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HP Pavilion won't boot - no video

Q: HP Pavilion won't boot - no video


I am hoping to get an HP Pavilion 540N computer working for a friend. I have no software, recovery disks etc. and the computer won't boot. I see that the harddrive light flickers initially; but, that is it. There is no attempt to access the cd drive or floppy drive. The monitor displays nothing at all. The monitor is good since I hooked it to another computer and it worked fine. The computer had Windows XP loaded. Any suggestions as to where to start? Thank you in advance.

Preferred Solution: HP Pavilion won't boot - no video

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: HP Pavilion won't boot - no video

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5 May 2017 I purchased HP Pavilion 360 with Core i3-7100U CPU Processor & 500GB HDD.  But when I watch video online on youtube and news channel, I find video quality is very very poor. Not clear, no HD & sharf video. Even some pictures appear very dull. I am very very frustrated because of that. This is a costly Laptop. Imagine if you can not enjoy a sharp or HD Video in today's life how you may feel. Even some high resolution PICS are not as sharp as it appears on other Laptop. I am very dissatisfied beause of this. I do not know what to do about this. Totaly unhappy. Thanks & RegardsPraamod

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HP Pavilion 6355 has the following issues:

1) Computer will not shut down by holding in power button. It must be "unplugged from outlet."

2) When power cord plugged in the light sequence on the tower reads, from left to right, yellow, green.

3) A Thumping sound comes from speakers, not the typical Bios Beeps.

4) Monitor is blank, yellow light indicator on.

5) Cannot open CD Drive, even manually.

This computer belongs to a friend of mine whose daughter uses it for High School work. She was working on it one day, received an error message, no, no, writing it down would be to easy , so she shut down using start-shutdown, and left for school. When she came back and resumed her work she was met with the above scenario.

Any ideas as to the most expeditious way to get to root of issue.

A:HP Pavilion will not boot up, no access to CD Drive, Using diskette failed to boot.

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Hi gang
In need of some troubleshooting ideas from the board of experts!

I have an Hp pavilion 6835 128 ram with 30 gig HDD 800 celeron processor.
this pc was a "GIVE ME" sort of thing and thought I would try an see if I could get it running but it has no vidio at all ...It has onboard video .
I have installed a different vid card and that doesnt seem to solve it either....changed the ram and still no joy!
I think the board itself is dead but just want to know if anyone else had any idea's to try?
I do get a series of beep codes at times when trying to boot it up
3 beeps then a space then 3 more
also the power switch doesnt shut the system down at all unless u hold it in and when u release it it starts up again

thanks in advance for any ideas

A:hp pavilion no video

Hi grybeard22!

Here are the closest related beep codes that you have stated.
You stated only a 3-3. If its constantly beeping 3 times with a pause. I would go with the 3-3-3-3.

Set time of day
Troubleshoot the motherboard.

Check key lock
Unlock the key lock, if it is locked.
Investigate possible problem with the key lock switch, if it is either unlocked already or not present on your system case.
Troubleshoot the motherboard.

Erase F2 prompt
Troubleshoot the video card.
Troubleshoot the motherboard.

Scan for F2 key stroke
Troubleshoot the motherboard.

Double check the beep codes if by chance its one of these codes. It looks like a bad system board.

Any other questions post back in this thread!
Good luck!

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I have pavilion 15 ab522tx notebook and installed with windows 10 on it. I want to boot linux from USB boot disk but i couldn't enable the USB boot option in BIOS. please guide me.

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I am looking for suggestions for video cards for an HP 501n Pavilion PC. It has an on-board video card now that uses up to 11 mb of the installed RAM. I would like to upgrade to at least a 16mb card. I don't do much gaming but I have run across some applications that are requiring more video memory. I tried unsuccessfully to upgrade to a 16mb ATI Expert 128 card several months ago and it just did not seem to work. It would recognize the card but then it would not continue to use it correctly and the display was horrible. From my research at that time, I should be able to install and use another video card (HP says so and I have seen threads about it) but I would like to know if anyone has any recommendations that they have gotten to work in situations similar to mine? Thanks.

System has:
256 MB RAM
Win XP Home OS

A:Upgrade video for HP Pavilion PC

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Like others here I am having problems with the video hardware on my old Pavilion p6720f desktop.  Unlike the others I have seen here I don't have to have, not could I afford top of the line gear.  I just want to be able to use my computer.  Any simple, economical suggestions?

A:Video for f6720f Pavilion

Hi: Suitable replacement video cards for less than $50 would be either the: Nvidia GT 610 AMD Radeon HD 6450. If you really want to go cheap, I like the used but tested Dell Radeon HD 2400 Pro cards you can get on eBay for $10. You will need a DVI cable and connection for one of those. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-CP306-ATI-Radeon-HD-2400-Pro-256MB-High-Profile-PCI-E-PRO-Graphics-Card...  

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I was recently given a Hp pavilion a1210n desktop and told that it worked. When I hooked it up and turned it on the fans went on and everything sounded like it was working but no video and no beeps. I then tried clearing the CMOS also tried removing all connections to MB still no video also tried changing memory still no video. Also tried installing a video card still nothing. any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank You,

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I have 2 separate HP Pavilions from 2 separate people with the same problem. Everything runs but there is no video. Both are Windows XP - I removed all of the drives, cables, etc. One started working but then quit the next day. The other one I fixed before but can't remember how I fixed it. I could really use some help with this problem. I can include any other information you will need.
Thank you

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Hello, I have a HP Pavilion P7-1039 whose fans turn on and everything looks good but I can't get any video on a three different monitors that I know that work. I have inserted a working dedicated video card with the same results. I replaced the motherboard with the same exact results. No video.

Any suggestions on what is stopping me from getting video is appreciated. Thank you.

A:No video on HP Pavilion P7-1039

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Got one of these from Costco:

HP Pavilion a6257c-b
Bundle w/22" flat Monitor (W2207)
Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 (2.2GHz)
320 GB HD
Intel(R) 82945G Express
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
wireless keyboard/mouse
TV Remote
Can watch and record TV; even record from a digital video camera via FireWire (IEEE 1394).
But, I canít do what I want !

That is -- record from the analog video/audio R/L connectors on the back of it?

Does anybody know if thereís some s/w that will do this; Windows Media Center wonít/doesnít support the analog inputs.

A:HP Pavilion a6257c Video help?

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I have a HP Pavilion XT983 with a AMD processor. Recently the video stop working(black screen on monitor), I try a new monitor and it still will not work and I hooked another computer to the HP monitor and the computer work so I know I narrowed it down to the video card or the motherboard. So I bought a PCI video card from Wal-Mart put it in the HP computer and hook the monitor up the PCI video card and still no video just a black screen. So next I thought it could be the motherboard so I bought a new motherboard off of ebay the buyer said it worked so I put the AMD processor out of my old computer into the motherboard I bought off of ebay and hook everything back up, still no video. The motherboard I bought off of ebay had a AGP slot so next I bought a AGP video card off ebay , put the AGP card in the motherboard I bought off of ebay and still no video. I donít know what else to do, so I am open for suggestion I really want to get this computer working so if anyone can help me please write me back.

A:HP Pavilion Video will not work PLEASE HELP

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Just did a new install of XP Home edition for a friend on her HP Pavilion a1010n and the screen resolution is only allowing 4bits. Did a search on HP's site and was not able to find a video driver for their integrated video adapter. Any suggestions? - Thanks

A:Need Video Driver for HP Pavilion a1010n

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I have a a350n HP Pavilion (OEM until last month) I upgraded the video card to (If I can remember correctly) an nVidia 5500 card. I was experiencing random reboots, so I went out and replaced the power supply from a 250W to a 430W. It still kept rebooting. I returned the nVidia card and now have an ATI Radeon 9550; same problem, keeps rebooting. I updated to the lastest Intel Chipset and upgraded to the lastest and only update for the BIOS. I turned off the automatic restart option in Windows so I now get the blue screen of death. When the computer restarts and I send the error report MS cannot determine the dirrect cause of the problem but recomends it may be a driver issue. The big problem now is I downgraded to an old PCI video card to make sure it is not the 256mg Video card. Same issues. Anyone know, does it sound like I need a new motherboard? I cannot think of anything else but I would hate to replace the board and find out its not the problem, 'cause I have to order it from HP. I have dissconnected everything I can from the board and it still crashes ( ie CD drives, Card readers, Floppy).

Also thought it may be an overheating issue, so I installed a 3rd fan in the case. CPU runs under a full load under 55 deg and the case doesn't get above 35 degrees. I used Everest Home edition to get the temps. Voltages also look good.

HP a350n
Motherboard: ASUS P4SD-LS
Pentium 2.8ghz
512k ram

Please help if you have experienced this problem, I am going nuts!!!
&... Read more

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I am trying to install an AMD Firepro W600 video card.  I have gone into bios and disable both of the video options.  Installed the card in the PCIe slot and rebot.  But the only video I get is throught the onboard DVI.  Nothing through the AMD card.

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I was curious if you guys could update the driver for "HP Pavilion 15-au030wm" because 4454 is outdated and doesn't support new games that are a bit intensive. I'm asking this because Intel's driver, 4542 causes IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL blue screens of death occasionally, I'm using the beta driver before that version hoping it resolves that blue screen of death. Thnaks for your help, I just would like a more updated video driver. -Kevin P.

A:Video Driver for HP Pavilion 15-au030wm

This is not a direct line to the HP software engineers responsible for writing drivers. Your laptop is pretty new so there is a chance HP will post new drivers for the Intel 520 video at some point but there is usually a couple month lag between when Intel releases new drivers and HP makes a new driver based on that Intel upgrade.  I would stay away from Beta Intel drivers. You are always best off using the latest posted HP driver. The Intel 520 video is not going to handle anything very "intensive" and drivers are perhaps not the problem here. 

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Recently after starting my computer I will get a blank screen on my Dell S2440L monitor and it would say it was in sleep mode with no signal input coming from the computer. The computer boots up with ligt on, no error signal beeps. I have checked the video VGA cable and even replaced it, I tried to reinsert the ram on the computer seeing if that was the problem and it still has the issue. Have tried to unplug the computer and monitor, no fix.  I tried a different monitor, same problem.  Just wondering if the built in graphics on the computer is at fault and if a new video graphics card might be the answer? If I get a new card installed do I need to disable the built in one on this computer and how can I do this prior to installation if I cannot get to view anything on the monitor? Thanks for any help. 

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Does anyone know where I can find an HP Pavilion 524w video card driver?

On the hp website, they only have the driver update. I need the original, because my friend's computer is still service pack 1.

A:HP Pavilion 524w video driver

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Hi, i have a HP pavilion p6-2010 desktop and i want a new videocard so i can play some of the 'newer' games. For example,  gtx 1060. Does it work on my pc? I heard that motherboard doesn't work with another cards. Please help.  

A:New video card on hp pavilion p6-2010

@E_One?, welcome to the forum. The model is missing some letters, such as, uk, kr, ix, etc.  I need them to review the specs of the computer.

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I want to upgrade the video of my HP Pavilion a6257c Desktop so that it will support an HDMI connection and streaming video to my hi def home theater monitor. The unit has an integrated video processor (Intel 950) but the product specifications indicate that the motherboard (P5LP-LE (Leonite2) a/k/a ASUS P5LP-LE) will support a PCI Express x16 graphics card.     I do not need a super upgrade video card for gaming- only for streaming video and HDMI connection but I am confused as to what expansion card to get and what elements need to be considered (e.g. I understand power supply is an issue but the product specifications for both the computer and the motherboard do not give that information.    Sooooooo your advice is solicited on the following: What video cards would you suggest that will fulfill my objectives?What considerations I need to satisfy before purchasing?Any issues I will have to address to complete the upgrade (e.g. Do I have to disable the integrated card, if so how?Is there any other advice you think I need to know?  Your time in considering and responding to my issue is greatly appreciated. George Ellis  

A:Upgrading video on HP Pavilion a6257c

Well, upon further investigation I have determined that the power supply is only 250 watts so it looks like that it might be an issue and might need upgrading also, depending on the video card.  Therefore please advise as to an appropriate power supply unit upgrade if needed for the card you think I need. Again, profound thanks. George Ellis 

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I have HP Pavilion M9515Y bought "off the shelf" with integrated graphics. Seems the cooling doesn't work now. After the system is up for about 20 minutes, I can hear the fans start to surge, then the monitor shuts off.

I'm hoping a semi-cheap video add in card with roughly the same or a bit better performance would bypass the issue. The only card I've added to the system is an SIIG USB 3.0 card

I have an old CRT monitor that I share between 2 PCs using a kvma switch. So if the card has an SVGA connector that would be even better.

Anyone have any candidate cards?

edit: Never mind. Seems this is a dedicated video card. I'll just R&R with a cheapie.

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I downloaded my HP Pavilion zv 5000 from xp to windows 7 and now my s-video that I used to be able to connect to my tv to watch movies no longer works. Is there something I can do to make the s-vodeo work with windows 7?

A:hp pavilion zv 5000 s video using windows 7

Hi doesn't look like hp supports windows seven for the drivers. you might be stuck with the basic window graphics driver. if you can give us the hardware id's we might be able to find a driver that might work.

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My husband's older computer is an HP Pavilion xt938. He is having problems that we have been told are caused by the video card. When we looked on the HP web site, it says that the video card is "Integrated into Motherboard, no AGP slot". Does this mean the video card can't be upgraded?


A:HP Pavilion xt938 new video card?

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I would like to be able to play battlefront.  I need a card that will both fit and not over heat.  Any suggestions?

A:upgrade video card for a Pavilion 550-126

Mathellyn, welcome to the forum. Here are the system requirements for Star Wars: Battlefront.  Your computer is only rated GD Adjusted Requirements.  So, you would have to upgrade several components to play at Recommended levels. The major problem is the power supply unit (PSU).  It is only 180W.  Most of the newer video cards require at least 400W.  Here is an examle of a card that would work, but it requires at least 400W to operate properly. Please click the "Thumbs up + button" if I have helped you and click "Accept as Solution" if your problem is solved.

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Hi i got this pc from a friend that didnt use it anymore since they got a new one. They took the harddrive out of course so i just put a new one in. Odly enough The computer will have it fans spinning + harddrive and the LED's would light up and the my moniter just went to sleep. I tested both the cable and moniter and they worked fine on my main pc. So i tred taking out the GPU and put a working in and still the same. I tried all kinds of troubleshooting. Reseating memory sticks and jumpers and everything. I also reseated the CMOS battery. At some point i got it to display the no bootable devices screen. and managed to install windows 10 and boot. But i never saw the post screen or anything it woudl remain black until it reached windows. I tried going to bios by holding Shift and press restarted and going into bios from there but when it restarted it was just blank again and nothing. I also tried the onboard gpu but the same. So i hope you are able to help me with this issue since i could use this pc since it got decent specs.

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I've worked hours on this and have been waiting months for a fix, anyone have any luck wirh alternate drivers? I need this laptop for external monitor. I've tried every option suggested and still NFG! Come on HP! Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

A:Still no fix for the HP Pavilion with HD 5000 video card?!

Hey Cheezomlet, I assume you need drivers for Windows 10 and probably know by now that there are no Windows 10 drivers available for that chipset.   I really think you should consider going back to a previous OS if you need the discrete GPU. -wes

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My friend currently enjoys, or tries to anyway, gaming on this machine.  She gets by, but is frustrated by certain of the specs and she is currently collecting parts to have a higher spec machine built, but in the mean time, we are trying to maximize this one.She recently upgraded her RAM from the default factory installed 4GB to 8GB.  So what I'm wondering is this:Is it possible alter the amount of RAM that is allocated to the video processor?  This end goal would be to provide the system with enough video RAM to stabilize her frame rate somewhat in higher population areas in the MMOs we play together.  Not necessarily increase it, that little GPU is doing the best it can, but I'm just trying to give it some head room so the thing isn't choking.

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So, I have an HP Pavilion g7-1075dx Notebook with Windows 7. I'm an avid gamer and wish to play the newest games. However, there's one problem thats keeping me from doing so. Alot of the newer games require newer video/graphics cards. This particular laptop has an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250. The newest games seem to require ATI Radeon HD 4850 and above. This is the only thing thats keeping me from playing games like Starcraft II on the highest settings OR in the case of Star Wars: The Old Republic, it almost keeps me from playing the game, period, due to the graphics being too much for my current card to handle, causing massive lag. I was hoping I could change the video card. Upgrade. However, i've heard that with most laptops or notebooks you can't upgrade anything other than the RAM. I'm hoping anyone on here can help me out and tell me if it is possible to get a new video card for my laptop. We don't have a desktop computer so this laptop is my only hope for a long time to play newer PC games.

A:is it possible to change the video card of a pavilion g7-107...

Alright, let me put this in a simpler message: Does anyone know if it is possible to change the video card currently in my laptop, the HP Pavilion g7-1075dx, for a newer and better one. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 to ATI Radeon HD 4850 or higher.

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I upgraded to windows 7 ultimate on my HP Pavilion a1110n, but I can't enable the aero, can someone tell me which graphics card I need?

A:Video card for HP Pavilion a1110n

alexmolinavr6 welcome to the Seven Forums.

The reason you can't enable Aero is due to the age of the onboard graphics (Intel 845G) is that it physically doesn't have the necessary hardware support for Aero. Now for the full specs on that HP of yours,

HP Pavilion a1110n Desktop PC Product Specifications HP Pavilion a1110n Desktop PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

and the motherboard in it,

Motherboard Specifications, P4GV-LA (Guppy) HP Pavilion a1110n Desktop PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

It only has PCI slots which severely limits what can go in it. Personally I wold live without Aero for now until you get a new computer that is fully Windows 7 compatible, but if you have to have Aero I wouldn't go for anything more or less than one of these (more costs to much and less doesn't have the support),

Newegg.com - EVGA 256-P1-N400-LR GeForce 6200 256MB 64-bit GDDR2 PCI Video Card

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What kind of video card can this system take?  Looking at EVGA GeForce GT 730 2GB GDDR5 or  Gigabyte Radeon Rx 460 Windforce OC 2GB or what would be a good card for med games. I have a bigger power supply.    Thanks 

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Hello, can anyone help me to find a driver for my video controller? I've just upgraded to windows 7 from xp, and HP doesnt seem to make drivers for my old laptop anymore, though windows 7 is running pretty smoothly! I've been able to find all of the missing drivers, like the one for my soundcard, and install them either in vista or xp compatibility mode, but I can't seem to find this last one. I read in another thread that the hardware IDs might be helpful. Well, here are the hardware ids listed for my video controller (I'm still not even sure what the video controller does):

If anyone could help me with this, I would certainly appreciate it.

Oh, one other thing, while I'm posting here, my track pad works to click and move the pointer around the screen, but the scrolling functionality has gone. Anyone have any suggestions on this one? Thanks.

A:HP Pavilion dv4000 - Video Controller


You might just be out of luck I'm afraid, unless someone else can suggest something...

- Older Intel? graphics controllers and Microsoft Windows 7* operating system

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I installed Windows 7 Ultimate x86 on the laptop and managed to find most of the drivers for it. The only thing left is the video driver, which I also found on this forum but the file was hosted on Megaupload which as far as I know is down. My question is if anyone has the file or can direct me to it.

A:HP Pavilion dv4000 Video Driver help

Driver is in the Link below ...

Mobile Intel 915GM/GMS and 910GML Express Chipset Family Video Driver - HP Pavilion dv4000 CTO Notebook PC | HP? Support

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Need Video Driver for HP Pavilion 6835.

System information (a program called Everest) identifies the video chipset as Intel i752. No drivers are available for this system from the HP site except for the keyboard. I've searched Google and examined at least 40 links. DriverGuide shows nothing for this i752, nor does the Intel site.

It would be fabulous if someone out there has the driver for this machine or could point me to one.

If I don't find the driver, I'll have to put in a PCI video card.

A:Need Video Driver for HP Pavilion 6835

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Does the Pavilion p6714y desktop support dual monitors?  If so, what must be done to connect a second monitor to this old desktop?  (I am a bit hardware illiterate).   

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My loptop lcd video display error on my HP Pavilion zd7000 laptop, had divided the display into 4 quadrants: What shoud be the top left of the display window is now on the center bottom of the screen: What shoud be the bottom left of the display window is now on the top middle.

I replaced my original lcd because the screen cracked. The "new" screen is the problem

External monitor works fine!

Any ideas to remedy this?

A:HP Pavilion video divided screen

Hmm.. You hooked up the new LCD the wrong way around? Or maybe the LCD has an incompatible pinout?

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Hello, My HP pavilion dv9500 is runing windows 10, but the video driver is not working, instead its using the windows default driver.  I looked online, but i cant find a newer driver.  Any help will be great. Thank you

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After upgrading to windows 10 home x64 got many updates via HP support and video  remains blank after sleep and won't come back and must hold power switch to power off then on the machine.Also when choosing to Shutdown the computer the power does not turn off.  

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hp pavilion p7-1067cb compatible with 970 nvidia gtx?I have a 550w psu and my gpu right now is a 7850 sapphire radeon gpu.Planning to get the 970 nvidia.Will it fit work?Thank you for your help ??

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Can i remove the video card of my Hp Pavillion 23 q106a or upgrade it?Because i can't play most of the latest games.This is my device http://support.hp.com/au-en/document/c04822611 .

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Hello, I am wanting to upgrade from the integrated graphics that came with my computer to a GeForce GT 730. I already have the card and had plugged it into my PCIe x16 slot and do see the fan running but neither my BIOS or Windows sees a card plugged into that slot. I did go into the BIOS to see if I had to enable the slot but the only option I see is to Disable or Enable security on the slot. It was already set to disabled. I'm kind of at a loss as to getting it recognized and if any more info is needed I'm happy to provide.

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Many people say it's useless to upgrade the video card on a Hp Pavilion like mines because it only accepts PCI cards. I'm not looking for any expensive high-tech cards, just something that can Handle COunter-Strike:Source.

Help please.

A:Upgrading Video card on my HP Pavilion a705w

Honestly, your best bet would be to buy a new computer, if you were going to run CS:S on a system like this, you would have to upgrade video as well as some memory... There are no "good" video cards for a PCI slot, and the memory in that system isnt all that great...

Also Check: The STICKY at the top of Audio and Video: So you only have PCI slots and want to game?

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Hi i was wondering if people could give me some suggestions on what video car to get. Also the slot type and speed this motherboard runs at. My OS is windows 7 Ultimate

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Any ideas for finding HP 753n pavilion video/ sound drivers?

As usual, HP is less than helpful.....



A:HP 753n pavilion video/ sound drivers?

Have you tried windows update

graphic's driver

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Hi All, I recently purchased a GTX1060 GPU card from nVidia on-line in an attempt to upgrade the capabilties of my 4 year old machine (from an MSI GeForce GT640) so that I'd be able to play Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 (both of which bring my poor old GT640 to its knees -- even on the lowest resolution settings).  It fits in the case and powers up (yes, I did plug in the 6-pin connector from the PSU), and the 600W PSU is adequate for the task, but I'm starting to think that I probably have a Motherboard compatibility issue. When I install the card and turn on the PC, it hangs at the setup splash screen (a common problem from what I've already read on these forums) and goes no further (keyboard and mouse are unresponsive at that point).  I've contacted nVidia support, and they've suggested a couple of BIOS changes (Disable Secure Boot, Enable Legacy/CSM Mode, and toggling BIOS Selection Mode between UEFI and Legacy modes), but when I access the HP Setup Utility (F10 upon boot-up with GT640 card installed), these options are not available to me. Is there any way for me to access the BIOS settings that nVidia has indicated I should be adjusting? Is this GPU card simply not at all compatible with my Motherboard? System Specs: HP Model Number: B4J28AV#ABA (Pavilion HPE h8-1380t)Motherboard: Pegatron 2ACE(Socket 0); 1.08; Intel Sandy Bridge-E Rev. 07; Intel Southbridge X79 Rev. 05BIOS: AMI 7.15CPU: Intel Core i7 3930K (3.2 GHz)OS: Windows 7 Profes... Read more

A:Video Card Upgrade for Pavilion HPE h8-1380t

Hi, The h8 1380t has a Pegatron, "Pittsburgh" motherboard. You could try to find a later revision of this system board. I also have an Envy 810-150se with a "Pittsburgh2" system board that has UEFI. I am running an Nvidia GTX 970 FTW EVGA card with great results. You would have to verify that the revision board would fit in your chassis. Other options are: 1. New Envy shipping with Win 7 Pro, or 2. Falcon Northwest. Swapping in a main stream system board from Asus, or Gigabyte, or Asrock is difficult at best. Your gonna have to change other components such as the processor, heat sink, fan and memory. You will probably have to purchase an OEM version of Win 7 Pro.  It gets pretty expensive when you do the math on all of the changes you will have to make. There is no guarantee you can find a main stream system board having the correct standoffs matching your h8-1380t chassis. Avoid a Skylake processor if you can unless you don't mind jumping through a few additional hoops to install Win 7. Please see this article and go here for the workaround to solve the win 7 installation problem. Jay  

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I'm hoping somebody can help me with this.  I recently upgraded the power supply in my machine to a 600W EVGA B2 and I was also hoping to upgrade the video card as well.  Looking at the motherboard though, it looks like I'm going to have problems finding a small and powerful enough video card to fit well.   I want to to get 'enough' video card to handle semi modern games.  I was hoping to get something as powerful as a 750Ti around abouts.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  It looks like the motherboard is only going to accomodate single slot cards, short and/or low profile cards. I'm hoping somebody can confirm whether this card will work in my machine:MSI Computer Graphics Cards N750TI-2GD5TLP .   Besides this card, does anybody have any recommendations?  I'm not opposed to AMD over Nvidia.  I'm just looking for the most powerful card that'll work in the space the motherboard allows for.  Also, I'm really hoping to hear testimonials of people who've upgraded successfully. On the Nvidia side, I also looked at the ZOTAC 740 and on the AMD side I was looking at the Visiontek Radeon 7750 SFF.  Although for obvious price/performance reasons, I'd prefer to go with the 750Ti. Thanks in advance.  -Geoff

A:Possible video card upgrades for an HP Pavilion P6-2127c

You original OS was WIN 7.  That dictates a non-UEFI vBIOS card,  MSI does make a hybrid card with a switch for Legacy BIOS. Newer cards are dual slot, so it will span 2 slots. If anythiung is in the 2nd slot, it has to be moved. Here is a link to the MSI description.  

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