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Dual Sound Output?

Q: Dual Sound Output?

Hi. i was just wondering if it was possible to have more than one set of speakers play audio at the same time. For instance i have a set of speakers, but also have some on my monitor, i can only use one set by changing the settings in the audio properties i.e to desktop speakers. Also when you plug headphones or them speakers which go into portable cd players the sound mutes from the primary speakers and only plays on the set of speakers you plug in. Hope ive not confused anyone here. Just thought there might of been a setting allowing you to use more than one audio output at once.

Preferred Solution: Dual Sound Output?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Dual Sound Output?

There is no simple solution, such as a setting, to your problem. One solution is to buy a small stereo preamp to plug into the computer, then branch from the preamp output to speakers that have built-in power amps.

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Hey guys, I have a windows vista 64bit.
and I want to know that is there anyways for me to have 2 sounds output with dual monitor?

Basically, I wanna play PC games with my headset while my gf can watch TV with HDMI on the TV. everything else works fine, but only the sound part, when I play PC games, the sound doesn't go into the headset, and they(PC game& MOVIE) both output on the TV.


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GA-890GPA-UD3H (rev. 3.1)

GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket AM3+ - GA-890GPA-UD3H (rev. 3.1)

(Note 3) Simultaneous output for DVI-D and HDMI is not supported.

What I'm trying to do is output just my sound to the receiver via HDMI cable, but still use the DVI to my monitor for video. From the note above taken from the MB specs, sounds like this is not possible.

This is new business to me and wondering how others do this, seems little information I can find. I am ordering a HDMI to DVI cable so I can disconnect the DVI cable from the computer and instead run both video and sound through HDMI to the receiver, then the video to the monitor. Hoping this works.

If all fails then I am relegated to separate digital through S/PDIF optical link, to my receiver. According to the experts this is less than ideal since now, the multi-channel dolby and DTS signals can only be received via HDMI.

Wondering if I get a Blu-ray player for my computer how this is going to all work out. Hoping that HDMI to DVI cable does the trick.

Anyone with experience with this kind of set-up and the aforementioned hardware greatly appreciated.

And Happy NEW YEAR!

A:Gigabyte HDMI output to Yamaha receiver - no sound output

As you have a separate video card, its capabilities should determine how the video works, not the motherboard. The video is routed to the video card.

If you had some type of integrated Video on the motherboard then the motherboard's specs would apply. For example, I have an Intel i7 3770 CPU and this model has built in Intel HD4000 video which is routed to motherboard video connectors and thus the motherboard would determine how the video is distributed. However, I'm using a separate video card and thus that determines how video is distributed.

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Hello! Just as a disclaimer this is the first time that I've used this cite, so I apologize in advance for any informalities, or just overall dimwittedness. So for starters, I am not a technologically illiterate person, having been a computer user for the majority of my life. My current set up is the Levovo Y50 gaming laptop, (i'll include the specs below) which is running windows 8.1. So let me explain the situation to you; I have an hdmi output to my monitor, which is being used to transmit audio and video to my external speakers, which are connected to the aux imput on my monitor. So essentially, i never both the intergrated speakers and touchscreen display on the laptop itself, rather I use the audio output to my speakers and the video output to my monitor. However, occasionally, when I hop on skype or use spotify, I feel the need to use my PC headphones, which are the razer kracken headset, which has an integrated microphone, and therefore is connected to one sole port on the laptop itself. Basically, when I choose to use the headphones as an audio output, I go to the playback devices under sound management, and change the default communications and default device to the newly-plugged in headphones, which is listed under the playback devices as the standard "SPEAKERS - REALTEK HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO DEVICE" which, I presume is the output for the laptop itself. Previously, upon changing these options, the audio would then come out of the headphones, as ... Read more

A:Solved: No output to headphones - even though sound manager shows an output

1 Welcome to Tech Support Guy
2 re your disclaimer - no need for any apologies, but your post is a little difficult to read, we would have been better with separation of the main points by paragraph spacing. However I think I have the situation
3. Lets start with the basic possible causes.
4. I do not know that monitor but the jack for the speakers is connected to the audio from HDMI input is it the 3.5mm just in case there is another jack socket
5. Please see screenshot and check levels
as if volume is right down there will of course be no sound
6. I cannot understand why the headphones are shown as the Realtek speakers they are I thought usually shown as second ouptut

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Hello! Just as a disclaimer this is the first time that I've used this cite, so I apologize in advance for any informalities, or just overall dimwittedness. So for starters, I am not a technologically illiterate person, having been a computer user for the majority of my life. My current set up is the Levovo Y50 gaming laptop, (i'll include the specs below) which is running windows 8.1. So let me explain the situation to you; I have an hdmi output to my monitor, which is being used to transmit audio and video to my external speakers, which are connected to the aux imput on my monitor. So essentially, i never both the intergrated speakers and touchscreen display on the laptop itself, rather I use the audio output to my speakers and the video output to my monitor. However, occasionally, when I hop on skype or use spotify, I feel the need to use my PC headphones, which are the razer kracken headset, which has an integrated microphone, and therefore is connected to one sole port on the laptop itself. Basically, when I choose to use the headphones as an audio output, I go to the playback devices under sound management, and change the default communications and default device to the newly-plugged in headphones, which is listed under the playback devices as the standard "SPEAKERS - REALTEK HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO DEVICE" which, I presume is the output for the laptop itself. Previously, upon changing these options, the audio would then come out of the headphones, as opposed to the speak... Read more

A:No output to headphones - even though sound manager shows an output

My speed in W8 is much less than my speed in W7 but I'm wondering what would happen if you were to do a cold boot with everything plugged in. In the past the system does an inventory of connected devices when it boots. Sometimes on a warm boot it reads the cached inventory. Maybe . . . .

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I am getting a laptop. Right now I am deciding between regular "High Definition Audio 2.0" and a "ExpressCard Sound Blaster X-Fi Laptop Sound Card with Wireless Receiver Bundle". The latter is 134 dollars more. Would the latter make the output of sound better on external speakers. Say if you're a DJ, and you use the laptop, would the sound coming out of the speakers at those high volumes be much better if you have the better soundcard? Or does it not have any effect on the output sounds? Thanks!

A:Do Sound Cards Effect The Output of Sound To External Speakers?

It affects the external output even more than the one from the integrated speakers.

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It's the most suspicious sound I've ever heard. It sounds exactly like fat, felt tip marker making a quick check on paper. It can also be compared to a rat sniff or a piece of paper being turned. I wear headphones and can hear this noise occasionally for up to 15 minutes. It likes to happen at night, when 'they' are active ( humor me ). Because of the sneaky, low volume, discreet, low down, creepy, stalky, shifty sound I am disposed to imagine that someone is looking through my files for credit information and they are unaware of these sounds from my sound card, or they don't care about the sound because they are safe from being caught.

Sound like I'm crazy? Just paranoid. I did say it makes me imagine. The kind of person I am is the same kind that will run system restore at a moment's notice for anything that looks suspicious or a NoScript violation. Because that sound is clearly designed to resemble a sniffing rat doing something sneaky on my computer. I tried to record the output with Audacity 1.3, but it had stopped before I had recorded anything.

My setup:

Windows XP Pro 64 bit Service Pack 2
Verizon High Speed Internet
Marvell Yukon 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller
LinkSys Router routing to a Windows 7 laptop, WPK-PSK, TKIP
Soundblaster Live!
Mozilla FireFox

A:Solved: Suspicious sound coming from sound card output.

It was that Windows XP search dog. When you ctrl + f to open the search side bar in a window there is an animated dog that seems innocuous. Every 15 minutes or so it will scratch itself and make that noise twice. As long as that search side bar is open, minimized or not, that noise will persist.

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I get sound from the mic of course.but I would like to get sound straight from the sound card too when I want to.I don't know exact model,but it's a realtek HD on board sound card.Acer 5551 series laptop

A:How can I get sound output from sound card when streaming video?

Hello green,

You get sound from your microphone? I don't think I am understanding. Sound should come from your sound card. You plug the speakers into the back of the computer and into the sound card (green jack). The mic receives sound. My mic is USB so it doesn't use any jack other than the USB port, but if you use the sound card, it goes into the purple jack

Do you have the audio driver installed? This should be right: http://support.acer.com/product/defa...x?modelId=2192

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Title says it all. I need to wait at least five minutes to be able to hear anything on my laptop.. I can't hear songs nor play videos..

Help would really be appreciated.

A:No sound on start-up, Win8 needs time to output sound

For start up sound go to personalize>sounds>at bottom of box place a check for "Play Windows Startup sound. With a laptop you probably are using realtek HD sound driver... you could look in task manager and see if it is turned on at startup, also in event viewer>windows logs>system and look at the time when you booted and see if there are any audio errors.

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I am currently using an "E-Machines" Mother board, in a hybrid system. I want to project "Visualizations" on an LCD projector, and still be able to see and control the desktop on my monitor. if i buy a cheap PCI video card (32 meg), can i use the output of that, AND the output of my onboard video at the same time?

I am currently using an onboard sound card, and a (long-black slot) Sound card at the same time, so i guess the video thing should work. has anyone done this before, or know if it will work.


A:Dual Video Output

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I have a problem with screen resolution between and LCD and the 2nd output, the Sony Bravia TV.

Windows XP, Asus Extreme AX550 dual output. Output 1 DVI has VGA adapter going to LG LCD 4:3 aspect ration. Output 2 is VGA, going to a TV 16:9.

First, the screen output was fine, filling the TV and looking good, and the LCD monitor was ok. I did not check the resolution. Took the video card out to replace the fan, put it back in, now I cannot match the resolutions no matter what I try.

I've uninstalled all ATI/Asus drivers, and installed the latested drivers and Control Console. I used the Asus utility (CCC) and tried to clone the monitor to the TV. That was ok but the TV has black lines down the sides and I cannot match no matter what res between 640 x 480 and 1300 x ??.

When I DO NOT clone, it says it's extending it to the TV but that just extends the desktop.

I've tried forcing each monitor to have certain settings, but it doesn't seem to work.

I've spent a lot of time and I think the only option is maybe another video card with different drivers, OR, perhaps this is not really possible.

Thanks so much for any clear explanations and review of my options!

A:Dual output problem to LCD mon, LCD TV

Is it the way I've worded it? Just hoping...

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I'm trying to set up my computer so that I can play audio through both my headset and speaks at the same time. I'm doing this so when gaming I can use only the headset and when watch movies I can sit/lay on my bed without wearing the headset, using the volume controls of each device to prevent the sounds from the other. But setting it up I've run into an issue were only one will work. I saw a method on YouTube using the stereo mix recording device, but whenever I try that I get nothing but a loud and painful reverb feedback from whichever device I have it set to play back from.

A:Dual Audio Output

Hi Divinyll, and welcome to TSG.

It would anyone here to help you if you told us the brand and exact model number of your computer and/or the brand and exact model number of your computer's motherboard.

EDIT: Also please tell us the operating system running on the computer.

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I'm planning to upgrade to an Nvidia 8800 in a month or two. Currently have a Viewsonic 22" wide screen and Viewsonic 19" regular monitors. Both can be set up for digital signal. In playing around with my current card ( 7600GS) I noticed that if the monitor was using the digital signal none of the boot screens (POST etc) display. Monitor would come alive at the desktop. Other monitor using analog would display the boot screens.

Since the 8800 has dual DVI output - do you not see the boot screens at all if you have two monitors using digital signal?



A:Solved: dual dvi output

I have a dual DVI card and I see the BIOS POST screens on both monitors. Mine happens to be an ATI card, but I can't imagine it being different on a nVidia card.

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can i have my speakers plugged into my sound card and my headphone plugged into my onboard soundcard and have them both work? Because if not then how am i supposed to get my speakers hooked up and without having to switch jacks in the back get my headphones w/mic working for online chatting or gaming. thanks.

A:Dual Output for speakers/headphones

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Hello - does anyone know if there are any ATX motherboards, for Intel or AMD, with integrated video that has dual-output video? For specific reasons, I am trying to avoid a video card add-on, but I want 2 monitors. Price is not a big deal. Thanks.

A:ATX MB with dual output integrated video?

I've seen some with two outputs but one would be VGA and the other DVI. Would that be okay or what do you require?

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Hello I have an L560 with a VGA port and mini-DP port.  Can 2 external monitors be used with the L560 using both video ports?  I do not have a docking station available. -Mike

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Hey guys,

As topic. Is it possible? Very irritating to play games without audio.

Reason, my girlfriend is watching movie on the another screen.

2 monitors 2 different audio, so my GF can watch movie on 1 monitor using my surround sound that i plugged onto the back and i can play games with my other monitor using my headphones that is plugged in front of the case. If this is possible, please explain or give me a link to do it.

Thank you!!

A:1 desktop dual monitors 2 different audio output ?

Download Media Player Classic - Go to options/internal filters/audio switcher and tick "enable custom channel mapping" Play a movie (preferrably with surround sound to have as many input channels as needed), plug your girlfriends audio into the surround output on the back and fiddle around with the channels holding shift (instant change) until sound appears using any output besides Front Left/Right which are your headphone channels. Apply when satisfied and MPC will use this mapping every time.

As far as I know on a integrated soundcard this is the only way.. I don't think any other media player has this option built in either, WMP surely does not.

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I apologize if this question has been answered before, but I couldn't find it.

I'm running dual monitors on a laptop, the set up works fine with one minor exception. When I try to view videos in quicktime or windows media player it outputs in full screen to the monitor that the player is not on. This also happens with videos in browsers. http://members.aol.com/jrzycrim01/mozilla/wmp/vidtest-HS.html is an example of this happening. I can only assume it has to do with my video codec, I am using the windows defaults and cyberlink powerDVD as my mpeg2 decoder.

A:Video output with a dual monitor setup

its might be something with your resolution does the other screen have a higher resolution?

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hi i m a graphic deisgn student and so running dual monitors allows me to have multiple adobe programs running whilst i m working.
my presario sr1000 has an on board integrated ati radeon x200,
i recently tried to install a dual monitor pci card that i couldnt find the manufacturor for ( it came from an old dell so assume if it was anything good it would firstly work and secondly have a brand somewhere on it or at the very least have some of driver s somewhere on the web) to cut a long story short, the card didnt work and just ****ed up my system.

however when i got back to returning the system to the normal integrated graphics set up i found that the radeon x 200 supports dual monitors itself. i only have a single video output from the integrated card, but can i use a signal splitter or does the x200 only support dual monitors when its fitted as a non integrated pci card?
would like to know as i m wasting a lot of time fiddling around and if its a simple as a splitter cable i ll be over the moon.
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

A:dual monitors on a single output through an ati radeon x200?

You need a video card with two outputs .. or maybe two video cards.
A splitter won't do you any good.
Better have a strong computer for several Adobe's running.

And Welcome to the TSG forum

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What are the main differences between a Nvidia Quadro type card (like NVIDIA Quadro FX 370 Video Card - 256MB GDDR2-$109) and the various dual output gaming cards out there (for instance the XFX GeForce 8600 GT XXX Video Card 256MB DDR3-$89)? I am contemplating building a new system for stock trading. Nvidia Quadro are used in workstations I know of but gaming cards seem faster and cheaper for same price-I must be missing something? Can you split the outputs of the Nvidia Quadros (ie get 4monitors hooked up to one dual output card with 4 independent windows of streaming data 1each on each monitor?) Thanks in advance...

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I am doing some research on the new W540 laptop and noticed that it doesn't have any other video output other than a 14pin monitor out and a thundrebolt port.  We would like to be able to use dual 30" 2560x1600 monitors.  Any info would be great.  I don't even know if the older laptop docks with this laptop.  The dock has multiple monitor outpots so I thing they would work but I need to know before making a purchase decision.
Moderator Note; thread moved to here from ThinkStation

A:Will the new W540 laptop support output to dual monitors?

Probably not the right forum, but going to the W540 page on the Lenovo site and then clicking accessories brought up a blurb about the ThinkPad Pro dock, which included the following:
DisplayPort connector, DVI-D connector, VGA monitor port, and a Kensington security lock slot.
*ThinkPad Pro Dock works with the 2013 classic ThinkPad models, including L Series, W Series, X240, T440p, T540p, and T440 without NVIDIAŽ Optimus? technology.

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Looking to find a way to output sound simultaneously to both Realtek HDMI Output and Digital Output SPDIF (Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio(Vista)).

Purpose is to have whole house sound powered by dual amps.

Any ideas?

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I have lenova 3000 n100 laptop with window 7 OS. There seems to be no sound output. The drivers are installed and the speaker icon on the desktop seems to be at 100%. Please let me know what am I supposed to do ?

A:Sound output

After a quick read it seems that lenova 3000 n100 can come with two different audio drivers.(realtek or soundmax) The solution is dependent on which driver you require.Have a quick read here it may help

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I just noticed today when I was going to listen to some MP3's that my sound card makes a buzz on the output jack, a really high buzz you can't hear anything but the buzz and a small echo of the music. I'm 100% sure its in the output jack, I also tryed hooking up my headphones to the card and I got that buzzing noise in the headphones too. I didn't hot plug the speakers, and theres nothing wrong with them I have been listening to them all day through my cd player so there has to be some hardware problem. I messed around with the settings and nothing changed. I have rebooted my computer several times and messed with the connection jacks to my amp and still no change. I just used the output jack the other day when watching a dvd and it worked fine. The only thing that would effect the system that I've done to my computer since I watched the dvd is that I ran windows disk defragmenter and I got an error lke 30 seconds after the screen saver came on(I forgot to disable it). I have windows 98, AMD Duron 800 MHZ processor, 192 mb of ram, 40 gig drive. I've gone through the hardware settings and nothing has changed in the sound card drivers.

A:Sound Output

Usually when any piece of audio electronics has that irritating buzzing sound with faint music in background a physical ground is missing or a leak to ground has occurred.
You may have developed a problem in your audio card or with external connections.
Make sure all you physical connections to the card are good.
You may also want to remove the card from you PC and clean all the contacts on the card and reinsert.
After all above is tried you may want to remove the audio card from device manager and reinstall all your drivers.
If reinstalling and cleaning all contacts does not solve the problem you may have a defective card.

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Hi im new here and just wanted ask about a problem i've been having since i got my new laptop. I got an ASUS M50SV with integrated Realtek HD ALC888S audio and the problem is in the speaker configuration, it only shows stereo. i cannot change it because its grayed out. The laptop also has S/PDIF output but the Realtek HD Audio Manager doesnt recognize it.

His an image

A:Sound Output

How did you get there?

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Hi there ive recently put my Girlfriend's old PC back together and proceeded to install of the driver's. The problem is the PC is emitting so sound through the speaker's i visited the manufacturers website and downloaded the drivers from there yet still no luck, upon opening the Case i found a Cable labelled Speaker that was not connected to anything (its the same kind of cable as PWR LED,RESET SW etc) however unlike the majority of PC's ive built it has no pins to insert the Speaker cable into there is a part on the Motherboard that says speaker however, there's no pins built in to accomadate it the only other slot i could find that the Speaker cable could fit into was labelled SPDIF_OUT, but upon inserting the cable there nothing happens, The motherboard has 3 ports upon which an AV Jack (for my speaker's can fit into) pink green and blue, im assumming its supposed to be green, however i have tryed the other's also

The MotherBoard is : FOXCONN RC4017MA-RS2
CPU: INTEL penium 4 3GHz
RAM: 1.5GB

The sound card is built into the Motherboard.

Also upon entering Device manager there is no yellow checks at all.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

A:Pc No Sound Output

The speaker inside the case is used to emit the POST beep to let you know the computer hardware has passed the test and can boot. It does not play sounds from Windows or your audio. The Green plug is the Speaker out for your computer.
Boot into Setup (Bios) and make sure the onboard Audio is Enabled. At bootup you should get the new hardware wizard. You may need to download the driver from the Motherboard manufacturer If you don't know the model # of the motherboard then download Speccy and it will tell you the info you need.

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HI ....i have reently got a board installed HP d 530 . OS is installed as winows XP SP2 . system specs are intel P4 2.4 GHz , 1GB RAM , and Hp d 530 SFF . despite the latest driver from HP site( digital sound max intedrated audio) there is no sound out put from the PC .
when ever a sound file is run the bass and treble indicators move showing that sound driver is installed but no sound out put. Speakers were checked and verified to be serviceable and giving sound on other PCs. All the steps in windows help and supposrt ve been carried out . still No sound output . If anyone could help i ll be more then thankful .


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I'm a college student with a desktop computer. Whenever I come home, I leave my speakers at school.

I used to have Windows Vista. When I'd come home, I could listen to music without headphones or speakers. In other words, sound would come from my sound card.

I now have Windows 7, which will only play sound when I have headphones or speakers. How can I enable Windows to let sound play from my sound card when I don't have any other means of output?

A:Sound Output

Normally, desktops do not have speakers. If yours does, it's not the usual configuration on a desktop. Best to checkwith HP to see what you need to do, as you may need some special HP audio software to get it to work.

I've worked on several HP desktops and none of them had internal speakers.

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I'm using my SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio card on my intel MOBO, it has an output jack for your headphones, and an input for your mic. I'm using my CD/RADIO to listen to the radio at work, is there a way to plug in the AUX cable into the MIC hole on the soundcard to get the radio to play through my soundcard and into my headphones? Does that make sense?

A:AUX sound output through soundcard

*bump* heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp me please.

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A while back I purchased a Creative Labs external USB sound card for my notebook.
It seems ever since I installed the drivers for the external sound card,
I am unable to receive sound through my notebook's HDMI output.
Can anyone help with this?

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Hi, does anyone know what could be causing this problem on my dads computer. He's running a 64bit windows 7. Every now and then , only for a second maybe a few more the sound will distort and sound kinda tinny. It happens every half hour or so in an irregular pattern.

He has reinstalled windows and the problem has lessened (to the degree mentioned above). This just came out of the blue a week or two ago, it's never happened before and he has no new hardware in.

Any help appreciated.

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I'm using Edirol UA3D. The sound is fine for recording with Line In but the output to my speakers is very low. When I switch to Stereo Mix and record the output to my speakers is perfect. Why can't I hear what I'm recording with Line In at a sufficient volume? Thanks and Happy New Year 2012 all of you at Tech Support Forum!

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Greetings, all.

My thanks in advance for reading through my post. Your help with this issue is very much appreciated.

Here's my problem:
I have one computer, and two places that I want the sound to come from; the input on the back of my PC Tower, and the input on the back of one of my PC monitors. My computer recognises the multiple inputs available, but it seems to only allow me to select one output source instead of two. Can I make my computer produce its sound through two inputs instead of just one? If so, how?

I look forward to reading your answers. Many thanks.

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My Mom got her PC repaired at a crappy shop. He tricked her into changing the sound card as a problem to the slow speed of the PC.
But, he installed a good one(Creative SB Live! series)
(He Didn't gave her the box of the same)

Now, The problem is that it is giving out extremely low output.
I have checked the system sound control. But i cant find Why the hell it is giving such a low output.

I installed the latest drivers by Driver_Easy(Because i couldn't find the drivers at the site).

Help please.
[Attached is the description of my sound card. ]

A:Sound Card low Output

Going by the DevID in that screen shot it is the Dell version of the Live 5.1, which doesn't work with the regular Live drivers. For that card (at least on XP) you need the one here,

Creative Worldwide Support > Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 Digital (Dell)

Click on the Driver link to show them all and the one you want is,

(Dell) Driver Install Pack 2 – 10 Languages
File Name : SBL5DL_DRVPACK_LB.exe

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Hi all.

I am using Nvidia HDA as my sound system with my screens, recently the new patch (March 1st) for windows solved my screens from blacking out, however, when I switch on, the sound changes to the other screen. (Seems to be once every day)

I have found a workaround which is keep everything enabled and it should set itself to default.

Still annoying however, I disable everything else that I am not using, to prevent conflicts.

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I recently got a mic and when i play games and try and talk to my friends from teamspeak all the noise from the game comes through the mic really loudly so they can't hear me and its just noise from the game. This happens even when i turn my speakers and headphones totally off and put volumes to lowest. The only thing i can do to fix it is turn the volume off totally off in the game, but then i can't hear anything, even if its on very slightly it comes through to my friends computer like a fog horn.

I use AC'97 OnBoard audio anyone know how to fix this problem i tried everything i have the latest drivers and set everything to mute except wave sound main volume and mic and the problem persists. I set all the drop down tabs to microphone and headset but this doesn't make a difference.

please help


A:Problem with sound output.

I tried everything and i don't know what to do, this is really important please help

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This may seem like a vary basic question as it is, but it's kinda annoying and I really don't have a solution.

I have two really nice speakers, but the way my computer is set up, any way I try my left speaker ends up on the right side of my room and my right speaker ends up on the left side, and it impossible for me to switch it.

So I would like to know if there is an adapter, or maybe even a software which will reverse the sound coming out of each speaker?


A:Sound / Audio output

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For some reason, my audio output is only using the right side of either my speakers or headphones. Nothing seems to be up with my volume control, and I reinstalled my sound card driver. What could be up?

A:Sound Output problem

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I have a HP pavillion dv6 and cannot get sound to transfer via HDMI ?

I have icons for Headphones/speakers and bluetooth handsfree but no icon for HDMI how do I restore icon as i think this may be the problem ?

Any shortcuts - advise will be appreciated on my old laptop there were function keys that controlled HDMI out put surely there must be one on this system ??


A:no sound output on tv through hdmi ??

did you download and install the hdmi drivers ? is it listed in (device manager\ sound)?

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This issue is hard to explain, maybe there is a term for it, I'm not sure. When listening to mp3s through my computer (with headphones) running vista, for some reason the computer tries to make up for loud parts by making the overall volume softer. It sounds really irritating listening to the volume vary every time there is a loud part to the song.

This problem seems not to happen on my XP installation, just Vista (dual-booted comp).

A:Sound output issue

It's called "Volume Leveling." As far as I know, thats not a Vista feature. Does your soundcard have its own software that could be enabling it?

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I've got a headset Phillips SBC HP250 and they aren't emitting as much sound as they should but on XP I used to be able to turn the master volume up to a level where the headphones actually vibrate my ears with the bass but on vista this is not the case is there anyway too boost the sound output of my headphones?

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I have used Magix audio cleaning lab for many years for recording sound on my PC however since upgrading to Windows 7 this program will not record sound and I have been forced to use Audacity which is much less user friendly.

After investigation I have found the problem is that Windows 7 outputs sound as WASAPI and that Magix software does not support this format.

Is it possible to chnage the sound output to MME which Magix can and does handle?

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I have a TV that is already hooked up to my PC screens output and a 5.1 surround sound receiver/system downstairs that I wish I could hook my computers normal sound output up to with the single s/pdif cord. I want to use it to watch non-dvd movies (avi, vcd).

I recently bought a Hercules Game Theatre XP and Ive come to find out that you can't really output the PCs normal wave out to the S/PDIF because an ac3 stream would have to be created. Is there anyway to create this stream and output it via the power-dvd s/pdif filter?? This could possibly be implemented in zoomplayer as it supports sound re-routing and what not.

If anyone knows any software work around of how to output PC wave to ac3 stream OR any hardware card that DOES do this....please lemme know!

thanks in advance

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Hi. I have recently purchased a Samson G-Track (GM1U) USB Microphone. I have installed it and hooked it up to my computer in order to record vocal tracks and make podcasts. However, whenever I hook it up, my regular speakers stop functioning (Likewise, when I remove it, the regular speakers work again).

I'd like to know if there is a way to have my speakers and Microphone work at the same time. Any help would be much appreciated. : ]

(Just for note, my speakers are SB Audigy LS, which is a product of Creative Technologies Ltd., in the case that this is needed in order to find a solution)

A:Sound output problem

The only thing I suggest is to plug the mic in before your computer turns on.
Basically it's just taking precedence over your sound

Note: This still may not work, but worth a go

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(Note... I had first posted this in hardware, then decided to move here.)
This seems to be my week for mysteries.

Last evening, I noticed I was not getting sound from my speakers... nothing... systems sounds, MP3's, etc. I checked the obvious things like volume control, mute, etc. All good.

This morning, after a reboot, same thing.

If I play something and crank the volume WAY up, I can faintly hear it.

I've checked everything I know to, but feel I'm missing something. This change happened abruptly with no other changes. I would think that if the sound card went south, I would hear absolutely nothing. This is like a level setting thing... that I can't find.

Ideas appreciated.

A:Solved: Sound Output Way Down... Nearly Off


I did a complete power down / power up and all is well now.

Must have been some sort of reset.

Wish I had a more technical answer than that.

Oh, well...

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I've got a problem here. I recently got a new graphics card (gtx 650 ti), but after installing it my sound went dead on reboot. Since then I've reinstalled the realtek hd driver, uninstalled the nvidia drivers, and even uninstalled both to use the windows generic drivers. Still no sound.

After that I had restored my system to a time the sound was working, and there was STILL no sound. I've spent a full day trying to solve this. I'm at a complete loss at what could be causing this problem and would really appreciate some help with this.

System specs:

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1

Intel Core i5 3450 @ 3.10GHz
Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology

16.0 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 673MHz (9-9-9-24)

ASRock Z77 Extreme3 (CPUSocket)

Acer X193W ([email protected])
Intel HD Graphics
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti

Hard Drives
932GB Western Digital WDC WD10EADS-22M2B0 ATA Device (SATA)

Optical Drives

Realtek High Definition Audio

A:No sound output on Windows 7 x64

Hi triwa,

If you right click on your sound icon in the tray icon area (bottom right hand side) and click Playback devices, what devices can you see in there.

I'm assuming of course you're using Win7/8.

If you've reinstalled the drivers without error as you said, you should have some working devices in there...


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