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Drive no longer exists?????

Q: Drive no longer exists?????

Have a custom tower and don't know the make/model of the drive, but it was working perfectly until recently. Tower has a DVD-ROM drive and a CD+/-R/RW burner drive. Now, it is almost as though the CD drive is not there; the Drive is gone from MY Computer, and it will not even open, like the power is shut off to it. The DVD drive is usually OK, but sometimes it vanishes for awhile and then reappears; the only difference being that it will always open/close, even when the icon is missing. I tried uninstalling some burn programs, but to absolutely no avail. Ideas????

Preferred Solution: Drive no longer exists?????

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Drive no longer exists?????

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I have two HDD's installed. Disk 0 is partitioned as C and D, and Disk 1 is E. I also created 3 desktop
shortcuts for each partition.
I was trying to restore back and old Acronis backup to the D drive and must have done something wrong as it's completely obliterated it.
The D drive shortcut now has a big blue question mark next to it!
Went into W7's disk management which shows two disk entries -
Disk 0 has two entries, namely C 58.59gb ntfs and another entry of 407.17gb unallocated (presumably the old D: drive).
Disk 1 has an entry of HDD E 465.75gb ntfs (which will be my E: drive)
I'm getting a bit out of my depth here and don't want to completely screw things up more than they are, so how do l get my D drive back?

NB There was nothing on the D drive in the first place.

A:D Drive partition has been unallocated and no longer exists

NB There was nothing on the D drive in the first place.

If so, format the partition in disk management.
Partition or Volume - Create New

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I've just re-installed my machine(XPpro1), and set up the network again directly with my second machine (xppro2) via a crossover cable.

on the previous network, I had mapped network drives. XPpro2, having not been neinstalled still shows those drives. I would like to get rid of them, but because there is no such network place as there was previously when I try to discaonnect them, I simply can't seem to get rid of them

Does anybody know how to unmap/delete these redundant drives?

A:problems unmapping a network drive that no longer exists

Right click on the drive and select "Disconnect"?

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IE no longer exists in my programs file.  I tried to download IE but message says cannot install because I already have a more current version.  I have IE file folders in which there are a few files, .ins, text, .xml.  No others.  The
.ins files allows me to "extract".  When attempting to do so, Windows does not recognize the .ins file type, which seems odd as I understand .ins is a windows extension.  It will not allow me to open and when following the links to locate
a program that will open it, I get 3rd party web sites wanting me to run THEIR registry fixing program.  HELP!  I am running Win 7.  Thank you.

A:IE no longer exists on my computer

See my response to Robert Dyer-- above.  Any other thoughts on the issue.

I don't think you have responded to this question:
Is Internet Explorer (or possibly Internet Explorer 11) listed in...

Programs and Features | Turn Windows features on or off

But if what you see there is  Internet Explorer 11  and it is unchecked it would explain all your symptoms.  Unchecking that option is designed to hide  iexplore.exe  and its shortcuts.
However, it is actually a GUI implementation of a DISM command and some other browsers apparently exploit that and perhaps somehow even hide the option in Windows Features.
So in case you don't even see the option to check in that list here is a way to get started at looking at the DISM side of it.
The easiest way is to start an Administrator: Windows PowerShell and there enter:
PS C:\windows\system32> Get-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online | where {$_.FeatureName -match "Internet"}

Just paste and enter the bold stuff.  The directory level doesn't matter.  I'm leaving that in the example as another reminder to be sure that you are using a PowerShell window which is
elevated.  If you like you can get into one simply by entering  powershell.exe  in an
elevated cmd window (aka Administrator Command Prompt).
Robert Aldwinckle

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I was given a new computer, I'm a novice!
When I put it on all I get after the Windows 98 screen is Windows Registry or System INI file - device file - no longer exists - then - uninstalling the associated application using its uninstall or setup program

Can anyone help?

A:device file no longer exists

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Hello, I'm having trouble with my CD/DVD Drive on my Lenovo G510. I uninstalled it because it wasn't detected by my laptop and I thought it would reinstall itself. However, to my surprise, it doesn't even exist anymore on the laptop. It's not hidden, it's completely gone. I've tried a lot of stuff and none of it has worked and I see there's no driver available anywhere. I desperately need help and have been trying to look for a solution for hours and have come up with nothing.

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I had my Win7 desktop configured to connect to my laptop via crossover cable using a static IP. Everything with this setup worked fine.

Now I no longer use this setup(the laptop is no longer around), yet my desktop is still trying to access the static IP It seems that netbios is trying to make the connection because when I disable netbios it stops trying to connect. I can't find where in netbios it is using this IP. All of the networked drives ot this static IP have long since been deleted. I've scoured the registry and did a nbtstat -rr command to flush the netbios cache with no luck.

Any ideas?

A:System trying to connect to static IP that no longer exists

Quote: Originally Posted by nelsonha

I had my Win7 desktop configured to connect to my laptop via crossover cable using a static IP. Everything with this setup worked fine.

Now I no longer use this setup(the laptop is no longer around), yet my desktop is still trying to access the static IP It seems that netbios is trying to make the connection because when I disable netbios it stops trying to connect. I can't find where in netbios it is using this IP. All of the networked drives ot this static IP have long since been deleted. I've scoured the registry and did a nbtstat -rr command to flush the netbios cache with no luck.

Any ideas?

You should be able to change back to using DHCP by going into the IPv4 properties and change over to DHCP. Go to the Network and Sharing Center, then to the left click on Change Adaptor Settings, right click the active connection and choose properties, scroll down to IPv4 and choose properties again then make sure that DHCP is enabled etc. click the Advanced tab and make sure it's set to use DHCP as well.

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My office upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10 about 3 months ago. Since then we've been having one heckuva time with our networking - we can no longer print to each others' printers, most of us can no longer access shared files, and while we used to have a Homegroup that was created on my computer several years ago, when attempting to manage the Homegroup, it says one was created, but doesn't give me an option to view the password.

I've spent the past few months searching for and trying a myriad of fixes, but have made no progress in resolving these issues.

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It is part of a larger problem though. Because I store my system images on an other drive then the drive windows is installed on it cannot find them and as such the restore point doesn't work.

Though in the screenshot I want those entries to be removed as the backup for that has been removed.

I got an other entry which is the last system backup I made but how to fix it knowing where to search for the backup?

Also with my restore disk it cannot find it.

A:How can you tell Windows a restore point no longer exists?

Use CCleaner to find all your restore points.

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I use an updated version of Outlook Express for emails (please no-one lecture me on how their preferred email client is so much better).

As an accessory, last December I paid nearly 50 for a thing called Email Recovery for Outlook Express from EmailAdept. This massively useful program searches your hard drive specifically for deleted or lost emails and resurrects them.

I recently suffered a glitch and lost several days'-worth of emails, so I went to use the recovery program and discovered something nasty. One of W10's endless updates had uninstalled the program, so I went to reinstall it again. This unfortunately meant I also had to re-activate it - and when I tried to, I discovered that the vendor's website had disappeared, so I was unable to activate it.

Does anyone know either

a) a way of activating it without accessing its home page or
b) what happened to the folks from EmailAdept or
c) another program, preferably freeware, which can do the same thing

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I can't remove an old email address from outlook.
It is an email address that I had when I worked for a company but it was deleted when I left the company.
I can't access an emails with it but I can't work out how to remove it as it seems to still try to connect to the server.
When I have tried to add a new email address the server still tries to connect to the old email.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

A:Remove email address (that no longer exists) from outlook

You didn't specify which version of Outlook you're using. However, in Outlook 2010, it's simply a case of clicking on File, choose Account Settings, click on Account Settings, and then this will provide a dialogue box of the accounts you have set up in Outlook. Choose the one you want to remove, click on the Remove button, and then Yes to confirm.

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I am trying to automate a way to remove a pinned item from the start menu when the source file no longer exists.
I have found heaps of information about .lnk files or using the file verbs but as pinned icons don't work the same as simply deleting a .lnk file and the file verbs wont work as the source file no longer exists I am stuck for ideas.

Zac Avramides

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At one time, I had Windows 2013 on my desktop computer. At some point I upgraded to Office 2016 and uninstalled Office 2013. However, every day for weeks now, Windows Update has tried (unsuccessfully) to install the following:

Security Update for Microsoft Office 2013 (KB2956151) 64-Bit Edition
Update for Microsoft Lync 2013 (KB2956174) 64-Bit Edition
Update for Microsoft Office 2013 (KB2899522) 64-Bit Edition
Update for Microsoft Office 2013 (KB2881001) 64-Bit Edition
Security Update for Microsoft Lync 2013 (KB2881013) 64-Bit Edition
Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Office 2013 (KB2850036) 64-Bit Edition

I don't know if other updates are being blocked because these can't be installed. Plus, there appears no way to tell Windows Update NOT to try to install these again, as previous versions of Windows had.

Any suggestions on how to stop Windows Update from trying to install these every day??

A:Windows update fails for version of Office that no longer exists

Hi bertsiskin, welcome to Ten Forums. It might be faster to uninstall office 2016 and then run the fix it tool from Microsoft to totally uninstall Office 2013. Uninstall Office 2013, Office 2016, or Office 365 from a Windows computer - Microsoft Office . I would bet that it did not uninstall completely. And then reinstall Office 2016.

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Win 8 Pro, Malware bytes pro. runa every PM total scan. Nothing recently detected in the logs, Chrome and IE 10
I have not opened an Email from the Hotmail account for 24 hours or more. I did however delete all the spam and trash from G Mail this AM (selected all deleted the page and did the same for 5 pages.

I have my Hotmail account forwarding to Gmail. I get mail in on a daily basis.
I received the notice below from the Hotmail postmaster
I tried to log in to my account to change the PW as this appears to be a hijack of sorts and when I try to login
I receive a message that this account does not exist. I've tried using [email protected] and oulook.com
I can send a message to the address @Hotmail and receive in forwarded to Gmail with no problem and I can send via Gmail using the Hotmail ID with no problem
This is the first of several alerts. I've received in the past few min.

[email protected]
3:47 PM (53 minutes ago)

to xxxxxxxxxx
This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.

[email protected]

Final-Recipient: rfc822;[email protected]
Action: failed
Status: 5.3.4
Diagnostic-Code: smtp;530 5.3.4 This message was not sent because it contained suspicious content. (-951119879:1210:-2147467259)

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Hello Everyone,

I was trying to reduce the amount of times system restore was occurring on my PC, so I accessed System Restore in the 'Task Scheduler' and changed the 'trigger' from daily to monthly, and I changed the date to the 12th of each month and changed the time to 6am too. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but at the time, windows was also installing updates, which were lots of security updates for Microsoft . NET Framework 4 Client Profile. After the updates, and the changes I made in the 'Task Scheduler,' I restarted my computer, and now when I access Task Scheduler, the sign 'The selected task “{0}” no longer exists. To see the current tasks, click refresh.' comes up... But this only comes up once, and then again, when I click on the 'system restore,' file, which now has no information displayed about it, so I can't access it, so obviously something is wrong with this 'system restore,' file in the task scheduler.... I have tried using the system restore option to a previous point, but that just makes things worse, where I can't access 'Task Scheduler and Event Viewer.' So I undid this system restore, and am left with the problem described above, where it says
'The selected task “{0}” no longer exists. To see the current tasks, click refresh.'
Any help appreciated on how to get things back on track.


A:System restore in Task Scheduler no longer exists, help needed

Hello Newuser28,Have you tried to create a new system restore task?Go to "Task Scheduler" and arrow down to Microsoft, Windows, System Restore.Click "Create basic task" on right.Name: SRDescription: This task creates regular system protection points.Trigger: Choose when you want SR creation to start.
Action: Start a program.Start a program (script): %windir%\system32\rundll32.exe srrstr.dll,ExecuteScheduledSPPCreationFinish.

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Norton detected a Trojan threat earlier, I followed the guidelines from the "this topic" link and then generated a HJT log. I also notice with Security Task Manager, certain processes appear and disappear periodically, i.e., lsass.exe, smss.exe, crsrr.exe and lots of other *.exe files. In "services", the start-up type of RCP is greyed-out that I don't have a choice to disable the service at start-up.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 5:07:06 PM, on 05/03/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.5296.0000)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\WLKeeper.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe... Read more

A:Download.trojan Threat - Cannot Delete B779v12[1].dll Because File No Longer Exists

Hello whyMeNow? and welcome to the BC HijackThis forum. I do not see any signs of viruses or malware in the log. It is clean.A couple of comments:- if the file b779v12[1].dll does not exist why would it need to be deleted?- I do not believe that you can stop the RCP service with CheckPoint VPN client installed. CheckPoint would be able to verify that.- I do not know how STM reports the services running. Seeing a service come and go might just be the way STM handles the services. Try taking a look at the standard windows Task Manager and see if the services come and go along with what STM is showing. If not, then that's simply how STM is reporting the information.Additional information for non- operating system software can be obtained in the All other Applications forum. Someone theremight be able to better answer those questions.Cheers.OT

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Hello, I've been seeing a popup in Windows Task Manager the past few days I was wondering if someone could help me fix; When I open Task Manager I get a popup message that says "The Selected Task (0) No Longer Exists." To see the current tasks, click Refresh. (There seems to be 2 tasks because I am clicking the message twice to get rid of it.) When I click Refresh, I see "Reading Data Failed" error messages in the "Task Status and "Active Tasks" sections, and the messages pop up again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Popup Message in Task Scheduler.."The Selected Task (0) No Longer Exists"

Hello, I've been seeing a popup in Windows Task Manager the past few days I was wondering if someone could help me fix; When I open Task Manager I get a popup message that says "The Selected Task (0) No Longer Exists." To see the current tasks, click Refresh. (There seems to be 2 tasks because I am clicking the message twice to get rid of it.) When I click Refresh, I see "Reading Data Failed" error messages in the "Task Status and "Active Tasks" sections, and the messages pop up again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
OMG I got this very thing about 2 weeks ago on this "IT" guy's computer. It took some time to figure out but here is the guide I used to help me. Note it takes a lot of trial and error to narrow it down but it's doable.

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Running Windows 7 Pro with all updates. I recently tried to open task manager, for the first time in a long time, to determine why a scheduled task did not run. When I opened task manager I received the following error dialog 113 times where "xxx" is the name of a task and was different for each of the 113 error dialogs.

The selected task "xxx" no longer exists. To see the current tasks, click Refresh.

In the registry under TaskCache\Tasks I have only 12 entries, 11 of which point to the Windows\GWXTriggers folder and one that points to the Windows\Defender folder. I presume 113 entries are missing corresponding to the 113 error dialogs displayed when I open task manager.

All of the tasks appear in the TaskCache\Tree registry branch. All of the task files appear to be present in the Windows\System32\Tasks folder tree.*

How can I fix this problem? I assume I need to rebuild the TaskCache\Tasks registry entries from the files in*Windows\System32\Tasks folder tree. Is there a tool that will do this? Note that I DO NOT have a restore point from which I can recover the registry entries. Thanks.

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In disk management I have disk 4 has removeable drive and the icons appears in desktop. I can eject this and the icon disappears & is removed from disk management but when I restart the PC the disk & icon re-appear although I have no usb sticks inserted in the machine.

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I recently installed a problem called EnhanceMySe7en and tried a few tweaks however things didn't really turn out as I had planned.

I made a system restore point before I made the changes, but then when I tried to restore it back, it says there were no points available ... Thats wierd coz I've made 3 restore points over the last 3 days as I've been changing stuff.

Anyways I would love it if anyone knows a possible fix for the problems I've encounterd.

1) The "my computer" link has dissapeared from the start menu (no option to re-add in the startmenu properties)
2) When I open "my computer" shorcut from rocketdock I get no drives showing up
3) Option to add my computer icon to desktop greyed out
4) "My computer" is no longer in the left pane of explorer (libraries and network etc are still there). It means I can't browse to my files. I can only if it lets me type in an address like C:\windows etc... but in some browse dialogs I'm locked out completely
5) Another unrelated issue in my shutdown menu. I have logoff, sleep, hibernate, restart options in my shutdown menu, but no shutdown

I suspect with the My Computer issue that its deleted some registry keys pointing to it... please let me know if you have any ideas how to fix it. Thanks

A:"My computer" no longer exists

I've not located any registry key for the 'Computer' shortcut. Does the software you used have an option to restore a previous tweak?

It's the only option I can think of.

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Hey Guys,

I was putting some new life into an old (beige) computer I built a few years ago, and was curious if anyone has seen any internal blu-ray players that were white?

Looking at newegg, all I see currently are black ones:
Newegg.com - Blu-ray Drives, Blu-ray Readers

I want to match the color of my case (which is white / beige), so if anyone can point me to the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated!



A:White / Beige Blu-ray Drive Exists?

It certainly does not look like it. Any beige blu ray drives I could find are out of stock or discontinued.
You are up against outgoing cases (no one buys beige cases anymore) and new tech (not made when cases were all beige). It's supply and demand.

Maybe you might find replacement bezels?

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I've messed up a bit and need some help. I was trying to create a folder to back-up Contacts in Outlook 97. I seem to have deleted something crucial because when I go into Outlook and click on Contacts (or Calendar, Journal etc - any of them) I get a message "Unable to display folder. The folder no longer exists".

I have uninstalled and reinstalled all of Office but I still get the same message. Help please.

A:Outlook 97 problem. "Unable to display folder. The folder no longer exists".

Problem resolved.

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So my laptop is about a year old and aside from having to switch out a bad graphics card about a month ago, it's never had any real problems. This morning, though, I noticed my laptop didn't seem to be booting correctly. It would display the HP logo as always, then show a blinking cursor which just sat there. Normally, my laptop boots in a little under a minute, and that cursor is only onscreen for about 3 seconds. Now, the cursor remains for 2 minutes or so, after which the computer continues booting. Overall boot time is now 3 minutes or more. This last time I restarted it, the screen was totally blank for three minutes, after which the vista logo suddenly popped up followed by my desktop.

The other odd thing is that windows can no longer recognize my DVD/CD drive. It seems the same as always physically, at least as far as I can tell, but windows does not seem to know it's there; it's gone from both My Computer and device manager, and nothing happens when I insert a disc (even though it's set to autoplay.) The drive light still lights up and it still pops out like normal, however. I played a DVD on it just last night with no problems. Earlier that day I had burned a DVD, but that's something I do often and it's never posed any issues; the program I use is ConvertXtoDVD 3. It can't detect the drive either now.

I would assume these problems are connected somehow, since they both started at the same time; but I can't figure out how they're connected. I'm wondering if one cau... Read more

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Install win7 x64 (ultimate) runs fine. After about a week, this error appears in when starting task scheduler.I know something is wrong because of scheduled task will not run, so I check task scheduler and get this error.So, I check the registry entries for scheduled tasks and make them match the %systemroot%\system32\tasks folder.The error goes away.... BUT  and this is what no one else checks, go ahead and click "display all running tasks".Good luck!  "Task Scheduler cannot access Task Scheduler"...  ie. media center will no longer wake up and record shows..defrag will not run.. nothing scheduled.  In some test installs, the machine will no longer go to sleep!!.(and yes.. I tried uninstall MCE and Reinstalling it along with any other apps)Task scheduler is still broken and will not function.  You can add a new task, but the normal required system tasks no longer exist. So Win7 is broke!!   Just becaues the Task {0} error is gone doesn't prove anything!After dealing with this for about 2 months straight I'm about to send Balmer screen shots of the damn error messages and ask why there are no answers for this or why is task scheduler locked out to to the local admin. Why are there not verbose debugging tools available so I can try and find out exactly what it happening?You see, I'm 99% sure something in windows is doing this and corrupting itself. It's not a external program.How do I know?? because in many of my test... Read more

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So I don't know when this: "the selected task "{0}" no longer exists. to see the current task, click refresh" error started but I don't know how to repair this.
When I start task scheduler I first get this error and than no matter what folder I click the error pops up again. After this 2nd error it doesn't pop up anymore but all the folders show up empty.

Tried fixes:
Emptying all task folders in C:\Windows\System32\Tasks
Download Fix My Task Scheduler 1.0 Free - Repair all Task Scheduler errors - Softpedia
/sfc scannow

Programs believed to cause this issue:

Sadly I have both

Please help! I really don't know how to fix this problem, and it causes some programs to not boot correctly. Like MSIafterburner gives an error, so I have to go to the config settings of MSIafterburner because it tries to boot using the taskscheduler really weird I know :/

A:W7 64bits Task Scheduler, the selected task "{0}" no longer exists

Quote: Originally Posted by Deman

Programs believed to cause this issue:

Sadly I have both

Please help! I really don't know how to fix this problem, and it causes some programs to not boot correctly. Like MSIafterburner gives an error, so I have to go to the config settings of MSIafterburner because it tries to boot using the taskscheduler really weird I know :/

Doesn't seem likely to me.

I use "CCleaner" and "Defraggler" and the "Task Scheduler" still runs (although it constantly reports an error for an item which works correctly).

Check that the programs haven't been disabled in the CCleaner Startup list:Tools > Startup > Scheduled Tasks tab.
Have you tried doing a "System Restore"?

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A few days ago I installed a fresh install of Windows 7 Premium x64 on my mediacenter in order to be able to update to Windows 10.
After having installed all available updates for Windows 7, I still didn't receive the DWX icon in the system tray.
I had this issue before with my desktop pc and followed the resolution I received on my thread 

here regarding that issue.
One of the actions described there was to schedule a task under "application experience" in the task scheduler and to run the GWX.exe as administrator.
After doing that I received the GWX icon in the system tray and I signed up for Windows 10.
However I still wasn't receiving the update via Windows update.
Therefore I wanted to repeat the sequence of scheduling a task and when opening the task scheduler I received the error below.
Pressing refresh gives me the same error.
When I press OK and select one of the individual tasks (for example application experience), I don't see any tasks scheduled and get the same error message, see screenshot below.

When I look at services.msc as an administrator, I see that the service is started but I'm not able to change its status because all options are greyed out, see screenshot below.
Therefore restarting the service is not possible.

When I look in Windows Event Logs (WEL), I see that the last couple of days I received a Task Scheduler error with Event ID 413, see screenshot below.

I searched the internet for this error and I find t... Read more

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I came across this error in the Task Scheduler when checking scheduled task and it happened as soon as the application was opened so I did a little searching and found out the first occurrence was due to the Defrag schedule and found a solution for that here :



So now that took care of that error and decided to check a few more folders and sure enough I located another error of the same having to do with the AppID folder in the TaskScheduler Windows folder and it seems as though the PolicyConverter entry is missing from the task scheduler in this folder and more than likely from the Reg. I have not done a search there yet but it is located in the Windows Task folder system files . I will cut to the quick here and ask shouldn't I be able to import export that entry from a system Reg that has the entry to the system that does not have the entry and reboot and go back into the TaskScheduler to see if the entry is there now ? Of course I would first back up the system Reg or probably just do a complete back up first the continue .

I have attached some more Images for anyone's ? if need be .

I preformed sfc /scannow more than once with no results .

The images below are from a working system .

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My computer no longer recognizes the cd drive/burner on my dektop PC, and I think the problem is related to a removeable USB flash drive.

It's a really old Compaq Presario with an added cd burner(drive d now), and the original cd rom(drive e). My PNY usb flash drive installed some software(drivers I think) when I 1st ran it, and shows up as drive f.

Worked fine a couple of times, but then the lights went out on the cd burner(drive d), it would not open, and it didn't even show up on "My Computer" either.

Searched on internet awhile, and read something about a flash drive problem, so I removed the flash drive from the USB slot, restarted the computer, and both cd drives re-appeared, and worked fine, as long as I removed the flash drive, and turned computer off after burning cd. But I forgot, and left it on for several hours, and now even when I remove the flash drive, and restart computer the 2 cd drives don't show up on "my computer". The cd rom(drive e) light comes on, and will open, but the burner(drive d) light is off, and will not open. Neither drive registers on "My Computer". The flash drive still reads as drive f, even with no drive d, or e.(lol)

Suggestions anyone?
Thanks in advance.

A:Computer no longer recognizes cd drive - think problem is related to USB flash drive

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I have a Lenovo Laptop with Windows 8.1.

Its internal DVD Writer drive is now missing from Computer / Windows Explorer, and its item is also now missing in Device Manager. The optical drive is powered and it will spin discs, is no longer
recognsed by Windows.

I believe I may have instigated this issue by confusing the functioning and effect of the Notification Area's "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media utility", with the Devices and Printer utilities "Remove
Device" option. This being when I had difficulties getting the Optical Drive's tray to open. Yes, of course the one option is for USB devices and the other is for installed devices,
but I just used the wrong option instead of the "Eject" option in Devices and Printers (the "Eject" option may have been missing at the time).

While I can understand the "Remove Device" option apparently completely removes installation of an internal device, what I find strange is that this apparently also leaves the user with no options for reinstalling that same device. If I spin up
any disc in the affected optical drive, and then in Devices and Printers choose "Add Device", it finds no devices to install !
I have visited the manufacturer's website under the serial number for this laptop, but although they show drivers for various functions, they do not offer drivers for the optical drive. Perhaps it was installed
using Windows drivers.

Please... Read more

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I just wiped clean my hard drive (intentionally) and then did a clean install of XP Pro.

Now my hard drive is Local Disk (E instead of (C as it always has been. I don't know if this is likely to be a problem or not but in any event I'd like to reassign my drives so that I can get it back to being (C.

Does anybody know if (a) this is possible and (b) how to do it?

(Currently my Zip Drive has the C assignment.)

A:Hard Drive no longer Drive C after clean install

You will have to re-install XP, and remove the ZIP drive(s) before the install, then they won't interfere with the drive lettering.

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Hello there, I seem to be having an issue with my external hard drive. I am running XP Home edition, 2002 service pack 2. The drive is a Maxtor One Touch III Mini 80gb. The computer is recognising the external hard drive in the in the "Computer Management" area and its stating that the external hard drive is an extended partition and it also does not have a drive letter ie. F: associated with the partition. I cannot get into anything within the drive and I have some very important photos, and school material on there.

Is there anything anyone can suggest because I think I have tried everythinh else!

A:External hard drive no longer represented by a drive

Hi .

The only function of an extended partition...is to contain any number of smaller partitions, which are called/designated logical partitions. Or, to put it another way, the only way to have any logical partitions...is to create an extended partition first.

An external USB hard drive is normally not formatted as an extended partition. There is no need for it, nothing to be gained, since an external hard drive is used as one big storage cabinet.

External hard drives may be formatted as either FAT32 or NTFS file system, with the partition created being a primary partition.

If you have an external drive that does not reflect a drive letter in Disk Management, please post all the info reflected (in Disk Management) for that drive.

If the drive had previously been properly recognized and it now reflects nothing but unformatted space...either your enclosure or the drive inside the enclosure...is probably going bad.

The actual hard drive can be removed from the enclosure.

I...not necessarily you...I would remove the drive from the enclosure and attach it directly to the motherboard temporarily...to see if the motherboard/BIOS/Windows can properly recognize it if directly attached.

In the event that the drive itself is failing, your logical recourse is to attempt to use data recovery software of some type to reclaim/recover data files on the drive.


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Howdy Folks,

After a recent reinstall of Windows, I realized that I don't install anything from CD except Windows. Aside from burning ISOs, I don't use my DVD drive for anything. I'm wondering if as we move more and more into grabbing programs from the web and cloud based applications if DVD/Blu-Ray drives are going to become a thing of the past? Even major applications like the Adobe Suite and MS Office come in downloadable form these days.

We can install Windows or anything else that used to require a DVD from a reusable USB stick. How cool would it be to walk into Best Buy plug in your USB stick and get the latest Windows/Office/Photoshop on there in seconds?

Just a thought a thought really..nothing more than that.


A:Do we really need a DVD Drive any longer?

Quote: Originally Posted by Big Dan

Howdy Folks,

After a recent reinstall of Windows, I realized that I don't install anything from CD except Windows. Aside from burning ISOs, I don't use my DVD drive for anything. I'm wondering if as we move more and more into grabbing programs from the web and cloud based applications if DVD/Blu-Ray drives are going to become a thing of the past? Even major applications like the Adobe Suite and MS Office come in downloadable form these days.

We can install Windows or anything else that used to require a DVD from a reusable USB stick. How cool would it be to walk into Best Buy plug in your USB stick and get the latest Windows/Office/Photoshop on there in seconds?

Just a thought a thought really..nothing more than that.


That latter part isn't such a bad idea...I actually like the thought of downloading the app and leaving

I guess it all comes down to the fact that folks feel...
1)Secure with a hard copy of a media
2)Protected by the fact that it is easy to format a USB drive (goodbye app)...not so easy to format a DVD (...impossible if it isn't an RW)

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Hello people, I would like help in resolving a problem that I have. I am currently using windows 7 RC version 7127 32bit version. My laptop is an Acer Aspire 7520 with AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core's.

My problem is that my DVD drive is nolonger listed in My Computer, it will not detect anything I put in, but the drive is still powered as it will open, and it will spin the disc. I have checked the Bios to see whether my drive is listed, but I find nothing no such model number for my Drive, apart from one entry which is a huge blank space and then "(SM)". The drive is also not listed in the device manager, I'll be getting my full version of Windows 7 soon and so want to be able to install it. I don't know how it came to be like this, as far as I'm aware it was working up until 1 week ago when i tried to burn a CD but failed because It couldn't find the drive.

Please help, many thanks in advance

A:CD drive no longer available

Can anyone help with my problem?

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My LG Dvd drive is no longer available under My Computer. It isnt even in the Device Manager.

I have re-installed my chipset drivers even, and still no help. Anyone else recommend any actions to fix this?

A:DVD Drive no longer available

I have the same problem (LG GSA 4163b dvd burner). My other dvd drive is recognized with no problem. If I do a scan for new hardware in device manage the drive comes back fine (until the next reboot). The problem started for me when I finally got raid 0 running on my older Chaintech motherboard (using some old ICH5 drivers). At first I thought one of my other programs were causing the problem but it persisted after a clean install (both 7057 and 7068). For now I have a device manager icon on my desktop and do a scan when I need the drive. I wish there was just a fast way to do a new device scan at startup - that would be a great workaround.


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I'm not sure when the problem started, because we don't usually use our laptop to listen to cd's, and haven't installed anything as of late that would require a cd. The DVD drive continues to read DVDs just fine. It will not recognize any cd placed in the drive. The drive won't even spin when I put a cd in it. I've tried software CDs, audio CDs, CDs we've burned, etc. Nothing. If I put a CD in the drive, then double click on the drive under My Computer, it tries to read the drive, but comes back with an error message that there is no disk in the drive.

It's a Dell Inspiron 2500 running Windows ME. The drive is a "SUBASSEMBLY, DIGITAL VIDEO DISK DRIVE, 8X, INTERNAL, LARGE, I8000" (as per my original configuration from Dell). It's Dell part #522HD.

We've had other problems as of late with this laptop. What I really want to do is to reformat it, but I don't want to do that, until I'm sure I can get the CDs to be read (since all the software is on CD).

Any suggestions?



A:dvd drive no longer reading cd

You may also want to consider looking into the ASPI and possibly getting a firmware update for the drive. An ASPI setup guide can be found at http://www.hazza.dsl.pipex.com/faq.htm#ASPI and new firmwares can be found at http://forum.rpc1.org/portal.php

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My computer was having issues a few days ago, and because I religiously make system images, I was just able to restore it to a time when it wasn't having these issues. My problem now is that I can't make anymore images. I have a HDD in my computer I use relatively exclusively for these types of hard drives, but now it's saying there isn't enough room for some reason? Despite the fact all I'm backing up is a 90gb SSD, and it has over 300GBS free on it. It also wants to create a system image of drive E, which is the HDD that I usually back up to. This is obviously redundant, and I can't seem to figure out how to make it exclude that drive. Much thanks.

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I just got a new computer running Vista, and foolish me thought that maybe the bugs with AnyDVD would have been worked out by now, but I guess not. I installed it, it worked twice, and then said that my trial period was over (even though it was registered) Now since I uninstalled it because it wouldn't work any more, the dvd drive is not showing up. I remember that I have to change something in regedit, but I don't quite remember how to get to the right file once I open regedit. Can anyone help??

A:Dvd Drive No Longer Recognized

First try this fix to restore your drive: http://www.dougknox.com/xp/scripts_desc/xp_cd_dvd_fix.htmIf you prefer a .reg file rather than a .exe, here's a link to a direct download: http://www.aumha.org/downloads/cdgone.zip

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For some reason I seemn to have just lost one of my sata drives. Unfortunately it contains over 500GB of phottos so I'm kinda keen to get it back!!!!!!!!
I was cataloging and i kept getting delayed write errors. I rebooted and now its completely gone even in my computer hardware!
I'm running XP pro
Please help

A:Sata drive no longer seen - HELP!

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my children have been playing games on this system (windows me).now any cd-rom you put in the drive will not play.If you click on my computer and show the disk drives ,the computer is not recognizing the cd-rom.Have the children done something to make this drive quit working or is something else wrong??

A:d:drive no longer works??

does the disk drive have power or spin up?

if not then it prob died.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1521 laptop and the CD-RW drive will no longer burn CD's. I've had this problem before but only two months ago I was able to successfully burn an audio CD and now I can't again! So frustrating!

Anyway, what happens is I put the blank CD in the drive and then use iTunes to try and burn the CD. iTunes recognizes the blank CD and begins the burning process. After the CD is supposedly burned, iTunes will then say that a blank CD has been inserted! Despite saying the CD is burned nothing has happened! I've already wasted a couple CD's doing this so I'm a bit frustrated now!

Any idea why this would happen? I'm not sure of the brand of the drive expect that in the device manager it is called "tsst corp ts l632d ata". Any help would be great! Thanks!

A:CD-RW drive will no longer burn CDs. Why?

Found this: http://club.myce.com/f105/tsstcorp-ts-l632d-problems-188364/

I haven't gone through all the postings, but post # 15 & 69 might be of help.

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Hey everyone!

So, I've been running into a weird situation and I was hoping to run into some clarification on what I could do to fix the problem.

I got a 128GB Flash Drive which I proceeded to install a portable, bootable Fedora install on. Of course, naturally, since Fedora is light weight, I had all sorts of other room left over. However, when I plug the USB drive back into the main Desktop, it no longer asks me what I want to do with the USB drive, even with AutoPlay stuff disabled. It's as if the USB Drive doesn't exist.

However, I checked quickly on one of my laptops that has never seen the drive and the AutoPlay on that device immediately popped in. When I selected "view files and folders", voila, I could see the Flash Drive with a folder for the Fedora install and plenty of other open space.

How can I force my computer to see this Flash Drive all over again?

p.s. Funnily enough, it's doing the same thing with the storage on my fiance's iPhone. Which is fantastic... since I can't see her phone anymore when I plug it in (even iTunes doesn't see it).

A:USB Drive No Longer Recognized?

Hi Tesagk,

I have had this problem a few times and USB drives are apparently ignored when reattached to the port. I usually find a restart of the PC with the device disconnected sorts out the port settings and when the device is reconnected it is recognised OK.

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My dvd drive is no longer responding after i updated the firmware for my seagate hard drive. After the firmware for the harddrive was done it told me to power down and then reboot. When i check My computer the dvd drive was no longer there. I went into Device manager and found the dvd drive with a yellow triangle and an exclamation mark next to it. The properties says "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)"

Its called ATAPI DVD A DH16A6L SCSI CdRom Device

The fake drive created from daemon tools is no longer there too and it says the same thing. This happened on my old computer after i had left a cd in the drive and rebooted but it eventually fixed itself. No idea how tho. I think its because i had left the cd in there because the firmware required me to leave it in.Any clues guys?

Edit: Nvm guys microsoft fixed it thx.

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I just put a movie DVD into my drive to watch. This has always worked fine in the past. This time, though, nothing happened. When I went to "My Computer" to see if I could get it going, the drive was no longer listed there. It's completely gone from "My Computer", "device manager" etc. It appears to be no longer recognized by windows at all. The Green light on the drive door is blinking, but I can't get it to eject. Any ideas how to bring my E: drive back to life?? Any help is very much appreciated.



A:DVD Drive No Longer Recognized?!

Try this.


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Hi there,

XP can no longer recognize new CDs in my DVD drive.

I just noticed this a bit ago as I needed to save a few files before battling viruses, malware, etc. Since I couldn't do the saving, I loaded files to a webserver. But I REALLY like having them in house and "hard copy".

After cleaning up (with help of BleepingComputer.com forum

I was advised to delete the device & then restart my computer. That didn't help.

Also, I noticed that on the properties tab of my DVD device ... there is no longer a Restore tab as I have read about.

The drive can read files from CDs that already have data on them.

Can you help?


A:XP can no longer recognize NEW CDs in DVD drive

Are there any yellow exclamation points on any devices?

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When I insert CD-ROM or DVD-ROM discs into my CD/DVD-ROM drive, my computer does not detect any disc! This is the first time this has happened in the 4 or so years I have had this computer. I tried rebooting and it's still happening. I ran Microsoft's Automated Troubleshooting Services program at its "Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media" webpage (http://support.microsoft.com/gp/cd_dvd_drive_problems). It could not fix it. I have a TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-H553A model CD/DVD drive in a Windows XP Dell computer. Any help would be much appreciated.


A:CD/DVD Drive No Longer Works

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I had an HP Envy running Windows 10 and my external LG BE14NE40 DVD Blu-Ray player worked fine. I've now bought a smaller HP Spectre also running Windows 10. When I plug the DVD player into the USB it recognises it, shows it in Device manager and Explorer. Sometimes it stays there for several minutes, sometimes several seconds before dropping out and becoming non-useable. As much as I like the ping of finding a new device then losing it, I'd rather have the DVD player work all the time.Any help, other than sentances with the word Regedit in them would be greatly appreciated.

A:DVD drive no longer working

Go to LG support and see if there are any firmware updates available. Which version of Windows 10 is your new Spectre running. Which one does your HP Env notebook have and what is its complete product number or name.  HP Envy is way too generic of a description for the older notebook.

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