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Mafia the Game problem.. probably with graphic card (ATI Mobility Radeon X2300)

Q: Mafia the Game problem.. probably with graphic card (ATI Mobility Radeon X2300)

Heya.. I've been searching for an answer to this question all over the internet for about a week now, and I still haven't found anything, so I thought, that I write here...
There's absolutely no problems with MAFIA installation, as I know, many people do. Also, I've reinstalled it about five times, so don't recommend that to me. When I open the game, then first of all, NOD32 determines something.. if you think, that it would help, if I wrote here, what it actually says, then I will write it here, but you gotta let me know. Besides, there's nothing that could be a virus, I have original CD's, right from Gathering of Developer's. Then I close NOD32 form task manager, and open Mafia again (the last time nothing but the NOD note appeared). This time is almost the same, only without the NOD notification. When I look at the task manager processes, then Game.exe appears for a half of a second, but that's all, and even that isn't happening every time. Once, way back, about 3 months ago p) it gave me 'Init error'. Then I looked up in the internet and Illusion Softworks had said, that most of the 'Init errors' comes from the graphic card drivers or not updated DirectX. DirectX is up to date, but here comes my problem, there's just no drivers for my graphic card on ATI website. Ofcourse, I've looked from other sites but still notning normal..

Now clearly: If I open Game.exe, nothing happens, what to do? I would be very happy, if anyone would understand my messy speech and would help me.

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Preferred Solution: Mafia the Game problem.. probably with graphic card (ATI Mobility Radeon X2300)

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


My computer's graphic card acts strange:
On ac adaptor power the windows 7 bootscreen freezes long before the Microsoft logo is formed, if i power on my laptop only with battery power everything works fine...does anyone know how to solve this?...I'm assuming the graphic card does this because when i select "PCI Lock" in the boot menu, windows loads with a standard vga adapter driver and bootscreen runs as it should.
Need your help!

A:ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 problem...help please!

Then you may have a driver incompatibility.

When you boot on battery only, your notebook will generally limit the video card to save on battery life. This may be why your computer works when you use it on battery only.

Try booting up in safe mode and see if that works as well.

Next, go to your device manager and see if there are any items listed with an exclamation mark next to them. If so, report what they are.

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Hi all...

I am having ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 graphic card and it was running fine on my Win 7 but since I installed Win 8.1 pro on my laptop, I couldn't install driver for it... I have tried all solutions stated stated everywhere but couldn't fix it yet, I have even tried the following solution but it hasn't worked out for me even running it on Vista compatibility mode, so plz could you guide me through the steps...

Originally Posted by stratosmal
Well thnx for your help! it turns out the solution was to download the driver for vistahttps://support.ts.fujitsu.com/Downl...ex.asp?lng=COM and run it in vista compability mode. I may not have the latest one but at least it works!
NOTE: It shows me the following message:

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I am trying to help My Dad which I recently upgraded his Laptop to Windows 8.

His Laptop is the Gateway C-140X Convertible Notebook

The Specs Doc:
Gateway Support - Specifications

Support Page:
Gateway Support - 1014418R*Gateway C-140X Convertible Notebook

So I can only find the one from Gateway but there are some minor problems like not remembering Monitor Positions.

I checked ATI AMD Site:
ATI Mobility Radeon
and the only Legacy Drivers but does not support my Dad's Laptop
AMD Catalyst

I looked around there is some way to modified the drivers but it seems like things I don't want to install so could anyone help me get them.

The Laptop is too Old so I gave up and told my Dad to use Vista x64 Driver which sometimes it crashes

A:ATI Mobility™ Radeon® X2300 HD - Driver Help

Opps I did not see this thread but it seems I have to modified the driver:

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I'm looking for a windows 8 64x driver for an ATI MOBILITY RADEON X2300 VIDEO CARD

I have a gateway E-295c convertible. I converted FROM Win 7 64x to Win 8 64x- MS generic driver does not provide for dual monitors. I'd like to find a driver or I must restore Win 7.

Any help will be appreciated.

A:Windows 8 driver for ati mobility radeon x2300

Welcome to EightForums.
Try downloading from here:
AMD Support Search

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I recently upgraded from windows 7 32 bit to Windows 8 64 bit , before that , nothing happened to the display adapter , it showed ATI Mobility Radeon x2300 . But when i upgraded to windows 8 this afternoon , it changed into Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. Please help , I have been searching for drivers for windows 8 but i tried to install them and they said that this driver selected does not suit with the windows version installed or something like that. Please help . I need the driver .

A:Please help ATI Radeon Mobility x2300 driver problems

Windows 8 is driver aware ... let Windows Update provide the driver to your machine.

Change Device Installation Settings to automatically download driver software if it is not already set to automatic.
See Windows help: Download and install drivers. Search help for Download and install drivers and select the same search results to learn how to work with drivers.

Originally Posted by Windows Help

Automatically get the latest drivers and software

Windows Update checks for updated drivers and software for your devices and install them automatically. Keeping Windows Update on a good way to make sure your devices continues to work properly and you get the best experience with them.
Note: PCs running Windows RT 8.1 always automatically download and install drivers, apps, and info for your devices.

To check that automatic updating is onSwipe in from the right edge of the screen, tap Settings, and then tap Change PC settings. (If you're using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer up, click Settings, and then click Change PC settings.)
Tap or click Update and recovery, and then tap or click Windows Update.
Tap or click Choose how updates get installed.
Under Important updates, choose Install updates automatically (recommended).

You might have to manually check what Windows Update (WU) offers in the Optional category of updates.

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I have another older laptop from 2008 I use from time to time. Anyways, it comes with the ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 GPU. The Graphics driver it has is version 8.x. Although the latest driver version for ATI GPU's is 11.x. I can't install this version as it is supposedly not supported by ATI. So could anyone help me get or make a modded driver for the GPU so that I could run the 11.x driver.


A:ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 Modded Driver Help


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Hi, I am running Mobility Radeon X2300 on ASUS F5V (Windows 8) but I am not sure whether to install Windows 8.1. Is that card compatible with windows 8.1? Has anyone tried to install Windows 8.1 over this card?

A:Will Mobility Radeon X2300 work with Windows 8.1

Yup, it is compatible. But, you have to get the drivers for Vista and install them in compatibility mode for Vista only.

Here is the link. https://support.ts.fujitsu.com/Downl...ex.asp?lng=COM

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Hello everyone,

I'm having an issue with the drivers of Mobility ati radeon x2300 in my hp Compaq 6910p. I have windows 7 a few years from now and never have a problem but the last weeks the notebook was giving me BSOD at random times and now even works, always with the driver associate with atikmdag.sys y dxgkrnl.sys. I can't log with my user because after the Windows logo the bsod pop ups and the only way to use the notebook is uninstalling the driver and using a default resolution.

I really don't know what else can i do since i literally tried everything. I attach the zip with the info.

Thank you!

A:Mobility ATI Radeon x2300 gives BSOD atikmdag.sys and dxgkrnl.sys caus

The display is causing the BSODs.

BugCheck 116, {a070b1b0, 8fe2de2e, c0000001, 3}

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for atikmdag.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for atikmdag.sys
Probably caused by : atikmdag.sys ( atikmdag+fe2e )

Followup: MachineOwner
And the display driver is extremely old.

Image name: atikmdag.sys
Timestamp: Fri May 22 09:38:48 2009 (4A162550)
Update it from Download Drivers

Report us for any further BSOD.

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I recently updated my Laptop HP pavilion dv7, since that my graphic card amd mobility radeon hd 5000 series won't work,  but my "normal" graphic card work amd mobility radeon 4200. The Amd 5000 shows always code 43, pls I need help. I alredy tried deleting the software and reinstall it.Sorry for my bad english. My Laptop:HP Pavilion dv7Prozessor: AMD Phenom(tm) II N620 Dual-Core Processor, 2800 MhzWP046EA#ABD   

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My card seems to be not working any more i tried google but i cant find price of Sony Vaio ATI Mobility Radeon?HD 5650 graphic card ?? can anyone tell me ..i am based in india

A:Whats the price of Sony Vaio ATI Mobility Radeon™HD 5650 graphic card?

For an HD 5650m it'll be expensive than GTX 750 Ti unfortunately.

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I have a fairly new HP Pavilion dv7-4177nr notebook(Win7x64 Home Premium) and have had all sorts of issues and the latest is the graphic control center which is usually on my desktop (the old right click thing) and for some reason it has disappeared and I have uninstalled my graphic driver (from HP) and reinstalled it several times to no avail. I don't get it...in the beginning in March of this yr I had to uninstall/reinstall right out of the box because it did not recognize the second switchable card (4250 on battery and 5470 on plug in) so if anybody has a head up on this let me know. HP has gotten to the point of telling me to have it sent in and I've done that twice already, new Hard Drive and second time a new HDMI port. And I know I probably got a lemon but geeze already. Thanks

A:Radeon ATI Mobility Graphic Control Center Issue

HP's are so loaded with bloatware that most tech enthusiasts find a Win7 installation DVD for their version and clean reinstall just the OS, avoiding the load of bloatware and useless factory utilties with better versions built into Win7. Here are the steps to go completely clean: Reinstalling Windows 7

If this doesn't solve the issue then it's hardware which you can trace using logs, System resources, hardware tests given here: troubleshooting steps

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So I've installed Windows 8 Release Preview and I enjoy it so far. Though, I have a major problem. When I upgraded from Win764bit i noticed that my WoW FPS went from 60fps to 15. It seemed like I was only running on the integrated graphics card from my first gen i3 processor. It suddenly gave me a message that the current installed catalyst center is not compitable with the current graphics driver. So I installed the latest catalyst center for Win8 release preview, and my FPS went straight up! But then I noticed that i could't adjust my brightness. It was stuck on either 100, 50 or 0% depending on restarttimes and such (really weird) but the brightness was depending on the Intel graphics card. So I reinstalled it and the brightness was now fine again but... The ATI graphics wont work. What Is weird is that when I install a new driver, i have to choose the second monitor to see my screen as my main monitor is disabled (running on a laptop) instead of having my main laptop enabled. But, when my screen is extended right after the Intel install the ATI card and brightness work probably, but when i select 1 screen only it disables. In the device manager it says they both work probably, my in the task bar the catalyst client aint showing up.

So basicly they cant both run on the same time and my main monitor is displayed as my second.

My computer spec: HP G62-a00 Notebook PC series*-* HP G62-a37SO Notebook PC Product Specifications - c02286042 - HP Business Support Center

... Read more

A:Windows 8 Cant run ATI mobility radeon hd 5470 and First generation Intel HD graphic?

shameless selfbump :(

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well i know that the 8600M GT will be better than the other two but i need to know by how much of a difference.. and i would like to know which of the 2 radeons is better. the X2500 or the HD2300 and also by how much of a difference. or if anyone could just drop me a link here to tell which of this graphics card is better...

A:Mobility Radeon HD 2300, Mobility Radeon X2500 and the GeForce 8600M GT comparison

2.5x + to 1 if not more.

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HI,i got a problem,i have a switchtable graphics notebook (HP G62) first driver is intel HD graphics here it everything ok but when i want to put second driver (ATI Mobility Radeon 5470 or AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000) it give me black screen for 1 minute and blue screen before with this message "attempt to reset the dysplay driver andrecover from timeout failed"   Sorry for my english.

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Hello Guys,

Recently I installed windows 8 Pro but facing Problem in Graphic card Drivers. I have Hp g6 1105 tx Laptop and having AMD Radeon 7400 HD Graphic card facing problem in installing drivers And tried everything like I install the amd drivers from HP official site then amd install latest drivers like 12.8,12.0 12.1 and update intel driver and search lot of material regarding this in internet but all in vain please help me out?

A:AMD Radeon 7400 HD Graphic card facing problem in Win8 Pro 64 bit

I have the exact same problem and its driving me nuts,so waiting for amd to get tech team on it.

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Hi there.
My problem is.. i play Crossfire game in full screen (dextop and in game) and after one hour my fps is decrease 100+ normal to 50-14 and after my dextop resolution 1366x768 is go on resolution 640x480 and scaling "Full Screen" is changing.

So.. i have black borders but not on game , on dextop and i think this is decrease my fps
After change i tryed to change them back but worked only with change "personalize" with "windows clasic" and not windows 7 but when i try to play game is asking me if i want to change settings yes or no. if i press yes i go back to black borders on dextop , if i press no .. i don't play game
i need to restart laptop for play again one hour and again

here is a screen : Imageshack - imag607.jpg
my sistem : Imageshack - 77892738.png
my display : Imageshack - 72362362.png

I also tryed to update Ati drivers .. but when i try to install say "Imcompatible hardware/software"

screen : ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

So , now i have drivers on the CD that I received when I bought the laptop

screen : Imageshack - 75485017.png

But i think thats old.

You have ideas ?

A:Graphic Card radeon hd 5470 playing Crossfire , problem with scaling

after one hour i have many other problems.. but just only if i run this game one hour

Catalyst control center give an error CLI.exe .. C/ProgramFilles/Netframework.. and error code

Imageshack - imag608.jpg

Paint give two errors when i try to save screen

1.Imageshack - imag609.jpg

2.Imageshack - imag610.jpg

Windows media player 11 give same error like paint with memory

Some times internet is disconnecting and i can connect it back without restart.

I try to give more information about problem.. maybe someone can help me .

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Hey all.

I recently purchased a Toshiba a200 laptop which came with Vista Home Premium installed. I upgraded it to Vista Ultimate and since then, the laptop won't recognise my ATI MOBILITY RADEON HD 2600 graphics card. I have updated the drivers to the newest version and still no success.

My device manager only shows a "Standard VGA Graphics Adaptor" under Display Adaptors. I have tried installing the drivers many times.

My Direct X Diagnostic tool does not recognise any display device or driver.

Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A:ATI MOBILITY RADEON HD 2600 video card help!!!!!!!!!!


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Dear Sirs, good evening.
I ask for your help in the present clarification, if possible, pf.
I have a laptop, model Satellite L650 and since the last two weeks the screen resolution has changed - I came to have a maximum resolution of 1024X768. The settings do not allow you to change to higher resolution.
It has ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500 graphics card
I tried online to understand what was going on and found evidence that it may have to do with Windows 10. AMD's own website states that:
"Products That Do Not Support Windows? 10
AMD Radeon ? HD 4000 Series products and older are not certified to support Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 1.2 or higher and therefore do not have driver support for Windows? 10.
The following is a list of graphics products that do not support Windows? 10:
ATI Radeon ? HD 4000 Series / ATI Mobility Radeon ? HD 4000 Series Graphics "
Can you help me figure out how I can solve this problem?

Thank you all for any help

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I've noticed this for quite a while now and just didnt really paid much attention to it, but the first time I ran dxdiag when I got this laptop a while back, I noticed that the Memory on my GFX card is at 2GB when this card should only be 1GB. Heres the screenie of my dxdiag:

And here's a screenie from Speccy again:

So, what do you think? Thanks in advance mate.

Here's a screen shot of my mobo spec.

Spec Summary:

Spec Mobo:

Thanks in advance guys!

A:Graphics Card Questoin [ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6370]

This should help explain it,

Video Memory Virtualization - A Brief Guide

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I knew about this problem going in to Windows 7, I figured ATI or Dell would have a fix for me by now but they don't. Wasn't a big deal until I got my new 23' 1900x1080 monitor. Now I am having this problem.

Since I got windows 7 its seems my ATI card has been on the fritz. I can't use Catalyst Control Center and when I play games they don't fill the screen on certain resolutions.

I recently got a new monitor and on its recommend resolution (1900x1080) it has about an inch black border around it. I've done some research and I believe I could solve this if I could open the Catalyst Control Center but I am unable to despite having tried to download multiple versions of the drivers.

I have a Dell Studio 15 if that makes any difference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Problems with Windows 7 and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Graphics card.

What do the display properties report the resolution as? If it's whatever the maximum is, perhaps the pixels don't take up the whole screen area (unusual on a flat panel, but possible I guess).
If it's set at a lower resolution than the maximum resolution of the screen, look for a setting that will allow stretching of the display (as opposed to letterbox). Might look something like this:

P.S: I noticed you mention 1900x1080. Are you sure it's not 1920x1080 (1080p)? If not, could that be the reason for the extra black border?

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i have installed windows 7 recently on my dell 6000 inspiron, it has ATI MOBILITY RADEON X300 Card 2GB ram, but iam not able to experience Windows Aero Effect, i have tried roubleshooter, but still iam unable, PLEASE HELP!

A:Windows Aero Effect on ATI MOBILITY RADEON X300 Card

Here is some info about troubleshooting aero, It's for Vista but you can check out some of the solutions to see if it will help you out.
Troubleshoot problems with Windows Aero

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Hi i have a laptop with ati radeon x2300 graphics card 164mb of memory. When im playing games and running my benchmark system i get invisible lines going from left to right on my display. i can see the lines whenever my player moves. i have also seen a decrease in frames per second. its a sony vaio laptop. the drivers are the most updated and changing stuff in the 3D section of the control center DOeSNT HELP. PLEASE HELP

A:Ati radeon x2300

have you only been having this problem since you installed the up-to-date driver?

Try installing an earlier driver

if ever you have a driver that works, dont update it unless you run into a problem that requires you to up date!

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I just installed Windows 8 Enterprise Trial version on HP nx9420 laptop (2GHz dual core prosessor, 4gb memory, ATI Motility Radeon X1600 graphics card with 256mb own memory, 1680x1050 native display resolution) on second partition, side by side with existing
Windows 7. 
Installation succeeded perfect, except Windows 8 couldn't install, nor did find from Windows Update display driver for ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics card. Only Microsoft generic display driver was installed and it offered maximum 1450x800 resolution,
so not laptops native 1680x1050 screen resolution. 
Windows 7 can install working ATI driver right from Windows Update for that graphics card (version 8.561.0.0 dated 1.12.2008). 
Laptop manufacturer HP has latest, old driver for Vista (version 8.453.0.0 dated 22.1.2008), so I installed that, selecting compatibility mode Vista with setup-program in Windows 8. That installed, but seems to have some problems, telling of missing library,
maybe with some ATI extra diplay manager software and C++ 2005 library, that it installed. 
MY QUESTION: Is there some problems with Windows 8 and that ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics card? Why isn't the Windows 7 -version of ATI mobility radeon X1600 display driver available in Windows Update for Windows 8 too? 

A:ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics card Windows 8 driver missing

So the problem with Windows 8 64-bit installation now is, that it can't install drivers for ATI Mobility Radeon x1600, neither from Win 8 64-bit installation media, nor from Windows Update -service - it just installs generic windows display driver. 
If one installs older Vista-version drivers for that graphics card, there may be problems that on boot laptop flickers several minutes display and then either gives Windows 8 login screen or just keeps flickering, varying time to time.

I know that there is latest legacy driver package at ATI, but that doesn't support Mobility Radeon Xnnn-models, it only supports plain Xnnn-models. If one tries to install with that, it says that graphic card (so mobility radeon -models) isn't supported.
 So these won't work. 


With Internet Explorer (this doesn't work with other browsers!) I checked Microsoft's update catalog service (where it-support of companies can download windows update -packages for centralized testing before deployment to workstations of them), so - do
this with administrator-user in Windows: 


That asks to install Microsoft add-on in IE to use that service at first, so do it. 
Then in search field, in upright, search "mobility radeon x1600&... Read more

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hi all
last day I upgrad my windows vista to a windows7 ultimate 32bits
since them i can play games in the pc(Asus X59 Sl)
every time that i start playing a game (like counter strike 1.6) the image appears with 2 black strips in each side of the screen and the image shrinks and i can?t open the catalize contro
i belive that is my graphic card...

any one can help me? i lost all hope in my contry forums (Portugal)
thanks all

oh I have a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470- 256MB

A:problem with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470

Go to device manager>click on display adapter>properties>details tab> in the drop down menu select hardware id. Copy and paste the results. torrentg is a master at getting these mobile cards to work with a modded .inf file. You can also go to ATI MobilityModder - DriverHeaven.net And follow the directions precisely and mod it yourself. Hope this helps. Fabe

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Hi all,

I've recently upgraded my Toshiba A300D laptop to Windows 8 after changing to an SSD drive.

Everything is running great and really fast. However, I am having problems with running video files, youtube videos and games. The problem is that Toshiba do not provide good driver support and I am running the WDDM 1.1 graphic driver that comes with Win8. Some videos run good, but some just run... Games are not running as they used to be on Windows 7.
I cannot change it, I tried numerous times, but without any luck.

Can someone help me with this?

My system info is: AMD Athlon TK-57 2x1.9Ghz, 3 GB Ram, Mobility Radeon HD3470 128mb, Sata 2 SSD (wich is installed correctly) and a secondary Sata 2 HDD.

A:Mobility Radeon HD 3400 problem

Sorry, but as far as I have been able to find out, there is no Win8 driver for any of the AMD chipsets older than the HD 5x series. I have one of the HD 4x series and even though my motherboard (Gigabyte) published Win8 drivers, the video drivers (for the onboard chipset) only offer the basic features. The advanced features that are available in Win7 are not there.

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Ok so I updated to windows 7 and downloaded the latest driver from the ati website and it all installed perfectly but now its showing in the ccc as hd 3400 and also in device manager which I cannot understand when I have an HD 3470 and when i load most games it says your graphics driver is not up to date and the game is unplayable the quality is horrible and that was just playing and old game beyond good and evil with all the settings on low any help would be appreciated

A:ATi Mobility Radeon HD 3470 Problem

ATi recommends completely uninstalling legacy drivers before accomplishing an upgrade. In my experience, I experience fewer gfx driver issue if I uninstall ANY driver before upgrading.

Did you DL the driver from ATi and use their wizard to select PCIe or AGP, Win7, x86 or x64. Just checking.


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can anyone tell me how to see this graphic card performance as when i havent installed this graphic card (512MB) and after i installed there are no changes yet.....if yes then how can we take full use to it

A:ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 problem

Please clarify your problem.

Do you mean how to see the performance improvements/changes after upgrading your GFX card?

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OK so I bet you get a ton of the same questions over and over again but I hope this one isn't that much of a repeat... I play a game called City of Heroes and one day while playing the game the graphics start acting strange, and when I quit and reboot and log back in on the bottom of the log in page it says that my graphics card does not have the updated version or something like that. So I go out on line looking for an update. Little did I know what this would lead me too. I find one...or so I thought and downloaded it and installed it. Then my computer goes crazy and my display/monitor gets reset. I try to change the display back to 1280 by 800 because I have a lap top but I can only go up to 1024 by 768?? So I do some looking around and find the my ati mobility 9700 video driver is no where to find on my comp. So I think no problem I'll just go to Dell and see if I can get the original driver downloaded. Well I find that Dell has it's own most recent updates for my video card driver....and I felt really stupid for not looking there first. I download it and start to install but half way through this pops up:

INF Error, Video driver not found
Setup was unable to complete the instalation. Try to sset up your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup.

But being very computer illiterate I have no idea what that means. And I don't understand what happned to my video driver?? Or why my computer can't find it? Ple... Read more

A:ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 Problem!!

it's possible that you have corrupted or deleted something with your actions. if rolling back your driver or system restore doesn't fix it, try uninstalling the graphics card in your machine and rebooting. upon reboot, install the dell driver.

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I have dowloaded the drivers for ati mobility radeon hd 5000 series beacause the drivers not work

Msi cx 620
i3 330m
ati mobility radeon hd 5470

Sorry for my bad english


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Recently formated my HP ZT3000 and since my sis works for MS, I have cheap copies of Win7 to install.

Won't recognize display device. REPEAT - THERE IS NO "Display Device" listed at all in Device Manager.

In addition, the Intel 82855PM - 3341 AGP controller is showing as not working, not enough resources.

I of course searched far and wide for solutions. Here's what I tried to far:

Install Omega ATI Drivers - no luck

Install XP 9200 drivers from HP in WinXP SP3 Compatibility mode, not dice - gives me error message to try installing a Standard VGA driver.

Enabled Remote Desktop and remoted in from another Win7 computer. No display device listed still and AGP controller still not working. Same VGA driver error if I try to install the drivers from HP.

Connected laptop to external monitor and tried the same, same results.


A:ATI Radeon Mobility 9200 Problem


I am sorry, but I believe your machine is too old to run Windows 7. You can look here, but I had no luck.


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  Hello,  I upgraded my HP Compaq 6910p from W7 to W8.1 64bit, but now my resolution can not be set to the correct value from 1440 x 900. But it goes to 1087 x 768, and in the "device manager" I see the display adapter as a Microsoft Basic Display Adapter and not as the Ati Radeon X2300 what it should be... Probably W8.1 is not supported and I have to go back to W7, or can someone tell me where I can find the driver???  Best regards,Henk.

A:HP Compaq 6910p Windows 8.1 ati-radeon x2300 driver

Hi: You are probably right, but give this a try before you reinstall W7... Download and run the W7 x64 amd radeon graphics driver from your notebook's support page. http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=3357379&swItemId=ob_78384_2&swEnvOid=4059 Then manually install the driver if the auto install doesn't work.

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Not sure if this is in the right place or not ...

For some reason (I don't know why!!!) I decided to check for the latest driver for the above graphics card that I've got in my Dell Studio laptop - running Win 7.

I downloaded the AMD autodetect tool and it said I should upgrade to a newer driver ... so I did.

Problem is, my screen resolution should be 1600 x 900 but when the update had finished (it crashed and re-booted) my screen looked like only 1152 x 864.

So, I went in to Control Panel to change the resolution back to 1600 x 900 but, that option didn't exist in the list of display sizes - the options ranged from 800 x 600 to 1152 x 864!

so I wonder what I've done and what I need to do to get my screen back to 1600 x 900.

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: ATI Radeon Mobility HD 5650 problem!

Your card is not made by ATI/AMD. It is powered by ATI. You need to get the customized driver from the manufacturer, that is, Dell.

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I have laptop ASUS K50AB, with 2 graphic cards, one is ATI Radeon HD 3200 and it works fine, but another one is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 Series, and I have huge problems to instal drivers on it.

First I reinstaled my Windows 7 Ultimate x64, and all drivers are updated except this one(there is yellow mark on it), I tried to instal it automatic but it says that newest drivers are instaled allready, then I got some drivers from ati website and it still does not work :/

Can anyone help me please?

Best regards

A:ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 Series problem

You're likely having problems because you're trying to use two different GPU architectures together at the same time. Take out the 3200 and use the 4570 and you'll be good to go.

Unless I'm misunderstanding you, which I think I am now that I've read over it twice more:

the yellow exclamation mark denotes there was an error of some kind during installation. Did you see anything wrong in the generated report? You can try uninstalling the drivers from the Control Panel and upon restarting, boot into Safe Mode and use Driver Sweeper, check "ATI", hit Analyze and get rid of all of the files that come up after the scan.

Boot back into Windows and try the install again using the latest available drivers.

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I hope the lenovo community would be able to help me, as I still not have found how to fix my problem : I have an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 (can't be removed) which seems to have a problem, because every time I enable it, my screen turns black. Then I have to reboot in safe mode, disable the card, etc. and it works fine again, but I want to know what's wrong here... -Computer : Thinkpad T500-OS : Windows 7 professional SP1-CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo CPU-Chipset : Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family-Graphic card : ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 I also noticed something : I tried disable/enable the monitor, but it simply disables/enables without changing anything, as if it was not important at all... Any help would be appreciated!

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I have a peculiar problem that I can't really attribute to anything in particular, as it started happening randomly over the past few weeks. I hadn't changed my drivers or installed any sort of virus program, nor did I install new hardware.

Whenever I try to play any sort of game--Age of Empires I and II, Gunbound, Zoo Tycoon, any of The Sims, Sim Tower, Yoot Tower, you name it--my computer shuts off. I'll get maybe five or ten minutes of gameplay, and then without warning, my computer will just turn off. It's a very strange thing, and it only happens when I try to play a game.

I've got a Toshiba Satellite P35-S611 laptop with 1.5 GB RAM, 3.33 GHz Pentium 4, ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 IGP video card with Omega drivers (updated a few days ago from stock drivers but to no avail), and it runs at 38C idle. When I alt tab to check the temp when starting a game, it's within one or two degrees of what it runs at idle. Previous inquiries about this model of computer in the past have told me, without even asking what my temp is, that it's an overheating problem common to all Toshibas. Yet I never had this problem up until a few weeks ago. Anyone have any ideas?

A:ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 IGP gaming problem.

Random shutdowns are usually caused by overheating. Don't just rely on the temperature sensors, sometimes they're inaccurate. Make sure it has proper ventilation around it at all sides, if you can see any dust, try cleaning it out. Make sure you're using it in a cool room, and that there is a good source of cool air near it.

Even if the temperature sensor says the temperature is the same, it might be placed near the CPU, while the GPU is getting too hot for the rest of the system to handle. Or, the heat, along with the power requirements, could be putting too much stress on a motherboard component, causing a power failure. Either way, it's most likely hardware related, and checking ventilation is the easiest first step.

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Before everything, I apologize for my English, because I'm Pole and when I have problems I use a translator.
OK, now my problem. I have an old laptop, Acer Aspire 2010 (for detailed specification you can go to my profile to System Spec bookmark) with Win 7.
Before I did formatting EVERYTHING WORKS FINE.

And problem is that, after formatting computer i can't correctly install drivers to my graphic card. It's quite complicated, i tried a lot of solution but none of them worked. I am going to explain this as easily as I can.
So, when i try to install drivers by normal way (version 6.5 for xp - newer drivers don't operate my graphic card), system show this communicate: http://img821.imageshack.us/img821/2...stallation.png

When I saw this i realized I forgot to install Mainboard drivers, but there is problem with compatibility - there is no drivers for this Mainboard working with Win 7.
So I give up with Mainboard drivers and focused on graphic card. I can install these drivers in Troubleshooting Mode but there is another problem. When I shut down computer there shows bluescreen, always the same: http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/5489/dsc00389id.jpg. When I restart my computer, resolution is good (1280x800; without drivers 1024x768) but there is no transparency from Windows Aero.

I tried to use a Mobility Modder.net, but it won't works too.
I looked at maaany forums, but I can't find working solution of my problem, so, please, help.
The worst is that, befo... Read more

A:Drivers problem ATI Radeon Mobility 9600 Series

Uninstall the driver for your video card. Let Windows try to install one on it's own. It may actually get it working correctly on its own. Right now, the driver you have installed is what is making you blue-screen.

I recently installed Win 7 on my Dell XPS M1210 Laptop, from 2006, and it installed all drivers correctly itself except for the Synaptics touchpad. Windows should be able to handle your video card from 2010 with no problem.

If it says it cannot find a driver or it was not properly installed, then try this:
AMD Driver Autodetect
(I was unable to find your specific card manually on the site.)

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Before everything, I apologize for my English, because I'm Pole and when I have problems I use a translator.
OK, now my problem. I have an old laptop, Acer Aspire 2010 (for detailed specification you can go to my profile to System Spec bookmark) with Win 7.
Before I did formatting EVERYTHING WORKS FINE.

And problem is that, after formatting computer i can't correctly install drivers to my graphic card. It's quite complicated, i tried a lot of solution but none of them worked. I am going to explain this as easily as I can.
So, when i try to install drivers by normal way (version 6.5 for xp - newer drivers don't operate my graphic card), system show this communicate: http://img821.imageshack.us/img821/2...stallation.png

When I saw this i realized I forgot to install Mainboard drivers, but there is problem with compatibility - there is no drivers for this Mainboard working with Win 7.
So I give up with Mainboard drivers and focused on graphic card. I can install these drivers in Troubleshooting Mode but there is another problem. When I shut down computer there shows bluescreen, always the same: http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/5489/dsc00389id.jpg. When I restart my computer, resolution is good (1280x800; without drivers 1024x768) but there is no transparency from Windows Aero.

I tried to use a Mobility Modder.net, but it won't works too.
I looked at maaany forums, but I can't find working solution of my problem, so, please, help.
The worst is that, befo... Read more

A:Drivers problem ATI Radeon Mobility 9600 Series

It is quite old issue, however once again happened to be a problem after fresh reinstallation of Win 7 (disk format) and Aero not working at all. Transparency also disappeared.

Three days looking for new driver.
Maybe someone has the same problem - so it is solution:

1. starting from standard VGA installed by win 7 during system installation process

2. install old driver for for XP (delivered by notebook producer); it results with better resolution but not aero and not transparency.

3. download driver for Radeon Pro 9700 - catalyst_8-31-100_vista32_rtm

4. unpack it - it creates folder ATI/SUPPORT/catalyst ...

5. go to control panel, dvice manager, and update manually driver for graphics card browsing to this folder described above.

6. it updates driver asking in the end for restart,

7. restart - Aero is again !!!


maybe it is possible to bypass step 2 but I am not sure.

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This laptop crashes after about 15 minutes and looking at the error log, it seems it could be a problem with the Radeon video adaptor. Uninstalling it and using the generic VGA driver, it works fine, but of course I have lost some of the features of the 9000. I've downloaded the latest driver from ATI, but this fails to install - cannot find inf file. Should I also look for an updated chipset - its a N251C1 motherboard with a VIA VT8366/A chip? Any help much appreciated as getting quite fed up that I can't solve this problem.

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I have recently come across this great forum...gone thru some of the posts and it looks that really good knowledgable people exist here for support...

thanks all for this..

I have a toshiba sat pro notebook model no m70-113,with ati mobility radeon x700 card integrated..

some times when i resume from sleep...or play games the screen turns into a strange unusable state..as shown in the snap taken below..

Maybe whenever the screen reinitialises ..like on wakeup or when a game re-resolutions the screen during play startup, this screen problem occurs...i have tried to update with the latest drivers from toshiba site but the problem persists...

how to resolve this?

amd says it doesnt support the integrated ati cards on notebooks..so contact the toshiba support...but this link says some thing about integrated card on vista...so does this mean this driver is for my notebook with integrated x700 card??


please help...thanks

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Right this problems been bugging me for a while:

I can only play some dvd's on the old version of my ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 driver and only play some on the new.

Which means when i come to play a dvd i have a 50% chance of having to roll back or update the driver depending upon the last dvd i played.

Here is the error message:

Here are some spec details:
Dell Inspiron 6400 (its a laptop)
Windows Vista Home Premium
ATI Mobility Radeon X1400
Philips DVD + RW SDVD8820

Please help me before i slit my throat


A:ATI Mobility Radeon X1400, Driver and DVD copy protection problem,

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ok , i have bought the game and it shows me black screen as i lunch the games exe , after a few seconds it throws me back to windows. i do not know what is its problem, i installed the game on my friends computer which is similar to mine and the game worked just fine.

there are some facts which may help you to help me:

i got winxp professional with service pack 1, gforce fx 5200 128 ram, 512 ddr , intel celeron 4 2.4ghz, newest drivers for my video card + directx 9.0c.

i thought that the problem was the directx 9 before i have downloaded the demo of the game which does run.

i have also tried the game 1.2 patch , but it still wont work.

the strange thing is that the game doesnt work but the demo does

thanks for your attention and help

A:hi , could you help me please with the game mafia

Have a look in the game folder to see if its generated an error log and as your running XP look in the admin tools/event log for clues.

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when i am trying to setup the driver . it gives me a black screen and then nothing happen again . on restarting windows it gives me welcome page only .my product is hp i7 probook 4530s the probleme started after one year from buying it . some friends say it is from bios ?! my cousin also has hp i5 probook and the same probleme only one video card is working .the driver on hp page is set up both cards intel and the ati .and is not working . so i had to set up only intel card .thanks for your kind care

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I have a laptop Inspiron 5520. The graphic card is not working properly and games do not run efficiently. I called tech support of GizmoSupport and they told me that it is a problem with my RAM. But my RAM works fine. I don't know what to do. Please help with the same.

Tarundeep Singh

A:ATI Radeon Graphic Card not working

Hi Tarundeep,
What is the current OS installed on the system? When did the issue start? Please provide more info about the issue with the video card.
Are there any bluescreens / system crashes when you are playing games or watching HD videos? 
Ensure you save all data first and then try flashing the BIOS - http://dell.to/29WcKn1- force the BIOS flash if required - http://dell.to/2hnhjs4
Try installing the video drivers from vendor site - http://bit.ly/1OwsREZ
Run a stress test on the system - http://dell.to/1NEc1Y4
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us. These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional.
If there is no warranty, then you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call - http://dell.to/1vnT6CQ
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I'm looking to buy a notebook, but the graphics technologies in the laptops has me confused. I can find good info on both, except which tech is the latest and greatest. So which one is newer or better?

A:Which one is newer/better? The Mobility Radeon X300 or the Radeon Xpress 200M?


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Hello, users. First of all, sorry for my english. This post is to tell you my experience with this very know problem and how I solved it.
Computer specifications:

Dell Studio 1558 (bought in 2010)
Intel Core i5
4 GB of RAM
ATI/AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5470
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits


The problem started with the common error "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered...".
This was followed by several BSOD, associated to the video card (atikmpag.sys file).
Finally, after a couple of weeks, the laptop screen turned black, but the laptop was still in operation.


Is not a display problem.
Is not a driver problem.
Not even a video card problem.
It is a manufacturing problem, where the video card soldering is ruined because of overheating.


Take your laptop to a specialized technical service, and ask to do a "reballing process", which consists of desoldering, cleaning, and soldering again the video card.
This process requires the correct equipment, which is a high-precision infrared soldering machine. DO NOT LET TECHNICIANS TO USE A HEATING GUN.
Well, this is all I have to tell. I did this process and I have my laptop working better than ever. The costs of reballing, at least in my country, are very low compared to a motherboard replacement. For reballing it is 120 dollars, and for a motherboard replacement it i... Read more

A:(SOLVED) Studio 1558 | ATI/AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5470 | Black Screen Problem

Thanks for posting. This is common problem in older computers that have integrated video or older video cards with no driver updates available for operating system changes and updates. It is a benign problem in most cases and the error message can be ignored. It usually fixes itself. It really doesn't need fixing. You might have spent money unnecessarily.

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