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Having Trouble Adjusting Screen Image

Q: Having Trouble Adjusting Screen Image

I am having trouble adjusting the screen display. For example, on this screen where it says Home Podcast or Forum Rules, the lines are squeezed together so the lines overlap each other. Can someone help me adjust the screen display so I get a more realistic image? It is an adjustment issue but I do not know what to adjust or how to adjust the image.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Here are the screen image details and monitor info's.

General Information :
Product ID : ACR024E
Model : V213HL
Serial Number : LSJ0D0018513
Manufacture : Week 5of2012
Video Input Type : Analogic
Max. Horiz./Vert. Size : 48 cm / 29 cm
Monitor Size : 22.1 inches (estimated)
Aspect Ratio : 16:9
Gamma Factor : 2.2
DPMS Active-Off : No
DPMS Suspend : Yes
DPMS Standby : Yes
EDID Version : 1.3

Features :
Maximum Resolution : 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz
Horizontal frame rate : 31 - 83 kHz
Vertical frame rate : 56 - 76 Hz
Bandwidth : 170 MHz

Preferred Solution: Having Trouble Adjusting Screen Image

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Having Trouble Adjusting Screen Image

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I have had my laptop for nearly half a year now and I just recently found an HDMI cable in an old junk box that can be connected from my widescreen Samsung DLP to my Laptop. The problem is that when I set my TV to be the main display the task bar does not fit on screen and I can barely see it. Another problem is when I play my games or watch videos they also appear to be bigger then what my screen is. I cant even see the exit or minus button when I make my windows/browsers in full screen. I have tried changing the screen resolution, but that doesn't work either. I then thought it might be my TV but it does not give my the option to change its aspect ratio.

I there solution to my little problem? Like a download or a program that is naturally in the computer that can adjust the aspect ratio (not resolution) manually for extended displays? And the resolution is on its recommended settings by the way.

A:I need help with adjusting my screen.

What is the graphics card on your laptop? Both AMD and nVidia cards have overscan options in their software which should give you the capability to adjust your display size manually until it fits. Also check that you're outputting the correct resolution for your TV.

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I have a HP laptop. Its screen it very bright. I want to dim the screen brightness. The keyboard keys doesnt help much it and i cant figure anything in settings section. Kindly help me with it.

A:Adjusting screen brightness

Hello Saniahasni Please tell us the full model number of your laptop and the operating system used. HP Notebook PCs - How Do I Find My Model Number

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Hi! My Lenovo Yoga 710 14-IKB is now stuck on medium brightness and I canīt change it. I have tried to disable and enable generic PhP drivers and rebooting. Brightness adjusting was working fine 3 hours ago but now when I booted up my laptop, it wasnīt working.

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well when my laptop is plugged in it shows maxiumum brightness, but when its not plugged in it become brighter, yet brightness setting shows in the middle, for not plugged in, how can i get the plugged in brightness to equal unplugged brightness, and I have tried changing power settings.

A:Screen Brightness adjusting help

First of all, please specify maker and model of your laptop. Some vendors could have their own third party replacements for some functions.

Also, please go to Control Panel - Power Options - on the right side of your current active power plan select "Change plan settings" - in the next window click "Change ADVANCED power settings" - then navigate to - Display - Display brightness and check percentage.

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How can I change my default resolution on my monitor so it doesn't everyday

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I installed 8 on my wife's laptop, she plays several games through FB, She has to lower the screen size to 75% to play Words w Friends. There is no place to do this when FB has been pinned to the Start. Any suggestions.

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Until recently, I was always able to adjust my monitor's screen resolution. Now whenever I try to adjust it to 2048 by 1536 pixels (the most resolution), I get an error message that says:


HF: 95.4 kHz
VF: 60.0 Hz


HF: 30-70 kHz
VF: 50-160 Hz

What does all this mean? Why can't I do something simple like set my screen resolution?

Help would be appreciated... thanks.

A:Adjusting screen resolution

That's a pretty high resolution. Sometimes resolutions are listed that a monitor doesn't support. Where you able to set it there before?

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Hello! I have been having trouble with the brighntess not adjusting on my Lenovo Yoga 920-13IKB.I initially tried all the methods suggested on the lenovo support website with no luck.I then went to best buy (which is where i purchased the computer) and was told there was nothing they could do because it was a hardware issue since i had already tried everything on the support site. The gentleman kindly gave me the lenovo customer service number and so i called the next day.The first call went smoothly, the gentleman updated my driver and the brightness worked. Unfortunately that only lasted 2 days so i gave lenovo another call. The second gentleman kindly uninstalled and reinstalled my driver (as stated in the support website, which i had already done) and so the brightness worked.. AGAIN for only 2 days.i proceed to call a third time, but this time the customer service representative, rudely raised her voice at me over the phone. She wanted to access my computer to update my drivers AGAIN and i mentioned i had previously called twice and on both occassions they did the exact same thing with she wanted to do. She then gave me a very smart-mouthed answer basically telling me to ship in my computer so that they can fix it. i kindly asked if i would be able to ship it at a later date because i needed it for school. She then rudely answered me that i  then needed to call back when i was ready to ship my computer and ended my call. I was very displeased with the way ... Read more

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I purchased a new computer the other day and it is running Windows 10 Home. One thing that's annoying me is that when I adjust the screen brightness through Control Panel it keeps getting undone. I don't want to squint when I look at my screen. I keep having to increase the brightness all the time. How can I set the brightness and have it stick? Thanks.

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I decreased the brightness of my screen by pressing fn and the down arrow there are no more bars showing. when visiting some websites i feel some type of brightness sensation in my eyes. are there any updates for this type of software for brightness and light

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AOC 2353 monitor, on windows 7 has a recommended resolution of 1920 by 1080

when it is set here I notice even the desktop boots up quick and efficient. opposed to when it is set at 1600 by 900. which is best on the eyes.

problem with 1920 by 1080 is that the folders and print are far too minute to see.

this is with Intel onboard video, from the processor.

is there a way to expand the text and folders? browsers can be zoomed

would having a video card help?

A:adjusting screen resolution - AOC monitor

If you go into the advanced display settings, you can increase the size of items and fonts and can "bold" the text.
I've got bad eyes, so I do this every time I set up one of my computers after I install the Windows operating system.

The native resolution for my 27" monitors is 1920 X 1080.
This is an example of what my desktop looks like after changing the display settings.
As you can see, the icons and text are noticeably larger and bolder than they would be from using the default settings.
(click image to enlarge and view it)


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After upgrading the OS to windows 10, the fn keys (f9 and f10) for adjusting the screen brightness are not working. I have already updated the driver of the keyboard to the latest version and there is no problem in ajusting the screen brightness in the display setting panel. Please help.

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I was adjusting my battery settings on my laptop and now my screen has gone much darker. I cant seem to locate a brightness adjustment in the control panel. Can anyone make a suggestion? The laptop is a lennovo ibm thinkpad.

A:Solved: adjusting screen brightness

actually, i think i just figured it out. I had changed the setting to maximum battery life. Just switched it back to maximum performance and issue went away

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So I bought a new netbook for work travel recently and loaded a program that I need to use. Program runs fine and all, however the prescribed screen resolution for the program is 1024x768 and the netbook (with Windows 7 HE and an Intel GMA 3150) doesn't seem to want to go past 1024x600. Does anyone perhaps have a thought or a way to get 7 to display more here? I don't mind if I even just need to scroll around to get to all the material, but right now its just cutting off part of the program making it impossible to work on some of it.

A:Adjusting Netbook Screen Resolution

Hi Orion3,

While your 1024x768 program is a standard 4:3 aspect ratio, 1024x600 is a widescreen aspect ratio (16:9) as many netbooks have. I'm pretty sure that if 600 is the maximum pixel height it can display but you still need to match the 4:3 aspect ratio program, then you'll have to go down to 800x600 rather than up. Try that and let me know how it works.


Windows Outreach Team

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I'm unable to adjust the screen brightness on my Yoga 920.  It's stuck.  The F11 and F12 keys do nothing. I have updated the BIOS.  I have reinstalled the driver.  When I do so, it fixes the problem ... until the next time the laptop goes to sleep or shuts down.  Then, when it comes back on, the brightness is stuck at wherever it was before. If I then reinstall the driver *again*, it fixes the problem ... until the next sleep/shutdown, when the problem reappears. A Lenovo support agent told me the only thing to do is a hard reset on the machine, restoring it to factory condition.  Obviously I'd rather not deal with that hassle if there's a less destructive way to fix the problem. Ideas?  Suggestions? 

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Hey guys,
I've been looking for a program to adjust my screen resolution. I'm connecting my computer to a TV, unfortunately either my graphics card or the TV suck. I used to have a program with which I was able to set my custom screen resolution. Does anyone know of such a program?

Thanks in advance!

A:Program for adjusting screen resolution

try this one


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I decreased the brightness of my screen by pressing fn and the down arrow there are no more bars showing. when visiting some websites i feel some type of brightness sensation in my eyes. are there any updates for this type of software for brightness and light
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:V570 - screen still bright after adjusting the bar...

I've updated your post with the V570 model number based on your prior forum postings.  I assume that the V570 is the model you are referring to in this post?
As for your issue I have one suggestion.... have you tried disabling the Adaptive Brightness setting in Windows if available?  Here is a link that explains how.....

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Hey Friends,
I have Samsung Sync 15000:1 19' inch LCD Monitor with Native Resolution of 1600x900 & Windows 7 is installed in my PC.
Last time i was playing GTA & Suddenly PC Switched off Automatically due to Power cut.
After that i started PC & saw that 1600x900 Resolution is going out of screen.... & i cant even Adjust it through Monitor Buttons!!!
I Tried System Restore but even that didnt Helped
I changed Graphic Card of NVidea 9400GT to GeForce 7025 & yet 1600x900 is going out of screen
& now only 1280x1024 Resolution can be adjusted to see everything Properly........ But its not as sharp as 1600x900 was
i want that back!!! Can anyone tell me Solution?????
Even Re Installing Graphic Drivers Didn't Help me!!

A:Problem in Adjusting Screen Resolution

Do you have the latest drivers for your monitor installed?

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Hi everyone!
I have a problem when i start using Win7 and adjust my screen resolution...
when i adjust the resolution to 1206x682 or higher, the whole windows become larger and eventually become larger than my screen. So i can see only part of my taskbar. However, this will not happen when i use XP.
Is this normal?
At this time i can't use any video editing software as they require 1024x768 or higher resolution, what should i do?
Sorry for my poor English. I am still an English learner.

when i set to a higher resolution in XP, the icons are smaller and the size of the windows doesnt change. But when i do this in 7, the size of icons doesnt change but the whole windows become larger.
In 1820x720: (im using a Chinese Win7)

but in 1206x682:

A:Problem when adjusting screen resolution

Hi Son, welcome to the forums Hereis a link to the drivers for you're video card NVIDIA DRIVERS 257.21 WHQL if you post a little more info on you're system we may be able to help you further

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My eyes are getting pretty old but I spend a lot of time on the computer. I am having trouble seeing the small fonts on my mail, facebook etc. When I go to make it bigger by right clicking on my desktop, selecting personalize, display settings... but every setting I use distorts the picture. What is a good setting for people who need a little bit bigger writing? Or is there a better way?

A:Adjusting screen setting for poor eyes

Hey, welcome, try this. press control key and press the plus key til you see the size you want, when done, press control key and the 0 key to put back at your original setting . Post back if this works for you.

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Hi everyone, I have a pretty weird tech problem.

What happens is, whenever I adjust my monitor's brightness (from its physical buttons) the screen turns black. However the monitor is still on, the LED is still green and the computer is still responsive, the screen just turns black.

I can use the computer just fine, as long as I don't try to adjust anything. If I do want to change something, I have to change the values a little, then restart, change them again, restart until I have the values I want. This problem appeared when I tried to adjust the brightness by keeping the + button pressed down, so it increased quickly.

Is this indicative of a dying monitor ? It is pretty old, it's an LG L1750SQ, 17 inch LCD, it's over 4 years old. Also, I do not believe the video card to the problem, since it stays pretty cool, it has a good heatsink on it.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+, x86 Family 15 Model 47 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 3071 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT , 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 30521 MB, Free - 4273 MB; D: Total - 61043 MB, Free - 37894 MB; F: Total - 61051 MB, Free - 27826 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., A8R-MVP, Rev 1.xx, MB-1234567890
Antivirus: COMODO Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

EDIT: Now it's happening even without adjusting anything. I'll ... Read more

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On 31st Jan 2019 the screen driver was automatically updated. Since then, i can no longer adjust the screen brightness. Any suggestions? 

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my aspire v3-572-746F stopped adjusting screen brightness after i upgraded to windows 10 from 8.1, i ve tried the update driver option to basic display adapter, it didnt work. i ve also tried changing monitor from non-PnP to PnP monitor, yet it didnt work, please i need help to correct this issue, cos my screen brightness just remained at highest, it will not be adjusted and this drains my battery faster than ever before. i will be grateful for any help i'ld get.

A:my aspire v3-572-746F stopped adjusting screen bri...

Have you installed Acer Quick Access?http://global-download.acer.com/GDFiles/Application/Quick%20Access/Quick%20Access_Acer_2.00.3006_W10...

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Dear people i am in trouble!

I just installed windows XP Professional on my compaq p.c, However when i went into right click Properties and went into screen adjusting it crashed and came up on my computer screen no signal! and as i try and restart it its fine then before i come onto my desktop it goes black and says no signal!!
I dont know what the problem is or what to do?, can anyone help?

A:XP Professional Crashed after adjusting screen settings in property

Press and release F8 continually as soon as you power up the PC, this will get you to a menu, select 'Enable VGA mode' and press Enter.

Once at the desktop change the Display settings back to ones that worked before then reboot normally and you should be ok.

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Hello guys, I am not seeing the 'screen brightness' adjustment on this pc though? Normally it would be at the bottom of the Power Plan window. Pressing the FN key and using the up and down arrows or f4 or f5 keys doesn't do it either, help?

A:Dell Inspiron 15 N5040 Adjusting screen brightness?

mikehende,Reinstall the video card drivers. You may also want to install the chipset drivers first, reboot the machine and then reinstall the video card drivers.

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I have to put together a document (text and images) which I have to keep to a maximum total size of 2mb.

I will be sending the final document by email. It will then be printed in A4.

I have been sent two 'advertisments' to include (1mb and 2mb sized ad's)in the document. Each advert contains lots of text, graphics and pics. The 2mb advert is 2241 x 3245 pixels. Resolution is 72,000.

When I compress them using MS picture manager, I can get the size down to about 350kb from its original 2 mb, but as you can imagine, the quality is really bad. Especially as the document is printed out in A4 (the advert takes up one whole A4 page)

What is the best way to compress the images without losing quality. I have access to PSP 7.

Help would be appreciate.

Many thanks

A:trouble compressing an image

well, a picture of such hi resolution cannot maintain high quality and be compressed to something so small.

.Jpg is the best way to do this, maybe a 300x600 using photoshop. Quality set to under 5

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I just tried again to restore one of my other computer from an image
I had created last month. Since I use this computer to experiment and
try new thing, I end up having to install Windows again.
And once again I could not get my image to work. I have tried many
restore programs including Windows and could not get it to work
to save my life.
Could someone point me to a guide or app. that is idiot proof that
I could use.

A:Trouble Restoring From Image

I've been using Acronis True image for years and years and have never had a image not load on a good HDD.

But then I always make and restore the images from a Boot USB thumb drive loaded with Mustang PE and the Acronis image program.

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Recently, when I try to open image links in Firefox, I get the "The image [image name] cannot be displayed because it has errors" message.

I've done some lurking on the internetz and found that several people have identified the problem, but there are no easy guides for fixing it. I was hoping someone could help me. Thanx in advance

Note: I've already tries installing the latest version of Firefox 2 ;/

A:Firefox image trouble

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I have a system image on a usb drive
I need to use this to overwrite a vista install that won't work.
Using the recovery environment, and choosing complete PC restore - it doesn't give me the option to navigate to the usb drive and choose the image
Using command prompt, I can navigate to the usb drive and list the contents
Any ideas ?

A:Having Trouble Restoring Image

While waiting for further suggestions, please post the computer model next time. In Windows System Recovery Options, did you choose System Image Recovery?

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Hi guys,

Picked up a copy of windows 7 from my university today and have to return the disc to the college. I'm trying to make a copy of the disc so if anything happens in the future I'll have the disc and be able to reinstall. Problem is my computer only has one DVD drive.

Normally when making a copy of a disc I create an iso image with magiciso then burn that iso image to a disc. I'm attempting to do that right now with my windows 7 disc and everything seemed fine creating the iso image until it got to 62%, which is where progress has stayed for the past half hour, at 62%. Seems some people have been having issues with the install stick at 62%, but I'm not trying to install yet, just make an iso image.

So my questions are do you think whatever issue people are having with the windows 7 install at 62% could be causing my problem with the iso image? Secondly how can I get past this?

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Trouble making an iso image

Give ImgBurn a try. It's what I use and I find it very versatile and forgiving.

Please do not use this software to make illegal copies of copyrighted discs.

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I just opened a brand-new Transcend 1-TB External Hard Drive; I have had two identical drives for a couple years.

Properties says this drive is formatted NTSF

When I go to Control Panel and click all the necessary boxes to create a system image on this hard-drive, I get this alert:

What am I doing wrong ?

Surely there is enough space in a brand-new 1-TB drive to hold the entire contents of a 500-GB computer and this particular computer is as virgin as it gets.

Thank you for reading.

A:Trouble With System Image

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Each time I try to open HP Image Zone I get this code "An outgoing call cannot be made since the application is dispatching an input-sychronous call"
2002 Microsoft Windows XP

A:Help me I'm having trouble with HP Image Zone

Have you tried to remove and re-install HPIZ yet ??
What do you need HPIZ for ??

And Welcome to the TSG forum.

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I have a system image on a usb drive

I need to use this to overwrite a vista install that won't work.

Using the recovery environment, and choosing complete PC restore - it doesn't give me the option to navigate to the usb drive and choose the image

Using command prompt, I can navigate to the usb drive and list the contents

Any ideas ?

A:Having Trouble Restoring Image

Hi make and model of the PC, and are you trying to run recovery from inside windows with some makers software.Do you have the option of a recovery drive that you can boot from.

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Im having troubles trying to enlarge images of ikea products on Ikea website. A friend of mine was able to click on images to enlarge. When I tried it, its blank no picture. I tried IE, Netscape, etc, still the same. English is my second language, if you are not sure what I mean. Here's the picture. First screenshot is what it looks like on my computer and second screenshot is what it looks like on my friend's computer, it works fine for her. Anybody knows how to fix it ?

A:trouble with image viewing

It could be something in your firewall blocking the images. This can sometimes happen when the firewall incorporates an ad-blocking, banner blocking or pop-up blocking feature. If your firewall does have this, try disabling it to see if it helps. If so, try setting it a little less strictly.

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I have a system image on a usb drive

I need to use this to overwrite a vista install that won't work.

Using the recovery environment, and choosing complete PC restore - it doesn't give me the option to navigate to the usb drive and choose the image

Using command prompt, I can navigate to the usb drive and list the contents

Any ideas ?

A:Solved: Having Trouble Restoring Image

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I've attempted to write an image to a disc using Alcohol 120% and a .iso file. The original file was an iso.exe and I renamed it .iso using rename. I've burned the image twice now and my computer has been unable to run either cd. I can hear it starting to run, but then the sound fades. I can also see the red light on the drive for about 2 seconds, then it returns to green. I'm new to this and have been reading up on the subject (.iso) at different forums. Did I rename the file incorrectly or is there a particular setting I should use on Alcohol 120%? I'm sick of wasting CD-R discs and more sick of wasting time! Oh, and I've also tried using Clone CD with no success. Thanks.

A:Trouble with image writing software

Give it a name not just an extension, eg., XXXX.iso.

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Hello everyone,

So I start with what I want to achieve is to make windows 7 with programs, configurations, custom wallpaper saved to an image file and then backed up on other PC. Sorry for not perfect English .

This is what I do:
Lets say we have two different PC's[PC1 and PC2](hardware totally different)
PC1 After preparing all my windows 7 (installing programs, configuring them, installing updates, activating programs and so on) I make my drive C:\ total image back up to external hard drive.
PC2 I Boot up windows 7 recovery startup and choose restore from image and then I put in external hard drive with usb and make it restored on my other computer. Everything looks fine, it finishes with no errors and then system restarts. When windows are finishing to show "Windows starting" screen, computer restarts instantly.
Then system autimatically suggests me to repair it, so ok then auto repairs are scaning and guess what it can't repair, because it finds some kind of problem with drivers, could be that they are incompatible with my new PC.

The question is how to make this work, how to fix issue that old PC's drivers are being loaded, maybe I am able to turn it off so default drivers are being loaded?
The reason why I want to make this work cause I want to use it for multiple computers.

Simple summary:
PC1 Windows Image backed up to external HDD
PC2 Windows Image restored from external HDD
PC2 Windows can't start because of driver error

Any ideas?

A:Having trouble restoring windows image on other pc

Welcome to the forum,

You need to do something like this,

Windows 7 Installation - Transfer to a New Computer

Although you say you want to use that on several computers, you will need a separate license for each install.

There will be someone along shortly to help you with this more than I can.

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I understand that when saving the image to a network that the machine has to be Wins 7

I've tried saving it to a 64G iPod, get a msg requesting I name the external storage as.. ...yada yada

Is there something I'm missing here


A:Trouble creating system image

The lower versions of Windows 7 cannot save to a network location. Professional is the lowest version the feature is available in.

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I am photographer and have had some trouble uploading my images to client proofing sites this past month. On my desktop (Gateway PC 64 Bit Vista) I do all my normal image editing in CS2 and then do some resizing using BreezeBrowser and all is fine. When I try to upload to my proofing site (BluDomain) some of the images come out as black boxes. I tried working with their tech people to see if something was happening on their end but they said when I just tried to email an image to the rep, it came out as a black box. On my control panel of my proofing site it says it is 0 KB and 32x48 (aprox) size image which is not what is was when I uploaded it. So after removing and then reinstalling my software CS2 and BreezeBrowser software, it still did the same thing. Now if I just do all my image processing and do not up load the proofs onto the site on my desktop but just transfer them to my flash drive and then upload them from my laptop there are no problems what so ever. So something is happening when I upload the images from my desk top. Maybe something is corrupting them? I have run my security software many times but it found nothing (Trend Micro). Please help!

A:Trouble with digital image uploads

Can you be more specific about the uploads? Are you putting the images in a folder and uploading directly from the folder or using software?

If you resize the photos in Photoshop and never take them through ZoomBrowser do you have the same problem?

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I'm trying to create an image, for backup purposes, of my Toshiba laptop, W10 OS, using the built in backup utility. I'm using a 1 TB external hard drive. When I try to create the image onto the external drive the 'proceed' button in the dialogue box is greyed out and therefore not clickable. The external drive has been fully formatted and IS being recognized. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

A:Trouble Creating Image of my PC Using External HDD

Originally Posted by Mr Ed

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Macrium Reflect Free has proven to be much more reliable and has more features than Windows built-in imaging. That's what most of us here use and recommend:
Macrium Reflect Free

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hello and thanks to everyone in advance for all your help,

is it possible to transfer files from a game DVD to a memory USB drive and then transfer those files to a laptop that has no DVD drive and play the game?

here's the situation,
i have a PC that i play these games on and i bought a laptop that has no optical drive,just USB ports. so how can i play the games on my laptop?

I've searched online for ways to transfer the files from the disk but have yet to discover a solution that works i did come across several posts on creating a ISO image of the game but I'm not sure what to do with the ISO image after i create it.

i don't know if it has any bearing on my question to you and the answer you give but the laptop is running windows 10 and the PC is windows 7

thanks again to everybody

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I've created a Windows 7 master image and I use that to deploy 7 to customers PCs.   Now I'm working on creating a Windows 8.1 master image but I'm having trouble.   These are the steps I used to create it:

I used the Microsoft Media Creation tool to create a usb installation thumb drive.   I start installing Windows 8.1 and boot into Audit Mode and update / do my customizations.   I capture the hard drive image to a network location.   Then, I
try copying my install.wim file to the thumb drive.   The thumb drive is using an install.esd.   The thumb drive is FAT32.   If I make it NTFS, because the PC has secure boot setup, it fails to boot off the thumb drive.   Being FAT32, I'm
limited to files under a certain size.   My image file is around 6GB in size so I use dism to split it.    I delete the install.esd file off the thumb drive and replace it with install.swm and I copy install2.swm over as well (to the source
directory).  Everything seems to be working fine until I go to install.

I boot off the thumb drive and make it to the install screen.   I click Install and it asks for a product key instead of pulling it from the BIOS like it did when I was using the install.esd file from the Microsoft Media Creation tool.   I have tried
converting my wim file to an ESD and then using dism to split it but the setup program doesn't seem to like it and complains about missing files.

... Read more

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I mashed these 3 images together in Photoshop but when I uploaded them, they became blurry and of poor quality.

Before -

After -

Any way to fix this?

A:Having trouble uploading a cover image to Facebook

What's the resolution of the image?

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I have 3 image-viewing apps. One is MS Picture Viewer, which I do NOT want to use.
Another is Irfanview, but the one I want to use as a default, *most* of the time, is Firegraphics.

However. Even though Firegraphics is listed in Folder Options/File View as the default, and even though the icons of jpegs and gifs are that of Firegraphic, if I have to use Irfanview on occasion, I cannot go back to using Firegraphics as default. Why? MS
Picture Viewer grabs it all and I cannot find a way to re-set the default back to Firegraphics.

I know that I can "open with" Firegraphics, but it is a royal pain to have to do that, as I usually forget and click on the icon and then get MS.

What are the other ways I can make any image viewer program the default and stay that way, even if I use another on occasion, besides going to Folder Options/File Viewer?

Thank You,

A:Trouble Setting Default Image Viewer

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I was wandering if you could help me out with a problem. When I was imaging the loading bars in my theme I came across a problem. See in the picture provided, my slider has these nasty black lines around it. It doesn't show it on photoshop though.
Any reason why?

A:Trouble with Intermediate Progress bar (Black Border around image)

Put the images from (below) in a zip folder and post it here, I will look at them.

Buttons, Boxes & Controls > Progress Bars > Indeterminate > MoveOverlay

Buttons, Boxes & Controls > Progress Bars > Normal > PulseOverlay

Buttons, Boxes & Controls > Progress Bars > Normal > MoveOverlay


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