 1 GIG of DDR RAM. I didn't know if the different types of sockets made much of a difference, these days. I have always run AMD, and don't know about the different kinds of Intel processors.

I have been told to get a hard drive, SATA2, at least 160GB, with a minimum of 8MB cache, I assume 7200 RPM minimum.

Case/power supply combination, I don't know how many watts is even considered normal these days.

DVD Burner- don't think this is a biggie as to which brand, but may want a multi-layered one for backup purposes

Along with the normal modem, there is a chance that this may be set up a a server for a network at my house, eventually. So, if I didn't get the components as an integral part of the motherboard, I would need enough slots to expand.

Finally, I know that I can make a real screamer for over $1000, but ... Read more

A:Building a computer: recommendations needed

Just my Suggest.........................................


Intel Pentium D 820 2.8GHZ LGA775 Smithfield 800FSB 2X1MB EM64T XD Dual Core Processor Retail Box

Corsair Value Select PC2-4200 1GB 2X512MB DDR2-533 240PIN DIMM Dual Channel Memory

ASUS GeForce 7300 GS 550MHZ 256MB 64BIT 540MHZ DDR2 Turbo Cache PCI-E VGA DVI-I HDTV Out Video Card

Seagate Barracuda 250GB 7200.10 8MB 8.5MS SATA2 NCQ Hard Drive

LG GSA-H22N DVD+RW 18X8X16 DVD-RW 18X6X16 Dual Layer 8X DVD-RAM 12X DVD Writer 2MB Black OEM W/ SW (GSA-H22N/W)

Antec SLK1650B Black MID-TOWER 3X5.25 5X3.5 ATX12V 350W

This only a suggestion and can modified to suit individual taste as long as it is Black!...............................................

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Not sure if it the right forums to post this on but I am looking into purchasing a new gaming rig.

Does anyone recommend a good custom PC builder that they would use to purchase a machine that not too expensive.

I checked a few sites out including cyberpowerpc but their reviews on yelp and consumer affairs are horrible even thought the machine I want isn't too bad in terms of price.

A:New Desktop Recommendations/Advice Needed

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im planning to change the mobo (400mhz fsb) i have rite now because the one i have doesnt support the cpu im currently usin (intel p4 800mhz fsb 3.0ghz, long story). i was thinking about can u guys recommend some mobo for this configuration:
ati radeon 9600pro, aspirexinifinity case, 350W PSU, 512mb ram (ddr2 i think, not sure).

A:recommendations needed for changin mobo

Asus boards are nice http://usa.asus.com/products/mb/socket478/p4c800-e_d/overview.htm

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I've tried McAfee and Nortons. I actually preferred McAfee. Supposedly it's free, so how do i keep it active without paying for it?
Any antivirus recommendations would be appreciated too.
Thx ahead,,,

A:Anti-virus Recommendations Needed

Hi Juggler.There are quite a few good AV out there. Personally I find AVAST does the job for me but check out all the freebies HERE.Good luckCheers

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l know its better to have internal sound cards, however due to the fact l swap and change between my laptop and PC l tend to opt for an external sound card since l have less messing about with speaker connections and less messing around and moving the PC to access the connections.

basically lm looking for a sound card that will give me settings to upmix the audio as it kinda seems my current creative soundblaster live 24bit external while compatible with CMSS doesnt have windows 7 support, so lm looking for an external sound card that supports windows 7 which will allow me to upmix because l have these 5.1s and much of my video content annoyingly only plays only through the front speakers even with ffdshow audio settings set to speaker fill regardless of if l use WMP or MPC-HC.

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I am looking for affordable recommendations for a laptop or chrome book for my 9th grader. She's not a gamer, btw. Thanks!

A:laptop recommendations for high schooler needed

What do you consider 'affordable' ? What are you willing to pay ?

Is she familiar with a Windows computer already, and/or a Chrome book one ?

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I have a friend with an aggravating e-mail service. I've forgotten whether it is MSN, ATT or what. Every thirty days, she has to jump through some hoops or her e-mail is inaccessible. The "hoops" have to do with giving them a phone number to which they can send a text message (she has no cell phone) or sending some kind of e-mail to a separate e-mail address that she must use to verify something. Then her e-mail access is restored.

Frankly, I don't know the exact details of all she has to do as the last time I helped her with it was several months ago.

I have recommended she change to one of the other free services and I need recommendations on services that will NOT give her this kind of aggravation. I don't use a free service so I don't know which ones might or might not turn into a fiasco like this one has.

A:Free Mail Services Recommendations Needed

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l know its better to have internal sound cards, however due to the fact l swap and change between my laptop and PC l tend to opt for an external sound card since l have less messing about with speaker connections and less messing around and moving the PC to access the connections.

basically lm looking for a sound card that will give me settings to upmix the audio as it kinda seems my current creative soundblaster live 24bit external while compatible with CMSS doesnt have windows 7 support, so lm looking for an external sound card that supports windows 7 which will allow me to upmix because l have these 5.1s and much of my video content annoyingly only plays only through the front speakers even with ffdshow audio settings set to speaker fill regardless of if l use WMP or MPC-HC.

A:external sound card recommendations needed

The ASUS XONAR sound cards are popular, based on posts on this forum. Soundblaster's used to be the most popular sound cards but I see more and more other brands being used.

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I've got an HP Media Center PC and am using it for exactly that, it sits in a cabinet of my entertainment center and is NOT hooked up to a monitor (although one can be dragged out for setup purposes). Now with that out of the way.

I am looking for recommendations on what is the best PVR software. Currently I'm using Media Center's built in thing and its crap, it chokes on playback of even live tv at times, and is downright unwatchable at other times.

I've used sagetv in the past on an older system, but never with a remote, and never as a standalone pvr. Anyone have expierence using it like that? What about with a cable box (rather than changing channels on the computer itself)? I don't have a cable box right now but I'm thinking about switching ISPs to a cable modem, and in the package deal I have to use a cable box for TV.

Also what about GB-PVR? Same question about the cable box.

Any other good ones that I'm unaware of? MythTV is sort of an option, but last time I tried that (on a different PC) I couldn't get my PVR-250 to work...

A:PVR Software Recommendations?

I'm evaluating ChrisTV myself (simply because it's the only PVR application I've found for XP x64).

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I have installed Norton Antivirus on my own machines and all my customers' for about three years now; however, in the last several months Norton AV has begun to give me a lot of trouble with registrations, updates, subscriptions, etc. Solutions to these problems have required me to remove all Symantec software, edit the registry, delete program folders, download various fixes, etc. These so-called (and troublesome-to-use) fixes are arduous, extremely time-consuming and often don't work at all.

I am now looking for another brand of antivirus software for myself and to recommend to my customers.

Please list your recommendations and your experience with your AV software.

A:Recommendations on AV Software Please

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Hello everyone.

I'm looking into acquiring some software that's good for everyday use. I'm not quite in the loop of the popular applications these days.What are some applications that you find useful and can't live without? I happened to stumble upon IncrediMail just recently and am looking into software similar to that, whether it's an email client or in the utilities category or a good tool in general. What are some of your favorite ones at the moment?

A:Recommendations for Software?

Take a look here: Freeware Replacements for Common Commercial Apps

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I lost the software that came with my Blu-ray drive, so need an alternative.

I tried PowerDVD free trial, but got the message that it only work with hardware accelleration and i would need to purchase the Pro version for it to work. Not happy to do that if the trial doesn't work.

I then tried Corel, but it was buggy on Win8 and wouldn't run properly.

So, before I go down the route of trying all of them, what works for you? Free would be nice.

A:Blu-ray software recommendations please.

One thing to try is to download the media center software from the app store. That'll get you at least DVD playback, not sure about bluray though, I haven't tried that.

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My ISP has as a free download an F-Secure based Antivirus Software for it's subscribers. I personnaly dont like it. In the past, I actually had no AV software installed as I was careful where I went and I used Firefox with script blocking. As a habit, I routinely went to various sites that did free malware scans. I have malwarebytes scan and SUPERAntiSpyware FREE Edition Unfortunately, F-Secure no longer does a complete online scan of my Windows 7 files. It basically craps out and tells me it cant read various cab files even though I specifically checked for it not to scan within archived folders. I just reinstalled my Windows 7 OS and I felt compelled to install the full time version of the AV software.Are there any apps that I should use or have within my arsenal to scan for malware? If so, what's recommended and that is not heavy on resources or bogs down your system?

A:What are your recommendations for AV software?

I use and recommend Avast Antivirus.

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Hello All,
I am fairly new to the industry and am trying to put together a "software toolkit".  What I want to do is have access to a program that I can pay a one-time fee and then be able to use that software on multiple computers without having to purchase individuals licenses.  
What kinds of programs does everyone use/suggest?  I am not opposed to freeware at all, just wondering what the market has to offer.

A:Recommendations for Software

What type of software are you looking for?

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Any recommendations on good DVD burning applications that'll do

AVI - DVD format or MPG to DVD etc...
also, what is the real different between DVD -R and DVD +R ' s ??

A:DVD software recommendations...

Check out VIDEOHelp for conversions tools.

And http://www.dvdr-digest.com/articles/4_1.html, for the R+- rundown.

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As I work as a translator, but to date have always done it all "myself" I am considering buying software as I think this might speed up the process. Does anyone have any suggestions / comments about the various software options available?

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I have 2 internal and 3 external HDD's that I want to monitor. I have lost HDD's in the past and it has been a terrific PAIN! and while I know that monitoring software wont prevent this altogether, it could help.

I have tried a couple but for whatever reason the programs could not read the SMART data of my 2 internal drives.

Anybody have a recommendation for a good program?

A:Want recommendations for HDD monitor software

Other than SMART software included with drives, I'm not aware of any real-time hard drive monitoring software, but there may be some.

For temperatures, I use HWInfo.

For general health, I rely on SMART, Intel SSD toolbox, and occasionally Checkdisk or the drive manufacturer's own utilities. I usually use HD Tune as a benchmark when I first install a drive.

Frankly, I'm not sure how useful the monitoring tools would be in detecting an impending failure.

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Hey, I have a phone without caller id. the caller id is on the other phone in the office. I sure would like to have a little program that pops up the caller id/name/phone number on my screen such as msn or yahoo pops up when someone comes online. Anything like that out there? Could anyone recommend something cool to me? I'd really appreciate it! -and heck it would be way fun!

btw, i am running xp.

A:caller id software recommendations?

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I am looking for backup software recommendations.  I will be using it for a home PC to back up my internal hard drive to an external hard drive.  I am running windows 7 and I have a lot of photos, videos, and music that I want to back up and then have the option of doing full backup or just backup changed files.  Thanks in advance!

A:Backup Software Recommendations Please

Check out the thread at this forum, particularly quietman7's post #3 for additional information that may help you choose a Backup program.
Suggestions about Backup
I use Macrium Reflect (free version) for full-HDD Imaging and my paid Acronis TI 2011 program for Cloning and unattended scheduled backups.
Macrium's free version doesn't offer Incremental/Differential Imaging but there are other free backup tools that offer those options.  Aomei Backupper is one of the free versions that offer those functions.

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I'm looking for a new total system security package. What programs/suites/combinations would you recommend for optimal protection. I don't frequent questionable sites, as a rule, or handle any sort of top-secret information, by any means, just normal household use-but I would like high-level protection providing assured protection of finance-related activities, etc.
I was previously running McAfee Premium Service, but recently discovered trojans/rootkits, nonetheless, so time for an upgrade.
Here's my system:
Windows 8.1
Processor AMD A8-6410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics 2.00 GHz
Installed Memory: 4.00 GB (3.44 GB Usable)
System type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor
Pen and Touch: Full Windows Touch Support with 10 Touch Points
Thanks very much for your help!

A:Security Software Recommendations?

Choosing a security toolkit with anti-virus, firewall and anti-malware programs is a matter of personal preference, your needs, your technical ability and experience, features offered, user friendliness, ease of updating (and upgrading to new program release), ease of installation/removal, availability of quality/prompt technical support from the vendor and price. Other factors to consider include detection rates and methods, scanning engine effectiveness, how often virus definitions are updated, the amount of resources the program utilizes, how it may affect system performance and what will work best for your system. A particular setup that works well for one person may not work as well for another. Everyone's system is different and sometimes you may need to experiment in order to find the combination which works best and is most suitable for your needs. There is no universal "one size fits all" solution that works for everyone.If you have not done so already, you may want to read:Choosing an Anti-Virus ProgramSupplementing your Anti-Virus Program with Anti-Malware ToolsChoosing a Firewall

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I know this question gets asked quite regularly, as I have searched the forums for answers...but it seems to be required with each new operating system/software release (so forgive the repetitiveness).

For Windows 7, can anyone recommend a reliable image/backup/recovery software.
In the past, I have used:

Ghost 14: Regularly produces huge backups and fails when there are multiple users on one computer.
Acronis: 2009: Happy with this, but does not support W7. Acronis 2010 has gotten horrible reviews.

So, can anyone recommend a good image/recovery software?


A:Backup Software Recommendations-Again!

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I know I am trapped in the previous century, but I just recently purchased my first DVD burner. I am currently using Nero 6 Ultra for all my CD burning needs, but is this software capable of handling DVD utilities as well? If not, I am certainly open to suggestions based on what you use.

A:Need recommendations for DVD Burning Software...

from what I see nero 6 can burn cd and dvd look for your self. http://ww2.nero.com/enu/Nero_6_Ultra_Edition_Update.html

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Hi All,
I'm hoping for some recommendations for software I can use to burn CDs, DVDs and Bluray discs on a Windows 10 machine.
I have very simple needs: I only need to burn a bunch of jpeg files to discs so I can snailmail them to people, I don't need to create movie discs or anything more complicated that a simple data disc. I do need to be able to give the discs names longer than 16 characters, which is why I can't use the built-in Win 10 burner software.
I'm a Win 10 user who until recently was a Mac user, so I'm a babe in the woods (a unique feeling for me!).
Many thanks for any recommendations.

A:CD/DVD/BR burning software: looking for recommendations Win 10

Getting hardware and software to burn BluRay might get pricey in a hurry!  If you only burn CD/DVD [nonBlueRay] audio and video and text, prices range from modest to free.  Which tine of the fork in the road would you like to take?  I have both Cyberlink PowerToGo pay-for as well as several free burn utilitiies I can name for you.

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I'm looking for suggestions / recommendations on any kind of bookkeeping software that doesn't require you to have an accounting degree in order to understand or operate it. Is there one in particular that I could get (not necessarily freeware) that would be a good starter software? I've never really worked with any kind of bookkeeping software in the past so I'm looking to teach myself how to use a good basic package and then work my way up the the more advance packages. Any and all suggestions welcome!

A:Bookkeeping Software Recommendations

You might try Quicken or Money, both are widely used and therefore you can find help when needed. Plus banks, brokers, credit-card companies make it easy to download your information to either program. The 'current' versions are usually in the $40 to $50 range, but you can get 'last year's' version for under $10 on eBay.

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i am wanting to purchase software to let me backup DVDs that i have on film (my own personal ones that i own!) ... i am looking at DVD X Platinum, and DVD Copy One. does anybody know anything about these softwares, or any others? i want a software that makes identical copies, good resolution, you know? thanks in advance!!!

A:DVD Copying Software... any recommendations?

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I need recommendations for a good, reliable backup software for Windows XP x64 as I have just discovered the hard way that the backups I have made using Norton Ghost do not show up when I try to reinstall them using the recovery disk. Bummer!

Does anyone have experience with Terabyte Image software, which is described as compatible with Windows XP x64?

As another possibility, how would I go about creating a recovery disk to get at backups I have made using the backup software in the system tools of Windows XP x64?

Does anyone have any experience with backups made with this Win XP x64 applet?



A:Need Recommendations for Backup Software for WIN XPP 64 bit

Have you looked at Acronis True Image 2010?

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I used handybackup before and was quite pleased with it, however it is not working right on one of my computers. Now I am looking for a good alternative. I need a backup that won't compress the backup it makes. I would love to have email notification concerning the backup. I also need to be able to restore individual files. Any recommendations?

A:need recommendations for backup software

I'm a huge fan of disk imaging software and have long maintained that it should be a staple on all systems. The best of breed is Acronis True Image, but it is not free. The best free alternative is Macrium Reflect.

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Just installed a LightScribe drive and went to LightScribe.com, downloaded their free template software. It's pretty basic - too basic. Editing options are extremely limited.

Anyone have some suggestions for a decent LightScribe software program?

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Hi, I could use some help narrowing down the webcam software options out there.

I only need it to stream video from the cam to the PC screen, and am looking for something stable/not buggy.

There two main features I'm having a hard time looking for:

*Full screen or adjustable window size for the screen showing the stream, and not just a fixed small window.
I'm looking for a streaming window with at least a decently large portion of the screen but preferably full

*Software that can show multiple streams from 2 different cams on the same screen. Possibly from two different brands of camera? Is something like that just a pipe dream?

Thanks for any suggestions.

A:webcam software recommendations?

How about Cyberlink Youcam?

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I'm looking for good antivirus programs that are premium, since I want to spend some cash. Although some free programs are good as well. I'm also looking for programs that are helpful and should be kept on my computer all the time. Some programs can be one use or daily use (spyware blaster/ ccleaner). Stuff such as hijack this, ccleaner, spyware blaster, spybot immunization and etc.

I forgot to mention, if there are any hardware updates I should be doing periodically, such as; modem firmware updates, dvd drive updates, I heard bios somewhere I'm not sure... info,clarification and recommendations welcome.


A:Good software recommendations

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I occasionally need to fax documents and have been using the built in MIcrosoft fax program in Windows XP. Today, a five page document took 30 minutes and that seems really slow.

Would Fax Talk or any other such program be that slow?


A:Solved: Fax software recommendations

This evening, I resent that fax through FaxTalk (trial version) that I downloaded tonight. It took 3 minutes as opposed to over 30 minutes using the Microsoft WinXP program.

This may be due to something I did or did not do in the Microsoft program but the interface on that program is not conducive to easy setup beyond the default.

Over the last few months, I have sent several faxes using Microsoft and each time thought that they took a very long time to send. Now, I see why.

I bought the FaxTalk program this evening.

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Hi, I've been wondering, Do I need to download any software firewall in my PC? If yes, can anyone tell any good and free software firewall downloads? thanks!

A:Software firewall recommendations

My router has a firewall which should protect my PC's so I just run the standard Windows FW (which is pretty basic). If you want something extra, Online Armor is supposed to be good:

Zone Alarm free is another popular one.

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Hello all and Happy New Year to you as this is my first post this year. I have a need for a backup software that mainly does one thing I am looking for. If it has other bells and whistles that I could use... great! My one need for a backup software is that it would compare a folder on my main hard drive to its copy that is on a backup drive and copy any files that are new to the folder on the back up drive. Instead of me visually comparing the two folders and seeing what needs to be backed up, I can just let the backup software do it.

I had Acronis True Image Home 2011 but it looked very complicated after I installed it. I just recently reinstalled Windows XP and was wondering if I should install it again because it would suite my needs, or is there another backup software (free preferably) that would do the simple backup things I need it to do better? Could you please recommend a simple backup software for me? If Acronis True Image Home 2011 can do what I need it to do, can somebody show me how to setup the type of backup I need using Acronis? Thank you for your time


A:Backup Software Recommendations

Hello,have you looked at Cobian Backup - <<--free A little bit about it HERE

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Howdy Folks... My daughter has asked me to help her have a computer custom built for her use (that's gonna be fun) and I'm sure I'll have a number of questions during the process. One of the first items she wants to get established, is what softwares she should have.

At this time she does not have a Digital Camera, but that will be one of the items she will want as part of the package. With that in mind, the next question becomes what photo processing soft to get.

I've been using an older version of Adobe Photodeluxe for quite some time and have been reasonably happy with it. The one aspect of the soft I'm not fond of, is it has it's own format (.pdd) which cannot be accessed by any soft I've found except PhotoDeluxe. I assume it's proprietary. Explorer cannot open them and even Irfanview cannot open .pdd files.

I'd like to avoid any such problem with whatever Photo processing soft I recommend for her.

Any and all thoughts on this subject or specific recommends will be considered are appreciated.

A:Photo Software Recommendations

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