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Help me decide on budget Windows 8 tablet

Q: Help me decide on budget Windows 8 tablet

I am looking for the cheapest Windows 8 tablet available. I am getting one to replace my ipad and one for my uncle. The best I can find is a refurbished Dell XPS 10 with winRT for $200ish. I can also get a new Vivotab Smart with atom proc for $400. Ideally I want an atom proc, but the price difference may be a bit much. Are there cheaper atom tablets for less than $400? I don't want to spend that much since its mostly for leisure use.

I am also curious about web browsing performance. The atom will be faster than the ARM one, but by how much? And will the ARM one be faster than my old ipad? The other thing is there is supposedly flash support for both. How good is the performance?

Lastly. Is there any news of Windows 8 getting Words with Friends? It's available on Windows Phone 8, but not regular Windows 8. I am a WWF addict. I also play a lot of Scramble with friends. Other than web surfing, these are the only two must have apps. I have a bunch of friends both real and fictional that play them so substitutes wouldn't work.

Preferred Solution: Help me decide on budget Windows 8 tablet

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Help me decide on budget Windows 8 tablet

The ARM will have much better battery life than the Atom, but the Atom will be somewhat faster and can run x86 applications (doesn't use RT).

For only $400 i'd go with the Atom, but it has half the battery life of the ARM version.

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Continued from: This troubleshooting thread
I recently posted a thread asking which video card brands were better than others (support, warrenties, etc...)
Now I need some advice I buying a video card, because my computer's previous Radeon X300 died.
I have a 305 watt, generic Dell PSU.
+5V = 22A
+12VA = 18A
+12VB = 18A
-12V = 1A ?
+3.3V = 17A
+5VSB = 2A ?
combined max 12VA and 12VB = 22A...
Check my sig for the rest of my computer hardware.

I should probably get a new power supply, but my budget can't really support the extra ~$60 for a good Antec, Corsair, or Thermaltake, because I am saving up for a new computer.
My computer has a x16 slot, so I am not looking to upgrade, just a repacement of some type, same power requirements.
After checking around I think my PSU could support a 7200 GS, 8400 GS, Radeon 3450, Radeon 4350, or Radeon 5450.

$30 - GIGABYTE HD 4350 512MB 64-bit
$33 - MSI 8400 GS 512MB 64-bit
$41 - SAPPHIRE HD 5450 512MB 64-bit
$42 - XFX HD 4350 512MB 64-bit
$47 - ASUS HD 5450 512MB 64-bit

These are the cards I have my eye on, any thoughts, opinions?
Please don't laugh at me and tell my to upgrade my computer, I just want to be able to use the computer again with out spending $150+

A:Trying to decide between a few budget GPUs to replace my dead Radeon X300

An Radeon HD 5450 is the best for the money you want to spend. The ASUS HD 5450 is out of stock so get the SAPPHIRE HD 5450

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does anyone have knowledge of/experience with the Insignia Tablets? I saw an 11.6" screen model, 32GB, Android 7.0 with a detachable keyboard for $130, which seems fairly reasonable. I only need a tablet for the most basic things: email, surfing the net, etc.

Are there any other tablets in a similar price range? Thank you.

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Just got this, and did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro. Installed all drivers, nothing funky in Device Manager, but the touchscreen and the pen are not working. Click on Pen Tablet Properties in Control panel and it tells me Supported Tablet Not Found on the System. This is my first time dealing with one of these, and am lost.  Lenovo Thinkpad X220 TabletIntel i7-2640M(2.8GHz)8GB RAM, 250GB Solid State Drive12.5in 1366x768 Multitouch LCDIntel HD GraphicsIntel 802.11agnBluetooth1Gb EthernetUltraNav, Secure Chip,Fingerprint reader, Camera

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After a fatal error in my windows, I had to reinitialize my windows 10. After I did so by the windows original tools, the windows became completely stable, but all tablet features are lost. Even thinkvantage cannot recognize many features and hardwares do not work. What should I do?

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I have upgraded my X201 Tablet to Windows 10 32bit. As far as I can tell, everything is working, including the WACOM drivers and touchscreen.  Wireless has worked perfectly so far, not sure about Bluetooth as I don't use it. My only issue is that the buttons on the display do not work. The power button located on the display does work. I tried installing the Tablet Button Driver II and it will go through the install but the buttons do not work.  This is the download link:http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds027627 The document claims Windows 10 compatability and was Last Updated :08 Jun 2015. On inspection, all the files extracted are dated from 2012 and when trying to manually run the software Windows throws up an error that the software is not supported on this PC.   I removed and reinstalled and noted that the driver information page when running the installer does NOT have Windows 10 listed as a supported system. My assumption is that the driver that they have linked on the download page is NOT the most current driver and is infact the driver for Windows 7 from 2012. Does anyone know how to contact Lenovo to get the correct driver posted to the page, or know of an alternate source to try and find it?

A:X201 Tablet Windows 10 Tablet buttons not working

hi, I can't help you with your question, sorry! Gooed to hear everything else is working fine on your system. Can you tell me what to do to get the x201 tablet's touchscreen to work!? I will have a clean windows 10 install. Where do i get the (right) drivers (windows, Wacom?) Thanx!Carlo

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Honestly guys I haven't done any research or thinking about it till recently I realized the deadline was coming soon. The couple of negatives I believe I've heard mentioned is you no longer have a lot of administrator privileges to modify and tweak things and that I probably will find that my nice barely used HP Printer won't have a driver available. Basically tell me what to base the decision on. Curious as to what percentage of the "sevenforums" users are not upgrading and why.

Also let it be known that I would hate to think Microsoft is bullying me into it.................but at the same time if its does actually have more pros than cons then what the hell its free.

I mainly use my computer to self educate myself about DIY projects and tutorials on topics that interest me. And as far as programs I use are Cad drawings, Engineering programs. Design layout. And my hobby of high powered rocketry requires the use of various simulator programs. etc.

And I do not use it for social media at all.

If this debate has already been had just tell me the results and my decision will be easy. Thanks for your time guys and gals.

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I was wondering how the upgrade to win 10 will work and if i have to ever reinstaill will my windows 7 key work for a reinstall of windows 10

A:Will my win7 key become a win10 key if i decide to update to windows 1

That level of detail is not clear yet for the "free" upgrade.

You can always buy Windows 10 outright and avoid the problem.

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Hello guys.
I have a small problem, and i hope you can help me. I use Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit, it works great.Everything is fine. But everytime i use the option "Try and Decide" from Acronis, after i recover my backup image ( only after i recover that ) i have the black screen like in the attached image.
I uninstalled Acronis and reinstalled again, but the same story ...
If i restart my PC, everything is fine, no black screen. Even if i restart 200 times a day, no problems.

On the black screen i have always 30 seconds - countdown. Can i fix this 30 seconds to 3 ?
I changed from "msconfig / boot / timeout. Same story
Then i tried from right click My Computer / properties / advances system settings / settings ( last one - down ) and i unchecked those 2 options :
Time to display list of operating systems
Time to display recovery options when needed
After that i made another backup image, and recovered again
Same black screen.
How can i modify those 30 seconds ? I presume that what i unckecked is only for users with 2 ( or more ) operating systems.
Thanks in advance.
LE : i tried with Windows 7 DVD Repair and even to rewrite the MBR.
Didn't help
And i checked my hdd for bad sectors. No errors I even checked with this command "ChkDsk" and

A:Start Windows Normally / Acronis 2010 Try and Decide

Quote: Originally Posted by stereo

Hello guys.
I have a small problem, and i hope you can help me. I use Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit, it works great.Everything is fine. But everytime i use the option "Try and Decide" from Acronis, after i recover my backup image ( only after i recover that ) i have the black screen like in the attached image.
I uninstalled Acronis and reinstalled again, but the same story ...
If i restart my PC, everything is fine, no black screen. Even if i restart 200 times a day, no problems.

On the black screen i have always 30 seconds - countdown. Can i fix this 30 seconds to 3 ?
I changed from "msconfig / boot / timeout. Same story
Then i tried from right click My Computer / properties / advances system settings / settings ( last one - down ) and i unchecked those 2 options :
Time to display list of operating systems
Time to display recovery options when needed
After that i made another backup image, and recovered again
Same black screen.
How can i modify those 30 seconds ? I presume that what i unckecked is only for users with 2 ( or more ) operating systems.
Thanks in advance.
LE : i tried with Windows 7 DVD Repair and even to rewrite the MBR.
Didn't help
And i checked my hdd for bad sectors. No errors I even checked with this command "ChkDsk" and

Control panel>system control panel>advanced>...... see pix

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Windows 98

Helping another older lady with her computer, her grand kids get on it and get adware and spyware on it and she did not even no about windows updates, anyway, Here is the problem I have

I was running CWShredder and it was clean except for one thing. A grey box came up and said it found a file but I had to say weather it was bad or not or if I should delete it or not and I have not got a clue, The file was

C:\WINDOWS\UNINSTCC.EXE I have no idea what the file is for so I cannot make that decision,I tried to google it but it does not come up with anything except to ask me if I meant UNINSTALL instead of UNINSTCC but it was UNINSTCC.EXE can someone help me???

I ran adware 1.06 and caught 157 deleted them mostly alexa related one possible and mostly tracking cookies and I think a hotbar

Ran spybot S&D 14RC and caught 119 I think 101 of them were hotbar and then a few others, it fixed all of them except one hotbar it said it could be in use or soomething so I have to find it yet

went to HJT Log and there were I think it was 6 entries regarding hotbar got rid of those and a couple of others that needed to go

setup spyblaster
script defender
disabled WSH
She didn't know about windows updates, (she is a really nice lady just doesn't know much on the computer but loves it) so thats where I am now downloading 25 critical updates

I also put AVG Anti virus on for her

Can anyone tell me about the CWShredder ????

A:Solved: Windows 98- CWShredder found a file and says I have to decide if it is bad-Please Hel

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I am doing a HJT Log and these are unknowns and I was hoping someone might no some of these I haven't got time to look them all up. You won't beleive this but I am helping a lady that had 118 spyware and 1,102 mixed trojans,worms, and viruses. anyway I spybot got all the spyware except there is 37 huntbar it won't take off anyone no how??? I have 27 things to come out of the HJT Log and I am not sure about these if someone could help that would be great cause I have to go back to her house at 8:00 am so I am hoping someone has seen these before here they are














O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [mgavrtclexe] C:\WINDOWS\MCBin\AV\Rt\mgavrtcl.exe Unknown application

O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [HPDJ Taskbar Utility] C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\hpztsb02.exe Unknown application

O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [WindowsUpd] C:\WINDOWS\WINDOWSUPD1.EXE Unknown application.

O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [ImIn... Read more

A:Solved: Windows ME--Need help to see if these are trojans,worms, or virus, I can't decide

Please post the full HJT log here.

Make sure you are running the latest HJT v1.99.1 and that it is not running from a Temp folder within a zip.

Make sure you've got the latest detections for both SpybotSD and AdawareSE
and then run all of AVG, Spybot and Adaware in Safe Mode
then boot into Normal Mode and run them again.

Adaware SE - http://www.lavasoft.de/software/adaware/
Install Adaware, but don't run the scan just yet.
You should get the detection updates during installation,
but if not, open Adaware, click "check for updates now" and then "connect".
Then close Adaware.

Then, when in Safe Mode...
In the main Adaware window, click "Start"
Checkmark "Do a full system scan"
Uncheck "search for negligible risk entries"
Click "Next" to start the scan.
Checkmark all results, and click "Next" to fix.

Then, after doing all the above, do online scans at preferably 2 of the following sites:
Then reboot and post the new HJT log here.

Re: System Restore in WinME

________... Read more

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I have a Tablet drawing monitor, and today the pen stopped working, I fiddled with it for a while, I tried uninstalling the drivers for the Hardware and reinstalling, but then I noticed that the Tablet Settings and Calibration Options you normally see in Control Panel are mysteriously gone. After maybe 2 hrs of googling I've given up,. there's very little on google, and now im considering doing a "Rest This PC." Any help would be appreciated.

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 Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen 3 : cannot be used as a tabletObsolete BIOS/ECP with Missing Support for ?no win button? logon(support Power + Volume up button combination to notify "CTRL+ALT+DEL") SITUATIONLenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen 3 (model 20KK) with Windows 10Company forces the safety policy to No Win Button logon (right decision)The hardware ?Power + Volume up? to replace the CTRL-ALT-DEL is not working on Lenovo ThinkPad X1 tablet gen 3 ISSUE:I cannot use a screen logon to Windows 10 (inhibited by safety policy).I can only logon when the keyboard is connected (to use hard CTRL-ALT-DEL)> The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet X1 Gen 3 can only be used as a normal laptop? DETAILSSystem Win 10 64b (10.0.16299)Model 20KKS1111JBIOS UEFI 26 (Lenovo N1ZET70W (9/18/2018)ECP 06Note:CTRL+ALT+DEL is implemented by the embedded controller firmware (ECFW, also referred to as ECP)The issue was known and solved by Lenovo for ECP>1.06 on other tablets.(see BIOS1.16//ECP1.08 was solving the issues and also BIOS1.54/ECP1.11)(https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Enterprise-Client-Management/Unlock-X1-Tablet-without-Keyboard/td-p/335...) QUESTIONSWhy is Lenovo selling tablet with obsolete ECP1.06 on fresh new Lenovo X1 Gen 3 tablet, even in the latest BIOS ?When do you think we have the right ECP update on Lenovo ThinkPad X1 tablet gen 3 ?Any suggestion how to solve/bypass this ? I realize it was stupid to purchase and pay for a tablet and use it as a basic lapt... Read more

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Tablet PC Settings not showing in Control Panel Although Tablet PC Components enabled in Programs & Features.
I have tried System Restore, re-enabling Tablet Components...

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Hi All, Recently I have been receiving this error message "Tablet Version Mismatch - Please reinstall the tablet software" when I tried to open some of my apps in the LAPTOP mode.I tried to reinstall the Wacom driver (although I do not know what this is for), but it did not work.Any advice would be appreciated!

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The latest bios update of X1 Tablet (Model:20GG) breaks the sleep (or hibernation) function. I found the tablet sometimes cannot be waken up by pressing the power button after entering connected standby. The version of the flawed BIOS is1.68-1.21 (N1LUJ30W) After rolling the embedded controller version back to 1.20 (N1LUJ29W), the problem no longer exists.

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plz help
i have lenovo thinkpad 2 tablet it was not running well so i decided to reset it ...
and it keeps on repeating the same thing...
please help me ....


If it is still under warranty, call Lenovo. IF you tried to reset to factory defaults, and it is still failing, then you have something else that is going bad. My suspicion would be memory as that is what happened to me although it was on a desktop. Something to check...good luck.

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Does anyone know if there is a program available (free if possible) similar to Quicken (Deluxe) that I could use on my Android Tablet(HP 10 Tablet G2 -2301)? That would keep track of bank accounts and interest earned, and keep track of one stock IRA and interest earned and yearly RMD? And produce reports for that interest earned, etc.? Mainly for using when preparing yearly tax forms.

A:Quicken alternative for Android Tablet(HP 10 Tablet G2 -2301

Have you looked at Mint.com?

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I downloaded the 'driver' on the gateway website:

after downloading & Extracting the file. a 'read-me' file pops up.

it reads:


This document describes the steps necessary to install the Tablet PC button drivers for the notebook computer models listed in the Applicable Part Numbers section below.

1. From the Start menu, right-click Computer, and then click Manage.

2. In the User Account Control dialog box, click Continue.

3. In the left pane, click Device Manager.

4. In Device Manager, click the plus sign (+) next to Human Interface Devices.

5. Click Tablet PC Buttons, and then from the Action menu, click Update Driver Software.

6. The Hardware Update Wizard displays. Click Browse my computer for driver software.

7. In the Update Driver Software dialog box, type or browse to the C:\Cabs\D20113-002-001 folder. Click Next.

8. Open the D20113-002-001 folder and confirm the selection of the qttabbtn.inf file. Click Open.

9. Follow all onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

I get stuck at step number 5.. I do not have a 'Tablet PC buttons'!! (this is the reason why I need to download it..).. it seems to me this 'driver download' is actually an update for the driver. and not the driver its self.?

I downloaded other drivers from them, for my computer and they all worked great.. they all had easy 'install... Read more

A:Gateway Tablet PC, I need the 'Tablet Buttons driver'


After opening the qttabbtn.inf file (installation script), I found these alternative names for "Tablet PC Buttons." Try finding one of these names in the Device Manager:
"Quanta Computer Inc."

"Quanta Computer Tablet PC Buttons HID Driver"

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Got a tablet PC, but we lost the original system disc that came with it. Can I simply put WinXP Pro on it or do I have to put Tablet Edition on it?

A:Tablet Edition required for Tablet

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Dear Lenovo-Community,my Thinkpad S1 Yoga change into tablet modus not only when I fold back the monitor but also when I have closed the lid normaly and than reopened it or sometimes by slightly moving the monitor or a minor percussion of the table. That is very annoying, because than I have no access to keyboard or touchpad while beeing in the laptop-shape. I can revive keyboard/touchpad by folding back the monitor and than back to the normal laptop shape, but this works only one time! After that I have to send the thinkpad in the energy saving mode and wake it up, to get keyboard/touchpad back.I think it is a problem with the sensor, but does there a software setting exist so keyboard/touchpad keep unlocked in tablet-modus? Or a way to switch off the tablet-modus completely? I can live without the tablet-modus and the thinkpad is probably too old to be worth a great repair.My system is fully updated. Any idea out there?

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I am trying to determine which laptop to buy for my 14 year old daughter for Christmas. She will be using it for some school work, excel and word but mostly for social networking, emailing and those kinds of things.

Future shop has and Lenovo Ideapad - with a AMD E1-1200 processor for $329.99 and Best buy has a Lenono Ideapad but with a Intel Pentium B960 for $379.99, not sure which would be the better one?

Any opinions?

A:Can't decide

Having had many laptops i personally like the intel better.and the lenovo ideapads/thinkpads are very good and well made computers. ive had several and have had little or no problems with them.

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     Hello all old  friends:      The PC  I am using is rather old. I dettermined to buy a new one.      In the market, two brands attracted my eyes: 15-ay041wm and 15-039wm.  The majour difference of the two is "Touchscreen"      I hope you tell me: (1) How is these 2 brand PC ? (2) The "touchscreen" is a new function, is itgood for users?        Thanks in advance.                        

A:Tell me how to decide?

Those are both Wal-Mart laptops and yes, the only difference is the touchscreen. The prices I saw were around $350 for an i3 processor, 8 gigs of RAM, a 1 TB hard drive. The -041 has a DVD burner, too and I assume they both do.  Touchscreen is very popular but I have to say I don't really use it on a laptop. It is a bit awkward to lean over the keyboard and touch to control actions when you have a mouse and keyboard. To me, touch is for tablets without a keyboard but adding the touch does not hurt anything and for $20 extra it is worth exploring if you like it.  Only objection I can see is the 1366 x 768 screen and the hard drive (mechanical). I like something with higher resolution, and a solid state drive but you pay a premium for that. I don't think you are going to find any stronger specs for $339 or $359.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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Help decide between CPUs

depending on how my marks go... i may be getting a new computer. After giving me a $2000 budget to start planning, i have come to the tough part. Picking the CPU

Intel P4 2.0GHz $469.00
Asus P4B533
AMD XP 2100+ $440.00
Asus A7N266-WA

Here is what else I'm plannin':
256 PC2700 DDR-RAM
Geforce4 Ti 4200 128RAm
Creative Live 5.1
350W PSU
LG 40X 12X 40 CDRW
Mator 80G 7200 and a 20G 7200 (tha latter for backup)

Since they r roughy the same price, which one will perform better wit their motherboard. I also heard that the P4s work better wit R-RAM.

A:decide between P4 & XP


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Hi guys I was just wondering which of the following setups would be better for gaming:

Core 2 Duo E6300 and 7600GT


Athlon 64 3500+ and 7900GT

This is assuming that all the other parts in the system are the same. Also, I cannot buy the Core 2 AND the 7900GT due to budget restrictions.

A:Can't decide what to buy

Yeesh. Tough call.

Is that Athlon system an AM2 system?

As they are now, that 3500+ w/ 7900GT would probably outperform the Core 2 Duo system from a stricly gaming standpoint. The graphics card does most of the work.

But that 3500+ cpu is going to get dated real quick as games start taking advantage of dual core CPUs more and more.

Me? If I was building a new system now, I'd have to get a dual core CPU.

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I'm looking to buy a new router for my home and I've never done any networking before. I'm trying to decide which wireless broadband router would be most suitable. I've gone on the net and read reviews, read forum posts and am still confused and undecided. From my readings I would presume the following would be required.

1. 802.11n 2.0
2. Dual Band (simultaneous 2.4 GHz & 5GHz)
3. NAS capability/printer sharing
4. Security.
5. Good speeds (home area 2000sq ft)
6. Media streaming.
7. Gaming.
8. Internet sharing.

I have two PCs, 3 laptops, 2 printers and 4 external drives which I would, ideally and if possible, like to share.

My main problem is transfering and synching files between all my systems. Major headache. A NAS attached to the router would solve my problem I feel and I would like to share one printer.


A:Please help me decide

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Since the past month, I've been debating whether or not to stick with the computer I have right now and maybe adding a couple of new parts, or just starting over from scratch......

Computer: Dell Dimension E510 (bought it about 3 years ago).
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition.
CPU Type: Intel Pentium 4 630, 3000 Mhz (15 x 200).
Motherboard Name: Dell Dell DM051.
System Memory(RAM): 1024 MB (DDR2-533 DDR2 SDRAM).

^^ This is what i have right now. I also just added a Antec 500W PSU, and a new Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT 512 MB graphics card.

If its possible, I would rather just buy a new cpu, I was thinking the Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 Conroe 2.66GHz 4M shared L2 Cache LGA 775 Processor, buy a new MOBO, and add some RAM. Stick to the same cd dvd drive, sound card, and hard drive. Should i stick with this or would it just be a waste? Or should I start from scratch and buy everything new besides the new psu and graphics card i bought. Thanks for the help.

A:I Cant Decide!!! :(

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I havent bought a new computer in almost 7 years and I finally got the $ to do it. I bought everything but the mobo and cpu on black Friday and Im getting the rest of the $ for xmax. so...whats the best mobo for the $?

Heres what I already have:
6gb (3x2gb) kingston hyperx 1600mhz DDR3 ram (+ ill get 1 more 2gb stick soon to make it even pairs)
Asus/ATI 5670 vcard
Corsair 650w psu
samgsung dvd burner
Coolermaster v8 cpu cooler

I think ill get an AMD 1055 processor 6 [email protected] ghz.
I'd like to keep the mobo around $100.

Whats the best Mobo to go with that stuff? I'd like to OC the processor a little. Im an experienced computer user but novice overclocker. I really want sata6 and usb3 and atleast 1600mhz fsb to utilize the ram.

Here's what im thinking about. Prices are from microcenter with a CPU combo discount.

BIOSTAR TA890FXE for $90

ASUS M4A89GTD PRO for $104

A:Help me decide...

My experience with biostar boards is,they usually have a pretty
basic bios with limited overclocking function access.

Asus usually has access to the overclocking functions that are needed.
I haven't used a biostar board for a while,so it might be a good idea to
download the manuals for both and compare what functions are available.
even though,sometimes manuals can be written for use on all versions
within a particular model number series,so are a little general.
You can get manuals at the manufacturers website.

If it were my choice,I would say the asus.

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I am looking for a set up that will allow me to play all the latest games on my pc,I have taken it down to 3 set ups could u have a look and tell me which one is best and any adjustments i would need to make for it to work.

Set up 1

Motherboard + Processor



CD Drive

PSU + Case

+ 500gig 7200 RPM HDD
Set up 2

Motherboard, Processor, RAM, Graphics Card, Case and PSU

+ 500gig 7200 RPM HDD

Set up 3

Motherboard, Processor, RAM, Case and PSU


+ 500gig 7200 RPM HDD
Please respond soon

A:Help me decide between 3 set ups

Prices For The Set Up

1= ?294.44

2= ?299.00

3= ?305.99

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I have been using this OS for about 3 weeks now, and I still cannot decide if I really like it or if I am still just trying to like it. I think with a touch screen I might be 100% sold on it, but I don't have a touch screen.

What I am noticing, is that most of the metro apps I have installed are not very useful/don't work so good. This is not a deal breaker, as the store is still young and I have a sense that better things will come with time. Still, it is true now.

I keep seeing these commercials about how this OS is really customize-able, and how each person can really make the ui their own. I think this is a total hunk of rubbish and probably the opposite of the truth unfortunately. There is very little wiggle room for customization in this OS. If anything, I felt like my desktop in Windows 7 was more my own than this metro start screen. In 8, the backgrounds and colors are all preloaded, and you have to choose from the canned options given by microsoft. The Start menu is gone, and no way to bring it back is included for those who prefer it. I feel no affinity to my start screen, even though I have been using it for 3 weeks, and I wonder how many others are probably having this same feeling.

All this said, I like the idea of the app store, and I can see potential in what they are trying to do. At the moment, I don't like any of the apps though. Everyone one of them (aside from the games) feels a bit rushed and half baked, with limited functionality. ... Read more

A:I still cannot decide if I like this OS.

You can change the backgrounds in Metro, and the colors.

One option is Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer v1.3 beta by ~vhanla on deviantART

Another is Customize the Windows 8 Start screen with Stardock's Decor8

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Im stuck on 3 graphics cards. I'm not going over 200 bucks (not including shipping). So I have a few questions.

1. I heard GDDR3 memory is unstable?
2. Is it important that the card has open GL 2.0?
3. Is it important that the card has the shader model 3 of direct x?


The ATI X700 pro is what Im leaning toward, but I have an intel chipset and processor, will I have compatability issues? I've heard multiple people say that ATI goes with AMD and Nvidea goes with Intel.

Thank you for your input.

A:I can't decide

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I'm looking at possibly upgrading my computer, in the near future. I'm not much of a gamer, mostly Civilization 5, SWTOR, WoW, and perhaps some other games in the future... (Mass Effect 3, etc). I mostly do Photoshop work, and watch videos online and on disc.

I've narrowed it down to basics of what I'd like in the case, but can't decide between AMD or Intel.

Which config would you say is better for my wishes? $2,000 is probably my limit.

AMD FX 8-Core Configurator http://www.ibuypower.com/Store/AMD_FX_8-Core_Configurator/w/107691


Intel Z68 Core i5/i7 Configurator http://www.ibuypower.com/Store/Intel_Z68_Core_i5_i7_Configurator/w/107693
Or should I wait for something new?

A:can't decide which is better...

The Z68 is the better system... with these recommended changes:

A - dump the water cooling.

B - dump the Overclock... do a bit of research, you do this yourself - takes seconds. And OC shouldn't be done on brand new hardware... after a month or so, then OC... give them some burn-in. You may find your PC so fast that why bother? OC is not for long-term hardware.

C - Get a single 7770 card rather than dual 7750s. Review on new 77x0 cards: http://www.anandtech.com/show/5541/amd-radeon-hd-7750-radeon-hd-7770-ghz-edition-review/11

The 7800 series isn't out yet for another month or so.

With that BUILD, dual 7750s are not much bang for your buck. For $3 less the ICQ-6870 is a faster single card - easily and will always be faster with better cooling.

D - Corsair Graphite 600T Gaming Case is a nicer case, I think... but its a lot bigger... Cases don't matter too much as long as they are in the same category of quality. I also like the Antec P280 case.. here are some heat & noise benchmarks.


E - I'd take Gigabyte motherboard over ASUS

F - PSU is overkill... $250? Get the Corsair 750TX or 850TX. More than enough power to handle any SINGLE video card setup with 4 hard drives.

F - I'd go with an intel 120GB 320 or 520 series drive (520 is SATA3) for reliability.

Ending price is $1858 with my config with the P280 case,Corsair 850TX PSU and i320-120GB.

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OK, so the new Pavilion  510-p050st has 16 Gigs of RAM, but the new ENVY 750-425qe (the more expensive machine) only has 12.    Why is this?   I was always under the impression that the ENVY is the more higher-end model of the two ... 

A:Trying to decide which one to buy ...

@Binky1, welcome to the forum. If you review the full specs for each computer: http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-Pavilion-510-p000-Desktop-PC-series/10734566/model/10957424/d... http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-ENVY-750-400-Desktop-PC-series/12079665/model/13385913/docume... you will see that the Pavilion has a 180W power supply unit (PSU) and the Envy has a 300W PSU.  Also, the video card in the Envy is more power.  Less memory in the Envy is the way that HP keeps the price down. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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I have been very hesitant about switching from XP Pro Vista Ultimate due to some funky problems people have been having. What is any advice or opinion anyone can give me? Should I do it? Will I eventually need to do it anyway? Thanks.

A:Please help me decide

chuck11976 said:

I have been very hesitant about switching from XP Pro Vista Ultimate due to some funky problems people have been having. What is any advice or opinion anyone can give me? Should I do it? Will I eventually need to do it anyway? Thanks.Click to expand...

Well you are not the only person who is hesitant to take the lead to Windows Vista! Firstly Vista is a resource hog and your PC needs to be fairly up to date or it will run very slowly. I suggest stacks of RAM as vista chews heaps of your system RAM just for it's basic functionality. Microsoft have advised that they will soon be discontinuing Windows XP so eventually everyone will be forced to upgrade. I wouldn't buy a copy of XP Pro although if I already had XP pro on my system i would leave it until I actually was forced to upgrade.

There is a school of thought that you shouldn't buy a new OS until they have released the second support pack (SP2) as by this time they should have ironed out all the bugs and given the manufacturers of peripherals and non OS software to update their drivers. XP pro can be upgraded to Vista if you already have a copy and want to save a few dollars although the upgrade is slightly more expensive than the OEM copy usually. OEM stuff must be supplied with a new PC, motherboard or hard-drive only however.

Hope this helps!



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Hi I'm trying to build a competent gaming rig, I have a 312mb 8800gts with 4gb of ram, but every game seems to complain about my CPUs core speed which is 2.0GHz.

I thought about buying a Dual Core Athlon 7750 Black Edition with a core speed of 2.7GHz and a bus speed of 1800MHz for $113nzd but there is also a Triple Core Phenom 8650 with a core speed of 2.3GHz but it has a bus speed of 3600MHz, all for $148nzd.

My question is which would be better for gaming? Other suggestions are welcomed as well.

Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.

A:Can't decide what CPU to buy

I'd go for the 2.7 Ghz as it is faster and cheaper than the 2.3 Ghz.

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Hey everyone... I recently started a thread asking some questions about the HD 4830... but right now after getting my paycheck... I just can't make up my mind... So here's the thing... I'm upgrading my motherboard to a Gigabyte P43... and also upgrading my CPU to Core 2 Duo E7500 (plan to OC it) and those are definite upgrades for me. My computer would have 4GB DDR2 and Vista 64-bit... but here's where the problem arises... the case for my comp is an iMicro ATX Mid-Tower Case... and so... with this comp... I plan to want to play games like Warhead and future releases at least at high/maximum settings... and the monitor I have is a 20" one, so which graphics card do you think is best in my scenario?

I'm thinking of getting the GTX 260:

Or the HD 4870 TOXIC 1GB:

or... I could just settle with the HD 4850... because it would save ALOT of money, but I'm scared of the heat produced and it's capability to play Warhead/future releases... :

EDIT: OR I could simply get the Geforce 9800 GTX+ located here:

So basically, what temperatures would the HD 4850 get to, and especially with that casual case because the one I can purchase doesn't have a dual-slot cooler like the TOXIC, and the GTX 260 fro... Read more

A:Can't decide on what to get

The HD 48xx cards have problems with heat only because the default fan speed is set very low. There is a tweak available here that allows you to set the fan speed to your desired level.

If your monitor has a native resolution of 1680x1050 or less, the HD 4850 is perfect for you.

And PhysX is a moot point IMO, since the game needs to support hardware-accelerated physics via PhysX, and there are only a handful of games out there that have such support.

As for CUDA, it is useful primarily for developers. Having a CUDA-supported GPU does not guarantee better gaming performance at all.

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I know you all probably get tired of this type of question, but I'm really in a quandary.

I'm customizing a new computer and I have it down to two from Dell (I realize they're not the most popular around here, but I've bought from them for years and have had nothing but good experiences.... plus, for a newbie, it's just easier).

I am NOT particularly what you'd call a "power" user -- mostly Internet, some graphics (web work), text editing, and game playing (no "Doom" or anything of the other big stuff... just shockwave/flash games and the like). But I don't want the computer to be obsolete in a couple of years.

The two systems I'm comparing are almost identical but they're about $200 difference in price. The money is NOT the top consideration, but neither do I want to spend money for nothing.

Here are the differences in the two:

Inspiron 546 -- $663
(Bigger chassis)

Processors AMD Athlon LE-1660 (2.8GHz, 800MHz, 512KB)
Memory 4GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz- 4 DIMMs
Video Cards Integrated ATI Radeon HD3200 Graphics


Inspiron 537s -- $803
(slimline chassis)
Processors Intel® Core 2 Duo E7400 (3MB L2, 2.8GHz, 1066FSB)
Memory 4GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz- 2 DIMMs
Video Cards ATI Radeon HD 4350 512MB

They both have:
Operating System... Microsoft Windows® XP Professional SP3
Keyboard .... Dell Consumer Entry USB Keyboard and Mouse
Hard Drives... 320GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) ... Read more

A:Please help me decide ..

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hi everybody!!

Im thinking of buying a digital camera, and since im not specially interested in cameras, i have no idea which one to choose (i only see which one has more megapixels xD)....

Im between these 3 cameras,, theyre all normal cameras,, im not a photographer and really not keen in photography so i want something that does the job

ok the 3 cams are these:

2- KODAK EASYSHARE C913 ===> 219 USD
3- BENQ C840 ===> 180 USD

i know that the prices are really high, the thing is im not from the us....
i want to know which is the best of these 3,, dont want any other sugestion cos it well make things more messy.........

i read the specifications carefully and the kodak beat the sony cibershot in all features,, i cannot guess why its more expensive (besides its clearly better in matter of design, something, i do not care very much)

so im looking forward for suggestions thnx in advantage for reading and answering

A:cant decide which cam is better!!

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Genuinely curious, not looking for an argument here, but how or who decides who gets help on this forum?

I've noticed there are many unanswered threads (including my own) while other have posts in mid to high double figures in the thread.

What gets one post answered & another ignored? Is it some are too hard (or maybe too easy) to bother with? Is it some are interesting while others offer no challenge?

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My friend needs an ISP. I have chosen the unmetered service of 5 popular UK ISPs - all of a similar price and I want to know which one is the best from people that have experience. Please feel free to post back with your comments too! *Thanks*.


A:Which UK ISP? You Decide!

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Okay, I have a "thing" against using pirated software, even if MS deserves it. So, my hard drive has three partitions: Windows 7 64 bit, Windows XP 32 bit, and the Windows 8 Preview. I am DEFINITELY upgrading to 8, so do I get rid of 7 or XP?

XP runs a few old games that I can't run on 7, but does nothing else that I need. 7 runs some old games that don't run well on the 8 Preview. I intend for 8 to be my primary operating system, so I would only be using one of the old OSes for old games.

Who has to go? XP or 7?

A:HELP ME DECIDE!!!! please?

"Deserves" how? Glad to see your conscience still prevails over your pocketbook . If the games on Win7 will also run on XP, that might make your choice for you, but revisiting getting those games running on Win7 or Win8 might be a good idea. I don't know what they are (DOS based, or 16 bit perhaps?), so I can't give any more guidance than that, but it is probably worth revisiting consolidating those.

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So, right now I have an Apple iMac, The 2006 model. I think it's time to upgrade, but I can't decide what to get. I really want to game, but I want the Mac OS operating system at the same time. I want a really nice gaming rig, but I want the style and sleekness of Mac computers. I know what you're going to say, "Get a Mac Pro," but those are $2000 and I can only spend about $1400-$1500, max. So, what do you think I should do? I want Mac OS X for it's sleek and compact computers, and it's video editing capabilities, but I want a really good gaming rig for Windows gaming. I can't afford a Mac Pro, so what should I do? Tell me if this is in the wrong forum. I couldn't find a forum for this. Thanks!

A:Can't decide what PC to get next

You can always keep the iMac & get a new PC for gaming.

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I can get either one of these comps for about the same price. I use my computer for all around use like watching tv,games,pictures and music.
Emachines t6522 or Gateway 832gm

A:Please help me decide?


Those are the links so people can see the specs of the machines you are looking at.

How much is your budget? Did you ever think of building your own computer? You could probably make a MUCH more reliable computer than an emachine or gateway by building one yourself. Neither of those companies have a very good reputation....

If you MUST choose between those two.....

Both have integrated graphics which will not be good enough for gaming. As that is one of your stated goals, you'll want to be sure the one you get has an expansion slot for your graphics. This gives you the option of upgrading your graphics card in the future once you get sick of integrated graphics (and you will if you are a gamer).

The emachines doesn't state whether or not it has a PCIex16 slot, but according to this link (http://www.hardwareanalysis.com/content/topic/46889/?o=0 a community of owners of that particular emachine) it does have a PCIex16 slot.

With that said, if I HAD to choose between those two computers, I wouldn't. Just kidding.... mostly.

I'd go for the (this is so hard to say.....) emachine.

[DonNagual kills himself]

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I made a mistake of buying a motherboard from EVGA two years ago or so, the first one stopped working after a month or two, the second one has started to give me problems, like my keyboard would stop responding and stuff, called EVGA up and the tech guys weren't really that helpful.
I've decided


to give up on the motherboard and buy a new one because i've HAD ENOUGH!

So I came across this mobo(MSI 870A-G54 AM3 AMD 870 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard) on newegg http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16813130275 and I remembered reading somewhere that am3 mobos are compatible with am2 processors? I have a AMD 6000 athlon x2 3.0. Will it support my processor? (do you guys have any better recommendations?)


Buy a new motherboard along with a new processor and a nice case - antec 902? maybe.

Once again the same motherboard, or if you guys suggest any other. And I was thinking of buying the AMD Phenom II X2 560 Black Edition Callisto 3.3GHz and unlock it for 4 cores, have never done it, but i'm pretty sure it won't be that hard. If I go with this option, I'll more then likely sell my 2gig of ddr2 corsair ram and buy 4 gigs of ddr3. Any other suggestions as for the processor or mobo?
Also if I unlock the cores will it be the same thing as a quad core?

My psu is OCZ stealth extreme 600 W. I'm trying not to spend too much here, so if I go with the second option will I need a new psu? amd 6000 (current) is 1... Read more

A:Help me decide!

Your worst nightmare just happened. An Intel guy logged into your thread.

That said, I shant tarry.

Buy a Gigabyte board. (period). Which particular one, you can figure out.

Despite a lower memory bit access spec, (256 bit GTX-460) vs (448 bit GTX-260), the GTX-460, (on paper at least) seems to outperform it.. (This is on a 1 GB GTX-460 card only). Plus it has way more "CUDA" cores, (336 vs 192), whatever that means. (I think it's important though).

The GTX-460 is current line and has GDDR-5 and DX-11. Something to think about.

Oh, before I forget an Antec "902" is actually a 900 "2". But it does seem to run all together when you try and say it, yes? Great case, BTW.

I gotta jet, my Prescott's starting to overheat.....

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Hi people, i recently installed Acronis back up software and i noticed that there is a "try and decide button" i just clicked it and apparently what ever i do for the duration of the session, I can delete it afterward, Sweet deal i say but can someone clarify this for me PLEASE.

Could this be my answer / Alternative to not having a sandbox in Vista 64 bit??

Can someone fill me in please, hello Whats going on??

A:Try And Decide.......

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