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Solved: MAC Address Filtering Not Filtering

Q: Solved: MAC Address Filtering Not Filtering

I have had AT&T Uverse that came with a 2Wire 3800HGV-B Gateway for about a year now. I enabled MAC Filtering and entered all my home computer's MAC Addresses. About six months ago my brother tried to connect his work laptop to my wireless network but it would not connect until I added its MAC Address. For this past Christmas, I bought a new HP laptop running Windows 7 (64-bit). To my surprise before I had registered its MAC Address, I was able to connect to my wireless network and surf the Internet. I checked and MAC Filtering was enabled. I diabled and re-enabled. I rebooted the wireless gateway several times and still I was able to connect with this new laptop even though its MAC Address had not been registered. I removed an existing registered MAC Address and again to my surprise I was able to connect to my wireless network and surf the Internet despite its MAC Address had been removed completely or moved to the Block area. I showed this to my work Sr. Network Admin and he found nothing wrong. I have asked AT&T Support but so far no response. I doubt it is a hardware issue. I think it is the firmware. I am at the latest version of the firmware. I think I may need to re-flash the firmware. Since I do not techically own this gateway device, I am reluctant to do anything without AT&T approval. I did try contacting the gateway manufacturer 2Wire but they refuse to help me and directed me to contact AT&T. I am using WPA2-PSK with AES. Anyone have any suggestions as to why MAC Filtering would stop working? I know my neighbors and I doubt any would be knowledgeable in MAC spoofing or would even attempt it and MAC Filtering may be considered for myself as nonessential. I would be curious as to why it would stop working as intended.

Preferred Solution: Solved: MAC Address Filtering Not Filtering

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Solved: MAC Address Filtering Not Filtering

First off, MAC filtering is a needless security measure if you're running WPA2-AES. I'd simply disable it and get on with your life!

A good read: The Six Dumbest Ways to Secure A Wireless LAN

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I have a Belkin Wireless Router with modem (product = ADSL+2 modem with wireless G router F5D7632-4). I have 4 computers connected to it. 2 wirelessly and 2 hardwired.

I want to turn on MAC Address filtering as part of increasing security of the network. The router will does not appear to give the choice of what MAC Addresses are filtered - it's all or none. However one of the hardwired computers does not display a MAC address or anything else when connected to the router even though it is able to connect to the internet. When I turn on MAC filtering it is no longer able to connect. Any idea's on

a) why it's not appearing in DHCP client list or the MAC filtering page
b) what I should do about it.


A:MAC address Filtering

There should be an option to manually enter your PC's MAC addresses in to allow them to connect securely.
Try statically assigning a PC an IP address through the DHCP scope. Perhaps that might help your PC identify the PC via it's MAC address.

If not, read the user manual on your router.

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good morning everyone, i am new here and searching for some assistance,
i have a small network (fortigate 50B, server, dlink switch)
its not me who installed this network, and seems that the one who did, made mac address filtering, he blocked internet and only allowed outlook use, except some users who can use the internet normally, everything is working fine using network cables,
i added a linksys WAG320n and i disabled its DHCP, now and user that connect to it can only get outlook, no internet, and that's normal, but the issue is that users who had access to internet before, when they connect to the linksys they cant use internet and also cant use outlook, if i put back on network cable everything work fine,
can anyone help me with this issue !!!

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HII have a Toshiba laptop with windows Vista and have just bought an HP Photosmart B110 wireless scanner printer. Cannot set up the wireless connection, keep going round in circles, getting an error saying MAC address filtering is enabled and preventing the connection. I cannot find out how to get around it . Any help?????thanks

A:MAC address filtering problem

Hi:  Look at your printer documentation. There should be a setting in your wireless menu that will give you the wireless printer's MAC address. It will be a 12 character string separated by colons.  For example 0B:14:0E:23:FB:2C. Then once you have those 12 alpha-numeric characters, you log into your router's wireless configuration menu. There will be a menu tab enabled Wireless MAC Filtering. Go into that menu and add those 12 characters into the list of MAC addresses already in there and save it. Exit your router setup menu, and you should be good to go. Paul

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Filtering the address list in Pub 2000 does not seem to work. I can enter a text (word) for filtering but when I print the list the filtered items are there. My process is, e.g., select filter TAB in Filtering and Sorting, select Title under Field, select is equal to under Comparison, and enter Mister in Compare to window. Then click OK. Mister is entered in the Title area of addresses to be Filtered. But, when the addresses are printed out the Filtered addresses are printed out too. What is my problem and solution?

A:Filtering address list in Publisher 2000

moving to business apps forum

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I am trying to connect my Epson WF-3620 to a Belkin AC-1900 WiFi router. It keeps failing due to "MAC Address Filtering Check". I've checked the router, and the MAC Address Filtering is switched off, so I have no idea what the problem is and how to solve it.....

Anyone got any ideas?

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I read an article about how MAC filtering is useless because anyone can use a packet sniffer to get your MAC address and connect to the network... but how would it be possible? I thought you had to be on the network in order to be able to use packet sniffers?

Oh and I am talking about wireless here.

A:Solved: Q: MAC Filtering

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Hey gang,

I just got a new laptop and in order to connect it to my wireless home network I disabled the WEP (or WPA, I forget which) protection and enabled MAC filtering. So I added my laptop and my sisters laptop's physical addresses to the list and all is well. I did this as a friend suggested this to me. I'm wondering if this is safe or should I go back and enable some sort of encryption? Let me know, thanks in advance.

A:Solved: WAN and MAC filtering.

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i have this code which fiters a date field on a subform called e1. Using 2 textboxes (From - To) using the between procedure.

strFilter = "Date between #" & Format(Me.dateBegin, "MM/DD/YYYY") & "# AND #" & Format(Me.dateEnd, "MM/DD/YYYY") & "#"
Me.e1.Form.Filter = strFilter
Me.e1.Form.FilterOn = True

I also have a category field. Right now i have a dropdown box that you can pick te category and filter the form based on that.

Me.e1.Form.Filter = "[Category]='" & Me.Combo1401 & "'"
Me.e1.Form.FilterOn = True.

How can i combine this 2 together?? I want the date field to be filtered and then category filter be applied on top of it?

thank you

A:Solved: Filtering subform

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So when I enable MAC Filtering on my modem settings, it will block my computer even if it is in the allowed devices list.

My modem is a 2Wire modem.
Computer Using Wireless CISCO USB Adapter
While the other devices in the allowed section can connect but mine cannot.
Could it be because my computer is hiding my MAC Address?
I tried manually inputting it but no use it didn't work either.

Please help, thanks.

A:Solved: Help. MAC Filtering Problem

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got a piece of code that i use for a filter.

What I need to happen is the sheet to filter for one thing first which is AUBNE, then within that I need it to filter for everything after todays date.

AUBNE is in column O and the dates are in column T.

* * Rows("4:4").Select
* * Range("D4").Activate
* * Selection.AutoFilter
* * ActiveSheet.Range("$A$4:$AF$979").AutoFilter Field:=15, Criteria1:="AUBNE"
* * ActiveSheet.Range("$A$4:$AF$979").AutoFilter Field:=20, Criteria1:= _
* * ">6/07/2012", Operator:=xlAnd
My problem is it seems to not work correctly. It only filters for aubne, but doesn't filter for the date.

Furthermore I need the date to change each day, as in each current days date.

I've tried ">(date)" but that doesn't work.

Please help.

A:Solved: Excel filtering

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Ok, so here's my new problem. Lol. I want to use the MAC Filtering function of my router to deny all access to anything save the devices in my own home. The problem is that I must be doing something wrong because when I tried to do it it locked the computers that I said to allow access out. I'll explain.

I'm using a TP-Link 300M Wireless N Router model # TL-WR841N

So I log into the router's web based utility (which sucks when you have no connection, but I digress) and go to the Wireless MAC Filtering section.

There in that section are the following options.

Wireless MAC Filtering: Enable or Disable

Filtering Rules: Allow the stations not specified by any enabled entries in the list to access.
Deny the stations not specified by any enabled entries in the list to access.

And then it's the area where you add your MAC ID's and descriptions of the wireless station to follow the Allow or Deny rules.

So I located the MAC addresses of everything in the house, and started adding them, enable MAC Filtering for everything I added using the Allow option, and then my laptop and everything I added was booted from the connection and told they couldn't connect. Whenever I clicked on my network to connect it would just say "Can't connect to the network" and the troubleshooter would tell me to go through the usual unplug the router steps. I had to hard reboot in order to gain access to the connection again.

Am I doing something wrong? I... Read more

A:Solved: MAC Filtering questions.

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Hi friends
I am working with a macro in which will filter the values present in columns and filter it row wise.
im giving the link in which some IP's are categorized with respect to the label. I want to categorize it according to the IP addresses, a particular IP should be on the label and it will have all the earlier labelled values as its subvalues.


A:Solved: filtering columnwise instead of row

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I'm not sure the above tittle explains what I'm looking for. I have made a query based on a few tables. Now I'm going to make a report. I want to limit the Events Number value so it will appear once my report. Example: I don't want Events number 27 to be repetitious in my report.

Here is my query design view:

I hope somebody can help me on this and I wish to thank in advance. Thank you...

A:Solved: Filtering multiple value in a query

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Please help?! I have a form that users will apply a filter to and use to search for a record. Is there a way that I can put a button on the main menu that will open this form ready to be searched upon (i.e. as if the Filter by form button has been clicked). I assume a macro or code, but can't seem to fathom it.

Hope this makes sense.


A:Solved: Access Form Filtering

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I have a document with defendant names in one of the columns. When I put an autofilter on it and click the drop-down menu, it only shows me names from A-S. You can't see T-Z unless you sort it descending, then you can't see the A-C. Is there a way to fix this problem? Seems like it would be something simple but I don't seem to be able to figure it out.

A:Solved: Excel Filtering Problem

I solved my own problem! LOL Found this in the help files under a notation: "only the first 1000 unique entries in a list appear when you click the arrow." So if you want to filter more than that, you'll have to use advanced filtering. Arrgghhh.....

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I have a table that has fields called ID combo, Line1, Line2, Line3, Line4, and TotalVolume. Line1, Line2, Line3, and Line4 are generated by all possible combination method. However, the order doesn't matter so I am trying to get rid of it. These 4 lines come from the same list. For example, I have A B C D E F. I need to make all possible combination for 4 lines so it can be:

But what I don't want is, ACBD or ABDC or ADBC or any combination of those. There is a reason that this is important. Let say each letter is assigned a number A=1 B=2 C=3 D=4 E=5 F=6. So the sum of each different combination should be unique. But ACBD and ABDC will have the same sum as ABCD. Now I have created a list with all possible combination as well as the sum for each one. I am trying to remove the redundant combination like ACBD and ABDC, etc.

Since each different combination should have a unique sum, I have tried to Select Distinct of the sum, but when I add other fields to this like ID Combo or Line1 Line2, etc. I get the whole table again.

I have attached the database. See if you guys can help me. If you need more clarification, just ask me.

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I was under the impression from working with excel, that to filter by a certain number of character in this case i need 10, i type in ? 10 times (??????????)

but for some reason when i try this on Access, its says "enter a valid value" i am using 2010 version of Access i am not sure why this is the case but its a little irriating. The file i am working with is so big i can't even export it to excel, this is one of the reasons i need to filter for 10 characters on Access


A:Solved: Filtering on Access by number of Characters

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Using Excel 2013, is it possible to filter the data in a few columns (say A-D) without affecting the data in adjacent columns (say F-H)? In other words, I'd like to setup several several ranges of data across the spreadsheet and filter each one differently.

A:Solved: Excel-Filtering data in some but not all columnss

You could achieve that with sort (manually or with vba code) but you can't do it with filtering. When you filter you hide the rows you don't want to see, so your filter for columns A-D would actually hide columns across the sheet, affecting F-H and any other range.
You could use code to write the filtered data to another sheet, however, which might be a workaround.

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I would like a way to filter mp3s out of the My Recent Documents folder. Is there any way to remove their association with the folder? I enjoy the functionality of the folder, but the most recent slots are always replaced by mp3s that I have listened to and the folder becomes less than useful. Any help would be appreciated.



A:Solved: Filtering out mp3s from My Recent Documents

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I have pop up where the user chooses the dates that which to review. They click to display which takes them to a new form. The dates arrive in the new form - they are displayed as a heading, but the form is blank. What is wrong with my code - I've been struggling with this on and off for the last 10 days. When it gets too frustrating, I go and do other stuff; but now I have to get this working. This is so that they can edit the data - its a continuous form.

Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
On Error GoTo myError
'this is to only load the dates they have chosen
Me.Filter = "(cdate BETWEEN #" & mystartdate & "# AND #" & myenddate & "#)"
MsgBox ("in form_open for filter" & Me.Filter)
Me.FilterOn = True


MsgBox "Error in dates " & Err.Number & ": " & Error$
Exit Sub
End Sub

A:Solved: Filtering a form prior to display

Okay, this is so that everyone can have a wry smile at my expense - looking at my post something started to niggle. The Date that I SHOULD be checking is capdate NOT cdate. I changed and it worked - and occassionally, when testing, I got info when I just chose dates for the whole month- but couldn't explain why. This comes under the heading of "sometimes just saying the problem out loud, makes the answer obvious".

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is there a way to setup outlook express on a childs computer and only allow a controlled list of users that can send email to the childs computer. also a controlled list of users that can be sent to ?

A:Solved: filtering outlook express email

You can use the same general idea as fighting spam. Here is one thread from here. You can search TSG for more, if needed.



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Hi All,

Can anybody write for the script for filtering the current month data from an excel sheet, irrespective of the month that we open the file. i.e. once I press the button assigned to macro, I need to filter records of current month from the DATE field that contains records of all months.

A:Solved: Macro for filtering current month data

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Can anyone help please? I keep thinking that this should be simple and am I just missing something From the example attached, each group of records with the same shelfmark needs to have at least one record with an Ord Status of SV.
How do I find a group or groups with the same shelfmark (5678.000000 in this case) that doesn’t have at least one SV Ord Status against any of its records?

A:Solved: Filtering out specific groups of records on Access 2003

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So there are about 1000 computers on our Domain, Vista 700, Windows 7 300. After restart, as required by updates the computers can access resources on the network, the computer name can be resolved by DNS, but they are not pingable, cannot RDP, DameWare, or remote manage. We have found that the update has for some reason started the Base Filtering Engine Service. If we put hands on the computer we can disable Base Filtering Engine and all is well.

The number of computers effected is growing at an alarming rate, probably 100+ a day.Tomorrow is day 3.

The problem is that some of the computers are 400 miles away, we need to fix this remotely if possible.

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This is a follow up to:

I have a spreadsheet that counts the number of visits a patient has left. (Column F)

My end goal is to be able to click a macro button, and have excel send an email (outlook) to EACH therapist, with a list of their patients who have 3 or less visits remaining. As stated in previous similar threads, if the therapist has more than one patient with 3 or less visits, I would like for all of these patients to be listed in one email, along with the number of visits remaining for each.

On Worksheet 1:
Row 1 is a header
Column A is the Patient's name and
Column B is the Therapist they are assigned to.
Column F contains the number of visits remaining.
On Worksheet 2, I would like to list each Therapist in Column A and their respective email in Column B.
(If necessary, I could list the email on worksheet 1 next to each patient, but I'd rather not retype the email every time I enter a new patient.)

LOGIC PATH - - - I would like to look at Column F to determine if the value is equal to or less than 3, then filter the results of that "if-then" based on the Therapists name in Column B, then send an email (using the email table in Worksheet 2) to the therapists containing the results of the filter. This would need to be done for each therapist, but hopefully with one button/click/command/etc.
The previous post that I referenced is very close to what I am... Read more

A:Solved: xCubed? - Filtering, Grouping and Sending multiple emails based on data in ce

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ok i dont know wtf just hapend i was playing Halflife and i was duckign for a while with my shift key
sudenly im boted from game some sort of KEY FILTERING THING shows up
i click out of it and now! every buton i pres beeps, i also canot typeor pres same buton fast. thast why im tyoing buton instead of button, because i have toi wait about 10 seconds before i can type the other T!
that goes the same for every damn key on the keyboard
now i have win2k sp4
i searched everything al the option i cant find jackshit and this beping and being unable to pres ANY BUTON OVER AGAIN FAST ENOUGH IS KILING ME!
someone please
please help me

A:Key Filtering ?!?!?

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I am trying to turn on MAC filtering on my router. In order to do that I have to gather all the mac addresses for the computers and laptops on my network. I can't acquire a MAC address on one of the pc's from the command prompt due to an error message that reads, specified COMMAND search directory bad Microsoft R Windows DOS copyright microsoft corp 1990-2001 I have an idea of what it is but need to know exactly what is happening on this PC. Any suggestions? Maybe bad or out of date ROM or BIOS, corrupted or old windows files

Idris Abdul-Latif

A:MAC filtering

what command are you using

what windows version

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I have installed Naomi Filtering Programme but i have forgotten the password and Naomi is creating problems to my computer. I tried to unistall the programme but was unable to because i have forgotten the password. Unfortunately i was kind enough to suggest the programme to five friends, who are now facing the same problem. If i do not solve the problem soon i will be in huge trouble. PLEASE HELP ME UNISTALL THE PROGRAMME WITHOUT PASSWORD OR FIND THE WAY TO SOMEHOW FIND OUT WHAT THE PASSWORD WAS. HELP ME!

A:please help me with naomi filtering sos

Please see the TSG Rules, we no longer provide any help with lost passwords or getting around password protection. Obviously, we can't determine the real intent here, so our policy is to abstain from any assistance in these matters.

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I'm trying to introduce deployed printers that are deployed only to specific groups of people. We currently deploy about 50 printers per-machine and it's really causing lag when people to go print, and it's frustrating to dig through the list to find the right one.

We have existing security groups, and these are the steps I've taken:

1. Create 4 new GPOs. 1 for classrooms, 1 for faculty, 1 for staff, 1 for administration. Right now I'm testing with the staff.

2. Edit the GPO, add all desired printers to Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Windows Settings -> Deployed Printers

3. Set Security Filtering of the scope of the GPO to the Staff security group (which FYI consists entirely of departmental security groups, no users)

4. Create a new OU called Print Test, put my machine and the new GPO in it

After gpupdate, no printers arrive.

I've found out that if I leave Authenticated Users in the Security Filtering, I get the printers. However, as soon as I remove Authenticated Users and add the Staff group and gpupdate, the printers go away. Same thing if I add my user account instead of the group.

I've verified that, when the Staff group is the only group in the Security Filtering, in the Advanced Delegation, it does has permission to Read and Apply Policy, just like Authenticated Users does when it's there.

I'm stumped! Any ideas would be appreciated.

A:Security Filtering for GPO

I know I can't help you on such matters but those that can would surly like to know what operating system/s you are using.

Knowing what environment might also be useful,
50 printers per-machine is a lot. It kind of leaves out home user and small business.

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Heya guys,

We've ran a few searches through our ticketing system to see what were spending the majority of our time on and it turned out that the majority of time was spent removing Malware and Viruses from pc's and laptops.

Because of this we decided to do some research on the various products available on the internet to try and help prevent users getting infected. A lot of the time I believe that if users are educated better in how they get infected, it may help reduce the amount of problems they get.. but at the same time a product to help prevent users from catching these viruses / malware.

We've split the research down into 3 main categories of protection, "Client side software", "Network level hardware" and "Online protection"

So, client side we've looked at the various products that Kaspersky, Norton, AVG and other Anti virus products have provided, but this at a basic level has a lot of administration setting up clients up, making sure the software is up to date etc. etc. So ideally, we don't want to look at that.

With online products we've looked at products such as Message labs and Open DNS but we still feel this may not be the best approach to take, we found that with Open DNS we were still not being blocked from certain sites and could easily "stumble" across infections.

We feel the best approach for this is to buy an actual piece of hardware such as a Barracuda or Fortigate product but ... Read more

A:Malware filtering


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Hey everyone, a couple of months ago my computer got a trojan. I could not totally get rid of it even with help from a few online communities. Had to migrate to another HHD. It seems like since then i have been getting alot more spam than i used to. I used to only get about 10 emails a day (that was nice) on average. After this it has bumped up to 30 to 40.

It seems like all the new ones are trying to sell something. They could be the same looking email as another but come from a totally different email address. The hyperlink in the email doesn't look like it has anything to do with the product, so of course i never click on them.

When trying to look up info on the email address it came from it seems like most of the email addresses are reported as just been started or shut down, like they took over someone elses address. I'm sure this is the way most of the spam is sent out, by using a different email address each time to try to get around your spam email settings.

Is this normal procedure with the spam senders or does it have something to do with the trojan i had a couple months back?

Also, what can i do to combat these short of blocking everything except approved emaill address? This seems a little harsh to me, as i may miss something important.

Thanks. Jerry.

A:Filtering spam

Welcome Jerry
Upfront, I would like to say that I am sure that without more information and possibley even examining your machine a definitive answer would be impossible. That being said, I think that what your are experiencing is part of the trojan problem, your address was stolen and possibly even sold to others. There is only one sure cure, that is to change the address. I know this is a pain, but you can send the new address to all on your email list by "sending to all".
May I suggest that you use an quality firewall (windows fire wall is good and free too)
A good antivirus, Microsoft security essentials is good and download and run the free malwarebytes.
I would also like to say that most spam filters are not that helpful. The spammers change words, by misspelling etc, that would trigger the filter, etc. They change address often and know all the gimmicks.
Get a new address, notify the email provider to close down your address as it may be used to send to others in the future. Good luck and Im sorry for your problem.

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Hello. I currently have a small windows 98 network set up in my office with 11 PCs running thru a linksys router into a hub then thru a DSL modem. I would like to be able to limit users access to the internet by typing in only the addresses that they can access and not be able to access anything else. Is this possible?


A:Internet Filtering

Hi. Don't know how to do it globally, but on each PC: Tools-Internet Options-Security tab. Select TRUSTED SITES and then hit the sites button to enter only those sites you want...

Of course, you'll probably have to do the administrative rights, blah, blah on each PC if you haven't done that already.

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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I recently downloaded a free internet filtering program called "Weblocker". I really like the program but there is one problem and I have not been able to find an answer. When I open up Internet Explorer (ver 5.5), it opens for maybe 5 seconds and disappears. I am unable to enjoy the benefits of the Weblocker program. I can however use Netscape but prefer IE. Any suggestions? Also do you know of any other good and FREE internet filtering programs?

A:Internet Filtering


Have you tried a repair?

Control Panel | AddRemove. doubleclcik Microsoft Internet Explorer. choose Repair, apply and restart.

When you installed it, did it mention which browser it wanted as the default one? You may have said Netscape and its blocking IE.



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Hi there

I know that this is a stupid question, since I can easly do it manually by filtering data. I have a client who is not computer savi. She wants me to do a program for her that filters her data. Now get this!! She wants to put the name of the data to be filtered in cell A1. Say that she wants to filter all the last names called "Smith". So in Cell A1, she types in Smith. All the last names are in column C. Then she wants to click on a button to run the macro that filters the data. Is there a macro that can pick up the word Smith in cell A1and somehow use that name to filter the data in column C??


A:Filtering a worksheet

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I finally realized what Bilinear filtering is. :approve:
What other types of filtering is there and which is the best, and using a Intel GMA driver, how do you change the mode in Windows XP SP 2


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I use familyfellowships.com filter they use netsweeper
it blocks proxies adaware etc and they update there systems all the time
and blocks all harmful content and it would be a good system for Schools our homes please protect your children they are our future
Go to above site

A:Internet filtering

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I have developed an MS Access DB for tracking jobs. I have included a Checkbox to be "checked" when a job is closed.

Here is my dilemna:
1. I want to run reports without the closed job showing up.
2. I want the input form to de-list the item after it is closed.
Thanks for any and all help,


A:MS Access FIltering?

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We host a domain 'nabina.com' with brinkster.com and use the same to provide us with emails to all our staff. The 'Service Provider' provides facility to capture the incoming emails to another account. My concern is the email that our staff send from the individual Pc's in the workgroup/domain which I need to monitor and filter anly selected email. I would like to mention an example the emails that our sales staff send to suppliers must be blocked while to the cutomers should be allowed. Additional features to the device is welcome.

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We are looking for a solid web filtering software product to replace our not so functional Surf Control Mobile filter application. This will be for our sales force of 80 employees that spend 99% of the time on the road. Our current product does have the ability to access what and how these sales people are doing online via our Surf Control mobile filter server, however, we do not necessarily need that ability and probably could find a product that we could “lock down” what sites from the start when we setup the client. Any thoughts? Thanks.

A:Web Filtering Product

Check this out http://www.snapfiles.com/downloadfind.php?st=web+filtering+&action=s&offset=10&search_action=&lc=

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I have a simple query.

I have a windows 7 pc with IE 10 protection.

I enabled the Active X Filtering because I was told it improved security. What it does do, is to prevent me from using Flash Player. Therefore I may have to disable the Active X Filter if I wish to run a video.

Simple question - is there a security benefit in enabling the Active X filtering.



A:Active X Filtering

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All the smart folks,

Does anyone know if there is any website filtering programs that specify what websites can only be accessed at a particular computer?

Thanks a lot!


A:Websites Filtering


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Thanks in advance for giving my post your consideration,

I am currently in search of web-content filtering solutions. I am very satisfied with openDNS and how it works on my LAN and Wireless Network. That being said, we live in an apartment building, and openDNS can be easily skirted by connecting to one of the numerous unsecured WiFi networks within range.

I have researched ways to prohibit connection to unsecured Wireless Networks, but I realize that may post a problem or me if I am traveling or need to get online at a hotspot. What I am really looking for is a way to either apply openDNS to the individual laptop (MacBook) in addition to the network, in hopes of maintaining the filtering of openDNS no matter what network I'm on.

Is this possible? Alternatively, is there a solution that offers what I'm looking for but doesn't use openDNS?



A:Web Content Filtering

There are plenty of web filter programs that can be installed.
K9 web protection might be an option, it says it works for a Macintosh.
Or a bit of googling would turn up plenty of alternatives, such as this page.
I can't recommend any individual solution, mostly because I don't have a mac.

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I am a BT.com broad band user. It uses Yahoo's spam filtering system. It can only block defined addresses which is virtually useless these days. Does anyone know effective spam filtering software which blocks on keywords in email titles or content?

A:Spam Filtering

take a look at this free one ,maybe it will work for you ,i use it with no problems.

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As a second job I do in home computer help. I have gotten a number of calls from people that want internet filtering software installed. I am having trouble finding a product that works and a company that offers good support. Many of the products do not work with Windows XP. Does anyone have a product that they recommend?

I have tried N2H2. It just didn't work. When I contacted support they said they had problems with the software and they thought they had it fixed. Think they got it fixed is not good enough. I know of Net Nanny and Cyberpatrol but they do not have XP versions yet. I tried Cybersitter, it worked great until we logged out as one user and logged in as another, then the internet and email would not work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Internet filtering

I personally use Nortons Internet Family Security which is now called Internet Security. I find it quite nice since I have a range of ages using the computer, 7 yrs old, 15 yrs old, and adults. Each individual of course has different levels of access to what they can view in web sites. This is controlled overall by a level switch Child, Teenager, Adult, and Supervisor. Symantec-Norton reviews and makes available listing for update called "URL Listings". These listings reside on your system and are used to filter what the individual is allowed to go view. What is nice is when the teenage for instance attempts to access a site on the list a polite message appears, and blocks the access. I have had occasion to review on request of our teenager 3 sites She wanted to use. Two were unacceptable and the third was marginal due to some bad lanquage. Bottom line here is I would rather block and then review before I release the site through the Supervisor privleges.
Like I said I have been very pleased with its performance and feel very comfortable when any of the youngsters go on computer. I know Norton is watching and protecting them.
Also a little note. Within the Child Teenager levels there is many other sub-catagories such as chat rooms and so on which can be used to further define use.
Here are two links about the program and system requirements.


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My parents have recently been getting a deluge of porn spam on the email account that is tied to their ISP account, the account is with one of the bigest uk ISPs (btopenworld) and has also been listed on ebay also i think they clicked a few unsubscribe links before they realised that makes things 10x worse.

Bto offer an email filter and this seems to be getting rid of a lot of it (276 messages so far this month in the spam folder) but 2 or 3 mails are getting through each day. Some with pretty offensive photos in them.

I've said up some crude filters in oe that are taking a futher couple of messages a day out, but there's still the odd one slipping through.

So my question is is there any software around for free or cheap that will help stop them having to see those last few spams? and if not is there a way to at least stop OE loading images in HTML mails? I know these are used for tracking too so are probably compounding the problem. I don't think that it's possible for them to change the email account as it's the one that identifies the account with the ISP and is used for billing and service info so can't just be ignored.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

A:Spam filtering and OE6

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