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Ram upgrade m91 mini tower

Q: Ram upgrade m91 mini tower

Can I use a single 8gb stick of ddr3 1600 in my m91p I purchased it for my son planning to add a small video card for a side light gaming machine. But it only has 4gb of ram installed. It has 4 ram slots, is there a limit per slot?

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Preferred Solution: Ram upgrade m91 mini tower

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi,I am looking into upgrading the gpu of this 745 that I currently don't have yet. I have my eye on an Asus NVIDIA GT 710, but was wondering if it will fit in terms of height. I read online someone expressing concerns about it needing two slots space, but that was never clarified or refute in the discussion. Would this one fit?If not, what other options do I have in a similar price range? I would prefer to go for a 2GB card, but will settle for 1GB if I have to. Thanks for your time.Regards

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I Have Dell optiplex 745 With 3.4 Ghz Pentium D Processor with 4MB cache Memory .... Recently I wanted To Upgrade my p.c to dual core 2.6Ghz  E5300.. when i put Dual core processor into my board and truned on p.c the all lights was green and fan was running too fast and mY lcd Does Not dsplay anything .... And also My bios version is 2.6.3 .. what is the main fault in it.... kindly anyone tell me.... what should i do ???

A:Dell Optiplex 745 Mini Tower Upgrade

Hi Asfand_Munib,
Before installing a new processor, please update the BIOS to latest version from Here.
Note : Please save and close all running programs and documents and disconnect all external peripherals (printer, flash drives, external hard drives, etc) and connect the computer to a surge protector before updating the bios.
If all the lights are green and you are not receiving any beep codes from the system then it means that the processor has been installed correctly. Please check if the keyboard lights (Capslock, Numlock, etc) respond when you press the corresponding keys. Please verify the connections on rear of the system and check if they are connected firmly. Also, check if you are able to hear any windows jingle sounds after some time when you power on the system. Please share the exact model of Optiplex 745 you are using as it comes in 4 form factors viz Ultra Small Form Factor (USFF), Desktop (DT), Small Form Factor (SFF), and Mini-Tower (MT). A picture is attached below.

Please reply with the information. Will take it further from there.

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Hello, my Optiplex 7040 just arrived this week.  I bought a Kingston 120mb SATA ssd in a 2280 stick, so I'm trying to see if I can use this for my main boot drive (Windows 10) and then move the 500gb 3.5 Sata drive over to a storage drive.When I install the 120mb 2280 stick into the M.2 slot, and load the bios...   *It shows up under General / System Information / PCI information / Slot5_M.2 & also under Device Information / SATA-4   *When I look under System Configuration / Drives, it also shows up under SATA-4 here as well.  However, it's showing up as a 0gb Drive under 'type'!
So when I boot from a USB drive to try and reinstall Windows on this M.2 stick, it's not showing up at all.
When I connect the M2 SATA drive and load Windows on the existing 3.5 SATA drive that came with the 7040, the M2 2280 stick shows up in 'device manager' under the hard drives.  The serial # there corresponds to a Toshiba-form hdd; unfortunately, I can't do anything with it in Windows 10.
SATA operation is set to AHCI, and I am booting into legacy with the USB.Any thoughts?  I'm wondering if maybe I have a dead memory stick.  There's no real way I can test it on another computer to see what happens.

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OptiPlex mini-tower 755, Intel Quad Core Q9550 2.83GHz, 8GB Ram at 800MHz, 305PSU.
What is the best HD Video Graphics card for this configuration without needing to upgrade any of the above?  I need one with a VGA connection. 

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Hi everyone! i want to gaming on this M73 Mini Tower. Can i install the NVDIA GTX 1060 6Gb into this PC ? i mean, does this mainboard support it ? of course i will change the PSU and the Case too.sorry for my bad english!

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Can you suggest me a PSU that compatible with my Dell pc? The default PSU has only 290W. I want a PSU that about 500-550W and compatible with Optiplex 3020 motherboard and fit the case.

A:PSU upgrade for Dell Optiplex 3020 Mini Tower

The PSU in the TOWER can be updated with an adapter.
Dell OptiPlex 3020 PSU Main Power 24-Pin to 8-Pin Adapter Cable (30cm)
Suitable for Dell OptiPlex 3020 / 7020 / 9020 / T1700

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I would like to upgrade the graphics card in my Optiplex 990, can anyone please let me know if there are any recommended PCI / PCI express cards that are known to be compatible with the slot power rating of the system board.
The PSU is not an issue as I upgraded the shipped 240W PSU for a Corsair HX650 with modular cabling so I have got enough juice for the card. Its the motherboard slot rating and any other factors that will impact on choice of upgrade card that I am not sure about. I tried to locate some documentation on the support section of the site but kept getting error messages (servers screwed up on weekend?)
If there is a technical document that gives the ratings for the PCI slots and what can be shoved into them I would be grateful for a link?

A:Optiplex 990 Mini Tower - Options To Upgrade Graphics With PCI Card?

You need to get a PCI Express x16 video card not a PCI.  If you have upgraded to a 650 watt corsair, then you should not have any limitations when you install a PCIe X16 video card.  It should configure to provide 75 watts and additional watts can be provided through the PCIe power cables on the power supply.  

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I have a Dell Vostro 230 Mini Tower, and it currently has the Intel Pentium E6500 processor. I would like to upgrade to something better, because my current processor does not meet the minimum requirements of some games I would like to play. I was wondering which processors I could upgrade to? I know that the new processor has to fit the socket on the motherboard, but I don't know how to find out what socket my current motherboard has, or even what motherboard it is.
I would also like to know, if I don't upgrade the processor, but instead get a new motherboard, can I get any motherboard, and plug it in, and will it come with a new processor, or will it have to fit my current processor? Does upgrading the motherboard make much difference to the CPU speeds if I don't actually upgrade the processor?
I am running Windows & SP3, DirectX 11, with 4GB RAM, and i also have an ATI Radeon 5670 HD Graphics Card, and a 300W power supply. 
Would I need to get a new power supply if I upgraded the motherboard or processor? 

A:Upgrade processor or motherboard on Dell Vostro 230 Mini Tower

I have mentioned list of processors which are also compatible with Vostro 230 mini tower.


Code Name


Clock Speed

Front Side Bus



12 MB

3.00 GHz

1333 MHz



12 MB

2.83 GHz

1333 MHz



4 MB

2.66 GHz

1333 MHz



4 MB

2.50 GHz

1333 MHz



6 MB

3.33 GHz

1333 MHz



6 MB

3.16 GHz

1333 MHz



6 MB

3.00 GHz

1333 MHz



3 MB

3.06 GHz

1066 MHz



3 MB

2.93 GHz

1066 MHz



2 MB

2.80 GHz

1066 MHz



2 MB

2.70 GHz

800 MHz



2 MB

2.60 GHz

800 MHz



512 KB

2.20 GHz

800 MHz

Vostro 230/230s has been tested with Intel G41 chipset (Motherboard) with ICH07 only. Motherboard and processor are two different components. I would suggest you to upgrade the processor. Please reply for further assistance. Thanks & Regards Manshu S #iworkfordell

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Will any ATX Power Supply fit in the 990 MiniTower?
The system comes with 265 watts but I'd like to install a more powerful supply so I can upgrade the video card to whatever I want.
On NewEgg, the sizes of the various power supplies seem to be slightly different dimensions than the Dell Optiplex 990 supply. 
Plus, Dell doesn't leave any margin for error in replacing with the exact same dimensions as the original equipment. They have all this aluminum and such preventing even a few millimeters difference in size with the replacement.
I prefer a Corsair Gold 80 Plus.

A:Power Supply Upgrade options for Optiplex 990 Mini Tower?

Only The TOWER Version can use a new power supply.
Dell™ OptiPlex™ 990 Desktop Service Manual

I picked up an ANTEC HIGH CURRENT GAMER HCG-620 SUPPLY 620W at Microcenter for $78
General SpecificationsForm Factor     ATXColor     BlackATX Compliance     ATX 12V v2.3; EPS 12V v2.91Wattage     620 WattsCooling Fans     135mm Double Ball Bearing FanSafety Standards     cUL, TUV, CE, CB, FCC, C-TICK, CCC, BSMI, Gost-RPFC     ActiveEfficiency Certification     80 PLUS Bronze CertifiedEfficiency     Up to 88%Input Voltage     AC 100V/240VInput Frequency Range     50Hz/60HzInput Current     9.0A @ 115VAC / 4.5A @ 230VACLoad Range     [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]+12V Rails     1Combined +12V Rating     576 WattsProtection     Over current protection (OCP), Over voltage protection (OVP), Short circuit protection (SCP), Over power protection (OPP)Physical SpecificationsDimensions (WxDxH)     5.9" x 6.3" x 3.4" (150mm x 160mm x 86mm)

 6,837 seller ratings
No tax + Free shipping

 29,332 seller ratings
No tax + Shipping: $2.99

 2,706 seller&nb... Read more

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I have a Dell optiplex 9020 mini tower and i would like to put a graphics card in it. As i currently understand it i would need to upgrade the power supple to power a new card. I am currently looking a the Corsair CX500 with a Dell OptiPlex 9020 PSU Main Power 24-Pin to 8-Pin Adapter to allow it to interface with the mother board. The mother board has a free PCI socket. Are there any restrictions to the graphics cards i could put in? 

A:Graphics card upgrade for dell optiplex 9020 mini tower

HI FeWatts
Thanks for writing to us.
The machines are tested with only one type of power supply at Dell i.e. 290W, with regards to graphics card
AMD, Radeon R5 240, 1GB
NVIDIA, GeForce GTX 645, 1GB
AMD, Radeon R7 250, 2GB
NVIDIA, GeForce GTX 745, 4GB
AMD, Radeon HD8490, 1GB
are compatible.
We see few of our customers who tried to upgrade parts that are not tested by Dell for few it worked but for few it was little to no luck.
Do provide us the system tag# and also confirm the name the system is registered under by
clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message. Also let us know the contact
number and email address.

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Got a store-bought Gateway SX-2800 model which is a mini-tower. Upgrading the video card, and as a result I am also upgrading the power supply.

Being a mini-tower, will it definitely need a specialized power supply, or will a standard PSU work?

If it needs a specialized PSU where do you suggest getting them and how - would I take the dimensions of my PSU and then talk to a manufacturer? Or would buying a new case along with a standard PSU be cheaper?

A:Mini-tower Power

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This may seem like a silly question but i will ask anyway. Are the motherboards in a thinkcentre m83 mini tower the same as the thinkcentre m83 sff? And if that is the case can the motherboard be removed from the sff case to a bigger tower case and have a bigger PSU

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I purchased a GeForce GTX550 IT graphics card a while back only to realize it wouldn't fit into my computer's case (it's a mini ). I was wundering if perhaps theres a way to hook this up externally? I believe it would need a seperate power supply, if it doesn't could you possibly give me the link to a moderatelly priced one that fits my case.
System specs:
Windows 7 Home premium 64-bit
AMD Athlon II X2 220 dual core processor
Nvidia GeForce 6150SE
DVD-Super Multi Drive
4GB DDR3 mem.

A:GTX550 TI in mini tower help!

No. Video cards connect directly to the motherboard. There aren't any external options, much less a way of using an internal card externally.

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Had a KDM-MTFX9320 320W TFX. Ordered a KDM 320W FLEX MFX 9320C. Will this work?

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There are usually 3 HDD in this case, but in this image, when I installed the GTX 260, I had to remove one. Don't use it anymore though, it was Vista. It's now in an external HDD case for backing up two other PCs in the home...

A:Mini-Tower Close-up

That wire mass can't be good for air flow. You might want to clean it up a little.

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I own a Optiplex 760 Mini Tower. 
I found out that I have a 0G214D Motherboard. Unfortunately I still can not find out if this means I can upgrade to a Quad core. Can you please tell me if this is the case and which CPU is the most powerful Quadcore I can use? And if not wich of the Dual cores I should use. BTW, i use an Nvidia  GTX750ti using 60W.
Thank you and all the best

A:Optiplex 760 Mini Tower Quadcore

Q9650 is max.  Bios update should be done BEFORE trying to change cpu.

 750 TI only fits in the TOWER and Only After Cutting the Bracket off and ONLY with Short cards with 1 fan aka 8.4 inches max.

There are no single slot cards.   If one was put in they hacked the bracket in half or removed bracket altogether.  If you remove the bracket on EVGA models you can use tin snips to CUT OFF half the bracket.  The cooling vents are blocked so you might also have to drill holes in the case to let air out.  Long Cards with 2 fans DO NOT FIT and WILL NOT EVER FIT into the Tower or any other size.

Only Short cards with Short fans Fit.

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I am a little confussed regarding the M.2 slot on the M900 Mini. The webpage and manual don't really help to clear anything up - they seem to imply that an adapter is required to turn it into a full PCIe slot but doesn't mention anything else.
I rang tech support and they confirmed I could fit an M.2 SSD without any kind of adapter. I, unfortunately, did not do any further research and went out and bought a Samsung 960 evo.
I go to plug it in and the slot is completely different. I have google and there appear to be 3 different slots, B, M and B&M. None of these match what is on the motherboard.
What is the slot on the motherboard? Presumably it needs an adapter to connect anything, whether this is full PCIe or M.2 connector? I can't find anything on Lenovos site to purchase any type of adapter. Can anyone help?
It is a M900 Mini-tower 10FD.
Mod:  clarified the form factor, 10FD is a mini-tower

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I've been having a problem with my dell optiplex that I need some help on. 
I know this sounds dumb but I watched a video where someone swaped out their dell psu for a corsair cx430. I have the exact same power supply, but here's the problem.
I bought 3 mini tower motherboards to test the power supply out and the first one it completely burned it out.
and now I'm working on the second one. I'm trying to use my inno 3d Nvidia GTX 950
Picture here: 

here are my specs: 

heres the power supply: 

and this is the power button when the 430 is hooked up: 
please help.

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Can a HP dc7900 convertible mini tower run windows 8 32-bit?

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Hi, appreciate the help.
Had desktop (yes, I know old, it works).  Power supply decides to quit.  Replace it with same part (same voltage, etc), connect everything.  Boot up and all acts like it's fine.  Then, Blue Screen - says Hardware Fault.  Memory Parity Error.

Restart, and now no video.  Led lights 2 and 4 are solid green.  Nothing goes to monitor. Resat the memory, only have the onboard video, but nothing displays.  No beeping, buzzes, just no display.

Appreciate the help.

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Hi, I'm using an 755 SFF now and the system is operating wll. However the adding of a better grafic card is problematic cause of the limited space.

Now I'm thinking of finden a (evt. defect Mini Tower model) and put the motherboard, HDrive of the 755 SFF into the larger Mini Tower case and buy a better grafics card.

Are the components compatible?

A:Motherboard etc. 755 SFF compatible with the Mini Tower?

Yes everything would work well however from what I know your motherboard is smaller it will go in to the chassis though none of the expansion slots will align with the chassis slots as your motherboard as smaller than the chassis. I suggest you pick up a 755 MT motherboard for full compatibility and by the way these are like $50 or maybe less and you could just put all your current hardware on it (cpu, ram ,hard drive cable, etc) with no capability issues.

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I might be building a new computer soon, I am wondering if these parts will go well together:

Motherboard: BIOSTAR H61ML LGA 1155 Intel H61 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
tower:LIAN LI PC-A05NB Black Aluminum ATX Mini Tower Computer Case
Video card: EVGA SuperClocked 01G-P3-1452-RX GeForce GTS 450 (Fermi) 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card
Memory: CORSAIR 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 Desktop Memory Model CMV8GX3M2A1333C9
monitor: Hanns-G HW-173ABB Black 17" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor 250 cd/m2 600:1 @ 1440x900
Power Supply: Hanns-G HW-173ABB Black 17" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor 250 cd/m2 600:1
Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 Sandy Bridge 2.8GHz (3.1GHz Turbo Boost) 4 x 256KB L2 Cache 6MB L3 Cache LGA 1155 95W Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX80623I52300

If any part in here is not compatible please tell me and point me in the direction of a compatible part if you can. I do need the tower everything else can be changed.

Thank you very much and have a nice day!

A:Building a computer witth a mini-ATX tower

Typo: you listed the monitor twice, once under PSU, Otherwise those parts look fine however even though it is a minitower due to the front mounted power supply that case will support a full ATX motherboard. I would personally recommend a Full ATX motherboard since they offer much more expansion. This is a good option and only costs slightly more, Although If you go with something like this you will get SATA 6gbps, USB 3.0, more memory slots, and a faster chipset.

Also Biostar motherboards are ok but far from the best try to look for boards from Gigabyte, ASUS, or MSI.

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Currently, I'm using a Gateway PC (Mini tower) with the built in Intel GMA 4500 HD Graphics. I'm looking to find a decent Mini tower PCI Express Graphics card that can run games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 at a low-decent resolution at a high FPS - preferrably 80-90 or more if possible. My price range is basically anything under / around $70.

I found a Radeon HD 5450 1 GB supposedly low profile graphics card on Amazon, any opinions on that quality of that?


I'd just like some suggestions, please. Thanks.

A:Solved: Mini tower graphics Support

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Purhased an AXC-704G-UW61 mini tower Desktop on Wednesday Sept 14, 2016, whereas the SNID/Serial Number sticker was to be was not there and Information found on dicscarded box needed to register, Acer has refused to send a replacement sticker so I now have to keep box. Any options to avoid boycotting ACER?

A:AXC-704G-UW61 mini tower Desktop

SNID is available on BIOS too, press Del at boot and check on mainscreen.

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I have a Intel core2 duo E8400 3.00 GHz and 4 sticks of 2 GB ram sticks = 8 GB
Please tell me what i can upgrade to max for best performance i dont know that much.

A:Max processor and ram for the Mini-tower optiplex 755 (BIOS A17)

You are maxed out at 8GB.

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First, apologies if I'm posting in the wrong section. I bought a 7010 MT, tried installing my HDD with fail. The computer shipped with 1B31D2600-600-G.
Would anyone know where to get a guaranteed fit caddy? I've been looking at this one

Thank you for your help and time. :)

A:Optiplex 7010 MINI TOWER Caddy.


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i have searched the forum but have not been able to find anything that says it is ok to use a regular atx power supply in an optiplex 960 mini tower.  I have an 620 mini tower and it uses a regular atx but no info on the 960.  Anyone know if it is ok , or have to use dell only power supply

A:atx power supply with optiplex 960 mini tower

Optiplex 960 MT power supply upgrades

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I'm wanting to get myself the Q6600, and I own the Optiplex 760 Mini Tower. My motherboard is 0M858N.
I've had problems finding answers for this, some say it can, some say it cannot.
Does anyone have an idea?

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I have an Optiplex 790 Mini-Tower with an i5-2400 and integrated Intel HD 2000 video.
The case has both a VGA and Display Port connector, I am presently using the VGA port. I am investigating going for a Dual Monitor setup and am confused whether I can do so without having to purchase a discrete video card. I am reading conflicting reports that some say yes and others no. Can some kind soul please confirm one way or the other ?
I do not use the PC for gaming, it is work only with the occasional video and web browsing. Mainly I need dual monitor for multiple file editing, scripting, database programming etc.
Many thanks, Fin.

A:Optiplex 790 Mini-Tower Dual Monitor ?

Hi Fin,
OptiPlex 790's onboard video solution supports both VGA and DisplayPort at the same time. You can connect two monitors to the computer without adding a discrete card.
Please let me know if you need further information.

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The case will not open by pulling the handle.  I need to get in to do initial setup to install wifi network card.

A:Omniplex Mini Tower 3010 will not open...

Here is the Dell manual and instructions on removing the cover.  Perhaps this will help.
downloads.dell.com/.../optiplex-3010_owner's manual2_en-us.pdf

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I have the HP Compaq DC7700 Convertible Mini-Tower(CMT) with Windows 7 SP1 on C partition, and WinXP Pro 64 bit on D partition. I have bios Version Hewlett-Packard 786E1 v01.16, 8/17/2011 Is there a later version of the bios for my machine?  Here are the msinfo32 information if it helps=========================================OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home PremiumVersion 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601Other OS Description Not AvailableOS Manufacturer Microsoft CorporationSystem Name HOMESystem Manufacturer Hewlett-PackardSystem Model HP Compaq dc7700 Convertible MinitowerSystem Type x64-based PCProcessor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz, 1867 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)BIOS Version/Date Hewlett-Packard 786E1 v01.16, 8/17/2011SMBIOS Version 2.4Windows Directory C:\WindowsSystem Directory C:\Windows\system32Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume2Locale United StatesHardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7601.17514"User Name home\BillTime Zone Central Daylight TimeInstalled Physical Memory (RAM) 4.00 GBTotal Physical Memory 3.94 GBAvailable Physical Memory 2.77 GBTotal Virtual Memory 7.87 GBAvailable Virtual Memory 6.25 GBPage File Space 3.94 GB=========================================

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Hi,I am new to Dell community.I bought a new Optiplex 7040 Mini Tower. I need a high end gpu for my3d rendering. Currently I have an AMD Radeon R5 340x (OEM) installedin it. I am planning to install NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 TI.Is this product compatible with my system?Thank You.Raghu1015

A:GTX 1050 Ti with Optiplex 7040 Mini Tower

7040 MT requires Adapter cable and EPS12v power supply.  MODDIY CAB359  cable or equivalent.
This is not however supported by Dell.
Someone has already tried this and it works.
EVGA Super nova 700B1 or 750B1 works fine.


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Hi All.
I have aquired a Vostro 230 7500,installed windows 10 64bit. 4gb crucial Ballistick ram,runs great.My issue is the ethernet says 100mbps when i have a Broadcom gigabyte with latest driver isnt it showing 1gbps.my router is wrt linksys 1900acs V2 with custom dd-wrt firmware(Kong) which is more then capable,wired house with all cat6 cable

A:Vostro 230 mini tower ethernet 100mbps not gbps help

Maybe because your ISP doesn't support 1 gbps and/or you aren't paying your ISP for 1 gbps service, etc....

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Brand: Gateway
Type: Desktop
Model: LP MINI TOWER TB3 Essential 500

Problem: Won't turn on
Manufacture Date: 12/02/99

A:Gateway LP MINI TOWER TB3 Essential 500 Desktop won't turn on.

This computer is 16 years old and came with Windows 98. It isn't worth spending time worrying about it; it is just too old and slow.
Processor: Intel Pentium III, 497 MHz
It probably has at most 256MB of RAM.

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so i really want this amd 7570 but idk if it will work in my system its a 305 watt psu with a q6600 and windows 10 64 bit. pls resopnd

A:will a amd 7570 work on my dell optiplex 745 mini tower

Yeah it should work fine.
AMD Radeon HD 7570:
www.ebay.com/.../112633330118 ($20)

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Hi, I am doubting wether my Optiplex 755 is a Mini Tower or SFF model.

I found the following tagd:

Service Tag: 
<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>
Express Service Code: 
<ADMIN NOTE: Express service code removed per privacy policy>

I cannot find the explanation on the website.

Does anybody know where I can find the info?

A:Finding out Model 755 Optiplex service tag Mini Tower or what?

Match the appearance of the case with the photo in the pdf below (from L to R, mini tower, desktop, SFF, and ultra SFF.

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Hello, I bought a new Dell power supply a few weeks ago after I got the blinking amber light of doom   I had managed to replace the power supply a few years ago, however in my haste to remove the old supply I forgot to take pictures of where all the cables go and now I am completely lost. I have tried plugging it up but I keep getting a message of "drive one not found Serial ATA and SATA1.  It's got a lot of cords that I don't remember on the old power supply labeled from P1 through P9. If anyone could give me a simple explanation of how to plug these cords up I would really appreciate it because I don't want to have to buy a new computer. Thank you very much

A:How do I install a power supply on an OptiPlex 755 mini tower?

Hello!  If you click here you will get the manual.  I believe its page 127 that talks about the PSU and the cables and where everything goes.  

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 Hello guys I own the think centre m91p mini tower. Now I want to buy the "Gigabyte gtx 1060 3gb mini" and before you ask. Neither the psu and size won't be an issue since I replaced the PSU to a 380 watt unit and card size I mentioned is already a mini version. The only thing that's bothering me is will the bios support this card !? I shall be very thankful to every one who helps me with this. For more idea I'll attach an image of my pc interior. And take a note of my current setup. Quadro FX 3800 1GB (108 Watt Single slot card) + 6 pinI5 2400

20171008_201557.jpg ?4834 KB

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I need help updating the BIOS on my HP dc7800 CMT. I keep getting this error: The system BIOS updte file (C:\Users\f\Downloads\ROM.CAB) is missing or corrupt. The system BIOS will not be updated. I tried to update using the sp53611.exe (8.0 MB) 1.32 Rev. A(6 Dec 2011) HP Compaq Business Desktop System BIOS (786F1 BIOS) Which can be found here. http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=3459243&swItemId=vc_97114_1&swEnvOid=4059 The current version of my BIOS is: 786F1 v01.04 7/18/2007 I am running Windows 7 64-bit  Ultiate. I noticed on the page for the software (linked to above), it mentions most flavors of Windows 7 64 bit, but it DOESN'T mention Win 7 ULTIMATE 64-pit. Here is what I did: 1) Restarted computer in safe mode2) Logged in as administrator3) Started task manager to make sure all apps and most services were stopped3A ) as an extra precaustion, I even stopped Windows Defeneder4) Double clicked sp53611.exe and let it install software.5) This opened a web page. I clicked on the link that was under the Update Bio from a windows environment.6) The process started, but then I got the error above. Any ideas on what to do next? Is it possible that the BIOS CAN'T be updated because the software doesn't support windows 7 64-bit ULTIMATE??? Thank you in advance. I have a new graphics card coming today (Radeon HD 6570 - which was recommended by Mr. Paul Tikkanen, Thank You), and I guess that I... Read more

A:Need Help Updating Bios dc7800 Compact Mini Tower : ROM.CAB ...

Hi: There should be no need to update the BIOS if everything is working correctly. If you want to update the BIOS you should use the built in Flash System ROM menu in the BIOS. That is the safest and easiest way to flash the BIOS. All you need is a USB flash drive formatted with the FAT 32 file system. Download the latest BIOS update and run it. You should get an instruction page.  On that page, you want to select the F10 flash system rom option and you should see a view contents of DOS flash folder. Copy all of the files in that folder to your usb flash drive. Plug the flash drive in the usb port, reboot the PC and at the beginning of the HP welcome screen, tap the F10 key to access the BIOS. There will be a menu to Flash System ROM. Select that and it should see the BIOS update files on the usb flash drive.  Then follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with updating the BIOS.

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I have 3 virtually identical Dell GX280 small mini tower systems. They all seem to have the problem where upon startup, the fan spins at high speed and sounds like a jet engine and nothing else works and that means the machine does not even boot or run  POST, let alone starting up windows.
There is no question whatever that this problem greatly depends upon whether or not there is humidity.
If I put a hair dryer on the motherboard for about 5 seconds, the problem goes away.
There must be a humidity sensor somewhere that I can bypass. Where is it and how do I bypass it?

A:GX280 Small Mini Tower Startup Problems

The issue is BAD Capacitors.  This cannot be fixed economically.
GX620 Towers are the replacement. They work with MSDOS all the way thru Windows 10 1703 just fine.

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The Dell Optiplex 790 has a AMD Radeon 5450 graphic card, but does not have a Display Port and is able to support two monitors.
The user wants to view some building drawings which are large so needs a third 40 inch monitor. He has to shrink the drawings on his current 22 inch monitor.
1. What graphic card can support a 43 inch monitor like 43" Dell Multi-Client Monitor | P4317Q
Any other suggestions would be helpful.

A:Graphic card for 3 monitors for Optiplex 790 mini tower

Best suggestion is to buy a new computer. The 790 is from the Vista-/Win 7 era and comes with a small power supply and a tiny case that is hard if not impossible to upgrade.  

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Hi Team,
I received a quote from Dell that: Optiplex 7050 Mini Tower goes with Dual AMD Radeon R5 430, 2GB

As i know AMD Radeon R5 430 using PCIe 3.0 connector but Optiplex 7050 MT only has 1 PCIe x 1

So how can 7050 can connect with the 2 cards ?

Thank you

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I intend to purchase optiplex 7040 MT for gaming purpose. So I would like to know:
1. Does the motherboard have standard CPU and motherboard power connectors or proprietary ones?
2.  Is it possible to replace the stock PSU with a cooler master extreme power plus 600W? If no, then what size /kind of PSU will fit there?
3. Is it possible to fit a gtx 1080 in there?

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Hi everyone, I'm new on this forum. I bought 2 years ago a dell optiplex 3010 mini tower, suddenly it stopped working, I have no screen, no video or any kind of sound, the only thing it does is to light up the number 3 & 4 lights on the front panel. What can I do ?


A:Optiplex 3010 mini tower diagnostic lights 3 & 4

Hi ,
Thank you for writing to us ! 
To understand the cause of this issue I would ask you to try these steps and advise the result ,
*Disconnect the system from wall socket ,then press and hold the power button for about 15 - 20 secs .Then connect the system to wall socket and try to turn on the system .Here we are trying to release static charge from the system .
*Then disconnect all the peripheral components from the system and try to turn on the system .
*If the above step fails then remove all the memory modules from the system and try to turn on the system with only 1 memory module at a time .
If there are any more queries do reply to this post with system service tag sent via private message .
Hoping to hear from you soon .
Kind Regards,

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Hi out there to Vistax64. I am a recent XP to Vista user. I have a Vostro 200 mini tower (specs below) that has been running XP pro for the last few years - couldn't stand the GUI anymore lol - so I installed Vista HP and am very happy with the new interface and features. After tweaking some, the desktop appears from cold start in 30 seconds or so and almost everthing runs as snappy as it did before with XP. But the task manager is showing an average use in physical memory of 1.17 gigs, CPU usage is higher, and some, not all, internet pages scroll slowly e.g. Yahoo news pages, Hearts of Space etc. where as they were fine before. Everthing else on the internet, including this site, works well - though a few installs like Starry Night Enthusiast and a John Deere farm game are slower.

My question is this: Would installing a seperate video card give me better all-around performance or would another gig of ram do the trick? And what brand/type of video card do you folks recommend?

Intel Core2 Duo E4500 @ 2.3ghz
2 Gig of Kingston RAM
Intell G33 Express Chipset (on motherboard)
80 Gig WD SATA Hard Drive
Seasonic 350w PSU

Thanks for the opportunity to have my questions answered and I'm looking forward to cruising the site here!

A:Video Card For Dell Vostro 200 Mini Tower

Windows will allot 50% of your ram by default, for when you need them programs. Remember, rams fastr than hard drive, and why have all that ram and not use it.

For your power supply, a nvidia 430/440 or an ati/amd 6450, maybe get away with a 6550... Seasonics are quality.

The slowdown is probably because Vista is a bit more of a beast than xp, and graphics can be a bit more hefty.

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