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What cards are compatible with 8800 Ultra (SLI)?

Q: What cards are compatible with 8800 Ultra (SLI)?

Am I right in presuming that a 7800GTX 256mb card could not be SLI'd to an 8800 Ultra?

Are only other 8 series cards compatible with an 8800? Are there other restrictions that apply?

Thanks guys!

Preferred Solution: What cards are compatible with 8800 Ultra (SLI)?

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A: What cards are compatible with 8800 Ultra (SLI)?

SLI requires that both the cards have the same GPU. Clock speeds, memory sizes and third-party manufacturers may differ, but the GPU must be the same. So an 8800 Ultra can only be paired with another 8800 Ultra and a 7800GTX with another 7800GTX.
As for restrictions, they're more like requirements. You'd need to have a mobo supporting SLI obviously, in addition to a PSU able to supply enough juice for the two cards. Also, you might need extra cooling as well, especially if they're hot-running cards like the 8800 series. That's about it really.

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Ok so basically I'm looking to sli my card. xfx 8800 ultra xxx. I cant find this thing anywhere to buy.

Its factory overclocked 685/2300. Seriously its driving me crazy. I've checked through xfx, none of the listed retailers have it. I saw it on ebay months ago but wasn't thinking about it then.

Does anyone know where I can possibly find this card so I can sli my system(For you smarties I know I'll have to change my mobo) so that I wont have to go ahead and buy 2xgtx280's.

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Has anyone set up 3 gpu's, I have posted in games as well because I can't remember if it's a software or hardware issue ?,

I'm launching games and getting a green vertical bar with x3 sli on the left side of the screen. This happend about a year ago when I played Crysis in 2x sli, but can't remember what I did to rectify this , any ideas ?.

Thanks Adrian.

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I recently bought a 8800 ultra gfx card and when i fit it and boot up my computer, a loud constant beep/screech noise goes off and doesn't stop unless i turn off the computer, the computer doesn't load up either, screen just stays black and this noise continues.

A:Problem with 8800 ultra

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Hi Guys,

Got a hard question to ask haha. Ive been having problem with my computer restarting but lately my graphics have been falling appart as well. When i started my computer this morning I saw rows and rows of dots down the screen and when I get into windows its running in somewhat of a safe mode (virtually no GPU). Ive tried updating the driver, flashed the bios on the GPU and changed the PCI-E slots for it... nothing seems to help. My guess is that I had an overheating problem that got worse and worse till it finally cooked itself. I think the writing is on the walls but i just need to hear it from you guys. Is my GPU now an expensive paper weight? Or, is there something else I can try to fix it :S

A quick answer would be good, im moving to a different city tomorrow and need this sorted out.

PS. Ive been using an old GPU card and my computer works fine.

A:8800 Ultra SuperClocked

What you are describing is artifacting. It means either the card's memory is failing OR you have it overclocked.

If you have not OCed the card, just rma it back to the mfg. Many video card mfgs have a lifetime warranty; others are 3yrs.

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I was looking at


and it looks like it has 2 male connecters for a bridge, is there supposed to be 2 bridges?

A:8800 Ultra, 2 SLI bridges?

I'm guessing its for the new NVIDIA triple SLI feature. But you will need a mother board that supports triple SLI, and not to mention their SLI in Vista sucks, so I can't see triple SLI being any better, in fact I think it would be worse.

But you can still use it as a single GPU or two SLI, you don't need 3 to be able to use it.

Edited by Moderator: Removed quote. There`s no need to quote the post directly above your own, unless you`re only replying to a specific section, in which case you would only quote that section.

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Hi there, I'm new here and I currently having a problem with my new 8800 ultra. I put everything correctly to get work, the video card works fine, nice graphic but after the pc running 1-2 hours (sometimes even only half hour), it automatically shuts down and resets.

I'm thinking about the video card or something else was overheated and I also looked for cooling device for 8800ultra but i couldnt find one compatible with 8800ultra.

My pc is running with: Asus P5QC chipset Intel P45, Intel E8400 3.0 GHz Wolfdale, 2xDDR2 4GB, 1TB+250GB HDD, XFX nVidia GeForce 8800 Ultra, PSU 1000w, Window Vista Ultimate SP1

Was my video card got overheated or something else wrong? Any advice for this please cause it really bugs me everytime I use my pc?

Thank you

A:XFX 8800 Ultra problem

this is what your computer's airflow should look like , hot air in from the front and hot air out of both the PSU and the rear Fan, this could be a cause as to why it may be overheating and perform regular maintenance on the computer, I.E. give it a clean once in a while....

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Hi guys, hope you can help!

I've recently installed a new graphics card - BFG nVidia GeForce 8800 Ultra (768mb). This single card replaces my previous SLI setup of two 7800GTX 256mb cards.

When I'm in the Multiplayer screen for Call of Duty or Call of Duty: United Offensive (where you change options and select a server to join a game) and also in-game, the mouse moves in a slightly jerky motion around the screen rather than moving smoothly. It seems to do this stutter every 2 or 3 seconds.

CoD2 is fine as is ArmA.

System spec:
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 Dual Core
M/Board: ABIT AN8 32X
RAM: 2 x 1GB Corsair PC3500LLPro
Sound: Creative Soundblaster Audigy 4
H/Disks: 2 x 250GB Samsung Spinpoint SP2504C
PSU: Tagan EasyCon TG580-U15 - 580watts
OS: Windows XP Pro

I'm using the latest official nVidia drivers:
158.22 released 17 May 2007 and I've also tried 162.18 (beta) released 5 July 2007

I've tweaked with (reduced) various graphics settings and, via Task Manager, I've changed the Affinity to one CPU and I've increased the Priority - all to no affect.

However, on looking at the CPU usage when CoD:UO is running (in the background) the percentage is constantly changing back and forth from around 29-31% to around 50% and back again. This seems a bit odd to me as the game is just idling at the options screen. This pattern continues whether there is 1 or 2 CPUs being used.

I'm at a loss as to what could be the iss... Read more

A:Mouse stutter in CoD:UO with new 8800 Ultra

You might have a trojan or some spyware that is doing this. It is fairly common to have one or two of these. Do a full system scan with Ad-Aware and Spyware Doctor (download them from http://www.download.com) and then see if that resolves your problem. If it doesn't help, then go to this thread and follow the instructions precisely. Hopefully, Howard will be able to help you ASAP. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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Does anyone know whether there have been any comparitive test results between the two? I understand the 8800GT is a slower card but by how much?

The reason for the curiosity is because I'm near done with a PC build. I'm essentially looking to work my way up versus going BIG from the start but it seems to make more sense to go with one 8800GT for starters and add another down the road if needed versus start with one 8800 Ultra and add another down the road given it's rediculous price. Could ultra prices cheapen down the road, likely.

I would like a stutter free 1920x1200 at full AA and AF via DX10. Do you think twin 8800GT's would cover this?

They will be plugged into a EVGA 680i SLI, running a E6850 at 2gb of Corsair Extreme memory.


A:Nvidia 8800GT vs 8800 Ultra....

I would go with the 8800 Ultra. If you do this, you won't need to run two in SLI mode. Trust me. I'm running a single 8800 GTX and there is really no reason for me to run two in SLI mode.

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Been reading around, trying to compare cards. Its about that time for me...I think.

I think I want to get a 200 series card, the clock rates are insane on those things, but only can really afford one of the higher end ones.

I could sli gx2's at the current price, or just sli my current 8800 ultra.

Wondering if I'll see a significant different in games like Crysis, Cod4 and some of the newer games coming out later this year, oppose to what I currently have.

Anyone have any ideas, as far as upgrading? Will Nvidia come out with a new card later this year and make my upgrade pointless? All comments are appreciated.

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Hey folks,

I've got a serious problem here with either my GeForce 8800 Ultra driver or the GeForce 8800 Ultra hardware itself. And to make matters worse... I cannot figure out which one is the problem, if either.

I am running Windows Vista 64-Bit Ultimate version, quad core Intel processor, GeForce 8800 Ultra video card, 4 gigs of ram, an nForce motherboard, and 300 gig hard drive. If you need any more information about my system please let me know.

This started happening about a week ago while my brother was playing World of WarCraft and the game crashed while he was playing. The screen kept flashing to a completely black screen, almost as if the application was being alt+tabbed, but it was not. When the screen would flash back to the game, the graphics would be skewed, vectored, stretched, spasmed, torn, distorted, noise all over the graphics, etc. Basically everything that you could imagine that could go wrong with the graphics... that's what it looked like.

So the screen kept flashing back and forth until a blue screen of death popped up and the computer restarted itself.

I tried downloading and installing numerous drivers, playing with the settings in the nVidia Control Panel, running a virus scanner, unplugging the computer and blowing dust out of it (including the video card), making sure the video card was snuggly inserted into the motherboard, etc. etc. etc.

Nothing has worked.

And the problem is not isolated to World of WarCraft. I experience the sa... Read more

A:GeForce 8800 Ultra, Vista 64 Problem

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I am cosidering overclocking my 2 geforce 8800 ultra's from 768mb to at least 1024mb

And i also would like to overclock my quad core 2.5 to about 2.9 - 3.0
but befroe i do, i would like to know if any has made this possible before.

Don't want to start O/Cing and something goes wrong, bearing in mind this will be my first time O/Cing.

Any help on this matter would be great.

Main purpose is to have all the settings on GTA4 on highest possible and still have memory left over to play without probs.

much apreciated.

Specs are as follows:

Vista Ultimate x64 Build 6001 with SP1
Intel Core2Quad Q9300 2.5GHz
8GB Kingston Hyperx Ram
2x Nvidia GeForce 8800 Ultra 768mb (XFX/EVGA)
ThermalTake 1200w Power Supply.
Samsung 500Gb SATA HDD
Samsung DVD/RW
Cooling - 140 mm Top fan, 120mm Rear fan, 12mm Front Fan, Artic Cooler Freezer pro 7

A:Overclocking an Nvidia 8800 Ultra/ Quad Core 2.5

You can't overclock your Ultra like that. You can only overclock the frequency speeds, like the core speed and memory speed, not the amount of physical memory.

Overclocking your CPU from 2.5 to 3.0GHz should be easy. I overclocked my CPU from 2.66GHz to 3.0GHz easily with no problem.

Your graphic cards are fine for GTA4. GTA4 doesn't use SLI yet, and 1 Ultra is enough. A friend of mine is running GTA4 with a Core i7 920 and a single Ultra and he gets 65fps on max everything.

Core i7s run GTA4 amazingly, quad cores run it well, but still get some slowdowns on maximum everything.

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I figure for an Air cooled system 16,081 ain't to shabby.
I made a video of the 3D Mark6 Benchmark. It has music so it won't be too borning, LOL!

A:GeForce 8800 Ultra SLI Mark6 16,081 Vista 64bit

Good work, buddy!

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Hi, I recently bought an 8800 Ultra Extreme,

I had a low PSU (580W) and was advised to upgrade, so yesterday I bought a 650W Zephyr PSU + Gigabyte 3d Galaxy2 liquid cooling system.

I connected everything (including the 2 power 6 pin into the card) but in my motherboard I have a PCI_E (4 pin) power to be connected to that gives extra power to the card,

I have a Gigabyte M59-SLI-S5 mobo.

so it stayed up for about 4 hours yesterday, (testing games, and using the pc) without connecting that 4 pin power, I noticed lower FPS, but temps were more than fine..

Until now I realized the 4 pin power for the PCI_E onboard is not connected, so I connected it.

now the FPS is back to normal, temps are still very normal, but i'm worried there might be something damaged with the card?

I tested a few games and its fine, but i'm just worried. cus I have my 7950 GX2 artifacted, not sure why tho.

Right now temps are 66C idle 74C on load.

Please tell me that the card will be fine...


A:8800 Ultra Extreme had missing PCI_E power onboard

hehe im very supprised it even ran without the power connector plugged in
usualy you would get an alarm sounding from the card but that says to me that you mobo was sending enough power to the card via the mobo..maybe you computer ran a little slow with out it however i cant see why it would cause any damage to the card in general
the only reason sor a seperate supply is so that you mobo can operate with ease and not pinch all the pover that you mobo needs to run your pc

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Password-cracking chip causes security concerns.

A technique for cracking computer passwords using inexpensive off-the-shelf computer graphics hardware is causing a stir in the computer security community.

Using the "massively parallel processing" capabilities of a graphics processing unit (GPU) - the processor normally used to produce realistic graphics for video games, the speed of password cracking was increased by a factor of 25 - and a Russian company has filed for a U.S. patent on the technique.

How vulnerable is your computer's GPU?

-- Tom

A:Nvidia GeForce 8800 Ultra and lesser GPUs security vulnerability

Time to start making really really long pass phrases.

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I've heard that motherboards support backwards compatibility when it comes to older graphics cards, like that pci-e 2.0 x 16 is compatible with pci-e x 16, but i read somewhere i do believe that the Asus P5Q Pro motherboard has issues with supporting pci-e (not 2.0) cards.

I'm asking cause i found a good deal on an EVGA 8800 GTS thats rarely been used for 100 bucks and if i got it, wanted to make sure it would be compatible with my board.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:8800 GTS compatible with p5q pro?

Go ahead and install it

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I have burned through three 8800 GTS cards in the last 3/4 of a year to full year or so, and before i buy a new one (if I buy one) i wanted to know what the problem might be.

850w power supply
Intel E6600 processor w/ liquid cooling system
Asus P5N-E SLI nForce 650i motherboard
Sony dvd drive
Hitachi 250GB hard drive

When i am viewing the desktop or anything in windowed mode, the screen flashes black for a second or two at first then goes back to displaying a picture, the longer the computer is kept on, the longer the black stays and the less the picture is displayed, eventually becoming so bad that reading anything becomes impossible. When i boot up Linux, i can leave the computer on for hours without this happening. I have searched google, but nothing has been helpful. Does anybody know what might be the problem? Your help is appreciated.

A:problems when using 8800 Gts cards

Did you overclock the card?

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Moderators Note:
This thread originally began as a part of One 8800 GT or two 8600 GT, eventually it turned into a discussion about PSUs, so in an effort to tidy things up I've copied the original thread to here and then deleted posts not pertaining to the PSU discussion from this thread. The other thread has most of the PSU discussion deleted and is only contained here now.


Well my friend has told me he will be getting a new computer sometime soon so he thought that the idea of getting 2x 8600 GT in SLi would be the best preforming for under 300$ I told him that 1, 8800 GT would blow that away and It costs about the same or even less than the 2x 8600.

He seems pretty keen on wanting the 2x 8600 GT's no matter what I tell him, from things like the 8800 will melt my computer or how much more expensive it is or how 2x 8600's in SLi will get better performance.

Can anyone correct me if I'm wrong about this, or would someone care to shed some insight on this. I do look at computers a lot and love to build them and look at all the new stuff coming out and there specs and all that so I'm not really a noobie, I have been looking at each of those cards specifications and the 8800 seems like it would be much faster but I'm not very familiar with SLi so I'm not sure how much It would effect the performance. I don't want him to get ripped off because either way he will be paying 300$ for a video card(s).

BTW he has abou... Read more

A:Debate on PSU requirements of nvidia 8800 GT/GTS cards

two 8600s will get better performance at super high resolution, but if your not planning on running things in the 2400 x1800 range, go for the 8800 gt.
also, i'd recommend getting a 6-700W powersupply. i'm not an AMD expert but from what i've heard they use more power and modern vid cards need quite a bit too.
lastly, are you getting a sound card? in my experience having a dedicated sound card (turtle beach montego is nice) makes for better sound

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Hi I have an nvidia 8800 GTS and nvidia 9600 GSO on two comp. and have both problem graphic video cards .

neither of the two graphic cards wold not let on mini din connectors (seven pin) composite svideo signals (CVSB) from TV (scart) !

drivers for both graphic cards are GEFORCE 280.33 from nvidia site !
I have on first comp. OS Windows 7 ultimate x64 and configuration :

MB - GA - 770TA - UD3


MEM - KINSTON 4x2GB , 1600 MHz




on both comp. OS Lastxp 22 and configuration :
MB - GA - M720 - US3


MEM - KINSTON 4x1GB , 1066 MHz




please any nelp ! Thenks !http://www.sevenforums.com/ima...s/confused.gif

A:Graphic cards 8800 gts and 9600 gso not tv signals

First off, welcome to Seven Forums.

Now, I'm gonna need you to clarify some things before I can even begin to help you: you mention a 'din' connector, I presume you meant DVI? Secondly, what kind of TV are you attempting to pass a signal through, and is that TV capable of being safely used with a PC? If I'm misunderstanding what you need assistance with, then please, correct me and I'll do my best to get you set up.

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Hi. I got a 2-3 year old Lenovo Yoga 500-14ACL laptop, Machine Type Model: 80NA002MMX, with the newest BIOS firmware from Lenovo, in which I got a Linux distro installed to a partition.  My only problem is, the WiFi does not work, as there are no drivers available for this card on Linux systems. I tried as a last resort to use a program called "ndiswrapper" to install the windows driver in my Linux distro with the help from Linux professionals, sadly it did not work. Now my only chance is to purchase a new WiFi card compatible with Linux distros (not a USB WiFi plug), so my question is, where is that "whitelist" which Lenovo has implemented into the BIOS online? I have searched online, but I cannot find a list containing compatible cards. I see many users has purchased cards previously without being aware that Lenovo reject certain cards, and that is exactly what many users report, the card is rejected by the BIOS, and the users are left with a card they can not use. Before I order a new WiFi card, I want to make sure the card I order is compatible in my laptop. I came from the store I bought the pc today, and the techicians there were very surpised that Lenovo in fact had such a list in their BIOS, and they were not aware about it until I informed them. They told me that all they could do is to contact Lenovo directly by mail, so they recommended I did that myself, in which this forum post is all about. What WiFi cards are in the BIOS'... Read more

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Does any one no of any mobos that have the features listed below:

Takes a AMD sempron, 2800+, 64bit, socket 754

can take DDR and DDR2 ram

Has SLI compatibility

an agp x8 slot


i really need to find one like this. pls help me out

A:Need Ultra compatible MOBO

AMD CPUs don't support DDR-II yet so you won't find any of those. As for the AGP8x + SLI, your best bet is an Uli M1695 based motherboard but they're hard to come by & I'm not sure they will be available for Socket-754 chips.

You can read about it HERE.

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Hi guys,

I've been going crazy over a new card i bought... the MX 8800 ultra by MSI. This thing is sooo beautiful in theory but it straight up crashes when it hits any heavy graphical load. If not a system hard crash to off, it freezes... the drivers are complete crap for this card. Heres my main components...

2.4 gig quad (intel)
Pn6 mobo MSI
4 gigs ddr2 800 mushkin ram
an 850 watt power supply

It seems like an overheating issue at times but i turned the fan to 100% speed using the nvidia ntune software (which takes it from 76c to bout 59c!) bcuz the thing comes stock overclocked, but the fan runs at 65% lol.
either way with the insane cooling i have going on it cant be heat... and 850 watts isn't underpowering anything...

I tried running the card in vista and xp with the last 3 drivers provided for each OS. In vista it noticed that the driver "stopped responding and has recovered" in xp a hardboot is the only way out =(. Same crash problem with all drivers and both OS's.

Im goin crazy tryin to figure it out. Is the card simply not supported as of yet? Or does some1 here have this card in perfect running order? Any help would be most appriciated! (P.S. I have 15 days left on the RMA so i need to make immediate decisions lol)

P.S. If the drivers are currently not working.. any1 have any suggestions to a working top of the line card? (price isnt an issue) Thx ahead of time =)

A:MX 8800 Ultra "Driver crash"?

When it hard crashes to off, does it restart or just stay off? What 850W power supply do you have? Can you do a quick check of your RAM by using only one module and swap out each one in turn to see if any problems appear?

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HiI am purchasing T490s. But I already have ThinkPad Ultra Dock P/N SD20F82750.Would you confirm that T490s is compatible with SD20F82750?Thanks in advance.  

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Hello,This has been mentioned before in these forums and elsewhere on the web.  The Windows 7 Compatibility Center says that the Promise Ultra 133/TX2 is compatible with Windows 7 64-bit (and 32-bit):http://www.microsoft.com/windows/compatibility/windows-7/en-us/Details.aspx?type=Hardware&p=Promise%20Technology%2cInc.%20Promise%20Ultra%20133%20TX2%20ATA-133%20PCI%2066%20MHz%20Internal%20Hard%20Drive&v=Promise%20Technology%2cInc.&uid=&pf=0&pi=0&s=promise%20ultra&os=64-bitHowever, Promise's driver page still only has the Vista driver as the latest available:http://www.promise.com/support/download/download2_eng.asp?productId=87&category=driver&os=0&go=GOI tried contacting Promise on several occasions but they don't respond.  I'm wondering if anyone here has had any luck in getting this card to work under Windows 7?I tried the Vista drivers, but the device manager just reports "This device cannot start. (Code 10)".  I know I'm not the only one who has this problem.  Why does the Compatibility Center list this card as compatible?  Is there a workaround or a hack to get it to work again?Promise still lists the Ultra 133 TX2 as a "current product", not an archived one.  I know this is entirely their fault and not Microsoft, aside from the fact that the Compat Center lists the card as compatible.Thanks so much for anyone who can help me tweak things to get this card to work.  I'd like to avoid purchasing a new card if... Read more

A:Promise Ultra 133 TX2 - Win7 Compat Center says it's compatible, but no drivers work!

Hey,I read the windows 7 Compatibility center result on the device you post above, now it shows:"Information coming soon. We are working with the device manufacture to confirm this product's compatibility."May be the website was updated recently.From the manufacture's webside, it is true the latest driver was released in the year 2007. Given this, you can try download Ultra 133 TX2 Windows driver for Vista and install it in Compatible mode as follows:1. Download the driver and extract it to hard drive. Right-click the exe. file and choose Properties.2. Under the Compatibility tab, please check the "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and choose "Windows Vista".3. Check the box before ?Run this program as an Administrator? below.4. Click OK to save the settings.5. Follow the instruction to install the driver, and test.

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Hi I have searched on Lenovo's pages and cannot find any documentation that confirms that "Thinkpad Ultra Dock" docking station (in my case 40AJ0135EU) is compatible with the latests T490(s)/T590(s) series. Does anyone know? ThanksKind regards

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Hi all =). I'm getting a computer made with a 450w power supply. I'm getting a Geforce 6800 Ultra at least, but the company recommends a 480w supply for this card. I've heard of people having problems with their power supply not being able to cope with this card, but I don't know exactly at what power their power supplies ran. Will I run into any problems with the power supply I'm getting, or should I upgrade to 480w or more?

Don't know if you need this information also, but I think this may also effect my power supply:

Asus K8V SE Deluxe Motherboard
Athlon 64 3400+
1.5 GB pc3200 DDR Ram
120 GB HDD

Also heard that AMD uses less power than Intel or something...sooo I was thinking that perhaps my graphics card will not be affected as much because of this...but dunno. Help would be greatly appreciated =D.

A:Regarding Geforce 6800 Ultra, Ultra Extreme, or Asus v9999 Ultra Deluxe

One, Use a title once.

Two, nope nVIDIA GeForce 6800 families or newer REQUIRES 480w of psu minimum, PERIOD. it is not matter how much watts amd or intel uses, what you means that you must have 480w or higher to have GF 6800 working properly.

Recommendation, get ATI Radeon 9600XT or 9800XT, they merely used up less than 350w.


You will get better games or things out of ATI instead of nVIDIA due to power usages

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Hi there im was up late browsing for a new motherboard and im in desperate need. Does anybody know whether the ASUS Striker Extreme NVIDIA nForce 790i Ultra SLI chipset is compatible with crossfire? plz help

A:ASUS Striker II Extreme NVIDIA nForce 790i Ultra SLI, Crossfire Compatible ????? HELP

Nope, only SLI is supported on NVidia chipsets. You'd want either an AMD/ATI chipset based board or an Intel based boards that state Crossfire support. Or an Intel X58 chipset based board that supports both SLI and Crossfire. Or run a single card, or a single card with multiple GPU's like the Radeon 4850 X2.

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hi there , i need help on finding the right grapihc card for my pc. my computer is quite old and i neeed new gfx card. i bough 512 MB RAM for my pc which is compatible PC133. and need new gfx card. any help?
im running on windows 98 se at 640MB RAM. more info below. please help

CPU Properties:
CPU Type Intel Pentium IIIE
CPU Alias Coppermine, CuMine, A80526
CPU Stepping cA2
CPUID Revision 00000681h

CPU Speed:
CPU Clock 601.4 MHz (original: [ TRIAL VERSION ] MHz)
CPU Multiplier 4.5x
CPU FSB 133.6 MHz (original: 133 MHz)
Memory Bus 100.2 MHz
DRAM:FSB Ratio 3:4

CPU Cache:
L1 Code Cache 16 KB
L1 Data Cache [ TRIAL VERSION ]
L2 Cache 256 KB (On-Die, ATC, Full-Speed)

Motherboard Properties:
Motherboard ID 12/14/1999-693-596B-W977-2A6LGM4EC-00
Motherboard Name MSI MS-6199VA (2 ISA, 5 PCI, 1 AGP, 3 DIMM)

A:Compatible GFX Cards for my pc?

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I've just found a bargain of a XFX 8800GTX XXX and the question I have is whether it's compatible with a BFG 8800GTX OC2 in SLi mode?

The XFX card has a central clock of ~4mhz more than the BFG, but I suppose that either downclocking the XFX or overclocking the BFG should solve the problem with different clocks. The rest is the same.

Well, what do you people think?
If you help me out with this I'll become more active in the forum again

A:Are these cards compatible in SLi?

Hard to say, but I'd expect they wouldn't be compatible in SLI.

Nvidia says that as long as the actual GPU chip is the same model and revision, and the memory is the same, then they should be compatible. However many people have stated that combining different manufacturers cards, regardless of specs, just doesn't jive.

IMO - Unless the cards are 100% identical, you're not guaranteed that it will work.

I'm sure that's not what you really wanted to hear, but it is what it is, I guess. Bottom line, they may work, but don't count on it.

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I'm looking into buying a "Rosewill Silicon Image RC-209-EX PCI External e-SATA x2/ Internal SATA x4 1.5G HDD Controller Card" and maybe im just losing it from staying up all night hardware shopping but the pci connector looked odd to me. Researching it I see that it is a Universal pci card, for 2.3 pci, compatible with 33mhz or 66 mhz.

Now my mobo has only 2.2 pci's but as i understand it 2.3 universal cards are backwards compatible with 2.2 slots, and since the card has 33mhz and 66mhz functionality, the only concern would be its voltage, which i do not know, but which seems from my research to be fine either way since 2.2 supports 3.3volts which is what 2.3 pci's are.

just wanted to double check before i shelled out the cash, that this card would probabliy work in my system.

well i just bought it, will let you know how it works

A:PCI 2.2 compatible with PCI 2.3 cards?

Yes, I would expect it to work.

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OK, this is like the 500th message I have posted all around the web, and I have the feeling that THIS one will solve my problem!!

Last week I had to dump my Windows 98 from my HP Pavilion 6730. Because I did not have the reinstall disks given to me from HP, I did a standard reinstall from a friend's disk. I cannot get my multimedia device to work, and I'm not sure where to find, or what is the correct driver for this system.

A:MPU-401 Compatible Sound Cards

Not sure what exactly your asking but I am guessing the sound driver should help

http://h20015.www2.hp.com/en/softwa...m=OS Independent&sw_lang=en&pagetype=software

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Motherboard: http://www.findlaptopdriver.com/specs-2ada-foxconn/
Tower: HP Pavilion Slimline s5-1414 ( https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03506147 )
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
Processor: Intel(R) Core i3-2130 CPU @ 3.40 GHz
Windows: 10

Elder Scrolls Online PC Requirements: ( https://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-us/news/post/26031 )

This is everything that i believe you need to know for my question. I want to know, what type of graphics cards am I able to use with my PC? I only ask because I was told certain graphics cards are not compatible with certain motherboards. All my PC information is in those 2 links. I also ask because my tower is quite slim compared to most, and I'm not sure if size matters in this situation. I'm not very computer literate.

So, what type of graphics cards can I get? I would like to upgrade mine. Mainly because when I try to play games, I get through the entire downloading phase and then i get an error saying something about my DirectX. I have DirectX 11.1 but I get this error: "Your DirectX version is unsupported."

The game I'm trying to play is Elder Scrolls Online. I have a link to the game's requirements at the top so you can compare it to what I currently have and maybe be able to tell me what the issue is? Basically, I'm looking at the game's "minimum requirements" and it looks as if I have everything but I don't really know.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. An... Read more

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Recently installed Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Everything works fine except my Belkin F5D5005 v2000 network card.

There are no drivers for it on the Belkin site and none of the older vista drivers work.

Is there a list somewhere of NIC's that are compatible with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit since it looks like I'll need to buy a new one.

The on board network point on my motherboard works fine (realtek NIC on an Asus Fatality fp-in9 SLI mobo) but has been faulty for some time now.

Any advice?

A:PCI Network cards - which are compatible?

Welcome footwo, here's a link but you might want to pick out a model and check the manufacture's website to see if they are posting w7 drivers before you commit.


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Ran the scan to to see if laptop was compatible to upgrade to MS 10. It said everything checked out so I went for it.  My video cards don't seem to be compatible. I've updated drivers and nothing. Unfortunately, I waited to long to revert back and now cannot figure how to get back to MS 7 without losing everything. Any ideas? Vid cards are listed below?  AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide!  

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Hi i am looking to upgrade my Graphics card since i cant play alot of games because it is not powerful enough so i was wondering what Graphics card you would recommend in the 0-130$ range here are my SPECS:

Hp Pavilion a1324n SYSTEM MODEL : 061 EL464AA-ABA A1324N

hard Drive : 300gb
memory : 1gb
Graphics: ATI Radeon Xpress 200

Thats all i got for now , so if you need more info , just tell me how to get it.
and how about these cards below or what ever you recommend :

-EVGA GeForce 9500 GT Video Card ,

EVGA GeForce 9400 GT Video Card , -Sapphire Radeon HD 3650 Video Card

and i want to play flight simulator 2004 or FSX at medium to HIGH setting's if possible

BOARD: Hewleet-Packard Asterope 1.0
BIOS : American Megatrends inc. 3.07 01/27/2006

monitor :hp vs19 ( 19 inch)

Bus adaptors: ANXIMXZE IDE Controller
Standard Enhanced PCI to usb Host Controller
Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller (2x)

A:Are These Graphics Cards Compatible with my PC?

i think i have found out what motherboard i have
it is a ECS RC410-M
please can you give me recommendations on a graphics card that is compatible for this pc thanks

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does anyone have a list of compatible wifi cards for the hp g56 130-sa ? also does anyone know wheter the Ralink RT3090BC4 BGN 150M 802.11bgn Mini-PCI Bluetooth Wireless Wifi Card Laptop  would be compatible with the g56 130-sa?

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I have an integrated ATI Radeon HD3200 Graphics and i'm interested in getting a video card to put in. Does it have to be a ATI brand or would any brand work? The system is a Gateway DX4200-09. Any comments would be appreciated. Also I tried putting in a GeForce 9600 GT but after a while the screen freezes while gaming and I have to restart the whole computer.

A:Compatible Video Cards


That card should be good enough as a basic upgrade, that is if you have upgraded the the PSU too. 300W is not nearly enought, you neeed 450W minimum otherwise you will get problems.

Have you upgraded the PSU?

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Hello! My computer recently took a dive beyond my ability to repair myself. I just purchased a new tower from ebay to replace it, this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/290753930263?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649

I know its nothing fancy and I don't care much to hear "oh you should have just spent 700 dollars on this computer or that computer because the one you bought is junk" that seems to be the response I've gotten from people on other websites after asking this question. I have an Asus republic of gamers laptop that I use for my real system intensive games, all I really want to be able to run nice on this new desktop is WoW and similar games, maybe left 4 dead and bioshock, that type of thing.

Anyhow - My original plan with this "new" desktop was to take my 4 gigs of ram (2 2gb sticks) and my video card ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161252 ) out of my now broken pc and simply put them into the "new" desktop. But I am looking at the pictures of the inside of tower (on the ebay page i linked above) and it seems to me that I will not be able to fit my card into the PCIe slot, It appears in the picture that the case fan is going to be in the way of the fan assembly on the video card. Would it maybe be an option to relocate the case fan a little bit just to get it out of the way of my video card? Or am I going to have to fork out money for a new skinnier video card? If so, can anyone giv... Read more

A:Compatible video cards for this pc? plz help!

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List of Z400 Compatible GAMING Graphics Cards please? Need Direct X 11 and Windows 10 support.2GB RAMlargest resolution possible. It looks like this pc supplies 75W to PCIe2 x16 slot? 

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I?m looking to get a graphics card for my Pavilion p7-1254.Running Windows 10 (64bit), AAHD2-HY (Holly) motherboard, BIOS Version/Date: AMI 7.15, 12/16/2011, with AMD Quad-core A6-3620 processor with 8GB installed memory. Currently using Radeon HD 6530D integrated graphics. I'm assuming it needs to be a legacy card.  Any suggestions?

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Hello again. I am looking for a WLAN card that is compatible with a Dell Latitude D500 running Windows XP. Peferably ones that don't need a driver install, if possible. Because I want to install an antivirus, and go on this site, Twitter, io game websites, and typing sites like NitroType or typing.com.

Thought you would like to know what sites I wanted to go on XP. F I even can.

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I built a computer for a friend whos mother board went bad (old AT computer). The new computer worked great at my place. when he
plugged in his older monitor It went black. He had another one kicking around and he was able to get it to come up with 16 colors etc. but it wouldn't shut down when you shut down the computer. He had to download the drivers for the video card to get the resolution back. the video card is a PNY GForce4mx440 with 64megs of DDR RAM. Is there an issue with older monitors and newer video cards? Can one hurt the other? Thanks in advance for the help.

A:Are old monitors compatible with new video cards?

The only thing I see that would be a problem with an older monitor is that you may have trouble finding the right driver for the monitor and and older monitor doesn't have as many hours left as a new one.

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Hello, I have a mediatek RT3290LE WiFi+Bluetooth card installed on my 4440s ProBook. It has poor driver support on linux. Can I switch to Intel Centrino 2230/6235? I understand there some laptops restricted by bios to use only certain cards, and any advice on what cards would likely work would be helpful. Thank you.     From Manual: From support page: 

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my laptop have a qualcomm atheros ar9285 but it keep having problems such as sudden turn off wifi or cannot find any wifi signal around even when the wifi router is nearby so i would like to replace it with a different wifi card. But I don't know what cards is compatible for my laptop, so can u guy suggest me some products or show me some ways to know if a wifi card is compatible for my laptop or not. Sorry for my horrible english.

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i have a D845PECE in my crappy gateway. sportin' a nVidia Geforce 4 MX 440

Motherboard :

I want to upgrade graphics card, but have no idea which are compatible.. any suggestions?

A:Which graphics cards are compatible with my motherboard?

You can't always tell with brand manufacturers since sometimes they will have the MB makers modify their boards. However, in this case it looks like any of the AGP video cards will be compatible with the MB. Where you will have to watch things is the card's power requirements. Many of the brands will have a PS on the small (meaning output) size.

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i am in the market for a new video card, looking at spending roughly around $300. My question will any of the current cards out NOW support directX10 when it comes out? or does it have to say in the specs of the card if it will support it or not?

I read an article about how DX10 will increase the performance of games 6 to 8 times, thats huge. I don't want to buy an expensive card now and just find out in January that I have to buy ANOTHER card to just get DX10?

A:Current cards compatible with DX10?

The GeForce 8000 series cards are DX10 ready. Here's the cheapest one I could find:


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