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Predefined Print Screen Image Quality

Q: Predefined Print Screen Image Quality

Hope I'm in the right Forum for this.

Windows XP Home
IE6/Firefox0.8 Browsers
ScreenPrint32 v3.5
UploadIt! for Image Hosting
Dell Picture Studio Image Expert for Image Editing

Whenever I capture and save a pre-defined screen area image using ScreenPrint32 I am not entirely happy with the image quality.

Notice the "white spots" or "speckling" that surround most of the text as seen here in this unedited version:
I use Dell Picture Studio's Image Expert to edit my pix and again I mention that the image above is unedited or resized it's 1:1....this condition exists when I first view the image after saving into Image Expert and prior to using UploadIt! So, it would have nothing to do with the UploadIt! Image Hosting process.

If I want to resize the image from, in this case, 792x143 Pixels down to a more practical 492x87 Pixels size for Forum Thread viewing, the image quality and text clarity/sharpness is even more deformed as shown in the following image.
Here I simply resized the image:

How can I optimize the image quality?
Switch to an alternate Image Editor?

Thanks for any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?


Preferred Solution: Predefined Print Screen Image Quality

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Predefined Print Screen Image Quality

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Hi there!

Is there a way to have a Document to be printed on a predefined Printer NOT beeing the System Default one?

Let me explain:
We're using an Excel that needs to be filled with Information which then fills the gaps in a special designed Paper we used with our old Printer.

As of recently we aquired a 2nd Printer ( System Default ) which is having problems with the special Paper so we have to use the old one but the one person which handles this work is a little overwhelmed when it comes to switching Printers.

( I know... it's just one click but meh... )

Thanks in advance for any help ?:}

A:Print Documents on predefined Printer ( not System Default ), how?

Which version of Excel and printer are you using?

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I have just installed Windows 7 but have lost my FN F5 - External source - Projector functionality
It appears to work but a poor quality image comes to the screen and then is lost within a second

Are there any updated drivers for Windows 7 which I need or is it another issue?

Appreciate any help

A:Potege S100 - Poor image quality on external screen with Windows 7


Have you installed a display driver on your notebook? I doubt that you will find a driver for Windows 7 at the moment but in most cases the driver for Vista works on Windows 7 too.
Check this!!

Do you really need Windows 7 or you have installed it? It?s not released as yet and at the moment the driver support is not so good.


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I have been operating this color printer for 3 years now in our small business. over the past year, we have erratic problems with fuzzy print..
Typically, the first page may be fuzzy( dots or ink below character) and the resy may be OK ... Or occasionally, a page or two in the middle of a print job may be fuzzy.
WE have had techs spend many hours, replacing parts, cleaing the drum and whle the quality is improved (not as fuzzy, we stll get an occasional page with this problem.
This has been a good printer.. the solid ink is easy to maintain and the overall ink cost seems less than other color printers we have had.

Should I junk this machine?

A:Xerox Phaser 8500 print quality - fuzzy print

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tried looking everywhere but cant find the setting for changing the quality of the print
print quality
like draft, standard, high, etc

can change the orientation and type of paper and colour or mono but no option to change quality

dont want to go the computer to which the printer is connected to change the quality everytime i need to print.

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I'm working with an image editing software, and if I hit print screen and insert the canvas, the inserted image won't have the same color as the original image. I tested it with the attached image : the original image is at the top, the rest 3 are the results after 10-20-30 iterations. It does not affects fully saturated colors much, but on less saturated colors the difference is visible even with 1 copy-paste.

What causes this? Does this have to do something with color space / color profiles?

Or is it just compression caused by the screen capture software? (I used Windows default screen capture).

Any answers are appreciated.

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I hope this is a simple question, I know how to use the print screen key on my keyboard, I know how to modify it by transferring it to something like Paint.

The question is if I pick an image up on a forum, modify it,how do I get it back to where I got it.


A:Transfering A Print Screen Image

[qoute]The question is if I pick an image up on a forum, modify it,how do I get it back to where I got it.[/qoute]

I'm not sure what you mean by get it back to where I got it.

I'm guessing that you are right clicking on a image which is online and choosing the option to Save As and then saving it in your pictures? Then you are using another program to modify the image? The question is what do you want to do with this image next?

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Got some machines in our organisation are behaving strangely. When the user presses the 'Print Screen' button to capture an error message or something similar, as well as copying the image to the clipboard, it instantly prints it to the default printer.

I've asked them to close all applications to make sure if wasn't one of the behaviours of a specific program, but this also happens on a fresh reboot with no applications running. The build is the same we've rolled out to many other machines, so we're stumped as to why it's happening within this team.

Has anyone come across this behaviour before?

A:The 'Print Screen' button sends image to default printer

Can you identify the OS and patch level please, also any applications which are installed to all the affected machines as standrad, and what is different about the machines that do not show this effect?

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  text is faded but test print is good. do I have to clean print head and if so how?

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Erm... this might sound a dumb question, but I how do I print the best quality graphics?

What I want to do is to be able to print from a standard application, like Word and also directly from the web (I'll have web page reports generated that I want to print)

When I try to print a JPG, it is always blurry
When I try to print a GIF, it's not much better
I've tried creating PNG's, no use there either

If I print from a graphics editing software like Photoshop, then I can get better results

What am I doing wrong?


A:How do I print best quality graphics?

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Hello Everyone,

I have an issue with my printer and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to how I go about fixing it.

I have Canon BJC-4200SP, it's a few years old but still does the job. Today though it has been playing up. I have been using it for work purposes for a while now, printing out customer receipts - so I use the highest quality option.

I had to change the ink today though, I've actually changed the cartridge twice now to try and fix it but what is happening is that I am getting this poor printout quality. You know how you get those white lines through the text and lines for tables come out squiggly and that. That's the only way I can describe the problem really.

Is it that I changed the cartrigde and it needs a few prints before the ink settles. Or is it time for a new printer? I dusted everything and cleaned as much as I could as well. Even did all those printer head cleaning things in maintanence.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

A:Poor Print Quality

In your Canon software there should be some way for you to calibrate your ink cartridge. That's what it sounds like to me. Before you calibrate it, I would also do a clean print heads as well. If you don't have Canon software installed, just go to Canon's website, www.canon.com , and see if you can download the drivers from there. GOOD LUCK!

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I'm at my wits end . I have this C4480 photosmart C4480 . The printed pictures are loaded with ink and the pic's are distorted . I've done everything the manual said , only it didn't cover my problem . I've replaced the ink carts with quality H-P replacement carts . Can anyone help me on this one ?

A:C4480 Print quality

The first suspect would be the paper used and whether you setup the print setup box so it knows the paper being used.

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I am experiencing print quality problems which I think is coming from the computer. The printouts I am receiving are in Windows Basic Graphics format, but I would like them to be high quality. The problem seemed to occur when I was running a software facility which was set up for printing out on to templates. A message appeared on the screen saying that Windows 7 did not support this driver and would revert to Windows Basic Graphics when printing out. I have reset my computer to the factory default but this does not appear to have done anything. The printer I am using is an Epson SX125.

A:Print Quality Problems

Download the web installer and update all your drivers to the latest version from the Epson Web Site.

Cheers from the US

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Just installed Lexmark printer 3400 to my windows XP. In testing the print quality, I find it is quite Light-gray rather than black. How can I adjust the printer to improve the quality.?

A:poor print quality

Hi Berthan
Welcome to TSG.
You have posted in a non technical part of this web site.
I have asked a moderator to place your question it in a tech forum here

Good luck

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I have a Minolta magicolor 3100 (1200x1200dpi) laser printer that works just fine for everything except PHOTOS. I have downloaded and installed the latest driver from the Minolta website with no improvement. I am using Adobe Photo Shop 3.0. The test pictures that the printer produces are much sharper than anything I can print from Adobe. My jpeg files are 500K or greater and the pictures look great on the monitor. I have also tried printing from the Cannon software that came with the camera, but the results are the same. Minolta tech support is now saying that this may be the best I can expect. How can a 1200 x 1200 dpi be of such poor quality for photos? This seems incredible to me.
Any help would be appreciated.


A:Poor Print Quality

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Brother MFC 4350 Print Quality


I have a MFC 4350

Some time ago (6 months??) The Replace Drum and Replace Toner lights came on

I boogied down to Office Max/Depot and bought a Brother Drum and a store brand toner.

A couple of weeks into use print quality went way down. the outside thirds of the page are very faint while the middle third is OK. There is shading in the middle third as well.

Finally broke down and bought a Brother toner cartridge.

Quality might be a little better but not much.

have I ruined the drum?

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Since I could not edit my previous post, this is the update to my ip4700 poor print quality post.

I worked on this problem some more to gain better photos from my Canon ip4700. I removed all reference to my past canon printer ip4000 using both program removal and control panel program add/remove function. I removed ip4700 the same way. Started fresh. Installed ZoomBrowser EX from CD. Then I downloaded and installed the latest drivers from Canon for the ip4700 and my computer op system xp http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/support/consumer iP4700 series Printer Driver Ver. 2.33; My Printer Ver. 2.8.0; Easy-PhotoPrint EX Ver. 3.2.0; and Solution Menu Ver. 1.4.3. And all is well and good. I tried two different glossy photo paper brands and set on glossy paper and no more over ink of photos. The photos look very good.

Hope this helps.


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My Hp 722C had been printing fine until an hour ago where my print quality went from dark to light. I thought it might be low in ink; but, after trying two new cartridges the problem persists. Sometime on a fresh document the upper half of the page will be fine but the lower half will be very faint. I only have a black cartridge in the printer along with an empty color cartridge; but, it has been working fine this way for over 100 copies. I have deleted the printer and added it again with no improvement. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

A:HP 722C Light Print Quality

I have an HP 722C also with an empty color cartridge and a black also. Works fine.

Did you try a cleaning?

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I have an HP 1120C that has worked problem free for several years. I'm running Windows XP. A few days ago I had a power glitch in the midst of a print job, which shut the printer down. When I restarted it, it was printing jibberish (symbols and unrecognizable letters). I shut the system down, unplugged the printer and restarted the system.
Everything came back to normal except, now when I print an image in black and white (photos etc) instead of a smooth greyscale picture I get a greyscale image covered with small dots (like the old newspaper photos).
The print quality has always been set on "good", which it still is. The dots still appear even when I set the print quality to "best". I've tried reloading the driver and that didn't change anything.
Any ideas how I can get back to my previous print quality and get rid of the "dots"?

A:HP 1120C picture print quality

try reinstalling its drivers...sometimes that does the trick

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On my HP4, I'm getting an intermittent faint smudge mark vertically near the middle of the page. Most pronounced on the first few print jobs of the day. Usually disappears when the printer has been running a while.

Various support board postings (including HP's) suggest that this may be a fuser problem or a problem with the cartridge (which is a remanufactured one).

Any thoughts?

A:HP4 intermittent print quality problem

And does it still occur if you try another cartridge? Could be a drum problem, or fuser. Another cartridge would be the simple way to test.

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One of my HP6110's suddenly started printing in poor quality. I replaced the black cartridge first, retried printing. Now the pages come out blank. Obviously something has gone south. Any ideas?

A:Solved: HP 6110 Print Quality

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I have an HP 4050 laser printer that has always printed everything lighter than it should. The same document prints fine on other printers of the same model. I have replaced the printer cartridge, but get the same results. Any ideas?

A:HP 4050 Printer - Print Quality Problem

Hi and welcome. If you say this has always been a problem, I would assume it could be some type of defect with the printer itself. Has the printer been tested on another computer to rule out driver issues?

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hi, I am on a windows xp home os, using photoshop 7.0.
I created a text and drawn image/logo file at 600 dpi to fill a regular sized 8-1/2X11 page. When I view it at the size of a regular piece of paper (on screen) it looks pixillated, but if I zoom in so it is much larger, it looks crisp. I had someone print it yesterday on a laser printer and it came out pixillated around the font and image edges. Why does it look good at a larger size? How can I get it to be crisp and retain its integrity at a smaller size? I did set up the file to be regular paper sized.


A:adobe photoshop 7.0 print quality problems

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How do I print double sided AND draft (low) quality on my HP OfficeJet Pro 6970?

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Hello. I sent this message to Lexmark TechSupport. I've yet to recieve a reply from them. Can anybody here asist with this issue?

Subject: Lexmark 1150 Print Problems Quality - Help

Hello. I've been trying to print some documents on "normal" black and white quality, but when printed the documents are of very poor quality. I've tried printing a test page, clean-printing via your LEXMARK SOLUTION CENTER SOFTWARE, and changing the print quality. I've even tried printing with my rarely used color cartridge.

The black cartridge is almost 50%, but my color almost full.

Can you assist? Thank you.

A:Lexmark 1150 – Print Problems – Quality - Help

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Here's the situation: I have a report that prints what are essentially name tags, on index cards, about 200 each time I run it. I like the speed I get using the acCmdPrint with draft mode. (That print quality is adequate as well.) I have a button on my form which activates the whole process--gets the appropriate record and calls up the report.

I have been working on getting the printing totally automated as well. Here's the problem:

I've been using DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdPrint, preceded by a macro with sendkeys instructions which automatically sets the print quality to draft mode. But, I can't find a way to get the macro to actually start the printing. I have to do that with with the mouse.

I tried the DoCmd.PrintOut and it does automatically start the print job, but the lowest quality print it offers--acLow or acDraft (can't remember which is lowest, but I tried both)--is significantly slower than the acDraft with acCmdPrint. I assumed that acDraft would be the same either way, but apparently not.

So, is there a way to get the print job actually printing with acCmdPrint, or alternatively to get an even lower quality print with PrintOut?


A:Automating Print Quality for Access Reports

Assuming that you know the name of the report that is to be run you should be using
DoCmd.OpenReport "Report Name", acViewNormal
where report name is your report's name in inverted commas.
acViewNormal prints it immediately
acPreview uses the print peview mode.

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When a print a black and white text document straight from the computer, the quality is fine. Color printing is very faded, and color copying is bad. When I make black and white text copies the copies are all faded. Is there anyway to set the printer so that the color is darker or is there setting in the computer? I have tried using different types of inks, and I have emptied the toner waste cartridge. Is there anything else?

Everything else on the printer works fine though, and I don't want to get rid of it, but this is really annoying. I don't understand why the quality is so faded, no error signs have come up on it

A:Samsung CLX-3160 Print Quality Issues

Are you using Samsung ink? Is it within the Samsung dates?
All settings for that printer are on the computer... using the Samsung drivers.
It appears yours needs a cleaning.

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Hello..I am using windows xp,and when i browse the internet,the images appears in low quality
while imagegs on my files are fine..(just on the internert)..A friend told me its an accelerator problem,
that i must turn it off,because i am using a limitted acces inteernet modem..so the problem
that i cant find where is this accelerator on the com. or how can i turn it off..
i will be so greatfull to read from you the answer

A:low image quality

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i have a radeon 9800 pro and it has a DVI socket and a VGA socket on it. i was wondering if i use the DVI to VGA adapter that came with it to hook up my monitor would it yield any better of an image quality. or would it stay the same?

A:image quality

There won't be any difference, at least it won't be noticeable to the eye.

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I recently bought 2 printers in a local store. One is an HP Photosmart C6180 All-in-One. The other is an HP Color LaserJet CM1015 MFP. The C6180 (inkjet/ink) has six ink tanks, scanner/copier, fax, wired+wireless networking, document feeder, memory card slots, and a preview screen. The CM1015 MFP (laser/toner) has 4 toner cartridges and scanner/copier, but none of the other features listed for the C6180.

I originally went in to buy the C6180 because my parents use this model and it is a very nice printer and was very much on sale at the time. I went back later to buy the laser because after looking it up online, I found that their price on this was very low and I didn't want to miss the bargain. The laser was actually $10 less than the inkjet.

Now I need to decide which to keep. At college, I will not be using the networking or fax features, but will be in the next year or two as I will be in an apartment soon. I could use the document feeder for scanning right now but that's not a big deal.

My biggest concerns are print quality for different applications and cost per page at different print settings.

I have seen plenty of text prints from inkjets and lasers and I don't think anyone would disagree that text is always sharper from a laser. I think the same goes for graphics (charts and vector graphics, etc). I have heard though that inkjets are better for photo print quality. Now I don't know if this is really true or not. I assume most magazines are pr... Read more

A:Laser vs InkJet: costs per page and print quality

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Hi tech guys,
First of all, wish you all a merry X'mas and a very happy new year 2016 to be full of peace, health and wealth to all of you and your family members and beloved ones!

My question goes here:
need to buy a new printer with high quality of printing stickers, mainly will printer A4 size papers, then cut the designed pieces of printers,
I went to have a look on printers at the IT mall,
I found a lot of printers, Brother, Canon, Samsung, Xerox, Epson,
my concern is about the best and finest quality of printing, since I need to print each A4 page then cut it into small pieces where designed the stickers, there are small font lines, small picts, logo and small details to be shown,
one more information, the printer needed is small one, home use, not for company or printing office, average 10-20 pages per week, or more up to the needed quantity,
if any one experienced with a good quality printing as per said above, pls advise,

A:Printer with high quality of printing to print stickers

what country are you in
and whats the budget
have a look at the cannon range
You need to get a printer with multiple ink tanks
Pixma range
PIXMA iP8750

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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum...first post!

Yesterday I upgraded my 4+ year old Linksys 54G router to a Netgear N600. The Netgear allows me to configure networks at 2.4 and 5 ghz. According to the instruction manual, I should use the 5 ghz for video streaming and such, which I did. I have a 2-3 year old Roku. After I rebooted it and logged in to my 5 ghz network I noticed that the video quality was a bit noisier than it used to be. Is it possible that the 5 ghz configuration is degrading the image quality of streaming videos? The router is located upstairs and the TV/Roku are downstairs. Any help is very much appreciated.



A:Image quality when streaming at 2.4 ghz vs. 5 ghz

2.4 Ghz travels through walls better than 5...

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I have a small image file that's about 10.6 KB, I usually open it with Windows Photo Gallery. When I try to enlarge it using the wheel on my mouse to get a better look of it, all I can see are the pixels! (very blur)

I wonder if there're any programs that I can use to keep the quality of the image even when it became large, just like the computer expert at the movie help the FBI to enhance the quality of the surveillant tape with a few click.

Any helps are appreciated.

A:How can I keep the quality of a image even when it gets large?

That which you see on TV, well let me explain it to you in one word.


I've been working with graphics applications for years. It's not possible to take a surveillance camera's video footage, take one of the frames and enhance a section from an already ridiculously pixelated image, then clear it up and make it look like a 13 megapixel camera took the picture. Although Hollywood will tell you it is (and a lot of people).

Sorry dude.

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Hi, are their any programs out their that can upgrade the image quality of movie files? I have some files that are blurry and at low res. Also, I used a few programs such as virtualdub, but I want a program that can do the job with a single button press, instead of a load of settings and tweaking. Thanx

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only images online come out really bad. large pixels , some pictures i cant even make out anything. I had messed with some stuff on my ati graphics so i could make Oblivian run better, but i think i have it all set back to what they were before, but all images online are horrible looking except 2 of my own I loaded onto my space, rest are bad.

A:image quality online


default graphic program then let us know your details. and get back

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Hello people,

So my question basically is which cards give the best image quality? I was going to build a little budget pc with an Ati x1950xtx. I feel that this should be able to handle pretty much everything out there with really good performance coupled with an AMD 6000 x2. Then again for the price I could get an 8800 gts.

Whats your opinions?

A:Best Image Quality Cards

Anything ATI used to beat anything Nvidia in image quality, but no more. Pretty much every video card out there has the same image quality. If you are talking about Frames Per Second... that is totally different. The 8800GTX/GTS and the ATI Radeon HD 2900XT are the best performing video cards out there, followed (not so closely) by the ATI X1900/1950 series, and the Nvidia 7800/7900 series.

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hello everyone,

I have a Compro VideoMate TV SAA 7134 tv tuner. On Win7 the image is fuzzy. On a nother drive i have the old XP, on that, its working good, the image is cristal clear. I suspected something with the deinterlace, but whatever i change in the settings (there is a slider for deinterlace in the panel), the picture quality remains bad. Anybody can come up with any ideea, how it can be fixed? It's Win7 32 bits, Ultimate.
Btw, never managed to make it work with the media center.

thnx and regards,

A:ComproDTV4 image quality

so? nobody experienced something like this?

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MagView VM700E, Model 772: Have lost manual and need to adjust both brightness and contrast, but can't find the controls. Also, image is somewhat fuzzy---can focus be improved? Monitor is two years old and is only used during the summer months. Stored in an unheated mobile home during the winter---upstate NY. Using WinXP, SP2. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.

A:Monitor Image Quality

The focus can be improved in a repair shop.
Are you sure you can't find any buttons/knobs on the thing?

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I wasn't sure where this should go, Mods please feel free to move if misplaced.
I have a Acer laptop with built in Crystal Eye webcam. Its default image quality is HD though once I open it I can choose a lower quality to speed processing.

I'd like to know if there's a way to default to a lower quality, either in the webcam settings or within MSN. Having it transmitting HD means that sometimes the image gets slow and jerky, but I can't see any way of making an adjustment.

Any help most gratefully received.

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i have a radeon 9600 video card and when i play games..it sucks. i mean, i get lines in my screen and then it feels like it about to turn off by itself, what's the problem yo?

A:Radeon 9600 & bad image quality

Could be a bad video driver or the card is overheating. Check the cards fan and try the newest drivers from ATI- Catalyst 4.12.

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I bought a Canon Digital IXY 800 IS/SD700 just about a year ago online. It's a great camera features and size wise, but ever since I got it I have been having trouble with image quality. The photos come out grainy. Stupidly I didn't think too much of it to return it right away.

Is it possible that it is actually a camera issue, or a user issue (ie I am doing something wrong)? Is there a setting or something like that? Even if I just set it to Auto mode, I have the same problem. With my friend's camera, taking the same pictures, I don't get the graininess.

I would attach a photo but the file sizes are too large. If I make them smaller, you don't fully see the grain issue.

Any ideas?

A:Canon IXY 800 IS/SD700 Image Quality

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Well, i just got my webspace sorted, out so i thought i'd show you some screenshots taken with the 9700Pro, playing BF1942...

....all shots were taken at 1600x1200/4xAA/2xAF, and then shrunk to 1024x768. Enjoy


A:9700Pro Image Quality Shots

NIce picture shots.

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I've made this a little different....

I have problems with my picture quality in-game. I've described it further in this file I'd like you to download.

It's in .rar format and inside there's 13 pictures and a index.html page to assemble them.

In the index.html you can also find further info.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for helping me.

Here it is (click the big image to download):

http://cid-898ed7e7e559788e.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/TechGuy Graphics problem/TechGuy.rar
Update list:
Empty (for now)

EDIT: I'm unsure if it works, please tell me if it doesn't...

A:Problem with image quality *_____**'''''*^^^^* ** * *

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Ok, I have a website of racing photographs from the early 70's(www.yesterdaysneuz.com) and I am using an Epson 3200 scanner. I am scanning the negatives and color slide images at 300 DPI. By default, it gets me the full framed negative at 4x6. If I don't use that and select the size of, let's say, an 8x10, I don't get the full frame of the negative. Only by scanning a 11x17 can I get full frame. But obviously, the Megabites are increased dramatically. So far I have scanned about 4000 negatives or slides using the 11x17 way but I am at about 50gig of space. I have atleast that many more to scan if not more.

There are times that I need to have the photos at an 8x10 because someone has purchased it.

Am I better off scanning at 4x6 or 11x17? I am more concerned about the best quality than anything else.

Thanks for your help,

A:Scanning an image. Want best quality but have a few questions

As a general rule you want enough information in a digitized photo to be able to print one to one at 300dpi. Then it just becomes a calculation to get the optimum scan resolution without getting extraneous info that just increases the filesize and wastes hard drive space.

So in order to print 10 inches in one dimension (don't worry about the other, just take the longest) you need 3000 pixels (300 per inch) for a high quality print.

Slides and negatives are small so that can be a problem. If say for example the slide was two inches on one side then you would need to scan at 100%x1500 dpi to get the 3000 pixels you need for printing (assuming there is enough detail in the original to get that kind of detail from such a high resolution scan). You are expressing the same dimension conversion when you pick the 11x17 size but I don't know if that's about the same or not. I stick to dpi when I make my calculations. If its 300 dpi and 17 inches then yeah that's more than you need.

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Previously, after selecting to rotate an image in Windows xp picture and fax viewer the message appearred that stated something about like the image quality might be reduced.
I now have to rotate images taken, but do not want to reduce the quality in any way and am uncertain about rotating in the Windows xp program.
I will be working on the images in Photoshop CS3, Any advise on rotating the images without comprising image quality would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Rotating image & quality

If you are using Photoshop, you can use that to rotate the image.
Load the image. and go to the menu bar > Image > Image Rotation.
There will be no change in quality doing it this way.

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I downloaded a earth map, there were 2 to download, an 8k and a 16k one

I need to scale the map down to 2048x4096

If i scaled both the 8k and 16k ones, would the end result for the 16k one be better quality than the 8k one? Since the 16k one was 2x bigger in the first place?

A:Smaller image = loss of quality?

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