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Why Is Task Mgr. List Longer Than System Configration List

Q: Why Is Task Mgr. List Longer Than System Configration List

Like so many, I need help with a slowing computer, and appreciate your site. Would someone please tell me why my Task Mgr. Processes list showed 54, and the System Configeration Utility showed only 23 that were checked? I already unchecked 14 of those, & have shutdown several times since, and now have 47 processes showing in Task Mgr. (??) Do I simply use the definitions on sysinfo.org and delete what I determine in Task Mgr? I wonder why the lists do not match?

Also, can someone suggest the best computer cleanup program, free, or otherwise for a medium knowledge user? And, I am wondering what my virtual memory should be at. I have a 1.7, with currently 640 MB ram. (I had to take out one stick when I learned the slot is bad). What should it be when I bring it back to 1 GH. I am running XP Pro, Ser. Pk 2. ..........Thanks!

Preferred Solution: Why Is Task Mgr. List Longer Than System Configration List

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Why Is Task Mgr. List Longer Than System Configration List

Task Manage shows running processes - System Configuration shows several things in it's Startup and it's Services tabs.The svchost.exe processes house (typically) between 1 and 25 other processes running beneath one instance of it.The System Configuration tool is designed for troubleshooting, not for tuning your system. For tuning I'd suggest this free application: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysintern...s/Autoruns.mspx

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Why do I have so many lists of svchost files?
Please see the attachment of the screen shot
Task Manager List. Does anything in this list raise a question?

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I noticed this after coming home from holidays yesterday, not quite sure what it is. After some googling I found out it could be a trojan, but I only have one "system.exe" file, and it seems to be legit(Located in C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\).
Same goes for the "smss.exe" file and the "csrss.exe" file.

Has the process been there all along, or is it a trojan?

A:"system" Process In The Windows Task Bar Processes List?

Anytime you come across a suspicious file or one that you do not recognize, search the name using Google or the following links:BC's File DatabaseBC's Startup Programs DatabaseFile Research CenterSvchost.exe is a generic host process name for a group of services that are run from dynamic-link libraries (DLLs). It is not unusual for multiple instances of Svchost.exe running at the same time. The process ID's (PID's) must be checked in real time to determine what services each instance of svchost.exe is controlling at that particular time. To investigate these processes, see "How to determine what services are running under a Svchost.exe process" using Process Explorer.Determining whether a file is malware or a legitimate process sometimes depends on the location (path) it is running from. One of the ways that malware tries to hide is to give itself the same name as a critical system file. However, it then places itself in a different location on your computer. A file's properties may give a clue to identifying it. Right-click on the file, Properties and examine the General and Version tabs.You can also download and use AnVir TaskManager Free or System Explorer to investigate all running processes and gather additional information to identify and resolve problems. These tools will show the process CPU usage, a description and its path location. If you right-click on the file in question and select properties, you will see more details about the fil... Read more

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I recently added a new motherboard and processor to my computer and naturally I had to reinstall WINDOWS (XP Pro- I also reintalled Service Pack1 ). Everything appears to have gone well and all my previous settings were retained BUT for some reason now when I download an update from Microsoft it no longer appears in the change/remove programs list as they did before.
Why is that? I can verify that the updates were propertly installed by checking my installation history on the site, they simply don't appear on the programs list the way they used to. Why is this? Is there a way to correct it????

A:updates no longer appear in list/XP

So, no ideas, huh? I placed a similar post on a Microsoft newsgroups site, and the Microsoft people couldn't figure this one out either. Is this happened to anyone else out there?

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Hi Gang,

Ok, I don't believe I did this, but I did.

I have office 2003 installed on my computer. I wanted a shortcut to Word on my desktop, so I went to Start > All Programs > Office and then dragged the Word icon to the desktop. It created a shortcut ok, but it also removed the listing from the list of programs that are installed on the computer under All Programs!

I think what I should have done is to right click on the Word icon, and choose Create a Shortcut. Then drag the shortcut onto the desktop.

BUT WAIT, there's more!

I didn't worry too much about the missing listing as I was going to install Office 2007 anyway. So, guess what.... after installing 2007 I wanted a shortcut to Word on the desktop, so I dragged... well I think you can fill in the rest... yes, that's right, I did it again! So now there is no listing for Word under Office 2007 in All Programs list either.

How can I reverse this so that I can have both the listing and the shortcut?


A:Ms Word No Longer In All Programs List

Hello Albert,

Right-click the desired shortcut icon on your desktop, then select 'Copy'.
Click 'Start', 'All Programs' and move the mouse pointer to the top-level menu item where you want the copy to be placed (e.g., "Microsoft Office"). Right-click that menu item (i.e., "Microsoft Office") and select 'Explore'.
In the right-hand pane of the Explorer menu, where it lists all the items in that menu, right-click in an empty space there and select 'Paste Shortcut'.

P.S. I just tested this by copying a shortcut to the Command Prompt on my desktop and pasting it into the 'Google Earth' menu item in 'All Programs' -- it worked fine.

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hey im gonna install a ATI catalyst driver and it said that you should shut down all programs and my 2 questions are: can i shut down all the progrmas in XP's task list or arethere any that are necesary for Xp to run that cant be shutted down ? or would it be a good idea to install the driver in safe boot ?

A:Xp Task list

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I'm running Win10 Pro 64bit and Revo Uninstaller Pro v3.1.5. There is a huge discrepancy in the installed programs lists provided by Revo Uninstaller and the Win10 Programs and Features control panel. They both say there are 83 installs (that's good). But Revo Uninstaller claims that 15 programs were installed a few days ago on 2/29/2016. The correct number is 3 which is what Win10 says. Today I uninstalled Revo Uninstaller (using Revo Uninstaller to do it) and then reinstalled it. No help.

I guess it might be OK to ignore this discrepancy but I find it surprising.


-- Larry

A:Revo Uninstaller List Differs from Win10 Progs and Features List

Originally Posted by larrymcg

I'm running Win10 Pro 64bit and Revo Uninstaller Pro v3.1.5. There is a huge discrepancy in the installed programs lists provided by Revo Uninstaller and the Win10 Programs and Features control panel. They both say there are 83 installs (that's good). But Revo Uninstaller claims that 15 programs were installed a few days ago on 2/29/2016. The correct number is 3 which is what Win10 says. Today I uninstalled Revo Uninstaller (using Revo Uninstaller to do it) and then reinstalled it. No help.

I guess it might be OK to ignore this discrepancy but I find it surprising.


-- Larry

I show same thing. You may have discovered a "leap day" bug in the Revo app. I wouldn't worry about it, honestly. It's how it calculates the term "Recently". If you use CCleaner and look at tools/uninstall it list progs. Sort descending date...you get a another answer.

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I had a distribution list for a mass email for some of our customers. But when we got Microsoft Exchange everything copied over but this one (the most important list!) did not copy over. But I checked through the sent messages and was able to copy the list from the BCC Field to a text file.

Now, I need to get this list of people back in a distribution list. If anyone knows how I can achieve this, please help me out! I've been google-ing this and cant seem to find something to work for me!

A:Solved: Import list of emails to Outlook Contacts or Distribution list

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I have an EXTERNAL USB Drive 1gb that I use to IMAGE machines all the time.  An employee got a new laptop Dell E5470 with an M.2 Sata SSD, and when I boot this machine to the external drive to apply a new image, diskpart does not show the External HDD under List Volume or List Disk.  I have played around in the BIOS thinking because of the new M.2 Sata SSD there was a setting that was causing this but I am unable to find anything that allows this to work.  It will boot from the External Drive but when running diskpart, it will not sow the drive so I can't apply and image or take an image since I have no were to place the image or copy it from.

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I want to start by saying I have no business trying to fix this on my own but I am determined it has to be something simple! I can not pin point what I did to cause my Wi Fi to stop working or disable.

I have tried all the trouble shooting solutions but unfortunately my magic F8 button will not enable let alone show the option when ghosted! I took my keyboard off and verified the Realtek RTL8191SE is in fact there however next to Network adapters only the PCIe FE Family Controller is listed.

I recently tried to download the Fix offered by Toshiba and Windows, restarted my computer and it is still not recognizing my Wi Fi. Please tell me its an easy fix or just that I need to buy a new card!!! Any advice is greatly appreciated. But please give me the Windows for Dummies version because again I have no clue what I am doing.

Thanks again for any help offered!

I included all "Hidden Devices" in the screen capture where usually only the Family Controller is listed!

A:Network Adapter no longer list Wi Fi? Do I need a new WLAN Card or...

Did your card just suddenly disappear or did it happen when you updated a driver or some other software?
If you didn't and your WLAN card is no longer listed in Device Manager, I would guess that it is either broken or there is a broken/poor connection somewhere.

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I am currently receiving 27 reports that I have to compile into a master list on a daily basis. I tried creating an .bat file using notes to copy these lists into a master list but it is not working (please see code below).

copy *.xls importfile.xls

When I run this file it only copies one of the 27 files. Is there a way that I can run a macro to do this for me. I am really not familiar with macro's and am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction.

The files in question are all identical except that each file pertains to a different Div in our company.


A:Solved: Using a macro to copy several excel list into one master list

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Hi Everyone,

Am looking for a way to remove the actual option to "Log on to: computername (This Computer)" from the list so users will only have the option to logon to the domain.

This can be done as they did it in my uni...

Thanks for any help / ideas you might have.


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Can you tell me the number of emails you can block in the Block Sender list in Hotmail is it unlimited or is there a limit if so can you tell me the limit and for the contact list for both Hotmail and yahoo

A:Hotmail and yahoo block Sender list and Contact list ?


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Anyone know what program can merge word/excell lists of email address to a window mail contact list?

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Attached is an excel sheet (Book1), in which I need to Copy the items from A1 to D3 in a comma separated value as in F.

For example,
A1 A2, A4, B4, C4, D4
A1 A2, A5, B5, C5, D5 and so on.

And transpose the above sheet as in Sheet2.

Thanks you,

A:Copying a list into Comma separated values and transpose the list as well

Review your Sheet and let me know do you need in this fashion

Parent Class: Sprocket Child: Simplex Pitch
This is what i get on transposing, if this the case then just confrim it so I can give you the code.

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Hi there (time to stop lurking!)

I have already created a Macro to create a local distrobution list(s) from an Excel sheet with email addresses.

Assuming the user already has write access to modify members to the Exchange list, is there a way through VBA to;

A) Check if the email address already exists;
B) If not, then add the member to the list

Thank you


A:Updating Exchange Distrobution List from Excel Contact List

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I have two lists.
List one is raw data. List two is a collection of flag/alert words.

I need to find any term in list one that contains any flag word from list two.



In this example every term on list one would return a result of 'true'. LIST TWO is always much shorter than list one.

I was trying to set it up so that in the column directly to the right of LIST ONE produces a 'true' if that list one term contains in any fashion any term from LIST TWO.

As you will see in the example I was also trying to have a similar column to the right of LIST TWO so that I could easily see how many of the key terms had been found in the much larger list.

The sample also has color fill based on the True/False to make it easier to visualize.

Can anyone help make this work correctly?
Match does not work because I am not looking for identical strings.
I have not been able to get Find or Search to work either.

As of right now it only seems to look at the other list's entry on the exact same ROW.

A:Excel - Two lists, search for any string in list 2 in any entry in list 1

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I'm using w2kpro and office 2k. In outlook I try to print my calender or tasks in table form and the print job goes to que then just hangs. If I delete the job and then restart the print spooler I can resend other jobs but still not the outlook stuff.

Errors from event viewer:

"event 45"
Document failed to print due to GDI/Driver error in rendering.

"event 37"
WMI ADAP was unable to load the perfproc.dll performance library due to an unknown problem within the library: 0x0

Any Ideas?


A:Can't print task list

Hello I reposted this in the Applications forum. Please answer there.


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I have windows 98. On my task list, I have this running:


What is this and how can I get rid of it?

A:Task List Programs

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Today I started Outlook and my Task List was completely empty which is (sadly) definitely not the case. At the top there is some flashing/scrolling red bar and it says that it is still loading but after waiting a few hours and restarting Outlook, it is still empty.
How can I make my tasks visible again in the To-Do Bar?

Empty Task List in To-Do Bar | MSOutlook.info

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I believe I dragged the task list in Visual C++ off screen on accident. Is there way to get it back?

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This is driving me around the bend!!
I installed MS Office Pro '97 and it worked fine with the exception of the Help files. I uninstalled Outlook. I started Windows Mail and was advised that Windows Mail is not my default email client and I selected Yes to change that.

Each time I start Windows Mail, this message is repeated.

I went to set Windows Mail as my default but it does not appear in the list of programs in the "Set Default Programs" window, nor does it appear anywhere under "Set Program Access and Computer Defaults"

Any help would be greatly appreciated. HP referred me to Microsoft. I've searched the knowledge base with no luck.

A:Windows Mail no longer appears on list of default programs

I've found the solution. http://www.winhelponline.com/fixes/mailclients.reg right click after download and merge.

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Is there a way to remove programs from the add/remove programs list if you no longer have the uninstall file and the software is no longer on your disk?

A:Solved: Removing programs from add/remove list that no longer exist

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Ok, time to reach out to those with way more knowledge than me!
Story starts that my iphone is no longer recognized as a device or a drive. I get the "bing bong" when plugging in the usb cable but that is it. No auto play...no itunes popping up. It is not recognized as an external drive or as a device in itunes anymore.
After doing the normal things reaching out to apple, reinstall itunes etc it is thought to be a windows problem. Needs to be solved via device manager. Device manager is empty...zip, nada, el blanko!
Now don't think i've just jumped on this forum or any other and just yelled out help. I've been through everything from simple to complicated. Done everything that everyone has suggested. It is NOT an easy fix.
I'm on an HP laptop 1 year old, I5 processor, 6gb ram running Windows 7 home premium.

Plug n play services are enabled but I do not the option to restart as it is greyed out.
Snap in dev mngmt does not change anything.
Enum permissions cannot be changed...says NO
I am running as an administrator
Safe mode does not show anything
Cannot reset child permissions, it wont let me
Removing all photos from iphone has not solved anything, there are no corrupt files there
I do not have a windows disk, the laptop never came with one so i cannot do a refresh or new install
I am running norton anti virus but disabling firewalls does nothing
I WAS using Norton utilities but someone suggested that could be the issue so i removed it - nothing!

... Read more

A:Device manager list empty, Iphone no longer recognised

IF you are willing to do a full CLEAN OEM reinstall -which may solve your problem as well as get rid of any HP bloatware THEN go to the Tutorials and you will find Gregrocker's excellent article. You can download an ISO of your version of Windows 7 from Digital River and it will work with the Key on the bottom of your G6. You may want to get all of the drivers for this machine from HP's site first, btw.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Doing this will wipe the hard drive and you can also create a simgle partition rather than keep the HP hidden one.
Good luck

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Hey Guys,

I am having this problem where in the system tray the network icon is showing incorrect information. It displays a red "x" even though I am surfing the internet. When I hover over the icon it displays "Connection status:unknown The specified service does not exist as an installed service".

I stumbled upon this post and I noticed that I am completely missing Network List Service. How do I make this option visible in the list of services? Can I somehow install this service?


A:Network List Service is missing from the list of services

Hi Digital-flex,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

You might try running a sfc /scannow command to see if it can find and fix any system files that may be causing this. This tutorial will show you how to if needed.

System Files - SFC Command

If that does not work for you, then you can do a Repair install. This tutorial will show you how to if needed.

Repair Install For Vista

Hope this helps,

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OK. This is driving me crazy. Using Active Directory I created a Global Security group. I also tried Global Distribution group. Neither of them are showing in my Global Address book. What am I missing?

OS: Windows 2003 Server
Mail: Exchange Server 2003

Please help.


A:Solved: Distribution List in Global Address List

It has to be set up as a Global Distribution group and you have to ensure it has an email address. I am not sure it will show up until you restart Outlook.

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Using the inbuilt duplicate highlight function in a column lists everything that is a duplicate. Even when a filter is applied it still shows entries as duplicate. Which is correct, it is a duplicate.

How to only show duplicates in the filtered list pertaining to the filtered data?

Niemeyer 60242 $1,178.10 12/11/2009 Niemeyer 58186 $1,178.20 18/06/2009 Niemeyer 7907 $1,178.10 24/02/2009 Niemeyer 7449 $1,178.00 22/01/2009 Niemeyer 7007 $1,178.00 22/12/2008 Niemeyer 7007 $1,155.00 22/12/2008
the date col shows a duplicate 24/02/2009 but is totally unrelated to Niemeyer, date belongs to another record for another company that is not in the filtered list

A:Filter list to show only duplicates in the filtered list

i have not used the duplicate function in excel 2007

I would create another column and concatenate the columns


that will bring column A, B, C and E into one cell - say cell H

I want to test for duplicates and then use something like in Column I
to test that new column and then filter

But i'm sure an excel guru will be along to propose a better solution

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Complete list of Ransomware, Browser Hijacker, Keylogger, Adware, Toolbar, Trojan Horses, Computer Worm, Spyware and Bot?

A:Where can I find a complete list or comprehensive list of these malware

With the very general nomenclature you ascribe to each form of malware. It is highly unlikely you will find a single repository for a comprehensive list for each category.

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I've been banging my head on the desk trying to figure out how to simplify my zip list. Can anyone help with the attached example. I'm thinking I need VB code to do this but haven't been successful finding a solution.


A:Solved: Convert Excel zip list to simplified list

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I ran msconfig.exe and went to the start up tab to disable a few unecessary things. I noticed there was a blank item with no command file and it is located in HKLM/software/microsoft/windows/Currentversion/Run. Is this normal? Should I be worried?

Also, I uninstalled Easy Spyremover and RegistryBooster using the add or remove from the control panel and manually deleted the remaining files, yet they still show up in the startup. I can disable them, but can I just delete them? If so, how?

Also, I will probably look like an idiot on this one but I was checking some of the process running on my Pc and not sure how but I ended up with this window.

So now, even after rebooting when I press ctrl+alt+delete I get that instead of the normal manager/process window and have to log off or disconnect. How do I fix that?

More questions coming once I can access my task list!

A:task list & start up question.

Hi RedSam, Welcome to TSF!

Is it possible for you to post that screenshot as an "attachment" here at TSF, as the 'Photobucket?' website is currently down.

To post a screenshot, please follow these instructions....

Find the screenshot that you saved to your computer; come back to this thread,(post a new reply to your post).

Using the message box Go Advanced this will open another screen...write your message; then, select the "paper clip" at the top.

A pop-up screen will appear (please ensure that any pop-up blockers are disabled) > Browse, and navigate to the desktop and click on the .jpg file and upload it to TSF.

Once it's uploaded, close the pop-up screen; then, click the 'Paper Clip' again, and click on the 'attachment'...this will place the screen shot in your message so we can view it.

Kind Regards,

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Hello. I'm using Outlook 2007. I'm working with a group of people among whom, in addition to assigning tasks to specific people, we would like to be able to view a master list of all assigned tasks within that group. Does anyone know a relatively simple way to do this?

A:Solved: Master Task List

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On my Win2K (sp3) machine at work, when I start up Internet Explorer (6.0), it does not show up in Task Manager in the process list. If I right click on the IE window title in the list of applications in Task Manager and select "Go to process", it takes me to explorer.exe in the list of processes. Any ideas as to what is causing this? I'm stumped. I've tried reapplying sp3, scanned for viruses and spyware (none found), and still same behavior. This is also happening on a couple of other machines at work. Thanks in advance for any help.

A:IEXPLORE.EXE not in task list - win2k

Does the issue occurs if you loggin on with a different user account and in safe mode with networking?

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System: C Presario 1500, P4 1,6, 256 Mb RAM

I want to achieve 75% of free RAM when idle. I disabled all unnecessary programs from loading when I start the computer but I still have (I think) a quite long list of processes right after startup:

System Idle Process

How many of these applications could be safely permanently terminated ?

P.S. Any memory tweaking tips welcomed

A:How to reduce task manager list?


You decide what you need based on the info give here

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I'm running Windows XP home edition. When pressing ctl alt dlt to access the task list I only get the bottom portion of the window. All I can see is the bottom half of the 'end process button'. Could this be a virus? I run AVG anti virus daily and update it daily. I also just updated spybot search and destroy and ran it. Still have the problem.

Also, right after startup, I get a program with no name or text showing up on the task for for a few seconds, then it disappears. Not being able to access the task list I can't identify what actually is running.

Any and all help is very much appreciated.



A:Solved: task list problem

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I cannot tell which processes are good, which processes are necessary and/or why I would have 4 instances of Google desktop running at the same time. Is there a list of necessary processes somewhere? How can I tell if I have a "bad" process? I have three pages of screen shots and don't really know what is what. Does anyone else?

A:Processes List in Task Manager

u could google each process or go here an see if this helps?

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Missing Task Scheduler from Services list.  And when asked to perform a task I get a message cannot contact remote computer, when I am signed on as only the local computer.  What fix may be applied?  Thanks

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I have been searching for two days to find an answer to whether or not you can highlight tasks on a task list. PLEASE HELP? I want to be able to highlight a task in Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Edition to show importance and bring attention to a specific task.
Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A:Help with Microsoft Office 2003 Task List?

You should be able to flag it with a color from the list.

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is there any lists out thjere that let you find out which Process does what in Windows Task manager? kind of like this: http://castlecops.com/StartupList.html

A:Windows Task manager Processes list

See if you can find what you are looking for here:


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Hi all,

I setup my first scheduled task of an executable. But the task is not showing up in the list of Active tasks. I know that it is there because I re-created it and it stated that it already exists. In case I have to modify it, I need to be able to see it. And yes, I have clicked to show 'Hidden Tasks'.

Thanks for your help.

A:Scheduled task not showing up in Active List

Just checking....
Refer the Tutorial below just in case the task was not correctly set up.

Task Scheduler - Create New Task




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Hi I am looking for a way to alphabetize my task list in Outlook 2010. I have searched the net but I could not find anything. Any information is appreciated. Thank you

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Hello and thank you to anyone that can help.
My system is running weird..I go to click on any icon and it will not open right away..it take me about 2-3 more clicks before it opens up. I thought maybe I have some kind of virus or bug in my system. I am using AVG and did a scan and after all that it still is not smooth. Could it be that maybe some kind of hardware component is going bad? Maybe the RAM? The system was built by myself in 2007 with parts from newegg.com.

I am going to include a screen shot of my task manager process list. I am not a 100% sure on what should be running and not.
Also, how do I check if my RAM is going bad or other hardware going bad?

I used to use System Suite but decided to go the cheap route with AVG free edition.

I would like to learn how to know what should be in the background of my system and not...Thank you to anyone that can help me!

A:What is should be running on my Process list in Task Manager in XP?

You have nothing out of the ordinary in your Task Manager. Be sure that you have blown all the dust out of the inside of the case with Compressed air, especially the processor fan and heat sync. Turn it on and make sure all fans are spinning. . Your HDD may be starting to fail, run the HDD Dianostic tests for your HDD Manufacturer.

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Is it possible to create a 'floating' list of tasks to do that remains on screen whatever programme I am using and even on the desktop? Someone told me once they used such a tool, but I've never managed to find how to do it. With increasing age, an ever visible 'must do' list is becoming an urgency . Would appreciate some pointers.
I am using Windows XP and Microsoft Office Professional 2003 edition. (Yes, I know I must get myself up to date...)

A:Solved: Creating a floating task list

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I'm looking for a very simple and straight forward software.
I need something that works on the homegroup where any user can simple write a task or plan it on a calendar, then others within the network will receive a notification when the task needs to be started. Anything like it out there? The notification is a major part so people will notice it rather than forget if its in an excel spreadsheet.

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I want to make a sharepoint task list item to be editable only by the owner and the person it is assigned to. How do I achieve this?

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This is an Acer Aspire R3610 running W7 HP 64

When I open Task Manager, the applications running appear as normal for a few seconds, then disappear, leaving the applications tab blank. Other tabs show up as normal. I have been running the system for several months and it always worked fine before. Now this problem has started and I'm not aware of changing anything.

Any suggestions, please?

A:Task Manager: Applications list disappears

Small Foot print mode?
Task Manager - Small Footprint Mode - Vista Forums

You are not describing the Small Footprint mode, but give it a try and see what happens.

If that does not work, a system restore from before the problem may work.
System Restore

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I have recently noticed a process named System in the process list taking ove 64000K of RAM. It is not the idle process. Does anyone know what this is, and can you help get it off the computer?

Thank you

A:A task named Systyem in the processes list

You should have a process named System in the process list but that seems like a lot of ram for it to be using. Someone else should come along that might know more about the reason fo it taking so much ram but I just wanted to reply to let you know that having that listed in the process list is normal.

When you say it is taking that much ram, what column is that number listed in?

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