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mapping network drive with dif user & password as a script file

Q: mapping network drive with dif user & password as a script file

Hi all.
I would like to know how to map a network drive using a different user name and password within a script file. I would like it written as a .cmd file if possible.

Reason for doing this is because we have a user how needs to connect to a mapped network drive as the administrator but we do not want to disclose the admin password to him.

Preferred Solution: mapping network drive with dif user & password as a script file

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A: mapping network drive with dif user & password as a script file

Look at the help for net use.

/persistent (Map this drive everytimg they login)
/savecred (save the credentials. ie. username and password)

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Mapping a network drive - there was a time when remember my password would appear after mapping a drive, clicking reconnect at login is checked, click connect using a different name, entering userid and password - there used to be a box to check - remember my password - this box is no longer appearing - HOW DO I GET IT BACK? I am setting up for a user and defintely do not want to give them the password so they can reconnect.


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I'm running a SBS 03 domain server. Each user has the same login script. The login script bat file includes the std drivemapping command, ex:

net use n: \\server\network-data

I need to map drives to the LAN NAS (Network Accessable Storage). I'm using:

net use o: \\nas002\data

The NAS requires every user to have a login name and password. Everytime I run the bat file, it prompts for the user name and password.

I know there is a string I can add to the net use string to automatically send the user name and password but I can't remember what it is. Thanks in advance for any advice.

A:Login Script Drive Mapping to NAS

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i have set one windows 7 home professional user network drive and remember the login and password for this network drive. But don't know why when the windows restarted, and windows said cannot connect the network drive normally and i double clicked that
network drive, asked me input login and password again.
i checked user credentials and network advance setting are correct.

Thank you

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We are trialling few Windows tablets in our environment.
Issue is our VB based logon script doesn't map the network drives on Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64 Clients, it maps the Printers without any issues.
Same script works fine on Windows 7 clients. If I run the script manually, it maps the drives without any issues on Windows 8.1.
Please help.

A:VB Logon Script not mapping network drives in Windows 8.1 Enterprise tablets

Please you set "Configure Logon Script Delay" value as zero and disable fast startup option to check the result:

In Control Panel, open the Power Options item.Click the Choose what the power buttons do link.Clear the Turn on fast startup (recommended) check box.Click Save Settings.
Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]

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I've been having a problem ever since i reinstalled xp onto one of my desktops. I cannot map drives. I set up a user account and give it all the permissions i want, and when i try to map the c$ drive it does not recognize the user. When i try to log in, i enter the login information and enter. The login window disappears for a second and comes back up but this time with "guest" autofilled as the user. What's going on? Can anyone help me out?

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I have noted a number of threads mentioning this issue but cannot see the precise solution I need.

I have networked two (and sometimes three) XP PCs and one Win 7 Home Premium 64 PC on a wired domestic network. File sharing is fine, except that I have to enter the Win 7 user name and password before opening Win 7 folders from the XP machines.

Previously I had a Vista laptop hooked to the XP machines. I didn't need to provide user name and password on my XP PCs once I had decided to remove them on the laptop. Vista obviously varies from Win 7 in this regard.

I have tried the frequent suggestion that I use the same user name and password on all machines. I then didn't need to provide these between the PCs, except that I needed to enter them every time I booted up a XP machine (but not the Win 7 PC, where it is easy to allow everyone to boot up without identification). I certainly didn't want XP bootup to halt at the Welcome screen.

I have seen the suggestion that I use 'control userpasswords2' to ensure password-free bootup on XP PCs, but I have been bitten by this routine before and don't really want to experiment with it if I can avoid it.

The strangest thing is that when I decided to remove my user name and password from the Win 7 PC I did manage to get password-free access to the Win 7 PC from the XP PCs but the Win 7 PC then couldn't see the XP PCs at all.

Anyone got a quick fix allowing me to get access to all network files without getting that annoying popup ... Read more

A:Network file sharing without evehaving to enter user name and password

Try this:

1) All Pcs on the network should be in the same workgroup, you probably already have this in place.

2) In win7 advanced sharing settings, set password protected sharing to OFF.

3) Specify what you want to share either by dragging the specific folders to Public Folder or by right clicking on the specific folder and checking the Share this folder box.

4) Now because password protected sharing is off, you need to give Everyone access on the shared folders by setting the permissions. Right click on the shared folders and allow Everyone, you can adjust read, write etc.

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Greeting techguy people. I seem to run across an issue where I need to map network drives after a user has logged on. What we need to is let all the users log in with a generic account(one account for 30 users) but somehow map a network drive to that specific user and when the next person logs in the user should use the same generic account but map to their own network drive without seeing the previous persons drive. Does anyone know of a solution that will allow it to work this way?

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Running Win2k3 server sp1 with WinXP Pro SP2 workstations in a small domain controlled by same server. I have about 30 users on 15 workstations who log in to use an old application on the server. Recently, there were 2 new hires I setup in AD and are capable of logging in and authenticating. However, when I try to setup a mapped network drive to the application folder, it fails.

Specifically, I see on the the browse list the domain name / server name but no folders or drives available on the server when I select the server. The mapped drive shows up if I log on as another (older) user or as admin; the application works as well. When I look at the permissions and shares on the server, it looks fine. When I look at the new user settings vs. the old user settings, they look identical.

I thought this might be CAL related at first but the CALs look ok and the practical example of other users logging in and using the machine and app seem to make CALs irrelevant.

Any ideas?

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When I mapped a network drive it ask me only once for the user name and password and I accidentally click on Remember password. I would like it to ask me the user name and passord everytime when I mapp a network drive to my Windows XP Pro.

Is that possible?

A:Prompt user name and password everytime to mapp a network drive.

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I have a Windows 10 Pro installed on a Vaio Z Canvas laptop and as the only user I do not use a password to login each time I turn it on. I have a Wireless and Ethernet network installed so that I can share files, printers etc. and do not use public folders on any of the devices.

From the Vaio Z I can access any and all devices attached to the network without any issues, however I cannot access files and folders on the Vaio Z from any other device. When I try to, the Vaio Z requires an ID which I have, and a password which I do not have or use. I can map to and access any device from any other device except mapping to the Vaio Z.

I assume that if I create a password for my user ID on the Vaio Z I should be able to access it from my other networked devices once it is mapped. If this is the case is it safe for me to assume that I can turn off (disable) the password so that it is not required when starting up the Vaio Z. None of my devices require passwords on startup.

Any advice or suggestions will be most welcome.

Peter B.

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I have a Linksys BEFSR81 router and a Linksys WAP54G connected to it. I recently installed a Linksys Network Storage Link NSLU2 to the network with a Maxtor One Touch HD. I have been able to map the new network drive to my computer that is connected to the router, but I'm unable to map the drive on my second computer that is connected to the network via the AP. However I can ping the Linksys NAS from my wireless computer.

A:Mapping Network Drive on Wireless Network Problem

like most NAS devices, the Linksys nslu2 has built in security administered through a web browser. You probably need to create a user acount for the wirelessly-attached computer, either by machine name, IP address, user id, or some combination of the above. You may also have to grant permission to the user or user group for the specific share you are trying to map. hope this helps.

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i'm not sure under which category should this post belong to. i want to ask whether there's any way to reverse password remembering for drive mapping? i've accidentally use the server password and ticked remember password while mapping network folder on a ordinary user computer. now that computer can access any folder that supposely restricted (he supposely can only open his own folder and public folder)..

A:Solved: how to reverse remember password in drive mapping

go to control panel
open user accounts
choose advanced
Click Manage passwords and remove the one that you saved

(this is done from a computer joined to an AD domain so it would be slightly different from a computer not joined to a domain)

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I am trying to map a network drive to a remote server. The server is not on the same network as the computer I am trying to map the drive on.
I have the external IP address, the port number, and the drive letter on the server.  I have entered
http://external IP Address:Port Number/drive letter.  I get an error message stating that the drive path is incorrect.
I am using the network drive mapping wizard in the Computer screen.
The remote server is part of a local network with 3 other computers.  The external port number is assigned using my router at the remote location.  The internal port number has not been changed.  The server has been assigned a static
internal IP at the remote location.
I need help with the proper syntax for mapping the drive to the remote server.  I can't get my Windows 7 machine to connect to the server.  I can remote into the server using RDP using the external IP and the port number. 

How do I map a drive to my remote server?  Please be specific as I am not that familiar with networking.
I am trying to access a database on the server for use on the remote workstation.  I need to map two drives to the server to accomplish this.  I have been carrying the data on a portable hard drive, but this is not a good solution as I have to
update the data on the server and on the hard drive and I am afraid I am going to lose something important or over write files that I need.
Thank you in a... Read more

A:Mapping Remote Network Drive Using IP Address, Port, and Drive Letter

You need open the  port in firewall first:
Open a port in Windows Firewall
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hereAlex Zhao
TechNet Community Support

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I know how to map network drives with the net use command, but I was wondering if anyone knows how to map network printers using a batch file? Is there a similar command to "net use" that might work for printers? Thanks!

A:Mapping Network Printers with a Batch File


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I have a mapped network drive that will not reconnect at logon. If I double clik on that drive in "my computer" it will log on and is ok until the next restart.

A:mapping network drive

You could create a logon script (just a batch file) using the net use command and put it in your Windoze startup. When you first create the mapping in windoze explorer it gives you the option to reconnect at logon.

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I am in need of some help.
I am doing some admin work on our LAN data server, and i had access to network drive (thru samba).
It worked all the time, but nowadays, when i try to attach it, it asks for login

At first i blamed admin for this, but it seems that the problem is on my side, cuz he says it's all set as it used to before.

Can this have anything to do with something problematic on my side? or do u guys think that this is solelly problem on the server itself.

A:Mapping network drive

It seems most likely the user account setting in Samba or Windows.

Questions to help isolate trouble :
1. Can you login samba server successfully by valid user and password?
2. Does it happen to all users?
3. Have you recently change configuration in Linux or Windows?

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Here's my problem:
- I've installed a Seagate 160gb removable USB hard drive on a PC that I use in my office as a file server. It's running XP Pro. The drive works great - I can copy to it, etc. - but only from the server. The drive is labelled "F" and I have shared it. I can see it from anywhere on the server.

Problem is, I can't seem to map it from my workstation. I can browse to the drive in the "Map Network Drive" dialog box, but when I try to complete the mapping, I get the error "Not enough server storage is available to process this command".

I have no problem mapping the internal drives - any ideas why this isn't working?

Thanks for your help - whoever you are!

A:Mapping network drive

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i'm having problems mapping network drives, I used to map them and no user or password was asked to be inputed, now it does, can anyone help?

A:mapping network drive

That is because the PC that you are mapping the drive from has a password protected user account, there should be a tick box that allows you to save the password.

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I had to reload my OS (Windows XP) onto my laptop. I dock it at work and connect to my network. Unfortunately since I reloaded the OS I haven't been able to map my network drive as it doesn't find it. I am connected through the system as this e-mail goes through it, but it won't locate it. We have another tower computer with the same problem. I assume that there is some setting or switch that needs to be reset. Can anyone help?

A:Mapping network drive

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I need help mapping a network drive. I am using Win98 to map a share on a NT server. I am able to map it once I enter in the password. However, I don't want to have to enter in the password everytime I reboot my computer just to map to the share. Does Win98 have a script that I can use to map the share and enter the password automatically? Thanks for the info.

A:Need help mapping a network drive

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Hello all,

I was trying to create a batch file to enable some windows services and run a MSI from Microsoft to allow me to get rid of the access is denied for shutting down multiple computers on the network.

This THREAD (external Site) helped me get it working at home however at work there is 20 + computer and doing this on all would be abit tedious, so i figured making a batch file to do it would be more efficient.

So far this is what I have in my batch file
sc config RemoteRegistry start= auto
sc start RemoteRegistry
Stat 50005fix.msi
Click to expand...

The only part I'm not sure on is the step 3 (firewall) step.

I seen this online
netsh firewall set service fileandprintClick to expand...

but this was for a Windows 2008 server and was unsure if this would work for win7 / win8 pc's or if i added
netsh firewall set service type = FILEANDPRINT mode = ENABLEClick to expand...

Also why experimenting with my home computer that using shutdown /i will shut down the remote computer but the following command:
shutdown /s /m \\FAMILY-PC /t 60 /c Test
pauseClick to expand...

will give a access is denied message.

Thanks, flyer0101.

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HI guys

I'm trying to solve a network issue to allow an old XP desktop to be connected to a new NAS drive.

ISP is Virgin media
Router is Netgear wnr2000-100UKS
Netgear ethernet switch
attached devices:
XP desktop (ethernet wired)
Vista desktop (ethernet wired)
MAc Laptop (wireless)
Ipod touch (wireless)
Brother Network printer (ethernet wired)
MYBOOKWORLD 1TB NAS (ethernet Wired)

Everything works except for the XP cannot map to the MYbook world drive to back up data.

I can ping the IP address for the device and can also ping the server name "Mybookworld"

Have tried mapping the network drive both manually and with WD software with no success.

Gut feel is that there is a network setting incorrect somewhere but not sure what else to try?

Any help appreciated...

A:xp network drive (nas) mapping

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I have a VPN connection which establishes without any problems.

Netgear FVL328 --> Windows XP sp2 using Netgear prosafe client.

Once the tunnel is established I can ping any of the PC's on the network but cannot map to a shared resource on the network.

When I run the 'net use' cmd I receive the error 'network path cannot be found'

Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

A:VPN Mapping network Drive

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I am just setting up a network with windows server 2003.
I need to write a login script that will map a drive when the user logs in.

I used:

net use f: \\server name\share

but it will not map

what am I doing wrong?

A:mapping network drive

DOes the share exist and do you have the proper permissions for that share to be accessed from your account? If you don't have the proper permissions it will not map a drive.

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Dear all,

I am using on my network a server running windows 2003 and 2 client computers running windows xp pro. I have created a folder on my server named "user files" and have created multiple folders, each named after the users. I have mapped each of these folders for each user under the letter U:, but to do this i have to logon to each user account, does anyone know a way that can automatically create and map this folder when i create a new user?


A:Mapping network drive

I would say the easiest way would be to make a Domain logon GPO and assign a batch file that has - net use U: \\Server\Share in it. This way as the users are created in the OU you apply the GPO to they will all have the mapped drive.

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Ok. I mapped my college snap server on windows 7 professional. I just upgraded to windows 7 ultimate, so I know what I need to change. I went into local security policy, and changed Network Security: LAN Manager Authentication Level to Send LM & NTLM Responses. I go to map it, and I get the servername and share right, and I type in the login details CONC\F101 for username, and nothing for password. However, it refuses to let me login. I've tried several fixes from google, including adding a key in my regedit and nothing works. Any ideas?

A:Mapping a network drive

I'm not sure which server your trying to get into here but maybe these adjustments will help.
Set Minimum session security for NTLM SSP
Disable Require 128-bit encryption

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I have three computers in my office. 2 are on windows 10 home, the third laptop is running windows 8.1 home. I have mapped a network drive from one of the windows 10 computers. The other windows 10 computer can access it no problem. When I try and connect
the windows 8 laptop, using exactly the same settings etc it comes up with the following error message "log on failure, user not granted requested  log on type." Please help its driving me mad!!!

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Running Windows 7 64 bit.

I have mapped a network drive (actually it's a remote site that I rent space on) successfully through a product called Gladinet; when I try to map the same spot it does not complete successfully. I use the map network drive function under My Computer but I use the link at the bottom which says 'Connect to a website that you can use to store your documents and pictures'. Whenever I try it spins for a while and then comes back to where you put your username and password in.

Any idea why?

A:Mapping Network drive more than once

When you try to connect to a remote file share like Gladinet, if you don't specify a username and password, it uses the username and password that you used to logon to your computer. If this is not the same username and password for the remote file share, it will prompt you for a username and password.

Generally, Gladinet requires an additional program to connect to its Cloud Storage. I'd suggest you check out the Gladinet Support Forum or connect Gladinet Tech Support for help.

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I am thinking of using PuTTY for 5 users to access a drive on a windows 7 PRO in my office over the internet. Is it possible that all users can access the drive at the same time? Please help..

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Hello there everyone,

can i connect to a network drive with ip\d$

while my computer ip is

i can ping the drive but when i tried to mapping it shows up network not accessible or need permission for accessing the drive.

* the drive is accessible for all other PC with ip range 10.2.32.xx.

i m not familiar with networking, any helps are appreciate. thanks

A:Solved: Network Drive mapping

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i've checked the forum out for this one and couldn't find an answer, maybe someone can help me? im running xp pro.

basically i'd like to have a backup done to a mapped network drive, which happens in the early morning hours, while nobody is logged onto the computer.

i've tried doing that, and the backup fails because the network drive is not mounted automatically, and only mounts when somebody logs on - which wont happen at that time of morning.

i've tried scheduling a batch file to run just before the backup is due to occur with the "net use z: \\name of pc\name of shared folder" command. however still the backup wont work - i get the message (in the log file) that the backup medium was not accessible.

how do i get to mount a network drive automatically while nobody is logged on? or is there any other solution? any help anyone?
thanks in advance,

A:mapping network drive without logging on

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Not sure if this forum or Networking forum is the correct place for this so moderator please feel free to move as you see fit.

I cannot map network drives when I am connected to my work VPN. It keeps telling me that the server responded "the name is unknown". It says to check spelling, settings,blah, blah blah. Nothing at work has changed, the only difference is Vista on my end.

Is there some issue between my Vista desktop and our windows 2000 server? Am I missing something?

I sent all the info to our "IT Guy", but he has no idea whats going on.

Any ideas?

I have done several OS upgrades and have never had any problems re-establishing my VPN connections and Mapping all my network drives where my info is located.


A:mapping a network drive thru a VPN w/vista

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I currently connect to our office server by way of an installed certificate onto my PC and then using a VPN which is first established before I can map a shared drive and work with the files stores there.

Is there a easier way of doing this ? ideally looking for a way of keeping the shortcut on my desktop and having the ability to drop and drag files between the two without having to connect and then disconnect a VPN.

This possible at all?


A:Mapping a network drive using certificate but not a VPN - possible?

The only way to use a certificate, is if you are using a Domain. VPN is for remote file servers, not in house. If this is an issue with a remote share, then the troubleshooting needs to be done there, not at the other end.

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Ive been using a method to access my Skydrive files in explorer without the need for the Skydrive app. The process is explained here: How To Map SkyDrive Folder As Network Drive In Windows 8 And RT .

It works great on 1 pc I use but on another it doesn't. The problem is it is only showing the Public folder and nothing else. I cant work out why this is the case.

It accepts my credentials fine and connects the drive it just doesn't show the files there. It also doesn't allow me to upload anything else to the drive.

I cant find anyone else that's had this problem let alone a solution. I would greatly appreciate any help.

Thanks Matt

A:Mapping Skydrive to network drive

Hello Omnislash,

Using the SkyDrive desktop app is the easiest way to accomplish this in Windows 8.

However, in Windows 8.1, SkyDrive is fully integrated without the need of the desktop app.

Hope this helps some,

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Ok, on my home network, I already have it so that from any computer, you can map a network drive via "\\comp-name\shared-folder

and remotely, it should work like this: "\\ipaddress\comp-name\shared-folder
HOWEVER, my home network is on a linksys firewall, and each computer only has a generic DHCP IP address. I do know my REAL IP address (WAN), but that doesn't matter because it won't find my computer because of the firewall. UNLESS, I made one the networked computers on DMZ host, but that is way too insecure.

What I want to see if its possible, is use PORT filtering. I already filter a few ports so that I can host games even on the firewall. Is it possible to set aside a random port just for remote networking.

and then would the command to connect be something like this:

How would I do this?????????/

Really appreciate help, thanks

A:mapping a network drive REMOTELY

remotely it should just be \\IP address\shared-folder

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Hi all,

I'm just wondering if it is possible to map a network drive by IP address.

Thanks in advance,

A:Mapping a network drive by IP address

I would think so. Why not try it and tell us?

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Hello all, I'm using Windows Vista Business and I'm having trouble mapping a network drive. When I attempt to connect a dialog box appears prompting me to select a certificate to use; I have to choose a certificate and the only certificate listed is my own certificate for encrypting the file system. When I select this the dialog pops up again; this happens 3 times total. Then I get the following error..
The mapped network drive could not be created because the following error has occurred: A device attached to the system is not functioning.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I could solve this issue or at least how I could find some more info about the error; I tried looking at the logs in the Event Viewer, but there wasn't any helpful information.

A:Error Mapping Network Drive

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Going to make this short and to the point.

I am on windows 10, tried to map my NAS using map network drive but says "Windows cannot access \\Nas102
check spelling or might be problem with your network. Next, I tried to map a specific folder inside Nas102 and it worked! For example \\Nas102\Music

I also tried to make a fake folder name and map that for example, \\Nas102\FakeFolder
and the error said check spelling of "fakefolder" Nas102 was detected but not the fakefolder.

So, I need help trying to connect to the whole NAS instead of just mapping individual folders inside of the NAS.
Any help would be appreciated...Thank you in advance.


Hello and welcome to the TenForums!

I'll also try to keep this concise! W10 has had quite a few problems with detecting networked devices and it is often due to problems when your W10 device is not the Master Browser on the Network. To get around this make sure you switch on your PC/Laptop first before you turn on any other devices or your NAS on your network. That is one workaround which might help for now. You could do a Google search for more information on this.

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I've been noticing lately that when I set up a new server (could be Server 2012, 2016), and connect Windows 10 Pro workstations to the domain, if I try to map a networked drive, I can't browse the network to zero in on the source.

So although I can type in the path (For example \\server\data_e\mpn), and it will work, if I try to browse for the mpn folder on the server, I just get the spinning icon when I click the word, "Network".

Similarly, if I look in the file explorer and click on network, the network shares will not show. This has been the case on several worksites.

Can anyone steer my straight on how to get shared resources to display in the File Explorer or in the drive mapping explorer?


A:Can't browse the network when mapping a drive

Usually for me it's a file permission issue... have you confirmed that you have permissions to the share?

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Is it possible to remotely map a PC network drive to a Mac and if so, how do I do it?

I sometimes work remotely, and my job uses PCs and I have a Macbook Pro at home in addition to an Asus EeePC (Windows XP) netbook. Currently, I'm using the netbook for work purposes and while it actually works great for that, it's old, the battery seems to be going, and I don't really want to do an OS upgrade on a netbook from 2008. If I can map work drives on my Mac, in addition to getting whatever issue I'm having with remote desktop connection and VMWare worked out (a good chunk of my work is done on a virtual desktop), I won't bother to replace the netbook with anything and will spend the money on an iPad for fun. Otherwise, I'm looking at an Asus Transformer book T100 which would give me the Windows environment I need for work and a tablet to play with (although not nearly as good as an iPad) for about $400.

Thanks in advance for any advice/assistance.

A:Solved: Mapping PC network drive to Mac

I'm approaching this issue incorrectly. I think I need to install Windows on the Mac, which would give me what I need.

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I have a small 3 computer network. I am trying to share a folder on Computer 1 , but computer 2 cannot see it. I can ping computer 1 by name and ip address that works. I have checked to make sure the network sharing is on and that folder is shared for everyone and they are all on the same network. Computer 1 and 3 can see all computers, computer 2 can see computer 3, but not 1. I have tried mapping a drive using name and ip address, but neither see it. Computer 1 and 2 have Windows 10 home and Computer 3 has Windows 7.
Any help would greatly appreciated.


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I have a problem were a shared network work drive has automatically mapped about half a dozen times. When I disconnect the drives or log off it automatically maps multiple times again.


A:Multiple mapping of network drive

Are the mappings being set up by a logon script or similar? Does an application map them when it starts up?

Depending which OS you are using, you may have to be logged on as an administrator to disconnect them.

How are you disconnecting them? if you haven't done so already try going to a command prompt and typing net use %drive_letter% /d

That should disconnect it as long as something else is reconnecting it automatically.

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This makes no sense. I have always had 2 cpu's on a network. My main rig, and a "server". (Basically a storage and backup cpu). Well I just built a new rig, and installed Win 7 RC. Re formatted my old "main" rig to become my new "server". I still had the old "server" (Win XP) connected to the network, and had no problems mapping the drive to my Win 7 machine, and the new server with Win XP.

Now, I took the 320GB Storage drive out of the thrid CPU and installed it in the new "server" and tried to map the drive to my Win 7 Machine. I can not for the life of me get it to work. Both machines have the same user and p/w for login. WHAT GIVES???

A:Mapping a network drive problem.

Just to get the basics out of the way first

Can you see the drive on the actual system it is physically located on and is it shared ?

As you have moved the drive, you may also want to check that the NTFS permissions for the drive are set to the new location's user and not the old location's user - user "Fred" on machine "a" and User "Fred" on machine "b" are different as far as NTFS permissions are concerned and can cause sharing to fail

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my employers IT support department has emailed me a certificate which allows me to access my office pc desktop using RDC without the need to establish a VPN to the server.

My question is - can I now someone map one of the shared drives that is on the main office service again without the need to establish a VPN? perhaps using this "certificate" ?


A:help accessing & mapping network drive without VPN

It can be done with with SFTP or FTP, but that server needs to be running on the remote site.

Step 1:
Open Windows Explorer
This can be accomplished by right-clicking on the Start Button and selecting the Open Windows Explorer option.

Step 2:
Select the computer icon to reveal the Map network drive option.
Select Map network drive

Step 3:
On the What network folder would you like to map?
Select Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures.

Step 4:
On the Welcome to the Add Network Location Wizard screen:
Click Next

Step 5:
On the Where do you want to create this network location? screen:
Select Choose a custom network location
Click Next

Step 6:
On the Specify the location of your website screen:
Enter the ftp address of your remote server
Click Next

Step 7:
On the Specify a Username and Password if Required screen:
Un-check Log on anonymously
Enter your username in the User name field
Click Next

Step 8:
On the What do you want to name this location? screen:
Specify the name of this remote location as you would like it to appear in Windows Explorer. Make it something descriptive so it is easy to find.
Click Next

Step 9:
On the Completing the Add Network Location Wizard screen:
Click Finish
Click Next

Step 10:
Log on to your remote server to test new connection
Enter your login credentials
Check the Save password box if you would like for Windows to automatically log you in everytime yo... Read more

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This might be in the wrong board, but since the same process works fine on two other Vista machines, I'm pretty sure it's a problem with Windows XP. Anyway, here's the story:

I have a machine on the network running Windows 7 Ultimate that has a shared folder on one of the hard drives. I set the network settings to allow for networked sharing of the folder. I can connect to the folder by mapping a network drive from Windows Vista, and it works just as it should. The problem comes when I try to do the same thing under Windows XP (SP2). After I type the network path into the map network drive dialog box ( \\COMPUTERNAME\Folder ), it pauses for about 10 seconds before I get an error message that reads "Could not connect to R:\ on <COMPUTERNAME>. The specified server cannot perform the requested operation."

It has worked before on this XP machine, and I was able to transfer files successfully, but for some reason it's not working now. No settings were changed, it simply stopped working after a restart and now refuses to work again. It's been working fine for the two Vista machines on the network.

Any ideas?

A:Problem with mapping a network drive from XP to 7

Still haven't solved this - anyone have a suggestion?

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