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After restoring files post-Vista reinstall, I have lost rights to files/folders

Q: After restoring files post-Vista reinstall, I have lost rights to files/folders

I have been having problems with my laptop lately to say the least. I realized that it came pre-installed with Vista 32-bit but that I had a 64-bit processor so I added in an extra gig of RAM and did a clean install of Vista 64. Other than many, many devices not working at first (including the ethernet controller) due to driver issues, it was working fine. I had previously backed up my files in Vista 32 and tried to restore them after the installation, but the only way to do this was to use the "restore from another machine" option because Vista thought my backups were from another system due to the restore. After getting everything to restore correctly, I noticed that I had lost many administrator privileges that I had before.

After a few days, I got a blue screen of death and when the system restarted itself it said that a hard drive failue was imminent and I should backup and replace the drive. Unfortunately, it would not allow me to backup so I had to replace the drive and restore again with the same backup that was from "another system". I am having the same problem with rights to files and folders. Today, for example, I was using TuneUp Utilities' defragment utility and there were large parts of the drive that were "locked" and were not able to be moved. I assume this is because I had no rights to them after the restore.
My question (after all that!) is: how can I get the rights to all my files back safely and easily. I tried to go directly into the main drive's security options and change everything to "Full Control" but was warned that that would be a security risk.

Can anyone help? I'd really appreciate it!

Preferred Solution: After restoring files post-Vista reinstall, I have lost rights to files/folders

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: After restoring files post-Vista reinstall, I have lost rights to files/folders

Anyone? Please

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I noticed two-three days ago that Windows 7 suddenly started to demand admin rights to delete or edit some folders. It does not seem to be any specific folders, sometimes it works to delete and sometimes it does not. I tried to download some files to a folder a few minutes ago and most of the files were downloaded, but one of the files Vista starts to demand admin rights to write into the same folder that the other files were saved to. When I try again with the same file that failed it works without problem.

I have made some changes lately in MSConfig and turned off some services that should be "safe" to turn off according to several webguides. Maybe it has something to do with that? I am not sure which service could be the problem though.

I have been thinking it could be a virus maybe, since it does work sometimes and sometimes not.

Please note that I have had NO problems with the admin rights part so far until this started to happen. I am not sure if the changes started to happen before or after the changes in services startup.

A:Vista suddenly demands Admin rights for deleting/editing files/folders

You might have reset the User Access Control Settings. Go to Control Panel/User Accounts/Change User Account Control Settings. If you do not want to be asked each time, select Never Modify.

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Two days ago, whilst I was using the internet, the computer crashed (a blue screen appeared then rebooted itself; can't remember the error message). Reboot was okay, settings were normal. The next day when I switched the computer on, a windows recovery error message appeared; my original wallpaper was missing, replaced by the blue classic windows colour. All my personal folders on the desktop were missing. The windows recovery error message said something like, some sectors of the hard drive had errors. I thought the message was a hoax &/or virus so I tried to close the window and check for viruses & malware. I couldn't close the error window even via the CTRL, ALT, DEL Task Manager, so had to force a reboot. Now subsequent reboots don't show the error message, but my original wallpaper is still missing & all my personal folders on the desktop are missing. Other folders on the C-drive e.g. Documents, Music, Pictures etc are all missing. The Microsoft office programs are all missing from the desktop and not shown on Start>Programs....
Ran error check via C-drive> Properties > Tools: no errors found. No viruses or malware attacks found. Tried the 'restoring' function via Start > Setting > Control Panel > Backup & restore centre, but after the restore auto reboot it gave a message saying that 'restore failed'.
Please can someone help to explain how I can get the missing folders back and return my system to its original settings.
Thanks in advan... Read more

A:How to find lost files in Vista Home Basic personal folders?

Hi welcome to the forum.
In view of a number of things at faultI would like you to do the following please:-

AV & Malware.
First, to assist in the elimination of possible virus and/or malware.
I would ask you to please use your Anti-virus full scan program facilities, making sure, you have updated the software first. Please advise us of the results.

If you do not have any anti-virus loaded please go to this link and download Microsoft Security Essentials :- Anti-Malware, Virus, Spyware Protection | Microsoft Security Essentials

Secondly, please download:- malwarebytes Malwarebytes a Malware searching program, again, an updated full scan. Notify results please. Both these programs are Freeware
Thank you.

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Hi ALl,

My sister was using the laptop browsing on websites and sunddenly the computer went off. Upon restart we could not access Internet Explorer button, the control panel, my computer and all system applications such as them were not visible on the start menu in the corner on the left hand side. All folders/files on the desktop were gone and an antivirus software kept coming up that was not known. I know a bit about computers and run AVG Free in safe mode and removed the anitvirus that was actually the virus itself in form of Trojan virus. This helped slightly but I still cannot see any files/folders that was previous to the virus. AVG now says the computer has no viruses but it is still not back to normal.

Any help will be much appreciated


A:Lost personal files/folders, system files unviewable etc.

Let's see, if we can recover your missing features.Download and run UnHideLet me know, if it worked.Then...Download Security Check from HERE, and save it to your Desktop. * Double-click SecurityCheck.exe * Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. * A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.=============================================================================Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply.====================================================================================Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeClick Go and post the result.=============================================================================Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (aka MBAM): http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free to your desktop. * Double-click mbam-setup.exe and ... Read more

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Being a regular no-techy sort of guy, I naturally thought that if I used File History that I would be able to get my files back from the external drive if I had to reinstall Windows8. After a HDD crash it appears that isn't the case.

I would be eternally grateful if someone was able to tell me whether this is possible?

13gb of Excel Spreadsheets is riding on this solution - please!

A:Restoring files from File History after reinstall

Hello Hallamshire, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You should be able to manually open the selected drive location below to where you saved your File History, and copy and paste them back.

(selected drive)\File History\(user-name)\(computer-name)\Data\C\Users

File History - Restore Previous File Versions in Windows 8
Hope this helps,

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Had to clean up my PC, re-format the the HD. Saved all my Outlook files/folders by dragging (burning) to a CD. The entire contents of that back-up are now on my cleaned hard drive and Outlook is re-installed. But it is bare bones. How do I get my former folders/files in my current set-up?

A:Restoring Outlook folders/files

You can either configure Outlook to use the PST file that was backed up, or import it into the current one.

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ok, this is the weirdest thing microsoft did to me in my years using windows. I own a windows 7 ultimate license 64 bit got through my MSDN-AA account, this evening, after a restart, i lost ALL rights on all the files i have in my main (and only administrator) account. in the rights tab in the property i see that every sign is missing, but i can't add them beacue, you know what, i don't have rights to change rights on my stuff, yes!!

that's completely crazy, i'm really regretting i dind't move to ubuntu due to that couple of stuff i need that run only on this microsoft thing. it's really not possible i can't access none of my files and documents, i have 300gb of work them! i also tryied to access them via another administrator account i created now.. i was thinking about moving away the hdd and/or trying to pass by a live of some linux distros...

any tips?

A:BIGGEST bug ever. lost all access rights on my files

Hi noblex and welcome to Sevenforums.

Can you try to take ownership of the folder where the files you have lost access to are located.
Take Ownership Shortcut

Then try to see if you can change the permissions
Permissions - Allow or Deny Users and Groups

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I have found a missing file through a free recover program. Trouble is, to actually restore it, I'm to pay $60. I'm sure it'll be the only file I'll need to do this with, so hope to find a way to bring that file out without having to use that program. Anyone know of a way to do that?

I'm working with XP.

A:Restoring lost files

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First Post

I currently am using vista 64 bit premium operating system. I have completed a system restore and when I try to save or view my favorites folder it does not work? After the restore I found my "favorites" folder in my "downloads" folder. When I try to use the "favorites" shortcut I can view my history, but my favorites are blank? If I go to my "favorites" folder in my "downloads" folder the favorites I have saved show up in there, but I cannot open them? Help?

A:Restoring files and folders after system restore?

Hello JALG, and welcome to Vista Forums.

A System Restore does not always affect user files; it's mostly for system files.

Using Method Two in this tutorial below, check to make sure that your Favorites (Name) folder is set with it's default location of %USERPROFILE%\Favorites (Data).

Personal User Folder - Restore Missing Folder

Hope this helps,

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Hi all

Hopefully I'm posting this in the correct place, Mods please move if not, thanks.

So, I have a bit of a problem. I accidentally deleted the wrong folder from our work server yesterday (Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard), but we have a nightly backup to a tape drive so I went onto the backup software (Symantec Backup Exec 2012) to restore the data. However, using the restore wizard it has been "Querying for data" for approximately 12 hours... is this normal?? Is it possible to restore files/folders from a tape backup, or would we have to restore the whole system? Do I just need to wait a long time for the system to find the data?

We have a spare 2Tb NAS drive so I could potentially restore all of the data to this (approximately 600gb), would this be a more viable approach?

Thanks in advance

A:Restoring files/folders from tape backup

Never mind, sorted now

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I just uninstalled a program by running its uninstall file (unwise.exe). But I first had to cut and paste the "install.log" file to my desktop. I had previously tried a regular uninstall through add/remove but I got an error message: "couldn't open the install.log file". So I cut and pasted it to my desktop and pointed unwise.exe there.

The uninstall proceeded but REMOVED ALL the files and shortcuts from my desktop and they are NOT NOW IN MY RECYCLE BIN.

Is there ANYTHING I can do to get them back? I had important files on my desktop that I created in the past 24 hours. Note: I tried a system restore but it was too far back. They weren't on my external hard drive, either, which is automated to backup every 24 hours.

I'm running Windows XP.


A:Restoring Lost Data Files

BtF8i4 said:

I just uninstalled a program by running its uninstall file (unwise.exe). But I first had to cut and paste the "install.log" file to my desktop. I had previously tried a regular uninstall through add/remove but I got an error message: "couldn't open the install.log file". So I cut and pasted it to my desktop and pointed unwise.exe there.

The uninstall proceeded but REMOVED ALL the files and shortcuts from my desktop and they are NOT NOW IN MY RECYCLE BIN.

Is there ANYTHING I can do to get them back? I had important files on my desktop that I created in the past 24 hours. Note: I tried a system restore but it was too far back. They weren't on my external hard drive, either, which is automated to backup every 24 hours.

I'm running Windows XP.

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!Click to expand...

Start off with a couple of free utilities which I've found to be quite effective. Rest2514 from http://www.win-freeware.com/REST2514.htm and Recuva from http://www.piriform.com might get them back. If they don't there are other possibilities but which have to be paid for.


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please help! i need to restore files i lost last week. is there any place or person i can talk to that can help me figure out what to do tonight?

A:restoring corrupted and lost files

Hi jorymartindale and welcome to TSF

Can you tell us what files you need to restore?
Will your computer boot up at this point?
Do you have the Windows install CD?
Did you delete some files, or is there some malware at work?

These things will help us help you.

Best regards,

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Sorry about my username, but it rejected so many of my attempts that I just gave up.
I have a friend, a sweet elderly lady whose main interests are her two church web sites and her email. Her Dell desktop running Windows 7 Pro x64 was a horrendous mess of malware, totally uncleanable and crashing left and right.  It didn't have a valid restoration partition. So I used my official Dell Windows 7 Pro System Restore flash drive to reinstall the system.  Of course it backed up her data.
When it was done the computer software was clean but it was still crashing.  I fade a mistake; I tried re-re-installing from the flash drive.  When that didn't help I looked at hardware, found some bad RAM, and replaced it.
Then I had a working system except the data restoration was from the second installation, i.e. nothing.  I looked around for something that would restore from the original backup.  Dell backup and restore wouldn't do it.  I couldn't find anything.
So I made a copy of the second backup folder, and copied the files from the first backup folder into the second backup folder.  Just to make sure I touched all the files to the same date and time as the second backup files. Then I re-re-reinstalled.
It restored some , but I'm pretty sure not all, of the files from the first backup. And when it boots it keeps asking to reboot to restore the data files.  I bet i can stop it from doing that, but...
How can I restore the ori... Read more

A:Restoring files backed up by Dell Flash drive reinstall

Nobody knows?

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I backed up all of my data files over to a CD/ROM before restoring my Windows 7 PC due to a hard drive failure.

After successfully restoring the Windows 7 PC, I also restored my backed up files from the CD/ROM using HP RecoveryMgr, which was included as part of the backup process. Then I see all folders show "This folder is empty", even though the folder "Properties" show that the folder is not empty and contains files being backed up during the restore.

How can I make the files in the restored folders visible/accessible again?

Thanks a lot,

A:Folders show empty after restoring backup files from CD/ROM

Quote: Originally Posted by clhuang

I backed up all of my data files over to a CD/ROM before restoring my Windows 7 PC due to a hard drive failure.

After successfully restoring the Windows 7 PC, I also restored my backed up files from the CD/ROM using HP RecoveryMgr, which was included as part of the backup process. Then I see all folders show "This folder is empty", even though the folder "Properties" show that the folder is not empty and contains files being backed up during the restore.

How can I make the files in the restored folders visible/accessible again?

Thanks a lot,

Welcome to the windows 7 forum.

Have you verified that you have show hidden/system files visable?
you can do this in control panel folder options and uncheck the options for show hidden/system files.
Your restore program might be hiding the files by making them hidden or system.

Just an idea.


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my windows pc crashed when the battery died, on retsterting checkdisk checked the c drive, i left it to run as it generally take 15-20 minutes.
later I tried to start outlook and it failed saying the file in c:/users/terry/documents/outlook files .. is not a valid PST file
I checked the folder and the file had a lenght of zeo bytes. i clicked right mouse + restore and was offered a file from a restore point yesterday, i selected this and waited. I got a message about admin rights and clicked retry, then I got a messsage
to say the file was not found.
I could see from the folder window the old 0 bytes file had gone. but then all the restore files have gone too,
can anyone suggest a solution.

I am running windows 7 home premium, service pack 1

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My knowledge of techy stuff is just awful..a while back I bought an external hard drive (250 Gbs) I have Windows XP on my Dell...I used their facility to do a system back up file onto the external drive..18 Gbs in all. Last week my PC crashed and Dell talked me through re-booting it back to the factory settings..of course I lost all my programs and files. Naively I thought by clicking on the back up folder would do the job..I get the following message..
'' This back up utility cannot connect to the removable storage device..etc..start removable storage device through the system services function on the management console '' What ?! I looked up this mmc. thing but am none the wiser to be honest ! Any ideas ?

A:Solved: Lost in restoring back up files

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Though the Windows 7 method of storing files/folders in libraries, I am encountering problems I never have seen in XP. My Documents file is so cluttered with files that do not belong there that I have created an XP like file storage system on my C: drive.

I do not know how, but the libraries in Windows 7, especially My Documents, contains script files, image files (not pictures but graphics that are part of search engine or browser window), to the point that searching for an actual document is useless. I have created a folder off the C; drive that has sub-folders & files stored in them that I deliberately store there so I can access them. This isn't healthy for the PC because I know that Windows 7 is also making a copies for My Documents within My libraries of the same file. It is an ad hoc procedure used because it took so long to wade through the extraneous files incorrectly stored in My Documents. (To a lesser extent the same problem is true with My Music, My Pictures etc). Since I don't know the types of many of the files mistakenly filed in My Libraries>My Documents, it would be impossible for me to go through each file and correctly assign it to its proper folder.

Is there a Windows utility, or an effective aftermarket utility, that is capable of going through all of the files on a PC and correctly assigning them to their home? Is there a system setting I should check that would ensure the files are correctly stored? I have gone through the fil... Read more

A:First time posting, restoring files to proper folders/libraries

Libraries is not a real folder, it's a place that is used to point to other places on your computer. Read here, maybe it will help you understand the concept. It's pretty cool once you do: Understanding Windows 7 Libraries

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Hello, I wonder if I reinstall window 2000 without formating my computer, will I lost all my files under my documents or I will be able to keep all the files I have even on My Desktop? Thank you so much

A:Will I lost my files if I reinstall Window?

If you run through setup, you'll see the option to repair your existing installation. If you choose that option and don't format your drive, all your documents and settings will be the same after you get back to your desktop.

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I think I had a virus earlier it wipe out some of my sound files and I cannot reinstall them

A:Lost some files on sound cannot reinstall

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Hello, my problem is that I have lost all the files and folders that I have saved in "My Documents" folder. I did a system restore from a restore date prior to this day, and none have returned. I also did a reg. export from reg. edit a couple days ago and then attempted to import the reg. and I recieved the following error message. (please see attachment). What would cause this. Everything was fine until I was attempting to install Firefox 2.0. It was recomended to backup the profile, I followed the instructions, made an error and deleted the "default user" file which was the file that I had created, keeping the "default file". I guess I messed up somewhere but can't figure where. I suppose where or how is not the issue, recovering those files and folders is. Any help will be appreciated. As always, thank you in advance

A:Files and Folders lost

the registry does not affect your my documents folder at all. system restore will not ever affect the my documents folder. Where was the "default user" file you deleted located?

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My lap top has lost all my files saved in my documents folder, downloads, as well as the icons from my desk top except recycle bin . When i keep my curser on all programs it shows empty . When i open my add or remove programme i have all programme intact.The used space on my hard drive is 80 Gb and free space is 12 GB.My kaspersky antivirus is not working and i ran spybot which recognised malware deleted them still no luck.I am not able to fix my kaspersky antivirus . I do not know where they are but my hard drive is almost full .when i click on c drive there are operating folders I have lost all my files with photos . How come there are all programs intact in my install or remove programs and window components and ther is nothing in my administrative tools.Iam not able to run my kaspersky anti virus or install a new one to scan for vius

This is my log of hijack this
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 03:01:30, on 05/04/2011
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin&#... Read more

A:Lap top lost all folders &files

Hello devicool ,Sorry for the delay. If you still need help, please post a new DDS/HijackThis log and I'll be happy to look at it. Thanks,tea

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Hello to everybody,

I would like some help and some advices as to what would be the best approach to my problem.
I have a Seagate 200Gb IDE hard drive, that is not the one I have my OS installed, I just have it to store files.I was copying some files from my computer to another one, that is connected to the network, at the office I work and all of a sudden my pc rebooted without any prior warning.It automaticaly did a chkdsk, with three steps.
1st one was verifying files, 2nd was verifying indexes and 3rd was verifying security descriptors.
For sure in the first two steps it seemed to be doing something to certain files...I am not sure about the third step.
Now...before all these happened I was using 150Gb..after that...the used space is down to 146Gb.
What is more is that once I get in the drive, I have a lot of folders and files missing.If I right click on the remaining folders and go to properties...the size is much much less.....only 40 something Gb.

I am not sure what to do.Should I use chkdsk with some parameters, or a file recovery prog, or these will make things worse.Are my files permanently lost?Can I recover them somehow?......and in what way?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance

A:Lost files and folders...please help

It depends on whats wrong with the hard drive.

If the file system is damaged then you may not be able to get your stuff back.
You can try a file recovery program, and i'd suggest using another computer until you can try it.

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Anyone with a fresh solution for this problem??

I had to do a back up on all my files before installing windows on my HP desk top, I got about 74 GB of photos for all my children, unfortunately my 6 months old Toshiba external hard drive became corrupt at the same time....

Can anyone tell me how to restore my files?...I got 22 files starting with the 001 application file, 002, 003...........to 022.

Appreciate your inputs.

Forgot to tell you that all 22 files are FBW files.

A:Restoring back up files on a Vista.

What program did you use for the backup?

Unless you like lots of spam I strongly suggest that you remove your email address.

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Hi, bear with me, it's a little complicated...

I'm trying to restore files from a Vista backup into 7, but, once they're restored I can't find them.

It only affects files that were in the various 'my documents', 'my downloads' etc folders on my Vista install - files from other partitions etc restore fine.

It seems as if the files are definitely being restored somewhere, because if I restore them again I get 'would you like to overwrite these files' dialogs. I've tried searching for the filenames after they're restored but they don't appear. I think maybe it's possible that 7 is restoring them under a different user (although my user name on 7 is the same as it was on Vista).

Is there any way I can view these files?

Many thanks

A:Restoring files from a Vista backup to 7

Click on computer, then 'Local Disk C:\
Do you have a folder named C?
If you do, click to open it, then click on 'users' ... see if your restored files are in the folder with your name.

*** You may have to 'unhide'/show hidden files and folders.

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I have been using the standard Vista Ultimate backup/restore utility. The backup has been to a separate hard disk on the system. I had a total C: hard drive failure, so purchased a new drive, reinstalled Vista and attempted to recover my files. After much experimentation I finally got the restore software to recognize the backup file set.

However, when I try to recover all files the following error message is given

"The backup file could not be found. Check your hardware configuration or restore from a different backup. 0x8100001A"

Very frustrating to trust in backup/restore, but get no cooperation from it!

A:Restoring Files from a Vista HD Failure

So you are trying the restore from a totally new drive with no restore points correct?

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Windows 8 made to look like win 7, tried to drag and drop an 80 gb folder and it disapeared. Just vanished. A search for the folder name turns up nothing.Tried to drag it from desktop to my documents. Any ideas?

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 330 @ 2.13GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4022 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce G105M, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 287953 MB, Free - 239193 MB; D: Total - 16986 MB, Free - 2577 MB; E: Total - 99 MB, Free - 92 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 3659
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2013, Disabled

When attempting to log on I got the error message "The user profile service failed logon - user profile cannot be loaded"
Note that I had only one user account which had administrator capabilities. This is the first time I got such an erros.

I researched the web to seek assistance in solving this problem and found several possible solutions. One of which was boot up in "safe mode" and delete the user profile from the registry. I followed (I think!!) the steps outlined using Regedit and deleted a line in the profilelist detail window. I then did a normal re-boot and was able to log on as my previous user but I now could no longer see any of my data folders and files?? I did more web research and carried out all sorts of actions to remedy this e.g. disabled UAC, show hidden files etc. - but to no avail!! I then setup a new user named Administrator with "Administrator capabilities" thinking this would allow me to find my data - but again no luck!! The data MU... Read more

A:Solved: Lost Folders & Files

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I've explored this forum and found people attempting to solve this issue already such as

Solved Windows 10 says I don't have permission to save anything. - Windows 10 Forums

However I am still running into an issue with Writing into about 50% of the folders in my C:\

Two things could have possibly occurred to cause this issue,
1: I signed into my Microsoft account and from there out it wanted me to login to it to log into my PC, so I removed my Microsoft account
2: I shared a file to the OneDrive using the Microsoft account above.

There are multiple folders that the only thing I can do when I right click in it and go to "New" is make a new folder, no other options.

When I right click on the folder and go to Properties, Security tab, and try and change the settings for Users or administrators, I get the following error

An error occurred while applying security informationg to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer\Connections_incoming.txt
Failed to enumerate objects in the container. Access is denied.
The above error applies to a lot of folders (but not all of them)

My User account named Yekim is an administrator and the only account on my computer.

I've tried elevating to administrator and changing the folder but it does not work.
So basically what I'm looking to do is to either give access to all files/folders on my computer to the User 'Yekim' or to properly give him administrator. Even though it does say he is already a local administ... Read more

A:Lost Privileges to all folders and files

Update: I was able to return access to my folders, albeit a tedious process because it was nearly my entire C:\ drive. I had to go folder by folder as an elevated administrator and grant access to my User to get him full modify privileges again.

There are still some things I am uncertain of:
-Will I run into issues in the future with new installed programs.
-Why is my account labeled as an administrator, all files/folders giving administrators full access, and yet my user can not access them.

Going to keep digging and slowly changing the access to all the folders on my PC.

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Laptop crashed, became non-responsive; shut it down by holding the power until off. When restarted, after chkdsk, files and folders that were on the Desktop were gone. They do not appear in documents and settings/user/desktop and a search for them only turned up broken shortcuts from a recently used file.

Is there anyway to recover these files? I find it hard to believe that they are truly gone into the ether -- maybe just lost on the hdd somewhere.

Thanks in advance.

A:lost desktop files and folders

Hi didache.

Have you considered reverting back to a System Restore point?
(Start > Programs > accessories > System Tools > System Restore)

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I started up my computer, with no update and all of the sudden my folders on my desktop are empty. It says my file history is empty and my recycle bin is empty too. It says there is no usable drive found. No restore points available so I can't restore
it to a different date...Help?

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I have had lots of problems with XP recently.

My biggest problem is that I have lost lots of files and folders which I need.

I reloaded XP and during this I lost lots of files and folders.

I can't do system restore as it will not let me go back far enough.

Any ideas?


A:Lost Files And Folders Xp Reload

if you reloaded rather than repaired then a lot of folders within the windows file will have been deleted/overwritten.
All I can suggest is a file recovery application which may or may not rescue your files.There are lots of paid for versions like get data back and some freeware such as PC Inspector.

You will also need to reaply all the windows updates too.

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After Sp3 installed on my laptop, It rebuilt my user account. I found the old files in Docs and settings so moved them to the new user account. Next power on, these have disappeared. Are they in a hidden folder? I restored to previous nut no luck. I'm considering restoring to an older point but thought I'd ask first

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Hey guys:

This is ugly. I came home and my drive had no info on it. I can only assume one of my kids did something. I don't know what. I went to Disk Management because the drive shows up missing. It's a raid0 array. The array is fine. But in Disk Management I can see the drive and it says it is "Unallocated Space"?? I know it should say healthy. I did allocate the space but did not do a quick format. I came here first to throw some ideas around. I would ideally like to be able to reverse whatever happened and have all the programs and files I had on there magically re-appear. Fat chance, right? I am using Windows XP Pro SP3.


A:Lost all files/folders on a drive!!!


Read the documentation carefully.

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Mine late PC (XP) files were backedup using OneCare to an external Disk.
Any way of restoring those file into VISTA without using the OneCare?
For some reason I can not install the OneCare on my new PC (Langauge incompatibility?).

A:Restoring XP/OneCare files into Vista Ultimate

Hmmm well I would think you want OneCare on your PC. Can you give us the exact error message you have with OneCare and also what exact verison of Vista you are using. Thanks

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Dell Laptop with Vista home premium

I have recently had the hard drive on my laptop replaced and I am trying to restore the files held on a Western Digital external hard drive.

Using the Vista restore Wizard I have asked the wizard to restore all files to the original location. It says that security permissions are in place so cannot proceed. Although I have enter the two user names the same it still doesn't recognise one of the user names.

So I tick the no security permissions box and proceed. The restore starts working but then comes up with a message:

Restore not finished

Parameter is incorrect

with a error code 0 x 80070057

Can anyone help me please as I would like to access my files!

Many thanks in advance

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When starting my Laptop, the view of folders and files and docs, and also e mails (windows mail) were gone. I know that docs are there, since I can access by opening "word" (or ppt or exel) and open recently used docs.
I've tried all the conventional stuff, eg reset to earlier date, repairing windows files (message: some files cannot be repaired, eg C:\WINDOWS\LOGS\CBS\CBS.log), etc.

regards & txs in advance,

A:Lost view of desktop folders and files

You said "the view of folders and files and docs, and also e mails (windows mail) were gone". Where are they missing from?

The Desktop
This PC
Windows Explorer

It sounds a lot like a corrupted user profile and you have been logged in with a new one. Maybe not but that's what it sounds like.

If you look at C:\Users, what folders are shown under there? For instance, mine looks like this:
The red one is my userid.

You could try right clicking on the Desktop and select View / Show desktop icons (if not already selected).

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can you help?I lost the ability to search for files and folders.when i go to start...search...for files and folders it just goes nowhere and times out after a while.What am i missing please help?thanks

A:(Resolved) lost search for files folders

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Windows Vista Ultimate... no SP

Here's what just happened. My Documents folder had several subfolders in it as well as a bunch of files. My hard drive (Western Digital 150GB Raptor) was getting a little full so I was looking for stuff to delete.

I found a folder called 'Converted Videos' which had some extra video files I had converted to PSP format. I examined them, didn't need them, highlighted the folder and pressed the Delete Key. Clicked OK.

Next I saw a bin/cue file pair of about 330mb. Was just named 'image' so I figured it was probably something I had no need for anymore. I highlighted both files with Ctrl-click and pressed the 'delete' key again.

Windows gave an error something like the files could not be found. But there was a UAC prompt behind them saying I needed to confirm the action. I cancelled out and tried again, same error. This time when I cancelled the entire contents of the Document folder just vanished in front of me although I could still see the folder structure on the left pane.

I tried clicking on the left pane and nothing appeared, just errors that the folder could not be found. When I closed Computer and opened it again, the Documents folder was completely empty.

Nothing is in my Recycle bin. Also my Documents folder icon (the normal blue/green one) is GONE and its just looks like a normal folder. Tried 'Previous Versions', that's empty too.

Vista seems to have screwed me over big time. ... Read more

A:Just lost all files/folders in my Documents folder

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I had to wipe and reinstall my system over the weekend, and I had created a Windows Vista image a few weeks back. I decided to run the Windows 7 RC 1 - 64 bit on my system. It's installed perfectly and it's running really well.

However, I want to restore my docs and pictures from my 'Vista backup image', but the Windows 7 restore tool doesn't see the image file. It's on my external hard drive. It won't let me browse to that folder to select the image, which is a VHD image btw.

Does anyone know how I can access that image and restore files from it? Even mounting it would be fine.


A:Restoring files from a Vista system image in Windows 7

Have you read Windows 7 Help & Support regarding backups?
Open Backup & Restore and click the blue (?) near the upper right.

Have you tried to simply browse to your backup file and double click it to see if it will open a backup and restore window? How about right click and "open with" (if available) and browse to windows backup & restore?

Can't give specific's as i've never used it, but it does say that you should be able to restore files from vista within 7.

good luck.

Here's a tutorial on this forum for restoring files, hope it helps.

Restore Backup User and System Files

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typical issue that I was nervous about from the beginning.
old system, windows 2000, arc'd, smoked, smelled, dead. Hard drive ok.
New system Windows XP Pro, faster/better etc.

Old system had many .dbx files but zero .pst files - no export/backup had ever been done on it. Tried to copy over the .dbx files, and appeared to work, but then somehow outlook clobbered old and copied .dbx files, or rendered them invisible.

we really need all those folders and their messages. Pls help if you can


A:Solved: Lost .dbx files Outlook Express - no folders

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Hello everyone,
So I have been using win XP for many years, 2 years back I installed win 7. Everything was fine but today when I was trying to access 4-5 year old photos the Photo Viewer is giving the error "Windows Photo Viewer can't open this picture because you don't have the correct permissions to access the file location". And some of them I can't even copy to different location.

I have tried Takeown.exe, Icacls.exe and manually changing the permissions for single photos just to verify. NOTHING WORKED. Please help me how to resolve it.

Thanks in advance

A:Lost ownership of Folders and files after removing XP and installing 7

Try downloading this portable program:

DBC studio

Extract the files and run the executable.

Navigate to a photo. What does it show?

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I am having the same problem as so many others seem to be having with Outlook Express and I did all that was mentioned in the previous postings. The thing is, I don't have any folders.dbx files. Silly me, tried to fix it by searching in Google. One of the things in a site I found said to delete the folders.dbx box...I followed that advice blindly. What do I do now? Can I create such a folder or do I have to find it somewhere?

A:Solved: Lost Folders.dbx files for Outlook Express

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Ok so I've been getting error messages as late as a month ago and I was getting random blue screens having to do with my Hard drive. SO, I backed up all my files on my 1TB HD that was formatted but didn't have windows on it. Well low and behold my 320g finally kicked the bucket last night and will only load, and goes to a screen that says " Failed disc read error press Ctrl + Alt + Del " then restarts. So What I had to do was reinstall windows on my 1TB HD, it had been preformatted, and I didn't delete anything or reformat it before installing windows so I wouldn't lose all my backed up data. I can find the data on my computer it's still here on the 1TB drive but windows is not recognizing it to restore the data and anytime I manually try to put them on the Program Files it just goes to hell and creates a file in a file in a file when it's all World of Warcraft stuff... I'll post some pics so you all can see what's going on and hopefully I can still revive this stuff alot of pictures of my kids when they were babies! (And so the journey contiunes, Pics below

Here are the backed up files:
<a href="Pictures by swholcomb - Photobucket" target="_blank"><img src="http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee340/swholcomb/th_BUP.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket" ></a>

<a href="Pictures by swholcomb - Photobucket" target="_blank"><img src="http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee... Read more

A:Halp! Restoring Backup Files Vista and an epic journey

Not exactly your situation, but this may work
Use Ubuntu Live CD to Backup Files from Your Dead Windows Computer - How-To Geek
The pics of the baby are priceless, we have to save them.

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My hard drive recently became corrupted and had to be completely replaced.
Before this, I had backed up everything on the hard drive using `Backup and Restore Centre` for Windows Vista on an external hard drive. Now I want to restore all the files (which included everything on my computer at the time) again using `Backup and Restore Centre` for WV.

However, I know nothing about computers, and after just having got my laptop back, I don't want to have to send it back to the shop because I'm completely and utterly useless.

Restoring the files I recently backed up shouldn't cause a problem? Or is there something I need to do before/after using the Restore function?

(The files I wish to restore include everything, quite literally. I backed up everything a few weeks before my internal hard drive failed, which is the reason I'm a little concerned, as some of the data from the corrupt hard-drive was rescued [I've placed it on an external hard drive so it won't be lost by anything stupid I do from here on out ] and I wasn't sure if that would affect it for some reason, some how.)

Apologies about the stupid question, but any help/advice would be awesome.

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I have viewed several threads and cannot find one that even comes close to the disaster I experienced last night. I downloaded a simple "free" software program called VideoPad that I thought was safe. I installed it and while it was running left the computer for a bit. When I returned it was eating my hard drive. I had no error messages, i could just see icons disappearing from my desktop.

I turned the computer off, unplugged the battery. When I restarted it was too late. Almost everything was gone, all my installed programs including all MS Office, Outlook, all photos, music, etc.

I checked my memory capacity and had remembered that I had about 120 Gigs of storage left on my HD. Now I have 393 left. Something is wrong.

I attempted to do a restore but when I opened the utility, it said that there were no restore points available.

When I click on Start and attempt to find any document or file or photo, nothing is found. If I type in the subject of an email, it will display it but when I click on it, nothing opens,of course.

My security programs were Webroot and McAfee. McAfee is still there but Webroot is gone. I did a McAfee scan and it says that my system is secure.

My Op system is Windows 7 64-bit. I have since re-installed Outlook, Office and a couple of programs for work. But, the files are still missing. I cannot find programs like Skype or Internet Explorer.

Please help if you can.

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I found a notice on my computer that told me I had lost data at H... (my backup, external hard drive). I think there was a yellow triangle on my system tray to indicate this. As soon as I clicked on it, it was gone.There is now nothing in my backup, external hard drive except the names on the folders and files. All are empty.

So how do I copy all files and folders from My Documents to my H drive now? And is there anything else that I probably lost that I should copy also?Thank you in advance.

A:Solved: Lost all files and folders on backup hard drive

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