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Help recovering files... recovering relocation?

Q: Help recovering files... recovering relocation?

Hi. I am in the process of trying to recover files. My whole D drive (the 78,148MB - see jpg attached) says it needs to be reformatted and so all the files are gone. I download a recovery program (thanks to suggested from this forum -tks!) and it shows that the files are on my computer. Now I guess I have to have somewhere to put all the files when I recover them.

I am picturing I just need to purchase a 100MB removable hard drive. Then I will just have to plug it in via USB and then transfer using the recovery program. Kind of just like when I transfer music to my mp3 player. Obviously my level of computer knowledge is NOVICE. Is that all I will need to do?


Preferred Solution: Help recovering files... recovering relocation?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Help recovering files... recovering relocation?

what is your question? if you want best way to do it i figure a external harddrive and an os that works should do. if the windows that you have installed is not working. you can try knoppix a linux that boots from a cd

and resize your pictures

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I am facing two different complications with external usb's

Problem 1: Hardware (?)
This usb IS recognized and mounts - however, the files on it are damaged - possibly because of hardware erosion...
I think ddrescue and safecopy are supposed to be good programs for this type of failure, but I do not know how to use them

Problem 2: Software (?)
This usb is recognized in the device manager, but not in the My Computer (so it doesn't mount). I think I can reformat the usb to make it functional again, but before I do that, I want to recover whatever files are on the drives

Any guide on how i can resolve these two issues?

A:Recovering files from a damaged drive and recovering files from an unrecognized driv

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I did something stupid and did a full system restore,I tried to undo restore and it didnt have a time that would take me back further enough to undo what i did, I tried to download free software to recover my files but I couldnt recover until I paid and I cant afford to right now,I called tech support at hp ( i have a hp pavilion) but they did pretty much what i tried to do on my own, I dont know what to do, i cant remember the name of all the files, but most of my music is gone and alot of my pictures, I can find my mother and sisters things but mine (administrative) is gone, please tell me theres a way to get my things back, it runs on windows xp.

A:recovering files

when u do system restore, your hard drive get wiped clean in most cases, unless you done through a regular XP disc.
i you used the restore disk that came with your system. then you data is lost & most had drive recovery requires lots of work & results are not guaranteed.
so i would say you data is lost. hard luck this time. be careful next time please as some things can not be undone.

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I accidentally killdisk'd my EHD yesterday, I managed to stop it before it deleted anything. But the pc doesn't read my EHD anymore, I tried it on other pc's and it still wont read it. I can't access it even from cmd. Please tell me there is still a chance to recover my files

A:Need help on recovering files from EHD

update: my friend got it to run on the device management, and it showed up as Unallocated, then he tried to create an extended partition, and told me that all the files was already removed. is there really no chance at all?

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My computer died about a week ago.

some investigation fo the problem, aided by the windows ultimate boot CD led me to believe that the partition table had been damaged or become corrupt due to a head crash. after using PC inspector file recovery to scan for logical drives, i found my old (logical) drive.
A brief inspection of the files confirmed that this was the old drive, and filled with joy i clicked on the documents and settings subfolder to extract my personal files.

only to recieve a blank folder.

I dont think that the entire documents and settings folder has been wiped, as this would be impossible condsidering its size, im looking for advice regarding a tool that might be better suited to recovering files, or even just restoring the partition table enough for me to get my files off.

one constraint, i cant put the drive in slave mode as i do not have the components neccessary to do so, any programs i use need to be bootable.

i dont need nor want to format as i already have a new drive to put in.

i desperately need help. most of my threads seem to sink under the swell of new threads but i shall not allow this one to

A:Need help recovering files

an update, ive set PC inspector file recovery to scan all sectors for lost files, this might solve the problem, let me know if it feasably could

update of the update: the scan initially indicated it woudl take 2 years to complete, it is now at 3 months till completion and dropping fast...

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I had to do a system recovery and I chose the option to save all files but when I went to run the computer again everything was gone. Is there any way to get my old files back?

A:Recovering Old Files

if you selected an option to save your files they should still be there other than that unless you try a system restore wich might work it might not then i dont know soz

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i deleted a file right now that i need to recover. i know the path and i typed it into cmd like this:
recover c:\blah blah\file i need, and it said cannot lock the drive, volume is still in use. if anyone's got any tips they would be appreciated.

if it bugs just say it's a glitch in teh matrix

A:recovering files using cmd

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I had to use the recovery console to try and repair windows because computer crashed. It wouldn't let me repair it because i had windows xp sp3 installed, but it gave me an option to save it on the hard drive and created a folder called my backup. How can i restore this file. it has all my pictures on it and everything else.
windows xp home edition sp3!!! im going crazy

A:Recovering files????

Hello tabdaven,

here is a link to a program that you can use to scan your system for lost files and it will make it so you can recover them


it comes with instrction how to use it & if they are corrupt it will repair them

its all in the way you tell it what to do

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I had to format my computer recently, and I was able to retrieve many files with a program called Pandora. However, it only finds select file types i.e. .zip, .doc, .exe, .jpg, etc... and not file types I still want. They are:

.htm, .html - probably used for other programs, but I mainly want firefox files back, such as bookmarks

.rar - similar to .zip

.deh, .bex - 'dehacked' additions to playing classic doom

.pdf - adobe acrobat

.bak, .proc, .cm, .map, .script - map information for doom 3 maps

.txt - notepad

My computer info (though this seems likely to be irrelevant) is:
C521 Dell, Windows XP
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual
Core Processor 3800+
2.00 GHz, 1.00 GB of RAM
Does anyone know of any programs that can retrieve at least some of the file types I mentioned above? Thanks in advance.

A:Recovering Files

Hello mtres7 and welcome.I have heard good things about recover my files http://www.recovermyfiles.com/ sadly not free.There are some good freeware alternatives http://www.snapfiles.com/Freeware/system/fwdatarecovery.html

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I recently had a problem with my computer and had to reformat my hard drive to get my system working again. The thing is, I have two hard drives, one that I used for my program files, and one that I used to save important files. I accidently erased the wrong hard drive and deleted some very important files. Is there any way to recover these files??

I have Windows XP operating system.

I'm desperate! Please help!!

A:Recovering Files

Some well regarded freeware that has a good chance of recovering a re-formatted drive or at least some significant files:http://www.pcinspector.de/Sites/file_recov....htm?language=1http://www.recuva.com/http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDiskIn situations where free software is unsuccessful, or only partially, I've seen numerous statements that GetDataBack succeeded, however this is not free software. But the demo will determine what the program could recover for you.http://www.runtime.org/Some of the advice regarding file recovery is general, and applies to attempting recovery using any software:http://www.runtime.org/recoverability.htm

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So today I downloaded Recuva to recover some files that I had deleted and it worked. But I saw files and pictures that I have never deleted before and they were never on my computer. What are they?
Thanks in advance.

A:Recovering Files

They could be from applications that you uninstalled.

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I accidentally deleted some files, word documents, off of my usb and I really need to recover them. Does anyone know how to recover deleted files? I'm desperate for some help!

A:Recovering Files

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My Laptop is once again in the Repair Mode Loop from Hell.

I'm trying to recover some important files I hadn't backed up yet with this ISO suggested on another thread.
Use Ubuntu Live CD to Backup Files from Your Dead Windows Computer
I put it on a USB flash drive but I can't get the broken laptop to read it.

When I start the PC I click ESC which gives me the option to open with the USB stick but it then goes directly to the page that says do I want to open windows with repair? (recommended)
Or normally?
When I click either I'm taken back to the loop from hell.

My laptop is so old that I'm given "floppy disc" as an option in BIOS

A:Recovering Files

You need to change the boot order in the bios first so it boots with the USB
If your computer does not have the option to boot from a USB you will need to put
Linux or Ubuntu onto a dvd or cd and boot into that
I use Linux Mint on a USB when I'm working on other peoples computers but have needed to have it also on a cd for older computers.

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I am struggling here and need some help!!! I accidentally deleted some video files from my PC and I cannot get them back... At least, I can't get them back the way they were.

Here's the story... these video clips were taken with my built in webcam. The format they end up in is .wmv. Some of them are as long as 20min. It is conferences w/clients and I need them back desperately.

I have tried about 4 different file recovery programs (recover my files, file scavenger, data disk doctor, etc.) but I cannot seem to get them back to life. If I do get them back, I have trouble trying to play them. I normally get an error saying that "You've encountered an error message C00D10D1 while using Windows Media Player. The following information might help you troubleshoot the issue.

Codec is missing
Windows Media Player cannot play the file (or cannot play either the audio or video portion of the file) because the necessary codec is not installed on your computer.

The missing codec might be available to download from the Internet. To search for the codec, go to the WMPlugins.com Web site."

So, I am thinking my problem is 2 fold... 1) I am not getting the file recovered fully (or it is corrupt-- by the way, is it possible to fix a corrupt file? if so, how) 2) something fishy is goin on w/WMP. Oh and one other thing... if this is a "CODEC" problem... I don't have a clue which CODEC I would need to download... how in the world would I go about find... Read more

A:recovering files

What about your "Backup copy" of these files, you do have one right?
If not, you are up the creek without a paddle.

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I have a Z710.   Today I downloaded the new premium Avast antivirus and when it auto restarted after the antivirus loaded my computer would not load.. I restarted it numerous times and wouldn't load the OS.. So i finally used the onekey recovery. I did'nt know it would delete all my files.. How can I recover the files that I had. I have countless irreplaceable documents.. Please help

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windows 2000 won't boot because of a corrupt file. can i recover business files by hooking the drive up as a slave in my other system?

A:recovering files

Yes, the same thing happened to me recently, you could also reinstall win2000, or use the win2000 cd to recover the corrupt file. Do this by booting the PC with the install disk in the drive(make sure that you BIOS settings are setup to look to the CD drive before the Hard Drive)then choose the "Repair Windows installation", instead of the "Install Windows" option.

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Right now on my computer I have two SATA hard drives. One had an installation of XP on it but it got screwed over(long story involved lightning). So I installed XP on the other drive then hooked the second drive which contained all my old files. Now this worked good and fine, and I can access all the files on this drive except the folder for my user(Cocuments and Settings\Me). When I try to open this fold it says "Not Accessible, Access Denied". Also when I right click on it it shows the folder being 0 mb in size. Now I am assuming this is from Windows XP encrypting those files so I could only access them when I was logged on that user. So does anyone know if it is possible to get these files back or am I SOL. Thanks a alot.

A:Recovering Files

Shouldn't be a problem

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I have accidentally copied over several files with new files of the same name. Is it possible to recover the originals?

A:Recovering Files

not unless you backed up the previous versions

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I've lost all my emails and a lot of them were very important...grr

I realised tha my inbox.dbx had a copy, (inbox(1).dbx). I tried import and found that all email files that had a copy, would not import. (aka deletedfiles.dbx did not have a copy and it imported fine.)

So i did more googling and found the reasons was that my inbox.dbx was corrupt. More googling found me programs to use but that all cost! I'm a bit iffy about buying things over the internet and i'd much rather do it for free. (who wouldnt?)

I did find a .bak file somewhere of my inbox(1).dbx and im sure there was a inbox.bak there somewhere but i cant fnid them now. If i could i could just rename it and import it.

Does anyone have and ideas at all? I would be much appriciative of any help you could offer.

- Thankyou

A:Recovering .dbx files grr

Hi Taios. I not sure if this what you are looking for.

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So, I was using a program called IQMango to convert a DVD to an avi file, and it somehow deleted my entire desktop. I've checked the recycle bin and none of the files are there. I've used a program called Recuva to recover some of the lost files, but now none of the videos have any sound. Do you know of any way I can recover all of my files, or will they just be lost forever?

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Hi all - although I'm sure that people have fielded this question before (had a quick look via google and got millions of hits), the problem I am faced with is a little more specific, and probably a little more hopeless as well...

I'm in the final throes of writing my honours thesis, and I went back to look at one of my old chapters. When I did, I realised that something was wrong, as corrections I had made a month ago were no longer there. After a lot of yelling at my computer (made me feel a little better), I realised what I must have done. I've been saving in two places to minimise loss if a file crashes, but what it looks like I did was open one file and made all the corrections I'm now missing and save it in one place, then later I've opened up the file in the other location to make different changes and then saved this file in both places, overwriting my other changes.

Is there any way that I can access the first file from the date just before I over-wrote it? I know the date that I must have made the mistake, so if there's any way to access my computer's memory as it was at that point in time, my work should theoretically still be recoverable...if it's possible to do that.

Really hoping someone can help out with this, my email is "ohgodzines", through hotmail - if someone has a useful suggestion they can throw my way?

Thanks all...had to realise this a week before the damn thing's due, didn't I? *... Read more

A:Recovering old files

Try this one: http://www.z-a-recovery.com/unformat-tutorial.htm
It is free for up to four folder down, ie
C:\Documents and Setting\UserName\My Documents\My Documents
1,2,3,4 folders down

Also no need for email in your post, please edit it out (unless you want spam ?!)

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Hey I have a laptop that has windows xp media edition installed. I can't get it to boot in regular mode or safe mode. I was wondering if I install windows xp home onto a different partition than the media edition if I will be able to recover my documents from the partition that has the media edition installed?

A:Recovering Files

easiest way would be to run hirens boot cd, get it here: http://www.hirensbootcd.org/ and burn it to a disc.

boot to the disc by going into the bios and setting the disc drive as the first boot device or simply press whatever f key your asked to press to access the boot menu.

once loaded simply load mini windows xp to access all your files and transfer them.

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I'm trying to help someone recover files on an HP Pavillion dv9000 running Vista. From what I know, the laptop crashed a few days ago and when restarted the only option was to do a system restore. After the restore, almost all files are recovered but some are missing, namely all videos and certain documents - documents that were on the "Recent" list under the Windows menu. I did look around on the drive and couldn't find any trace of the missing files.

Any help is much appreciated.

A:Recovering Files

You could try these free recovery progs:




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My computer caught a bug last night that caused one of the .dll files to be deleted. I searched and the only option that sounded like it would work was to run a recovery of my Windows XP. I chose the option that would leave my files intact and just update the necessary windows files (forgive me for not using the technical names). It does it's thing, reinstalls, and I'm greeted with what looks to be a completely restored system. As in, none of my files are there like I was assuming they would be.

I check my hard drive space and notice that there is only 30gb left, which is roughly what it was before I recovered. I was able to locate my program installations under C:\My Backup -- 08-11-30 1136PM\Program Files, but still no sign of personal files (I've done a search as well). I had over 26GB of music, so I'm assuming that if it all was gone my disk space would be more than what it is now.

I do have a recovery drive, but I don't know what it's there for.

Thanks in advance! :)

A:Recovering Files

When you do the search, under advanced options, check search in system folders, and also check search for system and hidden files.

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I had many problems with my computer so I reformated the hd, how can I recover some of my docs? Is there a way to recover my pics and docs using windows xp.

A:Recovering Old files

Try restoration its FREE

Good Luck

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I have an old Windows XP desktop that will not boot up. I don't recall the error, but it keeps rebooting over and over. I am interested in getting some files off the hard drive. What is the easiest way?

1. Buy a IDE to USB adapter to read the old hard drives using my Windows 8.1 laptop


2. Create a bootable CD or USB drive and try and copy files from the command prompt to another USB drive?

A:Recovering files

I vote for #1 I have docking cables. They are pretty cheap. I don't know W8.1.
I'm a W7 person!!

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My computer caught a bug last night that caused one of the .dll files to be deleted. I searched and the only option that sounded like it would work was to run a recovery of my Windows XP. I chose the option that would leave my files intact and just update the necessary windows files (forgive me for not using the technical names). It does it's thing, reinstalls, and I'm greeted with what looks to be a completely restored system. As in, none of my files are there like I was assuming they would be.

I check my hard drive space and notice that there is only 30gb left -if it had wiped my harddrive of everything I had before, that number would be much, much higher! I think I'm missing something here, or don't know how to go about retrieving my files.

Thanks in advance for helping out this newbie

Edit: I just looked and there is a recovery drive. I feel pretty stupid admitting this but I have no idea what to do now!

A:Recovering Files

Download TreeSize here:
Take a look at your drives and see where the space is being used. It may show where your files have gone.

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Hi all

I deleted some files from my recycle bin. I purchased a product called 'undelete' and could see my deleted files via scan.

Then, I went to 'recover' and all my .jps and .gifs turned to 'unregsieted .und' files.

What is a und file? and can it be recovered?

Many thanks
sorry, didnt know where to post this one.

A:recovering UND files

Does the undelete software need to be purchased before you can recover the files? "Unregistered .und" sounds like you need to get a license first.

This software is free if you want to give it a try:
Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download
Glary Undelete

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A friend of mine, came to me with a cd he had burned something in 2003. The identifiers he had written simply said back media #3
He said he believed he had backed up copies of some pictures.

Upon loading the cd the only file accessible is a small re-me fill saying back. When you open this it says the files were backed up to this cd using a back program and that you will need to use the program to recover them.

Problem is can't see the files at all, don't remember what program he saved them in or with. He is pretty sure the program had the backup file built in, but given it was so long ago likely to be on a computer long gone.

Is there anyway to open, see, obtain or recover files you can see but you know are there? I swear my friends do this just to see if I can solve their problems and go bald pulling my hair out!


A:Recovering Files

Does it by chance say what the file types are?

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First of all, let me thank you for taking your time to review my question and to possibly give me a suggestion on what to do.

My situation is that I had a horrible virus and I had to reformat and reinstall my computer. The computer was windows 7, and I reinstalled windows 7.

Now, I had some very important files in my documents before the reformat and reinstall, and I would very much like to get it back.

Is there any hope for me?

Thanks again,

A:Help with recovering files

The file recovery would yield better results if you tried to recover the files after formatting, installing Windows has written over some of the previous files on the drive.

I have used testdisk, TestDisk - CGSecurity with great results, how ever it uses the command line interface.

Here is another free file recovery program
PC Inspector - kostenlose Software fr die Datenrettung von CONVAR - Die Datenretter.

Another good file recovery program, Data Recovery Software Products - Runtime Software Products
the trial will show what files are recoverable, however you will need to purchase a license to do so.

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I recently deleted a Document from my CD-RW, and am wondering if there is anyway to recover it? I haven't re-written any data on the disk after the deletion. Thanks

A:Recovering Files from a CD-RW

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Hi there Guys,
Im having a big problem with my computer.Am havin two 80GiG HDDs.
I recently formatted my HDD so as to install a new Win xp onto my computer.But i accidently deleted my other HDD too..i didnt format the other HDD just deleted the partition only.How can i recover all my mp3,txt and all my other files without having to loose any data? Is there any freeware software or any way i can recover my data?

Please Advise and thanks guys..need to get my data as i have some assignments to hand in school..

A:Need help regarding recovering files...

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So I recently deleted a couple of video files without realising that I still needed them. They were too big for the recycle bin, so windows gave me an option to "Permanently Delete" them. I really need to get these files back and can't figure out how to. Any help is appreciated.

A:Help recovering files

If it just happened you can try Recuva (free) or GetDataBack (paid)

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I have been trying to salvage anything from a floppy with a problem. After a search in the forums I found a similar problem in Windows 98/Me (Nov. 5 2003) which was solved by a member called griffinspc in which a program was used called PCInspector/file recovery. I downloaded the program and ran it with the results *attached to this message.
Now what do I do with this?? The program and website give no instructions as to what I should do with the results and I haven't a clue where to go from here! I hope that somebody can help me out here.
*I tried to attach to this message but must be doing something wrong.


A:Recovering files from a floppy

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So I'm on windows 8 and I got a virus a while back which prevents me from accessing the internet and playing online games. Windows defender detects it but won't remove it and when I tried to reset my pc it said I am missing some files, your recovery device will provide these files or something along those lines. After some research, I found out a few people have this issue and I found a solution that was to go to a website and download the missing files, but I can't do that as the virus prevents me from visiting any websites or accessing the internet. Please help!

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My younger brother accidentally deleted a important folder which contains a lot of necessary documents.He also cleaned the Recycle Bin. I tried to recover it using some software such as.

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard

I got some of the documents but the contents are half deleted inside them.
I also tried to "Recover Previous Versions" but there were no entry on that.

Please help me.

A:Recovering deleted files.

Try this: ShadowExplorer - Recover Lost Files and Folders

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ok so basically my laptop died and i lost all my files..... however on my ipod i have all my music files and photo files. is there a way that i can get them from my ipod on to my new laptop? i really dont have a clue so would really appreciate some help....
thankyou thankyou thankyou


A:Recovering files from my ipod

Unfortunately apple has made that very difficult to do and you're most likely going to need a third party app to do it. Here's a pretty lengthy article on what you will have to do, make sure you go through the user comments under it as some of those may help to.

Copying music from iPod to computer

Copy music without a helper application at the bottom of this page you'll find another method that may work (although I've never tried it)

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got a new pc the other 1 crashed,i took the old HD out,i am runnin it as a slave.i can access the hd and see what is in every one account but mine ,get and error mess access denied .i was the administor of pc.how can i get my files off.HELP

A:recovering files from another HDrive

You should be able to take ownership of the files assuming you didn't encrypt them.


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My computer recently had a BSOD crash and now goes through the "Startup-->windows is loading files-->Can't repair files automatically" loop. I was able to run a pre-boot test for the hardware and it passed. I figure it's just the OS that's corrupted, so I want to get my information extracted from it before I re install windows and put the information back on it.

I have heard of using Ubuntu to recover the files. That seems to be the route I'll be taking, but I was wondering if it recovers ALL files. Not just the popular ones (wma, mp3s, jpgs, gifs, pdfs etc) because I have some software and software specific files that I need to recover as well. I would like to recover the entire 400 gigs on my 500 gig drive, and have at least 98% of the files working like before this disaster. Is this feasible or too optimistic?

A:Question about recovering files

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My 500GB external hard drive (Hitachi DeskStar) crashed! The blue light comes on, and I can hear the hard drive spinning, then sounds like it's stuck, or clicking ...

Same thing happens to the internal HD on my iBook G4. Sometimes the internal HD works, sometimes not.

I desparately need to find someway to attempt to either fix the external 500GB HD, or recover the files. The 500GB was my main HD, and I have so much very important data that I need to recover (no backups!).

I have years of research (lots of family history), thousands of pictures (many very old), my personal journals that I've been keeping for years, personal information, letters, documents, family videos, and all of my e-mail.

Somebody was telling me that there is special software that will recognize the HD, and allow you to recover the files.

What would you recommend? At the present I have no money to do anything, but will save up for the recovery software. My uncle is getting me a new hard drive, so I'll have that to back up the files when I have the recovery software ...

A:HD Crashed - Help Recovering Files!

If you desperately need the data on there, don't touch it with anything. Contact a professional data retrieval company. Keep in mind this will cost you top dollar but if there's something there to recover they will recover it. The problem with people trying to recover data themselves is that the dying hard drive may only have a few cycles left on it before the data is no longer retrievable. I suggest you google data recovery services and good luck to you sir!!

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Hi I have been experience of how to recover files from .inp backups but first I want to show you whats inside of my backup folder which is called "20160115225719_BACKUP":

And the inside of Temp folder are:

At first, everything in my backup folder are in it and restore it from inp into my usb by using MigRestore.exe. After I restore my files from .inp into my usb and I deleted everything, next I deleted DATA.INP, DATA_0000.INP, DATA_0001.INP, DATA_0002.INP, or DATA_0003.INP and run the MigRestore.exe again and I received error that it says "error number: 3223257092" or whatever. But when I restore all DATA inp files back in the backup folder and deleted all APPS inp files and restore all DATA inp files and run the MigRestore.exe, it runs normally and I didn't receive any error. My concern is I want to know whats inside of any APPS inp files. If there are files in it then I want to know how to recover it. Because I realized that some of my personal files that I used to have are still missing or not stored in any DATA inp files.

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i need to recover some deleted files that were recently deleted. i have no idea how to recover them and would greatly appreciate any ideas or suggestions to do so, i know windows doesn't really "delete" files when they are deleted and i know there's a way to recover them, putting 2 and 2 together is the part i don't know. help me quickly please.

A:recovering deleted files

Search google for "Recovery Software" there are lots of free and paid software you can try any of them all works fine.

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i have a problem FIRSTLY i had a win 98 on my computer and then i upgraded the same to win XP..UPGRADATION went normally..But the files in MY DOCUMENTS folder are not there..(they consisted of some EXCEL ,WORD AND PPT FILES).i have made only a single user in my computer..I have tried to search through find files or folders for(*.doc,*.ppt and *.xls) but could'nt find the required files..Is there any way to recover my lost files..will uninstalling WIN XP to its original win 98 will help....
plz help me anyone there


A:recovering files of my documents

is there anyone who can help me.or am i in wrong forum

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So recently my computer was tweaking out and I decided to do a complete system recovery. I wasnt quite sure if I would lose all my files or not but I didnt really care. The thing is i have a 250GB hard drive, and its reading at about 55 Gigs right now (roughly about what I had before the recovery), which leads me to believe that all my stuff (music, videos) WEREN'T deleted. The thing is I cant seem to find any of the files?!? I ran search after seach and came up with nothing.

My point being, I have about a 100GB collection of music and I cant find it ANYWHERE?!? Where is my computer hiding this crap?!?

A:Recovering lost files


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I was wondering if there is any way to recover files once they've been deleted from Recycle Bin in Windows 7 Professional?  I accidentally (no idea how) deleted a picture file  that took me years to accumulate.

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Had a gateway One , windows vista premium , 32 bit . Totally crashed , repair shop couldn't get it going again . Bought an external drive , Dynex hard drive enclose and it work . Mostly . I am trying to recover some personal files my wife and I had , they were hidden in computer , windows and as I remember you had to click on advanced to see the files in the folder(so my niece who visits couldn't find them by accident) . When I try to open the folder , it says empty , no files , but it does have a large file space in properties . How can I get this to read?

A:Recovering files from a crash

The best method is to use Ubuntu
Use Ubuntu Live CD to Backup Files from Your Dead Windows Computer
After you are up and running, use Macrium to back up once a month. It has saved me more than once
Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download
All suggestiions are free. If you are required to pay at any point post and we will find the free version

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