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Cannot mount Samsung Android DCIM folder as a windows drive?

Q: Cannot mount Samsung Android DCIM folder as a windows drive?

When I plug my Samsung SIII (ice cream sandwich) into my Windows 7 pro USB port, it mounts as a portable device but does not have a drive letter associated with it. This makes it difficult (impossible) for me to reference it for running scripts or with various file copy utilities. I do not want to have to "import" pictures, as that process offers no control over the file selection in my 64gb sim card. How can I mount DCIM directory as a regular windows drive with a drive letter, so that I can perform normal file folder operations on it?

BTW. To add insult to injury, I only want a half dozen pictures out of the many GB in the DCIM folder. However, since I cannot see thumbnails, I cannot pick out the few which I would be happy to drag and drop, if I knew which ones they were.

Preferred Solution: Cannot mount Samsung Android DCIM folder as a windows drive?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Cannot mount Samsung Android DCIM folder as a windows drive?

is there not a setting on the phone when you plug it into the pc to change it from charge only to mount as disc drive,
i have an HTC with this ability, so im just having a guess as to the samsung.
but i would think it must have the function somewhere on the phone, then it shows in "computer " as a drive with a letter.

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I was just thinking to myself, (dangerous at the best of times), and started wondering about file encryption.

Is it possible in XP to create a folder and mount it as a drive on the same machine without a network?

If so, is it also possible to drag and drob files into that mounted folder? That is to say, the drive gets bigger the more you put into it?

Just a thought I'd like to have an answer to. I may start fiddling with the idea later.

A:Is it possible to mount a folder as a drive in win XP?

subst <drive-letter>: <source-folder> should work.

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Hello, I tried searching to see if this question was asked but I didn't see it so here it goes...

My mother has a digital camera that I typically use most of the time. It is a Sony DSC-N2 Cyber-shot camera. The memory card that I use is a Sandisk Pro Duo 2.0 gb.

When we first started using the camera it was saving the pictures in folders using MM/DD/YYYY on the memory card and if it was a different day or whatever it would create a new folder so all I had to do was click the option of just importing the new folders on my computer. A couple months later it now only saves them under the DCIM folder, then a subfolder named 101MSDCF, where it just dumps all the pics there and no longer saves the way I used to like it. So now to import I have to create a new folder in my pics open the folder from the memory card highlight the ones from that day and put it there so it doesn't import all the pics from that folder. I was wondering if there is a way of having it save the way it used to instead of the DCIM, subfolder 101MSDCF. I tried going to the menu on my digital camera but all I could do is see what folder the pics are saving into, which is the 101 folder thing and cannot change it..

I hope that makes sense, and thanks for the help in advance!

A:DCIM folder/import help

DCIM simply means 'digital camera images' and will always stay. The format of other sub folders can be in the 'set up' menu of the camera. I think you are looking in the 'record' menu.


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Ok so what im wondering is...

I have heard of mounting an ISO as a CD drive.
I was wondering if i could create a folder and mount it as a CD and then add and remove files as i wanted.

I think some thumb drives came with a program that did something like this.

A:Can I mount a local folder as a CD drive.

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The combination on computer talk and my english-as-a-second-language makes me quite unsure, if not insecure ! about this partition business. So here's my situation :: i deleted an old G: partition, wich is now Unallocated. The other partition −N:− of this old external drive now serves as back up for my new computer. You guessed right, i want to extend that partition, and i can't use the Extend volume option [dynamic disk not supported]. In the New simple volume option on Unallocated should i use Mount in the following empty NTFS folder wich would be N:. Or what... ? >Many thanxes.

EDIt :: i just read some of How to Delete and Extend a Partition with Disk Management in Vista but... i don't feel better, !o!

Here's a screenshot:

A:Mount or Dismount a Drive or Partition to a Folder


Click on the unallocated part of Disk 2 & delete the partition.

You will then be able to extend the other one, HPm925f.backup (N) to full size.

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My pc is xp prefessional and this folder DCIM did work with my Ultra Slim Digital Camera until my daughter used it on her mircosopt vista computer and now I get I/O device error message and wont recognise the removeral device F that is the camera I have the right memory card in it SD merory 2GB. I am new to this and would like to get it back for my computer and I don't want to have to wait for my daughters it works on her vista to transfer the photos so I can print them. Please I much appricate any help that I can get. Is it because my pc has an older version of windows than hers.

A:Solved: DCIM folder wont show on my pc

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Recently developed a problem when I connect it to my iphone 6 to download pics to my pc
When I click on the iphone icon the DCIM folder appears, but when I click on it a response appears "this file is empty"

The DCIM folder does contain numerous photo files, and the iphone is unlocked.....Any ideas what may be causing this problem?

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I haven't reached my limit yet, but I'm down to a few unused drive letters, so I've been looking for a way to reorganize. I tried mounting my media drives in NTFS folders, which works OK, but is quite sub-optimal as you can't index them and thus cannot use them in the Libraries. You also can't run chkdsk on them at all.

Does anyone see any other options here? If I mount all of my media drives to letters, I run out of alphabet... if I mount them in folders I can't use index, libraries, or chkdsk. I'm not too excited about switching back and forth for disk maintenance even if I could just give up on Libraries...

A:Folder Mount Points & Windows Libraries

If you have enough drives to fill up 26 drives letters...Would it not be a better approach to upgrade to a RAID-5 Network Attached Storage device? (Or even a Drobo would be good.) Then you have both a single gaint drive and local backup against drive failures.

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Can some one tell me how to pair my X1 5th Gen with activated NFC to my Samsung Android. I get the bleeping noise when they get near each other but that is where it ends. Do in need an app on one of both of the devices ?

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I have a WI-FI Samsung Android GT-P7510 tablet that windows XP operating system is not recognizing.

I downloaded a driver from the Samsung website. However it is for mobile phones. I installed Kies and that did not resolve the issue either. The tab was also reset to factory settings.

I tried to troubleshoot when the message USB device is not recognized pops up. It indicated no driver is installed for this device.

Any assistance to get the correct driver would be appreciated. Thank you!

A:Samsung Android driver - WI-FI Tab GT-P7510MAVXAB32G for Win XP

Try this: Download Samsung Galaxy Tab Windows Drivers! | Android Drivers!

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so, who has a android phone and upgraded to win 8?
any problem with samsung kies/your pc seeing your android phone when connected?


A:win8 & Android (Samsung Kies)

I have two computers running Windows8/kies and find that it hit and miss connecting my Galaxy S3 Phone and Tab2 10.1 Tablet.
If it does not connect go to the tool tab at the top of the screen and follow the connection wizard from there,I found that trying it from elsewhere did not work.

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I have a 120 GB Western Digital IDE Internal Hard Drive that was formatted and used on an old Windows 98 system. I am getting a new computer with Windows XP and I was wondering if I can install this old hard drive as a second drive on the new computer.

Will it mount correctly on XP and will I be able to access the data that's on it?


A:Will my Windows 98 Hard Drive Mount in XP?

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how can i view my pictures in dcim? i inserted my sd card and went to dcim but the files cant be viewed, i double click a file and this pops up (the filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorret.). I dont recall doing anything wrong with my sd card this is the first time that has happened. i tried opening it with another program but i still cant view my pictures. Also when i go to my computer and chose removable disk it shows that the sd has used up memory, so the pictures are still there i just cant open them up idk what to do.
please help me thank you

A:windows 7 (view my dcim in sd card)

and welcome to the Forum

Can you see the photos with the card in the camera? Will it work in another PC?

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Any help will be appreciated - Hoping to avoid having to buy a new phone.

A:Redirect & pop-up issue on Android Samsung Galaxy S4


Do you remember how it started?

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is this possible? if so, how?

A:mount *nix nfs shared dir as letter drive on windows?

I dont know the EXACT answer but shouldnt you be able to map the UNC(\\Linux_Box\Share\Dir\Dir etc etc) path to a local drive letter from within Windows like usual? (Explorer-->Tools-->Map network Drive)

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A friend was using my 12 GB I/O Magic flash drive (USB 2.0) on a MAC (Powerbook G4, OS X) to transfer some In Design files when it froze. Had to reboot, and OS X no longer recognized the USB drive. Mounted it in my HP dv1000 laptop running Windows XP (ver 1.5, SP2) and got the following Windows error message: The specified I/O device\Device\Hardisk 1\DR 3 was not completed before the timeout period expired. I got the same basic message with a Dell running XP, SP2, but the Device was identified as Hardisk 0. Device manager shows no problems with any USB device or root hub on either Windows PC, and I've tried deleting all of them to force new driver installs, but with no luck. The drive still does not show up in My Computer, or Explorer, but on occasion, when I hover over the USB icon in the task bar, it will identify it as the 'I Drive' which is the normal ID in Windows on the HP laptop, but no other recognition this device is mounted. When this happens, and I stop the port and unplug, it still is unrecognized. Any way to get either the MAC or Windows based PCs to mount this drive so the In Design file can be recovered, or if all else fails, to just format to allow USB drive reuse? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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These are the details::
Connecting The Bluetooth of an Android mobile with the Bluetooth of HP laptop didn't succeed
I have followed these steps to pair the the Bluetooth of my HP laptop, and the other Android Bluetooth.
First: I have clicked on 'add' a device'. Second, the Bluetooth of the Android mobile got shown. Then, I have connected to it. After that, 'Comparing pairing Codes' showed to me. (Screen shot below)
Next: Each Bluetooth's user of us accepted that confirmation. Finally: The pair was established well. (Screen shot below):

Although The Android Bluetooth was paired with my My HP laptop Bluetooth successfully, the Android Bluetooth is grayed out on my My laptop Bluetooth list as shown in this screen shot below:

Whenever I have clicked on the Android Bluetooth listed in my the Bluetooth devices, I received no Bluetooth control showed me(NO way to send files since Android Bluetooth is grayed out) Also, whenever the User who has the android mobile phone tries to send file into my laptop Bluetooth paired with his Android Bluetooth, he received an error not sending file.

Although the the Android Bluetooth is enabled to be detected by other Bluetooth devices. If there were a problem with my Laptop Bluetooth, then I would be facing the same problem with connecting(pairing) my Laptop Bluetooth with the Nokia Bluetooth.

Second: Connecting The Bluetooth of a Nokia mobile with the Bluetooth of HP laptop succeeded:

I have ... Read more

A:Samsung Android Bluetooth is grayed out after pairing with a Laptop's

Could anyone at this splendid forum take some of their precious time out to reply to me since this problem is still going on?

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I wonder if anybody can solve this for me, please

I have about 1000 emails on my gmail account on my mobile.

I want to delete them all in one go.

Trouble is, I can't find any options to allow me to do that. Last thing I want to do is delete each email one by one.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

A:Gmail on Samsung S3 android 4.3 Delete emails query

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I am trying to mount a network file share to a drive letter for use in an ftp automation script through the command line, I initially attempted to use a drive map to the share, but
this does not work within the ftp command line when we use lcd, it works when we c:\%windir%, but when we start attempting to lcd to a network share, we get: 
lcd \\server\share
\\server\share: File not found
When we were attempting to use the drive map set up we get the same thing:

lcd y:\
> y:\:No Such file or directory
Is it at all possible to mount a network file share to Windows 7 ?


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I have been using my WD External drive/mybook as they call it with Ubuntu, until now recently connected it to my laptop running windows vista, I know it sucks but I just got this laptop and using it instead of my tower to save power and just run the laptop 24x7 pretty much and the tower when I need it and during the day I keep it on but anyway's. I copied a lot of files over to the external drive, disconnected it and pluged it back over to my laptop running windows and none of the files were shown, the files I just copied but the other stuff is still on it.

I get this message when reconnecting it to Ubuntu when trying to use it.

Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 13: $MFTMirr does not match $MFT (record 0).
Failed to mount '/dev/sdb1': Input/output error
NTFS is either inconsistent, or there is a hardware fault, or it's a
SoftRAID/FakeRAID hardware. In the first case run chkdsk /f on Windows
then reboot into Windows twice. The usage of the /f parameter is very
important! If the device is a SoftRAID/FakeRAID then first activate
it and mount a different device under the /dev/mapper/ directory, (e.g.
/dev/mapper/nvidia_eahaabcc1). Please see the 'dmraid' documentation
for more details.Click to expand...

Have I damaged the drive, I hope not and hope to fix this problem to run on both OS.

A:Unable to mount location - 1TB WD External drive / Windows and Ubuntu

you need to run CHKDSK /f from a windows command prompt

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I recently updated my Galaxy Note 5 Android OS after doing so, I found that my Inspiron 5748 no longer connected to my Phone.  I contacted Samsung who said that Dell needed to provide a Marshmallow update that I could download to correct this matter.  I contacted tech support but they wanted me to pay for them to provide help with this problem.  Does anyone have a fix for this?

A:Samsung Note 5 USB interface no longer working since Android System update

Hello!  So it sounds like there is a problem with the drivers.  I would go here and make sure you have the latest drivers for your computer, depending on OS of your laptop.  Generally if there is anything special that needs to be done, it would be on the phone manufacture's side of things so maybe there is an updated USB driver for your phone somewhere?  In general there wouldn't be anything that Dell can do about it since its technically a Samsung problem.  

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I cant reply to any messages or the successful sending of replies is intermittent. Most of the time they just go into the Outbox which doesn't have a SYNC Icon Button in it. Ive tried rebooting the device to no avail. I don't want to have to reinstall the
software as it may permanently wipe out some messages, etc. and I read some very unfavorable things about the updated version of this same App.
What other remedies exist?

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I am new in DOSbox. I don't run games. I have a flatfile database that runs on DOS. Can someone tell me whether I can automate the mount c: d:\folder command?

A:Automating the mount c d:\folder command

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under Win 8 Pro 64-bit, I discovered the following oddity: When I try to mount an ISO image using the Windows' built-in mounting function, it works when the the ISO is located on a local drive, but NOT if it is on a network drive (linked to my NAS). The latter case yields an error saying that mounting failed without further explanation. (YES, the Iso file type is associated to Windows Explorer and YES, there is a spare drive letter after the local drive letters; actually my local drives are from B: (DVD) to D:, and the network drives are between F: and Z:, so that a mounted ISO receives a virtual drive at E: .)

Can anybody confirm this behaviour and possibly shed light on it, or - even better - provide a better solution than installing third-party mounting software like DaemonTools? Is it a bug that Microsoft will hopefully address soon?


A:Error: Cannot mount ISO image from network folder?

Originally Posted by Steve06

The latter case yields an error saying that mounting failed without further explanation.

Does the ISO actually get mounted despite the error? I've seen this. Check in Computer.

If not CTRL+C the exact error text and paste here.

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Hi there,

this is the problem I'm having:
I. What do I have?
- tablet with windows 8 and onenote 2010 app and googledrive
- android phone with onenote app and googledrive
- desktop windows 7 full office 2010 and googledrive

II. what I'd like to do?
I'd like to be able to edit the same notebooks from Onenote in all my devices with and without internet access, syncing it every time it's possible but not needing a connection to work with these notebooks.

III. for starters Onenote apparently does not support googledrive. Can I go around that by saving the notebook file in the googledrive folder?

How do I do it? any ideas?

thank u very much,


A:Onenote + Skydrive + Google drive on windows + android

you can upload and download individual files anytime you have a connection without the automatic sync by selecting none of the folders to sync. Onenote will not work from googledrive, but the files can be used by the upload download method. Not sure of the Why's, but there you go....

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Keep seeing secondary drive disappear under heavy IO operations.  This has happened across multiple machines.  Have attempted all firmware and BIOS updates available.  
Anybody else seeing this with their T7910's and have you used any other drive models in these workstations.

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I'm cleaning up a friend's computer and noticed there's an Android Folder under C: (C:Android/various stuff) and its 7.65GB in size! I'm wondering if its a native part of Windows 7 or not. Thanks.

A:Does Win 7 have an Android folder by default?

No it's not a default folder. I have an Android and I have Win 7. My Win 7 does not have an Android folder anywhere by default. The only Android folders are ones I custom created.

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I know I sound crazy but I am starting to miss Itunes. I had my MP3 folder with a batch of copied stuff from my main archive. It was organized for Windows. Most of the time Itunes was easy to use in that I droped the folder into it and made it my default folder so I could delete stuff from the MP3 folder via itunes it processed it and bam working very few issues. I never got duplicate playlist had some improperly removed mp3 files which stuck in itunes.

Right now I am having so many issues updating my mp3's and playlists and with duplicate playlists, empty playlists its driving me nuts. How do you manage and sync songs for android without a ton of issues? I was jsut copying the folder over but the dump way android handles files I can not use my windows sync programs. I got tired of it screwing things up so I tried winamp and it just had to sort everything in a horrible incoherent manner(album/artist folders ,ect) and that did not fix any of my issues. Out of the few players I like I like Shuffle and Rocket player but as far as I understand it they don't control anything they just play. Right now I have 50GB of mp3's on my micro sd card and its reporting 80k music files.... its nonsense....

I am just so lost.

A:Best way to sync mp3 folder to an android phone?

Hi. Calm down! I guess you just changed from iPhone to Android phone not long ago? Once you plug in your Android, you should see a portable device folder where you can manage all the files in your Android. If this doesn't work, there are also many desktop syncing programs just like iTunes, such as iTools, Apowersoft Phone Manager, MobileGo, etc. However, personally, I would recommend you to use wireless apps like AirMore for managing Android files on web or Pushbullet for transferring files in a fast way.

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I want to acces my phone's internal memory and/or sd-card as a network folder (through wifi). Just like windows pc-s and laptops. How can I do this?

A:How can I set my Android phone to appear as network folder

As far as I know there is no way to enable SMB Share on Android without downloading some software to the phone, There are quite a few file managers that have the option to enable file sharing with almost any OS.
The way I do it on my phone is with a program called AirDroid there is a free and paid version, I use the free version and as far as I know it is not capable of SMB share, you connect to it from a web browser.
There are other option's, you could run a FTP,HTTP server but I'm not sure if it would work since Android is based on Linux and with Linux any port below 1024 requires root.
Now that I think about it SMB requires ports below 1024 (port 445), so any solution you come up with will require that you can change the default port to something like 8080 which is a default port for many Linux OS's to start a service without root.

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for couple of days, breaking my head tring to figure out what im doing wrong, or what else i can do .

i used to have as my C:\ drive a kingstone 120gb SSD drive . due to lack of space, i bought 250GB SSD samsung evo-850 drive.
i execute fresh new windows 10 pro X64 installation on the Samsung but after installation finished with no error, and setup is rebooting the pc, the screen is stuck on the "loading operation system" and nothing is happening.

i thought that the cause for that is because i still have the kingstone drive plugged in, and there is conflict between those, but even when i unplugged the kingstone drive and execute windows installation, same thing is happen.

i tried to change order of booting from the pc setup and again nothing is chagne (samsung drive is shown in the pc setup and also when i load windows from the kingstone drive)
i also tried to version of windows setup iso which are used from Disk on Key "burned" with rufus latest version.

what else can i do ?


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Just finished building my first computer and am at the point where it's time to load windows. i pop in the DVD, select the language, hit start install and I get a message saying

"a required cd/dvd drive device is missing. if you have a driver floppy disk, cd, dvd, or usb flash drive, please insert it now." then some line about how its ok to remove the install disk.

all connections are good, obviously since it started to do the first couple of steps. Now i'm stuck at this point and not sure how to resolve it.

Here is the drive that I have installed: Newegg.com - SAMSUNG DVD Burner 24X DVD&#43;R 8X DVD&#43;RW 8X DVD&#43;R DL 24X DVD-R 6X DVD-RW 16X DVD-ROM 48X CD-R 24X CD-RW 48X CD-ROM SATA Model SH-224BB - CD / DVD Burners.

thanks in advance

A:Samsung DVD Drive won't install windows 7.

Please fill in your system specs to help us help you

Have a look at this
Clean Install Windows 7

If i were you may be easier to install from flash drive (assuming you have one)
Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool
Download tool, install, burn windows iso to drive, reboot from usb away you go

As soon as windows is installed it will install any required drivers for your cd drive so wont be an issue

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How do I view my chrome bookmarks on my pc and also my android tablet?
Only I am not sure which folder I should be saving them in?
Desktop or Mobile?

Can I make it default to one too?

A:Chrome Bookmarks - Which folder do I save to in Pc and Android

Can you help?

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Hello Forum

I've been trying to share a folder from my win8.1 laptop. Primary use will be to watch movies on Android Apple tablets and phones, and a raspberry pi running xbmc.

On the android tablet, using ES File Explorer, I can't get past the password prompt. I've tried logging in as my self, I've tried anonymous, always asking for a password, and there is no correct password.

I've read several guides that suggest it should be easy, but I'm struggling at this one step.

I'm most frustrated, because I know I solved this about 3 months ago, and was able to connect from a boxee box. Unfortunately, I didn't bookmark, and my google-fu is coming up short.

A:Sharing media folder to Android, no luck

So a different android file browser, AndSMB, connects just fine, but doesn't stream. ES File Explorer appears to be partly at fault. I don't have the pi with XBMC online now, so can't test.

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I've brought a hard drive docking station, and I want to make my old hard drive an external one. I'm trying to delete the "windows" folder and the "program files" folder but it jut wont do it! i've tried changing the file permissions/ownership but with no avail!

please can someone tell me how to do it.


p.s I dont want to format it. even though thats probably the easiest way I have folders i want to keep.

A:how to delete windows folder and program folder on old hard drive

Formatting is the best way to clean off the old windows directory.
Copy the data you want to keep to the new drive first

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I recently bought a samsung portable hard drive from the M3 series with a 1TB storage capacity.

My computer currently runs on Windows 8.1, x64, 4GB RAM and a 3Ghz processor

When trying to install "Samsung drive manager" or any of the other software that came with the hard drive - I receive the following error message "This runs on Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7, please check your OS".

I have tried to install the "Samsung drive manager" from the Seagate website, thinking that it might be compatible but I receive the same error message.
According to the Windows compatibility website and Samsung/Seagate, the M3 hard drive is compatible with Windows 8 (Note, I have Win 8.1, but is there really that much of a difference?) I ran the software bundle on my old laptop (Windows 7) and it worked fine, so that excludes any issues with the actual hardware
Anyone with a similar problem or solution?

A:Samsung M3 1TB Hard drive not compatible with windows 8.1

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Hello to you all,

This is my first post and I'm far from being a computer expert... so please accept my apologies if this is in the wrong section or if it is such a simply query that a four year old could solve it!

I've recently purchased a Samsung R780 laptop and when it first started to install Windows 7 it asked me to partition my hard-drive. As I was a little unsure about this I did some searches on my phone and found that it was good to have a small ish partition as my 'C' Drive (i.e. where Windows was to be installed) and a bigger partition for my 'D' Drive to store my personal data. As such, I opted to have 86 gig on my 'C' Drive and 490 gig on my 'D' Drive. This is all well and good, however, I've found that when I installed my virus protector it didn't give me the option to select which drive I wanted to install to. I.e. I downloaded ESET NOD 32 and it automatically assigned itself to my 'C' Drive. So, my first question for you Windows experts is, can I set something up so that I'm given the option of which drive to install programs too (I want to install iTunes, but knowing how large their software is I'm afraid I will run out of space on my 'C' Drive - I only have 55 gig left)... I would prefer not to have to use regedit if possible, as I understand this can be a minefield for inexperienced people like myself.

My second question relates to the fact that I tried assigning 'My Music' folder to the 'D' Drive. I did this by changing its location under preferen... Read more

A:Partitioned drive on Samsung R780 / Windows 7

Welcome Stephen to the windows 7 forums.
Most programs do give you the option of where to install them. Some do not but most do. Many times there is a small screen where you can change the drive and directory where they will be installed.

That aside. I have many programs and their data installed on my larger D drive like documents and special directories for my email. My outlook uses a directory on my D to store the .pst file which can get large.

I would recommend creating directories on your data drive that you will then have to go into each program and change the default directory for it's data.

Once you install a program on your C drive, you are kind of out of luck unless you uninstall and then re-install telling it to use the D drive. Many people just take the defaults but many programs require that you allow them to put some data on the C, such as dll's and such.


PS: again Welcome.

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Hello, I want to find the steps to follow in settings to get the max out of my Samsung SSD evo hard drive.This drive is my C drive, and I had already disabled the auto Defrag, that much I remembered to do.

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I am in the process of getting rid of my MacBook, and I used Apple's Time Machine to create a full backup onto a Mac-formatted external USB hard drive. I would now like to be able to read the files on a Windows 7 machine, however when I plug in the drive, Windows 7 doesn't show it in My Computer. When I start up Drive Manager, it requests that I initialize the drive. I don't to do anything like that because I don't want to lose the data.

Any suggestions?

A:How do I mount a Mac USB drive?

If the drive isn't formatted for a PC to read, and is in the native Mac HFS format, then you will need a utility such as MacDrive to allow the PC to read the drive.

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For my recently bought E5570 Latitude I bought an new/bigger/faster SSD.
It's the Samsung 950 PRO with the PCIe connection and NVMe support.
I have created an Windows 10 install USB to doe a fresh install but windows does not see/detect the drive.
-edit-I was able to install windows by loading the F6 drivers for Intel Rapid Storage.
But not the less funny part, I only hit about 1000Mb/s reading while it should be around 2500Mb/s.Now samsung has a special NVME driver but that states no NVME drive is installed.Also samsung magician does not detect the drive correctly. The name is all weird and it has 0Gb storage.
Did anyone already come accross this issue?And if so how did you solve it

A:Windows 10 does not see/detect Samsung 950 PRO M2. PCIE/NVMe drive

Here is the guideline from Dell: 

Im also interested in E5570, some questions:
1. Quite many user reviews complain about high-frequency noise coming from mobo or PSU unit. Can you confirm?
2. Would you know if any available Dell SSD option is actually NVMe?
Also, the trouble is, you have to buy M.2 SSD from Dell in order to get 6cell battery.

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Hello everybody!
Hope all well & in a helpful mood!
I`m running Windows 8.1, on a Sony Vaio, &, trying to access my music stored on Samsung M3 1TB external hard drive. It seems to load up about 99% of the drive, (after quite a long-ish wait), then, I get a, "pc not responding", message. So near, yet so far, kind of thing, &, I`m tearing my hair out here because of it!
Any help/guidance, would be gratefully received, as all of my research, so far, has not produced anything that`s worked.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3227U CPU @ 1.90GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3974 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000, -2044 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 687088 MB, Free - 594313 MB;
Motherboard: Sony Corporation, VAIO
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2015, Updated and Enabled
Thanking you in advance!


A:Windows 8.1 not fully loading my Samsung M3 1TB Hard Drive! Please help!

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I upgraded on Friday from windows 8.1 to windows 10 
Since then  it became very slow to start
the fan seems to be continuous - neither sleep nor shutdown buttons/clicks work - I have to switch the button off/on
each time it go to sleep

this is the image of the chat I had with Samsung today - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8u2AsQfH8MaNGpScGlwQlA1SUk/view?usp=sharing 
I tried running SW update it didn't work and vanished - not possible to uninstall as now the directory path is different........

A:Samsung NP350V5C-A06UK user (Windows 8.1) upgrade to Windows 10 - see Samsung response to me!

Please run a system file check (SFC) & DISM (if necessary) if you are on win 8 or higher

All instructions are in our Wiki article below...
Should you have any questions please ask us.

System file check (SFC) Scan and Repair System

Wanikiya and Dyami--Team Zigzag

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I setup some drives as mounts but they do not display the real drives size in explorer, instead displaying the size of the drive they are mounted on.

Is there some option for this, or an alternative?

Maybe I don't know how to google?
I'm guessing it's just the way it is....

A:Drive mount alternatives

Check this tutorial.

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My device manager says the CD-RW/DVD drive is fine, but it won't mount CDs. I tried to boot directly to CD, and that also did not work. When I click "Troubleshooting" in Device Manager, nothing happens. Any ideas?


A:CD drive recognized, but cannot mount CD

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Please let me know to specify drive letter to mount vhd.

I made WTG(windows to go) into vhd and copied external hard drive, and registered at BCD as one of pe.

The external hard drive is booted as Y: with Y-mount.exe, and at this time I want to mount vhd as W:. The vhd is mounting as L: now.

At the BCD file, I could not find the place to specify drive letter.
Is this possible?

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I have a number of unreadable files and folders on my DCIM removable media. I can't open them and can't rename. When I try to do so, I am informed that they can't be read or opened. At first one or two showed up as I used the removable media from my camera, but as I continue to use and recover images, more of these files appear.

Is there any way to delete or dispose of them?

A:DCIM corrupted files

Reformat the media using the camera if possible.

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hey gang pc freezing from time to time when connect to wifi either on youtube.com or when connecting external monitor . Using ssd drive 2.5 Samsung 128gig. I noticed that when disconnecting from wifi and wait few minutes it come back alive


A:lenovo b570 windows 7 ssd drive samsung 128gig 2.5mm freezing

Hello and welcome Baxter mate some more in depth specs please as that model Googles up as a laptop.
If you use this and find out what the motherboard is it would help a bit more

Using HW Info general components

DownloadHW Info and pick the right bit version - HWiNFO, HWiNFO32/64 - Download - (copy andpaste this site into the search bar) If you do not need the running informationin the smaller right hand panel close it. In the left hand window click on the+ for the individual device groupings and they will open out to the variouscomponents.

Go onopening out further until you get to the device itself. click on it and it willhighlight. In the right hand window there will be a very detailed descriptionof that device as in brand, speeds model number etc etc These are very detailedand are just what is needed for searching for drivers etc.

See my picfor an example - in this I have opened out one my components and then highlighted one of the one you need andyou can see the detail.
But I want you to open Motherboard

PS I did mean to add please see this for posting back pics of the screen

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