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Windows 8 sticker but no product key in UEFI on refurbished laptop

Q: Windows 8 sticker but no product key in UEFI on refurbished laptop

I'm posting this on TenForums so others will learn from my experience upgrading to Windows 10. But I would really like to know if anyone else has seen a computer with the square Windows 8 sticker, but no product key either on a label or in firmware/bios? <- that's just bolded because that is the main question I have :-)

I purchased a manufacturer refurbished ASUS X750JA laptop on ebay. It has the official Windows 8 little square sticker on the back, which to me indicates it should have a Windows 8 product key stored in UEFI firmware. It came with 2x 1TB hard drives. I didn't want to mess with Windows 8 or 8.1 at all, so I booted the laptop and it came up with the OOBE Windows 8.1 screen as expected. I entered audit mode and exported the drivers to a USB flash drive, then shut it down.

I pulled out the primary HDD and installed a completely blank SSD and clean installed Windows 10 Home. Created a local user account, and Windows 10 was not activated! *raise one eyebrow here* Ran showkey plus and no product key in UEFI/bios. So I connected the HDD to a USB adapter (which is why I did not bother making a back up image first - because I have lots of other means of making a backup image from the removed HDD). Looked at the software registry hive with showkey plus and it showed an OEM Windows 8 Home product key. Changed the Windows 10 product key and entered the Windows 8 product key and it activated just like it should.

If something had happened to that Windows 8 installation on that hard drive, though, without retrieving the product key, I would have been up the creek. I thought that if the Windows 8 was installed by the manufacturer that the product key either had to be stored in UEFI/bios or printed on a COA sticker?

Preferred Solution: Windows 8 sticker but no product key in UEFI on refurbished laptop

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Windows 8 sticker but no product key in UEFI on refurbished laptop

I purchased a manufacturer refurbished ASUS X750JA laptop on ebay.

It was a remanu - most likely board changed...

and service techs do not flash the bios

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ok so my product key on my laptop base is XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-KVWXP
but the one that windows reports(useing slmgr.vbs -dli in run command) end in KKMRQ also tweakVI also reports this(with a totaly different key but ending in KKMRQ) why has this happened im confused as to why its like this. thanks

A:product key: sticker on laptop key is different from actual product key???

The product key is encrypted in the Registry, so maybe one of those commands/utilities has the wrong encryption algorithm.

If you bought new the key on the sticker on the laptop is your personal unique key and the one in the system is the OEM's "volume license" key.

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my product key sticker on the bottom of my laptop has faded and i cant make out the last few parts of the code, is there anyway i can find it maybe stored in my computer so i can write it down? cause i wanna reinstall my laptop to factory defaults.

A:product key sticker on bottom of laptop...

You can use Belarc Advisor to retrieve your key.... Get it -=> here... Hope this helps....

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Hi,I have a question for you, I just buy a HP laptops, in August. I tried to register to Windows 7 upgrade program. But the tool, to check if it is available for this upgrade, does not validate my laptop, it says that the laptop does not have eligibility for the program.I need to know how I can check, if my laptop is or not a refurbished product? I payed as a new product. Because, if I not use the tool, and I submit the product  number and serial number, the page tells me that the product number is wrong.Please, how can I check if my laptop is a refurbished product?Regards,Israel.

A:How to know if my laptop is a refurbished product?

Hi,  If u have an additiona R at the end of the product number (for Eg: NB234UA#ABA is the product for new notebook and NB234UAR#ABA is the product number for a refurbished notebook.  If KS453AV#ABA is the product for new notebook Then KS453AVR#ABA will be teh product number of refurbished notebook).. So if you have an additional R in the product number, it means it is a Refurbished notebook.If not its a New notebook. Regards, Mohammed Mukrams

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If your Windows Product Key label is worn off or unreadable you can forget about getting any help from Dell or Microsoft. You are basically on your own. Microsoft will send you to Dell. Dell will send you to Microsoft. Microsoft will try to charge you money. Dell will try to charge you money. You will spend an hour chasing your tail and you will get nowhere.
It's a very simple and very common problem. It is bewildering to me that there is not some sort of procedure in place to deal with a worn off or unreadable COA label.


vjay912If your Windows Product Key label is worn off or unreadable you can forget about getting any help from Dell or Microsoft. You are basically on your own. Microsoft will send you to Dell. Dell will send you to Microsoft. Microsoft will try to charge you money. Dell will try to charge you money. You will spend an hour chasing your tail and you will get nowhere.
It's a very simple and very common problem. It is bewildering to me that there is not some sort of procedure in place to deal with a worn off or unreadable COA label.

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I just purchased a new HP Pavillion Desktop computer.  Usually, the Windows product key # is a sticker on the side of the computer.  I cannot find any information on it. Where can I find this info since they no longer give you disks, and now, no sticker with info on it? Thx! 

A:Where is the Windows 10 Product key sticker (number)

Shermanssss Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! OEMs stopped printing product keys on stickers with the advent of Windows 8. Since then, the product key has been embedded into the UEFI firmware of the motherboard.  You can retrieve it using this tool:  http://www.tenforums.com/software-apps/2577-showkey.htmlGood Luck

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The product key on the sticker on the bottom of my laptop has become unreadable, I also don't have the key used on any current installation of windows, and to my knowledge the key is not stored in bios or anything like this. I'd given up on it as the key was for a foreign language version of windows that I didn't want anyway but now I want to use it to install windows 10.
I've taken a macro photo of it and enhanced it as much as I could and have a good idea for most of the code, although the last 10 digits are pretty worn out so I am not sure. The bar code above it also seems in usable condition, although I don't know if it is possible to get the code back from this.
Does any anyone have any suggestions? Does microsoft have any page where I could "try" possibilities of the key to see if I could guess it right from what is left of the sticker?
Also does anyone have any idea what on earth the 10th to last character is on the sticker? This is the one I really don't have a clue what it is.

A:Damaged windows 7 product key sticker. What can I do?

Download Produkey. The key on the sticker would not work anyway. Microsoft quit using the COA sticker for activation a long time ago. The key on an OEM computer is not the same as what is shown on the sticker. The key that Produkey finds works with the SLIC table in BIOS to automatically activate the computer when using the OEM recovery disks.
I would also backup your activation files with Advance Token Manager which will also give you the key. 

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So I got a laptop around a year ago or so, maybe a bit longer, and replaced Windows 7 with Ubuntu fairly quickly. Well now the lack of video game support for Ubuntu has made me regret it, so I plan on reinstalling Windows 7 and simply giving it a tiny partition of the HDD. My question is how to use the product key I found on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop. I don't have any sort of recovery CD or anything for Windows 7 that I could use, and obviously every trace of it has been wiped from the drive. I considered grabbing one of the cracked versions off of a torrent site and using my recovery key, as it would still be fully legal then seeing as I merely need the install, but I figured it would be better to ask around here and see if there were a way to get a clean install of it simply less the product key. I really haven't found any way to get an install disc unless I buy a new copy outright.

A:Reinstalling Windows 7 with product key sticker

hi Neoncamouflage, and welcome to sevenforums,

you can download a legitimate iso from here.

as a side point, you say you're interested in playing games, and are going to give win 7 a 'tiny portion of the HDD'.

be aware that many modern video games contain a lot of multimedia data, and install sizes of 10 gigs or more per game are not uncommon.

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I installed a new motherboard recently, and now I need to reactivate Windows Vista. However, it's an OEM version and the product key is torn and missing four characters.

I tried asking Microsoft for help but didn't manage to get any. How would I go about finding out what my product key ought to be?

The model is a Packard Bell IMEDIA D3318 UK. Is the product ID relevant?

A:Windows Vista Product Key sticker torn

if your version of windows is OEM then it is tied to the old hardware i.e motherboard legally you are not allowed to reinstall that version of windows on a new motherboard. You must buy another copy.

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Hi again!

I have a question regarding the product key 'sticker' located underneath laptops and/or the side of your desktop. Before i begin, let me just say that the question(s) below are basically just out of curiosity (for now). It sure will come in handy in future if i need to perform such action(s).

Back on topic. I'll be using a laptop as an example in this post.
Scenario: So let's say my HDD died and there's no possible way to send it (to the manufacture) for repairs or perform a data recovery on the drive as it's too heavily damaged. I then purchase a brand new HDD to replace it. The 'original' HDD of course contains the 'recovery manager' (on a separate partition) for us to perform a clean install/repair (plus the drivers, etc). By replacing the HDD, it's obvious that i no longer have the 'recovery manager/partition' as it's brand new (and oh, i didn't have a recovery CD/DVD too in this example).

Question: Is it possible for me to use a friends' Windows DVD (of the same OS and 'type' such as Home, Professional, ultimate, etc) and perform a clean install but instead of using the key which came with the DVD, I'll be using the product key located underneath the laptop? Will it work?

Every DVD are the same right? Or perhaps each DVD require it's own specific keys?
If i can't, you could stop reading here.
If i could, other than having to install the drivers myself (as opposed to the 'recovery manager' method where it'll install the drivers automatically since it's n... Read more

A:Question Regarding Product Key (sticker)

Yes, you can use a friend's dvd and install the SAME edition that came preinstalled on your computer, then activate online with the sticker key. If that doesnt go through (normally it does), just call MS and they'll activate for you. You'll still be genuine after all this.

The best way to preserve the recovery partition is to make recovery disks using the recovery manager software on the OEM computer. Running these disks on a new hdd can be tricky at times- you may need to create a minimum no. of partitions or go through some other loops for it to work. It depends on the OEM brand. You can also copy and save the recovery partition on an external drive, the specifics again depend on the oem brand.

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Hi there, How can I find out my product key? The sticker on the bottom has faded/rubbed off.

A:product key sticker rubbed off

Hi, Please use the following tools to find it:      https://www.magicaljellybean.com/keyfinder/ or     http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html Regards.

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I need some more experienced advice about product key stickers. I have purchased a used dell Inspiron n5010. It originally came with 7 Pro. I contacted Microsoft to check the product key on the sticker and they say it is no good. I was told some time ago that the possessor of the sticker is the owner of the sticker. Is this true? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I have an annoying dilemma right now. Hopefully others here who are familiar with installing and imaging Windows for businesses have some insight on the best path to go down next.

I'm wiping and installing from scratch several newer Dell Latitude E5450 laptops. They have Windows 7 Professional pre-installed with that Pro Windows 8 sticker on the bottom (ie: free upgrade to Windows 8.1). We'll, we're sticking with Windows 7 throughout my workplace. Any ways, I've done the following to methods...
Configure one using the pre-installed OS, remove crapware, update drivers install software we use, add to domain, etc., then cloned the system via Acronis to an external drive. I then wiped three other laptops and copied this image over to them. Everything works great, I only had to change system names, IPs, and domain registration. Windows Activation took the built-in product key from the UEFI.
Wipe another laptop (from slightly different lot with discrete NVIDIA GPU), install Windows from another CD I had laying around of the same product type (Windows 7 Professional SP-1 OEM), entered the Dell pre-install product key for Windows (the one shared by all Dell images for laptops of the same set), Windows took the key, and everything was fine, until I went to activate it. The activation said the key was invalid with an error code that relates to it already being in use. So I downloaded the RW Read & Write utility to read the embedded product key from ACPI -> MSDM. It g... Read more

A:UEFI product key & OEM Windows 7 Pro SP-1

For Windows7 downgrades to be successful you MUST either
1) install using the manufacturer's Recovery media
2) Use Full License media with the appropriate Key (usually a Volume License Key)

Using Retail Media with the Dell OEM_SLP Key as you appear to have done, will never activate.

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hello to all, i wonder if someone can help.

I have recently got a used Dell Latitude 13 laptop. The previous owner had downgraded the OS from Windows 7 pro to Windows XP pro, When i got the laptop i formatted it and installed Windows 7 Pro again,

The problem i have is i only have 3 days before i need to activate and the sticker on the bottom is so badly faded i cant make out what the product key is!

is there any way i can recover this product key to legally activate this OEM laptop?

A:Dell Product Key sticker Worn!

hi steve1978, you have a few options either ring Microsoft and explain to them ,order a set of recovery discs from Dell that will have the inbuilt product key or download belarc advisor and see if that shows the key Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit, for software, hardware and security configuration information on your computer. Software license management, IT asset management, cyber security audits, and more.

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Hello all,

I recently purchased a computer from CowBoom and it states that it comes with a BIOS sticker located near the battery. When I boot up the computer, I get the following message "press any key to boot from floppy mbr error". I have the product key from underneath but anything I try to press doesn't seem to work.

I tried pressing F2 as soon as the Toshiba symbol pops up but this gives me a blue screen with a large gray box that just gives me info about the computer's SSD, date, time, etc. F12 brought up a small gray box that gave some information about the hard drive and somewhere it states "enter setup" but when I press enter nothing happens. I am in desperate need of some help as this is a birthday gift to give someone in the next few days. Thanks.

A:BIOS sticker with product key but no way to enter it?

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Hi all -
I just recently discovered my laptop hard drive was bad (thanks to this site) and purchased a replacement. The fun new problem I just discovered tonight while beginning to install Windows 7 to the new HD is that my product key is worn off and majority of the numbers are unreadable. I bought the laptop from an old friend and with it came only a burned Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit install disc. I no longer talk with this person so can't ask if they happen to have anything still with the product key for this laptop on it (probably not anyway). What options do I have at this point to obtain this product key...or another if I must. I tried researching my possibilities through Google, forums, etc but my head is spinning from the numerous different answers I came across, many of which seemed to be contradicted and said to "not work", for example, many said to call Microsoft and explain the situation in order to get a new product key, while others said this becomes a long waste of time and you end up with nothing. Obviously, aside from the laptop itself and anything I can gather that's on its bottom case, I don't have other documentation or what not that Microsoft supposedly asks for. Ideally it'd be great to avoid calling Microsoft altogether, which is why I'm posting...to see if I have any options.

Thanks in advance

A:[SOLVED] Product Key sticker worn off

Sorry - forgot to add more info if needed - I have a Toshiba Satellite L505D-S5983/AMD Athlon II Dual Core M300/running Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit.

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Hello all,

I recently purchased a computer from CowBoom and it states that it comes with a BIOS sticker located near the battery. When I boot up the computer, I get the following message "press any key to boot from floppy mbr error". I have the product key from underneath but anything I try to press doesn't seem to work.

I tried pressing F2 as soon as the Toshiba symbol pops up but this gives me a blue screen with a large gray box that just gives me info about the computer's SSD, date, time, etc. F12 brought up a small gray box that gave some information about the hard drive and somewhere it states "enter setup" but when I press enter nothing happens. I am in desperate need of some help. Many thanks.

A:BIOS sticker has Product Key but where to enter?

I'd be sending it back as defective. If you're having a problem already who knows what other problems are lurking in the shadows.

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Hi guys,

my computer is a HP Pavilion G6 1180EW.
I've tried to do system recovery for two days but failed for various reasons - the old system was gone, the new didn't work and reported errors with no options other than "try again" etc. After 2 days of trying, I've finally downloaded a different copy of WIN7 Home Prem 64 bit (on a different machine), created a bootable USB and installed it. Unfortunately the product key from the sticker on the bottom of my machine doesn't work - no idea why. No I've 29 days left

Here's the report I get:
Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->

Validation Code: 0
Cached Online Validation Code: N/A, hr = 0xc004f012
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-6P76F-2JM3X-PY3FP
Windows Product Key Hash: 5dlfXVGQvAvMocnhz3eRFjybVic=
Windows Product ID: 00359-OEM-9820835-23823
Windows Product ID Type: 8
Windows License Type: COA SLP
Windows OS version: 6.1.7601.2.00010300.1.0.003
ID: {900FE94A-2DA5-4F88-AE55-2F13C1E22523}(1)
Is Admin: Yes
TestCab: 0x0
LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Product Name: Windows 7 Home Premium
Architecture: 0x00000009
Build lab: 7601.win7sp1_rtm.101119-1850
TTS Error:
Validation Diagnostic:
Resolution Status: N/A

Vista WgaER Data-->
ThreatID(s): N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

Windows XP Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Fi... Read more

A:Sticker product key doesn't work after system re-install

If you have the right version of Windows 7 then it should activate with the key from the COA sticker.

Use the phone activation method, see if that works. If not let Microsoft handle it for you.

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Hi Guys,
Is there any reason why my service tag is not recognized b the support site?
I have a refurbished Latitude E7450 bought form an authorized refurbish reseller.
Do I need to register my product somewhere for it to be recognized?
I am not worried about warranty because this is long gone. I have a hard time upgrading my drivers because I don;t know what hardware I have inside.

A:Service Tag not recognized for Refurbished product

You'll need to contact your seller about the service tag issue - any one of a number of things could have happened - different parts swapped into the case for a system, or a different case used for the original system - or the service tag in system setup totally changed.  Only the seller can tell you for sure.

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This is my first post here. I recently bought a refurbished PC. It's one that was likely used in an office situation. It was originally loaded with Windows XP Professional. Now it has a fresh install of Windows 7 Home Premium. I got a really good price on the computer and I would just like to be sure that the software on it is genuine and legitimate. I looked up on the "System" tab in the Control Panel and saw that it has the Genuine Windows Logo down there. It says windows is activated but I noticed that the Product ID has "OEM" in it. I was under the impression that only "Pre-loaded" pc's coming directly from the manufacturer had OEM product Id's and Keys. Is this a clue that the software is NOT Legitimate? Are there any other ways to tell if the software is Legit?


A:Refurbished PC Purchase - OEM Product Key - Legitimate?

Anybody can actually buy an OEM copy of a Windows OS and install it to a computer. Lots of people do in order to get the lowest price for Windows. With this method, that copy of Windows is now permanently tied to that computer. So, you won't be able to reuse the license key again on another computer down the road.

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Hello community, I have recently purchased a refurbished HP compaq 6200 from a local dealer: http://thepcroom.ca/product/hp-compaq-6200-pro-sff-intel-g620-2-6ghz-8gb-ddr3-500-gb-hdd/ The dealer informed me at the time of purchase that there is no operating system installed on the computer, but that it comes with a Windows 7 pro product key.  I have gone to the Microsoft website, and input my product key in order to be able to download the ISO for the appropriate OS. However, Microsoft informs me that I need to contact the company from which this desktop is from in order to obtain the ISO.  So here I am. I have a W7 product key, but no ISO. Can HP offer some support? Sincerely, RefurbishedPC  

A:Bought refurbished HP desktop. Comes with W7 product key. Do...

Hi: HP does not offer operating systems for download.  Microsoft does not allow that practice. If you live in the USA/Canada, you can call HP at this number and order a set of W7 Pro recovery disks...1-800-334-5144 Have the serial number of the PC handy to give to the customer services rep. Or... This site claims to have genuine, unadulterated W7 ISO files for download... https://www.heidoc.net/joomla/technology-science/microsoft/67-microsoft-windows-iso-download-tool Click on the link labeled Windows ISO Downloader.exe You can use either the:  Win 7 Home/Pro SP1 or the (Retail version, but the  OEM key on your PC's case should work with it)  Win 7 Home/Pro SP1 COEM (This version would be for what HP would have used--System Builder) N is for European countries. K is for South Korean markets. Then you can use this tool to transfer the file to a 4 GB USB flash drive or a DVD. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/windows-usb-dvd-download-tool 

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Hey there, I recently purchased a refurbished HP Elite 8300 SFF Small Form Factor PC on April 22 of 2017, with one year warranty. I have a problem that I believe can be fixed under warranty. The product page for this computer says that the warranty expired, however, this is a refurb and when I purchased it from TigerDirect.ca, the support page led me to HP and the 800 number.  Can someone help me?! Thanks, HPISAWESOMEILOV Ps, apologies for potentially posting in the wrong forum. I could'nt seem to find a support forum.

A:Refurbished HP Product - Can't find support for HP Elite 830...



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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I have a dell 1545 laptop my sister gave me because the drive died, I can't get anything off it even with a linux disc it's just locked up, there is no windows sticker on the bottom of the unit, and she had not made recovery discs UGH
I have plenty of sata drives around but without their product key for windows is there anyway thru the service id tag or anything to get windows back onto this machine without buying another copy of it?
I know there are programs i could use to recover the product key via the old drive but i can't even get the drive to boot up externally or via a linux recovery type cd.
It's not a super old laptop just that drive died, I was going to replace the drive load windows on it and have the kids use it for simple open office reports and to goof on facebook and whatnot with it.
I know I could just load linux on it, but i'd like to get them back into windows, but with a dead drive do I have any options?

A:Hard drive Failed 1545 Laptop, no windows sticker, any solution?

Any chance Win 10 had been installed on that system?
You looked under the battery for a sticker?

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Greetings, I just got a refurbished Pavilion laptop. It came with Windows 10 pre-loaded and is in perfect working condition, but they stripped all stickers from it, including the one with the Windows license key. If I purchase the recovery media from HP, will it have the license key, and will it work on my laptop?   I'm awaiting a callback from the refurbisher's customer service department to see if I can get a key from them (I just called a few minutes ago). For the price I paid, I don't mind doing a little legwork to take care of this (including purchasing a new copy of Windows, although I'd rather not if I can avoid it).

A:Refurbished Laptop with no Windows License Key

@G-Rock77? If the notebook is a model that is only a few years old, then the license activation key is actually in the BIOS.   Since the 17-121gw notebook is a 2015 model, that is where the license  activation key will be, unless the refurbisher cleared the HP Factory  Default keys. Windows COA stickers have not been used for a few years on HP desktop and notebook PCs. Check in the BIOS. See the image below. 

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I am more of a novice with this subject, pc and tech stuff, so forgive me if I am doing this wrong. I bought a refurbished HP laptop, or is it now called "notebook"? Plugged it in, wifi came on no problem. I didn't get any book or paper info. Probably cause refurbished. So I get on the blue HP screen and it wants a name and password before anything else. I filled it out. I tried to scroll down, wouldn't go. Tried "enter" and backspace and almost every key when it froze on HP sign in. Using a Vista to send this message. I don't think I am locked out cause can't log in. If anyone can tell me what simple move do I make to continue set up? Is it possible such as "enter button is damaged?  Should there be a "next" in a box that I ckick on,   is it down lower on screen? Then how do I get the page to scroll down? Any help appreciated. Don't even know if it has a warranty. Usually a great consumer except for mecahnical and internet pc. Apreciate if there an answer.Spoiler (Highlight to read)   

View Solution.

A:windows 10 refurbished laptop model 15-f272wm

If the laptop / notebook is refurbished, can I assume you have no user data or user profile on this system yet?If the answer is no, then try the following: On powering on the laptop, as the blue HP POST screen pops up, press the "F11" key on the keyboard a few times. (You may have to power the system off by holding the power button for 5 seconds and trying again if you don't get the screen the first time). This should take you to the HP System Recovery Screen. If this doesn't work some systems us the "ESC" key in the top left corner of the keyboard instead. Once you enter HP System Recovery you should be able to follow the prompts to do a full factory restore of the system. Please note: This will erase all data and user profiles from the laptop, including the user profile that you can't login to, as you don't seem to have the correct username and password available. This process will take about 1 to 2 hours, so be patient.Here is a link to a HP site that explains exactly how to run Factory Restore:http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c02638587 Once the system restore is done, and it powers back on, it should take you back to the "Out of Box Experience" or OOBE for short.  This will take you through setting up the system with your own user profile and installing factory software and drivers for the first time.The OOBE usually takes about 20 ~ 30 mins in windows 10. When you get to the screen asking you to create a Mi... Read more

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dear all. the same problem I have faced. I have purchased 11 dell latitude laptops from Kabul Afghanistan, and tried to check the warranty in the dell support Warrant tab, but not received any information or received (no Information available). would you please just help me for only understand are these products original or refurbished.
my email: <Email id removed>

A:How to find out the this product is original or Refurbished. (in case no information available in dell Warrant site)

You'll need to ask the vendor from whom you purchased the system - only they'll know.

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Hi 7forums!

Here are my specs:

Toshiba P775-S7215 core i7

Is Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, came installed with the laptop - no disk, ie OEM

I just bought it from Newegg.com. It's a refurbished machine and came with no documents or disks. When this first started happening I did a repair install or whatever it is you can select after pressing F2 on boot. Then I bought a 30-day license for DriverMax and updated the drivers. And did a Windows Update, etc.

I read somewhere today that Norton could cause it so I uninstalled it (wasn't full version anyway). But it's still happening.

I've attached a zip file containing the health report and the contents of Windows_NT6_BSOD_jcgriff2. Let me know if I messed it up and I will redo.

Thanks, in advance, if anyone can help.

I've got a couple of weeks left to the 30 day warranty from Newegg. If it's just a matter of fixing a few bugs then I'd rather do that then return it and maybe end up with something worse. Newegg only has a replacement policy for the machine.

A:Random BSOD - Windows 7 - newly purchased refurbished laptop

Intel display audio driver is old. Please update.


SYMBOL_NAME: intelppm+107d


MODULE_NAME: intelppm

IMAGE_NAME: intelppm.sys


FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0x1E_0_intelppm+107d

BUCKET_ID: X64_0x1E_0_intelppm+107d

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Hello again! While trying to reinstall over a system failure on Windows XP Pro, I've tried to use the sticker on the bottom of my laptop to reinstall Windows XP, but it keeps rejecting my key! After several attempts, it keeps rejecting that sticker key. This pre-installed laptop came with no CD and case. Do you think it would be safe, seeing how I plan to do so, buy Vista Ultimate and install it over the same partition? I noticed, while reinstalling XP Pro, my hard drive contents were in tact. I was hoping Vista Ultimate would let me install over my XP Pro, though I'm currently unable to use my product key. Any ideas?

A:Solved: XPPro Product-sticker Key (Reinstall) rejected. Vista ontop XPPro?

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I found a  used desktop (Dell Inspiron) on a facebook sale group - only$20.
First thing I notice: "This copy of Windows is not genuine".
But it has a proof-of-license sticker on the casement. Turns out the installed Windows 7 is Ultimate and the sticker is for Home Premium. Tried anyway, but it was rejected. 
Installed = Win 7 Ultimate
Product Key = Win 7 Home Premium
I got a popup window: "You must either run Win 7 Setup or enter a Win 7 Ultimate product key".
Not knowing much about computers, I have no clue how I need to proceed. I'd really like to wind up with a genuine copy of windows, because apparently auto update will not work without it. The computer works with non-genuine copy of windows, but is extremely slow and has to be hard booted to turn off and besides, I don't want to fool with an illegal copy of Windows.  Certainly I'd rather have Ultimate but Home Premium is good enough.
But don't I have to have the disk to run windows 7 Home Pr. Setup?
Any possible options greatly appreciated.

A:bought used computer, Win7 "not genuine", Win7 product sticker on case

You're needing to find a Windows 7 Home Premium ISO from a well-known well-respected source.  If you ever want Ultimate, you're going to have to purchase a license, either for an OEM or for a Microsoft 32/64 pack.  After you have legalized the Home Premium, you probably can purchase an upgrade [from Home Premium to Ultimate] for a pretty good price, make sure of your source!  You want a legal version of Ultimate.

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I have just bought new Dell XPS from reseller, but I cannot find Windows Product Key in UEFI.
How can I check if the WIndows Product Key was injected to UEFI or no?

A:Win8 Product Key in UEFI


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I've been using Linux for a while exclusively lately due to some heavy issues I had with Vista a few months ago. While I was running Linux I decided to make my laptop OS Neutral. I Removed the Windows sticker, sanded down the windows key, and removed the OEM Windows Sticker on the bottom. My questions are:

1. Is it legal to remove this sticker?

2. Without the code that is on the sticker, will I still be able to use the Upgrade Disc to Windows 7 since my Vista will still pass WGA or do I need the codes that were on the sticker?

(PS. If it was illegal then this whole situation is hypothetical)

A:Laptop OEM Sticker

LOL, hello Marty.

It is perfectly legal to do remove the sticker and make any kind modifications like that to your legally purchased computer.

However, I would strongly recommend that you at least write down the product key number on that sticker somewhere safe in case you ever decided to reinstall and activate Vista with it on that same computer.

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So, I've been forced to sell my rugged, reliable beloved Compaq N610c. It has seen many an hour at my side, serving as a tuning computer, restoration machine, music player etc. Anyway, I took the time to personalize it by placing many stickers across its lid. However ,I need to sell the unit.

What are some good ways to clean a laptop, removing stickers without damaging the finish on its surface?

A:Laptop Sticker removal

there are special cleaning fluids for computers and hifi available in computer stores. important is that they do not contain alcohol!
what worked good when I bought a full of stickers used laptop was a soft towel with warm water (not too much water ) to get the sticky stuff off the case once you pulled off the stickers.

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I thought the clean install of Windows 7 (x64) on my son's Acer Aspire laptop had gone OK but I reckoned without Microsoft's activation. I ran the install using a retail disc which came with another computer.

Before running the install I took the precaution of running Belarc Advisor on the laptop to check the W7 licence key was the same as the one on the sticker. It turned out to be completely different, although both keys are in the normal XXXXX-*5 format.

Windows activation will not accept either key, but gives a different error for the two. When I try the sticker key it says

Invalid product key. The product key you have entered does not appear to be a valid Windows 7 product key. Please check your product key and type it again.

When I try the key retrieved by Belarc Advisor it comes up with error code 0xC004003 and message

A problem occurred when Windows tried to activate

- with a button to click for an error description, which turns out to be...

The software licensing service reported that license evaluation failed.

Thanks Microsoft, that's really helpful. (Reminds me of an old IBM mainframe error code whose description was 'An error has occurred. Correct the error and retry the job'. Any other Cobol dinosaurs on the forum remember that one?)

I would appreciate advice what to do next. The laptop was bought new and this is the first time Windows has been reinst... Read more

A:W7 key on laptop sticker is suspect

I would call and phone validate your key number with Microsoft.

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I got a new (well, refurbished) HP laptop (with Windows 8 64 bit) , and it came without the COA sticker with the activation number, and since it is OEM, without DVD.
Is it normal not to have the sticker?
Also, is there a tutorial on how to create OEM installation DVD, like there is on the Windows 7 Forums?


A:New laptop - no COA sticker / Installation CD


Originally Posted by HP/Compaq

Creating HP Recovery media

HP Recovery Manager is a software program that offers a way to create recovery media after you
successfully set up the computer. HP Recovery media can be used to perform system recovery if the
hard drive becomes corrupted. System recovery reinstalls the original operating system and the
software programs installed at the factory, and then configures the settings for the programs. HP
Recovery media can also be used to customize the system or aid in the replacement of a hard drive.

Originally Posted by HP/Compaq

Using System Diagnostics

System Diagnostics allows you to run diagnostic tests to determine if the computer hardware is
functioning properly.
To start System Diagnostics:
1. Turn on or restart the computer, quickly press esc, and then press f2.
2. Click the diagnostic test you want to run, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Try press F11 for Recovery Option.

Originally Posted by HP/Compaq

You can initiate this option by using the f11 key or from the Start screen.
To use the f11 key:
1. Press f11 while the computer boots.
– or –
Press and hold f11 as you press the power button.

Using HP Recovery media t... Read more

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I received my new XPS15. In the box there is a barcode sticker "HGxxxxxx".
What does it refer to?

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My laptop has the code Windows 7 Pro OA and the license key underneath, printed on the sticker.

I have a different hard drive installed now as the original wasn't very big. I downloaded the Ultimate x64 Version and it is working but will run out of license soon.

Can I use the code to activate the version installed? If not could I downgrade or alter the version without reinstalling? If not please can you tell me if I download another version which one do I need and will it just activate straight away?

Thanks R2

A:Sticker on underside of Laptop - Win7 Pro OA

There is no sae/approved way to downgrade Ultimate to Pro- you'll have to reformat and reinstall using the proper media.
If you have the Pro Key, you need the Pro media (32-bit or 64-bit) although you can delete the ei.cfg file from the download you have already to enable all versions to be installed.

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I would like to remove the large square sticker from the left side of the touchpad without scratching the surface. Is this sticker supposed to be permanent or can it be removed? I have tried to peel it off at the corner, but it does not want to come off. I don't want to damage to corner, if it is supposed to stay put. If I peel it off, will it leave a mark?

This is a trivial question, but I appreciate an answer in order to avoid making a mistake.

Thank you.

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I would like to do a clean install of Win 7 on it and am wondering if I have any options. The sticker itself is attached, but the key is unreadable. It is a Toshiba about 4 years old. The seller may or may not have the recovery discs and paperwork/box that came with it and will get back to me in a few days. My guess is that the key is only printed on the laptop itself. Is there anything I can do in this situation? Would it be best to inquire through Microsoft or Toshiba?


...by the way this is a wonderful forum

A:Bought used laptop - Win 7 key has rubbed off of sticker - options?

Toshiba used to ship those discs for free - then they started charging 30 US dollars.

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Hello all,

I have a Lenovo B575 laptop that is not UEFI capable; however, I have downloaded the x64 Win 8.1 ISO, burned it to a bootable DVD and a bootable USB drive and tried installing Windows 8.1 using a boot from DVD and also a boot from USB drive, and neither method has resulted in a successful installation. The root cause of the installation problem is that Windows 8.1 is intent on creating an EFI partition structure on my non-UEFI machine. So, I end up with a 300MB Recovery Partition and a 100MB EFI Partition which doesn't work well on my machine. Now, during the installation process, I opted to delete all existing partitions and allow the installation to properly partition the hard drive for installation; however, I knew I was in trouble when the machine started hanging during reboots. I can't figure this one out so any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Can't Install Windows 8.1 on Non-UEFI Laptop

Try Cleaning the HD Drive, using Step one in this tutorial:
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation - Windows 7 Help Forums

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I have been procrastinating for the longest time, but I really need to get around to formatting the hard drive of my Asus laptop and installing a copy of Windows 7 on it, as Windows 8 has done nothing but irritate me since I acquired this laptop. Now I am not stranger to formatting drive c and installing Windows, but this will be the first UEFI computer I have to do it on. UEFI is a really screwy way of handling BIOS and I am not certain if this is going to cause me any problems when I attempt to replace the OS, so I would like a heads up on potential problems that might crop up before I attempt to format the hard drive.

Does anybody here have experiencing formatting and installing a new OS on the UEFI computer? Is there any advice you can provide or hazards you can point out before I get started?

Thanks for the help.

A:Formatting and installing Windows on a UEFI laptop

The issue will be to control the BIOS - - that's where the UEFI boot is enforced.
My reading suggests, that there is no option to disable UEFI if it is active (otherwise, there's no point to UEFI at all).

*IF* your bios can disable the UEFI option, then you will be

'home free' to reformat (even at the lower level rewrite of every sector to wipe the BOOT sector)
install per your own background/experience


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Good day!I have the laptop possibly mentioned above, I did make a recovery USB in case anything would go wrong. My warranty has expired and I am not a newbie to computers, operating systems and such. I got sick of windows 8.1 on my laptop not being able to run old games, so I thought that I would have to install either Windows 7 or XP.I tried Windows 7, with USB stick and then with an external USB DVD Drive... None worked, because I got a "Load Driver" message, where it looks for the CD drivers (of course it doesn't have any). The BIOS barely has settings to enable CSM, Secure boot and to change the boot order, no other technical stuff that would help me proceed with my installation. The CD isn't corrupted, nor the ISO, because I do have an original key to use, so I am not pirating anything. Windows XP, also original, won't continue setup after loading the file acpi.sys, because it will show a STOP error screen about it. As mentioned above, I do not have a good BIOS to change ANY settings needed, HOWEVER the BIOS tells me that CSM can be enabled for INSTALLING WINDOWS XP OR OLDER OS. I cannot go any further than this by any meanings, but I am asking you if is there a compatible BIOS that I can flash so I can change more settings in order to install my desired Operating Systems. Regards,MettleSphee

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I have Hp 16 d000tu laptop with 2gb ram and 500 gb hd... in bios UEFI boot option is there but I can not run installation in UEFI.. please help me how to install window 7 on my uefi hp laptop...
tutorials will be helpful...

A:Install windows 7 x64 ultimate on HP UEFI Laptop

My installation is almost complete... but after booting disabling the legacy mode and enable UEFI mode, now windows struck at Windows Logo.. please help

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Original drive went bad. No backups or restore available
Originally an windows 8 machine and went to 10.

Trying to install windows 7 pro 64 bit via DVD so I can get back to 10
1. In UEFI mode it will not get past the windows logo
2. in legacy mode I can get to the disk format and selection and then it starts but never gets past 0% install!


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Hi! I've been looking at laptops for my brother to use when he goes to Ireland. I think he wants it just to watch movies on the plane. He's not computer savvy---he didn't know a laptop is actually a computer. He just wanted to know if he could watch movies on it. I found a site that sells refurbished laptops. Are they worth the money to take a chance that they'll last for a few years? The one's I've perused either say Grade A Refurbished or Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher. Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Refurbished Laptop

Hi, I have used Microdream for some time now not just for pc's but other computer accessories.
The Win 7 that I am using now came from them a year and a half ago and so far, I have had no problems with it.
They are based in Devon, England.


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How do I know if my HP Pavilion Notebook core i5, 12gb RAM, 1TB HDD is refurbished? 

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Hello All,

I am the proud owner of a refurbished Toshiba laptop, which looks really nice not a mark on it, I hope the inside is good too.

This is the first Win 8 machine I've had, previously win 7 which I love and still own 5 machines with it on. Now it being a refurbish, the documents and instructions did not come so I'm a bit blind to it all and it is very different to win 7. So I start it up and there's this screen saying something to me I don't understand System preparation tool 3.14, what the? Can someone please explain what it is and what it does and do I need it and will it keep bothering me forever?

Also when turning the machine on with the button windows boots and I get a blue screen with an admin telling me my account has been disabled, ah that's no good I can't access the machine, so bit worried I hit restart and all is good it comes to the desk top, Does anyone know what this means? I don't want to login, I just want to up a run, no passwords no mucking about. Can someone help with that also?

Thanks for listening and thanks for helping out

A:new refurbished laptop

Thanks I had a look around and after reading a post by Kari I got it sorted I hope, so after giving Microsoft all my info and setting up an account I'm up and away. It's a pity you have to do all that just to have and use computer.


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