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openssh question?

Q: openssh question?

ok Ive been studying this ssh service. Im running Fedora Core 3 and it is active on my machine...........or at least a "pgrep ssh and pgrep sshd" command show it running and the ssh daemon is listed as active in my list of active services.

My question is........if it is running on my linux box does the other windows boxes within my network have to be running it to connect to me?

If so or if not....how do I configure this thing? The information that I have found about it so far reads like stereo instructions in another language. I really need some help here!

Preferred Solution: openssh question?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: openssh question?

If you post this in the Linux forum, you stand a better chance for an answer.

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I am trying to setup OpenSSH on XP and near the end I am getting kind of lost. I will post the tutorial and what I need help with below.
Tutorial: http://pigtail.net/LRP/printsrv/cygwin-sshd.html
8) important Pop a cygwin gwindow, harmonize Windows user information with cygwin, otherwise they cannot login
mkpasswd -cl > /etc/passwd
mkgroup --local > /etc/group

If your XP logs on to a domain, you most likely have to manually edit /etc/group. See this page.

If your XP logs on to a domain, you may want to edit /etc/passwd to replace /home/username by //unc_server/path_to_home
(thanks to Geoff Thomas)

mkpasswd creates a password file from Windows' user list, click here for more details.
mkgroup creates a group file from Windows' user list, click here for more details.
Thanks to John Skiggn of Cingular Wireless in Redmond, Washington for his tweak on domain user /etc/group


What was the last step on the tutorial that you did? Also, is the PC you're using in a domain?

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There are two related vulnerabilities in the challenge response handling code in OpenSSH versions 2.3.1p1 through 3.3. They may allow a remote intruder to execute arbitrary code as the user running sshd (often root). The first vulnerability affects OpenSSH versions 2.9.9 through 3.3 that have the challenge response option enabled and that use SKEY or BSD_AUTH authentication. The second vulnerability affects PAM modules using interactive keyboard authentication in OpenSSH versions 2.3.1p1 through 3.3, regardless of the challenge response option setting. Additionally, a number of other possible security problems have been corrected in OpenSSH version 3.4.

Systems Affected

OpenSSH versions 2.3.1p1 through 3.3




A:OpenSSH Vulnerabilities: June 27

July 02, 2002: Added Juniper Networks vendor statement.
July 02, 2002: Added Unisphere vendor statement.
July 02, 2002: Added Sun Microsystems vendor statement.
July 02, 2002: Added FreeBSD vendor statement.
July 02, 2002: Added Apple Computer Inc statement.




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Running Win XP MCE SP2
Cable connection
motorola surboard modem
linksys router

A few weeks ago I installed openssh on my computer using http://sshwindows.sourceforge.net/download/. I set up the group and passwd files, followed the instructions etc. Forwarded port 22 from my router to my computer and configured my firewall (zonealarm) to let traffic through. Everything worked fine until I screwed something up and had to format my hard drive. I've been trying to setup openssh the same way I did when it worked and I just can't get it to work. I've tried turning off the firewall and also connecting the modem directly to the computer, it just won't work. I have the user accounts setup with passwords. When i use putty to connect to my computer from that computer things work out but outside computers can't connect to it. I open putty, tell it to connect to my ip at port 22 using ssh and it brings up the connection window and asks me for a username, which I type in, and then it immiately asks for a password without showing the welcome/warning message it's supposed to show. When I type in the password, it tries to connect for a few seconds and then simply tells me "Access Denied".

Any suggestions? Any diagnostic tools or anything of that sort I can use to figure out what the problem is?

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I did a search, but didn't quite see anything posted that might relate to my problem.

At one point early last year I installed OpenSSH on an xp business box I have at home. I set it up so that it was an automatic server that would start when the box turned on. I used Putty on my laptop, and through port forwarding on my WRT54G v8 router, I had it all working perfectly and could connect using Putty on my laptop to have a tunnel to my home comp. Last week the hard drive died and I just bought a new one to put in it, and went through the process of re-installing XP. I then reinstalled OpenSSH, put in all the same settings as it had before (detailed notes from when I did it the first time) and fired up Putty and it wouldn't connect. I thought maybe it was the box, so I tinkered and tweeked to no avail. The only firewall I have running is the XP, and I added OpenSSH and it's ports to the firewall exceptions. The ports are forwarded correctly on my router, and everything in Putty looks ok. After still more timed out connections I opened the routers incoming log and noticed that there were no requests to the port I have OpenSSH set to. I thought that this was odd, as I also have PCAnyWhere installed, and it works perfectly, and I can see in the log the incoming requests for that. So now I am stumped. I have tried Putty on 3 different computers, using three different connections, and still nothing. Any ideas?

A:Solved: Windows OpenSSH Problems

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The CERT/CC has received confirmation that some copies of the source code for the OpenSSH package were modified by an intruder and contain a Trojan horse.

We strongly encourage sites which employ, redistribute, or mirror the OpenSSH package to immediately verify the integrity of their distribution.

An intruder operating from (or able to impersonate) the remote address specified in the malicious code can gain unauthorized remote access to any host which compiled a version of OpenSSH from this Trojan horse version of the source code. The level of access would be that of the user who compiled the source code.




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Hi all 
I have one question regarding the distribution of updates for open SSH server feature. 
How the Microsoft is distributing the update for this feature ? In the microsoft windows there is still older version when I'm compare the current distributed open SSH server version.
Thank you for any info. 

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Hi folks,

today I setup Cygwin and OpenSSH on my rented server. I following the usual direction and everything seemed to be fine.

I tested locally using ssh localhost und voila - connection, login, everything fine.

Then I tried to login from my laptop and got no connection. I checked the firewall - and it was off. Both the server provider's firewall and the local windows firewall were off (I turned them on afterwards, however).

Ok, I thought, let's connect locally, so I tried ssh <hostname> and ssh <server-ip> (On the server itself!). Could not connect.

I tried a lot of combinations, changed the port, used ListenAddress to explicitly bind to the local ip, looked at hosts.allow and hosts.deny etc. Actually one can see slight differences with netstat -a, but the effect remains the same: Using localhost and I can connect, but not using the IP.

Server OS is Windows Web Server 2008.

Any ideas?

Thanks for hints or any idea how I can debug this. SSH debug mode shows no output, so it really seems no connection gets established.



A:Cygwin OpenSSH doesn't listen on actual IP, only on

Does the software have an option to change what ports it is listening on? Is their a check mark that you could of over looked that would cause it it only be listening on the loop back address?

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I have a problems with Win 7 Pro x86 where the Openssh SSD service is playing up


Task Manager:
Services Tab:

GGSMGR is running
MySQL is stopped (Right click | start - give access denied), need to start this

Openssh ssd status is blank, and right click is grey out

I need to get these running any ideas please?

I have restarted the PC and cold booted already, no changes same situation as above

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OpenSSH chink bares encrypted data packets.

One in 262,144 chance = good odds

Important Note: If your system uses OpenSSH, make sure you are running the latest version (5.2) of it!

-- Tom

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A security vulnerability found in a widely-used open-source software has been described as "the most serious bug."
A major vulnerability has been found and fixed in OpenSSH, an open-source remote connectivity tool using the Secure Shell protocol. The flaw was the result of an "experimental" feature that allows users to resume connections
According to a mailing list disclosing the flaw, a malicious server can trick an affected client to leak client memory, including a client's private user keys.
The affected code is enabled by default in OpenSSH client versions 5.4 to 7.1. The matching server code was never shipped, the mailing list said.
The flaw doesn't have a catchy name like some other previous flaws, but disabling client-side roaming support fixes the issue.
The flaw, which is said to be years old, was found by Qualys' security advisory team.
Wolfgang Kandek, chief technology officer at Qualys, confirmed in an email that the company disclosed the bugs to the OpenSSH team on January 11, and commended the team for working "incredibly fast" to get a patch out three days later.

"Developers and admins are advised to regenerate and rotate keys to systems they touch, whether for hobby [or] weekend projects, or more sensitive servers -- including Github," he added.
Bottom line? Patch now, and patch fast.



A:'Serious' security flaw in OpenSSH puts private keys at risk:ZDnet

HeartBleed 2.0?
*Frantically checks all administered servers*

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HOW DO I place the following in blue type letters:


when the rest of a web site's is black type

(this is the color i would like to useCOLOR="#FF0000")

A:Hit An Easy Homerun Answering This Question On Html Code Question

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I haven't been on windows 98 or 98SE alot so I was wondeing, If you put a Cd-writer (burner) in a computer with windows 98 or 98se (which I just did) why when ;you go to my computer and right click on the E dirve is there not a recording tab and other tabs like in windows xp, I know the answer will probably be------because your not using XP----------But I was wondering. The one I put in had NERO with it and I like NERO anyway however I would like to know for future purposes.

Why when you go to mycomputer and right click on the E drive (the burner) don't you have the recording tab and the rest like XP. I like doing it that way in XP where you can move all files or copy files and then go to the burner and say write these files to cd.

Does windows 98 or 98SE have this and I am just missing it or is a burning program like NERO or another the only way to use the burning in 98 or 98SE?

Thanks for the help

A:Solved: Windows 98 and/or 98SE-question about burning CDs, is there a record tab etc-Question

lol, you answered your own question, windows 95,98,98se,and ME don't support cd burning, except with 3rd party software. When you purchase any of the NT systems (ie: xp, NT 4, Server 2003, 2000 PRO etc...) all have the NT kernel which if you look during your install say " Windows (whatever version) is built on NT technology" and "You now have built in CD burning" soon and perhaps with the upcoming service pack 2, it will start coming with DVD burning capability.

I believe the only windows kernel out that currently supports cd burning is the NT one

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Alright two questions for this post.

First one is I want to know if this CPU http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103727 is compatible with this motherboard http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128416 because the mother board does not support the CPU type ( Phenom II X4) or am I wrong?

next is if that motherboard has integrated graphics, can I still then put a video card on it?

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: CPU Compatibility question & Intergrated Graphics question

FRom what i can see the cpu will work with that board, 2nd > yes you can install a video card. What wattage and make is the power supply?

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Ok so, I've got a Dell Dimension 3000, 2.8GHz Pentium 4, 512mb ram.

Im doing an upgrade due to my lack of a video card and sufficient ram for games. *I'm upgrading strictly for gaming*
I'm adding ram, going to have a total of 2gigs. Did it on crucial and it should work fine.
Now as many of you already know the Dimension 3000 only has PCI video card slots. So, I did some research and found the best possible card for my mobo. (At least I think) The x1550:

And just recently I saw this:
But can't find it anywhere in stores, could someone show me where that is available? To my knowledge that would be better than the x1550, right?
Also, what kind of Shaders and Vertex shaders do these have?

Well assuming I'm getting the x1550 how do I determine if the video card is compatible with my monitor? *This is my main concern*

Another question, again assuming I'm getting the x1550, I see the recommended PSU is 420W. Now, my original dell PSU is a 250W. So I'm convinced theres no way I'll be running this card without a PSU upgrade. I went to pcpower cooling's site, went to the compatible PSU's for my dimension 3000 and found this:

I've read about alot of PSU's falsely stating the wattage due to some rubbish about the ampage on the 12v rail or ... Read more

A:Big Video card compatiblity question + power question

Google your PC and said you have a 250 Watt power supply (may be true or not but hey..its Cnet that said it) On Newegg it said that the 1550 needs a 420 watt or greater...From those numbers well...You'll need a new power supply. Or you can just upgrade =D

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So my situation is unique lol

i have a Dell inspiron n5010 laptop running Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

the soundcard for this is either IDT 92HD79B1, v., A01 or A03 i dont know what the default one mine came with is.

i hope that helps ^ and the attatchment i posted is also an indepth analysis of my laptop.

basically this soundcard has the input for one regular jack. like the jack on ipod headphones idk the technical name.

aside form that i have logitech 5.1 surround sound speakers with the Green orange black jacks on the ends of those...

ive used 2 splitters to make those 3 into 1 and i have it hooked up to my laptop and i hear sound from all 3 speakers...

is there any way any software to make the laptop think i have 5.1 input?

and also can i install realtek on my machine??? i have it installed but i cant use it... is realteka software or a sound card??

A:Logitech 5.1 surround question and soundcard question IDT and Realtek

Just plug your 5.1 or 7.1 into the jack and it should be picked up by the software. Otherwise these little badboys work great as well !
StarTech.com ICUSBAUDIO7 Virtual 7.1 USB Stereo Audio Adapter External Sound Card - USB 2.0, USB 1.1, Phono 3.5mm Female, C-Media Chipset at TigerDirect

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Ok so, I've got a Dell Dimension 3000, 2.8GHz Pentium 4, 512mb ram.

Im doing an upgrade due to my lack of a video card and sufficient ram for games. *I'm upgrading strictly for gaming*
I'm adding ram, going to have a total of 2gigs. Did it on crucial and it should work fine.
Now as many of you already know the Dimension 3000 only has PCI video card slots. So, I did some research and found the best possible card for my mobo. (At least I think) The x1550:

And just recently I saw this:
But can't find it anywhere in stores, could someone show me where that is available? To my knowledge that would be better than the x1550, right?
Also, what kind of Shaders and Vertex shaders do these have?

Well assuming I'm getting the x1550 how do I determine if the video card is compatible with my monitor? *This is my main concern*

Another question, again assuming I'm getting the x1550, I see the recommended PSU is 420W. Now, my original dell PSU is a 250W. So I'm convinced theres no way I'll be running this card without a PSU upgrade. I went to pcpower cooling's site, went to the compatible PSU's for my dimension 3000 and found this:

I've read about alot of PSU's falsely stating the wattage due to some rubbish about the ampage on the 12v rail or something, can so... Read more

A:Big Video card compatiblity question + power question

I am also using Dell Dimension 3000, and I upgraded all Video Card, RAM and PSU already, so I think I can help you a little bit here.

First, which games do you want to play? Because if you want to play newest games, then I'm sorry, you will have to buy a whole new computer. X1550 and 2gb of DDR RAM won't help you anymore.

Second, as far as I know, X1550 is the best for PCI now, but X1300 is really slightly behind. Many people believe they are the same. You can easily buy X1300 from newegg. You bought mine with $20.00 cheaper from eBay, but I guess money is not really your problem anyway.

Third, I have used X1300 and FX5500 and didn't see any problem with Dell Monitor at all. The only thing you need to be careful if you decide to buy X1300 is that there are two kind of X1300. Don't buy the Small Factor version because it is made for special kind of computer, and it won't fit into your case. The one you should buy look like this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814129062

Fourth, even though many people suggest that we should only use Dell PSU because the other PSU won't fit into the case, I am actually using this one of Antec: http://reviews.pricegrabber.com/power-supplies/m/601582/
It fits perfectly.
And yes, PSU upgrade is a good idea. I believe my system is working very well, so you should have at least 350W PSU. DON'T buy cheap PSU.

Fifth, you may knew already since you've used cruical website ... Read more

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Outlook Express Question:

I just bought a new computer and want to move my spam filters (message rules and blocked senders list) to my new computer. It has taken me two years to build this filter system which has hundreds of rules and blocked senders. It was very effective cutting my spam from about 75-125 messages a day to about 3 or 4 a day.

Jumpdrive question:

I am using a 128 mb jumpdrive to move files from old computer to new. Can I compress this jumpdrive to double it's capacity and if I do is there any downside to doing so?

Thanks for all help offered.

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I have a MSI K9A2 CF V2.

It supports Up DDR2 1066 and up to 8GB.

I have 2 2GB sticks right now which I will be moving to another computer. I wish to buy 2 sets of 2 2GB 10666. The board support 4 sticks of ram. If I buy 2 separate of the same memory will I have an issue meaning 4 total sticks of the same ram. Meaning will the sticks do there little duel channel thing??


A:Solved: Memory question DDR2 *not a comparing question*

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If rundll32.exe is found in C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch is it a virus or variant?
I have read that rundll32 found in C:\WINDOWS\system32 is critical to running windows, however if found in the prefetch folder does that mean its viral?

A:simple question: rundll32.exe location question

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Out of all the questions to ask, this one took up the most space on my whiteboard, so here goes.

I am developing my own TELNET application. When data is recieved, I have a sub break it down, chatacter-by-character until it comes to a formatting tag. At the tag, it sets three Private RGB integers to the color specified, then, deletes the tag from the incoming string, and continues normally, applying the color formatting to the characters, and adding them to a RichTextBox. Sounds simple? Here's the question. When I apply the color formatting, it does not appear in the RichTextBox. Here is the code I use:

Text1.SelColor = GetColor
Text1.Text = Text1.Text + temp
Text1.SelStart = Len(Text1.Text)
Text = Right$(Text, Len(Text) - 1)

Text1 is the RTB, temp is the character picked up, Text is the incoming string, GetColor is the RGB() of the three variables mentioned earlier. Yet, the color is not displayed. Why is this?

Shouldn't be too hard for all of you....

PS---I am programming in Visual Basic 6.0

A:RichTextBox Color Question---(easy question)

I'm not sure you can colorize an RTB without subclassing it and using the WinApi functions. I may be wrong though.

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I use a merge text procedure to create a Name & Address Directory in WP9.0. I have member photos to be inserted in the in the directory. Is there a software or a method available that will enable the photo file to be accessed and each individual photo placed in its appropriate place the directory as a part of the merge process?

Thank you in advance.

Bob Summers
[email protected]

A:Product Question--WordPerfect Merge Question?

I renamed this post so that readers know what your question is--you should get some response with that title.

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Hi i am currently running xp sp3 and was wondering if the fire wall it has built in is good enough or should i download 1 on line? and if so what 1 should i download.

Also a couple of friends of mine were having issues with there computers and the installed cc cleaner on to there computers and it cleaned out there registries and they say that there computer ran better. Now my computer isnt slow but it is not running like when i built it i mean i have done much downloading and stuff so but the loose of speed is not enough for anyone to notice but me. I just want to know is it worth downloading some kind of Registry cleaner or is it not. I have heard that they can mess up your computer so.

A:Fire Wall Question and Registry question

As far as firewalls go, I prefer a router. But Ive used zone alarm
in the past, worked pretty well, do a google, there is a free download.

You should have started another thread on the topic of reg cleaners.
I dont use them or recommend them as they can cause more harm
than good. Others will differ. In the future when having 2 questions
please post separately. Thks,,,,

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I am looking at ASUS or Gigabyte in the 4 slots of DDR4 2133 or higher flavor.
I was looking at this wikipedia page on motherboards.
B150 looks like an attractive price point for me. We dont use many USB ports.
What does "PCH PCI Express configuration" mean?
B150 - 8 ? 3.0
Q150 - 10 ? 3.0
H170 - 16 ? 3.0

Q170 & Z170 - 20 ? 3.0

Some motherboard specification sheets state (O.C.) meaning its overclocked. So I need to OC the ram in order to get that speed. Other spec sheets just state it without (O.C.) statement.
Gigabyte B150M-D3H GSM w/ DDR3 1600, 7.1 Audio, Gigabit LAN, 2-Way CrossFireX, HDMI, DVI-D, VGA at Memory Express

4x DDR3 DIMM sockets for up to 32GB RAM (4x 8GB)
- Supports standard DDR3-1866 (OC) / 1600 / 1333MHz Non ECC UDIMMS

How long will it take for the i5-6400 (listed below) to get to around the $125 mark?
I was figuring to start with the G4400 then buy the i5-6400 later.

Pentium Processor G4400, 3.3GHz w/ 3MB Cache $85 2 core 2 threads
Core™ i5-6400 Processor, 2.7GHz w/ 6MB Cache $255 4 core 4 threads

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Hi folks / performance gurus

Got an old server 4 HDD storage bays and SSD with Raid 0 -- created 2 arrays of 2 logical HDD's but 4 physical HDD's (1 array 2 X 4TB, 1 array 2 X 3TB) --

Is this better than creating 1 array of all 4 HDD's - I'd lose some space because the arrays have to be the same size.

I'm not too bothered on other issues of RAID 0 -- I want the fastest HDD SPEED I can get out of the system - I've plenty of backups so HDD failure here isn't a primary concern.

SSD is the boot device - works fine -- just need info on setting up these 4 HDD's for the best performnce -- Storage array is set up in BIOS before Windows boots.

Help here appreciated -- I can usually get stuff to work (old Engineer) but don't necessarily have the knowledge to optimize performance.


A:Windows RAID 0 question performance question

What do you need the array speed for if you have an SSD as a boot up drive? If it's just for storage, raid 0 is like putting all your eggs in 1 basket..I know you have backups but having those drives independent of each other will give you less chances of a failure and headache.

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Hi all, I was wondering if someone could inform me on what nic.exe, coo.exe, and dnar.exe are and if they are something to raise an eyebrow at. I have them showing up in processes on some of the computers I work on and not on some of the others. I can't seem to find any information on these processes and what their purpose are. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Also on a machine I work on, its an IBM Netvista, the machine comes up w/ an error related to csrss.exe. After some research I learned that this is a name which many hacks will use to disguise programs. I did some checking and in the processes I have two csrss.exe processes running. I can not end either one - I get the message they can't close they are windows blah blah blah's. However, on some of my other machines, my Dell Optiplex GX400 for example only shows up w/ one csrss.exe process. One other thing i noticed is that on the machines that have two csrss.exe processes running, one is running at about 1600k - 3000k and the other approx 180k, making me believe that the 180k one is not supposed to be there, when on my other machines, the csrss.exe process runs approx the same as the 1600k-3000k process on the NetVista. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


A:processes question coo.exe, nic.exe, dnar.exe as well as csrss.exe question

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Dumb Newbi Question...

I need a new PSU, i only got a 250 watt at the moment and before i upgrade my graphics card to a ATI 9800XT i think il, need more power......so to my question, im looking at buying a 480 watt psu but dont no ne thin about power suplys...will it fit/ are the all the same size?


Thats the link to it if u neede to know what on it was.

Thanx if u can help me....

Title edited. Please use proper titles for your threads.

A:Power Question ( Dumb Newbi Question... )

Measure your current PSU, compare with the new one (looks good). They are all pretty much alike size-wise nowadays, and should fit straight in.

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Okay, I'm buying a new hard drive and I'm looking for the best deal I can find. I have a K8V special edition motherboard and a 120 GB hard drive (Maxtor, not sure if SATA or not). My motherboard can support 2 SATAs but beyond that I don't know how many hard drives I can support. What I'm looking at is a 300GB hard drive "Maxtor 300GB 7200RPG Ultra16 PATA Internal Hard Drive" with 133MB/sec transfer speed. For the same price ($149) I can get a 200GB SATA with 150MB/sec speed. Three questions:

1) What's PATA, and can my motherboard support it?
2) Which hard drive am I better off getting, assuming I can use both?

Next, I recently tried upgrading my Windows (from XP to XP <_< there was a problem with getting SP2). I made it to the point where you have to reset your computer and go from there, but when I did the Windows setup ran into a missing file and couldn't go further. I restarted and had the option of choosing whether I wanna start up in normal XP or in the XP setup, so my original Windows is intact. But now I get that choice whenever I turn my computer on, and I'd like to know how to remove the XP setup as an option for starting up. Thanks for the help guys.

A:Buying hardware question, also Windows question <_<

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Ive only had the privledge (and by that, I mean, enough money) to build a single CPU (with my brother, it was his) in my life. I recall it has (still works apart from mobo, only recently replaced) a intel core 2 quad. I see people talking about bent pins and stuff on CPUs, but I dont remember pins being on the core 2 quad. that was the easiest part I recall, just literally placed the chip in the socket (the heatsink, that was a headache). I dont recall any pins. Are pins literally pins as in thin rods sticking out of the bottom, or what?

A:Sorta random CPU question (no problems, just a question)

Most modern CPU's (Intel at least) no longer have pins on the CPU, but instead the pins are on the socket.

The newer socket 1155 and 1366 (and 2011 for that matter) are just like the Socket 775 you are experienced with the Core 2 Quad you installed, just slightly larger sockets.

It is still very possible to bend pins though, but in this way, you damage the motherboard (with the CPU socket) vs. the CPU. You must be careful when inserting the CPU since dropping it on a corner into the socket CAN bend and damage pins.

So if you've built a system with Socket 775/Core 2 Quad, you should have no problem with Core i3/i5/i7 and newer Intel sockets if this is what you plan to do. Everything is basically the same... just slightly different socket and DDR3 memory vs. DDR2, which are also very similar and just snap in the DIMM slots similarly.

I hope that helps! Good luck!

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Power supply :- OCZ PowerStream 520W
Module size and kit size:-
CPU model and rated speed:-Athlon 64 3200+
Overclocked CPU speed:-
Divider and FSB used:-
Motherboard and revision:-DFI LANPARTY UT NF4-D ATX
Motherboard Bios rev:-
Video card:- eVGA Geforce 6600GT
Operating System:-None yet
CPU and System Cooling:-3 Case fans, mobo fan and cpu fan, gfx card fan

I have three case fans, all which have a 3 pin connection that attaches to the motherboard and a 4 pin (same as Hard drive sized power supply connector). The 4 pin connectors have both a male and female end so that they can go inline with another part or could even be daisy chained together. My question is which line of the power supply should these be connected to?

I have a few options, I could connect one or more to the cable the contains a few 4 pin connectors and a 5V/12V power connector at the end for the motherboard or I could daisychain them on the end of a power supply cable marked (VGA/H.D.D). Also do I need both the 3 pin motherboard connector and 4 pin power supply connector, connected or are these two seperate option, which I merely need to choose one of (ie. Motherboard connection OR Power supply 4 pin connection). If so, which is better to choose?)

A:Case fan question and other power connections question

If you connect them to your mobo then it will be able to monitor their speeds via the yellow wire. If you connect them to your PSU it doesnt matter which 4 pin molex connector you fit them to as they all join up inside the PSU. Another option is to buy a fan speed controller and plug them into that, the advantage is that you can control the speed and therefore the ammount of noise they produce, the more expensive controllers can also monitor speeds and temperature(s).

Hope that helps. Rik.

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My friend had a few questions..if he were to use a public proxy server, would that totally hide his IP address from prying eyes?

If he were to use a proxy server would he be able to stop the RIAA from seeing his IP address when using Kazza or whatever he uses for P2P?

And here is my own personal question...how exactly does the RIAA find out who is file sharing?

A:Proxy Server Question/P2P Question

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Hi people! My question is a little out this place, but I can't find the right forum for this question. Maybe matadors will move this to the right place for me. I'm looking for a device, that can take a Video Tape and a DVD-R, and copy that tape to the DVD, so that I have it on the DVD, not on an old fashioned tape anymore! I have a large library of videos, and I would like to transfer them on to a DVD (consume some space for instance). I saw this kind of device at Target, maybe I can find it on internet for a cheaper price! Your help is very appreciated!

A:Solved: A question a little out of place question!

Either need a capture box to capture VHS audio/video to computer then burn your movie


get one of these.


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I know it's best to use two of the exact same cards and I probably will do this, but I was wondering if 1. Could I use an MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4G and a MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4G Gold Edition? They are basically the same card. Here is a comparison between the two. http://www.msi.com/comparison/vga

2. I was wondering if my Corsair HX 850w PSU will have enough juice for them. I might overclock some. I'll be getting a i7 5820k (6-core CPU) with 16GB of DDR4 RAM. MSI X99S SLI Plus mobo and of course two GTX 970's. I'll also get the CM Hyper 212 EVO HSF as well. I have a WD 1TB 7200 RPM HDD and I'll be getting a Micron MX550 256GB SSD. I'll just get another MSI 970 like the one I have now, if the other is a problem. I have an Optiarc DVD-RW burner, but might get BR burner. I think my Corsair HX 850 watt PSU is enough, but I want to make sure. Also using a CM HAF 922 case, might upgrade to the 932. I currently have Windows 7HP x64.

Thanks in advance!

A:SLi Compatability Question and Wattage Question...

Yes, they should work since they are both GTX 970's. The Corsair HX 850 should also be enough, each card only draws 145 watts of power, you want at least a 500 watt PSU for a single card system and around a 750 watt or better for an SLI system.

More info on SLI here: http://www.geforce.com/hardware/technology/sli/faq#c18

And more info on the power consumption here: http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-970/specifications

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Firstly, I was looking at my logs for Spybot and it doesn't seem to detect anything from my second hard drive, which has the the same Progs installed as my main drive and SpyBot detects files from those. What gives?

Secondly, I was wondering if I should use Disk Defragmenter? Apparently, if you lose power while it's defragmenting, you're pretty much screwed because it moves your files.

A:Spybot question and Defragment question

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I'm having a problem with my computer. It lags a lot now and sometimes after it lags badly enough, it crashes <an automatic and complete shutdown> before I can even touch anything. Right before it cuts off, it goes to a blue screen and talks about collection for a memory dump and also suggests that I utilize the memory diagnostics tool. Its usually so quick that's all the info I can actually give. I have used it twice to receieve no results. Since it has started I have wiped most of the programs I have installed with the exception of ventrillo, msn im, and yahoo im. I have also since done a defrag and disk cleanup. Still no changes. The thing thats funny is that it has only just recently started this... the reason why its funny is because I am using a notebook <Acer Extensa 5620Z> and I used to have World of Warcraft installed and played it daily. I would sometimes have lag issues, but in the year I had this laptop and running WoW... I never once crashed like that and never saw the memory dump. Now I'm trying a system restore, but I don't have any restore points prior to the 24 Oct 2009. Can you please help me to rectify this problem?

A:Question <I cannot open through the question link>

Hi and welcome to TSF please follow the instructions here http://www.techsupportforum.com/1871981-post2.html and attach the info to your next post

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I just wanted to know if I could do the following with no problem or if you cannot do it this way.

There is a windows 98 computer upstairs (with DSL) There is a modem--then a router---the windows 98 computer, I think he has the windows 98 computer upstairs hooked into the router and then another line in the router running downstairs to a windows XP SP1 computer. they both work fine. Here is my question.

He wants to add a third computer downstairs,so can it be like
THe modem then router then the windows 98 computer upstairs hooked into the router. Now is it possible to then plug like a four port hub into the router and have the line running downstairs and then take the windows xp that is already down there and plug it into the hub and then the new computer plug it into the hub and they would all have the dsl just like the two of them do now,

I guess I am asking can you plug the one compute upstairs into the router and then run a cable downstairs into a hub and plug the other two computers into the hub and they will all get DSL?

or do you have to plug the upstairs computer into the router like now and then plug two morre lines into the router and run them both downstairs and run one to each computer?

And as long as everything is going throught the router no matter which way it is done do you have to run anything special to get the DSL on all? Some step by step instructions would be nice but I really want to know if the hub thing will work the way I am describing it. Thanks... Read more

A:Solved: Network Question if I can use a hub with it- Just a question

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is there any way to either make a partition to an already formatted drive (without losing any info). or is there a good way to back up large files using DVD's without somehow corrupting the files?

last time i tried putting music/video/game files on dvd's they somehow became corrupted.

A:Solved: Dumb question, but a question none-the-less

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My friend has windows XP on an HP ??? PC, twice when he played starcrat, expansion, the game seemed to log itself in while he was logged in.

To help understand:
His name: Ryan
His username: alakazammath

First time: He was waiting for others to join his game, and suddenly it said alakazammath has joined the game, it then said that the other alakazammath wrote: hi me

Second time: While he was looking for a game to join, it said connection to battle.net lost, then when he logged in, it said CD key currently in use by Ryan...

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on MGS3 when you make a new game it asks you which Metal Gear game you like most, I was wondering if anyone knew what the different options do, I heard something about a mask.

A:MGS3 Question, Question

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So i have overclocked my system for the first time, i did it the "safe" way, increasing the "CPU Frequency" in the BIOS by 1 at a time. It seems like Frequency 200 is 2GHz. So when i reached 220, it was 2.20GHz.

But if i turn it up to 221, then the CPU runs at a clock speed of 1.78GHz.

I was thinking this could be because i use the stock cooling?

If so i need to buy a new cooler (which im thinking to do, a Zalman Fatal1ty should do.)

I am at 37c idle with this one now (the stock cooler)

Mobo: Asus A8N-SLI SE
AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ @ 2.2GHz

Thx for help.

A:Overclock question {Nub question}

maybe your cpu heats up and the cpu/mobo automaticly underclocks the cpu for safety at 221fsb it's multiplier should be 8(original 10). (or it may be Cool 'n' Quiet) i am not sure.

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The more I try and learn about backups and safe storage the more questions I have.

Here's my latest. I have two identical SATA III 1 Gb hard drives, designated "D Drive" under Win 7 64 bit Pro. They are under an Intel software RAID 1 on a Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming 3 motherboard. All appears well. I have the OS and my two mail apps on C: Drive which is an SSD drive. I use Second Copy to automatically back up both mail apps to the RAID 1 D drives each night. I also use Z-DBackup to make a system image of the C Drive once a week, which it creates on the RAID1 pair. The RAID 1 pair (D Drive) with the system image is backed up to LTO4 tape once a week.

What happens if on of the RAID 1 pair of SATA III drives fails? I guess the Intel software RAID flags a fault? I then have to work out which of the 2 drives is dead, and swap it out? What if an identical drive is no longer available? Will any 1 Gb or larger SATA III drive work, paired with the one remaining original working drive?? Does the RAID rebuild occur automagically? How long might one expect it to take?

With a truly unlucky chain of events, leaving the PC dead or missing, say from a power surge, theft or whatever, and I just have my tape, how do I go about getting the C Drive image from it to a new PC? Do I run a repair disc, load the tape deck drivers and the SCSI card drivers (it runs on SCSI on an Adaptec card), then will there be enough "stuff" on the new PC to load ... Read more

A:Software RAID question, and NAS box software question


Regarding your questions, first I want to say that RAID 1 is not a viable backup solution. Its only purpose is to allow a system to continue to operate with a hardware failure of one of the hard drives until that drive can be replaced. It is imperative to have the data on the RAID backed up elsewhere.

If one drive fails, the controller will warn you so that you may replace the bad drive. It knows which one.
Depending on the size of the drive, it can take many hours to rebuild, but you can continue to use the system as normal. The rebuilding is transparent.

If you use dissimilar drives, the array size will be equal to the smallest drive and it is not guaranteed that all combinations of drives will work together. You may experience constant rebuilds or worse.

I cannot comment on how to get your system up from tape. I have never used it. With other backup methods, there is usually boot-able media that allows recovering the operating system.

Whether or nor another board can read what is on the RAID 1 will really depend on the controller. I have had luck using Intel controllers. In fact, the data was readable from a single disk without using RAID.

I doubt if a different NAS could use the disks should the box hardware fail. You may be able to get the data though, by connecting one of the disks to a system that can read the file system used by the NAS.
The redundancy is within the NAS while it is operational. It would be nice if you could just get any NAS hardw... Read more

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i bought a toshiba sattellite 675 and have got the microsoft up dates because im running very slow when i open more than 1 window any suggestions thx in advance,

A:win 7 question

Brand new??

Try the following to speed up the laptop:
Remove extraneous preloaded software (bloatware): most of the Toshiba software & any trialware such as Microsoft Office or anti-virus software: Revo Uninstaller - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com
Defrag the system hard drive: Auslogics Disk Defrag - Reviews and free Auslogics Disk Defrag downloads at Download.com
Clean out junk files/registry errors/ disable startup entries with: CCleaner - Standard
Remove any antivirus such as Norton or McAfee and use Microsoft Security Essentials (available from Microsoft website) http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/

Any questions, let me know

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I'm installing one 2TB (data only) drive internal and will be using a second 2TB external as a backup to it (not RAID). After researching all morning and reading MS's documents I'm still unsure if GPT would be advantageous.

Most of the heavily touted pluses of GPT are not applicable to my situation since -- The drive(s) is not over 2TB and I will only be using a single partition. My gray areas are whether GPT offers any additional crash (data loss) security and, can GPT be used on an external/detachable HD. MS docs state no under XP but I could not find any info related to Win7.


A:Another to GPT or not question.

just depends on whether you want to boot from it

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When I open IE 7, it does not cover my screen, and I have to click the box in the upper righthand corner next to the red X, in order to enlarge it. Can I get around this? I don't want the full screen mode, I still want the toolbars, but want IE to cover my screen when I first open it.

A:IE 7 question

Hello yellowdog,- Right-click on the IE shortcut in the Quick Launch or Start Menu and select Properties- Select the Shortcut tab- From the Run drop down list, select maximized- Click OK to save changesNow, whenever you would open Internet Explorer through these shortcuts, it would open maximized.

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1. Why do some programs only opens when i use "run as admin..."????
2. if i have a program opened ( video player, adobe reader ) i can't open another one unless i closed the first?

A:two question if i may!

Mutex and as explained by BFK below (elevated command privelege


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Hey there im new here to this forum, i work as a network engineer and a support engineer for Radial Point here in canada. I have some great tips and tricks and guides to help users that i came across over my years i was wondering where i can post them im posting this here as i have a great internet tip/guide that can help everything. i just dont know where to put it

A:Have a question

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Look forward to your tutorials

You probably don't have permissions to view the link
But just add tutorial submission to the title and I'm sure it will be looked at by forum moderators

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