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Solved: HELP! Created user account, lost moms account!

Q: Solved: HELP! Created user account, lost moms account!

My mom is running xp.
She had 2 accounts, one called administrator, the other called guest.

I created a new account for myself to day, made it an admin account and now the one she was using, called administrator will not let us access it. All of her files and stuff are in that account.

When we start up the computer, it only shows mine and the guest account.
HELP please!
How can I re-access it? VERY VERY important I be able to recover this for her.
Thanks for your help!

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Preferred Solution: Solved: HELP! Created user account, lost moms account!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I recently created a new user account on a laptop .I then needed to go into the tcp/ip properties and assign a static ip .I then realized the new user account did not have the proper permissions to access the tcp/ip properties.I then logged out and logged back in as administrator and added the new user to the administrators group.I then logged back in as the new user and and asigned the the static ip. The problems began whem I treid logging back in with my usual account only to find that all my settings and desktop icons were gone.I treid restarting the computer and then logged back in but now it wont recognize my password or anything.Does anyone have any idea what has happened.


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I was having some trouble with a newly installed program failing to run. Their tech support had me create a new user account (start, control panel, user accounts, create new account). I did not realize that creating a new administrator user account by following their instructions would make the original Administrator user account inaccessible. I dug through folders and found my documents and made sure they were all on my expansion drive. Now, I want my account back. Otherwise, I have to set up my entire computer again. The thought of this makes me turn into a velociraptor who wants to destroy the tech support that told me to do this.

As of right now, I have not internet connection on my computer. I tried searching forums from my phone, but it was extremely difficult (not the best phone). If this topic already exists and I just could not find it, please accept my apologies for the duplicate and post a link. Thanks!

A:Created new user account, original Administrator account disappeared

I just remembered that I could CTL ALT DELETE twice at the Welcome screen to get to the logon and type in Administrator. I haven't used it in years, so it did not occur to me. I am now in my administrator user account. If I delete the new user account, will it go back to the way it was before? Or will I screw something else up by doing that?

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Hi a user account called ASP.NET Machine Account has been created on my laptop it also passworded can i delete it or dose it have to stay

A:Solved: User Account Created Automatically

When you install .Net it creates this account. You can just leave it alone.

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I'm having an odd problem with an XP Pro machine. This machine 3 admin accounts and one limited guest account on it and has been that way for several years. Other than Windows and Firefox updates no new software has been loaded on the machine since the end of last year.

She couldn't narrow the time frame very well but sometime one to three weeks ago my wife's account did something strange and her desktop disappeared. She can still log in, still has admin rights, but her desktop has returned to its default settings.

I looked around and discovered in the 'Documents and Settings' folder her old home folder is still there and there is another folder with the same folder name plus an extention of dot computer name. When she logs in she is logging into the new UserName.ComputerName folder.

We have tried deleting the new folder but then when she logs in it is like the first time log in where it creates system settings and IE6 and all that and it also recreates the UserName.ComputerName folder.

How can we re-connect her login with the correct home folder?

A:Solved: User account still works but created a new home directory

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Public folders are available on original administrator account. Not other accounts (standard or administrator)

Originally this was vista oem. Got win7 pro update from university.
Installed, activated, verified, got windows updates including SP1.

Have done the drive c: - properties - tools - check now - yes - restart and they are still missing.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Public Folders missing after new user account created

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We have three user accounts on our computer, one for me, one for my daughter and one for my husband. For some reason, this week when my husband tried to log in, he got a brand new user account and "lost" all of his settings. But when I look under Documents and Settings, I see all of our user accounts and his folders and files all appear intact. However, there is also a new folder called TEMP. When you see the list of user accounts on the login page, his user account name and picture are there, but apparently when you login to it, it's using this TEMP folder for the information. How do I get his account to point back to his folder under Documents and Settings?

A:Solved: User account lost but still there

His profile is corrupt so it can't be used any longer. Log in as Admin and create a new account for him in User Accounts in Control Panel. It will need a different name from the old one.

Then, go to the System applet in Control Panel, Advanced< User Profile Settings and copy the old profile to the new account.

Try the account and if it works, go back to User Accounts and delete the unused accounts.

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I see from looking at the securities tab on some file's properties I have an Account Unknown that has full control. When that account came into existence might help me track it down. Is there a command I can use to get that sort of info on a user or group?

A:When user account was created

post screenshot please. The advanced tab, so I see more info

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I have recently been coming across a few PC's where a 2nd profile is created for 1 user and the profile has the domain name on the end like --> johnsonjoseph.domain
This is doesn't happen for joseph on every computer that he logs into. We are using Win7 Enterprise 64bit

A:Another user account created....by the OS????

Normally our user profiles are created as lastnamefirstname.

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I recently created a user account for the first time on my windows xp pc, now the administrator account has disappeared and i can't access any of my files even though the account i created is set as an administrator. How do i solve this? I am a photographer and have lost access to all my photos!

A:HELP! I just created a new user account and...

Hope this page is helpful for you



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Hello, I am new to this forum so I apologize for any ignorance in advance.

I have a computer that all of the sudden had a new user account in windows explorer. e.g. user was Fliehs, now there is a user Fliehs and a user fliehs.FLIEHS1 as well.

I assume this is a virus. Has anyone see this type of activity before?

A:New user account created by itself.

You don't state what Antivirus AND Anti-Spyware programs you have running. Note you should have both to ensure high protection.

You could Google Fliehs and you'll see some stores are listed. Could have sales-related spyware (advertising) installed. Which is why you need a good Anti-Spyware program.

I suggest Spybot Search & Destroy (donationware), very good and I've use it since the Win98 days, and it is one of the recommended programs required where I work.

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This week has been a total fiasco. Yesterday, I booted up my home machine. It got to the windows screen where it asks you to click on your name. There was no name to click on. I rebooted several times but always got the same thing. I was able to get into safe mode and create a new user account. I tried to create one using the same name as I had been using. It told me that name was already in use so I created a new administrator account. I was able to get windows up and running with the new user name. When I went into user accounts, my original wasn't there. I tried again to create an account using the original name but again it told me that that name was already in use.

I've never ran into this before. I can't access any of the email I had previously, nor most of the programs I was using. I lost all my bookmarks in Firefox. It wouldn't even load up. I tried a reinstall of Firefox but again, I lost all bookmarks and passwords.

I've checked with several computer shops but no one has ran into this before and so had no idea what to do.

Has anyone had this problem before and if so, were you able to recover the profile?

I'd appreciate any insight into this problem.


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+, x86 Family 15 Model 67 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3071 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5... Read more

A:Solved: Lost my user account in WinXP

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A few days ago I noticed a new user account appear it's called slxfqtchcmf
I logged in as Admin and deleted user - it comes back every time I restart machine

I've run anti-virus ESET found nothing, also run Malwarebytes and Windows defender again nothing found.

What is this mystery new user account and how do I get rid of it


A:Windows 7 Created new user account

Regardless of what the AV show, I think it is some sort of virus. If it were my computer, I would go back a few weeks prior to the problem with system restore. Worse case scenario, information can be sent to some unknown location without your permission.

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I checked the Security Log on the current admin account, but it didn't go back far enough.
The older admin accounts files were saved (the account I'm trying to find a creation date for was created while the previous admin account was active) Is there some file that the Security log wrote to that I would be able to look through to find this info? If yes, what would be the location?
I've also been reading a bit about the possibility of finding it in a SAM file, or Shell files. Anybody know if that is true?
Any software that I can download that will find this info?

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I have a few customers who are determined to screw it up or continually allow others who will. A couple of times recently, I have made service calls that if I could have gotten into the Administrator's account, I could have fixed it; but, some fool had changed passwords on both the user account and the Administator account.

Is there a way to create an invisible account with administrator privilidges that can be accessed in some way but that doesn't show up in the log-in screen or under Users and Passwords?

By the way, these were XP Home.

A:Can an invisible user account be created?

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I checked the Security Log on the current admin account, but it didn't go back far enough.
The older admin accounts files were saved (the account I'm trying to find a creation date for was created while the previous admin account was active) Is there some file that the Security log wrote to that I would be able to look through to find this info? If yes, what would be the location?
I've also been reading a bit about the possibility of finding it in a SAM file, or Shell files. Anybody know if that is true?
Any software that I can download that will find this info?

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I had an old user account that has long since been deleted and was wondering if there is a way to see when that account awas created and deleted. Would it be somewhere in the events log? Somewhere else?

A:Is there any way to see when a user account was created/deleted? (XP)


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pc thing seem to not going well for quite a while now and i decided to ask some people what's going on...

You see I currently have a vista so everything should run smoothly, however,
every single time i log into my account a bunch of CMD pop up, often being either 16 or 32. So i thought that it's nothing serious so i ignore it for a while.
Nah the worst part get better. So this is what happen, I turn off my pc and 6 new account was created, I was like " ***". And not only that norton, kaspersky, malwarebites and even spywaredoctor does not detect anything. So i am asking for your oppinion on how to fix this. And ps. when i run my internet browser it automaticly put me into a strange website, saying something about most annoying website

P.S.S If you need info on what the cmd line is ill just cope and paste

The proccess cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
0 file(s) copied.
Invalid switch - /h
1 file(s) copied.
Invalid switch - /h
The system cannot find the path specified.
0 file(s) copied.
Parameter format not correct -
1 file(s) copied.
Parameter format not correct -
The account already exists.

More help is available by typing net helpmsg 2224.

^CTerminate batch job (Y/N)?

Look like something is hidding in my system32, however, idk, help me?

A:Cmd and random user account created

Hello and Welcome.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link I'll give you below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.


Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:


After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed. I currently have as many open topics as I can effectively handle; this will have you back in queue with the proper logs so an available helper would be able to assist.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.

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My computer was lagging and was quite slow when browsing. I switched it off for the night and when restarting in the morning it took 5 mins longer than normal to load. When logging on to my normal user there was absolutely nothing in my User folders, no films, no photos, I can't access the net, the background had changed, no audio device installed. After looking in my C drive I found my original User (Silvia and Richard) with all the info I was missing, the computer/virus created "Silvia and Richard.Silvia and Richard". The trouble is when switching my computer on I can't access my original User as normal. Any ideas what the trouble would be and how I could fix it without a reformat? Just running a malware scan now.

A:virus? created new user account

Run a full anti virus scan,
If you can download malwarebytes and run a full scan
If they are negative

If you can use system restore to go back a week before the problem.
System Restore - How to

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Hi. Pls, help. I know there are some old threads about this issue, but they didn't help me.

Home laptop, Acer, running Vista Home premium. I tried to maintain it properly.
It has two user accounts, one with admin rights, another standard.

Yesterday I tried to create a third user account, standard user. I did it running as admin and through Control panel/User accounts. Then at the same panel I activated parental control to that user. Also, using McAfee I set parental control for the same account too.

I logged off from admin account. I saw my new user account icon, clicked on it.
But I got two messages. One on small window, which said "Cannot change Visible in OnShow or OnHide." This window had "OK" button. After clicking it, I saw another message: "The User Profile service failed the log on. User Profile cannot be loaded"
After that the laptop logged off automatically and brought me to log on screen with icons for user accounts. And I can log on with my original user accounts.

Pls help me solve this problem. I found some threads about this problem, but they are not helpful so far. Deleting a new user account and creating another one, with different name, doesn't make difference.

A:New created user account in Vista doesn't log on

Hello BRK03, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Since you are still able to log on to your administrator account, you should be able to go straight to and use OPTION ONE in the tutorial below to hopefully fix this error. Be sure to read all of the tutorial for other available options if that one doesn't help.

The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

Hope this helps,

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Hello, I have a brand new dell laptop with Win 7 Home Premium. I recently bought a better harddrive for it and cloned the disk from the old one to the new, and the process worked fine without any issues. I booted into the new hdd, and everything appeared to be okay. But now theres this strange user account that keeps getting created every time I cold boot the system. I can delete it and it remains gone until the next cold boot (restarting however doesn't create the profile). The profile is empty and has to be "prepared" if I click it.

this is the account it makes, it doesn't appear to be created by a program that I can find. It doesn't seem to be a malicious software issue either. Maybe the clone did something to the registry? Looking for some help, haven't had any luck with google searching this issue.

A:Mystery User Account Created on Boot?

Ah just found out the cause... so it ended up being something I changed related to security software I own. Should have known. I changed the rights to a special user account that the software creates and it didn't like it, so I randomly generated this mystery account.

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About a year ago, I changed my main user account from "Jaime" to "Roggie" on a whim, and everything worked fine. This past weekend, I restarted my computer and when it came back up it had created a new user profile in c:/users/. All my files are still in
"c:/users/jaime/", but now everything loads from "c:/users/roggie". Is there any way to switch it back or am I going to have to recreate all my system settings? And why would it change over a year after I switched the names?

I've already tried createing a second user account called "Jaime" and renaming the current account back to "Jaime" - both resulted in a new folder called "Jaime_02" instead of going back.
Any help is greatly appreciated!
I'm running Home Basic 32bit if thats any use at all.

A:Randomly created user account folder?

Hello Rogallia, and welcome to Vista Forums.

When you change the name of your user account, it will only change the name displayed in Vista and not for the "C:\Users\(user name)" folder. Instead, both the original and new user account name will be tied to that user account now.

The only way to change the name of the "C:\Users\(user name)" folder is to create a new user account instead with a different name than what is tied with any other user account.

If you had manually renamed the "C:\Users\(user name)" folder, then this may be why this had happened. This also is a cause of the dreaded User Profile Service failed error.

I would recommend that you create a new administrator account, copy anything you want from the old account's user folders over to the new account, then delete the old user account when done.

Hope this helps,

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I created a secondary user account on my PC. When I try to login, it will look like it's logging in, but it just logs back out, returning to the main screen to choose an account to login to.

If I'm logged into my main account, and I switch users and try to login to the newly created secondary account, it logs me out of my main account, and doesn't login to the secondary account, and once again, returns to the main screen to choose an account to login to.

This also happens with the guest account.

In addition, it does not give me the generic error: "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded"

How can I fix this?

A:Created user account, unable to login

Hello Dutch,

If you create a new user account of the same type, will it allow you to fully log on to it?

If so, then you might consider using it instead and copy over anything you want from the old account to the new one.

Hope this may help some.

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I will start by saying I am new to the tech support forum thing, and this is my first site. I am an intern at a company working with a team who supports local and of site end users and maintaining the whole network functionality. The whole network is windows xp and windows 2003 server for file share and mail. Today I went to install a new printer and then logged into the user pc to whom needs the printer. I logged into the domain with my admin account to install the printer driver, the driver had been added to a folder on the network which is mapped. I installed and everything was fine. when the end user logged in her desktop was different so she called, and i checked it out, when she logged in rather than using her account it created user.domain account. No matter what we did we couldn't get her profile to load, we were able to recover everything from the account "user" but I didn't get what happened. Later that day my collegue experienced the same thing but this time the user logged onto a rogue account, what i mean is that the user was no where to be found in documents and settings. We saved a document on the rogue desktop, then logged in as admin to search the drive to find out where the document saved to locate profile, in the end it was non existant. Right after we logged into user and and all of a sudden the right profile loaded.

Does someone know what is going on?

A:User account created a clone upon login

Does anyone have any ideas???????

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I am using Windows 7 Pro 64x and apparently the default user account (Owner) that I use is not working correctly. Unless I have UAC set to Never Notify, I cannot open Control Panel or UAC again. I have created a second user account as Administrator and it works correctly.

I would like to know if there is any way to fix this problem short of a clean install of Windows. If not, is it possible to move all of my settings to the user account that works correctly and delete the one that does not.


A:Solved: Default User Account (Administrator) acts like Standard Account

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hello, i have windows xp i made a new user account for my computer and it messed things up. My other account dissapeared and the one i'm on is on classic view i cant change it i try to got to user accounts to delete it but it just a blank page. internet explorer wont come up. and also it did something to system restore because i used it a few days ago and i tried it after this happened and it says "system restore has been turned off by group policy". any suggestions?

A:made a new user account for my computer created problems

What is "the rest of the story"?

Why did you create a new user account? How did you create it?

Your assertion that it "messed things up" seems to be awfully presumptive, if not erroneous. Creating a new user account is merely an administrative task, involving no changes to a system that would do anything more than add a user to the existing system.


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This is my first post to this forum.

While trying to avoid typing passwords into my new computer - (run - netplwiz.exe and then clicking the box user must create...) , I did something wrong --- I am not sure what I did, but it looks like I have added some kind of virtual account (it is not a real account, since my computer is saying that I have only one user). Now now i have two kind of names under same user

I hope that I explain myself good so I am attaching a picture with what I want to do....

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This is my 1st post so I hope is in the right section of the forum.

I?ve recently had to transfer from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 10 Professional (death of a hard drive) and am hoping that some on this forum may be able to help me with various issues. I am OK with computers and am prepared to put in the time to understand as much as I can, but am certainly not a technician. Anything I do I have to research many times and carefully follow instructions. It?s taken me over a week so far to try and set things up in Windows 10 but despite trying constantly throughout that time there?s one fundamental thing I haven?t been able to fix.

When setting up Windows 10 I very foolishly followed the prompts and set it up with my Microsoft account. This has created a user folder for me with a name that doesn?t match the name I have on CrashPlan, Dropbox or a major database containing 15+ years of work. I had no idea until days later what a nightmare this would create, or how difficult it would be to fix.

Since discovering this problem my user account name on this computer has been changed to the one I want (just my first name, Ann ? and both the account and the user folder did have a capital A in win 7). Also that account has been changed from a Microsoft account to a Local/Administrator account - but the user folder name doesn?t change to match this.

I want to change the name on my user folder and ultimately get rid of my Microsoft account ? I don?t need the MS account for clo... Read more

A:Changing the user folder name created with MS account - efforts and pr

I want to change the name on my user folder

Hi, I'm just going to address that aspect. This has been asked a good number of times- the answer is no. Why? Although some methods are posted, in the end these are superficial- so many things deep in the registry need to be changed.

Your only option would be to create a new account, and move all to it as you've commented.

I read recently of an idea that Laplink PC Mover Express here can help- there used to be an MS special offer for free, but this has expired.
PCmover - Windows Migration from Laplink | Microsoft Recommended | Windows Easy Transfer

Now $14-95 I think.

Example discussion here - which illustrates the difficulty and risk in trying to change the user profile folder name :
onedrive - How to rename the User folder in Windows 10? - Super User

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I just moved in to my buddy from work, and decided to put a pass on my PC, since a lot of people go thru the house on weekends. I set up an account, gave it admin privileges, but when setup asked: "would you like to give that account access to files?" (or some similar question) I selected NO. When account loaded I couldn't get access to any of my files! The problem now is that I can't delete that new account, because it's the only account! I tried setting up another one with administrator privileges, but it doesn't ask that question anymore (would you like to give that account access to files?), so I can't get access?

Do you know a solution, or a step towards getting access to files back? Please share, I'll greatly appreciate any help from you.

A:Created User Account. How To Get Files Back or Delete it?

Try taking ownership. This needs to be done quite a bit in Vista, so if you want you can use this to add the option to your context menu instead of doing it manually:
Vista Take Ownership Context Menu


"Take Control"

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I had Windows 10 configured to auto log on with only a single user account and haven't had a single issue until last night after a restart to apply updates. Now when I boot my PC I am stopped at the login screen stating my password is invalid. The reason it's invalid is I now have two accounts with my name assigned however the one it tries to log into by default is the newly created one (it looks like it simply duplicated my original) and it doesn't allow any access to Windows. I select my original and log in manually just fine.

The problem is there is only one User listed in the User Accounts settings and that account only appears on initial boot as I can log out to the login screen post boot and the account has disappeared. It's driving me nuts as I cannot find how to get rid of it and I'm sure it's something relatively simple with me just overthinking the problem.

Any help would be fantastic.

A:Win10 update created a clone of my user account.

Unless you are using a Local account. The Live account will not work with an auto login.

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I created another user account, tried to log into it, kept getting an error "Access denied, can't log on to System Event Notification Service service".

I signed back in to my admin account, went to control panel/admin tools/services and checked to see what my setting was on the System Event Notification Service. It was selected as started. I stopped it, set it to manual and again tried to access the other user account, I got the same response.

I'm really desperate to set up another account on my computer as I need to control what my kids do, block certain sites as well as other reasons. They are currently using my admin access which obviously gives them access to EVERYTHING.

Thanks all.

A:Created another user account, wont log on because of System Event failure.

you mean you want to set a parent control function?
I think winows 7 already has such a function and you can update your windows to win7.
This can be the best.

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After a power outage (Computer lost all power as well as the circuit for the room) I restarted my Windows 7 desktop to find a new user account there that I did not create. It has a random name "ohlascdrxvzd".

It does not list in the C:/Users folder, but is listed in the Control Panel: User Accounts - Manage Accounts, and on startup it is listed in the Account selection buttons.

I will delete the account from the control panel and restart the computer... I am not expecting it to go away as I have this exact problem (with a different random named user account) on another PC that lost power instead of shutting down correctly as well.

More after restart...
After the restart the Account no longer lists in the buttons to select User account on startup, but it is still listing in the Control Panel: User Accounts - Manage Accounts.
Arrrrrgh! ^ _ ^

Now I am ready to receive help.
Update info:

It is a "Standard user" permissioned account

I have not logged into the account.

The Guest account is turned off.

A:Mysterious random user account created after power failure.

Could be created by a bloatware security suite or Updates to access the PC for auto updating.

I would uninstall any bloatware AV to install and run a full scan with free recommended Microsoft Security Essentials.

In addition I'd install free scanner, decline trial, update and run a full scan with Malwarebytes and SUPERAntiSpyware.com - Downloads

Then check System Files with SFC /SCANNOW Command

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After a power failure , I could not have access to my only account (Ron Wolpa) which was administrator (DETAIL : I CAN?T REMEMBER THE PASSWORD I USED DURING INSTALLATION) .
After booting and rebooting many times I could load an empty desktop screen.
I remember to have read an error message stating that the info on my profile could not be found , the exact words I can?t remember :

C:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\desktop refers to an unavailable location. ?..

Once in the corrupt desktop (none of my icons loaded, nothing at all ) by luck I gained access to the control panel through an icon on the task bar icon tray.
This enabled me to create a new account , named Emergency , that is where I am now writing this message.
I wished I could repair my old administrator account and spare me the work of reconfiguring everything on my new account that has not admin privileges.
At the point I am , without the admn password , what is the best that could I do ?


A:Admin account profile corrupted , created a new account..


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I just made a non admin user account on my Dell Inspiron (windows xp) laptop. When I went online to sign in under my account (admin) it is no longer there. My name (Penne) is there (and so is my daughters). I click on my name, put my password in and it takes me to the desktop for my daughter and ALL my stuff is gone. PLEASE HELP!!!
I have googled this and the only thing I am seeing is that you need to sign in under an Admin user account to fix this and get my stuff back. THere is NO admin user account so how can I get it all back? I did the F8 and went to restore to previous point and that didnt work. I know there is a way to go to the restore calendar and find a day that her user account was not on there (like last week) so this might work, but I dont know how to find this.
PLEASE help as all of my EVERYTHING is on my user account and I am lost without it all (have a retreat this weekend and I need all of my sheet music and my songs)
Thanks so much,

A:Lost Admin user account when made non admin account

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Guys I have done this in the past but cannot recall how and don't want to botch.

I had hoped Windows 10 corrected the "rename user account" function but nope. I renamed a User Account due to conflict on the LAN [same name, same spelling] and sure enough, now I have two names for the account, one a slightly hidden original name, and permissions issues. To rid it, I will create an all new Administrator account, move everything over, and demolish the old.
How to do? the docs/files are easy... the settings for apps etc are not as I recall


A:Move/copy-paste User Account data & docs to New User account same sys

Don't even try would be my recommendation.

Make a new Admin account and copy your documents. Set everything else up from scratch.

Most applications will store their stuff in %localappdata% but unless you have some specific app (Windows Live Mail or Outlook or something) tht you must move it would be much better not to try to move things.

If there is something specifically you want to move then ask about that - I've moved the 2 I mention above, for sure someone else has moved something else.

Generally it will be quicker (and cleaner) to start from scratch than trawl though everything hoping to make sure you moved the lot. You'll only end up missing some odd directory and it will not work.

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My folders and files in C:/users/myname/ can be viewed and accessed from the Guest user account. How do I stop this?

A:Files in my user account can be accessed from guest user account in VISTA

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I am trying to create a non admin user account, which I know how to do the simple way, however I have been using the admin user account for a while now however I want to transfer/copy program setting, etc to this knew user account.

so I want to: create a non admin user account which is duplicate of the current existing admin account but from her on to install software etc I install under admin account.

I am using Vista too

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
David Lambie

A:How do I copy existing admin user account to normal user account

I would
> Create the new profile with admin privileges
> Transfer stuff things to the new profile (see here)
> Then remove admin privilege from the new account

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Is there a fix for Unlocking AD User Account in Windows7 so I do not I have to use WindowsXP AD to unlock the User Account?  Is there a fix and/or update for fixing this problem?
Your help will ge greatly appreciated.

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I have a Vista 32 system that has some corruption. Several things like the NET v2.0 framework do not work correctly and it does not do a Windows update without an error. Basically, I know some corruption must exist in the registry.

I have a new drive that I restored a backup from way back when the system was working OK. Naturally there are programs and files that need to be updated. I will have to reinstall the programs that did not exist on the old backup, but I was hoping I could restore my user account profile "in bulk" without just moving individual files. Is there anything wrong with deleting the whole content of the restored user account profile and replacing it with my present profile?

A:replacing a restored user account from backup with present user account

You could use Windows Easy Transfer, I will be back with more information.


You can also, just back up your files etc and then restore them to the new account.

You have to be careful with anything that you do, to be sure that the corruption is not transferred.

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I was trying to unhide folders and files in my user account at C:\Users\*username*.
In the properties of this folder i checked the hidden box, for some reason thinking this would do so.
However it resulted in the majority of my files in that user folder being (i assume) hidden. Things such as uni work, photos, games etc.
I can still access the folder but just with a lack of files.
Can anyone help me recover these files?
Thank you

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I lost my user account after I moved my computer to another room. How can I restore all my lost files.user account back?

A:lost user account

someone please help!! all my babies pic are on there and all my log- in info are also on there.

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hi there, last week i logged onto my computer (i am the only user and had previously named my user account Jennifer) and when it started up, i got the windows screen, then it said "preparing your desk top". when it completely booted up, my background on my computer was gone, just a generic geometric shape. all my files were gone from documents downloads music pictures etc. and a bubble popped up saying i have logged into a temporary user account. nothing will be saved in this account, etc etc.

so i logged off, and the only account to choose from to log back in was called Owner. like previously stated, mine was called Jennifer.

So now my computer is getting refreshed every time i go online. nothing sticks to this account. i have to install my internet stick every single time i turn it on. no bookmarks, no nothing. i finally, after panicking like crazy found all of my user files under Owner on my C drive.

but my question is, how do i restore the owner's account back to being MY account. or if i have to make a new account, how do i transfer all of my stuff over to that account?

please help. i'm not completely computer illiterate, but i'm not the most high techy techy person. more of a medium to low techy techy.


A:Lost My User Account

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Have you tried to do a System Restore to a few days ago?

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I need some help. I was transferring files from one external hard drive to another, being it was taking so long I left it running over the weekend. When I returned on monday my machine had rebooted and my user account was not present. I had a generic desktop. All my programs were there, but all my files music, photos etc. could not be accessed. Help

A:lost user account

Welcome to TSF!

So when you reboot, your user account does not appear on the Welcome screen? Or it's present, but logs you into a desktop similar to what a new account would look like?

Have you checked under C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\ My Documents to see if your files are there?

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XP Pro SP3. I have been working at setting up a network usinga new wireless receiver, and have occasional lapses where Firefox or Thunderbird could not find the server. I restarted the machine, and when it came bask I had lost my main user account, with all the e-mail setup , bookmarks... application icons...

If I try to switch users, the account it is simply not there. Is there some way I can try to get it back?

Thanks for any advice...

A:Lost User Account

I tried to create a new user account with the same name, i.e Administrator, and I'm told that I cannot because

" An account named Administrator already exits, Type different name."

If it already exists, why can't I see it. It still exists under

"Documents and Settings/Administrator"

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Please someone help me!

I uninstalled a program and then it changed how my login screen comes on. I used a tip a long time ago that allowed me to by-pass the log-in screen. After the uninstall, it was back.

Itried redoing the steps and somehow screwed up everything. I lost my main IDENTITY!

I had to create this new one just to get to you guys.

In Control Panel, under "USER ACCOUNTS", my main idenity is not there

When I tried to Create it, it says that "THIS IDENITY" already EXIST! But, it does not show up.

When I did a search of my main Identity name, only 71 items are found so it is still in here but how can I find it and get it back. All my programs and stuff is in there, and my installs!

I will try to tell you what I did that made me lose it:

I clicked RUN
Typed in something like ?controll passwords2? [not sure the exact words]

There was a way to tick not to require passwords and I clicked something else and it wanted me to create a password, duh, it made no sense, but stupid me, I did it

Can anyone help me please, I feel like crying, I want my true Identity back!

I hope someone knows what I need to do, I will truly appreciate it and would be happy to make a donation, not huge, but what I can afford.

Thanks In Advance

A:S.o.s Lost My User Account! - Help Please

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This past weekend I went out of town, and my son came over. While here he used my computer and established a new user account for himself, and set that up as administrator. When I returned late the next day and tried to log on, he had left himself logged on and could not find my administrator account. Is there any way I can reclaim my account? Thanks in advance.

A:Lost user account

Whether he set himself up as an Admin or not, your account should still be offered at boot.

Is it not?

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