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Best Photo Management Software?

Q: Best Photo Management Software?

What is the best photo management software on the market today? I don't mind if it costs money either.

But I have absolutely zero interest in photo editing. I just want something that can manage my huge collection of photos with speed, and where I can easily click on the photo to view it in full size.

Preferred Solution: Best Photo Management Software?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Best Photo Management Software?

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I am wondering if there is something similar to iPhoto for Windows that is either free or affordable? I'd like to have something that can manage and edit my photos. I especially liked how iPhoto would allow you to email photos directly and it would auto size them for email if there were fairly large.


A:Photo Management Software

I haven't used it myself, but have heard several people mention Picasa is like iPhoto for windows:


A Guy

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I take dozens of pictures of my family and kids, but I'm tired of renaming PICT000x.jpg over and over when I'm going to save them.

Any suggestions on a software program/package that will help make the process a little easier? I'd prefer freeware, but I'd buy shareware if it was inexpensive and did the job.


A:photo management software, suggestions

1-4a Rename
Magic File Renamer

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I have 1000's of digital photos taken over the years. I've saved them on an external harddrive (created monthly folders and put pictures in their respective folders). The one thing I like about HP Image Zone is that it's able to find & organize all photos in a chronological order...but I'm not too fond of the rest of it's features.
Basically, I want to secondarily back up to DVD's...according to chronological order (remember I have 'monthly' subfolders)...I just don't want to have to pick each monthly folder manually....I hope I've explained myself ok... Thanks in advance....

A:Recommended Photo Management Software

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We need some service/software to help organize photos from several Mobil devices, cameras, etc.
We have daily new pictures that at this moment auto load to WD storage , than I would like to sort pictures on Mobil devices to albums maybe auto place taken/date. Also, will be great to have something to edit photo and resize, face recognition.
We also signed up for Onedrive ,that loads good to cloud and I can sort on phone/iPad to albums on Personal account , we have small real estate company and we need Bussness solution , to share all this , I do not see anything to help me with this pictures.
I am looking for Easy-Automatic solution store, organize/edit, share and workable on computers and IPads, androids ,

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I've been searching for days and can't find a good solution, so would appreciate some advice.

I have a WD My Cloud 16TB NAS, where I keep all my music/movie files and where I want to store all my photos. The NAS comes with My Cloud as private personal cloud storage (I can therefore access all the files from multiple devices remotely) and it is also backed up to CrashPlan.

I want to be able to organise my photos into albums, do basic editing and view/access them from multiple devices, including:
- from a Macbook Pro Retina at home - this is where I will do most of the uploading, organisation and editing
- from an android phone - just for viewing, maybe uploading
- from a PC at work - just for viewing (e.g. through My Cloud on a browser), although this is not essential.

Right now I'm using iPhoto on my Macbook and have all the photos organised into smart albums, etc. (some photos are in multiple albums, which I like) - and the iPhoto library file is kept on the NAS. However, I can't view the photos/albums on my phone or from anywhere else - even using the My Cloud interface, the way that iPhoto creates the library file means I can't navigate through albums on any device other than the Macbook.

Can anyone suggest what photo management program I can use on my Macbook that will be able to resolve this? I don't necessarily need something with an android app because if there were a photo manager that, say, built a file structure based on albums, I c... Read more

A:NAS and multi-platform photo management app/software

Try to use Photo Mechanic.

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Hello there a little help would be appreciated...
Looking for a program that can manage photo's with the following criteria:
--needs to be able to print with file name on photo
--need to be able to select which photos you want to print then set them up 6 to an A4 page
--needs to be quick to load and not hog all my sys resources!!
Please help I am going nuts and have installed so many trial versions of programs that my computer is slowly dying!

A:Photo printing & Management?

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Hi Guys,

I would like to know what is the System (199 MB NTFS) in my Hard drive. As far as i know, I installed my OS on my Drive (C). Please help me understand this matter.

A:[Disk Management] Please Help with the attached photo

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
That is your system reserved boot loader which is also connected to you D manufactures system restore partition so leave it alone as well as D partition and H-P tools partition

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Hi, this is my first post and i hope that somebody can help me!

I am running Windows XP service pack 3.
I'm not too bad on the laptop but things don't come naturally easy so i would appreciate a simple response if that is possible.

Problem is;
I have images in "My Pictures"/Picasa3 and also in the Canon Zoom Browser EX that i have just loaded onto my machine,
If i download new images from my camera or card they automatically go into all 3 applications.
Worst thing though is that if i delete a single image or a folder from just one of the applications i lose that image/images from all 3!!!!! I also had Elements 4 and the situation was just the same but i have deleted Elements for now.

What i want to be able to do is;
1) Load Elements 9 onto my laptop.
2) Download and manage all pics from my wifes point and shoot into "My Pictures" only.
3) Drag my wifes pics into Elements for editing only as required.
4) Download my pics from my Canon 7D into the Canon application only.......for editing of RAW images.
5) Move pics from the Canon application into Elements 9 for further processing as required.

I dont know if i am missing something really simple here but i feel sure that the above cannot be too difficult.....or can it??

Any help to get me on the way to enjoying the results of my expensive new 7D would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Photo Image Management

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I can't seem to find what I'm looking for in the forms, but can anyone recommend software or a tutorial that would help me manage my photos on my iPhone 4s using my Windows 7 based PC? Is this even possible? I don't understand much about the iso OS!

A:iPhone 4s Photo to Windows 7 Management

Can you provide a little more information as to exactly what you want to do as far as managing them?

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Hello All: I have encountered a perplexing problem when attempting to update the firmware in the Intel Management Engine.  The firmware update is posted on the W520 driver page (it is package 83rf32ww).  The problem is the error message shown in the photo below. The update process starts when the MEUpdate.CMD file is selected within the DOS window, but after a few seconds, the error message at the bottom of the picture appears. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Michael 


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A:Problem when updating Management Engine (ME) firmware - photo attached

Are you running MEUpdate.CMD by directly double-clicking on it?

If you already are, try opening an elevated Command Prompt window, navigating to C:\DRIVERS\WIN\ME (so the interpreter doesn't try and look for the file in C:\Windows\system32), and then run MEUpdate.cmd.

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My wife has a lot of pictures and is looking for a program that can put them in an album, lighten or darken, write under the photo as to persons name. I was told not to use iTunes with Windows 10. I have a lot of songs does anyone know of a good music software that campares to iTunes for windows Thanks

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Could anyone suggest good MP3 management software for XP? preferably free or not too high a price, something that works. I have searched Google and there are loads but Im not sure what to get.

I am trying to back up my CD & Vinyl collection & would like organize,edit track numbers & some file names, the problem I have is that there are some duplicate tracks under slightly different names would it be possible to create a play list or something and delete duplicate files to save disk space while still keeping original album(S) track list to play & burn

Any Help Appreciated

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which password management software do you recommend? i'm looking for something along the lines of roboform, which not only stores a database of your usernames and passwords but also autofills relevant fields. i'm running vista home premium.

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Forgive me if this isn't in the right spot. I didn't know where to put it.

I'm looking for some software that we can use to manage our printing in our office. We have a couple printers that we print on each day and we'd like to track how much gets printed through there. I've found some stuff, but the main function I'm looking for I'm not sure they offer. We aren't trying to see who prints the most or waste paper or anything (we don't really see that as an issue) but instead we need to track our reimbursable.

All of our printing (for clients) gets charged back to the client. Basically I want something that when you click print on your computer, you have to select what project it's for. Maybe just enter the project number. Then the software tracks how many pages (of both 8 1/2 x 11 and 11 x 17 separately) so at the end of the month we have a total of how much each project requires we print.

Does anyone know of software that can do that?

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Any suggestions for managing contacts? Hopefully a program that can export to SQL or Access for backup.

I've searched on sourceforge and download.com with no luck, maybe I'm using the wrong description terms.

A:Contact Management software?

FileMaker is about the best database program out there for the consumer. You can create a custom CRM program quickly and easily. You can export the database in a variety of different formats, each is compatible with Access and you can execute SQL queries.

I can make you a runtime (database program that runs independently) of one of the contact management files - it will export, but it won't have built-in SQL queries. If you wanted that, you'd have to pay me to design it

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Does any one know of software that will allow me to keep track of debtors and creditors in a business and also allow me to send e-mails to them?

A:Business management software

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I have so many files stored here and there on my computer and my office server..It is very difficult for me to find out final usable files for reference later.. are any of the group members aware of any software which can manage all these things smoothly.

A:Data Management software

I have a Document Management Access Database that keeps a record of all your files and opens them at the press of a button.
If you have Access you are welcome to a copy.
There may be some file types it does not open, but it handles most of them.

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Jst tried a new business management application "Servicedesktop Pro". Works great & the interface is fantastic. Before using this i was using multiple softwares for keeping track of my business like outlook and other scheduling application. But this thing has everything in one package and reasonably priced too.

A:New business management software

Looks like a spam post to me.

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Anyone know of any good driver management freeware?

Something like a Secunia of drivers?

A:driver management software

If it ain't broke don't fix it.

In my book there is NO Good driver manager, as there is no need in installing a drive unless one is having problems.

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im after a free folder management software my basic needs are to be able to see folder sizes and be able to delete,

I have FolderSize which is great for showing me the sizes of folders but you cant delete within the software actually i dont think it does anything else.

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I'd like to talk about accounting and billing control application provides facility to mange financial records and reports of company. Bill tracker tool manages to bills, payable,
receivable accounts, payments, tax, payroll, fund etc. 
For instance,  financial accounting software is compatible with
various windows operating systems such as 98, 2000, 2003, XP, ME, NT and Vista.

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I have been asked to research computer managememt software for our small/medium company. We have 80 machines in our office running Win2k sp2. We have a LAN and are running Win2k advanced server. What we are looking for is inexpensive software that will allow helpdesk tech's to correct user problems on their machines from one location, rather than have to go to the office they are located in -- remote desktop control, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions, or where I should start looking?


A:Computer management software

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I want to keep certain cookies that contain my preferences, like the Bank, etc..., but delete everything else. "Cookie Monster" is the one I remember the most, so I installed it and it doesn't work. Says "Chrome is running" when it's not, and doesn't display any cookies from Internet Explorer 11.

Manually browsing to my IE cookies, they appear encrypted/randomly named and will not allow me to delete any of them manually. Is this normal? I don't remember this being true for IE7.

Is there a cookie management utility that will work with IE 11?

A:Cookie Management Software

Is this the software you speak of?

Cookie Monster - An utility for managing cookies of most usual browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera & Gecko - AMPsoft

There seems to be a large amount of managers out there:

Best 5 Cookie Managers tools download !

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Looking for a relaively cheap and coplete helpdesk/asset management tool.

I want, hardware, software and peripheral asset management, audit features, KB area, purchasing, help desk, user mgt and reports.

Mouse Tracks from Gritware is lacking on the cosmetic front but seems great. www.gritware.com

Intuit-IT Track It is fancy but isn't as functioal (i think) as Mouse Tracks.

Any advice, has anyone purchased such a thing for their IT dept?

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Hi-- I work for a mid-sized business and we are looking for an enterprise-wide presentation management software program-- basically something that will help us manage and search a large library of Power Point slides and other content. We'd like something web-based. Can anyone recommend anything?

A:presentation management software?

The law office I do consulting for uses WorldOx.

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Hi Guys

is there a piece of software that helps administer a network remotely, what i am really after is a Grapical interpretation of the network structure, eg routers, switches servers and compters and other network enabled equipment which allows the facility to genrate a status report in real time, check if they are up peridically otherwises fires an network msg/alert and when double clicked launches remote desktop into that server or opens the configuration page. we used to use something similar many years ago at a company i used to work for but cant for the life of me remember the name of it.

Any suggestions


A:Network Management software

There are a number of packages that claim to do that, as I recall, they're all pretty expensive.

For a monitoring utility to actually know the real-time status of the network, all the routers, switches, etc will have to have managed capability.

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i work for an internet business which sells on eBay. at the moment we take a lot of phone orders. obviously with eBay it keeps a record of the order on there, but with phone orders it involves so much paperwork being produced and filing, so when customers ring up to query something from a while back im having to go through loads of paperwork to find their order.

I was wondering if anyone can recommend a suitable piece of software that i can use where i would just enter details of their order, for example name, delivery address, items ordered and price etc etc. It would ideally be so if someone rings up and asks about a previous order i can open this program, click a few buttons and their order is in front of me.

im not fussed about keeping inventorys of stock levels and all that, don't particularly want anything over complicated, im good with computers and quite knowledgable but would prefer something simple.
another way i was thinking was to do my own "intranet" and have a form on there which i fill in and then it saves it on the computer so me and my two colleagues (which will become more as we expand) can view it.

i also looked into using microsoft access but not a fan of it.

any ideas would be much appreciated!!!
many thanks

A:Order Management Software

Hi Arron, welcome to the board!

I would recommend Microsoft Access, especially if you have it. Of course this could be done in Excel (which I am a fan of ) but as you grow and your information grows with your company, you'll be happy you started this in a relational database.

There are many Access guru's here and I'm not one of them. LOL! But you may want to think about changing your thread title (Thread Tools | Edit Thread) to include Access somewhere in there. Your current title is somewhat misleading. Also, you may want to check Office Online for templates, there are many you may find useful.

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I am looking for an open source network management solution. If possible it should have an agent that runs on each computer and reports back to the server. Does anyone know of solution like this?

A:System management Software

The ones doesn't have an agent but I have always wanted to try it.

I believe this one does run as a client.
They also have their old version as freeware.

Or this.

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Hello all

I'm looking for some software that:

- Will hold contacts and their information
- Can be edited and shared between two computers (ie over a network)
- Can be integrated into outlook and maybe word if possible
- Can do mass mailing
- Can run on windows 98se (not a requirment, but a plus)

I was curious if you guys knew of any good programs. I know of Act and Access, but was curious if there was any others out there.

A:Contact management software?

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Hey Everyone,

I presently use Visdir to view the disk usage statistics of both local and network resources. It is, however, a rather horrific resource hog. Does anyone know of a better and (preferably free) program I can use for this purpose?

A:Disk Management Software

You can try WinDirStat - Windows Directory Statistics
It is free and I am very satisfied with it's performance.
Local and network directories are supported.

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Im looking for a good desktop management software. Can anyone send me in the right direction?

Scriptlogic Desktop Authority??
ManageEngine Desktop Central??

If you know of others that are better please let me know!

If Im in the wrong forum can you please refer me to the right one!


A:Desktop Management Software

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I'm looking for font management software. I don't want to fill my windows/fonts folder with my own fonts every time I'm working on a project. I want to keep my fonts separate and only turn them on when needed. Like temporary fonts. Then turn them off again. The windows/fonts folder shouldn't be touched/enlarged, just containing the default windows fonts.

Any advice? I guess it isn't possible to temporarily turn on fonts without installing them in the windows/fonts folder?

A:font management software

That sounds like a good idea but I don't know of anything that will do that. Modern PC's and moder OS' such as Win 7 do not have a problem with a large amount of fonts. And, if you are having space problems on the hard drive, it's really time to upgrade the hard drive rather than limit items such as the fonts.

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Does anyone have any recommendations on an Asset Management Software. I am looking for something that will allow me to assign workstations and equipment to employees, read bar codes, create custom reports, etc. I don't necessarily need it to auto-discover all items on my network. I am looking to see what others are using out there and if they like it or not.

A:Asset Management Software?

How big of a network / business are you talking about?

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Hey everybody

Here at the office, we have been using Microsoft Access 2003 to manage our agents. It's worked pretty well, but we need something that will do more. Now, I'm not sure of the extent that Access can go into, so it may actually be able to do everything we need it to do.

What we need is contact management software that will allow us to set everyone up into groups. But we need to be able to set up users for the database. These users would have limited access, depending on who they are in the company. Also, we need something where we can attach resumes, files, etc. to it. We are currently using Access, and about 3 other programs to do various things.

I've taken a look at Act! 6, and it is almost perfect for what we want. The people can be put into various groups, and I can attach files right to those people for easy access. Almost perfect.

The problem is, Act doesn't allow me to set access to the groups. For example, when I was using Act, I would set up a hierarchy, to where the top group is the top guy, and each person under that person is a subgroup. That works perfect, except I need to be able to set it up where only certain people can see these groups. I can't do this with Act.

I've taken a look at some other programs as well, but Act is the closest thing I can find. Does anyone know of some really good Contact Management software that I can use? Or is Access capable of what I need it to do?


A:Contact Management Software - Need help

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My company is currently in the market for assett management software. Something to manage hardware as well as software licensing. We would like the product to be able to pickup any devices connected to the network on its own. If not we are willing to put a client on each of our devices. Any products or references would be a big help. Thanks BC!

A:It Asset Management Software?

Out of the few offerings I looked at this one impressed me.The features look good and the web site is very professional.I have never used this software and have no knowledge of it except that it exists. Please don't take this as a recommendation,just a link for you to help find a solution.http://www.ilient.com/?adgrp=SysAid

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My company is currently in the market for assett management software. Something to manage hardware as well as software licensing. We would like the product to be able to pickup any devices connected to the network on its own. If not we are willing to put a client on each of our devices. Any products or references would be a big help. Thanks BC!

A:It Asset Management Software?

Out of the few offerings I looked at this one impressed me.The features look good and the web site is very professional.I have never used this software and have no knowledge of it except that it exists. Please don't take this as a recommendation,just a link for you to help find a solution.http://www.ilient.com/?adgrp=SysAid

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Can anyone reccommend a password management software similar to the one below that is not as expensive?:
Currently, for 5 Administrator licenses it is $1,195.00

A:Password Management Software

I highly recommend the Pro version of Roboform, I use it all the time http://www.roboform.com/

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Over the past several years I have accumulated a lot of help, articles, PDF, .chm, .hlp, etc. It is not to easy to navigate and find what I am looking for either. Does anyone have any tips for managing this type of data/documents? I am able to search across many PDFs with Reader 6.0. I would love to have a program that will help to manage and search across several types of documents. A reader similar to the MSDN and Technet Library viewers would be great.


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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A6-5400K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 21 Model 16 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 5314 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7540D, 768 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953066 MB, Free - 798608 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., F2A88X-UP4
Antivirus: Avast freeware version 10.4.2233

I was using EasyTune6 from Gigabyte to manage my fan speeds in Windows 8.1, now I have "upgraded?" to Windows 10 and it appears that EasyTune is not compatible with the new operating system. Can anyone recommend another program for fan speed management? Preferably freeware, as I'm a tightwad who rarely pays for software, if I can get it for free. Windows fan management is just annoying, because I have 5 fans and they are constantly spooling up and down, which makes a lot of noise. Thanks in advance.

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vulnerability management software that makes sure that all your software is up to date includeing your operating system.They say it comes preinstalled on all the emachines to keep them running smoothly,

check it out and let me know

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Does anyone have any recommendations on an Asset Management Software. I am looking for something that will allow me to assign workstations and equipment to employees, read bar codes, create custom reports, etc. I don't necessarily need it to auto-discover all items on my network. I am looking to see what others are using out there and if they like it or not.

A:Asset Management Software?

How big of a network / business are you talking about?

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So I have an external hard drive and I want to set it up so that when I connect it to my laptop, all the contents of one folder are automatically moved to the hard drive. I am NOT looking to sync the two folders. I just want a software that automates the moving of files.
Any ideas/tips/suggestions?

A:Folder Management Software

create a autorun.inf that points to a .bat file containing a move command
Examples of using the mv command


It will work the same way with an external drive so long as you set your laptop to run the auto run instead of just opening the drive.

If you put the .bat file in the source folder command would only have to be

move *.* c:\locationtodumpfiles
No need for software for this, you can do it in about 5 minutes with notepad.

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My employer has asked that I do some research on computer license management software.

I've heard of software that can not only manage them, but lease out licenses as needed within a business.

If you have any experience with this, I'm curious to learn what software you're using, or what software you would recommend.



A:License management software

Intruit Track-It is a fairly inexpensive way.

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Is there a contact management program in the market that does NOT interface with MS Outlook? I used to use Maximizer, but they do not have a PocketPC link. I switched to Act! which is a complete disaster when it comes to the PocketPC link. There are some serious flaws in the program and they don't seem to care much about trying to fix them. I would like to find any contact management program that has calendar, contacts and task lists that do NOT interface with MS Outlook. Thanks....

A:Contact Management Software

Why not just use Pocket Mirror or the Palm Desktop software? You DO NOT have to interface any contact manager with Outlook it is normally a feature because a lot of people use Outlook. Isn't there a default contact manager that comes with PocketPC (I am assuming Outlook) and why are you so dead set against not using Outlook?

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Okay, I recently bought some employee attendance software called My biz attendence. Well, it sucks. I manage a small business of about 40 employees and I need a basic software to manage attendance and a few misc things. I know I could use outlook or something but I don't have time to set that up.

A:Best employee management software?

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