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Lenovo Y40-80 Boots to BIOS

Q: Lenovo Y40-80 Boots to BIOS

Whenever I restart/shutdown the laptop, it boots to BIOS and I have to exit discarding changes to boot to Windows. I have tried just about everything to fix this. I've updated to BIOS, changed every setting in the BIOS, peformed a clean Windows install, everything. The only thing that has made any difference is when I unplug the laptop and hold down the power button for ~30 seconds. It will boot straight to Windows for 1 or 2 restarts, then goes back to booting to the BIOS. I've been a sysad for over 10 years and haven't seen anything like this happening with no errors or anything. I'm open to any ideas that others may have. Thanks!

Preferred Solution: Lenovo Y40-80 Boots to BIOS

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Lenovo Y40-80 Boots to BIOS

I'm havin an issue's with my Y40-80, it wont even go in to the bios with the bios button, goes to a black screen with a cursor and just sits there, sometimes you can hit a button and it will restart, and when i let it boot in to windows 10, you know the little load screen you get it you were to install windows, or the old windows loggin shows the little bar loading at the bottom well it does that every time it goes in to windows, i'd like to fix this, how do i fix it, i've thought about flashing the bios to fix it but mines up to date so i can't fix it that way, and i can't member how to downgrade a bios, nor do i have a older virsion of the bios either so im stuck please someone help

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When I turn on my computer yestereday it loaded the post screen briefly than went directly into BIOS setup. When I exit the bios setup the screen goes black flickers than goes back into BIOS setup. BIOS recognized hard drives and cd roms, and boot sequence was correct. I decided to deal with it tomorrow or today.. When i turned it on today it booted to my 2nd harddrive (which also has an OS installed) went into bios booted from my main harddrive and the computer worked fine for about 20 min. I was browsing the web and microsoft outlook kept trying to open eventually everytime i closed it pop right back up couldnt access taskmanager keyboard couldnt type however i could manuever with the arrow keys. Powered down and when i rebooted had the same problem as before.. wont get past bios setup. I have tried reseting the CMOS jumpers but that didnt have any affect. tried booting with soley; each hard drive (separately), cd rom, and with each stick of memory. All running into the same issue. Any ideas?

Home built...
Windows XP Pro SP3
ASRock K10N78M Micro ATX motherboard
AMD Athlon 5600X2
WINTEC AMPO 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
XFX Geforce 9800GT 512MB
1TB Samsung HD
500GB Western Digital HD
Liteon DVDRW
Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer
Antec TruePower Trio 650 Watt

A:Boots Directly To Bios setup, exiting cycles back to Bios

Have you tried another keyboard?

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Made the huge mistake of updating BIOS. Had small MOBO usb prob, and for some reason thought a BIOS update would do something. Wasn't too worried because Gigabyte touts Dual BIOS pretty strong.

Anyway, tried updating BIOS, then system would not boot, so the Backup BIOS didn't kick in. btw, the MOBO is a Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro.

So I copied the backup bios to a floppy and used the floppy to fix the main bios. OK, now computer would boot, but would freeze up after the desktop icons appear. Actually would sometimes work for a few minutes, but always froze up.

Boots OK to safe mode, even to the point of getting online, so I downloaded the old bios from Gigabyte, put them on floppy and used that to update the main bios. Same result.

Also did a system restore from XP Pro Safe Mode (because XP wrongly states that this can be undone; didn't find out that System Restore done from safe mode cannot be undone until I tried to undo!).

My tech support (ABS Computer; they rule) thinks that the BIOS is now fine, that some windows files are corrupt and a re-install will fix problem and mobo is probably fine as well. I'll buy that.

anyone have any miracle suggestions before i re-install? Is a repair install worth a shot? Really not looking forward to re-installing all my software and putting all my data back where it belongs to get my email hist., bookmarks, etc. back.

thanks - I will now write the following 500 times: LEAVE THE BIOS ALONE! even with Dual BIOS

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The laptop powers on and appears to be running, but I have no display.  I have tried reseating the RAM and connecting to an external display as well as changing the display output from the keyboard.  I am unable to even access the BIOS set up.  I'm thinking this may be a problem with the graphics card at this point.  Any suggestions?

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I'm putting together an Athlon XP 2500. The mother board I'm using is KX400-8k. The problems is I couldn't boots it and there is a beeping sound every 4 second or so. I'm sure the sound card and monitor are fine. I checked everything but no luck. Any sugesstion? please help. Thanks alot.

A:Bios won't boots

Correction: The motherboard is KX400-8X not KX400-8K. Sorry

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pc boots into bios but under boot up devices it doesnt see my cd player or floppy when you go into boot up devices it doesnt list any ??? this is on a dell 4300 system

A:pc boots into bios but

Did this just happen one day when you booted up the PC like normal or did you remove/install new components inside? If you did, recheck all the wiring for the drives and make sure they are fully seated.

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Hi all

My pc will not load into windows any longer, and it also will not load to a DOS prompt, but I can however get it to boot into the BIOS. I was just wondering if this is harddrive related or if possibly it is just that i need to reload windows. Please help!! Thank you all for you time!

A:PC only boots to BIOS

Its hard to tell what your issue is. You can try a Repair Install:

Set the computer to boot from cd first in the BIOS
Place the xp cd in cdrom and reboot
Boot from the xp cd and choose install
Ignore the first repair option and continue with install
When windows finds the previous installation and offers to repair
then do the repair
If you have xp sp2 installed it needs to be incorporated into your xp disk or it will not offer the repair option only the clean install

How to perform a Repair Installation of Windows XP

If that doesnt resolve your issue do a format/install.

You can however check the integrity of the hard drive by using the manufacturers diagnostic utility. Go here http://www.tacktech.com/display.cfm?ttid=287

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I have a Lenovo T500 running WinXP SP3.
For some reason it sometimes boots with the built-in camera ON.
I could not find a way to disable this.
Please advise.


A:Lenovo T500 with XP, boots with webcam on

Hi -Stopping Camera StartupIf you wish to stop the webcam from activating on startup in Windows XP or Vista, delete the software's shortcut from your Startup folder. Access the folder in the "Programs" section of the Start menu. If your camera software does not have a shortcut in the folder, access the "Run" dialog box, type "msconfig" and press "Enter." A configuration utility will appear. Disable the software from the "Startup" tab of the window.The link from where I found this Information

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Hi,Im putting this problem in for my son as we dont know where to turn to next.He had an MSI mobo 745 ultra with 512 DDR that suddenly started to tell him that his CMOS settings were wrong or that the battery was low.Put in correct CMOS setting only to have same CMOS settings wrong on next boot up Also fitted two new batterys.Then it became a problem to start the computer also when after setting CMOS & F10 to save settings the computyer would not re boot.So bought new mobo (ASUS a7V8X)had problems in that when setting bios againn it would not reboot had to switch off & restart.We then put in XP disc at boot & reloaded windows & it now starts up (but reset button does not work tried switching connections no difference)Also now when it starts it goes into the advanced page of bios & asaks if he wants to keep these settings.On ther CPU speed he only has Manual-650 MHz-867MHz-1083MHz & 1300 MHZ as options.Goes to Manual sets CPU Multiplyer to 12.5 x & CPU FReq to 133/33 to get 1667 MHZ.He has AMD xp 2000+ cpu.Why tho does it keep boot to this page on start.Sorry the this is so long but only way I could detail the events

A:Bios screen when boots up

See if Asus have a BIOS-update for that mobo and read first what that BIOS has for new items.
Also, what is the brand/model/output of your power supply? That might be on the weak side and could influence proper running.

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(Obviously after update to BIOS 1.23) my Thinkpad X250 (Windows 10 Pro 1607) always boots into BIOS. I am able to start the X250 via F12 but this can't be the longterm solution. I already tried with no success: Windows 10 start repairBootrec /fixmbrBIOS:Optimized defaultsSecure Boot disabledUEFI and LegacyLegacy firstOnly LegacyDisable "Execution Prevention" (https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/X240-cannot-boot-windows-7-64-bit-after-upgra...)Do you have any idea(s)? Thanks - Michael 

A:X250 always boots into BIOS

Sounds like your boot order is messed up.  Boot into the BIOS.  Go to startup/boot.  What does it say for the order?  Hit F9 to load defaults.  Try again

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Hi guys.. I've read a lot on these forums but not much of a poster.. I'm a noob but know the basics. I'd be really gratefull for any help on this matter.

Here is the problem...
It seems that I've always had some problems here and there with my set up.. But it's gotton way worse.
Everytime the PC is turned off then back on or even restarted it goes into configuration/Bios set-up mode. Everytime it does this the boot sequence is out of whack along with the clock and any other settings.. (Almost as if I just put the PC together and am going to run the initial system set up).

So after setting it up it runs fine.. Works great on all games except CS:Source. Now sometimes it's ok but most of the time when playing CS:Source the Screen freezes and I have to reboot by holding in the button.. then to set up/Bios mode again.. Also on occasion after restarting the PC when it freezes during cs:source the screen will be completly RED or even BLACK.. but the mouse cursor is there and I can see it wants to highlight the stuff on the desktop. To fix this problem I end up booting up in Safe Mode.. Uninstall the current ATI XP64 Driver, then reinstalling it and it's fine again.

Here's the funny thing.. The whole system set/BIOS up thing will happen even if I don't play CS source.. Anytime I turn it off to go to bed and start her up in the am it does the same thing. Almost like the memory isn't remembering my settings.. I thought it ... Read more

A:PC Boots to BIOS Set-Up Everytime.. Please help..


Try changing out the cmos battery.
Any drug store/camera section should have them.
Seems it's the eprom/cmos loosing power.

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Hi I am trying to help a nieghbour with a problem, he has a HP Pavilion 403se pc, the M/B is a MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD MS-6367, his OS is XP Pro and his problem is he does not get the Bios post at boot up,the PC RUNS PEFECTLY, no other probs. I have had a look inside and can not find a case speaker and no spare connection for one. I have tried to find a manual online but no joy.
Any advice will be appreciated, thanks.....sam stuart

A:pc boots but no bios post


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Recently, my Dell Inspiron Windows 7 laptop has been encountering this odd issue.

So here is how a typical "boot" goes:
I hit the power button, and then three lights turn on in this order:


Usually, the second 2 light signals the boot of the BIOS if it stays on longer than the other lights. But most of the time, it does not boot the BIOS (or load Windows). I am then left off with a black screen, no sounds.

So basically, my computer has turned into a box of lights that sometimes boots Windows 7. It usually takes anywhere from 15 minutes to almost 5 hours to load up the BIOS, and it seems to be total luck. Anybody know what could cause this, and what the solution is?

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Hello Everyone!

Dell Dimension XPS D300.
On bootup, the memory count-down screen says:
Pentium 2
Processor speed 133MHz
Then it boots straight into BIOS, directly into a window Maintenance where it says: Processor Speed, and the option to set to: 200, 233, 266, 300, 333, 366.
I tried all and it does the same loop.

will someone suggest what I should do here?


[This should have been posted in Hardware. My mistake]

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Just purchased an Asus P4S333 motherboard with 512 MB
PC2100 and P4 1.7 Ghz.

I built my computer before, so i'm fairly competant when it comes to putting the stuff together, spotting minor problems, etc. I just installed the motherboard, and am forced to wait about 1-2 minutes before the computer boots up, and then i get one beep in POST and it goes into bios everytime.

I made sure the jumpers were set to jumper-free mode, and checked the connections. I had an older power supply in there, and upgraded it to a 350 watt monster, but am still experiencing the problems.

The motherboard supports UDMA hard drives, and I have a Western Digital 5400 RPM UATA 66 drive in there, but I thought that it could still be used. I already sent the Mboard back for testing, and they said it was fine.

All the other stuff in my comp is working fine, as I put the old mboard back in and am using it now, but I have to get the new one working, and the tech support guys don't really have a clue what it could be. Any help would be seriously appreciated.

A:always boots into bios with new mboard

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Windows 10 Home 64 bit, Insider Preview 15063 (rs2_release)Core i3 2310M8GB RAM120 SSD for windows, 320 HDDBIOS F.61Windows boots up fine everytime. Very long time since i went into bios settings, i wanted to see if boot from usb option was on, and on startup when i press esc key or any function keys to get into bios settings, the screen goes black, hard disk light turns on and remains on, caps lock light starts blinking, i don't have num lk key.I reinstalled bios and nothing changed. My battery is weak, if that matters, a warning is shown on boot up.

A:Windows Boots Up But Not BIOS

Please install Evernote Software  Provides improved Application Recovery URL http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/swdetails/hp-probook-4530s-notebook-pc/5060880/swIte...  **Click Accept as Solution on a Reply that solves your issue to help others********Clicking the Thumbs-Up button is a way to say -Thanks!.***** 

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Very recently, my computer started having issues. One of the symptoms being virtually unusable Internet connection. The connection problem was only on that device. Many windows features were broken too like wmp and control panel, neither would load. Here's the main issue: I got a new graphics card in my computer, performed a factory reset on my computer hoping it would fix all issues, and now when I turn on my computer the monitor receives no signal. Additional info : when I turn on the computer my iPhone charger receives power for a small moment and then stops receiving power

A:Windows 8 nor BIOS boots

I still have my old graphics card if that does anything

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I own a lenovo Y50 gaming laptop and every time I turn it on instead of booting to the windows start screen it always boots to the novo button menu. Then i have to hit enter to go to normal start up. Is there anyway to stop this from happening? I just want to turn my laptop on and not land at this screen everytime. anyway to bypass or turn of this bootoption would be nice.

A:Lenovo y50 always boots to novo button menu

Hello Tom239Thanks for using the Lenovo forums.Make sure that there are no updates pending on the unit once are logged in and ready to go.
Does this happen when you restart the unit instead of just shutting down?
Let us know how you get on.==================================================================================Did someone help you today? Thank them with a Kudo! If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!
This will help the rest of the Community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it.

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I purchased a Lenovo G505 laptop for my Girlfriend back in 10-01-13, I purchased it with a exstended 1 year warranty,, but anyways, she likes to play Sim3 ALOT, and i mean ALOT, which isnt a graphically heavy game for a A6 APU 4 GB of DDR 3 Ram, but i know that the game takes ALOT of resources for some reason, but i notcied while she was playing it it takes nearly a half hour for her game to load before she can start playing, So i decided to upgrade her RAM and HDD, to a SSD and 16 GB of Ram, which brought her APU shared graphics memeory from 256 to 512 ( which to me seems pretty low but from what i could tell there is no way to change that, I was hoping for atleast 1gb), all said and done, her game boots up pretty fast now, only takes about 10 minutes, which is great, but since the upgrade, her laptop has started to get really hot, which this laptop usually stayed pretty cool, I even Dust it out regularly with a can of air, and keep it pretty dust free. she keeps the laptop closed on top of the TV stand and uses the HDMI cable and a wireless keyboard and mouse, and plays on a TV, for on the couch expeirance, but since then we have had to invest in 2 fans, 1 laptop fan with a 140 mm that runs at 1600 rpm, and a small window fan that sits on the CD drive side of the laptop to help blow any hot air lingering AWAY from the laptop ( dont want it facing the side vent, due to the fan pushing hot air out, and ruin the fan, and fighting with its sell to keep it cool), and still it ov... Read more

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I bought this laptop new in 2012, has been getting progressively slower. Until the other day it started giving me a blue screen saying windows encountered a problem. I did some research and ran chkdsk and repair and all that. Laptop started working great and just yesterday, I went to turn in on and it will only boot into bios. I have no idea what I'm doing, and have never done anything like this in my life.
I have taken the battery out and held the power button for a minute with no help. I'm unsure of any other parts inside it, and don't dare to start taking things apart without any guidence. Any bit of help is greatly appreciated

A:Asus s400c only boots to BIOS

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Is the PC booting to the BIOS directly every time it starts?

If you leave the BIOS, does it then boot to the hard drive?

Check inside the BIOS at the boot menu, what does it list?

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I have a home-built PC based on an ASUS motherboard and ATI 5670 video card. Everything was running fine for months, but a few days ago I started running into an issue where my BIOS screen would load but be complete corrupted (white screen with red horizontal lines going across), and then Windows 7 boots fine.

Also, when I wake the pc up from sleep mode, the computer will occasionally wake up but the monitor will not turn on, requiring a reboot. Outside of these two issues, I have no problems within Windows 7 doing everyday tasks.

Any idea where to start troubleshooting?

A:BIOS screen corruption then boots

First thing I would try is to remove the CMOS battery which will reset the Bios to defaults and then see what happens when you boot. While the battery is out test the voltage with a volt meter, if it is much lower than 3V replace it with a new one.

If no improvement you could try flashing the Bios. You would need to go to the motherboard's manufacturer's site to get the instructions and the Bios download.

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Recently my ASUS G51j laptop notified me that my primary hard drive with my OS on it was failing. The laptop has two hard drives, so I cloned the primary one and made the clone bootable. I've made the clone the primary drive and am now running off of it. (the failing drive still works so far)

The only noticeable effect of the "failing" drive is that I can't get past the BIOS splash screen unless I enter and exit the BIOS setup (windows boots after that). However, after cloning the failing drive and setting my BIOS up to boot from the clone, I still get stuck at the splash screen.

I have a windows 7 OEM disk with me that I used to repair some start up problems it said it discovered (on the failing drive), one of which was the boot manager. Could cloning the failing drive before I repaired these things have transferred the boot issues to the clone? Repairing the problems with the win7 disk did not fix the boot issues on the failing drive though.

While I know that hard drives fail at seemingly random times, this all started the boot up after installing the latest windows updates. I still have a little bit of hope that my "failing" drive isn't actually failing, but instead just corrupted etc. from an improper update.

Any ideas?

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startup boots to bios --startup will not recognize optical recovery disc nor hard drive-- says boot not found?

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My laptop froze yesterday and is now booting to bios.

This is what I see

What can I do to fix this?

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hello friends
hope you can help me Iv got aHewlet Packard laptop powered by an intel processor 2800 mhz 256 mb ram when i switch on it boots straight into the bios the little box comes up asking if I want to load default settings yes or no but the keyboard dosnt work at all any ideas

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I recently installed a raid 0 set up with win7 64 bit. Everything works good (except it will not auto update bit I don't care about that) but when I reboot it to access the bios so I can overclock I cannot get into the bios. I have a wired USB keyboard that normally let's me in via the delete key. This is annoying as I need to be able to get in there at will. I do not have a slot for a ps2 keyboard. Thanks, Jared.

A:Win 7 boots fine but cannot access BIOS.

Can you access the raid bios with the keyboard?

Have you tried another keyboard?

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Hello Everyone!

Dell Dimension XPS D300.
On bootup, the memory count-down screen says:
Pentium 2
Processor speed 133MHz
Then it boots straight into BIOS, directly into a window Maintenance where it says: Processor Speed, and the option to set to: 200, 233, 266, 300, 333, 366.
I tried all and it does the same loop.

will someone suggest what I should do here?


A:Solved: Dell boots - into BIOS

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I have a acer laptop 3680 with vista basic that reboots to bios again and again. Is this an vista or bios issue? help please.

A:acer notebook boots on and off at bios

Is this a problem that just began, and did the laptop originally come with Vista or was it upgraded?

Are you seeing any error messages?

In Vista you can test the ram by running mdsched.exe

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About a week ago my computers video wouldn't work and about an hour later it started working again and I had no problems for a few days.

Then my video went completely out with no return...I switched monitors to see if it was a bad connection in the monitor(its about 3 years old) but the brand new monitor still didn't work so I bought a g-force 5500 graphics card I plugged it in to the pci port and started the computer, the computer booted straight to bios. I thought maybe it was doing this because the computers onboard video was still enabled and wasn't sure if that would affect it. So I removed the card and tried booting and then installing the card to see if I could get it to load and then just plug and play the video card. After the the graphics card wouldn't work so I unplugged it and just for kicks plugged it into onboard graphics and it works but still booted straight to bios. No settings on bios have been changed and when I exit bios it says "turn off power and reinstall the jumper in normal mode position"

Any ideas?

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My HP pavilion A705W desktop is starting up in Bios instead of Windows XPSP3. I have to then hit ESC and select the hard drive in the boot order before it will boot to Windows XPSP3. These are the things I have tried to fix the problem:
Checked all the bios settings-- everything matches the hardware.
Changed the order of the boot initiation to boot from the hard drive first. Still boots up in bios.
Checked the cmos battery- it is reading 3.3 v
Disconnected the keyboard and mouse before starting the computer. It still boots to the bios.
Verified that the computer will boot from the CD drive with a boot disk.
Defragged the hard drive and ran CHKDSK. Computer still boots to the bios.

Does anyone have any other ideas?

A:Computer boots to Bios instead of Windows

Maybe a stuck key on the keyboard? Try without the keyboard plugged in.

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Now I have to admit.....this one has me. I have two of these units that I purchased for my daughters to use. They both have the exact same issue. When I first plug the units in the harddrive is not recognised by the bios. Then I start this ritual of starting it over and over. Eventually it is recognized and then will work indefinetly. I am on one now. I updated to the latest bios. Problem still there. The thing that gets me is that if it was a controller failure, then you would think that it would fail while in windows. Same thing if it was a short or bad solder joint. Then I should get periods of failure while using it. Once I'm in windows XP I can use it all night without a problem. Last night I left it on all night with no issues. I checked Dell's support site to see if there was any issues posted there. The bios sucks, you cannot set any part of the harddrive. Its always auto detect so I can't manually set it up. There is really very few things you can set in the bios. Any ideas guys? I took it apart and cleaned the solder joints and inspected them with a microscope. Thought maybe a broken joint and when the laptop warms up then contact is made. It just seems like once it warms up its fine. I can turn it off and on a thousand times and it will boot fine. Unplug it and let it sit a while and bang......back to the ritual. HELP! What do you think? bad bios chip. Remember, its two units doing this that are exact same model. I have tried other drives that I have... Read more

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Hi guys, I've an old(around 3 years old) HCL desktop computer. When I boot up my computer, first it shows HCL's splash screen. Then it directly goes to the "Boot from CD/DVD..." screen. On my other computer a screen appears before that which says at the top "Press DEL to enter setup". But that screen just gets skipped in this computer. But I need to set my flash drive's boot priority to the topmost. So I need to access BIOS setup for this.

Can anybody please help me with this?

A:How to get into BIOS setup when my computer boots?

Instructions for entering the BIOS (and other useful info) should be part of your onwer/user's manual. Have you checked it?


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I have an old Thinkpad (570e) which has a bios older than 1999. When the laptop boots, it boots into the bios screen. Not much of a problem, but then I have to "exit without saving changes", and then the laptop boots again and will then boot the OS (PClinuxOS).

When I had XP on this laptop this did not happen, it was only when I installed linux. I have read that on these older systems, the bios in loaded on a hidden partition on the hd, but I'm not sure.

Anyone know how I can fix this problem?

A:Laptop boots into bios at startup

Sounds like the BIOS battery is dead. Not sure how you change them in lappys, but it gives the symptoms that would point to it.
as far as BIOS on the HD isconcerned, BIOS is mobo contained, no tHD contained. The only time it might get transferred is if BIOS shadowing was enabled, but even then it would only be copied to memory. I would suggest the booting problem is probably completely unrelated to the OS change, just coincidental.

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Hello loved ones,
I clicked on an .exe which made my Windows version not genuine and somehow changed my boot. Now, when I turn on my computer it will boot to bios, restart and boot to bios, on and on again.
I have tried fixing it thought startup repair with the Windows CD, but it will not work because since windows says not genuine I get the message that the Startup Repair version does not work with my OS.
I need to know a way in which I can fix this issue without the CDs and reinstalling the OS.
I can access the files on my OS (through Ubuntu), everything is regular and there, just the booting is messed up. I have a Ubuntu CD which I use to access my harddrive where i can delete files and change things. So, I am thinking that if I know which files were changed I can go there and delete and put in the proper file. I have a seperate harddrive which I have installed on the same computer which works, the OS is the same as is on my unbootable drive. So, maybe I can copy the correct files from that drive to my unbootable drives, I just need to know which. I have tried some files, but I have yet to solve the program.
Other information:
It is not a problem wih my motherboard -- I can run my other harddrive on my laptop just fine.
I have tried Ubuntu TestDisk and it says that the bootable status is OK.
OS is Windows 7 Ultimate
Memory is 8GB
I have tried fixing the Master Boot Record with lilo through ubuntu (sudo lilo -M /dev/sda mbr) but the boot i... Read more

A:Boots to bios and repeats! Bad exe program, help!

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So, after some time of having reformatted the laptop in favor of Windows 7 from the original Windows 8 OS, I encountered a problem with the UEFI system which forced me to configure the BIOS with the Legacy config, lest the system would not boot. While the system works just fine with a Legacy configuration, it now always has an entryway to the Windows Boot Manager first even though there's only a single OS to choose from: Windows 7. Is there any way I could bypass the Windows Boot Manager whenever I'm making a coldboot of the system?

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Doing a buddy a favor led me to pulling an all night laptop repair session. His 7 yr old spends her life online gaming and downloading crap. Of course she's also been downloading dozens of browsers and just plain crap. So I've battling everything that comes with that and just as I thought I was down to a clean device the mouse and touch pad freezes and the system went into reboot. Unfortunately when it got past the Lenovo screen the result was a log on screen that looked like it was written in Klingon!! I think back in the day this was referred to as "archives"?
So I can't get to a command prompt or even get past the screen of torture!!
Any assistance that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!

A:HELP!! Lenovo g50-45 running win 8 boots up to blue screen and archives!!

Here's a couple of pics of my dilemma!!

 20160227_071915.jpg   36.65KB

 20160227_071910.jpg   54.72KB

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Hello all,

I've ran into a number of issues----tried overclocking my computer and updated my bios, just reverted it back a version though as I've had problems. None of which have been fixed.

So if I reboot my computer it boots to bios, every time. Boot order looks perfect to me.....Additionally if I try to boot by choosing a boot disk in the bios it just loops to bios......If I boot the computer and press F8 and then choose my disk, I get to Windows 10 64bit with no problem......what the heck?

980 ti
16gb ram
Windows 10 64bit
Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Bios v 1204

A:Trouble booting to windows(always boots to bios)

it sounds like you could have a UEFI / legacy mode config problem. set it to legacy and see what happens.

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Asus sabertooth 990fx rev 2.0 bios:2005
And fx8350
Corsiar vengeance 4GB x2 (8GB) 1600mhz
HiatchI 500GB hard drive 7200rpm
Vtx HD7850 X-edition 1GB
Win power 850w
Corsiar h80i clc

Now that's hardware out of the way let me explain my problem.
Built my new pc yesterday and when I turned it on it booted straight to bios. So I set the boot priority to my hdd and saved. Upon restart it again booted straight to the bios. Also the boot device led it lit red.

It does the same when I set DVD drive to boot first (for reinstallation of Windows) it always boots straight to the bios
When in the bios I can press F8 and manually choose the device which will then load it. That's how I managed to format the hdd and installed fresh Windows 7 on it (twice)

So now I can manually boot into Windows. By selecting boot priority override and selecting my hdd. I've installed the Asus drivers from the sabertooth install CD. The system also feels laggy.

I've also tried settings in the bios like set sata ports to IDE from achi and disable fast boot. But nothing works. I have also removed the cmos, pressed direct key (just in case it was stuck) and tried mem ok.

Can anyone help? As I don't want to select hdd in the bios everything . Want to turn the system on.

Also forgot to add. It remembers my boot priority settings and all settings I change.

A:system boots straight to bios. New build

Many folks clear this by doing a Clear CMOS procedure. That is not the same as just removing the 3v battery (that only resets the clock - EDIT: and restores the BIOS defaults).
Did you do a true Clear CMOS?
Note all your current BIOS settings
Shut down the computer > remove the power cord.
Remove the 3v battery.
Move the CLRTC jumper from pins 1-2 to 2-3.
Touch a metal part of the case and Press and Hold the reset button for approx. 30 seconds to discharge all power from the board.
Put the CLRTC jumper back on pins 1-2.
Replace the 3v battery > replace the power cord > boot.
Immediately go back into BIOS and reset all your preferred settings. If the CLRTC worked you will need to reset the date and time in BIOS.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 32715 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 437 GB (214 GB Free); F: 9 GB (2 GB Free);
Antivirus: Avira Antivirus, Enabled and Updated

This started December 23rd: every time I turn on and start the computer, it boots to the BIOS setup page instead of Windows 7. I then have to press F1 to "enter setup to recover BIOS setting", so I do that and then "use the mouse to drag or keyboard to navigate to decide boot priority." I then select SSD (the only drive), then Windows starts okay, but the date is always set to 01/01/2009 and the time is usually either 0:01 or 12:10, so I reset the time and date. Also the notification area is missing most of its icons (only the speaker shows up).
This happened now on the 23, 24, 25 and today the 26th of December.
I have run both Avira and Malwarebytes Premium scans and they found nothing wrong.
I have tried to restore to a previous point where the computer booted correctly, but every time I have tried to restore, I received the notice "System restore did not complete successfully, your computer's system files and settings were not changed. System restore failed to extract the file (C:\) from the restore p... Read more

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The computer boots up, I can access the UEFI bios and everything before but as soon as I try to let it go into windows, the point where the login screen usually opens up... instead it just blanks out and states no signal on my display.
I just refilled my watercooling loop and everything was working fine prior to this, I was worried that I did something to the video card but I dont think that would be the case since the display its connected to shows the post screen and the UEFI bios.

A:PC boots, shows bios, but "no signal" when going into Windows

The BIOS and Safe Mode both use a different graphics driver than the one used in normal operation.
Boot into Safe Mode and see if the problem persists.

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Daughter brought her HP DV9500 (Vista 32bit). Very suspicious of malware. If I check the BIOS, it does not see the hard drive (nor does that option appear in the boot menu). However, if you boot the machine, it will load Vista and allow you to log in. After about 10-30 seconds usage, the keyboard and mouse buttons freeze and what was on the screen still remains with that bloody awful circle going round and round. Now the mouse will still move across the screen via the touchpad or a usb mouse but the keyboard is dead as are the mouse buttons.I can boot parted magic on UBCD and access all the files on the C: drive (one physical, three partitions including a recovery partition - how it came from the factory) and run all day long. Disk diagnostics on UBCD show the hard drive is present and no errors. However, the bios diagnostic says replace the hard drive.I've rebuilt the BCD using Microsofts bootrec to no avail.I'm trying to get it sane enough to offload 4 years worth of pictures, music, and classwork, etc. and then I'll try restoring the OS from the recovery partition.I should mention that I ran an older Linux bootable version of Avira (dated Sept 2009) and it noted multiple occurrences of html/infected.webpage.gen as well as two other (going to try to recover the names from the Avira logfile).Thanks in advance.AJG

A:Help please laptop bios doesn't see HD but vista still boots

I'm trying to get it sane enough to offload 4 years worth of pictures, music, and classwork, etc.No need to bother trying to get Windows to work well enough: Simply retrieve copies of the files that you want, to a USB-connected external hard drive using a Linux operating system run from a bootable CD/DVD or USB flashdrive.f your computer is not able to boot into Windows or simply not able to access the internet, you can use a LIVE Linux operating system run from a bootable CD or flashdrive instead of Windows, to access the internet, to access files on the HDD(s) and do other tasks. Using a working computer:If you wish to use a LIVE CD ...
Download the Linux version of your choice (usually an .ISO image file).
There are many options to use for a LIVE CD. I suggest that you try one of the following:
Puppy Linux (smallest download file size at 128 MB)Linux Mint 12 Lisa (versions for a CD, and larger versions that need to be burned to a DVD disk)[*]Burn the .ISO image to CD: If you do not already have a suitable burning program for writing .ISO images to disc ...Download and install ImgBurn.Ensure that you UN-check the box agreeing to install the Ask toolbar during the installation.Place a new (blank) CD disc in the drive tray.Choose Write image file to disc.
Under Source, click on the Browse button: Navigate to and select the .ISO file that you wish to burn.Place a check-mark in the box beside Verify.Click [*]When the CD has been burned and verified as successful, it will ... Read more

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Brand new T580 here, bought to run Qubes OS.Played around with Windows 10 for a while, downloaded the Qubes iso, put it on the stick, etc, the usual routine.Tried to boot from it, without success.Entered BIOS, played around with various settings, among others disabling secure boot and I *think* setting some video related parameter from 256 to 512. Also changed to boot order to have the USB HDD boot second after Windows.Anyway, saved my settings, tried to boot and got a blank screen. The only things that light up by default are the power and the Esc/FnLock leds, nothing else.The computer responds to Ctrl-Alt-Delete by rebooting, again to a blank screen.All other LEDs such as CapsLock etc light up, USB ports provide power (tried to connect an Android phone and it started charging)So I tried holding power button for X amount of seconds, I tried the emegency-reset pin - nothing, still a blank screen on boot.I removed the back plate, tried to boot without RAM, tried resetting it and setting it in another slot.I tried removing the coin-button battery and the internal battery for about a minute, I tried to boot without the coin-button battery installed.I tried to connect the computer to an external screen via HDMI - still nothing. I do not have a Thunderbolt/USB3 capable monitor to test the other video output.Not sure what else I can try. Start to think that the changed I've done have nothing to do with the problem at hand, it was just a coincidence. Some online searches, among othe... Read more

A:T580 boots to a blank screen after BIOS changes

Hi there,Does it show Lenovo boot welcome screen on poweron? If there is no even that and you tried already the BIOS clear It seems like the case for the service center. With the newset machines it is not impossible for the fiddling with the BIOS settings to cause a permanent system freeze. Recently we had a Dell workstation 5820 that behaved exactly like that, sollution was changing the Mobo under warranty. https://www.dell.com/community/Precision-Fixed-Workstations/Precision-5820-BIOS-crash/td-p/6033407

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My friends computer boots directly to the "Advance" tab on the BIOS screen where there are two errors. One is "CPU Internal Frequency" and "CPU Core." I tried restoring the defaults but the screen just went black, and I had to restart manually. Any Ideas on what could be causing this?

A:CPU boots to BIOS with two errors and won't restore to defaults

Reset your BIOS the old fassion way... LOL

1. Remove the CMOS battery, some people say for up to 2 hours.... i say remove the battery, unplug the power cable, then hold the power for about 1 min. (the leave power off for up to 2 hours+ is to let the Capacitors drain any residual charge they may have stored... holding the power button opens the circuit allowing all power to drain out)

Plug everything back in and BIOS reset.....

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Intel 915G P4 3.4, Vista 32, Geforce 6600 512mb, 2 GB RAM DDR2 533 RAM, 600w Cooler Master

My computer was running graphic intensive application and black screened. Just before that I smell something really strange in the room like a permanent marker, hard to describe. Might not be related but who knows.Then boom, black screen freezes to "no signal" from the the monitor.
Now when I restart the computer will not boot. It will let me go to bios, i tried to repair with windows CD, which it allowed me to do, but did not work. It will boot in safe mode. But freezes to black screen no signal after not too much time in safe mode. Before I can reach event viewer.
Any ideas on what this could be? I cant run any diagnostic on the computer because if booted into windows will not be stable for long. I can use the repair process from my windows CD but it doesnt fix.

Any reason to believe this isnt a psu issue?
Also more might be related information:
Had a disk error the other day, reseated connections and fixed.
If memory is removed motherboard will give post code.

A:Vista boots to BIOS but black screens at OS

try another power supply in it

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Hi ...Computer Hp Pavilion A1710N starts up to initial boot menu but the keyboard does not work so I cannot enter the bios....also the machine will not boot to hard drive.
I try to boot from a DVD installation disk ...but when the screen asks me to 'Press any key to boot from disk'...  I can't because the keyboard is dead.
I'm thinking it's the power supply { I hope} and not the mother board....but which one?
I replaced the cmos battery.
Unplugged the hard drive.
Tried another keyboard.
There are no fuses in the power supply.
DVD is working.
Any ideas?....thanks.*john

A:Computer boots to bios but no keyboard function

The keyboard is USB or PS2? If USB try to use a PS2 keyboard.

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Hi,The display on my 3+ year (4 month past warranty) old Lenovo X240 is starting to have problems (12.5" HD (1366 x 768) LED Backlit AntiGlare IPS Display, Intel HD Graphics 4400). It boots fine, but every once in a while I?m using the system, the image will start to fade to white (actually more like light gray), i.e., the current image becomes more and more latent, while the sound continues. I snapped three pictures while I was watching an episode of Bosch when this happened again this morning. The screen will eventually blank, and I?ve notice a while (somewhat jittering line) at the bottom of the screen while this is happening. (See images at bottom)If I close the lid and then open it, it will generally reset itself, but it?s been happening more frequently late, though there?s no pattern and I can?t replicate it at will (with an external monitor for example). Again, never have this problem during boot up.Three quick questions:1. Has anyone come across this? Any idea what this might be?2. If so, is this easily (ie cheaply) fixable? I like the laptop and would continue using it otherwise.3. If not, what would be an equivalent laptop in place you could recommend, Lenovo or otherwise. It looks like there?s a Lenovo X270 now ? would that be the one to consider? Any non-Lenovo laptops I should consider? FWIW, I?ve only had Thinkpads in the past (T23 if even earlier), I program and like the dedicated PgUp/PgDn,Home/End and arrow keys for editing purposes.Thank... Read more

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