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XP laptop suddenly not showing up in network on windows 7 desktop

Q: XP laptop suddenly not showing up in network on windows 7 desktop

I have 3 computers: 1)Desktop running Windows 7 connected to a router. 2)XP Laptop. 3)New laptop running windows 10.

I have sharing between all 3. Suddenly today the XP laptop does not show up in the Network on the Windows 7 Desktop. The new Windows 10 Laptop shows up. The XP laptop does show up in the Network of the Windows 10 Laptop and I can access files.

I would appreciate any help in why this happened and how to get it back.

Preferred Solution: XP laptop suddenly not showing up in network on windows 7 desktop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: XP laptop suddenly not showing up in network on windows 7 desktop

Well, it has suddenly reappeared for no apparent reason. After about 3 hours.

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Running a 2-computer ethernet network with Linksys WRT54G router, both machines with XP Pro. After years of correct operation, laptop no longer recognizes desktop, while desktop has correct access to laptop. Both machines access internet OK. Also seeing occasional message on desktop about IP address conflict. Thanks

A:Laptop Cannot See Desktop on Network (Suddenly)

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Anyone have any idea why suddenly out of the blue my network quit showing one of my computers? I have a tablet and laptop both with windows 10. my tablet still shows both computers, but my laptop no longer shows the tablet. I didn't change anything. What can cause this and how do I fix it? thanks.

A:network suddenly quit showing computer

The Winsock and DNS caches are corrupt.

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In the Network page in Vista, there is a networked computer that doesn't show.
My computer is connected via an ethernet cable to the router/modem (it's both in one, WAG160N). The other computer can connect to it and receive internet access. However, my computer cannot ping the other one and cannot view it connected (or at all) on the Network page. Maybe unrelated, but the 'View Full Map' button in the Network and Sharing Centre cannot create the map saying 'Responses from other devices on the network are delayed or this an incompatible router on the network.
Any help would be appreciated to ping this computer and access the workgroup.

A:Desktop not showing in Network

Try going to device manage. Make sure that there are no yellow markers, regarding your connection.

Make sure you have all up to date drivers.

Test your router.

In an administrors account type cmd in search

In cmd type
ipconfig /flushdns

Try all and get back to us.

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They both are in the same workgroup.They are both on a wireless network. They both folders set to share. The xp shows up as a media device on the 7 but only opens in windows media player. The 7 shows up on the xp but wont allow access. Help? Or a guide somewhere for windows 7 to xp networking.

A:How to network windows 7 laptop and XP desktop?

Right Click on the (shared) folder, properties, permissions, access -> everyone

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New to this stuff... Can someone detail what has to be done to each PC step by step so that I can share files, printer etc between the systems? The desktop has a wired connection to the router and the laptop is using wifi. Desktop is windows 7 home.


A:Network a wndows 7 desktop with a windows 10 laptop

Hello and welcome to the TenForums

I'm not sure that there is a tutorial specifically for this in this forum but there is one in the EightForums which will show you the basics as it hasn't really changed.

File and Printer Sharing on Network - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

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I have a an HP Desktop with Windows 7 and an HP Laptop with Windows 8: my interest is to network the Desktop with the laptop. I was trying to use HOMEGROUP and set it up on Windows 7 HP Desktop & and then create a HOMEGROUP on the laptop running on Windows 8. Now I am thinking that you cannot set UP a HOMEGROUP IN WINDOWS 7. Can I be advised of the steps needed to crate a network between the Windows 7 desktop and the Windows * HP laptop.

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I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite laptop running Vista Home Premium, a Linksys Broadband Router, and connected the router to my Dell desktop, which runs Windows XP. Both computers can access the internet, but despite much effort by myself (a good user, but not a techie) and two friends who are pretty computer savy, we can't find the desktop computer on the network. The network wizards were run, the router programmed, but the network only shows up on the laptop, and it doesn't show the other computer. The desktop computer running XP shows only the router.
not even itself.

I've read some of this and other forums' suggestions and tried (1) using the same usernames and passwords for both computers, (2) making sure they're in the same WorkGroup, (3) taking down firewalls for brief periods, (4) enabling sharing on both systems, and (5) downloading an MS Compatability Program. By entering the desktop computer's i.p. address in the laptop's run program, I somehow sent the files and printer info to the laptop, but can't print any of them. All too often, questions are generated which I, as a novice, have no idea how to answer.

Do you think the primary problem is the lack of achieving the complete network, so that both computer's recognize one another, and if so, what do you suggest? Or, do you think I should concentrate on resolving the remaining practical problem, how to have the laptop use the printer?

SuperRet (not!)
&n... Read more

A:Solved: Vista laptop and windows xp desktop won't network

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Hello everyone I'm new to the site as well as new to doing anything technical at all with computers. After googling and finding random pages that are from this site in the search engine for my issue I have caved in and made an account

Now then I see someone has posted a similar issue to mine but his seems more technical than mine. What's the issue you ask? I have a laptop that is running windows 7 and can view the document folder on my vista desktop but when I try to access it, it restricts me saying I don't have access. I removed the password being required to access files. I took off the shared wizard thing on the folder I want to access (on the vista desktop) that was recommended by another user on the site.

I still can't access the files on that computer but i can access from the desktop the files on my laptop (windows 7) both are on the same workgroup but I don't know what else to do.

A:Windows 7 laptop can't access Vista Desktop on network

Hi Makhra,

See if you can follow this Tutorial and compare your current networking setup, the Operating Systems are above Home Edition but it should have a few similarities. Here's another one that you may follow.

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I have a windows XP home edition desktop computer which has a BT Voyager 2091-15 wireless router connected to it. I also have a windows vista home premium laptop which is wireless and I want to create a wireless connection with it.

The workgroup names on both computers are the same and on the network map on the windows vista machine I can see the name of the desktop computer. (I take it this means that the are connected in some way???).

I would like to be able to file share and share the printer which is pluged into the desktop pc.

Please can you help??


A:Can't create a wireless network between a Windows Vista Laptop and Windows XP Desktop

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Have a P2P network, all desktops are Windows XP Pro. Laptop is recently purchased and is XP Home. (None are SP2.) Set the laptop up on the network on Saturday, everyone could access it, it could access everyone. Today the desktops cannot even see the laptop and although the laptop can see the workgroup, it says it can't access it.

Oddly, the laptop WILL print to some network printers, although not all. The computer is talking with the network. I've tried pinging computers on the network, though, and they time out. I tried pinging our copier (which has an assigned IP) and it won't ping to that either, although it will print to it. The laptop also is accessing the internet just fine through the router hooked into my computer... I'm so confused why this is happening.

(Also, this same laptop is having email issues, which may or may not be related. See http://forums.techguy.org/t289053.html)

A:Laptop suddenly won't access network

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I have recently refurbished an old laptop (a Toshiba Tecra A4 - running Windows XP) and I have encountered a problem.

Yesterday I got it all connected up to my works network, it was working perfectly, accessing mapped network drives with no issues at all.

All of a sudden this morning the connection has gone, and I can't get it back. Very frustrating seeings as how nothing changed overnight!

Anybody have any ideas?
(I am very new to all of this - I would say I'm competent but no whizz kid on this sort of thing, so simple answers and instructions if you can please )

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My laptop has a wireless card- the desktop is hardwired (ethernet) into teh DSL/wireless gateway. Everything WAS working fine- then I though I'd try to update the QEP encryption, just as another security measure.

Something has changed, as my laptop appears to be linked (netowrk monitor shows the connection)... and the wirelss "monitor" (I think it's software which installed with this Belkin 11Mbps PC card) showsthings working normally. But, I can't resolve any URLs and I can't see th laptop on teh network... the laptop doesn't seem to actually be communicating with the network, even though all outward signs show it connected.

I've tried double checking all the settings- the TC/PIP, ESSID, Channels, WEP settings and even a hexadecimal code I made up, but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas? I'm sure it's one, simple setting somewhere, but I have no idea where.

A:wireless laptop, suddenly not seeing network

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Trying to get remote desktop to work for our 2 desktops in the house (both Win 7).

Checked how online - went to Computer, turned on remote, turned on "Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Auth..."

Then went to "select users".

the box there is empty and below that, it says "XXXX already has acccess" which is the user name on this PC i'm currently using.

I then hit 'Add'. Here's the issue.

When i see video tutorials, etc under locations they can find other names within their network (ie. 1 name for each pc on network, etc or that is what it appears like).

I can only see 'location' as this current PC. Not PC # 2. If i enter username in the Object box, OR the name of the other PC, it says it can't find it.

i'm sure i'm missing a step somewhere but not sure where.



A:Remote Desktop setup- 'Select users' not showing other PCs on network

Hi and welcome to SevenForums!

I'm guessing the videos showed computers part of a domain(business) network which means domain users. These are different to local users.

For a home setup when you connect with Remote Desktop you need to log on with an account on the remote computer, meaning a local account on the computer you want to connect to.

"Select users" means local users on that machine. That others connecting to it from another computer need to know the local password to.

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Hi , im Kenney , im having an issue with my PNY 3.0 flashdrive , on both my laptop and desktop computer it will only show in disc management , however on the other windows 10 computer in my house it works fine. (both my desktop and laptop run windows 10). i have already called and used MS Free Support , but they could not do anything , without moving me to paid support , i cant spare money for that right now so thats out of the option , there best suggestion was to try updating my drivers. all my drivers were up to date (At least on the labtop , i have not checked the desktops. i have tried formating my PNY drive on ubuntu 16 , and on both windows computers , it does not show no matter what file system i give the drive , it only shows up on disc management on both the windows computers i use. yet it still works fine on the other computer i mentioned eariler... Windows troubleshooting can not figure out whats wrong with the drive as well. and just for information sake , MS Free Support already tried messing with the auto play settings , and creating another user profile on the computer , none of which worked. I Really need this flashdrive working , it was around 50$ and its 125 Gigs. ill leave my technical information below. this is my first time on this site , i hope someone here can help me with my issue. (if more tech info is required , i think speccy might give more tech info than tech support guys system info , so let me know if more tech info is needed to help me slove m... Read more

A:Desktop And Laptop not showing PNY USB 3.0 Flashdrive.

Does it have a "drive letter" in Disk Management? If not, can you assign one?

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Having lost his internet, a neighbor brought his laptop (Vista SP2, Atheros Wireless) to me last night. His Connection tooltip weirdly stated: Unidentified (Smith wireless).

Network Center showed Unidentified network.

There are 2 other laptops (XP and Win7 HP32bit) in his household that have no problems and can connect to the internet just fine. I first checked for viruses, of which I found several, including a rootkit. I cleaned the system up with malwarebytes, but still not connection, so I decided to restore an Acronis system drive image I made for him about a month ago. The results: Same network issues.

His TCP IPV6 & IPV4 properties were what one would expect...Obtain Auto on both counts, however, his IPconfig info for IPV4 were a bit odd. As can be noted from the screenshot, the Autoconfig IPV4 address and subnet mask weren't what I expected to see, nor were the DNS servers. And the Primary DNS suffix was blank.

I was able to correct the problem and get him back on line by manually entering the IPV4 address, Default Gateway, and DNS servers.

But I really wonder what caused this. Again, his was the only machine (out of 3 laptops) that was affected. Why would his auto settings suddenly turn on him?

Thanks for any insights.

A:Laptop 'suddenly' lost network, IPconfig...

he's running APIPA, he's not getting DHCP from the router or modem. Check for broken router or modem.

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Hello everyone,

I'm hoping that somebody will be able to help me here. I've been without wifi at home for three days now.
My laptop is a HP Pavilion running on Windows 10.

It all started three days ago when I went to a friend's house with my laptop and connected to their wifi. When I came home and tried to connect to my home network, it just wouldn't connect. My phone and the devices (laptops, phones, tablets etc.) of everyone else in the house work perfectly well and are all still connected to the network.
That night, I went to a different friend's house and my laptop connected to their wifi straight away. When I came back home, it again would not connect to the home network. Every time I try to connect it just tells me "unable to connect to this network".

Nothing has changed with the router, but I of course did try turning it on and off again.
I've also tried:
- "forgetting" the network and reconnecting.
- through "change adapter options" disabling and re-enabling wifi
- uninstalling and reinstalling the wireless drivers
- updating wireless drivers
- totally rebooting the whole computer
- various manipulations with an ethernet cable (the internet works perfectly when using this)

It feels like I've tried everything that Google has thrown at me, although I'm clearly missing the right answer. I'd be SO grateful if somebody could offer up another idea of why it isn't working - it's driving ... Read more

A:Laptop suddenly won't connect to home network

Are you getting a valid IP address from the router when connected via Wi-Fi?

Have you tried disabling all firewall software that is installed included the Windows Firewall?

Are you able to ping websites?

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This is just a minor thing but I really want to get it fixed.

Recently I bought a new laptop dell xps15 and its windows 7 home premium 64bit.

I really like it and its got some really special function.

For example when you put your mouse cursor on the icon on the taskbar, it shows you the screen of that programme in a small window box.

But now that function is gone. Instead it looks like this:

does anyone know how to fix it?

Any help will be really appreciated.


A:Windows suddenly stopped showing the screen of the running programme.

look like your "aero" theme got disabled.
right click>personalize> and select any of the aero theme

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My desktop Windows 7 computer is upstairs and it is connected by cable to my Linskys router also upstairs. The Windows 8 laptop is downstairs and receives the signal wirelessly from the home network from the router upstairs.

At the laptop the internet is working fine and I can see the files on my desktop upstairs, but upstairs I cannot see the files on the laptop downstairs.

Please can I be advised how to go about solving this problem.


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I have been using Windows Seven on my HP desktop and have a home wireless network set up using a Linskys router. The desktop is wired to the router. My Windows HP 8 laptop is working wirelessly downstairs on the home network. On the laptop I can see the files on my desktop, but I cannot see the Windows 8 laptop files on my desktop. Is this because the desktop is connected to the router by a cable? If not please can I be advised how to allow the Windows Seven desktop see the Windows 8 laptop files downstairs


A:network Windows seven desktop to new Windows 8 laptop

The network connections are probably not the issue if you can get Internet access. I use Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers and can 'see' the other computers. It may be the File and Printer Sharing settings on the computers and any password or permissions that need to be checked, I haven't had a need to set mine up yet as i use a NAS for any needed shared file storage.

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Hi. I've been googling and trying all sorts of solutions suggested on online help forums but none of them seem to work. Hopefully you guys can help me with it.

I'm using a laptop running windows 7, 64-bit.

My laptop isn't new, and i did not do anything out of the ordinary to it when my lan connection suddenly stopped working. I am an exchange student currently studying and living in a corridor-hostel in Sweden. Every room has a lan connection (directly from the wall). The lan connection has been working fine for the past 1 month. But suddenly, my computer is no longer able to identify it. Other people have brought their laptop to my room and are still able to connect via the lan connection. Thus it is definitely an issue with my laptop.

This is the details when i do ipconfig /all in cmd:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Windows\system32>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Samantha-VAIO
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Peer-Peer
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : Yes
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection* 12:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Juniper Network Connect Virtual Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-FF-A0-B6-D2-07
DHCP Enabled. . . . . .... Read more

A:Laptop suddenly unable to connect via LAN. (Unidentified Network)

Try these:
Unidentified Networks - Set as Private or Public

Windows 7 Unidentified Network, Limited Access, No Internet Connection Problem Resolved

Another thing to try is clearing CMOS.
Disconnect all power (no AC and battery removed)
Press and hold the power button to two full minutes to drain any residual charge on the board/capacitors
Reconnect power and test.

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Hey, my laptop has decided to shut itself off from the outside world
i've tried to reset my d-link router, nothing happened
troubleshooted the fact that it hasnt detected any network connections and all it says is
"Windows could not automatically detect this network's proxy settings"....
i am only 16, and female mind, so you may have to talk to me like a pre-school teacher :>

A:Solved: laptop suddenly not connecting to any wireless network

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hiya, my laptop has been connected up to our wifi fine for the last 2 weeks but now all of a sudden it will not connect to our wifi or even show any connections in the area. Does not affect any other devices tablets, phones etc in the house though. have tried rebooting/ refreshing/ restoring but nothing works. any help would be great thankyou

A:laptop suddenly wont pick up any network connections

Have you checked to see if the WiFi has been turned off or in the airplane mode?

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Hey guys,

I've been having a problem for a few days and have been looking everywhere for a solution with no luck thus
far. I recently moved in with my girlfriend and my internet plan didn't include a router. Since she's not going to stay here for long (just til the end of the year), I've been routing the net from the cable modem through my laptop so all of our devices can
be connected.
Problem started happening when she had to plug the cable on her laptop one day as I was away for uni and we
simply cannot take the damn cable out of it. I'm working on getting a replacement one before I can try bruteforcing it, but I'm also worried that it might break the port.

In any case, we've been using her laptop as the router for the last few weeks, but somehow Virtual Router Manager
doesn't work here (it fails to recognize the virtual mini port), so I'm manually routing it using the netsh wlan script. The problem is that it simply stopped working last week and I have no idea why.
The network is still being set succesfully and all devices can connect to it, but they can't connect to the
internet. Doing a adapter troubleshooting, windows says it's because it doesn't have a valid IP connection. I've since looked for solutions for this online, but none of them fit my problem.

I've tried the netsh reset log commands with to no avail. The computer connected to the wired modem has perfect
connection (I'm currently writing from it), it's just the hosted wifi that doesn't w... Read more

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Hey guys,

I've been having a problem for a few days and have been looking everywhere for a solution with no luck thus far. I recently moved in with my girlfriend and my internet plan didn't include a router. Since she's not going to stay here for long (just til the end of the year), I've been routing the net from the cable modem through my laptop so all of our devices can be connected.
Problem started happening when she had to plug the cable on her laptop one day as I was away for uni and we simply cannot take the damn cable out of it. I'm working on getting a replacement one before I can try bruteforcing it, but I'm also worried that it might break the port.

In any case, we've been using her laptop as the router for the last few weeks, but somehow Virtual Router Manager doesn't work here (it fails to recognize the virtual mini port), so I'm manually routing it using the netsh wlan script. The problem is that it simply stopped working last week and I have no idea why.
The network is still being set succesfully and all devices can connect to it, but they can't connect to the internet. Doing a adapter troubleshooting, windows says it's because it doesn't have a valid IP connection. I've since looked for solutions for this online, but none of them fit my problem.

I've tried the netsh reset log commands with to no avail. The computer connected to the wired modem has perfect connection (I'm currently wri... Read more

A:Hosted Wifi Network (through laptop) suddenly not working

there is a little bit of plastic that needs to be pushed down to release the plug from the socket - I have had to use a screwdriver to push it down on some connections

Make and model of the device she is using to connect to the internet - sounds like a router

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Hello everyone.

My laptop will not connect to a network that previously worked without a problem. I can see the network in the list of available connections, but when I try to connect it instantly tells me that it can't connect.

I can connect to the internet via an ethernet cable connected to the same router that's giving me trouble. This is a home connection so I have full control over all settings and devices.

-All other devices still connect just fine.
-I've run the troubleshooter. The only result is a suggestion to reset the router, which I have done.
-I've 'forgotten' the network in the network management list, and later tried adding it again manually.
-I've tried the TCP/IP stack repair command prompts that I found in this post.
-I've tried changing the network to an open network, and then back to WPA2.

Specs from TSG SysInfo:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3110M CPU @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3978 Mb
Graphics Card: LogMeIn Mirror Driver, 7 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 703292 MB, Free - 60901 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, Portable PC
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2014, Updated and Enabled

I've attached a screenshot of my device manager. There used to be a Hamachi device there but I removed it.

If you provide the information I need to fix this I will buy... Read more

A:Laptop suddenly cannot connect to previously functioning network.

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Hello, I really need help. Recently my laptop cannot connect to a wireless network where before it always able to connect.
Every time I connect it it will display "window cannot connect to (name of the network)" I don't know what happened. When I use
my phone turning on WiFi, it was able to connect to that wireless network and get internet. I checked my network work adapter and it was up to date.
I even reset the laptop to factory settings and it still display "window cannot connect to (name of the network)" when i try to connect. Details are the router is
a Cisco linksys E1000 router which the network is W2psk-psk. I cannot change or reset the router setting because I am not the admin where i do not know the password to.
I tried everything, please help, thank you. Specs are below.

Windows Vista Home Basic
Manufacturer: Hewlett- Packard
Model: Hp Pavilion dv6000
Processor Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2060 @ 1.60GHZ
System type: 32- bit operating system

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6000]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Angela-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specifi... Read more

A:Solved: laptop suddenly cannot connect to a wireless network

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Hi Paul,
I am on a private wireless network, name showing in notification area.
Problem 1:
A week or two ago, an unidentified wireless network suddenly appeared in the notification area. Name of the network is Vortex.  No response when I click or right click on it, to 'forget this network'. Drop down menu connect automatically is ticked-
when I remove tick-- it returns.  When I click connect, window opens prompting for a password.  Often when I want to check if its still there it is there momentarily and then disappears altogether. I have no path for this 'rogue' network, so cannot
search for its location on my PC, so there's no way I know how to remove it.  I have a very stringent antivirus, malware application and also use Malwarebytes to remove infections and spyware. However, I searched online for this Vortex network and it
seems that it is malware-- however, after full scans of my PC, with both my internet security app and Malwarebytes, this Vortex network still appears in the network notification window below my private network server.  How do I remove it?  And what
settings should I temporarily activate in the Network and Sharing Center in order to view all networks on my PC in Command prompt?   This network can surely not be a neighbour's network-- as my connection settings are very private.  I cannot block
it with Firewall, because no path is available to do so. I have a feeling this Vortex may have been bundled wi... Read more

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I have a 2-year-old laptop with Windows XP SP3 as its operating system and as of today it's begun to act up and I'm not really sure why, what the problem is, or what to do about it. It began this morning when I shut the computer down. It said something about including an important Windows update upon Shut Down, which I presume it did. When I turned it back on a few minutes later it logged me onto a blank default XP desktop with all of my files gone; I have the laptop set so that it requires the username and password upon logging in and returning from standby but the login screen was bypassed when I turned it on and it took me to the new user account with nothing on it instead. I immediately rebooted it and this time it did come up with the login screen while booting up but when I entered my password it said it was incorrect...the error also included something about a "domain," but I can't remember exactly what it was. I retyped my password 5 or 6 times exactly the same way each time, checking each letter, and around the 7th try it logged me in to my account with my desktop and all my files still there and everything else as usual. I'm positive that I typed the password the same each time so I have no idea why it didn't accept it until the 7th try.

After this I used the computer for an hour or so and then closed the screen before leaving for work and when I came back home tonight and opened it up it gave me the typical login screen I get upon returning from st... Read more

A:Laptop suddenly refusing login + booting to desktop with all files & settings missing

BTW; this may be totally unrelated but I thought it might be worth mentioning anyway. Yesterday I was in the process of transferring photos from a SD card to my computer when my battery got low so I plugged it into the 100 watt power inverter that plugs in to the cigarette lighter outlet in my car so that the transfer could complete. I had the engine running while the car was parked and after about 20 minutes I turned it off (but left the car battery on) and this did something to the inverter that made the charger stop working other than during brief intermittent 5 second intervals when it would come back to life at random before losing power again. The laptop again warned that the battery was about to run out and even with the engine turned back on I couldn't get the charger to work and as a result the laptop went into hibernation mode in the middle of the transfer. When I eventually plugged the laptop back into a reliable outlet it loaded up to a black screen with white text that said the battery was low and press F1 to continue; I pressed F1 but nothing happened. Then I pressed other keys at random, all of which made a beeping noise when hit, but the screen stayed the same. I tried manually turning it off and back on again only to be met with this same screen which I couldn't get beyond. Finally after about 8 manual shut downs I was able to get past the screen and it booted up normally and I logged in as usual. Like I said, this could be totally unrelated but the t... Read more

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Lately I've been seeing odd, random phones showing up under my Network (screenshot attached). There's one that keeps showing up but no one in my household has that type of device. The others are random and it seems like there's always a new one. The other day one came on called "Leapfrog", then another one called "full biscuit" and the list goes on. Today I get this one. I can get the MAC ID but no IP Address. My computer recently got hacked with a bad virus so I'm wondering if someone is "Spying" on me. Once I catch the phone, I open it up, get the information I can, and take a screenshot. Once I do this the phone automatically disappears. But this one in particular, when I saw it, it went away and a few minutes later it appeared again. Why? Thank you very much for your help!!

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Hi, I'm a new user in this forum and have a query that i own a laptop as specifeid HP:AU003TX with win 10 (64bit) operating system, my query is on my laptop it is showing that HOSTED NETWORK SUPPORTED :NO, why is that? and how can it be resolved. A lots of thanks to all of you who'll help me.

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Hello and thanks in advance for your help. I have an Acer Inspire laptop running Windows XP. A few months ago it suddenly stopped connecting to my home wireless network, while all of the other computers in the house connect to the network without a problem. The network still shows up in the list of available networks; when I click on it to connect, it looks like it's trying to connect but it never actually does. My dad thinks that using my laptop at an airport wifi hotspot may have something to do with the issue (the problem started right after I returned from a business trip...).

Any suggestions?

A:Laptop suddenly doesn't connect to home wireless network anymore

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Hi folks;

Please help me to remove these items from my laptop. A particular & ungreatful person abused my laptop to the point where I had to install a password. Now he has his own (thank goodness). I had to perform all kinda of removal actions but I just noticed in my network domain that his name followed by "PC" & under "media devices" & "network infrastructure" contains his name again w/ PC & devices called [TV]UNE40ES6100.

I am using the program's wireless service which I am allowed-to. I just want to remove this person from my laptop. It won't delete when r. clicking. I have win 7 and use this laptop mainly for my online school & email. I know, I should've never lent it to him in the 1st place cause I took a big risk of having it damaged or infected with his relentless music & video downloads.

Thanks for any assistance or advice you can provide.

A:Solved: unwanted PC & devices showing in my laptop network

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I've had my desktop for a few years, it's running windows 8 pro build 9200, now out of the blue it says windows 8 isn't activated, and windows 8 pro build 9200 started floating above the clock.
I haven't noticed any changes in the way it functions, but the change is still very strange.
I've tried basically everything to reactivate it, but nothing seems to work, I either get error code 0xC004F074, or told my product key is invalid, which it isn't. any suggestions?

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I'm running WiFi on my desktop since a couple of months but tonight(since 2 days ago) I suddenly "can't connect to this network". I live in an apartment building for students and we share a Wi-Fi connection in the house. I've asked my neighbor and her connection works.
My smartphone can connect to the network as usual, my chromecast can connect but not my PC.
I run win 10 and use an ASUS PCE-AC68 network card.
ATM I'm connected to my smartphone hotspot so it seems like there's nothing physically wrong with my equipment.

Smartphone connected to the wifi network

Full signal can't connect!?
Desktop can't connect

I think I've tried all the obvious stuff. Checking for new drivers for my ASUS card, firewall is completely off, telling Win 10 to forget the connection and rebooting, waiting... I just get that annoying message "can't connect to this network" "close"...

Here is a wireless network report(netsh wlan show wlanreport) but I don't have any idea what any of it means

IDK what do... I've been without a real connection for almost 3 days... I've asked on three other forums...
HELP ME You're my last hope!

A:Suddenly my desktop "can't connect to this network"

Anybody? Any idea?

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Hi all ,

2 weeks ago , i formatted my pc again , reinstalled all my software , all the drivers ( ive formatted my pc often , never had any problems with it ) . Everything was working just fine until yesterday .
I turn on my pc .
Windows XP logo
Tumduru tudum !
My desktop picture ..
Where is my cursor ? Hey , where is my start button ( and the whole strip , don't know the name ) . No icons neither , just my desktop picture and thats all . The pc doesn't react on any commands like the shortcuts on my keyboard , altctrldel doesn't do anything . I can restart it in Safe mode and then it works ( but crappy .. )
Ive tried chckdsk , defragment , system restore , ive ran my antivirus . But nothing seems to help ...
What do i do ?


A:Windows only showing desktop picture ...

Shonik said:

Did u delete all the partitions before installing XP or just installed XP on the existing partition?
Also run a diags on the hard drive, I am not sure about your system model otherwise I would have given you the steps to run the test on the hard drive. Check if there is a loud clicking noise from the hard drive which was not there before. I would also like to know how times have you formatted and reinstalled XP on this very hard drive.
Don't worry, I will take care of it.Click to expand...
1) Jup , i have 2 HD's , and everytime i format , i just copy everything to my external HD ( the 3th then ) . I just clear all my partitions on those 2 HD's before formatting & reinstalling windows .
2)No 'new strange' sounds from the pc , just the quiet humming that he's producing for years now lol ..
3) Diags ... I probbly know what it means in Dutch , but my English isn't the best so sorry :s
Does it mean like : system diagnose ? I have Everest if that can help ...
4)I have formatted this pc around 10 times i think ( can't put a exact number on it sorry )

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On not so infrequent occasion, my Start Menu and Desktop, without warning, will suddenly experience the equivalent of an epileptic seizure. The Start Menu will start flickering really fast and windows will be slightly moved, resized or closed. The episode will occur for maybe 10 - 20 seconds and then the fireworks stop.

Afterwards, the fallout may result in some applications/windows that still remain open, they may (but not always) no longer respond to mouse clicks.

To be honest, I'm having difficulty figuring out what triggers this event. The best I can gather it happens when I move the mouse (nearby?) to click the Start Menu, but am not absolutely sure. It does not always happen and when it does, it occurs super fast and I lose complete control until this wacky (and very disruptive) behavior stops.

I searched google and could not find this problem documented. I am using Window 7 Ultimate, 32 bit, with the latest updates. My computer is a Dell Dimension 8300 (old), which means I am using a generic settings which include the mouse driver and video display (no Aero). The Windows Event logs do not reveal anything of interest. I have no security issues either - no viruses and spyware. Simplifying troubleshooting -I try to run the bare minimum of processes does not seem to help, either.

What else should I be looking at? Thanks for your help.

A:Windows 7 start menu & desktop suddenly goes bezerk - very strange

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

The only thing I can suggest is to try another mouse to see whether that has the same effect.

Not responding to mouse clicks suggests either the Windows in question don't have the focus or your mouse is faulty and/or dirty.

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Starting this morning, this problem has occured several times. Suddenly all network transfers will stop, and I can't launch any new programs. Already-running programs remain responsive, except for network connectivity. For example, Chrome is still open, and I can open new tabs, but if I try to load google.com or even my router's admin page (, nothing happens. No error; just nothing loads. My router and Internet connections remain intact and functioning (I tested using other devices).
A reboot will fix the problem for upwards of an hour, and then the same thing will happen. When it does happen, I'm unable to End-Task explorer.exe, or log off Windows; I have to hard-reboot. If I don't already have Task Manager open, it won't open via CTRL+SHIFT+ESC, and nothing happens when I press CTRL+ALT+DEL. I can WIN+R to enter a program name, but no program will launch.
Memory/disk/CPU usage all seem fine, with no apparent hard drive throttling, and there's plenty of free memory. I've never seen something like this happen before. Any ideas?

A:Windows/network suddenly become unresponsive (not frozen)

Hard reset your router and use the Network troubleshooter in the control panel.

Verify if Limited Connectivity is a problem:

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First of all, I'm trying to diagnose this problem from 3000 miles away over the phone. I am *very* versed in WinXP, but not at all in Windows 7. As such, I am not looking for a perfect solution at this time, but merely some hints to maybe point me in the right direction, or what the next logical steps in diagnosing this might be.

Brand new Acer D55 with Windows 7 home, bought and configured around Christmas 2010. It was working fine until the middle of April, when suddenly (during usage, i.e., not overnight or after a reset), the Acer dropped off the wireless network while other computers remained on the same wireless network, and continue to remain even now. This is the only Windows 7 computer on that network. All others are XP. Here is where I came in.

I have been troubleshooting remote wireless woes for almost 10 years, and am quite good at it. My first instinct is to have someone plug the computer into the router directly with an Ethernet cable, thus temporarily getting the computer back online long enough for me to VNC in and find out why the computer's wireless connection died. This has ALWAYS worked. I have never seen a computer, that when plugged physically into a functioning router, didn't come online. So as you can probably guess, the computer didn't come online.

The computer has McAfee security installed, and I have seen AV/firewall suites cause problems in computer usage before, but I have never seen one prevent a computer from jumping online.

The biggest conc... Read more

A:Windows 7 Acer Netbook suddenly won't get on network

Welcome to SF,

Does the Acer have a switch to activate the wireless connection, if it might have been disabled by accident?
Can be a combination of FN key + F1 or F2?

Have you tried a System Restore?

By any chance did you uninstall the McAfee completely using the McAfee Removal Tool?

If none of the above suggestions workes, pls. post an ipconfig /all of the problematic computer.

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When I tried to connect to my desktop computer from my Windows 7 Laptop, it doesn't see any other computers on the network but itself. I did check the firewall. I'm using McCafee Internet Security. It came with the laptop. I tried disabling the firewall, and I still couldn't see any of the computers on the network. When I go into McCafee and look at a network map, there it shows all the computers on the network. But when Looking at my network in windows, I don't see any other computers. I have tried to ping the computer on the network that I want to connect to and it times out. I checked the other computer, restarted it. Still nothing. Yesterday it was fine...today it can't see any of the other computers on the network.

I have a Dell Studio Laptop 4gb of ram 500gb hard drive Windows 7 64bit. If you need any other info, please let me know.

A:Windows 7 Computer Suddenly Can't See Computers on Network

Can you see your laptop from one of the other pc's on your network? Maybe you made some changes to something that turned of your network discovery make sure it is selected in win7 advanced sharing.

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I have a home and small business network setup with four desktop computers. They are all running windows XP. I am trying to connect a laptop to this network. It is not working. Can someone give me some tips on how to do this? This is a wired connection. All of the computers are connected to a router.

A:Network laptop to desktop network

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I recently added a brand new Cyberpower EC650LCD UPS to my desktop computer setup.

Since then, I've been getting "low battery" notifications even though my UPS is fully charged and running smoothly.

Any ideas why Windows 10 would be showing this notification on a desktop?

A:Windows 10 Desktop keeps showing low battery warning

Is the low battery message showing in the Cyberpower UPS software?
Or is it a Computer warning at bootup? If a Computer warning, then your CMOS battery on your motherboard may need replacing.

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Im starting up my pc and it goes through all the normal startup stuff fine and gets to the windows 8 login screen, i type my password and the loading screen comes up and then the screen goes black, nothing but the mouse arrow is visible. Computer seems to think it is logged on. I can do ctr+alt+del and get to the options screen but no other controls work. Only thing ive done recently is install windows 8.1.
any help??

A:windows 8.1 login on but not showing apps or desktop

You've booted to a Windows 8.1 installation DVD and installed, right? While your previous version of Windows was still running did you check to make sure that the PC is compatible with 8.1?

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This is my very first topic on Bleeping computer, and I would like to thank this community for be out there aiding all users on a very helpful way.
Okay so passing that, Yesterday my computer was working fine as usual, but then when i logged in today the login screen was really slow after passing that only the desktop background and taskbar shows, nothing else. the computer boots to safemode fine so im assuming its a virus malware etc... I've tried almost everything. In another post someone had (close) to the same problem and used FRST to fix it i have the log data if it helps?


Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version:13-06-2016
Ran by SYSTEM on MININT-GSRAU7O (13-06-2016 22:36:20)
Running from d:\
Platform: Windows 10 Home Version 1511 (X64) Language: English (United States)
Internet Explorer Version 11
Boot Mode: Recovery
Default: ControlSet001
ATTENTION!:=====> If the system is bootable FRST must be run from normal or Safe mode to create a complete log.
Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/335081-frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool/
==================== Registry (Whitelisted) ===========================
(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the registry item will be restored to default or removed. The file will not be moved.)
HKLM\...\Run: [NvBackend] => C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\Update Core\NvBackend.exe [2757424 ... Read more

A:Windows 10 Desktop and taskbar only showing after login

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