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How to change the monitor resolution to a custom resolution

Q: How to change the monitor resolution to a custom resolution

Hi all,

So I'm creating a program for a friend but we are having trouble trying to display things in a 1280 x 1024 resolution.

Is there any way to create a custom resolution on my laptop or monitor of 1280 x 1024? Our monitors don't have this resolution listed in the display settings, or is this a driver issue?


Preferred Solution: How to change the monitor resolution to a custom resolution

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: How to change the monitor resolution to a custom resolution

The resolution availability can be affected due to the graphics card installed. I will have a think about any other factors which may affect the resolution.

Screen Resolution - Display Settings

The tutorial's information box explains which factors that affect your screen resolution availability.

Hope this helps,


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Ok - First off Im using a 32" Dynex TV as a monitor, hooked in through a VGA port on the TV. When I start my computer the screen jumps around and it says 'detecting signal', settles on 640x480 during boot When windows 7 starts to open it jumps again for a moment and goes to 1366x768 (the right setting for it) I was playing Metro 2033 and its too slow in 1366 so I reduced it to 1024x768 which apparently the TV cant do, it just went black, so it reset to 1366. I was trying various resolutions, some were too wide too skinny etc and accidentally clicked on 1024 again, screen went black and this time didnt revert. I restarted my computer and now after the 640 phase in boot it doesnt go to 1366 like it should but at the opening to windows 7 where you put in your password it switches to 1024, after it jumps to adjust a few times it goes black like in the game.. it tells me detecting signal (normal) then no signal detected (which is what it tells me if I have it on say component 1 with my xbox 360 turned off, or video 1 with my dvd player off, or even VGA with the computer off for that matter)

What Ive tried:
I tried turning the monitor off and on to see if I could adjust the settings back while it was adjusting before going black, but it just stays black...

I started up in safe mode, which was 800x600 and it was ugly but worked, I tried resetting the resolution but it only gave the base options (640, 800, 1024, 1280) and that was only for safe mode, it didnt hold when I ... Read more

A:monitor resolution issue - can I change my resolution from outside windows??

does the Nvidia card have any software which could manage screen resolutions? If so you can try that in safe mode....

Also, tap F8 on startup, but instead of safe mode chose "enable VGA mode" which should cause windows to boot normally, but in 800x600 (or something of the like, that just about all monitors and TV's support)

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Hi,I have the HP Spectre XT TouchSmart Ultrabook 15-4010nr and have plugged in an external monitor using Thunderbolt/ mini display port.No matter what I try, I cannot get the resolution of the external monitor over 1920 x 1080 which is the maximum resolution of the laptop. The monitor's resolution is 3440 x 1440.Research on the internet says that the Intel HD Graphics 4000 should be able to support the monitor's resolution.I have tried Intel's CustomModeApp and created a custom resolution there but I am unable to choose it anywhere.Has anyone been able to do this?

A:HP Spectre15-4010nr custom resolution for external monitor

Hi, Which port do you use ? For HDMI, you need HDMI 2.0 but your machine only has HDMI 1.4a and it supports 1920 x 1200 (or 1080) only. Regards.

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my subject may look strange, but I don't know how else to phrase it.
I have Inspiron with Dell ST2420L monitor
I wanted to change the resolution and selected resolution too high for my monitor and clicked accept.
Now I have a message on a screen :
The current input timing is not supported by monitor display.
please change your input timing to [email protected] or any other supported..
But it will not let me back so I can't change it.
I tried to restart but it didn't help. Any suggestion,

A:change resolution without monitor

Boot the system in Safe Mode (F8 before Windows loads or hold SHIFT through boot for 8 or 10).

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My girlfriend just bought a new Compaq CPU -
She kept the 17" monitor from a, at the time, "state of the art" Gateway probably bought in 1994 or 1995.

The resolution setting is 640 X 480 and the arrow or control to change it to 800 X600, etc. is "grayed" out and can't be changed.
I have had PC's since the Commodore 64 but have never seen this problem-
Your suggestions are appreciated.
Don Rhea
[email protected]


A:Monitor resolution - can't change !

It is either corrupt or uninstalled video drivers or more likely since the computer is new, the computer can not auto detect the capabilities of the monitor and needs drivers for the monitor installed. Check both and you should find the cause.

Eagles may fly high, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

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****Running windows 8 64bit****

When I hook up my samsung tv to the laptop, the default resolutions available to select for a second monitor don't seem to be optimal for my TV display, the edges of the desktop get cut off on my tv if i choose the closest resolution option 1280x720 to match my screen. this is annoying when i display and maximize a window on my tv because the title bar, scroll bar and taskbar become partially cut off or completely out of sight. IS there anyway to manually add a customized resolution in addition to the default ones available under display settings for my second monitor?

A:Need to manually change 2nd monitor resolution

You need to use the television's native resolution. Some modern '720p' televisions actually use 1366x768. 1080p televisions use 1920x1080 always though.

As for the screen not fitting? this is because of certain HDMI settings on the television. In the television's menus, look for something like "HDMI Mode" or something. Often it's a number between 1 and 2. Pick the one that doesn't overscan.

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I have a lg w2243s, not the PF model, and it does not have a driver for Win7, despite that it works fine on my old laptop, which also has Win7 installed, I can use the maximum resolution, no problem.

On my newer laptop, ASUS with both integrated (intel hd graphics 3000) and dedicated (nvidia 520m) it only allows me two resoltions 800x600 and 1024x768, despite the optimal one being 1920x1080.
I have the latest drivers installed for graphic cards.
Please help.Thanks.

A:Cannot change resolution to optimal on external monitor

Try downloading the monitor driver: LG W2443T-PF Support: Find Manuals & Warranty Info | LG U.A.E Don't mind the model.

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I am running Windows XP and using the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator to control my monitor. Every time I start/restart the computer, it goes back to 1280x1024. I can reset it to 1024x768 and it holds fin, until I restart it. After the inital startup, the desktop appears and it is actually in the correct 1024x768. However, the screen will flash once and then reset back to the 1280 resolution. When I go and check the Intel properties, it has defaulted back to the 1280 even though it was set at 1024 before shutdown.

A:Solved: Monitor keeps change resolution after a restart

Did an update on the Video Card drivers and now any change I make holds.

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I currently have a 15" PC with a 3200x1800 resolution. Using Windows 8.1. I have the scaling to highest.

My 2nd external monitor is 1920 x 1200.

I am trying to extend my desktop to the 2nd monitor but is there a way to use different scaling for both the PC and monitor?

I have unchecked "use scaling for all my displays" but no matter what, I still can't change the scaling on the external display. It uses the scaling settings of my PC (scaling set to highest because of 3200x1800 resolution) and because of that, the monitor scaling shows everything large.

Thank you.

A:How to change scaling resolution on extended monitor?

Bump. Still looking for a solution. Thanks.

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I'm pretty sure the reason I can't change the resolution on my monitor is because it is listed as Generic PnP in Device Manager. Although in Control Panel-->Display the model number is listed.

It's a seven year old monitor. Model Sony SDM-HS73. Should I attempt to install a driver? Will that allow me to change resolution? If so how do I find the driver?

I want to see if going lower than 1280 x 1024 may allow me to see the text on the screen a little better. But if it's more trouble than it's worth...

A:Monitor is listed as generic, can't change resolution.

I just took a quick look at Sony for your monitor:

Sony eSupport - SDM-HS73 - News & Alerts

The drop down list under drivers doesn't show anything for Windows 7 or Vista.

I've at times used a generic video driver and did not notice anything inferior about it.

I guess you could experiment with an XP driver, maybe in compatible mode?

It's entirely possible Sony has quit driver development for this monitor and that you have no choice other than the generic driver you are now using.

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Native Resolution for my monitor is 1366 x 768. It's a 32 inch computer monitor. The reason for buying bigger screen for the computer is so that I can have more desktop display area so that I don't have to scroll horizontally to have a clear helicopter view of my subject.

Only then I was made to understand that I am actually restricted by the monitor resolution and hence though my graphic card can support higher resolution, it won't work. So my problem right now is setting the graphic card with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 is giving me blurry images and text. The desktop display area is wide enough to satisfy my need but the blurring object is not acceptable.

My general question would be:
If the graphic card higher resolution doesn't help because it does not match the monitor, is there any smart software that can give me more desktop area with clarity given that resolution constraint? What other alternatives do I have without getting rid of my new monitor?

A:Graphic Card Resolution > Monitor Resolution

What graphics card do you have? Sounds like it is not powerful enough to fill the resolution you are looking for.


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Ok, here we go! First off, new to the forum - looks like a great place to be.

Have a Dell Inspiron 531s, and it came with a Dell 17" rectangular monitor, connected by USB. After changing the OS from Vista to XP Pro, I've now upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium, so I though ti would be great to add a new wide screen monitor. I looked at the Dell offerings, the the model I use at work is a 24", and the price is $270. Looking around at WalMart, and I noticed a Vizio 24" LCD TV was selling for $148. Looking at the box, it states it is PC compatible. Great - $270 vs. $148 - I'll bite!

The only means of connecting from my Inspiron to the Vizio is via a VGA cable (HDMI would have been nice). The idea of going to the wide screen was to allow either split screen or two windows side-by-side, but that's not working out. Seems as though I can't adjust the resolution. The Vizio is identifed as a generic PnP monitor with 1360 x 768 DPI and 60 Hertz refresh. I though perhaps my graphics driver just needed to be updated. The graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, version

The big question - can I change the resolution? Right now the icons and print are at about 125%. Please keep the tips simple, because I know enough to be dangerous! Thanks much! Rich

A:Added Vizio 24" LCD monitor - Can't change resolution - Need help!

Make sure the laptop is set to show ALL resolutions possible, the video card may just not display that resolution.

The VGA connection may be the problem.

What is the native resolution of the Vizio 24" TV

Is it 1080p or 720p?

All this information is on the box.

Post a manufacturer`s link to the Vizio TV.

I would never use an HDTV as a computer monitor ( they look terrrible ) you can get a 24" PC monitor much cheaper then $270, keep looking.

I only use my Sony Bravia for the occasional movie from the PC.

Other then that it`s strictly for Blu-Ray or HDTV

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I have GATEWAY DX 4300 and use Dual monitor (Samsung Sync master P2350).
Both monitors was working fine for Highest resolution (1920x1080).

At present
-Monitor 1 (Non-PnP) maximum resolution is preset at 1600x 1200 and cannot be adjusted to highest resolution 1920x1080.
-Monitor 2(PnP) is working fine.

Any feedback to bring back monitor 1 to full resolution is appreciated.


A:ATI Radeon HD 4650: Dual monitor Resolution change

Try switching monitors around. i.e. swap where they are plug in on the card.

Its possible one of the out puts is crapping oout.

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I have a new Dell Latitude E5540 with Intel HD graphics card and an Nvidia Geforce GT 720M graphics card. The Intel card seems to be handling the main graphics with the nvidia card looking after the physics.

I need to connect to a Dell 2007FP monitor to the laptop but it seems I have set an incorrect resolution in the Intel HD grtaphics card settings for this monitor.

It only allows me to change the settings for the monitor when it is pluigged in, but when it is plugged in it just flickers on and off so I cant get to the settings!!

Are the settings stored in the background somewhere where I could change them?

You help is very much appreciated.

A:monitor stuck on incorrect resolution cannot change settings

Quote: Originally Posted by mickthetree

I have a new Dell Latitude E5540 with Intel HD graphics card and an Nvidia Geforce GT 720M graphics card. The Intel card seems to be handling the main graphics with the nvidia card looking after the physics.

The Intel GPU will run under normal circumstances (everyday use such as browsing, Word/Excel files etc, watching videos) whereas the nVidia GPU will kick in and take over when needed, for example when gaming.

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hi everybody! i have little problem here: I'm trying to connect laptop to car 7" display which has no VGA only regular A/V input, so i got converter box and it connects fine. problem is: car display is 7" with 480 x 234 resolution and if I'm trying to read the text it's almost unreadable! is there any way to fix this problem? PLEASE HELP!!!

A:HELP: custom resolution?

The first step may be DPI
DPI Display Size Settings - Change - Windows 7 Forums
or maybe this
For Vista Too.
Right click on desktop
then display in the left panel

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Hey I need some help my LCD TV has a native resolution of: 1366 x 768
but i cannot set that option. I have the Intel X "graphics" chipset in my laptop. I have tried a variety of resolutions and they all look fuzzy and gives a lot of eye strain.
Any suggestions?

A:Custom resolution

btw here is a link on amazon about my tv:
Amazon.com: Philips 26PF5320 26-Inch Flat Panel Widescreen LCD TV: Electronics

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Hopefully someone can help me with this, I suck at graphics stuff.

I have an nvidia geforce gts 360m. On the nvidia product page it says it can support up to 2048x1536. So, I'd like to add this as a custom resolutions..but every time I try, it doesn't pass the custom mode test...and I don't know what settings to mess with to get it to work.

I'd really love some advice from someone that knows what they are doing

I have the most up to date driver.

A:Custom Resolution Help

I believe the reason your not passing the test is your exceeding the native resolution of your monitor/screen.
Even though the card is capable of your posted resolution doesn't mean that your monitor/screen can handle it.
You can check out this tutorial on how to force DVI/HDMI resolutions and refresh rates.
Caution exceeding your displays native refresh rate can damage the display. Fabe Force DVI/HDMI resolutions and refresh rates

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Okay, I'm wondering if its possible to add the resolution 1280x960 70hz to the display settings on both Vista and 7, without using 3rd party software. I have a ATI radeon HD 4670, and I'm using the latest drivers for both Vista and 7. Ive tried just about everything else including powerstrip (Which really is user unfriendly), and adding it through the registry. I just want the simplest way of adding this resolution to the display settings (Including refresh rate, it matters because I'm on a CRT monitor). I'm running at 1280x960 70hz now (Only on desktop, not in games) by tricking CCC into thinking that 1280x960 70hz is my monitors highest resolution in the attributes section (Only worked in vista), But doing that crippled me into only being able to play my games at 1024x768 70hz, which is really low. Someone please help me out

A:Custom Resolution

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my friend has a 1366x768 LCD TV but ATi does not have this exact resolution (1360x768 is closest)

and I cant find any option that lets you create a custom one

any help is greatly appreciated


A:how do you set custom resolution in ATi CCC


You may want to look at this web site:

Quote: "You can set custom resolution in CCC by first apllying standard 720p format then choosing the add option."

Hope this helps.

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anyone know how to run this game at 1920x1080?
any suggestions?

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Hi I purchased HP Pavilion 15AU111TX which comes with 1368x768 resolution along with NVidia 2GB graphic card and still it's not giving a smooth viewing experience. If I open intel graphic control panel and change resolution to 1920x1080p using custom resolution, will it support?

A:Custom Resolution

Hi, No, you can't customize it to 1920 x 1080. You need a different screen. Regards.

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My father bought me a monitor but it's resolution should be at 1440x900 but my computer can only display 1400x1050 and then 1600x900.

I'm running XP but the CD driver came with the driver for Vista and doesn't make one for XP.

I already downloaded and ran the update for my graphics adapter (intel 82845G). No dice.

I need something where I can maybe type in the display properties.

I also tried using something called "powerstrip" and using the regedit function but I didn't have the stings they needed me to edit.

So the 1400X1050, as you can imagine make text appear weird and the smilies to the right are oval instead of circular.

A:Need custom resolution

The monitor didn't come with the XP drivers...?

What is the make and model of the monitor?

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I have this problem: sometimes when I start 7, I automatically get the resolution 1680x1050 (the biggest resolution supported from my samsung syncmaster 2032mw) and if I go on the resolution settings I can see that the monitor is set on syncmaster. But sometimes 7 starts to a 1280x1024 resolution and the monitor is set to display device for VGA (sorry, it's a bad translation of the italian text: dispositivo di visualizzazione per VGA). When I go to resolution settings I can only set the resolution to 1280x1024 or 1600x1200 (not supported).
I installed the last monitor and graphic card (ati radeon xpress 1250) driver but I haven't any change.
Any solution?

A:how to set a custom resolution?

The latest and final version ATI will ever have for you is the Vista 9.8 Catalyst.

Is this what you're running?

ATI Catalyst? Legacy Display Driver

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I just upgraded to Win10 and the resolution does not fit. I have a 1440x900 monitor and none of the resolution options fit. None of them say recommended or anything. Is there a way to set a custom resolution?

A:Custom resolution

Originally Posted by JMG787

I just upgraded to Win10 and the resolution does not fit. I have a 1440x900 monitor and none of the resolution options fit. None of them say recommended or anything. Is there a way to set a custom resolution?

Hi @JMG787, welcome to tenforums.com!

If you navigate in the Control Panel to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display\Screen Resolution
can you not set it there manually?

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Hey guys. So my dad runs a photography company that uses this 15 year old software called Pcpro. Basically as he takes photos, they are dumped into a folder, and Pcpro has a line at the top of the most recent photos, so you can click them and compare which is the best, then slap a border on, and print. Its very simple, but theres one problem. As its 15 years old, it was developed in a time where all monitors were 4:3, and its locked to that aspect ratio. As a result, on laptops, the bottom of the screen is cut off:
Here, you can see what its supposed to look like:
That purple computer icon at the bottom contains vital menu options, and the software is useless without access to it. And it needs to be able to be used on a laptop.
So, i need something that can force custom aspect ratios on laptops, (even if it means black bars on the sides) or perhaps add a scroll bar to the side of the program, or perhaps newer software that accomplishes the same task. Any ideas?

A:Force custom resolution?

Hi telling us the make and model of the laptop would be useful, but reading this may provide some info The ultimate guide to tweaking your GPU's most arcane settings | PCWorld

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My notebook got native resolution 1366x768 and i want to ask if i can stimulate higher resolution. It can be done on android/linux also in windows via nvidia settings.

However, i use nvidia gpu only for games so i need to set it on intel hd graphics 5500. Its impossible to do in intel control panel.

any ides?

Maybe simulate somehow virtual desktop?

thank you

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I have recently got a new monitor and I have a custom resolution setup for it. The problem is that every time I restart or turn on my computer it resets the resolution to 1440 x 900. It resets it even efore the logon screen shows up. I have all the updated drivers and anti-virus software. I'm running Vista SP1. The custom resolution is 1680 x 1050 with a 60 Hz refresh rate, which is one of the resolutions that is listed in the manual for the monitor. I set the resolution through NVidia's control panel. The monitor is a HANNSpree 28 inch.

A:Custom Resolution Resets

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Hi all, I have a Lenovo G40-30 notebook. And I want to connect Dell P2416D monitor to it. This monitor has a 2560x1440 resolution.  The notebook has Windows 10 x64 installed. And I can't run CustomModeApp, it does nothing. I tried the driver from Lenovo site, also I updated it via Intel Driver Update Utility, and nothing works. After googling I found that new drivers have Custom Resolution tab inside Intel Control Panel and it works on Windows 10. Where can I find a new driver for G40-30 or driver with working CustomModeApp for Windows 10 x64? Thanks,Yehor 

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Hello all, I am trying to set up a Lenovo desktop computer with integrated Intel graphics to work with a SMARTBoard. The board is in the format of 16:10. Is there any way to set a custom screen resolution that would match the 16:10 ratio?


A:Custom Screen Resolution

This was the info I managed to stumble accross:

1. Open RegEdit and browse to HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\VIDEO\ {the address of your primary video card…it often begins with “23A77BF7″}000\
2. The Default Settings.XResolution data value is the horizontal resolution, and the Default Settings.YResolution data value is the vertical. Double-click the Default Settings.XResolution data entry, select the Decimal radio button, and in the Value Data field, enter your desired horizontal resolution. Then do the same with Default Settings.YResolution to change the vertical resolution.
3. Exit RegEdit and reboot your PC.

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I want to use a custom resolution because the display's resolution is not recognized.

I want to use 1920x1080 (progressive, 60Hz). It's the native resolution of the display.

It's a Toshiba A200 notebook with Intel GMA x3100. Latest GPU Driver is installed but it doesn't have the custom resolution menu so I think I'll have to use registry hacks. Can you please help me with that?

A:How do I set custom resolution on Intel GMA?

External display? If yes go to its manufacturers web site and look for a driver (inf file) for that monitor.

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Hi I have a new elitebook 840 G3 with intel HD graphics 5500, I installed the lasted driver but my external monitor does not have the correct resolution, I try adding the a cutom resolution but the option is not present in the Intel graphics control panel and the CustomModeApp.exe is not in the system32 folder, any ideas?   Here is a bit more information: 

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I work for a company that maintains simulators, how ever with up and comming modifications we use the latest of equipment to modernize our sims. We have some test rigs set up and we are running windows 2000 and the G-Force 4 TI 4600 on a syncmaster 1100p Monitor..

This is my question to you , we use power strip to set the custom resolution of 1248 x 940 however we would like to know can we use a registry fix or something diffrent instead of power strip. We use the latest Nvidia drivers at 43.03 but this doesnt have a custom resolution that we have.

Hope some one can advise..

Thx sifter..

A:Need to set a custom resolution of 1248 x 940 but how?

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I have a Presario V6000 laptop and a Olevia 27 inch widescreen tv/monitor. I want to use the 27 inch, but for whatever reason Vista won't let me use the custom resolution of 1360x768(I only have a VGA cable, and not an hdmi cable). Is there any program that will let me use that resolution? Thank you, and sorry if this isn't the right category, lol it was a toss up between this one and the image one.

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I use my laptop for a lot of recorded screencasts and we're making a jump to all HD screencasts in the next few weeks within our company. The only issue I'm having is my laptop has a screen of the 16:10 widescreen orientation versus the normal 16:9.

My default resolution is 1280x800. Nowhere can I figure out how to bring it down to 1280x720 without hooking up an external display that supports that resolution. For example, my Sony TV takes VGA up to 1280x720 and hitting Fn+F7 adjusts my desktop to match (800 to 720) but at no other time is there an option on the slider for it.

Is there ANYTHING I can do to add this as a setting? I know my Intel GMA 4500HD chip can do it, I know my screen can do it, but Windows 7 Ultimate and the drivers don't seem to think it can be done.

Any advice on what to do?

A:Custom Resolution Question

This *may* help:

Control Panel > All Control Panel Options > Display > Screen Resolution > Advanced Settings > Monitor Tab > Select your monitor in list > Uncheck "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display"

It also might help if you get real drivers that have a control panel other than the default windows one. Can't find GMA 4500HD in the list, but if you get the model of your motherboard using a program like Speccy you should be able to download the latest drivers.

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I have build a new PC for gaming, it has a 7970 GHz edition, which is quite powerful. It can run most games at well over 120 FPS. allso have an asus 144hz vg248qe monitor. I would like to be able to run at 1920x1080 144Hz, but i can't figure out how to increase the refresh rate above 60, which is quite frustrating. On my old monitor, with my 6 year old PC i could run 85 Hz, no problems. I have searched the interwebs for guidiance, but i've had more luck finding info on Nvidia resolutions.
i'm not a huge fan of Catalyst control center. Please help me

A:creating custom resolution with AMD GPU

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Hello, I have 2 problems that are most probably inter-linked.

1. I recently downloaded the new 195.62 driver for my 'NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS' graphics card, dxdiag is still showing 8.17.0011.9562 instead although the nVidia control panel says its using the 195.62 driver. Has something gone wrong or are they seperate drivers?

2. I downloaded the 195.62 driver and followed the steps here: http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=16154 to remove old drivers and then install the new one. After about 2 hours of trying to get it all to work I realised that it had deleted ALL my custom resolutions, I like my custom resolutions as it means I can play games at 16:10 ratio with a good frame rate (16:10 resolutions from nVidia are 1440x900 which is too high or 768x480 which is too low).
Now when I try to create a custom resolution I click 'Test' and the screen does some weird purple/green smoke effect thing covered in horizontal lines. It then goes back to the native resolution (1440x900) and the screen flickers for 10seconds, and that is as far as I can get, I cannot set any custom resolutions.

I really need some help with this, I've Googled it for ages and it seems no one else is having the same problem, I would like to be able to play TF2 at my monitor's native ratio; 16:10, at either 1280x800 or 1120x700.
Any help would be appreciated a lot.

A:Custom Resolution Problems

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I have an Intel HD (core i5) graphics card. I'm trying to go past the resolution of 1366 x 768 which is the highest already. There is a custom resolutions tab in the Intel Control Panel but it's not doing anything at all. Is there any way to go to a little higher like up to 1600 x 900 or something?

A:Intel HD graphics custom resolution

The maximum resolution is set not by the graphics adaptor (assuming there is enough available RAM), but by the monitor or other device you are using - It would appear that you are using a 16:9 TV monitor which has a native resolution of 1366 x 768, as there are only 1366 x 768 pixels available even if you increased the resolution manually it would not improve matters

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My laptop specs are:
Intel HD 5500/GT 940m
8gb ram
15.6" 720p display

Whenever I try to set a 1080p custom resolution via graphics properties i get the error, "this resolution exceeds the maximum bandwidth capacity". After a whole day of googling i have found nothing but Intel shifting the blame to manufacturer for limiting the hardware, I understand this is a driver issue as iGPU do not support custom resolution like all their competitor does, ATI/AMD/NVIDIA.

So i just want to try my luck here and see if there is any other solutions, I purchased this laptop this morning and really like everything except the resolution, its a hard pill to swallow after experiencing dual 24" 1080p displays and really limits my productivity on campus. Any help or replies (even if its to confirm there is no existing solution to make me finally give up) will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.

in case you are wondering why i went for the inferior resolution, the laptop i got was too good of a deal to pass up and a similar spec at 1080p will cost $400+ more. right now i am regretting the decision every passing moment

A:How do I set custom resolution for Intel HD 5500

Since nearly all Notebooks have fixed hardware versus Desktops where things can be changed I'm afraid you would have to take advantage of the seller's return policy and try to get a Notebook that more nearly meets your needs. There are some that offer dual video adapters but I haven't checked them out yet.

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sup, once again!

I've had this problem since I got this computer from a friend. He didn't give me a graphics card with it so I've had to use the AMD integrated graphics (ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics) and use Custom Resolution Utility to give the card the option to use my monitor's native resolution (1600x900). My drivers are up-to-date.

I do have a problem, however, and there IS a fix because I had it working before I factory reset my PC. When I turn my PC on from sleep mode or hibernation, it will jump to a REALLY stretched out resolution (to be precise, it goes to 1280x860). When I run the restart64.exe that comes with CRU, it fixes it, so I have it pinned to my start menu for easy use after I turn my computer on from sleep.

IT'S. SO. ANNOYING. Especially because I know there's a fix but I forget where I found it.


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Hello i need help

Today i had a problem with my nvidia gtx 1050 ti. I tried using custom resolution utility (cru) to changer the resolution from 60 to 75 hz and i succeded but the problem is that there was a file named, restart 64 and when i clicked on it, it reseted my nvidia/windows color settings my wallpaper and also one app that makes the task bar invisible

So the point is that what else did it reset
for example it reseted the color settings but what else???
thats what i wanna know thx.

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I want to add a custom resolution. In XP there used to be this feature in the nvidia drivers, but i can't seem to find anywhere to do it now. I've been searching the web abit, and all i have been able to find, is editing an .inf file, and reinstall the drivers. I'd prefer to avoid that.

Does anyone know of a solution to this that works in Vista and on the GF8800?

A:custom resolution on Geforce 8800GTX

i believe RivaTuner has that ability (to add custom resolutions)

seen the option but never used it


Hope that helps


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I've been using my TV to play games on my desktop over HDMI for years, and I've always had a screen resolution that fit the TV display perfectly (1768x992). Recently, I purchased a new laptop for myself and have started using it more to game on, and I've been trying to hook it up to my TV over HDMI, and try as I might, I can't get that display resolution to show up. After doing some more digging, I tried to set a custom resolution in the NVIDIA Control Panel, and had no luck there because it appeared that the NVIDIA card I had in the laptop wasn't actually the one controlling the display, so the "Customize..." button under the display settings was greyed out. So I went another route and tried to set a custom resolution via the Intel Graphics Adapter, and I was able to create a profile for it, but the resolution would never change (The screen would go black and then it would still be set to whatever resolution I previously had). My last attempt at this was downloading a 3rd-party tool called Custom Resolution Utility (Shows up in Explorer as CRU.exe) and tried manually setting it there. I don't know if it was just from me not knowing how to specifically use the utility, or if it was just not working, but I never got it working with that either (Would go to a black screen and stay on the same resolution).

All I'm looking for is a way to create that 1768x992 resolution, and if possible, add it to the Screen Resolution chart in Control Panel to make it a bit easier to ... Read more

A:Setting Custom Screen Resolution?

Go to NVIDIA Control Panel > Change Resolution > Below there will be a "Customize..." Button, Click it > You will see a "Create Custom Resolution" > There you can set it

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Hello i have dv6 with switcable graphics. It has intel HD 4000 + radeon 6770m 1 gb VRAM, 8 GB system Ram, with i7 CPU.  I understand from internet sources that the max resolution that 6770m can support  is 2560 x 1600.i got a 4K display, when i connect and enable only the 4K display, the max resolution option available is 2048 x 1280. the 6770m is the active graphics.I tried to do the registry edit trick but still 2560 x 1600 option does not become abvailable. I tried to add a custom resolution thru the intel graphics app but it gives an error that this resolution excceds the max bandwidth. I have a feeling that the radeon itself can support 2560 x 1600, but may be because Intel HD 4000 cant, its now showing me the higher resolution. I tried to disable intel HD 4000 from device manager but then the grahics stopped all together.  Is there any way to enable 2560 x 1600 on this laptop?  

A:Custom screen resolution for radeon 6770m

nexus696 wrote:... Is there any way to enable 2560 x 1600 on this [email protected] What is your laptop ?  Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:  http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00033108 How do you connect it ? Please note: for HDMI and even DP connection, you CAN'T get 4K resolution.Regards.

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4Hey guys!
My netbook(Samsung NC110 with 1024*600 Screen Resolution and Intel GMA 3150) is running Win8.1 x64 now. I want to use all features of Win8, so i want to set Custom resoltion like 1366*768. I was trying to change some keys in the regedit, but the picture was very bad, cause my screen is 16:9, and 1024*768 or 1152*864 resolutions is 4:3
I want to get some utility to set Custom Resolutions, that bigger that real resolution of my display
p/s/Sorry for my bad english, Hi from Ukraine!

A:Intel GMA 3150+Custom screen resolution

i don't think it can be done
even if you can set to 1366*768 it will looks weird :s

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Hi Guys,

This is a pretty tough question I suppose, and I wasn't sure where to post it.

i've somehow managed to crack the LCD screen of my ThinkPad laptop on the right-hand side, leading to the formation of black and coloured lines on the screen.

I'd love to change the resolution so that this part of the screen was excluded and I could keep using the laptop normally, but it turns out that the Intel graphics card in this computer doesn't support custom resolutions, only 1024x76 and 800x600.

I imagine that a way around this might be to change the default size of a window, so that if I open an application it by default doesn't use the entire screen, and if I hit the 'maximise' button it goes to the custom resolution instead of the whole screen.

Is such a modification possible?

Any help would be massively appreciated!



A:Custom Resolution not supported by graphics card

Changing your screen resolution will merely change the resolution of the screen, not make it smaller. Your best bet would be to get the screen replaced, or live with the crack.


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Sorry if I get some of the technical terms wrong, I have a laptop (HP Probook 450) which has a display with 1366x768 max resolution, I want the graphics driver to output 1920x1080 on the screen, dont care if I lose some details,

I want something similar to what happens when you set a game to 1080p in settings and it is the downscaled to be able to show on the screen, but I want something like that on the windows interface,

Notes. I tried Custom Resolution Utility, did not work,

and tried intel advanced settings but it tells me my monitor does not support advanced settings in intel control panel

my laptop has the intel 4600 graphics and AMD HD 8750m , but I think the intel one is responsible for outputting windows

Any help will be appreciated


A:How to make my laptop output downscaled custom resolution?

You can't, the 1366x768 is actually the number of physical pixels in the screen. Thus the maximum resolution.

There is no point in downscaling 1920x1080 there is nothing to be gained. You just lose some quality and speed due to processing within the monitor (an external one).

You can use a higher resolution monitor externally via the HDMI port.

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