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[SOLVED] Windows 7 and SD card issue

Q: [SOLVED] Windows 7 and SD card issue

I hope this is in the correct forum. I put it in here as I beleive it is a Windows 7 / driver issue as the card reader worked with vista.

It is an 02Micro SD card reader that comes in the Toshiba P300 161 PSPC4E. The reader shows up in device manager and windows says it is working correctly but nothing happens in my computer when you put a card in.
I have tried both drivers that the Toshiba site suggests for it and installing them from the setup.exe and also from device manager directing it to the driver.

Any ideas?

Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] Windows 7 and SD card issue

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: [SOLVED] Windows 7 and SD card issue

What is the name and date of the driver in Device Manager?

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Currently i was usin default GeForce 9600 then i have bought a radeon HD 4870 (512mb).

when i put in the disc to install, it install half way then it come out this error message >

windows cant verify the publisher of this driver software. then i click continue. after finish.

i went to control panel then display setting.

it gave me another message > invalid display setting.

The currently selected graphics display driver can not be used. It was written for a previous version of windows and is no longer compatible with this version of windows.

The syetem has been started using the default VGA driver, please contact your hardware manufacturer to get an upgraded driver of select one of the microsoft provide driver..

can anyone help me out on this?

A:Solved: Graphic card issue with Windows Vista service pack 1 32 bit

can anyone help on this please?

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A couple of days ago my neighbors computer just stopped being able to go on the Internet.
They have a DSL connection and 2 nic cards, one onboard and one PCI.

The computer is a Dell Diminesion 4500, running Windows XP SP2.
The problem was that when you plugged the cat5 (from DSL) into either or ethernet port. The status of the connection was "aquiring network address" and it just hangs there.

I checked the DSL (with customer service as well) and thats working fine, the nic cards are both working properly.

However , NO INTERNET.

when i attempt to repair, it states that it can not repair the connection due to NOT being able to obtain an IP addy.

I ran a Ipconfig/renew and recieve the following error: "RPC Server unavailable"

I uninstall/reinstall both ethernet connections with the new drivers. Still no working.....

Then i notice my nieghbor say for a good month or so he has had no anti-virus or runs cleansing programs. Could this be why this has happened?
Restores have been done, and no success. I am trying to save it before going into a reform (assuming that will even work).
Any ideas? Please help.

A:Solved: NIC Card issue.....

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Okay, I am no stranger when it comes to PCs, but this one is driving me nuts. I have a custom built desktop and its been running perfect for about a year now.

4GBs of ram
32-bit windows vista SP2
AMD Phenom Quad core 3.00GHz processor
Nvidia GeForce GTX260
700W PSU


I had an ASUS 22" PC screen that has been fine. But Silly me thought it would be a good idea to get a bigger screen. So I went to Bestbuy I got my self a 42" LCD 1080P TV. My video card has two DVI slots and one S video slot, but it came with a DVI to HDMI adapter. So I used that and every thing looked great. Then I started up hulu to watch some House and the video would skip every 4-5 seconds. So I updated my video card drivers restarted my computer, and it still would not work. I checked my CPU usage, and everything was fine. A scan for viruses and adware came up clean. I found the drivers disc for my mobo and installed the drivers off the disc and it still did not work. When using the TV with the xbox in 1080P every thing looks fine. I tried windows updates, still not good. So I was thinking it was a bandwidth issue of some kind. But thats when I noticed that even videos from my HDD skip. I also have an Asus G60 gaming laptop. I plugged that in to the screen started up some HD video and it run as smooth as ever. I can seem to figure out anything else to do about this. I even tried messing with teh resolution, uninstalling the video card on and its drivers, then reinstalling everythi... Read more

A:Solved: Video card issue?

Are you using the 260 AND the on board video?

As a odd random note, when I install the display adapter from the mobo's driver discClick to expand...

If not why did you install the onboard drivers?

how many monitors do you have hooked up? to what adapters? If your only using the 260 you should disable the onboard adapter. Clearly from your video you have nvidia utilities installed. But I dont think that necessarily means you have the nvidia drivers installed properly.

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Hi, I'm looking for some help with an issue I think is to do with my graphics card or power supply.

My system:
Motherboard: ASRock B85M-ITX
CPU: Intel Core i3 4150 3.5GHz Socket 1150 Box
RAM: Corsair Vengeance Low Profile DDR3 PC12800/1600MHz CL9 4GB
PSU: Silverstone SFX ST45SF-G 450W
Graphics Card: Asus Radeon R9 270 DirectCU II OC HDMI DP 2xDVI 2GB

These are the setups I have tried and the results I've gotten:

My system as listed above: All fans power on, no bios or OS. Heres my problem.
My system with no graphics card: Computer runs fine.
My system with the R9 270 replaced by my flatmates GeForce 660: Computer runs fine.
My flatmates system with his 660 replaced by my R9 270: Computer runs fine.

Both systems run Windows 7 64 bit.

Why does my system not run?

Thanks for your help.

A:Solved: Graphics card issue

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I had ordered an IDE Adapter Card, so that I could just select which OS that I wanted it too boot from. Thing is that I have four drives in it an dont think that my one on board IDE is working. Here is a link to the card I got http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=CX-VT6410 I assumed that I could just connect a drive an be able to see it in the BIOS. Thing is that I attached some that has OS installed an cant boot from them or see them in the BIOS, I did install the driver in XP that came with it, thought that it was for older OS. I am able to see a CD drive that I had attached but not the others that I want it too look at, I can see the other drives threw XP though the phsyical contents but not the acctual drive in the BOOT Order. I want it so that I can have ether one OS load or a differnt one during start up.

A:Solved: IDE Adapter Card Issue

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My monitor displays memo: NO INPUT SIGNAL. I think it's video card issue. But I'm not sure of it. Small fan embedded to that video card still works. Maybe that issue is related to the CPU or other component of PC. Any suggests? Of course I tried well known monitor etc.

A:Solved: A video card issue?

The first thing to check in a case like this is the power supply.

The machine may seem to power up and fans may come on; but, that does not indicate the power supply is good.

Remove the power supply. Take it to a local shop. They may check it for free on the prospect of selling one.

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My GC is a radeion X800 pcie
*edit* I have installed the latested drivers

Hi Lately I'm finding that when I use graphics intensive games (not all of them) I get a flicker.. then the screen goes wonky.

What it looks like is proper screen with a grid of squares with random noise in it.

IF I exit and go back to the desktop the desktop looks okay but icons looks as if random bits have been copied and placed around them. (Every icon is like this and has the bits in the same relative location.

Any ideas whats wrong?? I realy hop I dont need a new GC

A:Solved: Graphics Card Issue

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Hello guys, i am new here.

I'm having some troubles during my latest pc upgrade (low budget)

System Specs :

Motherboard: ASRock 960GM/U3/S3 FX
CPU: AMD FX 4300 3,8 GHz
RAM: 8 GB (4X2) CRUCIAL Ballistix Tactical Kit 1600MHz
Video Card: Nvidia 9500 GT PCI-E 1024mb DDR2 HDMI DVI (The part i didn't upgrade)

Well after the installation my graphics card seems not working getting blacksreens in my monitor and doing nothing at all.With onboard graphics everything works well. Is it a compatibility problem because my mobo has PCI-E 2.0 and this card i'snt supported?

Or the mobo PCI-E 2.0 slot has problem ?


A:Solved: Graphics Card Issue

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I originally posted this problem in the XP forum, received some suggestions from Rollin Rog but I still have a problem that I "think" is hardware related.

I would appreciate an opinion.

This problem started innocently.

I noticed that I had forgotten to turn my power options back on after doing a defrag. So, enabled the default for desktop (turn off screen after 10 minutes) and then left the system for a while.

When I returned, the screen was black (normal), but when I wiggled the mouse, nothing happened. So, I rebooted and just after the Windows XP screen with the progress meter, the system stopped booting.

Did a reset, and booted to safe mode and system came up fine.

I suspected either video drivers or card failure.

So, I uninstalled the drivers via Add/remove (card is an ATI Radeon 9200) as well as the ATI Catalyst Center, and rebooted.

At the desktop, PnP detected new hardware which I cancelled out of.

Downloaded the latest drivers and software from ATI and installed.
Reboot was requested to complete the install.
Did so, and on the subsequent reboot, I had the identical symptoms with the system hang before the desktop appears.

Prior to the initial uninstalls above, I did a system restore to 2 days prior, with no change.
Have also disabled and re-enabled "most" services as part of my troubleshooting.

So, right now I am running in Normal mode with native Windows drivers and everything appears fine.

My question is:

Is this a symptom of a vi... Read more

A:Solved: Video Card Issue?

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Ok, playin a game last week, my screen went a crazy purple blue green and crashed, on reboot i had aquired red lines running vertically down the screen, i have added pictures showing what i get from boot up.
I should also add that sometimes it boots up and all looks fine, but then after 5 mins it will go crazy colours again and crash. But 90% of the time now it loads up with lines.
I have run a memtest, came out fine.
i have put the monitor through my laptop wich all looks fine, no lines or anything.
i uninstalled graphics card drivers and re installed fresh.

I think its my graphics card, but before i buy a new one (as i dont have another to test with) if anyone could possibly confirm my suspicions or set me on a different course it would be appreciated.

Please ask for more info if you have an idea.

My card is a 8800gts 512
asus m2n sli motherboard
4gb ram

A:Solved: does this look like a graphics card issue?

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so i just got a nvidia 8400 and i manually installed it then downloaded all the necessary drivers. its seems like everything is up to date and it's all fine. the issue is i connect my video cable to the onboard plug for the standard gpu and its fine but when i plug my monitor into the new video card's slot then my montior doesnt even recognize it. again my computer recognizes the card and it says it's working fine but only the onboard built-in graphics processor seems to be working. how can i fix this?

A:Solved: Issue with a new graphics card

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I just need to know which graphics card i should buy because the one i got from my cuz dont fit because its too big Here is a picture of the one i got from him.
its too big and also the golden part is ment to be inverted

here is a pic of my PCI slot.

So can anyone tell me which graphics card i whould buy that will fit my PCI slot?

Here is 1 last picture so you can see everything from my point of view:

So to sum up everything i got a graphics card but it does not fit because its to big and the "golden part that slots in" is inverted soz i dont know the technical terms ^^ and i just need to know which type of graphics card would slot in with ease
EDIT: im looking for a graphics card that is windows xp compatible

A:Solved: Graphics card issue

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Today I got a TP-Link TL-WN35OG PCI Wireless Card and since installing it, I've had nothing BUT problems. Here's what I've had:

- Installed drivers, connected to wireless network, computer locks up.
- Computer locks up on login.
- Different drivers tried, still causing the same issues.

I've tried to reinstall XP and it's now hung at 34 minutes, so it's probably screwed up too. Have a few specs and see if there's any issues:

- Intel Celeron @ 2.4GHz
- nVidia GeForce MX 5200 128MB

A:Solved: PCI Wireless Card Issue

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I have a COMPAQ Evo N610c with Windows XP. I also have a D-link wireless card which doesn't connect to the internet. It recognizes the SSID, however entering the key doesn't work. I have several other laptops in my home and they work fine. Though it because it uses an internal network adapter unlike the Evo. I am stumbled.

A:Solved: Wireless Card issue

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Hi guys,

I'm currently experiencing a weird problem, which has been coming up with my computer about once every 1-2 months for the past year. What happens is this: the computer will go to sleep, and I'll come back, shake the mouse to wake it. The lights in the case will come on and I'll hear the PC start running, as is normal when I wake it from sleep, but for some reason, the monitors won't wake up, and won't detect an input if they're woken manually by turning their power off then back on.

If I shut down the computer (the only way to do that when this happens is by holding in the power button) and restart, the same thing happens. I won't get anything to the monitor - no startup text, windows logo, etc, which makes me think there's something going on with my graphics card. However, I've had this happen at least 5 times, and every time, it just repairs itself if I leave the PC alone for long enough, starting up as normal when I turn it on after a day or so.

I don't understand why this happens, and I understand even less what causes the problem to go away. I'm afraid that if this keeps happening, the PC might not "repair itself" one of these times. Can anyone help me out?

Well, the computer is working again. I was reading around and think my problem may have been that it wasn't POSTing. How did I fix it? Well, I took out a RAM stick, and pow - booted right up as normal. I shut down, put the RAM bac... Read more

A:Solved: Computer won't wake up! (Possible GFX card issue)

To help us help you,please use the TSG System Info tool to let Tech's know the specs of your computer: http://static.techguy.org/download/SysInfo.exe Copy and paste the results here in your thread. You can use the TSG Info to fill in your computer information in your user profile as well.

Also, if its a brand name system like an Acer,Dell or HP, please post the exact model of the system.

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I reinstalled XP from scratch and I'm missing my first 1394 NIC connection .
Motherboard is asus m2n-sli deluxe
I'm unable to access the internet.
I've gone to the asus website and i'm unable to locate the drivers for it.

I'm sure it something simple however I'm at a loss.

Any info or driver location would be appreciated

A:Solved: Reinstalled XP -SP3 -1394 NIC card issue

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My system already had an Nvidia 9500GT Gcard installed and running for about 2 years now.
Yesterday i got a BOOTMGR error and had to repait that file using the Windows 7 Disc. This involved using the onboard video chip of my motherboard (Manufacturer: BIOSTAR Group - Model: GF7025-M2 TE).
Upon resolving the BOOTMGR issue, i was unable to resuse my graphics card.

I have tried reinstalling drivers, motherboard drivers, resetting CMOS, etc.
The trouble is, when i try disabling the onboard chip through device manager it still will not switch to the Gcard. There is also only an option in BIOS to set the onboard chip to 'ON' or 'Auto ON'.

I do not have the driver CD for the graphics card and gave been using the Nvidia site for them. Also, what appears to be odd is that the computer does not detect the Gcard at all, and only the onboard chip (even if i uninstall the drivers for it and disable it).

Any help would be great.

A:Graphics card issue (not solved by any other threads)

I suggest a clean reinstall of the OS and drivers from scratch. Clean out your PC, re-seat all the components and continue with a fresh install of OS, drivers, etc.

If that doesn't work, then it's an issue with your card or the PCI-E slot on the motherboard.

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I've been having an issue ever since I updated the drivers for the first time on my hd radeon 3870 crossfire cards(round the end of august 2008). The resolution would not go above 800x600 unless I disabled/enabled crossfire (causing the cards to reset) in catalyst. now recently I got rid of my second card because the heat sink was covering a PCI slot that I wanted for a internal wireless adaptor. the resolution is doing It's usual freezing only now, theres no option to disable or reenable crossfire! any ideas?

What has been tried:
Updating drivers
Reinstalling catalyst
Uninstalling and reinstalling drivers and catalyst
Googling the issue (useless ;_; )

This problem means that I am unable to play any games as the resolution switches back. does anybody have a fix for this issue? or even a way of forcing the cards to restart? thanks a bunch.

EDIT: problem solved! after hours and hours of tinkering and testing I finally found out that "force tv detect" needed to be enabled in catalyst. anybody with catalyst should make a note because that had me stumped 0.o

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I have an ATI Radeon HD 3870 graphics card with the code name: RV670. I'm trying to get the correct drivers for this card, but i cannot find them, apparently the ones from the ATI website aren't appropriate for my card. Can someone please help me find the right drivers, i've checked close to everywhere...

A:Solved: Graphics Card Driver issue

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I just recently bought and assembled my own computer, however when I turn it on I see a blank screen and can't set up BIOS nor install an OS. I checked and everything is plugged and set correctly. I have tried moving the graphics card into a new PCI slot but I still get a blank screen. I also tried to use different cables (HDMI, VGA, and DVI) but still no luck. At this point I don't know what else to do. Help?

Below are the links to my motherboard and video card.


A:Solved: Motherboard/Graphics card issue

i recently got a new computer also and have this problem.. the splash screen does not show up, only a message saying boot system to cd/dvd, have no clue what the problem may be.. need quick help

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Ugh. I think I did something stupid. Today I was just playing around with my PC (HP Pavilion a6342p) and randomly decided to try to install a graphics card I had bought a few years before. This computer was working on only its integrated graphics, and I just wanted to be able to play basic games. I am pretty tech-savvy, but I think I may have gotten a little lazy and skipped a step in the installation process. The card that I installed is an e-GeForce MX 4000 (128 MB). It's not anything special, but whatever works.

Anyway: I turned off the power, disconnected all the cables, opened the casing, and inserted the PCI card into the PCI port. There was something which was already using the slot - a 56k modem, I presume (I don't know because I don't use a modem) - so I removed it and plugged in the graphics card. I reattached the casing, plugged everything back in correctly (so please don't ask if the cables are attached correctly/to the correct port ), and powered up the computer...

Here's where the problem started. The computer turned on and everything was dandy, but then the monitor displayed "Monitor is going to sleep". I tried unplugging the VGA cable/replugging it back in/plugging it into the integrated graphics instead of the supplement and none of it worked. I'm using our laptop right now, but I REALLY need the PC back because it's got all of my work on it.

What could be the problem? I even tried removing the graphics card I i... Read more

A:Solved: Graphics card/monitor issue

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Recently, my desktop has been having seeming random freezes while idle/normal activity levels and the monitor turns into something like the attached images, or a solid color closest to what the screen was displaying before it crashes.

The same thing happens upon hard reset, and sometimes I am not even able to get to the BIOS. At other times, the monitor does not detect an input from the graphics card.

My current setup is as follows:
Motherboard: P55A-UD4P (No onboard graphics)/Flashed to latest firmware after having issues
Graphics: ASUS EAH5770 1GB
Monitor: Samsung P2250

I don't think its the monitor (as I've tested it with my laptop). Therefore it probably is the graphics card or motherboard. Any diagnostics/fixes for my situation?

A:Solved: Motherboard/Graphics card issue? Help!

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I had a Dell Desktop that was about 5 years old. It fried and I moved everything over to a much older Gateway Computer.

It had Windows 2000 on it, and everything was fine with it. Sound and all.

Installed XP and the computer couldn't handle it.

However, the sound worked fine and everything was okay with it. It was just buggy and slow.

So I downgraded to Windows 2000. Got all the updates and whatnot, it looks great. Runs great. However, I stumbled upon the fact that the computer wasn't recognizing the Sound Card. It's a Creative SB Live! card.

So I hunted down drivers for the card, found the installation disc for it and installed.

It says everything should be working fine, and yet, the speakers are just emitting white noise and if you listen really closely, you can faintly hear sound when sound is needed such as playing music, games and whatnot.

I don't understand, the sound was working perfectly for everything before, but what could have happened to make the sound be like this now? White noise and if you play a sound, you have to turn it all the way up to just barely hear it; But if you do that, the white noise is deafening. It's scratchy and annoying.

A:Solved: Sound Card Issue is driving me nuts

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This is for a friend who is having trouble w/video card. If anyone can answer or help out, with the given information I am copying below, thank you very much. Of course, if further details are required or requested, I'll provide, accordingly.

Nidia e-geforce 6200, Video Card.
ddr2, 256 mb, pci.

I got my video card installed but my games all crash when i try to run them.
when i boot up the computer with the nvidia i cant get more than 4 colors unless i boot to safe mode then i get 32 bit color???

256 mb ram "stock dell2350 series"
I dont have the "resource cd"
pentium 4 1.6 ghz.
windows xp home sp3, 55 gb hd

the video is "pci" I only have 3 pci slots.

its an intel mother board. i dont know the model of the mb. but its the same one that came with the dell. update;

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Hello all,

I recently built a computer for the first time and everything went pretty smoothly. I currently have 2 partitions, one is Ubuntu (hardy) and Windows XP 64 bit. I installed the drivers for the wireless card in XP and I have an icon in the system tray with an X through the signal bars. When I double click on the icon in the system tray an interface comes up with buttons such as link info, configuration, advanced... etc. The only problem is when I click the buttons, nothing displays in the display area. I think it must be because its a 64 bit operating system but im unsure.

I tried to update the drivers via device manager but it says that the drivers are already up to par and what not. I cant set up a wireless connection through the control panel either but thats probably because everything else needs to be fixed first.

I can get Windows 98, 2000, Vista Business (64 and 32), XP (64 and 32), and a whole bunch of server OSs for free from school so Im currently downloading vista 32 bit to try out the card because I know its compatible and I will try a third partition to see what I can do.

The card is a Hiro H50169 Wireless G Network Adapter - 802.11g, 54Mbps, PCI I purchased from tigerdirect. Its running on an ASUS mobo and as far as I can tell its physically installed correctly.

Any guidance/help at all would be appreciated as I'm such a novice with all of this.

A:Solved: Cant connect wirelessly... Maybe wireless card issue?

Like you said, my betting would be the fact that it's a 64 bit version of Windows.

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I have a problem with my pc randomly locking up and having to be rebooted. I believe it has to do with the wireless card accessing my network, but I canít figure out how to troubleshoot it. (If this is the wrong forum, please let me know!)

I have a desktop, two laptops, and a printer on a wireless network. All of them have been working fine. Then, about a month ago, I loaded a new game on my desktop, which worked entirely fine for roughly three weeks. Then last week, I tried setting up a server in the game. On my first attempt, it locked up my pc at the setup server stage, and I had to reboot. On my second attempt, I tried a slightly different configuration, and it created a local server and worked just fine.

Everything seemed okay for a couple of days, and then the game started to lag after a few minutes of play. After two or three more rounds of play, the lag was then accompanied by the pc locking up. Couldn't figure out why, so I stopped playing it.

Within a day or two, my desktop would randomly freeze without warning, with no clear connection to any specific application or time of day. This has continued to today. Sometimes the lock up is preceded by erratic behavior, such as the wireless keyboard freezing up though the companion wireless mouse will work (or vice versa) and an occasional USB connecting-then-disconnecting sound, though nothing had been touched. Sometimes the lock up is for 10 seconds or so. Most of the time, though, there are no warnings, and it ... Read more

A:Solved: Lock ups due to DHCP / network card issue?

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Hi guys... I have a problem here.

I just recently got Windows Media Center 2005 but I had no prior knowledge that the Radeon 9200 series wasn't compatible.

One of the reasons for getting Media Center was so that I could watch tv, and also have the guide to record tv as well. My Radeon 9200 has a TV OUT and I figured that would be all I'd need for Media Center.

Is there anyway that I could get a driver that would allow me to use this video card with Media Center? When I start up Media Center it says that the video card or driver isn't compatible with Media Center.

If someone could help me with this, it would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thank you so much!!

A:Solved: Video card issue with Media Center

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I have Windows XP Home SP3 on a Compaq Presario R4025CA, which has a Broadcom 802.11b g wlan driver. It looks like I'm connected to the net, but I can't access any information online at all. I tried repairing the connection, disabling/re-enabling the connection, uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, and am now in the process of error checking my machine.

I haven't made any major changes to hardware/software, defraged the disk or anything in the last while...it just stopped workind suddently.

Any suggestions?


A:Solved: Wireless Card Issue - no real connection

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I have a pro-audio multichannel sound card (SEK'D ARC88) I'm trying to install under XP Pro, SP3. I get a message saying that the "IRQ could not be occupied". It appears to be sitting on IRQ 16, which is shared with my ATI Radeon card. This device's driver will not work that way, it says so in the readme.txt.

I went into the BIOS, changed slots (from 1 to 2), and manually set the IRQ for that slot to IRQ5 in the BIOS, one that appears to be free on my system.

The card still wont initialize, I get the above message again. Windows is still seeing the card on IRQ16.

I suppose that I should have installed this card right off the bat, but that was then and this is now, I had my reasons why that couldn't happen.

I'd like to manually change the IRQ setting in device manager, but I can't, clicking on the checkbox doesn't unselect automatic configuration. Could there be a reg setting that would unlock the ability to turn that off? I am logged in as administrator - in fact the only usre on this system.

Thought I'd post this to see what you people think. Next steps, I think would be to boot into Safe Mode and see if I can change the setting there, and as a last resort, un-install the card and re install it again. Perhaps in yet another slot, and configured to IRQ5 ( disablilng IRQ5 for the slot it's assigned to)

That for the read...


A:Solved: Difficulty installing SKED Pro Audio card - IRQ issue?

I still can't assign the IRQ manually, however the card is now on IRQ18, and quite happy to be there. It's not sharing with my ATI card, or anything else for that matter.

The solution turned out to be pulling it from PCI slot1 and installing in PCI slot3. The difference? On this motherboard slots 1 and 5 share resources, so do 2 and 6. Moving the card to slot 3 eliminated the issue. I still have to reinstall my firewire card (slot 5), and my 3rd audio card will sit in slot 2.

Contrary to popular belief, you can have more than 1 audio card in a system, I've had 3 in mine for many years.

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hi guys I've been a long time reader here at techspot and I've got to say i love the website. Now for the most part i consider myself pretty familiar with computers and i can handle just about anything as far as computer problems go. However this one has me stumped, so i figured i could turn to the most knowledgeable computer gurus around. So my problem is Windows seems to be dedicating a little over 2 gigs of ram for my wireless card. Now this is odd because I've never heard of a wireless card needing memory dedicated for it let alone 2 gigs worth. i can tell it is using it for the wifi card because whenever i have it hooked up to the computer, windows tells me i only have 1.99 gigs of ram available. I also know the card works because I've hooked it up to my brother's rig and he has windows vista 64-bit and it works fine with no memory being dedicated for it. I also notice when the card is connected my computer seems to hang doing just about anything even something as simple as just moving the mouse. So any help with this would be much appreciated as it has me baffled so far. I'll List a few specs below and i can always provide more if necessary.

I've already tried updating to the latest drivers and that hasn't helped at all. I also had this problem with a linksys wmp600n adapter as well.

OS-Windows 7 business 64-bit
Wifi card- PCE-N13
4 gigs of ddr3 ram
intel i5 cpu

A:Odd windows 7 network card issue

The comments here indicate others have problems also.
Try uninstalling the drivers and using the Win7 drivers.
You may need to return it.

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Any advice on this?

A:Windows 10 or Graphic card issue

If you can get into Device Manager try updating your driver. If no driver is available try rolling back or using the generic driver and see if your problem goes away.

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Hello, I recently made the windows 10 upgrade from windows 7 on my x230 laptop.Unfortunatly, my 3G card Ericsson H5321 does not work anymore.I tried updating the drivers but this doen not seem to work.Has anybody had a similar issue? Thanks for your help Matthieu


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A:H5321 3G card issue with windows 10

HiUpgrade modem drivers AND firmware:http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-x-series-laptops/thinkpad-x23...http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-x-series-laptops/thinkpad-x23...Unfortunately, you have to find another laptop with win8 installed to flash firmware as the flash tool doesn't support win10. Of course, check out current fw in the modem.

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First off, this is very random when this happens, sometimes every five minutes, sometimes every five days. Whenever I'm running a full-screen program other than an internet browser, my computer will freeze and then the display will completely distort forcing me to restart my computer. I have visually inspected the card, reseated it, cleaned the slot, tried it in a different one, new drivers, old drivers, but it still happens and only in Windows 7; not XP. I have narrowed it to my video card which is a BFG nVidia GeForce 6200 pci card with 256MB of RAM. I have done everything that I can think of and it still won't work.

A:Video card issue in Windows 7

live :
Hello & welcome to TGF.

Which W7? 32 or 64 bit?

When did the problem begin? What changed; installation or removal of hardware or software; updates to W7; antivirus, other program?

Random issues are very difficult to troubleshoot, for me. Reads like you've done everything I would do.

XFX suggested, for a different issue I had:
download new drivers for graphics card
uninstall nvidia graphics, in control panel > prog & features > nVidia
Download driver sweeper http://www.guru3d.com/category/driversweeper/
boot to safe mode
run driver sweeper
install new driver
boot to normal mode

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I have a Dell 8300 that is several years old. I (regretfully) opted for the free Windows 10 when it came out a few months ago. Despite it having some issue fully installing and running correctly, I have otherwise not had any issues until the last few days. I’ll say now that I also have 2 monitors which have never given me issue, one hooked up by HDMI and the other by traditional monitor cable.

This all started by appearing to not fully boot up. From a restart, the screen would be black which lead me to believe something was occurring that would prevent it from fully booting to my homescreen/desktop. Thinking I had inadvertently got a virus, I tried to boot in Safe Mode so that I could troubleshoot and if needed revert to a previous System Restore point. I had a *** of a time even getting into Safe Mode...only one out of every 5-10 hard resets would get to the blue screen when pressing F4, and once there, I would not allow me to do a restore point. I tried System Restore to one point, which said it failed, so I tried another, which failed, and another etc. It also would not complete the Startup Repair. It would give some type of error that it could not complete those tasks. I did not want to do a full system Reset/Refresh because I don't want to lose my personal files.

Selecting the option to boot in Safe Mode appeared to be doing the same thing where it would load to a black screen which again made me think it was locking up somewhere in the load process which nor... Read more

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We use a Smart Card for two factor authentication to RDP into servers.  However, when the card is inserted and your desktop gets locked, when you go to unlock it defaults to the Smart card instead of the credentials you logged in with.  Is there
a way to turn off the smart card for the Windows interactive login but still have it available for RDP sessions?

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If you've checked the HP site for the latest drivers for your laptop model, you may have noticed that AMD drivers have been added. Finally, the laptop > HDMI > TV connection issues I have been having are 100% fixed.  What I did was - I uninstalled the previous drivers using DDU in safe mode. Then I downloaded and installed the drivers on the HP site. Check the page for your laptop model for the appropriate drivers to install. The TV is recognized now and am able to extend my desktop. Apparently only the newer models have W10 drivers released by HP as of right now. Also, make sure to turn 10-bit pixel format support off in Catalyst Control Center. 

A:HDMI issue with AMD card in Windows 10 has been fixed (for n...

Hi @dmat86? ,Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A great place where you can find solutions for your issues with help from the community! Thanks so much for sharing what has worked for you. Have a great Weekend. Thanks.

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dear TSF specialist
I have windows xp
in the last day I encounter some problems when tring to use windows installer (i.e. when I install/uninstall programs)
sometimes (not allways) this message appears

Windows Installer:
the Windows installer Service could not be accessed.
This can occur if Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact ...

please help
thank you
niv jokop

I just might add that I recently sent a post on another issue
slow startup , no sound, no internet, classi
but after trying a system restore I think most of the issues are solved (I have internet access for example!)
but this windows installer issue is valid (also I guess there are other minor problems)
I tried attach a TSF_XP_Support.zip file from today (if needed )
(embarrassing I couldnt upload the TSF_XP_Support.zip using ie or firefox ) (so Ive added to the title "(and upload issue)" Ill try to send the attach later from differnrt computer
thanks again

A:[SOLVED] windows installer issue (and upload issue?)

Have you tried installing the most currently up to date Windows Installer?


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I was playing wolfenstein and every now and then the volume would increase in one go which made me . Now it's doing it with music too , every now and then the volume would shoot up didn't happen in vista.

X-Fi Sound Card issues - Neowin Forums

Seems i'm not the only one

EDIT ( Eax & Svm are off ) , put the crystalizer on 50% from 100% lets see what happens now

A:X-Fi Sound Card issue ( Volume Fluctuation ) in windows

I also have an X-Fi card and have not had this issue. Are you sure you have the latest drivers and updates for the card?

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card reader in hp folio 947m not work in windows 10 

A:Folio 9470m card reader issue in windows 10

@zubair044? Try installing this. http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=5271102&swItemId=ob_166654_1&swEnvOid=419... REO

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okay 2 weeks back i got a new mobo - which is on my spec cause the previous foxconn wouldn't support my also new graphics card as on spec.
so the thing is there was a issue while maximizing the windows (say,my computer,my pictures,browser or similar) there seems to appear a black box around the search (after my bro took it to the local shop & got the new stuff fixed it - was gone). (zip to video [it is virus free] - please watch it several times if you see nothing)
so, today i did a fresh install due to some reasons & this problem appears again (note again: i did see it before sending it to the shop but it wasn't there after i got it back again until the fresh install)
i haven't tried fidgeting with the catalyst control center yet..but i would like to know your opinions, & is there a fix for this?
appreciate any help and time

A:confused,monitor/graphics card or windows issue?

I personally can't figure out what it is your asking for help with, could you possibly try and explain what it is your seeing??
Thanks Fabe

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Hey! I Have A Compaq Presario SR1420NX With An Nvidia FX5200 Video Card, Running Windows Vista Home Basic 32Bit With Service Pack 1. On Occasion, When I Turn On Or Restart My PC, I Get This Message:

"nvlddmkm stopped responding"

I Am Also Using The Latest Geforce Drivers from The NVIDIA Web site (Official drivers, Not Beta drivers). What Can I Do To Prevent This Problem Once And for all???

A:Windows Vista & Nvidia Video Card Issue!!!

Looks like that bug has been around a while

http://www.google.com/search?q=nvlddmkm stopped responding&num=20


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Few days before New Year i bought new "fancy" and "strong" computer.
Motherboard: GIGABYTE PP55-UD3P
Processor: Intel i5-750
Graphic card: GIGABYTE ATI RADEON 5870 1GB DDR5
Memory: Kingston 2x2GB DDR3 1600MHz (1333MHz is default i didnt overcloacked)
Hard disk: 1TB Samsung 7200rpm 32MB cash
Monitor: SONY LCD TV 32" Bravia

I installed windows 7 x64... and my nightmare begins.

First I got some BSODs during installation of drivers that came in card package. I am not sure if it was graphic card or motherbord drivers. I downloaded and installed newest 9.12 Catalist from ATI site, drivers for 5800 serie for windows 7 x64.

Then I proudly installed DIRT 2 that came with ATI RADEON 5870. I got couple of crashes during DIRT intro as many other ati card owners complaint about on forums. I think I eliminated that problem when i set GPU and memory frenquency to be 850MHz and 1200MHz for all windows energy saving states (there are 3 of those in ati profile file). Before I did that I had quite a few graphic card crashes with stripes on screen and had to hard reset the computer (problem that is also well known to ati card users according to forums).

And finally when i thought i had solved all issues (no crashes for a few days) i got two BSODs in last three days. I leave computer to download something and after few hours ... crash.
I have plugged this computer and my work laptop both to SONY TV (PC is connected via HDMI cable and lapt... Read more

A:BSODs in Windows 7 x64. Graphic card or memory issue?

The debugger can't access symbols for your copy of Windows 7.
Please let us know where you got your copy of Win7 from.
If it was on a disk, what did the disk say?

There's really nothing that's identified by the BSOD's.

First, please uninstall your copy of Acronis True Image - it's an older version that may have some issues with Win7 (even if it's listed as "compatible"). You can reinstall it after we've finished troubleshooting.

Please run Driver Verifier according to these instructions to see if it can get us any extra information:

Using Driver Verifier is an iffy proposition. Most times it'll crash and it'll tell you what the driver is. But sometimes it'll crash and won't tell you the driver. Other times it'll crash before you can log in to Windows. If you can't get to Safe Mode, then you'll have to resort to offline editing of the registry to disable Driver Verifier.

So, I'd suggest that you first backup your stuff and then make sure you've got access to another computer so you can contact us if problems arise. Then make a System Restore point (so you can restore the system using the Vista/Win7 Startup Repair feature).

Then, here's the procedure:
- Go to Start and type in "verifier" (without the quotes) and press Enter
- Select "Create custom settings (for code developers)" and click "Next"
- Select "Select individual settings from a full list" and click "Next"
- Select everythi... Read more

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first, i'm apologizing for being a computer idiot, but I've never actually messed with / installed a sound card myself. I had it installed by someone who knew what he was doing. :\

okay, so:
i just did a clean install of Windows 7.
a few months ago, i had a new graphics card installed to allow me to play The Sims 3. everything worked fine for months, just exactly like it is now, until I installed Windows 7.

Now, in my device manager, I show two graphics cards:
- Radeon X1300/X1550 Series (Microsoft Corporation WDDM)
- Standard VGA Graphics Adapter.

Both show up as fully updated with working drivers, and claim to be working properly, but in my display settings, it shows up as "Generic PnP Monitor on Standard VGA Graphics Adapter." I've disabled the VGA Graphics adapter in Device Manager, but when I restart the computer, it says "Default Monitor on," with no adapter listed.

Even though I always hooked my monitor into the motherboard, I tried plugging it directly into the graphics card, but the monitor shows nothing except for the "Monitor is working, test red, test blue, etc."

I also tried to enter BIOS and disable my onboard video card; but I didn't see an option to do that (I have Phoenix BIOS on an Emachine T2615, btw).

I actually uninstalled the OnBoard video through device manager, but it automatically installed when I restarted my computer.

I would just wait and take it to the guy who installed it (i won't go to best buy or an... Read more

A:Graphic Card Issue after clean install of Windows 7

hi smash1012, welcome to the forums , here is a link to the drivers for your card ATI Catalyst 10.6 Win 7 | Vista 32-bit download from Guru3D.com ,you will have to go into the bios and disable the onboard graphics from there if you have any more probs don't hesitate to post back , someone is always on hand to help

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The computer I used was '' Lenovo Y510P ''. There is a '' Nvidia GT755M [SLI] '' as a display card. I have tried both ways of downloading the video card driver from both GeForce Experience and Nvidia driver site. Both kinds of graphics cards are starting to update. Later, the 'graphic driver is installed' part of the screen goes and never comes again. I can not enter Windows when I turn off the computer. I have to take format from scratch.After formatting, Windows automatically loads a graphics card driver in 2017, trying to update the driver again, it stays black on the screen again. I have to format again.With DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) program, I deleted the old video card driver and updated it again. But I met the same problem.I communicated with Nvidia and stated that I had such a problem. They asked me not to install the 388.13 video card driver. That graphics card driver has been loaded without any problems. But I have the same problem with all the video card drivers out there.NOTE: This problem only happens on Windows 10. I can update the display board without any problems in operating systems like Windows 8,8.1.NOTE: I have been having this problem for about 2 months, before I could update my display card in Windows 10 without a problem.The driver I am currently using is: 388.13

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I discovered this forum recently and it seems to be a good place to seek advice. So here is my problem:

I installed Windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron 530.

After a reboot everything works fine until I put the computer to sleep.

After resuming from sleep the cpu usage is extremely high even when the computer should be idle. Task Manager shows that the System (PID 4) process is using some cpu. Resource Monitor shows that a lot of time is spent in System Interrupts - Deferred Procedure Calls and Interrupt Service Routines.

My conclusions at this time is that the integrated network card (Intel 82562V-2) does not properly resume from sleep and creates a lot of system interrupts. Note that disabling the network card makes the problem go away right away, and the problem comes back right away after re-enabling it.

Tried upgrading BIOS of computer and driver of network card but that did not help.

Any suggestions? Somebody else tried Windows 7 on a Inspiron 530?


A:Intel 82562V-2 network card - Windows 7 - Sleep issue

I don't see Dell Inspiron 530 on dell's website. How old is this laptop?

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