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[Failured-To-Boot-Up] BsoDs+Boot-Loop+AutoRestarts (Windows 10)

Q: [Failured-To-Boot-Up] BsoDs+Boot-Loop+AutoRestarts (Windows 10)

This Problem has been happening since the Later Updates of Windows 10. (I remember when Windows 10 was first released, I had Zero problems with the OS, my PC was running fine. So, it confuses me, makes me think that it could be Windows 10, but it could also just be a problem with my PC System. Again, it could also possibly be Drivers. I need help please! Take Note: I am now using a Clean-Install of Windows 10, (Reboot) I no longer have anything on my PC, just the default Windows 10 files. I do have Java installed, a few games, and that's it. Nothing else, so what could be causing this problem? I HAVE NO IDEA!
Hello Windows10Forums Community, I've really been having issues lately, as of Windows 10 installation. I've found that there are several problems occurring at once.
The real problem itself is to do with how Windows 10 & my PC are playing along together. My first thoughts were it must be Windows 10, right? Not so sure now.
After discovering that the BsoD (blue screens of death) are occuring with errors that are related to drivers (no doubt) I'm starting to think that it might be drivers.
But then after a conversation with my father, I've found that it could also be the PCU not living long enough due to my System Specs, it might not be working together.
The PCU could be outdated, not so much compatiable with my Graphics Card. I have no idea, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on solutions, on what it might be that's
causing these Windows 10 conflicts with my system. Here are other problems that occur:

(1) System doesn't load up all the time. So, I turn it off over night, come back to my PC & find that turning it on (or even getting to the actual desktop) is a real
MISSION. It takes forever, and I mean a good while to actually start functioning again. The OS loads up, my computer boots up, and it works! Like it loads the Windows 10
Loading screen, and BOOM! It resets my PC again. Restarting it seveal times by itself in order to fix itself? I don't know. But I do know that my screen goes black,
comes back on- boots up again. And then boots up, goes off again, boots up, goes off again. You see? There is a pattern here. Eventually, I can then load up onto the Desktop
Log-in, and presto, it works again!

(2) Not long after that I find that opening up 'FireFox' or doing anything on the first successful boot-up causes it to once again... turn itself off.
The PC shuts down automatically, rebooting again. Boots up, freezes on the loading Windows 10 screen, goes off, boots up, freezes on the recovery.
Goes off, boots up, and then finally the recovery works, I can use the recovery options. But the problem occurs again when I choose (Start-up Repair)
It says that its doing something, but really it's not. It just keeps spinning round and round, loading several times (not doing anything) SO, I restart my PC
& again, it works. It comes up with the Windows 10 loading screen but goes to another Windows 10 loading (spinning circle thing) u know what I mean.
And this second loading screen is laggy, like you can see it moving in a (laggy kind of way) like the FPS has dropped or something. Then it comes onto Login!
I Login, it works! I finally can use the PC again like before. It doesn't turn itself off when I'm on 'FireFox' it doesn't seem to break at all.

So, what is exactly going on with this PC? I have no idea. I really don't know.
If it helps: I am using Sapphire AMD Radeon HD Series (6600+) Something like that.
So, I have no idea what is actually causing the BsoDs, the computer to not boot up.
The computer to go into a boot-loop, I don't know anymore. I really, really, don't know!

And by the way! ~ What I'm using right now is Windows 10, a clean-install, and everything is wiped.
Like there is hardly anything on this PC, so I know for a fact it's not being caused by Softwares or whatever.
Unless it's the default softwares that run in the background that come with Windows 10.
I wish I knew what was causing my problem. I've read into it, and it could also be because I'm using Wireless Internet.
So, I turned off my Wireless Internet, now using Cable, so lets see if it works now for tomorrow.

I'll let you know the progress...
but in the meantime, please, please!
Please can you help me solve this problem!
I hate this PC because of all these issues.
It makes me think that my PC might be dying...
Which is weird, I've only had it for 3 years.
Oh, and it could also be the end of the PCU's lifetime.

- Thanks again,

- LukeJR

Preferred Solution: [Failured-To-Boot-Up] BsoDs+Boot-Loop+AutoRestarts (Windows 10)

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: [Failured-To-Boot-Up] BsoDs+Boot-Loop+AutoRestarts (Windows 10)


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I have a Satellite L645 I put together 4-5 months ago from the wreckage of it and a Satellite P745  Next, will be learning if swapping the CPU from P745 to the MOBO of the L645, but that will be another day

I recently did a number of repairs on several PC's/Laptops that I restore/refurbish/rebuild to provide inexpensive units to those less financially fortunate.  After 30+ years in the IT industry, and now retired, I can return to computers as the hobby it began as.
While doing this latest bunch it appears I picked up a virus either from one of the harddrives in the wreckage, or from the online hunting & scrounging for parts, drivers, apps, etc.
WIN10 began, during booting up, telling me I needed to allow the Automated Repair to run, then changed its' mind and said to use the Recovery Media to repair the system.  I tried to force numerous incomplete boots to cause the options menu to appear, but to no avail.

The errors progressed to the "a required device is missing or not accessible" when trying to boot from proven USB Recovery AND USB Win10 Install media.  The system tries to boot from the WIN10 DVD boot disk, but after a long wait, that too, fails.
These are the various BSOD screens:



In so many words, "LOOK ONLINE LATER FOR MEMORY MANAGEMENT.... Read more

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hi guys...am new here...
two months ago i ran the msconfig and i guess i messed up with the boot.ini file...now my pc had been in a boot loop since then.i have looked for solutions and found them but due to no support for xp,most methods have not been successfull.
and now i read about editing the boot.ini file and decided to enslave my hard drive on a friend's pc so that i can edit the file...
now my question is how to find the file after i enslave it on the pc,and if i edit the file i will be able to boot the pc successfully once more??

i surely appreciate any replies,for real....peace and thanks in advance

A:How to find and edit the boot.Ini file, and if it will solve boot loop

Rather then edit the boot.ini file, put the drive back into the troubled computer, and boot off an XP CD or USB Flash drive. Get to the Recovery Console then try these commands to fix the boot sector: 103 - Fix or Repair XP if it is not booting (using the XP Recovery Console) - RMPrepUSB

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Current situation: When Windows XP boots it displays Windows logo, black screen and then a small error window with title "User Interface Failure" and text "The logon user interface dll msgina.dll failed to load. Contact your system administrator ..." There is a button to restart the system. Booting causes a loop back to the same state; I cannot get the system to boot to safe mode. Other than the lack of a logon and desktop the rest of the boot process seems to continue OK; I can access network shared drives from another system. Using BartPE I can see that msgina.dll is in C:\windows\system32 as it should be. Unfortunately much of the data I need to access for my work is not on shared drives and cannot be accessed by BartPE so I am in big trouble.

Background: The express version of SpyCatcher was installed a few daus ago. All was OK until I restarted the system and arrived at the current situation. I also have BartPE which I have used to look at the SpyCatcher logs and found entries that msgina.dll was quarantined (along with many other safe items). I believe this is the cause of the problem and not anything else.

I know that if I can get to a desktop to run SpyCatcher I can reverse all the items it wrongly quarantined. The question is how to get to the desktop? I have tried the following with no success:

- boot to safe mode
- verified msgina.dll is in the correct location,
has same hash code as original dll, and
doesn't have security set to prev... Read more

A:SpyCatcher blocks logon after boot; System in boot loop

Did you try 'Last known good config', and do you know if you have Restore point turned on?

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hi guys...am new here...
two months ago i ran the msconfig and i guess i messed up with the boot.ini file...now my pc had been in a boot loop since then.i have looked for solutions and found them but due to no support for xp,most methods have not been successfull.
and now i read about editing the boot.ini file and decided to enslave my hard drive on a friend's pc so that i can edit the file...
now my question is how to find the file after i enslave it on the pc,and if i edit the file i will be able to boot the pc successfully once more??

i surely appreciate any replies,for real....peace and thanks in advance

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Sorry for the long post but I'll try to give as much info as I can...

I've just installed Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit and Linux Mint 12 on a Compaq Presario CQ60.

I created a 25Gb partition for Windows, a separate partition for data (around 180Gb) and then installed Linux Mint 12 on another 25Gb partition.

Edit: just to clarify I installed Windows first.

Windows was working fine - I installed all the necessary drivers, security software and Windows updates etc before installing Mint 12.

After installing Mint 12 I booted back into Windows to check everything was fine and to format the data partition to NTFS from within Windows. After this I restarted the machine and booted into Mint to check all was fine on that side of things - it was.

I then left the PC for a while but when I came back to it I tried to boot into Windows and it just keeps restarting the PC when it gets to the Windows logo. It happens over and over again.

I tried booting from the Windows disk to do a start up repair but that doesn't work either.

The one thing I did notice though was that the start up repair tool reports that Windows is now residing on drive E instead of C!! This is weird as it had definitely assigned drive letter C to the main Windows partition last time it booted. Perhaps this is the root of the problem?

What I don't get though is that after installing Mint I booted back into Windows and everything was great. So now I don't know if Windows, Linux or perhaps GRUB is to blame fo... Read more

A:Win 7 stuck in a boot loop on dual boot machine

I've never used Linux so in that respect I'm no expert, but you might want to check these tutorials,

Dual Boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu

UNetbootin - Create Bootable Live Linux USB

Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery

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my computer cannot boot and has followed error. file:\Boot\BCDerror code: 0xc00000e9 this problem can happen when a removable storage device is removed while it's in use or is failling. properly connecting any removable storage and restarting your pc may fix this problem.  this problem start when i remove my battery when the notebook is not totally closed as the battery is very low, i need to change to another battery. try all kind of restart method and it does not work.try F8 and it does not work. i do not know if this is a hard disk failure or what? 

A:my notebook computer cannot boot and loop into boot error pa...

Hi,You can try tapping F2 key as you power on laptop and do Extensive hard drive and memory tests from BIOS /UEFI System Diagnostics.Do you have Recovery USB created after first setup of this notebook?Have you successfully upgraded and activated Windows 10 previously?RegardsVisruth

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So I recently got some laptop parts to upgrade my laptop with from my friend who had the same model. Everything was working until I switched the harddrive (Big mistake). I thought since the model of laptops was the same, it could just be swapped in, but I was wrong and now I can't completely bootup my laptop with either drives. (I'm currently trying my fixes on my original drive)

On a restart after it downloaded some drivers, the device scanned the harddrive for consistency which deleted a few things. Since then it is mostly unable to boot (there have been a few times that it booted up but they are few and eventually they shut itself back down) and throws me in a bootloop even after I switched the original harddrive back in. I can boot it up successfully into safemode and use my windows recovery disc to boot up my laptop but neither of those are permanent fixes.

I've tried using the built in startup repair multiple times but it says it is unable to fix the problem. Looking at the logs of the scan, it says the root of the problem is a corrupt system volume disk.

I've also tried using system restore to earlier time but no luck. I've tried last known good configuration but didn't work.

I've tried performing a chkdsk function which was not able to fix the problem.

I've tried using bootrec. one of the functions showed that I had 0 windows installed. looking up and following the /rebuildbcd function from the microsoft site I fixed that problem so that it shows ... Read more

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Hello and thanks for letting me join this forum!
I recently bought a new pair of RAM sticks as well as an SSD to upgrade my system. But after changing the RAM and adding the pcie SSD the system can't get past the boot process after the bios. It also results in windows trying to do an automatic repair on the system but it always fails to fix anything. I then tried to recover the system to a previous point but sadly I have no build to go back to. I also tried removing the SSD to see if that was the cause of the problem but the result was still the same. I also tried to change back to my previous ram but that didn't work either. Could there be an issues with the bios settings or am I doing something else wrong? Any input would be highly appreciated.
Please tell me if you need any additional info and I will do my best to acquire it for you.

System specs:
Cpu: i9 9900k
Gpu: gtx 1080 8gb gddr5x
Psu: Corsair tx850
Mb: z390-f
Previous ram: ddr4 hyperx 2x8gb 2666MHz
New ram: ddr4 hyperx 2x16gb 3200MHz
SSD: 240gb kingston (sata)
New ssd: Samsung 970 evo plus 1tb (pcie)

Edit: I didn't know whether to post this thread in the windows section or the hardware section as I do not know the exact source of the problem. Sorry if causing any trouble.

A:Computer unable to boot after bios(boot loop)

set uefi to legacy boot

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So, I was an idiot for allowing an unknown .exe to access the internet. All of a sudden, command prompts invade my screen. They seemed to be launched from my local files. Each one, the cursor leaped at random places, not sure if there was a particular pattern for each .exe that launched. Around 10 launched and I was able to close all of them.

I performed a System Restore, and this is where I'm stuck in the boot loop. I tried launched Safe Mode and normal. No luck, the trojan(s) re-boot my computer.

Obviously, I can't provide a HijackThis or ANYTHING because I can't excess any programs at all. Although, can anyone provide any help?

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So, my boyfriend a Toshiba Satellite A105-S4334 that is running XP Media Center 2002. This morning he woke up and it wouldn't finish booting. It POSTs, it sees the hard drive and the operating system. But as soon as the XP logo appears, the computer reboots. we turned off automatic reboot and got the following error:
STOP: 0x0000007B(0xF78AE524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
We cannot boot into safe mode, last known good configuration, cds, or USB, and we don't have a floppy drive.
we have tried an XP installation cd, a media center installation cd, and hirens bootcd, and it wont boot into any of them.
Last night he was messing around with drivers, because his SD card reader wasnt working and he needed to install a new one. We are assuming he somehow corrupted or accidently removed a necessary driver because that is the only reason we can think of why safe mode won't boot when the hard drive and the operating system are clearly recognized.
We pretty much need to know if anyone has any options that don't include reinstalling, that is our next step, but would like to avoid it if at all possible.
Thanks so much

A:Solved: Computer won't boot- endless boot loop

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i installed windows xp pro onto a spare computer i just picked up (dell optiplex gx260), only to have it start booting in a continuous loop. if i disable the automatic restart on system failure, i get a BSOD with this code....

"stop: 0x0000007b (0xf96dd528,0xc0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000)"Click to expand...

if i install the hard drive into another computer, it boots normally with no issues. i actually installed xp pro sp2 onto this drive by installing it into another computer.

if i try to install windows 2000, i get this....
"i/o error: 0000BB00"Click to expand...

if i try to install windows xp, i get this....
"File \halacpi.dll could not be loaded.
The error code is 7.
Setup cannot continue.
Press any key to exit."Click to expand...

before i formatted the drive, i tried getting an xp cd to boot, and the computer refused to boot from cd.
it would load xp normally, and stop at the ctrl-alt-del login screen.

does this sound like a hardware problem? i'm stumped.

thanks in advance!

A:windows xp boot loop

. i actually installed xp pro sp2 onto this drive by installing it into another computer. Click to expand...

You need to install XP while the drive is in the PC you intend to use it in.

Sometimes this method you used will work, but this is one of the "Not" times.



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Hello Tech Support forum,
I work as a technician at a student run help desk for my college. Yesterday a student came into the help desk with a Windows XP SP3 HP Mini netbook, which will start and begin booting to the system disk. The Windows XP logo screen with loading bar appears, then the screen goes black, blinks on and off twice and the starts the boot process over from the hp POST. This seems like a very fixable issue but after a few hours of trial and error research and testing solutions we have gotten no where. So far the notable solution attempts include using the XP recovery console and the FIXBOOT and CHKDSK. I would really appreciated some input and insight

A:Windows XP Boot loop

The age-old question - Does it boot into Safe Mode?

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I run windows 7 on a toshiba sat c655. I am stuck in a start-up loop. I have been trying to press f8 but so far no joy. No clue what caused it, been running fine all day i just picked up may laptop, opened it up and it was stuck in the loop.

A:windows 7 boot loop no f8

Can you explain what you mean by "start-up loop", at what point is the PC getting too? Does it continuosly shut-down?

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So I bought a slightly used laptop with windows 10 consumer/ home. I needed to install windows 10 pro and downloaded and burned 10pro to a flash drive.The problem happens when I go start up the computer and I'll select the date and time settings and then on the next page I choose the recommended express settings and then it loads for a minute and shows the HP logo and then loops back to the date and time settings. I followed the instructions to delete the previous version of windoes 10 home and then purchased an electronic key version of 10 pro and I'm just trying to get it installed now. PLEASE HELP! Thanks in advance...

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Installed some software vinyl audio and did a restart as requested. Pc now boots up but straight after it says welcome it reboots over and over again. Not seen this before and its on a pc that have sensitive info on that the user does not want to lose it. Is there a way to make it boot up so we can get the info off and backed up to a usb harddisc. The PC appears to reboot at the same point exactly again and again.

A:Windows xp in a boot up loop

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Hi. I am trying to use Windows after installing Ubuntu and it is not working. When I select Windows 7 from GRUB it comes up with "Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause" and with two options "Launch startup repair (recommended)" and "Start windows normally".

When I click "Start windows normally" it shows Starting Windows for about a second then comes up with "Loading windows files" and then comes up with the Startup Repair but startup repair doesn't find anything wrong?

So, I'm stuck in this loop and cant figure anything out. I did notice something on the Startup repair though it says my OS is located at drive letter D: which I know for a fact it is at C:. I have tried changing the drive letters back to normal but it just changes them back again after a reboot.


A:Windows 7 boot loop?

Quote: Originally Posted by boswell3782

Hi. I am trying to use Windows after installing Ubuntu and it is not working. When I select Windows 7 from GRUB it comes up with "Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause" and with two options "Launch startup repair (recommended)" and "Start windows normally".

When I click "Start windows normally" it shows Starting Windows for about a second then comes up with "Loading windows files" and then comes up with the Startup Repair but startup repair doesn't find anything wrong?

So, I'm stuck in this loop and cant figure anything out. I did notice something on the Startup repair though it says my OS is located at drive letter D: which I know for a fact it is at C:. I have tried changing the drive letters back to normal but it just changes them back again after a reboot.


Try this (note: this will make your Ubuntu unbootable, but you can use Easy BCD to get it back): Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

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I'm trying to fix my wife's friends computer. She has a Dell XPS 400. When I received it from her she didn't give me very much information about her
problem. Basically all she said was she had a virus. She couldn't even tell me which anti virus she uses. I fired up the pc and was greeted by:

Drive 1 not found: Serial ATA, SATA-1
Floppy Diskette seek failure
Strike F1 to continue, F2 to run setup utility

Selected F1 and got caught up in my first of many loops. Pretty much like this:

Windows XP screen (cd tray pops out) (after the 6th set of blue bars going across screen, it looks like another new screen drops down and keeps loading).
Windows starting up screen appears. (cd tray goes back in).
BSOD flashes very quickly (to quick to read).
A quick Dell screen appears with this in the upper left hand corner:

PNY Verto GEForce 7300 GS PCI Express
Version 5.7.22 (that was all I could get).

Finally, Dell BIOS screen appears (cd tray goes out)

After a few times I selected F8 during BIOS screen and tried every option in Windows advanced options menu to no avail.
Finally after a lot of reading and trying to boot successfully I tried another option in the advanced options menu.
I selected Disable Automatic Restart On System Failure and received this BSOD:

A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down
to prevent damage to your computer.


If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen restart you... Read more

A:Windows XP boot loop

do you have a Windows XP disc

if so boot up using the cd follow this instrutions below

Option 2: Starting the Windows Recovery Console from the Windows XP CD-ROM
If you have not preinstalled the Windows Recovery Console, you can start the computer and use the Recovery Console directly from your original Windows XP installation disc. If your computer is already in Windows and you want to add the Windows Recovery Console as a startup option, go to the next section "Adding the Windows Recovery Console as a startup option."

1. Insert the Windows XP CD into your CD drive and restart your computer. If you are prompted, select any options required to start (boot) from the CD.
2. When the text-based part of Setup begins, follow the prompts. Select the repair or recover option by pressing R.
3. If you have a dual-boot or multiboot system, select the installation that you want to access from the Recovery Console.
4. When you are prompted, type the Administrator password.
5. At the command prompt, type Recovery Console commands, and then you can refer to the commands that are listed in the "Available commands within Windows Recovery Console" section.
6. At any time, you can type Help for a list of available commands.
7. At any time, you can type Help commandname for help on a specific command. For example, you can type help attrib to display the help on the attributes command.
8. At any time, you can exit Windows Recovery Console by typing... Read more

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My Asus laptop had a really bad virus and I decided to re-install windows with a disc. It was installing fine, and after I chose the time settings, it had to restart once more. It said "Windows is loading files" with a progress bar and after that it goes to this low-res image of ASUS and the pc re-boots. It does this non-stop. What do I do?

A:Windows 7 Boot Loop

Did the installation ever say it was complete?

If not I would try to reinstall it again.

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Yesterday my charger broke and my laptop had no battery in, so switched off instantly. Upon restarting the laptop I get the screen;

Windows Boot Manager​ Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the Problem:​ 1. Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer.​ 2. Choose your language settings, and click "Next."​ 3. Click "Repair your computer."​ If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.​ File: \Windows\system32\config\system​ Status: 0xc000014c​ Info: Windows failed to load because the system registry file is missing, or corrupt.
ENTER=Continue ESC=Exit
And nothing works.
I tried pressing F10 but all I get is;
Edit Windows Boot Options For: Windows 7
Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe
Partition: 2
Hard Disk: 839ccf8
No matter what I do at this screen it just goes back into the loop!
I've tried F8 but there are no repair options, just the usual Safe Mode etc.
I tried booting from a Windows 7 DVD my friend "made" from me, but it didn't detect the disk? Possibly because it was home made? Damn pirates *shakes fist*

My knowledge is very limited, any help would be great!


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Hello, I was trying to remove some Malware and trojans on my Grandmas computer and sort of crashed it. I was using iObit and I remember seeing something about a rootkit something or another and boot.img file and I did not remove the file as it had the boot.img file, and thats kind of an important file. Anyways after trying to restore and completely reformatting the rd drive, I've had no luck getting the computer past the Windows Splash screen without getting restart windows normally or windows repair options. I've seen a couple articles here that could be helpful in getting it to reboot, but their specifically for certain computers, so I was hoping to get some help. Any advice is helpful, thanks in advance.

A:Windows 7 64 bit boot loop

First off do not use Iobit for malware removal. You should use Malwarebytes Free Anti-Malware, which can be downloaded here.Now, from what I understand you did a restore, but did not re-install the OS. Have you tried using repair tools with a recovery CD that should come with your computer? Or using a Windows 7 CD and using the repair options in that?

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hi, can someone please help me i am getting really frustated right now.
So basically i bought a new motherboard (ASUS P8P67) a new CPU intel i5 and 4gb of ram and new PSU (750w) and i connected everything up and used my old hard drive from my other pc (250gb) it already had windows 7 ultimate 64 bit installed on it and was working fine, when i put it into my new setup i was faced with a boot loop, the pc would load upto the part where it says starting windows then it restarts itself and does the same thing over and over again, i was told to format my hard drive and reinstall windows however everytime i tried to do so i would get the blue screen of death after the pc restarts fir the first time as part of the installation. When i put the hard drive into my other pc and installed windows everything ran perfectly fine but when i put it into my new set up i keep getting faced with a boot loop.

A:Windows 7 Boot loop please HELP!

Transfering a hard drive that has had Windows installed on it using another PC is prone to cause problems as it will have the wrong drivers installed for all the hardware. You need to do a clean install on the new PC for it to be trouble free.

So, we need to find out what is causing the BSOD during the installation so it can be completed. When the BSOD screen appears can you see what the error code is, we only need to know the first part of the code which will look something like 0x00000050 or 0x000000D1 (there are several hundred different ones) and it may also name a driver, something like Win32k.sys. It may also show a description of the error like BAD POOL CALLER or MEMORY MANAGEMENT.

Did you remove the plastic strip that is wrapped over the CMOS battery on the new motherboard? If you have not done that it is bound to cause a problem.

Have you followed the instructions for using the new Motherboard, there should be some initial instructions to follow to set up the Bios. It should be set to Optimum Defaults. It also needs to be correctly set for the type of hard drive you are using.

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ok so.. it's kind of a long story so i will try and make it short. so about 3 months ago i had this 2002 dell computer. i had for obviously about 5 years and it was a pretty good machine.. didnt give me to many problems until one day the spawn of satan came apon me. my virus protection was wicked outdated and the hardware was fine so i'm assuming its a virus... i call it the windows xp boot loop. it's probably the most frustrating thing i have ever delt with on a computer. the problem was, when i started my computer it would go to the power failure boot menu. no matter which option i chose it would always end with the same result.. the computer would restart and do the exact same thing. it would usualy get to the windows xp logo screen and it would start to load and then shut down and restart again. i did everything there was to do. i posted on this site to try and get some help.. but nothing.. so after about a week a gave up.. i needed a new computer anyways. my aunt had a computer about a month old that she thought was broken.. turns out all it needed was more ram and a replacement power source. so it was pretty good. i also took a few parts from my dell, the ram, video card, the harddrive, and the cd burner. the computer worked great. i thought my the hardrive from the dell was corrupted but i put it in my pc as a slave and there was no problems. i got the nortan virus protection and scaned both HDs for viruses and it took of a few from the old HD.. and all ... Read more

A:Please Help! Windows Xp Boot Loop

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Ok so one day my computer shut down and now its on a boot loop. I have tried everything. if I load in normal it will go to the windows screen and then flash a blue screen really really fast and then reboot. safe mode it just runs a bunch of stuff on the screen then sits there then reboots. PLEASE HELP! I want whats on my hard drive!!!

No it wont load in any mode, safe mode, last config, ect. I have tried all of those already wont load, I have tried putting in my XP CD and it wont load from there just stays in the boot from cd screen and never boots.

please help me fix this problem. any advise is good advice right now!

A:Help Windows XP BOOT LOOP!

I'm having the same problems too, I keep trying to boot from the cd and it just keeps going in that loop....

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Hey all,
My computer had been acting sort of weird lately (slow boot time, somewhat slow operation), but it seemed alright after I defragged about a week ago. I had had to do several forced shutdowns (by holding the power button), and after them all, I seemed to have no problems. Then, after one of the shutdowns, I went to restart my computer. I ran to the bathroom, and when I came back a few minutes later, I saw the little colored bar going for the Windows XP Startup screen. "Oh," I figured, "It must've been running a disk check or something." After the XP screen, however, my monitor went black, and then the boot process started over again, this time with the black screen saying that Windows was shut down abnormally, giving me some options. After picking "Last Known Good Configuration File," it continued the loop. I then chose "Safe Mode" from the menu. It gave me a blue screen saying;

"STOP: c0000218 {Registry File Failure}
The registry cannot load the hive (file):
or its log or alternate.
It is corrupt, absent or not writable.

Beginning dump of physical memory"

It's been sitting on that screen for going on three hours now. It seems to be saying that it's missing some software configuration file that Windows needs, but it can't find it or it's corrupt. I was thinking about popping in my Windows disk, and as I Googled it, I found a few methods I'm willing t... Read more

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Ok time for some elevated help. Not been able to resolve this.
I have an HP desktop with
Intel duel core 2.80 processor
2 gig of ram.
Nvidia 7800 vidio card
SB audigy 4 WMD
320 segate drive.
was fresh install of windows 7
been running for several years now with no issues I could not fix.
Last week it started hanging randomly next came BSOD
I ran chkdsk /r and it found and repaird some issues.
now when I try to boot I see the colored dots coming to make the flag and they hang and back to reboot. then comes up with boot normally or windows repair option. If I do the repair option I get please use windows DVD and error 0xc000000e.
If I load from windows dvd it finds an issue and says cannot fix send or dont send
major hangup is corrupt registry. I have tried to manually back it up with no luck. If I run sfc/scannow it says there is a repair pending please reboot to windows and then try again. I cant get to windows. If I try restore point it says none available. I know there is plenty of them. I have removed the drive and ran seatools on it with no failures at all. I have ran mem test with no problems. I did get a bios error saying my cpu fan was running slow. I have replaced that as well.
I had a HDD failure a couple months back seagate replaced drive under warranty. I used acronis to image and move my system. Ran fine until now. Only thing I have done is removed Acronis as I didnt think I needed it anymore. I have been d/l some programs trying to work on some stuff for a ... Read more

A:Windows 7 boot loop

The FRST log

Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST written by Farbar) Version: 08-08-2012 02
Ran by SYSTEM at 09-08-2012 11:49:18
Running from J:\
Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 (X86) OS Language: English(US)
The current controlset is ControlSet001

========================== Registry (Whitelisted) =============

HKLM\...\Run: [HP Software Update] C:\Program Files\Hp\HP Software Update\HPWuSchd2.exe [49208 2011-05-10] (Hewlett-Packard)
HKLM\...\Run: [Google Updater] "C:\Program Files\Google\Google Updater\GoogleUpdater.exe" -check_deprecation [161336 2011-10-04] (Google)
HKLM\...\Run: [Garmin Lifetime Updater] C:\Program Files\Garmin\Lifetime Updater\GarminLifetime.exe /StartMinimized [1466760 2012-06-04] (Garmin)
HKLM\...\Run: [ISUSPM] C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet\Connect\11\\isuspm.exe -scheduler [324976 2010-05-21] (Flexera Software, Inc.)
HKLM\...\Run: [CPMonitor] "C:\Program Files\Roxio 2012\5.0\CPMonitor.exe" [84464 2011-07-08] ()
HKLM\...\Run: [SunJavaUpdateSched] "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jusched.exe" [252296 2012-01-17] (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
HKLM\...\Run: [CTHelper] CTHELPER.EXE [x]
HKLM\...\Run: [CTxfiHlp] CTXFIHLP.EXE [x]
HKU\Matman\...\Run: [AdobeBridge] [x]
HKU ... Read more

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I went to upgrade my windows 8.1 stream 13. With the Media Creation tool and it did its processes. When it went to reboot it it turned off then turned back on but it was stuck at the hp logo. I tried reseting it all. Even i tried command prompt. Nothing worked. So any solutions?(P.s the model number says its a stream 13 (13-c002dx) but my computer has the windows logo like windows 10 one and not the hp one. I dont know if they got this wrong.but i would like to know why its like this)

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could somebody please explain me, what this could mean?
We have approx. 10-15 clients which couln?t boot this morning and all with this dump-files.

Loading Dump File [C:\temp\Mini090610-02.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: C:\windows\symbols
Executable search path is:
Unable to load image ntoskrnl.exe, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ntoskrnl.exe
Windows XP Kernel Version 2600 (Service Pack 3) UP Free x86 compatible
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0x804d7000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0x80554040
Debug session time: Mon Sep 6 08:45:13.406 2010 (UTC + 2:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:00:24.968
Unable to load image ntoskrnl.exe, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ntoskrnl.exe
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debuggi... Read more

A:boot problem, boot loop, win xp, ntoskrnl.exe

Hi GOE, Looks like your entire system is infected with the funlove virus. Fortunately allthough it's unpleasant and a real pain, it's fixable. The first link is to tell you what it is and how it infects you. The second link is to show you how Microsoft and Symantic recommends fixing it. I hope this helps buddy. Take care.



If you resolve this problem on your own or with the info I provided please let me know so I can move on to other issues. Also please mark this thread solved using the thread tools option located at the top of this thread and selecting solved from the drop down menu. If you need further assistance with this problem please close this thread and post in our security section so the experts in that field can assist you.

Here are our posting instructions for that section:

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, please post the requested logs in the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum, not here.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.

If you don't post the required logs, it will slow them down with getting any help.

Thank you

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I had some issues with Xp being deleted from my boot options. I am running a dual boot with Xandros and XP Pro. I have a lilo boot loader that I had to edit to get Xp to boot up again. After I got that issue resolved, Windows booted up, which hadn't been booted in almost three weeks. My Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 had a corrupt data base, so I thought that I would uninstall it then reinstall it. I used the add/remove from control panel and the, later, found out that I had to use the Kaspersky removal tool before I could reinstall it. I downloaded it, used it, romoved Kaspersky, had to reboot for changes to take effect.

Now when I boot my pc, I get a message after hardware detection that says <press F1 to resume>. I had never seen this message before, so I just pressed F1 and it took me to my boot options, and when I tried to boot into XP I got a black screen with a white bar at the bottom of the screen that looks like it is loading something. After the"load" it takes me to the XP splash screen. After about 10 seconds my pc reboots and I am put back to the F1 prompt. I tried booting into safe mode, and it did the same thing. There are no error messages associated with the message and from what I can see everything is detected as normal.

I have read that this can be
a) a BIOS issued
b) the CMOS battery is getting low.

Any suggestions?

A:XP boot loop. Can't even boot to safe mode.


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Howdy...I recently installed windows 8 on an Asus Q200E....i have an external DVD drive attached.

Windows 8 installed fine....I partitioned and Installed 7...install seems to have went well, I was able to see the dual boot screen once (select the OS)....I selected 7 and now I am stuck in a boot loop as soon as the computer boots up...it doesnt go to the select OS screen...or even start windows at all....just loops back to the ASUS screen....tried Windows repair from the Win 7 disk....no luck....

Any Ideas???? PLEASE

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My XP system has been functioning normally. I was away for about a week and when I turned it on it will boot as far as the desk top appearing and then imeediatly reboot, continuing this behaviour constantly. This unit is not connected to the internet and has had no new software installed for the past six months or more. At any rate it is protected by current Norton software. I believe it has SP3 installed but I am certain it has SP2. As I recall there was a problem with installing SP3 and I may not have done so.

It does not go to the screen to start in safe mode and no error messages ever appear.

Any ideas??


A:Boot Loop after windows loads

download pcwizard ( google search) than install it .
messure the temps ,voltages and upload it here plz.
this time u can use the scandisk tool, go to ur drive c in winodws explorer mouse over drive c than right click ,properties, tools,scandisk - it will ask for reboot ,reboot and than let the system drive to be scaned .
also u can help if u will install normal antivirus ,even free u may use the avira antivirus ,and for spyware-superantispyware which u cn download and install to free .
please when the bios post appers prerss F8 than choose the option last knowen configuration ,it might help u .

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Hey guys hope someone here can help me before I go mad. I built my new gaming pc and she was running smoothly until windows did a automatic update (without my permission) now nothing works. I keep getting hit with this error 0xc0000034 message which tells me that there is an invalid object in the Boot Configuration Data store". I then get a blue screen stating i should try to reboot using my usb i installed windows from. So I tried to boot from my usb windows 10 stick drive and it only brings me to the boot manager. I get the normal messages to launch it in safe mode but when i try and do that it restarts the computer then blue srceen followed by error code and back to my original error message. And the cycle repeats with no other options. Restart, error code, crash, boot manager, safe mode, crash, blue screen, error code and repeat. Once and awhile it will say windows diagnosis problem but then it just crashes and restarts. I can access my bios but i dont know what I could do from there. I really dont care about losing any files or programs since its brand new and I really have nothing on there anyway. So if I could just wipe it all and start fresh I am all for it but I dont see how. I cant access system restore to do a factor reset or restore to a different time period. My OS is running off my ssd so is there a way to do a clean reinstall of Windows, if so how would I do it since there is no option for it. As I stated before I cant access anything other than my bios an... Read more

A:Windows bsod boot loop

It looks that your bootloader is corrupted.
What is your system using UEFI(GPT) or Legacy/BIOS(MBR)

How to repair your bootloader
BSOD on Boot 0xc0000034


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Resetting of Windows 10 has been continuing with a boot loop for more than 15 hours. It keeps restarting but the installation hasn't been completed yet. What can I do to solve this situation?

A:Windows 10 Resetting Boot Loop

15 hours is too long.Are you resetting the PC using a external device or the internal recovery partition.If you are resetting the PC with a external device such as USB or DVD, eject it and restart the PC.Else, boot the PC to F2 system diagnostics and run a system test before resetting the PC.  Chimney

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I have windows xp-sp2 on my laptop and it has become stuck in a boot loop. No new hardware or software. Finally got it to a screen to get an error message. Message was ***Stop: 0x000000ED. Then several others in ( ). Won't boot in any mode tried. Turned off the Reboot upon error discovery option. Don't know what to do next.

A:Windows XP stuck in boot loop

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Oh, hi there!

So my latest tale of woe begins. I got married on the 2nd and just now got my computer moved to the new place.

Well, it had been on this whole time but I thought nothing of it since I usually leave it on for extended periods of time anyway. Aparently, it was up to some mischief while its mistress was away because when I went to start it up after lovingly toting it on my lap all the way home in the cab of the moving truck, it told me it had not shut down propperly (because it was frozen when I went to shut it down for packing so I just powered it off) so no biggie, I told it to Start Normally. It seemed ok up to the Windows splash emblem at which point it seemed to be going on and on and on with the little waving windows flag so I powered down and restarted again.

Except now, it will only flash the Acer screen at the beginning, flicker to black, flicker again, sit for several minutes on a black screen and restart itself. If I let it sit, it gleefully plays ring around the rosie all on its lonesome indeffinitely! I've tried to get it to switch to the start in safe mode screen but it wont even cooperate that far.

Any suggestions from you all would be awesome because, well, you guys are awesome! I'm afraid I may be out of my league with this one and have to bring in a pro because I have no boot disks that I know of.


Acer Aspire AM3300-U1332, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, AMD Phenom II X4, 6 GB DDR3, ATI Radeon HD 3200

As of yet unmodded so everythi... Read more

A:Windows 7 Boot Loop of Doom!

First suggestion is to order the recovery disks from Acer. They are relative cheap, running around 20-30 USD.

Do you have data on the drive that you want to try to recover?

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Hello ,
Yesterday , everything worked fine. I had windows updated and all ran well , i installed a ne game on steam
(just telling you maybe anything can help ) , played it all went good. Then I put my pc to energy saver mode.
I went to another room came back after an hour or so , and suddenly my pc was awake.
I tried to switch on my screen , but nohting came up , i just heard the pc was running. I tried to move the mouse , pressed keys on keyboard, nothing came up. So i hit the reset button on my pc.
Then , windows started up , suddenly BSOD. hm
pc then rebooted again, went to win7 logo , and started reboot all over again, and again , and again....
i dont get any bluescreen anymore , just the endless reboots after showing me windows logo some time.
I can get to safe mode. What i already tried :
automatic repair --> didnt work
restore ---> didnt work
manual restore of registry files --> did work but let my situation unchanged.
boot to safe mode , unsintall the new game , uninstall windows updates---> no changes

What can i do now ? im pretty clueless...

A:Windows 7 stuck in Boot Loop

Noone can help me ?

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Running a windows vista home premium 64 bit. It was turned on, and working fine about 6 hours ago. ( Well, it was working mostly fine. About a month ago it started making a high pitched whining noise. I took it apart and dusted and put it back together but it the whining noise still continued.) When I went to wake it up there was no signal to the monitor. After waiting a while I restarted. The restart hung/froze the start up screen, "searching for devices". After another hard restart, The PC was able to boot to the desktop but froze after about 30 seconds. There was a strange visual glitch and then the computer restarted again, showing the Hewlett Packard start up screen. I turned the computer off and have not yet messed with it since. This computer was purchased from Best Buy in 2008, and did not come with a recovery or system build disc. I wanted to check here to see what next steps I should take to repair the problem before trying anything on my own. Advice?

A:Windows Vista Boot Loop

We need the system spec
make and models of
power supply

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I have a notebook running Windows 7 ultimate and recently installed a program called Deep Freeze, which removes any changes every time the machine is rebooted unless an admin bypass is used before restarting.
Unfortunately, I should have, but forgot to reconfigure windows update so that it would not be installing new updates on every restart. So now when I start the laptop it goes to the configuring update 1 of 91 etc. screen, goes through the updates, restarts, at which point deep freeze kicks in and removes the updates, so that they are started all over again. So upon reboot how can I prevent/stop that configuring updates operation so I can get into windows and fix the cause of the problem? Is something like the old windows 98 start in safe-mode option available with windows 7?

A:Boot up loop due to Windows update

How are Windows Updates handled on Deep Freeze protected computers? - Powered by Kayako Fusion Help Desk Software

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I first had windows xp installed on my pc which had a audio device problem and i wanted to solve it as well as load windows 7 so i switched to hard drive with windows 7 already installed and it started to go into a boot loop so i switched out rams and processor with no luck so i switched them back now when i try to load into windows 7 i het a BSOD which says BAD_POOL_HEADER and when i switch to windows xp it also gives me a BSOD with a stop 0x0000007E code and i cant get into amy windows at all. It doesnt want to boot from a usb either as i have no disc i can only get into BIOS also when i press F8 to start in safe mode or last known config it just reboots


A:Windows boot loop with BSOD

Switch back to the original hard drive.

Unless the Win7 drive was previously installed in that computer when Win7 was installed, it's not going to work (as you have found out). You very often cannot take a working drive from one computer and move it to another. None of the hardware drivers for the new machine are present in the current Win7 installation, thus Win7 can't boot. Sometimes, if the hardware was similar, you will get lucky and Windows can boot and update the necessary drivers. But most often, all it does is crash.

Wipe the drive (or get a new drive) and perform a fresh install of Win7 onto the bare drive in that computer.

I will also note, that depending on the original type and source of Win7, it may not be legally possible to move it to another computer.

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My Windows XP on my laptop has gone into a continuous boot loop. I cannot get it to stop. I was able to freeze the blue screen and observe the following error message: STOP:0x000000 ED (0x82A91F8 0xc0000006 0x00000000, 0x00000000). I did not notice any virus before this suddenly happened. I had a similar experience about a year and a half ago and a person on this forum named Jsgtrvr was gracious enough to help me fix it. The difference is this time, my second (working) computer is a mac. Will I still be able to download all of the necessary fixes from a mac? Thanks for any help that one can give me.

A:Windows XP Continuous Boot loop

I would try running the chkdsk /r command...from the XP Recovery Console or the following tool:

See instructions by Elise at http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic348469.html/page__view__findpost__p__1942375 .


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Hello everyone,
I have another fascinating (scarcastic)   Boot Loop problem I need help with. Basically I took a few desktop computers and switched some parts around. I am trying to make two machines with these parts. I have one up and running but the second has been giving me hell....Im at work right now so I will list what I know off the top of my head.
1st PC Build....(Works great)
HP motherboard w/ LGA 775 socket (microATX)
Intel core 2 duo - want to upgrade to core 2 quad Q9650 later
2 Gigs of DDR2 6400 - I had ram issues, this I had laying around but will get 2x 2GB sticks soon
500 watt ATX power supply
320GB hard drive
2nd PC Build...(Boot Loop issues)
ASUS Motherboard 939 socket
AMD athlon 64 x2
4x1 Gig sticks of Ram
400 watt BFG power supply
300GB hard drive
First, I had a bad power supply. It whistled when I turned it on. I switched it out for a BFG power supply I had laying around. Next was wiring the on/off switch to the Motherboard. Then, choosing a Hard drive. I have 3x 80GB hard drives laying around. This computer I am building for a friend of mine to use while he is doing some school work. Mostly going to be internet, email, microsoft office programs running on it. So I thought Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit is about 20GB of space then he has 60GB left. If he wants to upgrade his Hard Drive he can. Im giving him this computer for free so I did want to give him some awesome Hard drive when I had a few oldies laying around.
I ... Read more

A:**Help** Another Windows 7 Boot Loop Problem

Installed the OS onto it and ran the activation all on the 1st PC. I then put the HD in the 2nd PC and I am now getting the boot loop. It loads the windows screen then reboots. I cannot get into safe mode. Only the Bios.
You can't do this. The PCs are not identical, therefore you need drivers coded for the components in the 2nd PC. You cannot simply install an OS on a HDD in one system and transfer that HDD to another system. Only in rare cases does this work- but you still need the hardware drivers for the new system.

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I just bought a used Dell Latitude E6330 at an auction. Yesterday it had a BSOD, sound worked. Today, I was trying to watch a YouTube video, no sound, volume at 70 percent, then I got a BSOD, turned into a BSOD boot loop. I tried to get into the BIOS, but couldn?t. I got into the startup repair menu, yesterday I went into restore. It is now in a freeze, touchpad buttons unresponsive, said windows didn?t start right yesterday. Please help! It?s running Windows 10. Touchpad buttons worked just fine before.

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Hi everyone?recently, I downloaded a device driver update program(Device Doctor) that I used to scan my XP system. After the scan, it gave me a list of updated drivers. I first created a checkpoint and then downloaded and installed maybe 2 or 3 to my system. Upon rebooting, the system booted to the desktop as normal ,and after about 20-30 secs, spontaneously rebooted again. After watching it do this a number of times, I concluded it probably was due to a corrupted or bad driver(s) that I had just installed, so I immediately thought to try and do a system restore and then uninstall the update program.

After unsuccessfully attempting to do a restore (I would click on the applet and get no response), I then tried rebooting in safe mode and again, could not get any response.( It would boot up to the safe mode menu with options, but I couldn?t do nothing after that). My third course of action was to try a repair install off the installation CD, but about 5-6 mins. into the install, I received a BSOD with the following STOP message: ?A Problem Has Been Detected And Windows Has Been Shut Down To Protect Your Computer.? IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL?. STOP: 0x0000000A(0xF2F4C908,0x00000001,0x00000000,0x807F0773), I tried it again, but received the same error message.

I have the UBCD4win CD, but am not very familiar with a lot of the programs on it. I?ve also done some research and have read that this could be anything from a corrupt driver, bad ram, or even a fa... Read more

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I decided to sell my laptop because I'm going on deployment soon, and I did a factory restore to wipe it clean.. Now when I go to turn it on it shows the HP logo says diagnosing system and repairs, then restarts its self.. It is stuck in an infinite loop. I can't even push any keys to enter the BIOS. No keys do anything. Is there anything I can do to make this stop? Hp Laptop windows 8.

A:Hp laptop Windows 8 Boot Loop

hello and welcome to eight forums ,you could download win8 iso file .create a dvd or usb install .
and try fresh install of win8
info in link
good luck

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ISO - Download or Create

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I am on a HP Pavilion p7-1517c Running Windows 8.1 - I am looking at this computer for a friend... and while I am pretty good this one got me stuck for 10 hours. I give hopefully one of you guys can help me. When Windows boots up it keeps going to the automatic repair... then diagnose then to blue screen... I have tried a lot of different things and I am still STUCK! ugghhh I have a windows 8.1 disk also. Also I have another computer that sees the hard drive of the infected/ messed up windows 8.1 Any ideas anyone? I believe the virus is Trojan.Dealply

A:Windows 8.1 Repair Boot Loop

Hi MansterLeeb I see that no one picked up your thread. Do you still need assistance with your issue?

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Hi I'm not sure if my problem is terminal or not, but I think I may have made matters worse I'm embarrassed to say.

Problems started with no programs responding this morning, so I shut pc down and re-started it, but it wouldn't boot up properly and would get to the windows start up screen then re-boot again continually.

Tried safe mode and last known good configuration but got the same thing.

At this point I couldn't find my XP disc so I went into setup and possibly foolishly loaded fail safe defaults.

Then when I tried to re-boot I got nothing, nothing on the screen whatsoever.

I've since found the XP disc and tried booting with it in, but still get nothing on the screen.

What have I done?? please help

A:Windows won't start, re-boot loop

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